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Sunday, November 30, 2014

UPDATE: Let's Sort This Confusion--Christmas Child, Giveaways, Elderly Charity, Postage

Okay, about the giveaways and my money situation and the Christmas Child boxes--there is no conflict or unwise spending. All the gifts in the Christmas Child boxes were bought mostly in the first six months of this year and before my current water problems. The only thing I bought after my water line broke was a $.68 bag of rubber bands because the boxes, per instructions, must have a rubber band on them to keep the contents from spilling.

I included an assortment of socks, gloves, scarves, bears/toys. I did not have twenty of anything. I put notebook paper or spiral notebook, pencils, pens, stickers, erasers, soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, wash cloth in each box. I cannot remember what else. I still have enough to start on more next year at this time. I am not at the store filling boxes with my money that is stretched to the max. I did not add it up this year, but I am quite sure I spent less than $1 on each box.

The shipping is free. I am so stressed that I must look beyond myself and keep my mind occupied. That won't get me clean, but it is a distraction from the problems at hand.

As for the Elderly person in the nursing home, the as yet unnamed person, I will not be spending so much. I have all sorts of items, new that I can give her or him. I have a ton of toothpastes, toothbrushes, shampoo, soap, lotions, Christmas mugs, Christmas cards--all new and a variety of each. I have a calendar that I am going to change from an ad to one with flowers on it. I will give something Christmas-y like an ornament for a tree or the window decorations that cling. Nothing was especially cheap at the regular price but was bought for pennies. Everything will come from my stash. If I spend $5, that will be the max. I do not intend to completely fund Christmas for someone. I am just trying to remember someone. I will make it clear to the nursing home that I am limited and not to take this woman's name from another list.

I like the giveways as a means of having some fun at Christmas. Yes, it may be my only fun. This first giveaway is just an assortment. Someone is giving me two books that the recipient can keep or give as a gift. The fourth giveaway is a garment I bought to wear and became ill and never did. It is one of only two items I have ever had that the tags never came off. I cannot get the money back. It is Christmas-y. I will tell you all about it when I post it. But, I want to have everything mailed by the middle of December so people can use the items for gifts.

I struggle at Christmas to be happy like I usually am. I struggle with losses and loneliness. The last thing I expected for the giveaways was more loneliness and a feeling of exclusion. No, the internet friends/acquaintances/followers are not substitutes, but they are someone/something to occupy my mind.

I appreciate the people who finally entered, but wish others would, too. These items are new, never in a smoky environment, never around an animal,  and are not musty. Even those folk who are in a no-buy mood must be able to see something that would be suitable for a gift or a use for things I am giving away. I have never had a spectacular turnout for giveaways, so I don't expect a hundred people to enter. Do not enter here. Go HERE.


The cosmetics are for my daughter for Christmas, not for the giveaway. The last cosmetic item I bought is going back and I am going to use a Kmart gift card I got for a return to repurchase  the cosmetics. So, that will not cost me that cash I did pay out. So, her $60 of cosmetics for Christmas will be about $3, not sure, but I did find the receipts.

I bought the rubber bands with the WM gift card I got from Energizer Battery Rebate. Remember, I had 10 of the $10 gift cards from the Energizer Rebate.

For each of the Christmas Child boxes, I received a coupon for a Chic-fil-A sandwich. Exbf and I used two for our lunch when he was here on Friday to help me.

Oh, when the library opens on Monday, I can tell you what I have received through PayPal.

Your turn
Any more confusion or questions? Do you still think I am spending money when I have none to spare? Do you think I am spending when I could use that money for my water problem?

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Accidental Bargains and A-Bone-to-Pick

was about $12

This makes about $60 of cosmetics for much less. I might go figure it all up, maybe. Nope. I forgot to use the store card that has, money,  a refund. Well, next time I will correct making that about $5 or less.. I hope the recipient likes all this. So, that is one gift completed. Or, make that two. Maybe there are more  I finished with barely any money spent by me.

Okay, this is puzzling. No one has even entered the Giveaway. If I put nail polish in the box, will that be better? Will you enter then? Go on over and enter on THIS POST , Giveaway I. Now, I have four giveaways and will be so humiliated if no one even enters! You don't know anyone to give these items to for Christmas, a birthday, or even a birthday after Christmas? These items would make a great gift.

You need nail polish? Okay, you've got nail polish. However, I will not come over and apply it for you.

Come on. whine whine Be a sport! yay yay Get into the Christmas mood. I hear Jingle Bells. Okay, must I bribe you? Oh, yeah, I am trying to bribe you with a box full of stuff.

I found two gifts that I had paid twice as much for ($10) about three days ago.  Sooo, I will take back the gifts bought at full price and keep the reduced ones. Guys, enter. Your wife will figure out who to gives these to, promise.

Friday, November 28, 2014

"Luke, I Am Your Father."

Well, I am going to peck your beak.
As I came from exbf's vehicle, I heard a strange tapping noise, very regular. As I walked slowly and looked around--wary and curious, I finally pinned down the tapping.

