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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Robins and My Car Problem

As I sat in the car wondering why it would not start, I noticed about two dozen robins in the yard and shrubs. Amazing! Have they not left to go south, or have they come back? At first, I thought my eyes were fooling me and I was seeing another bird. Nope. They are robins, male and female.

What is going on? Did this warm weather fool them?

So, the car won't start. The battery and starter work fine. This has happened to this car before, but not in the last six years. It would get near empty and stop in the road, not start after work, not start after it sat overnight. I think there is something in the fuel line because the gas became so low. I lost the gas cap last month and have not replaced it, so maybe there is water from condensation in the tank and now sucked into the fuel line. ???

One neighbor sent a worker who declared it was out of gas. He took my gas can and money and came back with a can of gas. Nope. That did not work. So, now I will allow it to sit for a while. I don't think it was flooded. When my kids were little, I actually paid someone to come and get my car started as we sat in a parking lot with groceries in the car. Once someone told me to just let it sit for 30 minutes, I never paid anyone for helping me with a flooded car, whatever part became flooded.

Three other people said they would help me after work before this guy came. So, I will wait. Only one of them will actually know what to do. But, one of the others may take me to get a prescription.

Charlie, who is too far away to really help, said maybe it was vapor lock. ???

It's a good thing I had nothing planned, nothing to go out for on NYE. But, I hate the idea of not being able to drive when I want. Sometimes, the car sits all day or for three. But, driving is my choice.

Forty-five minutes have passed, so maybe it will start. A gas cap is going on a list so I won't forget to buy it again.

Your turn
Have you seen birds out of season? Or, animals?  Any ideas about the car so I don't have to call a tow truck?

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Crockpot Blackeyed Peas Fail

Monday night, I put a pound of blackeyed peas in the crockpot. I had never used the crockpot for beans or peas, only the cast iron Dutch oven. Well, this was a fail.

 To avoid the gas-causing effects of peas and beans, I put the peas on with water, bring to a boil, turn the heat off, let sit for at least and hour (maybe longer), pour into a colander, rinse the peas well, rinse pot, return beans to pot with more water and cook until tender.

In order the counteract the gassy effect of eating peas, I decided to use baking soda like I have read that people do. Well, it seems the baking soda goes in the soaking phase. Since I missed that window and they were cooking, I decided to take my chances.

Now, I cannot go out in public!

On the plus side, maybe, the beans are all intact. Usually, the high heat, I suppose, of the stove causes the beans to just fall to pieces. I don't mind the sort of broken, mushy peas. Others do. If I had soaked the beans first, then cooked, this would be a picture perfect pot of peas!

As it was, I ate a bowl of peas with catsup at lunch and another at dinner. Yes, catsup on both bowls. I rarely use catsup on my blackeyed peas, but in the absence of sweet potatoes and turnip greens, I decided to use my childhood way of eating the peas.

I told my two Mexican friends about eating blackeyed peas on New Year's Eve for good luck in the New Year. They were not impressed or willing to try them.

Early in the morning of NYE, I will have a teaspoon of these for the good luck, but will NOT indulge at all the rest of the day. Someone might come in contact with me during the day or on New Year's Day. That would be unpleasant and embarrassing for me.

Next time, I might use the crockpot. I certainly will soak them before cooking!

Your turn
Are you having blackeye peas for good luck?

Monday, December 28, 2015

Embarrassing Post

My friend G came over today for an hour to help me. She stayed an hour and a half.  My project--clean out the refrigerator. She took everything off the shelves. Good things went on the table. Science projects went into the trash. Containers way out of date went into the trash.

The little table on which I placed items to keep had little on it. Two 30-gallon trash bags were put into the outdoor garbage cans. One thing that took up room was a quart jar of mayonnaise with about 1/4 cup of mayo and a 2013 best-by date. So lots of large containers with very little left took up some of the bulk.

