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Sunday, December 3, 2023


 On Thursday or Friday, I needed the black egg turner. Some people call it a spatula, but it is bent and just right for turning eggs over. Well, we looked. In the bottom of the dishwasher? All the drawers? Upper cabinet doors? Between stove counter and refrigerator? On the little kitchen table? On the dining table and why it would be there? 

Of course, I did not wait for all this searching, I just used the green one. We have discussed this a few times. Sunday night, I was going to make hamburgers. I muttered about no black egg turner. Tommy said, excitedly, "Oh, I found it!" "I found it in the refrigerator." "Why was it there?" "Where is it now?" I was searching in the utensil holder by the stove. "Right there." He was searching the same holder. 

He decided he must have put it back. I asked him why he put it in there. He said it was under something, and he must have been trying to push or pull something he could not reach. 

Now, we did not know where it was and he started searching, saying he must have put it back in the refrigerator.  As I left to go sit because of my back and let burgers start cooking, I saw it on top of the oatmeal box that is on the counter. 

Moments of levity come from odd places. The hamburger is done, and we are eating it with a massive salad. Now, I need to put the other two in the skillet and cook for another day.

This weekend we each bought a coat for giving away. It was that or a toy. We both wanted to give a coat.  I told Tommy that items for older kids are not given by many people. I told him that probably heavy kids never got a coat. What size should I get? He said xl. When I got the xl, he said that was too large even for him. I tried to shop for something sturdy and warm. All I could find for a girl that I liked was a white furry coat that was lined with a shiny lining. It did not look practical in a way. But, some girl who wears a size 13 will like it. Of course, we have receipts if we have a change of mind about the purchases. 

Belinda sent me ideas for physical therapy for lymphedema. Her doctor ignored her, too. So, now I am doing deep breathing. I already drank lots of water. However, I always have done that. I decided while Tommy was in Belk's that I would step outside the car, hold onto the door and step in place for 10 minutes. Well, I was about the pass out, so I got back into the car after 2 minutes. That was 2 more minutes more exercise than I would have had. 

Since I have had an earache for over two years, I decided a month ago, it was a lymph node problem. In the past I have stroked very lightly from under my ear down my neck and relieved terrible pain and congestion. I seemed to have forgotten that. So, I am stroking my neck. I told a nurse friend what I was doing when she came by one day about ten years ago. She said, "Oh, yeah! That is called milking the gland." Or something. I was shocked it was a thing. 

We spent the best part of the day fighting traffic on roads, Belk's parking lot, getting out of the big parking lot at Galleria. Once, Tommy and I were not looking, just laughing. He was explaining it was a vein in his arm that I thought was a scar. When he saw the light was turning, he blasted into the intersection to only have the light turn red, frightening me. It is a wonder he did not get a ticket! I regret going out today when tomorrow might have been slightly less hectic. 

Tommy will be 70 on the 9th of December, and I want to do something in the yard for him, but I have no idea what. I am going to get him a book and something from Tiger Rag to wear. But, the yard? Maybe a 7 and an O? The Great Christmas Light Fight is coming on now. "Chowchilla" will come on after that. I remember the incident well, so scary. 

Have you ever lost something and found it in an odd place?

Have you tried to shop in crowds yet? 

Do you remember Chowchilla?

Have you ever done the stroking for any medical problem?


  1. I have rubbed my glands many times, especially for earache pain and sore throat. Even my husband does it as he has had good results from doing this also. Most of the time we can feel that the gland is swollen, so working it does help it do its job. Ranee (MN)

    1. Rae,
      This has helped me recover sooner, made temp go down, and meds worked faster. I am glad you found this, too. I can feel swollen glands, too. Thanks for your comment so I don't feel crazy talking about this. Maybe others will try this, too.

  2. How lovely to get into the Christmas spirit of giving to those in need. I am sure someone will appreciate a warm coat and be truly grateful. I am now going to try the stroking of neck and see if it helps me at all, as I hadn't heard of that before but am willing to give it a try and hope it eases my neck problem. Any exercise is better than no exercise so good on you for attempting it. I have never heard of Chowchilla so might look it up. I havnt experienced the Christmas shopping rush yet as it is a 5 hour return trip by car to the big shops from where we live so most of our gift shopping is from the internet. Happy Birthday to Tommy !

    1. Tuliika,
      We hope to help two children, at least. I hate to see or know children are cold! Stroke your neck VERY lightly. Think almost ticklish. I hope it helps you.
      Chowchilla--1976, three men kidnapped 26 children and bus driver and a school bus. Wealthy brats/men. It was devastating for the children and families. America stood still and watched and listened.
      I can see how you need to shop online. The rush is exhilarating

    2. Tuliika, How did I post..exhilarating and annoying.

  3. I'm glad you found the spatula. Yes, I've lost things before even when they were right in front of me. LOL Yesterday I had some brown duct tape in my hand and lost it, but I eventually found it. It is aggravating though.

    A hamburger sounds so good right about now. I need to have those on our menu soon.

    Tommy is going to love his birthday present!

    I'm glad I could help answer some of your lymphedema questions. My email is always open for you anytime. :) You take care now.

    1. Belinda,
      Remember last week when a huge bottle of meds were lying at my fingertips beside me? I am glad you found the tape in your hand.
      He is an Auburn fan, so should.
      You could help others, too. I am so grateful to you.

  4. I have had swollen parotid glands more than once. I massage my submandibular nodes to help clear the blockage. That massage, along with Warheads (a super sour candy) and hot/cold alternating mouth rinses, clears the blockage in less than a week. I've never seen a doctor for it because so far I can manage it myself.

    I'm dealing with a chelazion (blocked/swollen oil gland) in my right eye right now. I put hot water in a small jelly jar and hold it against my lid to try and break up the blockage and soothes the pain. It seems to be working, although it's taking the better part of the week. But I'll do anything to avoid surgical removal, which is not fun.

    The jelly jar fits the curve of my eye really well, and works so much better than a hot wet washcloth (which is sloppy & cools immediately) or a microwave gel pack (which gets too hot and then cools too quickly).

    The human body is incredible. And sometimes incredibly annoying! LOL!

    1. I had a row of knots along and under my jawline once. It was horrendous, such pain. It has been over 40 years since, and I have no idea what caused that or what the doctor did for me.
      Hall's Mentholyptus help me clear sinus and throat swelling. I might try those next to me.

      Those eye things are painful! I hate soppy washcloths. The jelly jar sounds like a good vehicle for the heat.

      Well, I like my annoying body. I wish it was not so annoying at times. I especially like clearing up things on my own. Surgery is not my favorite thing.

  5. I put things up for safe keeping all the time - they are safe - because I forget where I put them!! LOL
    I can lose something I had minutes ago - and need to retrace my steps!!!!!


Okay, hoping the annoyances have gone away.