Maggie May was pecking on their mirror. Her neck feathers were flared. This continued for several more minutes while she vocalized the same each time she pecked the mirror. The sound was almost like the grunt that tennis players give when they hit the tennis ball.

When she finally left the mirror, she came toward me as though I should take care of the problem in the mirror.

I motioned for exbf who was hearing the tapping and wondering what it was. He laughed. Earlier in the day, Maggie May and Patsy Cline had their beak against the mirror, each turning her head and cocking it, too.

When I found them standing on the basement window sills gazing at their reflections, I bought this $3 mirror. They seemed to prefer the basement windows. After four months, they act like the other chickens just showed up.

I put the mirror behind things to protect it when a windy day was forecast. So, it does look messy where it is located.

The post title was idea of exbf when I asked him what Maggie May should be saying for a post title.

Your turn
Do your hens or other poultry ever enjoy watching or fighting their reflections in mirrors, glass windows or anything else? Maybe your cat or dog enjoys a mirror.

Thursday, November 27, 2014


reversible vest
tags still on
size 24 mths
reverse side
look at the cute ruffle!
Go the previous post to enter giveaway. I will enter more later. This is not to tease you or tempt you. But, I don't have energy right now. Do not leave an entry here.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Giveaway I

So, what does it look like?
For the next three weeks, I am going to have two giveaways. I will post one today and another this weekend. I'm afraid both are mostly girly things. Giveaway I will be three of these 30 bracelets to start with. I found these when looking for things for the Christmases boxes. I put one in each of the last 9 boxes which I did not get delivered like I thought I would. I have no ideas where these came from, but they were in a McCrory bag.

reversible vest
24 mths

reverse of vest
see the cute ruffle?

There will be a camera and a battery charger, unless I cannot find There will be one of the nail polishes I won. I found more doll clothes. There is a little 24-month, new, puffy vest in size 24 months that is purple, pink, and silver. Tags are still attached. Sooo cute!  I will post pictures of other things I will give away right here so it will be all together. Maybe there will be things that are not girly. These items are all new and  can be used for Christmas gifts.

If you blog about this post and giveaway  on your blog, you get 5 points. You can enter once a day and must be a follower. Of course, I want a link posted in comments to your posts about Giveaway I. 

To recap: you get one entry per day and  five for blogging about this giveway.  For your five extra entries,  put five comments on here, saying you blogged and include a link to your blog post. This is for the lower 48 states. Deadline is midnight December 6, 2014.

Oh, mycokerewards is giving double points for entering codes from 12-packs of Cokes. You have until midnight Thanksgiving Day.

I never sent out a winner's books and she knows who she is. I found one book. This is a case of my saying to exbf, "Put that on the shelf. Don't leave that in the chair." He must hear "leave that in the chair." At any rate I just found one of the books and will send it.

Enter below in comments on this post only for Giveaway I.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

My Day Began and Ended With a Thud!

4 12-packs for $12
regular price $17.68

I will tell you the bad news about the Cokes in a little bit.

This morning I heard the alarm go off and ignored it for a bit. No problem. However, when I looked at the clock, it was 10:23, not the 9:00 am I set it to get up. Rats! Now, I was going to miss the last of the Tuesday lunches of the year. And it would probably be good, a Thanksgiving dinner. I jumped up and tripped on my cover, falling headlong three seconds after I got out of bed. There was widespread destruction. I managed to fall on a plastic milk carton where I had stored some books.

Not satisfied with that, I continued my fall and hit my knee on a can. Landing on carpet is bad enough, but landing on the top edge of a can is a thousand times worse. I did some damage.

I was telling exbf about this. He was properly caring and "ouching" for my bodily damage. Then, he said with a voice that showed no sympathy for me, "Well, how is the can?" I thought it was funny, but stayed silent for about 30 seconds. "Well, I am glad you have your priorities straight." (said with mock disdain) Then, I started laughing and he was laughing so loud and long. This man rarely laughs, so I laughed even harder. And, it started hurting again after we quit laughing.

After I went immediately to the bathroom, I turned on my cell phone. NO! it was only 10:15. So, now I have 45 minutes to get ready. I can do this. As I sat at lunch, I could feel my knee swelling. It looks awful and the skin is broken.  #1 thud

My hair is a mess. My hair means a lot to me. The new haircut is way too short, doesn't know what to do, was washed last Saturday and looks awful. I look demented. It would not "fix" this morning." I look demented, promise. This is how my hair will look when I am in the nursing home. #2 thud

THEN, I had a conversation with the plumber, and I may find another plumber. He is annoyed I don't have alllll the money, right now. #3 thud of my heart

When I left the lunch at noon, I got a plate to go. It went right into the refrigerator, immediately. Later on, I opened the refrigerator and the whole lunch fell out as the container landed upside down on it. I almost cried, a whole lunch lost. I had to pick it up with my hands and then had no place to wash my hands. I could not stay bent long enough to really clean up the floor. #4 big thud.