I had an egg carton dated September 1 with two eggs. So, the volume of the carton was in great excess to what was contained in it. She had to talk me into throwing out the large French's mustard bottle with an inch in the bottom. "After all, you have two more bottles on the door." That was sort of not the point. I demurred; she happily tossed it.

She cleaned out the produce drawers but did not take them from the refrigerator, planning to do that next time. She only can spend so much time here. The door was ignored, because I keep it fairly clean. Next time, she will remove all racks and drawers and clean it better. There is nothing to be seen, but it cannot be clean without removing everything and cleaning everything.   It is necessary to wipe off each bottle, bowl, or container for them to be called "clean" by me.

When I bend, I cannot bend far or for long, so things were pushed back and never retrieved. Like I told exbf, I can swoop down and fight my way back erect to pick up one thing, but I am done. Sometimes, I cannot bend at all.  I cannot lean and sustain the leaning position for very long at all.

As she was leaving, she told me Lowe's was delivering my replacement washer. NO, they are not. I was still in my nightgown; stuff was in the way to get to the washer; washer had clean clothes; dryer had dried clothes.  Someone decided they would deliver the washer with no warning. I sent the truck on its way.

Now, I can die knowing I won't leave behind a nasty refrigerator!

But, the freezer is nasty looking after a Coke exploded--twice. Well, not the same Coke, but one on each of two consecutive days.  I know I need a timer or a brain. I obviously don't have either!

When my friend Jose was helping me remove  frozen chicken parts from the freezer, I saw the look of horror and explained the exploding Cokes. I needed to put lots of cooked chicken breasts and tenders in the freezer. So, I gave him the uncooked parts, none of which were breasts.

Being without a freezer is really rough, especially since turkeys are $1.03/lb and less. She is also going to clean out the freezer. In order to get cooked meat in it, I cooked blueberries and frozen apples. I have enjoyed the applesauce!

Every few minutes, I go in and look at how empty and shiny the refrigerator is. It's beautiful.

This mess will never happen again!

Your turn
Does anything ever cause you to get behind on refrigerator cleaning?

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Decluttering Site

A decluttering site I found today and like. Maybe you can glean something for yourself.

Your turn
Do you like the site?

Saturday, December 26, 2015

She Gave a Lift to a Navaho Woman

Sorry, but this is so funny. Why did I not think of it? Oh, come on! Don't tell me there have not been days you would not do this with your spouse.


Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Rain

There is water flowing and standing in places in my yard that have never had so much rain. There are great red blobs on the weather map, all flowing over my town. I almost drowned going to feed the chickens. Water falling hard splashed above my knees. Water ran over my shoes even when I thought I was on a high place in the still-growing St. Augustine grass.

Amazingly, the hens were dry! They aren't stupid. They ran out of the overturned trash can when they saw me coming. I put the opening of the trash can under the table, so the table is like a porch keeping the rain from running or splashing inside. They stay dry and the wind cannot cool them.

Hens still pecking and scratching in the rain means the rain will end soon. (Well, that is what I hear.) These hens are staying dry and not wandering around the pen. The rain is predicted through Monday with a small pause on Saturday. ugh I checked--rain on Saturday, too. Maybe the hens know something.

It is 62 and 100% humidity. I am wearing no more than I would on a July day. Maybe I will turn on the humidifier in a bit.  My shoes will go in front of the refrigerator to slowly dry.

Merry Wet Christmas!

Your turn
Is it raining at your place? Snow? Shorts weather? Do the kids, big or little, have toys they cannot use outdoors in  the rain?

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve with Children--1971 and 1976

For my children,  1.5 - and 3-years-old, I hatched a plan for their enjoyment. Okay, I probably enjoyed it as much.

From other Christmases I had a strap with sleigh bells. I turned off all distractions and had my children sit with me on my son's bed to read The Night Before Christmas before bedtime. I had their father go outdoors shake the bells and say, "Ho, Ho. Merry Christmas" outside my son's room.