You saw the 4 12-packs at the top? I saw a man in Walmart and asked if he got the price match of 4/$12 since he had 4 in his buggy. He showed me an ad and told me he got them 4/$10 by price-matching.  #5 thud

Since I only washed four pair of pants last week, and two of them were too breezy to wear in public, I had to wash pants again today at the $2 machines. This time, I carried socks and put all of it in a black bag that needed washing.  When I took my pants out of the washer, they dripped like I had just pulled them from a sink of water. ??? By this time, I was just feeling fragile. #6 thud

My fall will necessitate a trip to the doctor. The broken milk carton is destroyed but it was old and free. The can went where it should have been when I was reading the label and put it by my chair. Finally, I figured the clock had the wrong time to begin with after it started beeping and going on and off last night. Tomorrow, I must find some place to wash my hair after I put it in foam rollers tonight. I calmed down and will talk to the plumber tomorrow. In a little while I will go back to Walmart with the receipt and get a better deal on the Cokes. I have to go anyway, so it is not just a trip to save $2. Oh, yeah, the guy gave me the ad. Now, I can look it up online or call the store and figure out how to get one of these ads.

So, today was not altogether bad, but there was not a lot of good. Oh, yeah, the chickens loved their leftovers of turkey and dressing, sweet potatoes, green beans, roll, spice cake. They left most of the roll and half the spice cake, but they rarely get much bread or sweets since they don't really like either. Seeing the hens' joy was good.

Now, I know these are not catastrophes in the true sense of the word, but they, nevertheless wore on my nerves.

Your turn
Have you had a day start out bad so early? And, it just kept coming. Did you ever use the Laundromat when the water was not emptied from the machine? Lose your whole dinner from a fall out of the refrigerator? This is a new clock, so I have never had one reset itself like this one. Have you?

Haircut and gofundme total right now

ornament made with feathers, Styrofoam, grape vine wings

Today, I had a shot of good feeling. I had my hair cut, finally. I usually wash and dry my hair just before the cut. I do not get it shampooed there. I hate the beauty shop shampoo. Even when I brought my own shampoo, I still hated someone washing my hair. The shampoo chair hurts the back of my neck. Plus, I read that older women are more likely to have a stroke from using the shampoo chair than if they don't. It was something about the carotid artery and stretching the head back. If anyone knows, let me know.

There is just nothing about having my hair cut that is pleasant. If I am near hairspray, I am unhappy. If I smell the shampoo, I get a stuffy head. The gossip just kills me. The rehashing of soap operas makes me want to run away.

Remember, there is more than just one hairspray going, more than one shampooing, more than one gossiper, more than one discussion of soap operas. It is the overload of unpleasantness.

Then, I go home and wash my hair within hours. All the product on it stinks, makes me sneeze and my face breaks out from all the product touching my skin. The style does not suit me at all. So, I wash it out after subjecting myself to torture and paying for the privilege.

So, I get a haircut and leave only paying $15 and a tip if I have it. I usually do. Today, she told me not to pay her because I had enough problems that needed tending. I must have seemed miserable because when I said I was parched from not enough water and was scrounging for change, she went and bought me a Coke.

The hairdresser I go to has a spacious room that she and a guy share. It is secluded with a door that is mostly for show, cannot describe it exactly, maybe sort of like a saloon door from the old West. The side of the shop operators, shampoo chairs along the wall, not crowded, just lots of spraying and washing and talk that makes me crazy. The dozen or so operators are all together in this large room. Now, it is not the talk; it is the subject of the talk.

Even though I have had $540 donated, I will only get 491.67. The balance goes to the site.

$491.76 gofundme
 $45       paypal
$100     a church
$613     total collected or pledged

$2300      needed
-$636.67  actual collected
$1663.33 still needed

It seems like I am going backwards. The total for gofundme is not $540 even though they collected that much. The total for paypal actually did go up! The church decided they could only afford to give me $100 and will pay the plumber directly.

So, that is how it stands. If my figures are off, just tell me. HERE is the last accounting.

Last night, I was hot. Tonight, I am cold. I suppose our days of mid 60s are probably gone for good.

Your turn
Does anyone hate the beauty shop experience as much as I do?

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Halfway Through

part of what I packed
elephant change purse
turquoise change purse
My method
I did not have twenty of all items. I had four of the bears bought for a quarter instead of $9.99. I had four change purses, turquoise and pink. But, there was only one elephant change purse. Okay, there were two, but I kept one for my little grand-daughter. Each child did not get one of each of these. I put in bears then started on change purses and then the elephant as I went down the row filling each box. I had one pair of fuzzy socks and three pair of crew socks that were distributed according to how full the box looked.

In no way am I telling you all I used to fill a box unless I just accidentally have wonderful memory today. Pencils, 150 sheet pack of notebook paper or a composition book, toothbrush, tooth paste, soap, washcloth, two hair ribbons, crayons, stickers--in each box. I had a few mirrors and an assortment of small items that I distributed like I did things in the last paragraph.

Since I did not use the pocketbook I bought for fifty-cents, I put in a box and labeled it for the 10-14 year age. I found one calculator for ten cents, so that went into another box for the same age girl.

eleven boxes even though you cannot see them all
Friday night, I finished folding/assembling eleven boxes for Christmas Child. Since I was up late and awoke early Saturday morning for a shower, I took a nap on Saturday. Okay, I slept five hours. Get over it.