So far, the plan was the planning stage, mind you.

My children were quiet and listening to the story I read. My husband did his part. What happened next so shocked me that I momentarily choked on the knot in my throat.

Both children were immediately propelled into action. The son ran to the window and pulled back the curtain. At the same moment the daughter slid down and scrambled under the bed. I was dumbstruck. I comforted her. The son was determined to see Santa and could not be persuaded to come away from the window.

A little later, my husband came in covered in mud. He had slid down while trying to avoid detection by the son. I had to laugh even though he was NOT happy.

UPDATE: I imagined a sweet scene where my little children would sit with wonder and joy, imagining Santa would soon deliver their gifts. No, they both shocked me with their unexpected and swift movement.

Several years later, the son was suspicious of the activity. He was eight by now. I had the six-year-old girl and a 15-month old daughter. The son demanded his father NOT go anywhere while we waited for Santa. The previous two years, he had determined his father was never present when Santa came.

This was no problem for me. I took the tape recorder and put on a long ten-minute lapse with no sound. Then, my husband did his part. We put this outside the front door and plugged it in somehow. We used the carport door and never opened the front door. There was no chance he would open the door or even get out to see the tape recorder.  So, husband went out and pressed "play" at our pre-determined time. Remember, there were no remotes then.

So, we all sat around so the son could monitor his father's presence. The TV was turned off at the same time the recorder was started with the ten-minute pause. I started reading about seven-minutes into the pause, just three-minutes before the voice. "Ho, Ho, Ho. Merry Christmas."

That drove my son crazy. He said with much confidence that he knew we were doing this but had not figured out HOW we were doing it.

We had lots of fun with this over the years.  We told our son after Christmas that year how we did it. He laughed and said he knew he was right.

The highlights of this little charade over the years were my children moving so quickly and scaring me that first year. Oh, and my husband falling in the mud puddle. He had mud from head to toe.

Okay, so maybe this was a cute thing to do or bizarre, but as parents we had fun.

Your turn
Did you ever do anything like this, tricking your kids at Christmas? Well, other than telling there was a Santa and reindeer bringing gifts.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Two Cuties

Or, were they Halos? When I left to go to the apple giveaway, I knew Charlie would be there, so I put two Cuties in my pocket--one for him and one for me.

As I approached the apple bins, I heard someone say, "Oh, fresh fruit! Good, I have not had fresh fruit in two months."

I cannot imagine. I was sort of struck like a statue and could not breathe. I reached in my pocket and got one Cutie and offered it to her. She seemed not to hear or see me. Then, I stepped closer and spoke louder. She still did not respond so I put the Cutie much closer, like a foot from her face and spoke more loudly. She held out her hand for me to place it there.

When I saw her eagerly eat it, I gave her the other one. She devoured it, too. I don't think I have ever been without fresh fruit for more than a day. How about you?

Last Friday, my internet was connected. By Saturday, it was not working. On Monday, it was fixed again. Tuesday, it quit working! Today, Wednesday, it was repaired once more. I am once again sick of ATT! If I have not been by your blog, now you know why.

Your turn
Do you love fresh fruit? Do you manage to keep it on hand?  Does anyone have technology provider issues?

Monday, December 21, 2015

Apples, Apples, Apples

A free apple giveaway netted me about 50 lbs. of apples. Of course, I could not pick up the bag once I filled them. A nice teen boy and girl helped me. The crockpot and dehydrator will be busy.

I watched people eat a circle around an apple and throw it on the ground. Why not eat the whole apple and throw the core in the trash. Apples rotting on asphalt are gross.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, I will put the three gallons of blueberries that are in the crockpot now into jars to join the jars of applesauce in the refrigerators.

Then, I have two hens to put into the crockpot and freeze for later.

Tuesday, I have to finish helping the Hispanic guys enter their computer resumes. ugh, still tired.

None of this is exciting. However, I am very proud of my apple score. I could have had three times as much apples if I could have bent over to get them.

Starting early Monday, we have had rain that is predicted to last through next Sunday. I hate that the little children with bikes from Santa will not be able to enjoy them.

A friend came today and moved things so I can use my space heater. Since it has been down to 28 F degrees, the heat is welcome. Now, the weather is great for December, 60s in the day and high 50s at night and up to high 70s next week and 80 on Sunday. It is 58 now at almost midnight. Don't envy us too much since with warm winter weather, we are always in danger of tornadoes. We know we will pay even as we go around in short sleeves, shorts and sandals.

Your turn
How are your days going? How is the weather?

Sunday, December 20, 2015


1) After the new bulbs were planted, I saw water coming from the curb right in front of the water meter. It appears there is some sort of leak. So, Monday, I will call. Hopefully, my bulbs won't have to be disturbed. Hopefully, this is on the city side.

2) The new washer does not work correctly, so that must be replaced.  I told Lowe's that after Christmas would be okay. That leaves the kitchen and laundry room in disarray since things had to be moved to get to the laundry room. I cannot move the things, so my friend had not come over to move things back.

3) The new mattress looks more like a hammock shape, so that will be replaced with something else. When I told the woman that I did not mind waiting until after Christmas, she hugged me and thanked me profusely. I had a mattress for 35 years that was still flat and the edge where I sat to get into bed was still straight. The edge of this mattress looks like a "U".

3) I took slugmama's giveaway she won here to the PO. Somehow, I lost her address. Retrieving it meant I had to come here to get on the internet to find it. I have it now.

4) Where is "here"? Once again, I am at BK. Unfortunately, I went back with ATT internet last Friday. I figured I have money for one month service, so I am going with that. On Saturday, less than 24 hours into ATT service, I once again had no internet! I only went back with them because it was cheaper than Charter which was $69 after the first cheap year.

5) I took my old computer to have data transferred to this new computer. They were having a special. When I got home, the transferred data was all in code. I took both computers back to Office Max to see what was the problem. Well, it appears there is nothing on the hard drive and nothing transferred to my computer!  That would mean all my pictures are lost. Sooooo, they want me to bring both computers back on Monday. This makes three trips. I am quite distraught over losing all documents and pictures. This is the first time I have ever paid anyone to transfer data to a new computer. Then, the professional fails! Oh, they said I might have had a virus that destroyed everything in the transfer process.

6) When I headed back to PO with gifts to children and giveaway for slugmama, I decided to check my bank account online. Yep, only $2 left in the account, so all Christmas gifts will be late. The data transfer could have waited, especially since it destroyed my data! That money would have carried me through mailings.

7) Since I must go to Huntsville on Monday, everyone I know must come tomorrow to my house. I may just leave anyway. everyone=friend to move something, friend to help me, someone to deal with water leak, internet guy from ATT.

8) Last night, I put two gallons of frozen apples into the crockpot. At home there is applesauce waiting to be put into jars. I won't can it, just eat it or freeze it. A gallon of blueberries, thawed now, also waits. Blueberry cobbler is in my plans. Maybe it will be a crockpot event, too. Since I cooked a crockpot full of chicken tenders, the ones bought for $1.49 or $1.69, forgot which, I need to freeze those. I could be doing that while I am on the internet! You know what I mean--just do one and go back to internet until I need to attend to the kitchen things.

Okay, rant over.

Believe it or not, I am still in a Christmas mood.

Your turn
Have you ever had so many system failures at one time? "When it rains, it pours" sort of thing?

Friday, December 18, 2015

New Plantings

One day, I met two young women working on some sort of program for community gardens. It was all very interesting. They were offering plots. I would have to drive so far, drag a chair and tools, and then try to find energy to work for a very few minutes until pain stopped me.