I spent the rest of the afternoon and early evening filling those boxes. There are nine more in the car to finish on Sunday and deliver on Monday.

Nothing in these boxes cost more than a quarter except for the pocketbook. Most of the items cost only a dime. Rats, I forgot to buy a package of combs in order to have a comb for each box. I do have a round brush I have never used, so I will get that out. Maybe the boxes will still be at Chic-fil-A when I go to deliver these, and I will add a comb. Since I have mystery shops to perform on Monday, I need to get these delivered early.

Yes, I am guilty of not doing boy boxes, but other than the school supplies and the stickers, I have not found little things for boys like I do for girls. Some people only fill boy boxes because they know most people fill girl boxes. I cannot feel guilty. Considering most of this was free, I suppose I spent less than $1 for each box with the cost spread through the year, mostly the first four months of the year.

UGH! I smell something burning! Hopefully, it is the leaf fire the neighbor's grandchildren burned today. Okay, now I am going out to get the other nine boxes from the car to fold and find some things I did not find today. Fun, fun, fun on a Saturday night. Yes, I am a wild woman.

I accidentally post this, so go below and read the other post that was only up for about an hour before I posted this.

Your turn
Who is filling these boxes this year? Who has filled them before?

My Shower

Saturday morning 6:15
It was wonderfully wet. And, it was almost cold. The water felt tepid to my hand, so I knew this was not going to be fun. I shrieked twice and hoped the house full of people did not hear me. This, as you can imagine was a very quick shower and hair washing. Rubbing the water from my dripping body with the thickest towel I own and the last clean one felt so luxurious and restored a bit humanity to me. My friend who arranged this for me even brought me her hair dryer. I was moved. I had brought mine but almost forgot it. My hair was reasonably dry, so I was deliriously happy.

If you think my gushing is a little much, try using a cup full of water on your body every day.

My friend had had to take boards, paint cans and supplies and a ladder from the tub in order for me to take this shower. All they church members were friendly and accommodating.

I asked a guy who was there helping my friend if he would get 4 gallon jugs from my car and fill them for me. There were really 8 empty jugs here, but I did not want to impose on the church too much.

Mystic Mud has been though the same no water experience for long stretches. She may be the only person who knows how good a shower feels.

Your turn
Have you ever been without water and means to take a shower at another place?

Friday, November 21, 2014

See The Directions?

folding 20 boxes
Folding Christmas Child boxes

There are 15 more boxes left to fold and hook together or a total of 20. I am taping all them to assure they stay together. This whole thing is so hard. My hands hurt! ugh

I started to ask exbf, but he would take forever and not like doing it. At least, I don't think he would like doing it.  He would take forever because he would squeeze the perforated folds so tight that they would stay really well, unlike my folding. The whole box flops open after I do all the folding before I hook pieces together. I didn't want him to work so hard at something I can do.

The one box on top is not photographed well since more of an angle would show it is a box. This project is my charity work this year.

Elder Charity Project

However, I decided to find one older woman in a nursing home who has no one to visit or give her things. I have shampoo, soap, toothbrush, fuzzy footies, deodorant, Christmas card, hand lotion, razors, gloves, scarf/hat, lipstick/lip gloss, Kleenex. I can get snacks, Christmas candy, something Christmas-y to put on the wall or dresser. I have other things swirling in my head. There are sales at WM. Anything else?

Okay, I have eaten, had a chocolate snack, peed twice, changed the channel several times and cannot think of anything else to waste time since I composed this blog post. So, I suppose I should get back to work, folding boxes and maybe start filling them tonight. They need to be turned in tomorrow.

Shower and Hair Washing
Tomorrow morning at 6:30 am, I can get a shower and wash my hair if I get to a church by 6:30 am. I have to be through before they start something else. It will be so lovely to get wet all over. I am so excited.

Your turn
Do you ever fiddle-faddle around and waste time to avoid a task at hand? What else could I give an elderly person in a nursing home? You see why I celebrate a shower with a note on my blog?

Flood and Mugs

outdoor basement steps

I lost the picture that went with the promised F-bombs. How does that happen? (rhetorical question only) Fortunately, I can take that again.

The picture above was taken of the steps down into my basement. I suppose a cat knocked the purple planter off and I suppose exbf put the plastic bags into the planter. sigh I wonder how much damage was done and how much all that water will cost me.

Look carefully at the picture. The water is the level of the last step. Six inches or so of the door is under water. I you look at the left side of the door, you can see the water line and the door under the water. This door has panels and the last section is under the water. Can you see that?

Before the plumber could even get to the place where the water line was broken and water gushing out, he had to get a pump to remove the water. The pump removed 70 gallons of water every minute. (I think that is what I heard him say to his helper.) Of course, my back yard was very soggy when he was through. Exbf had to put down boards to walk on so he could get to the hens.

grocery display
Can you believe that one of these Mug Cakes is $1.79? And, it does not include a mug! My own version is to take a cheap cake mix, dump some in a cup, add milk, and microwave. 1/3 cup of mix+2Tablspoons of milk sounds about right. If it is hot, chocolate and gooey, I am happy. Then, there are recipes rom scratch. Some contain 12 ingredients and some recipes have only 3 ingredients.