But, we kept talking. They are planning to put a raised bed in my yard. After I told them I could go out often, just not work for long, this was the plan. As we talked two weeks ago, I told her I had bought one garlic to plant, just to see what happened. However, I could not lift the large terracotta pot or the bag of dirt. She said they would come by and help me. Then, I mentioned I had bought flower bulbs on sale. She said they would plant those, also.

Thursday, they came by, carried my lawn chair out to the place for flowers. The city dug up a huge hole for the water meter and then replaced the dirt. Loose dirt is always nice.

I had a plan. They were up for it. Tell me if you think this is a bad idea. I like daffodils a lot. I had a bag of the "King Edward type" bulbs. But, daffodils look unsightly as they die. In order to have flowers the next year, you cannot chop down the green until it is a sickly yellow and lying all over.

Hosta appear later than daffodils. therefore, I think hosta in front of the daffodils will help hide dying daffodils. Does it sound like a good plan? Plausible?

Interspersed with the daffodil are the same type tulips I had last year. Hopefully, the will bloom at the same time. if it works out the way I plan, the pink tulips and yellow daffodils will look pretty.

Behind these I had them plant iris. Since I have wanted yellow iris forever, I bought two that were greatly reduced. Plus, a friend who has since died told me when she was alive that I could have yellow iris from her yard. They were put in pots. The greenery came up, but there were no flowers. Those went in the ground, too. Plus, the lavender iris were about two or three inches high. Some of those were put in the same bed.

When they started, they put the flowers in rows. Then, they dug them up and scattered the daffodils and tulip together. Very few flowers were in the ground, so there was not much to do.

I certainly hope I chose well and planned well. Next spring will be the proof.

In the flower bed I made beside the carport, there is one pink volunteer iris. I wish I knew which one it is so I could put it out front, too. It has been there for a few years, so maybe I can divide it this spring.

All the tulips that came up in the white pots last spring were rotted. Oh well, I enjoyed them. Plus, the new tulips are the same color, I believe.

Afterward, they planted the one head of garlic I bought for planting. Strawberry plants went into my strawberry pot. The plants may be dead.

Today, it was frigid and the wind was blowing. Finding my gloves tonight is one of my goals.

Next spring, the group is going to make me a raised bed. They will make it table height if I need it so I can sit. Or, they can make it any height I need.

Your turn
Have you planted anything in front of daffodils to hide dying daffodil greenery? Do you have a program in your town to help seniors with gardening?

Tuesday, December 15, 2015


Chicken tenders are $1.49 at Sprouts, so naturally I price-matched them at Walmart.

Then, as I made a futile trip to the PO, I saw a Zaycon truck behind the PO. After my failed attempt at mailing things, I stopped and found they deliver here once a month. I am at Lowe's right now using my laptop after waiting for someone to return from lunch. So, since this is so uncomfortable to type here, look it up and see the description of the quality of all the meats. I have never read a complaint.

I may be without a computer while I get the old stuff transferred to the new computer. So, I am not dead or deserting the place. I wish I knew someone who could help me save a small fortune. But, no, I don't.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Things Around Here

I helped two Hispanic guys find places they needed to go. Plus, I showed/helped them with applying for a job online. While I was at it, I asked them if they knew anyone with a lawn mower with a bagger to get all the leaves up. They did not but volunteered to help me since I had helped them.

Sometimes people volunteer to do things and never come through. Even when I am willing to pay, I sit and wait. These two guys showed up today and raked most of the yard and will come back later this week. He says he will bring a chainsaw for the shrubs-turned-into-trees.

This week, grape tomatoes are $0.99 for a dry pint, so I price-matched them at Walmart. Chicken tenders were $1.49. I only price matched one package. Both these were either at Sprouts or Aldi's. Broccoli crowns were $0.99/lb. Milk is two gallons for $4 at Kroger. These were my main purchases. All these ads go off Tuesday night.

By the way, the only tomatoes that are tasty in the winter are grape tomatoes. However, the Hand Candy brand were not fresh, so I took them back for the other brand at the WM here. When I say "not fresh," I mean I put my finger through a couple and lots were shriveled. They have been fine other times I bought them.