Ooooh, look at this SITE.

Your turn
Can you believe there was six inches of water in the basement? Have you ever made a cake in a cup or mug?

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Water Situation Now

First of all, if you have donated on gofundme at the right of this post about my water dilemma, I cannot get back into the site. Their tech support gave me hours of help that did not help. Maybe Saturday, I will be up to talking/emailing back and forth. This sort of thing drains me and eventually makes me furious which drains me more.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Sweet Potatoes, CVS, Toothpaste

$40 pound box for $11
I bought two--80 lbs for $22.
 Regulars readers know my love for sweet potatoes. For the last few years, I have paid $10 for a 40 pound box, making them $0.25/pound. This year, the 40 pound box cost me $11. No big deal. This year, they went up to $0.27 1/2 cents per pound or $0.28/pound. Look at the produce section and see how much these are through the winter in your area.

About five years ago I met a woman in KFC who has since hired me about six times to write her resume, tailoring it for the government job application she has in front of her. I told her about my sweet potato farmer and prices. For three years she has planned to go with me. She finally did and is thrilled with her one box.

two lipsticks I bought last week.
 I know you don
t need to see the color of my lipstick! The story: why I buy lipstick for $10 at CVS instead of $4.97 at Walmart. CVS has this guarantee for makeup. If you get makeup you don't like, CVS will refund your money. When I buy a new lipstick, I buy it at CVS. From then on, I buy that same color at Walmsrt.

This was the first year in ages that I actually bought makeup other than lipstick. Only once about five years ago did I use the return policy. That return was because the lipstick top kept coming off in my little makeup bag. The manager was annoyed, but I stuck to my guns. I turned right around and bought the same thing again. That action made him furious, and he implied that I was using the guarantee wrongly. The next tube of lipstick top stuck tight and never came off.

$0.07--total cost for all three
I had not restocked toothpaste in ages. Remember, I sent it to three children, dil, and four grandchildren. Plus, I will put one in each of the 20 Christmas child boxes I am filling.

Your turn
What deals have you found lately? Do you ever go to the farm and get your produce from a huge storage area rather than the stand out front? Do you ever buy makeup from CVS to have the return policy available to you? Did you know they had this "satisfaction guarantee" at CVS? Do you ever return makeup there?

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Almost Free at CVS

bronze booster--75% off

Since I got two mascaras marked 75% off and left things there that were marked down, I thought I should go back and get more, using the coupon from the store machine. Well, I procrastinated because I was still drained the next day. Today, when I went back with my $3 coupon on any Physicians Formula product, all the mascara was gone. RATS!

Not to be defeated, I search for other PF makeup that was marked down and could find nothing. But, I was determined, swung back to look again. There it was. The last PF with the green sticker. This is a bronzer in four sections for the four seasons.

It was $14.79. I paid $3.69 and saved $11.10. Using the $3 coupon, I paid the tax on the clearance price At any rate, the price was less than $1. And, I don't have the receipt! Okay, it was not free, but close enough. Found the receipt--paid $3.69 clearance-$3.00 coupon= $0.69+ tax on $3.69,  saved $11.10, actually with coupon, I paid $0.69 + $0.34 tax= $1.03 total

Sooo, one more gift for a bit over $1. Whew, finally got that

And, there were other brands on sale. You might check CVS in your area. The guy told me the 75% sale went off last week. NO, not so. This is a clearance price and it is mixed in with the regular priced items. Last week, it was on an end shelf with other sale-priced items.

I think I will mosey on over to Rite Aid and see what happening there on Monday. I am on a roll here.`

Your turn
Have you checked out CVS lately? Are there any places I should check out for sales on cosmetics? Did you find any good deals this weekend?

Soup's On

chicken, pasta, and vegetables
one quart experiment

After cooking 12 chicken breasts and a chicken in the crockpot last weekend, I decided to make soup. But, I was not making it for me because I did not think I had enough dehydrated vegetables. So, this was for exbf. My whole purpose was to test them by rehydrating. Well it worked. When I dehydrated vegetables for the fair FAIR CONTEST, I had less than 1/2 cup left over in another jar.

I decided to see how far that little bit of vegetables would go in use. So, I took the left over half cup of broth and more broth to make a half cup of broth. Plus, I removed a bit of Delallo rigatoni pasta from the freezer, less than one cup. I used a bit of the chicken fat/broth and flour, cooked in small skillet to thicken the broth in the soup.

Then, I added a handful of dark and light chicken shreds to this and fed it to exbf. The cold chicken breast resisted being pulled apart. The few tastes I had were incredible. He took home a Miracle Whip jar more than half full after of soup. Knowing him, he will take out half, add something and have a lot of "soup" for two meals.

The whole point of making the soup was to try the dehydrated vegetables. They dehydrated easily. I put them in warm broth and put in the refrigerator overnight until I was ready to cook. The rigatoni was cooked in water. I used half cup of that water in the soup.

I basically took leftovers and made a meal--one quart of soup.  I opened nothing new to make the soup. This is not the usual kind of soup I make, so this was an experiment. This is the first soup I have ever made with chicken. It is the first soup I have made without tomatoes or tomato sauce. To me, it reminded me of a Progresso soup, although I have never eaten Progresso. When I finished the soup, it just looked like the pictures on Progresso cans.

Adding another vegetable, a little more meat and it would have been more than a quart of soup. But, I found out what I wanted to know about the dehydrated vegetables. I used the leftover dehydrated vegetables from the pint I used to win. Since this was less than half a cut of mixed vegetables for soup, I will probably use a full half cup of the pint and have four meals from vegetables. Of course, I am not making large batches of soup. This is my first time using all dehydrated vegetables in cooking. YMMV.

Why did I not keep it for myself or at least part of the soup after he had lunch from it? He worked too hard to get my heater uncovered and into the den. So, he got it all to help him out in the cooking department, not that he ever really cooks. Besides, I told him it was just for him.

The results of my experiment: less than one half cup of these dehydrated vegetables would make enough for four small servings or two large servings. Of course, a sandwich alongside would fill the meal out nicely. If I were giving this to my children, I would give them a peanut butter and honey sandwich. But, we never ate soup and sandwich.

Your turn
So you ever dehydrate vegetables to cook later in soup or whatever? Do you make white soup or like me, always use tomatoes or tomato sauce? This was the smallest pot of soup I have ever made. Do you cook huge pots of soup or just small amounts?

Friday, November 14, 2014

CVS Fiasco

my CVS haul
(just noticed sticky on the lipstick)
Okay, sticky all gone.

I had a $5 coupon from the CVS coupon machine that I needed to use by the 12th. I had to buy $15 worth of cosmetics to use the $5 coupon. Then, I received a gift card for $5 because the employee did not ask me if I wanted a flu shot. Recap: I had to buy $15 worth of cosmetics and had $10 to  pay for the $15 worth. Simple, right?

Not the way they play! I got Physicians Formula mascara for my daughter because that is her most important cosmetic. The CVS ad said "buy one and get one 50% off."  Surprise, surprise! It was 75% off. The woman helping me said that, yes, one was 75% off and the other would be 50% off that. My hands are trembling. My oldest daughter loves mascara.

Ordinarily, the two mascaras would have put me almost at the $15 mark. Now, with this deal, I was nowhere near $15. I looked at the add and found that Revlon lipstick had an Extra Buck deal. If I bought two lipsticks, I got $4 extra bucks.  I had to buy two lipsticks. Actually, I was going to buy lipstick at CVS when it went on sale. So, it is not on sale, but it was a good buy. Now, that put me way over. However, the price I paid was shockingly high. I wandered away muttering. My back was killing me.

I leaned against something until I could think. My original $5 coupon from the coupon machine was not on the receipt. But, the $5 card was applied. Are you with me? It is not over.

I did not get my $4 extra bucks nor did the cashier take off the $5 coupon from the coupon machine. The guy at the back assured me he could do it all, fix everything. No, he could not. And, pharmacy customers were stacking up behind me like cord wood. He took 15 minutes to decide he did not know how, or it did not seem possible to fix my problem. He easily got my $4  Extra buck for the lipsticks. Finally, he asked if he could give me a $5 Extra Buck instead of giving me back cash. I was weak and drained and in pain, so I agreed. He looked beaten, defeated.

It's too cold in here to think about getting out the receipt. BUT, I got two Physician's Formula mascaras and two lipsticks for about $8 and have $9 Extra Bucks.  I will keep this going like slugmama does, maybe. At any rate, I have until 12-12-14 to spend them.

Next time, I don't intend to spend money! I am proud of I think the daughter will use this and like it, even though it is not really an ordinary gift. Yes, she is getting it for Christmas. I don't really know what she wants or needs since she has not spoken to me for over a year. sigh  If I don't send her something, she will start talking to me to tell me how horrible that a mother would not give her child a gift at Christmas, all driven by her father.

One day, about a year ago I asked her what she wanted if I could find a good deal. "Mascara!" It's her favorite cosmetic.

Your turn
Has anyone else gotten any deals at CVS this week? What was it? Or, did you get a great deal at RiteAid or Walgreen's? Okay, just tell me what you got anywhere. Is it a Christmas gift?  Slugmama, are you listening to what I did even though it was not perfect?

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

UPDATE: gofundme water and sewer campaign

Okay, I need water in my house, not in the basement. So, as someone, lots of someones suggested, I have a gofundme site right HERE. If I did this wrong, maybe someone will correct me. Any questions?

Yes, I think the water heater was ruined because of water. I hope one will not cost over $200.

Any questions?  I am physically and mentally exhausted.

UPDATE: For some reason, I cannot get back on the site after using it several times last night. No matter how many times I reset the password, it does not work. Maybe it is because I am tired. At any rate, I cannot get there to thank people.


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Vets and Active Duty--Freebies Today

Maybe you can take advantage of THESE opportunites are for today only.  Okay, one place you can pick up a coupon for a free haircut this month.

I wish my mother were still alive to enjoy some of this. She would have loved it.