I appreciate the one person who helped with the internet connection, but I am afraid to commit to a year with no funds to back it up. When I have surgery, I will feel isolated at home. But, I suppose I will survive. I will keep those funds for internet service in the future. Thanks!

Okay, gotta go. BK is closing.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

GE and Keurig

As I was strolling/rolling along in Lowe's, I did a double take. In the front of a huge GE freezer there is a Keurig machine. Somehow it seems like an oxymoron to get boiling water from the unit that cools and freezes. Have you seen it?

Okay, I could not find a photo easily, so with time running out here at Burger King, you can just take my word for it.

Someone must carry in my ipad or laptop into Burger King in order for me to use the internet. This may be the end of my blogging as I cannot afford the internet. If some kind souls will contribute a few dollars to PayPal, I can afford internet at my house once again. Or, not.

Your turn
Have you seen or heard of the GE refrigerator with the Keurig unit in  the front of the door?

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Kraft Deal

My favorite store-bought barbecue was in a bin--Kraft Original. Each 18 ounce bottle was $0.50! I don't know if this is part of a great deal all over for Kraft. But, it cannot hurt to look for it. Oddly, this bin was in the produce section, a bin 4'x4'4' or larger.

Thinking it might be a week from the best-by date, I checked. The date was March 16, 2016. Two bottles plus the one I have at home, just opened, will last me beyond that date.

Your turn
Have you found Kraft Original BBQ sauce cheaply in your stores? Let me know if you do, please.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Blankety blank blank!

I spent two hours roaming from one wifi place to the other, trying to get online. Apparently, blogs are something evil when commercial places/businesses try to protect us all from using evil blogs!  grrrr

Saturday, December 5, 2015


When the city dug up the street to replace the water line to my meter, I saw a man with a battery, a long wire and some sort of long device attached. He walked around the street and marked with blue paint the places the long device made a high squeal. I laughed and asked him he were dowsing. He assured me he was.

Later, one of the workers had two bent rods that swung in his hands. The rods were bent in a 90 degree angle. He held the short end that was about 6 inches long with the longer end that was about 12 inches long and held parallel to the ground. Both longer ends were point straight ahead. As he walked, the rods swung to the middle, crossing each other. I squealed in delight and asked if I could try it.

That is how I ended up water witching. It works. The guy gave me a set of bent rods and I happily traipsed around for a few minutes "finding" water. I deliberately crossed the water line to see if the rods swung every time. They DID!

Until the moment the rods swung and crossed for me, I was bordering on being a skeptic. I thought there might be something to it, but I didn't know how reconcile this mystery with my brain. Now, I don't even try to reconcile the rods' ability to find water with my logical doubts. I am a believer!

The reason I crossed and re-crossed the evident water line was so I could see if the rods swung every time.  I had no intention of digging a well to prove or disprove dowsing. I was holding the rods loosely, so I know I had no intentional influence on the pull of the rods.

Next, I want a  forked willow stick to try dowsing. I obviously have the "gift." Maybe I will try dowsing with a stick in the front yard on Saturday.

This article  might give you further insight or reinforce your skepticism. There are plenty of links to explore.

Your turn
Have you ever tried water witching? Were you successful? Are you a skeptic or a believer in water witching? Are any of your older relatives dowsers? I cannot wait to hear your take on this phenomenon.

Friday, December 4, 2015

New and Better Use

Have you ever looked at a "good" idea and thought of a better purpose? Well, this happened to me when looking over a bin of plastic in the grocery store.

The package to hold multiple batteries was great. The batteries each has its own little "bed" they don't jostle around. My only regret is I did not purchase a dozen of these jewels. sigh

First, a little background on a personal habit. I use so many emery boards. I bit my nails for over 40 years, broke the habit, then had to have a crutch to keep from peeling my nails off or biting them. I now have had nails for over 20 years.

I must have an emery board within reach because I file gently instead of destroying nails by ripping them off. Mind you, I love to peel a nail into the quick. It hurts so good! I use the emery board to reduce any risk of my picking at or biting the tempting snag in a nail.


I was looking at the bin of plastic when it was reduced to a quarter. There was a butter keeper which looked like a good idea. For ten years it has never housed butter. Online, the butter keeper is about $8. I paid less than $1 for the flip top box.

Last week as I was fighting falling emery boards, the butter keeper surfaced. I had three packages of emery boards because I would buy another package when I was at Walmart needing an emery board. My need of an emery board is about as desperate as a smoker's need for a cigarette.

Unfortunately, once emery boards are opened, the boards tend to stray from the plastic bubble attached to a card. I popped three packages into the butter keeper and my problem was solved. The butter box is just the size of a stick of butter with a flip-top box.

Additionally, in the plastic bin there was a plastic flip-top box for holding pre-sliced and wrapped cheese. Once metal Band-Aid boxes were eliminated and a flimsy cardboard box replaced it, I used the cheese box for Band-Aids. Now, I don't have to tape the smashed cardboard box together and retrieve Band-Aids from the floor (yuck) or from the bathroom cabinet.

Your turn
Do you have a favorite use for a product not intended for that purpose? Have you seen either the cheese keeper or the butter keeper in stores? Did you ever bite your nails for years and finally overcame the habit?

Wednesday, December 2, 2015


The sinus infection went to my chest. Even though I was taking an antibiotic and had an injection of another antibiotic, I became worse by the day. Earlier last week, I was faced with a breakout that rivaled any teen problem. It was worse on my chest and upper arms. Plus, I had a swollen place on my cheek that turned worse before it subsided, leaving me with a huge problem. HA! All this was a reaction to the injection. I showed the doctor and he said he and a nurse had the same problem, that it took six weeks to go away. Yeah, and there are other places on my face.

All this is not to air my bumps. It is to say what I was puzzled about was  a drug reaction. Now, for six weeks to pass. I do keep upper arms and chest covered just as the way I dress. But, my face at Christmas time and holidays just won't do!

A few weeks ago, I had gained some of my weight-loss back. Well, I am losing down to my original 25-pound weight loss. Losing weight over Thanksgiving is great. I even had a whole pumpkin pie the day before Thanksgiving. I did not back off from sugar or carbs. But, my indulgences were short-lived. That is the key for me.

The grocery ads have had nothing I wanted, nothing I buy, and nothing I needed. Consequentially, I have spent less than $5 on food in about ten days. It appears there is nothing in this week's ad either. I will buy ground pork from Publix today or tomorrow.  Hopefully, Kroger has milk 2/$4 this week. I have one banana left. My Diet Coke is gone, so there is that to buy. Spending $10 for one week is great! Of course, I will have milk for two weeks and ground pork.

I saved back one of the 10 celery heads I bought for $0.48 for making chicken salad, tuna salad, just stuff that sort of calls for crunchy celery. There are chicken breasts here, ready for those meals, breasts from the hens I cooked before Thanksgiving.

If I appear MIA, I cannot afford $69/month for wifi from Charter. I refuse to go back to ATT. Exbf is all about me getting the best deal, but he sort of became alarmed I would consider ATT again. I do have choices--buy a phone with hotspot capability or buy a hotspot and pay by the month. Either is cheaper than Charter I have. Both take money.

Your turn
How did you do on weight gain or loss over Thanksgiving and Halloween? Have you found any good sales?

We Have a Winner

Okay, persistence pays off.

The winner is


I know I have your address, I think. Send it to me again, please.
Slugmama had 7 of the 14 entries.

Maybe I will have another giveaway.

I was behind on the drawing because I become more ill as the days passed, even with taking an antibiotic and having had a shot of antibiotics. Monday, I gave up and was diagnosed with bronchitis.