Wearing Me Down

candle sweater

Before I start sharing, let me show you this. I found this little candle with its own sweater. I was looking at it when a store manager was working on a display. She commented as I was thinking--"cuffs could be used instead of knitting." There is even a seam where this was sewn together. So, it was not knit just to size and for this purpose only. Knitters could whip this up in a short time. As for me, I will just have to look at naked candles.

The plumber was supposed to call me before he got here to turn on the water for a few hours. However, when he called I was dead to the world. The cell phone was one foot from my head and turned on. I awoke 3 hours later, called the plumber to apologize. He told me he turned on the water, a job done at the street. Thank you! Since he passes three blocks from my house, this is not too big an imposition for him, but a great favor to me.

In the last three hours, I have yet to wake up and feel okay. So, only one load of clothes is done and still to be hung up to dry.

I need to empty the dishwasher, reload it, and wash items in the sink. But, there is no energy after two weeks of struggle without water. The mental part is as stressful as the physical part.

Really, I need a Coke with sugar and caffeine to make it back to the land of the living. Since there is no Coke in the house, a few chocolate chips may work. We will see. I need to get up now and shuffle clothes and start more, hang them out, empty the dishwasher, and reload it, plus washing the crockpot again.

(no edit on this post)
Your turn
Have you ever had circumstances wear you down to the bone? Cause you to keep getting ill or cannot recover from an illness?  Can you knit these little candle sweaters? Do you have cuffs or a sweater you can use as a substitute? You must know--I AM in a Christmas kind of mood underneath the weariness.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Perpetual Crockpot Meals

resting in the cold oven
 After the solidly frozen hen cooked for about 22 hours in the crockpot, I felt it was thawed and done. I lacked potable water, so I put a can of chicken broth in the crockpot.

In order to retain the least amount of chicken fat, I have been draining the whole chickens in a colander. Today, a fly buzzed about, so I stuck the whole thing, resting on a plate, in the cold oven. It is colder inside than out. I may make chicken and dressing with this meat. The chickens will flip out over the skin. I will give the hens the bones and skin over four days. There are four full sandwich bags in the refrigerator.

Okay, I took the meat off the hen and am going to make chicken and dumplings. There were four cups of meat. Exbf was moaning over the phone when I told him I would cook it for Friday when he is here. He loves chicken and dumplings.

added six boneless, skinless breasts to hen broth

As you can see, the broth was dark and rich because of the commercial broth and the whole chicken. Since I put in broth, I barely salted and peppered the hen. I left the broth in the crockpot and added six breast, one package of the six I bought on Saturday. I added sage on top and a little in the broth. This chicken will be used for sandwiches, salads, or whatever. With the sage, it will be tasty with dressing. Now, these breasts are in the refrigerator.

The sage bottle had a flip lid, but no little sifter to shake, so I had to carefully pour from the large opening. That's why the sage is in lumps.

Another six breasts in the broth
broken bones, also.
This is the third use of the broth today. This will be done tonight before I go to bed. All these will go into another gallon bag and sit in the refrigerator with the first six. Some will go into the freezer. Whew! I have never cooked so much chicken in one day.

If I had had water today, I would have made the cornbread for the dressing and other dishes. I am going to make soup especially for exbf: chicken, dehydrated vegetables, organic whole grain noodles. I might thicken the broth a bit. So I have the basis of three meals: chicken and dressing, chicken and dumplings, soup. Then, there is all the meat for salads and sandwiches. Plus, I have a turkey in this freezer and two more packages of the breasts for a total of twelve breasts.

This has been a long Sunday of cooking, too long. Cleaning the raw chicken from my hands and then the cooked chicken that is greasy is a chore. I know this chicken cooking marathon is not as great as the marathons udy with a J has going some days.

Your turn
Do you ever have marathon cooking sessions? Tell me about those. Do you like chicken and dumplings? The broken bones will make this a more healthful broth?

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Grocery Deals and How to Wash a Crockpot

4-5.3 oz. Activia yogurts
The 2 gummy things were free in Walmart.
2 half pints whipping cream
$0.75 each
Free Dum Dum at insurance company.
Dum Dum is little round sucker--hard sphere of candy on a stick to lick.
26 pounds of chicken
Boneless, skinless chicken breasts were $2.19 at WM--too high! But, with a price match from a store selling boneless, skinless breast for $1.38, I got a great deal. The original price was $58.36 reduced to 37.56. Okay, there is a Coke in there, but it will just have to stay, not taking it out and redoing the figures. I purchased six packages of chicken breast, but I could only get four in the freezer. So, two are in the refrigerator. Right now, I have a free chicken, whole and frozen, in the crockpot. I will cook the other two packages in the crockpot and freeze them in smaller portions tomorrow or Monday.

Since I have a turkey or two in the freezer, and more chicken, I probably won't buy chicken for six months. Oh, I got two small reduced, very lean steaks at another store for $2 each. I figure The two steaks will make four meals.


I glanced up just in time to see a father kiss his son softly, looking like he adored his child. It did not matter that he kissed him in Walmart and so tenderly. Awww, my heart melted. Later, I saw the guy and commented on his tenderness. I asked him to kiss him again for a picture. He eagerly complied. Now, I will email this picture to the guy. Isn't that sweet?  The child was not pulling back to look at me the first time.
Washing the Crockpot
About a week before the reunion, I cooked chicken in the crockpot. Then, I was feeling awful and trying to get ready to travel. So, the crockpot sat unwashed. When I returned from the reunion on Sunday, I was in the doctor's office on Monday and taking meds. On Tuesday, the water pipe broke and I had no water. That was 13 days ago, plus another ten days before...about 3 weeks sitting unwashed. And, I don't care what you think.
I know the crockpot has been sitting, but that is how things go some days. At least it was not hot weather so the crock did not smell. Today, I got a free hen that would not fit in the freezer and needed the crockpot clean, NOW. I had a brilliant idea. I poured a gallon of the hose water in the crockpot, turned it on and heated water. About two hours later, I returned to find piping hot water, ready to wash the crock. I managed to get the crock into the sink, added a bit of Dawn, and washed it easily.
After the water was turned on for half a day, I did manage to get everything washed in the dishwasher that was in the sink, but there are more things that need to go into the sink because of their size.
When I get the hen out of the crockpot  tomorrow, I will add another gallon of water and wash it again in the same manner. The one thing I have to worry about with this method is to make sure nothing is dribbling down the outside of the crock when I put it back in to cook something. Yes, I have to wrestle the crock, but the crockpot cooking is worth every bit of straining.
It would be so much easier to turn the faucet and get hot water, but this is all I have. I could heat water on the stove, but I would have to carry a pot of water across the room. I could microwave water, but that would take repeated heating of a small amount of water. Heating water in the crockpot may take more energy, but it is safer for me.
Your turn
What deals have you found this week? How much are boneless, skinless chicken breasts where you shop?  If you have a crockpot, do you find that steam condenses and then water droplets get in between the crock and the unit in which it is placed? Then, is it all stained on the metal? 

Saturday, November 8, 2014


Exactly two months ago, I told someone that a church member was talking inappropriately to a group of women and girls in the church. He had announced with a big grin that he loved "dancing" went out every week to a "dance hall." This guy had been playing around, grinning and talking about how he was "in charge." Soon, he was holding court, talking about how he did not drink or do drugs, that he just loved women. He loved dancing with them, just loved women. He was smiling all around with special attention for girls under twelve.

I told the minister that was inappropriate talk to these young girls, that it was inappropriate in church. Actually, I don't care the venue, it was inappropriate. He had assigned all the men to help elsewhere, had kept the women in the kitchen and fellowship hall. So, no man was present. I was the only female who was not grinning ear to ear.

The next month, the guy was in a snit. All the little girls had been removed and not one was around to have him pick at them verbally and flirt. He walked past me in his overalls and declared, "I ain't afraid of nobody!"  He behaved himself.

This month, I gave him the evil eye, the side eye, and made him so uncomfortable that the first time he saw he was getting the evil eye, his smile faded and he swallowed hard. Yes, my daughters and I can practically kill with our evil eye.

He is a plumber. My plumber said it had to be a plumber with the right saw to cut the sewer pipe. He assured me a plumber did it. Now, I wonder if this was in retaliation. If so, this guy will do anything.

So, maybe I am paranoid.

The last plumber before all this trouble was at least 20 years ago, maybe 15. Maybe he did not do it; maybe a helper did. He was re-plumbing the basement and had to hook it up to new pipe for waste in the basement. Maybe the plumber misunderstood his instructions. I do remember his acting strangely at the end of the job, nothing I could put a finger on.

A little girl (9)  in this church always talked to me. I told her to be careful of him, not to fall for his bad sense of humor, not to be alone with him. She was wide-eyed, assured me she would not and then opened up. She told me that a little 6-year-old had said he touched her inappropriately. I managed to not react. She went on and told me the parents told the minister and the plumber said the little girl was lying. They quit coming to the church because he was allowed to come there and no one reported him. Now, they have moved. So, I have to get the ball rolling so he gets what he deserves. No, I don't think locals will pursue this strongly enough.

Still, I have no water...grrr.

Your turn

Do you think I am off about this guy maybe cutting my sewer line? Of course, I cannot accuse him.

I Broke Down

store bought eggs

I have not had an egg since August or the first week of September. Finally, I had had enough. I bought these eggs.
The label on the box has information to entice me to buy these and pretend they are as good as my hens' eggs:
from natural grain fed
free roaming nesting hens
hand gathered
one dozen GRADE A
Large eggs
It all sounds good.


variety of browns
The eggs are all brown, but different shades of brown. Some eggs have speckles or little bumps. I suppose for the appearance of authenticity, the top egg toward the left has poop still on it.
The cost? $3.88...I know I know. But, I have eggs that I am willing to eat. I am very uncomfortable eating eggs from mistreated hens. I know I cannot even take a bite of eggs from tortured hens, hens that have never seen the sky or walked in the grass. Twice, last winter I bought a dozen eggs and could not eat them and threw them out. I have eaten some of these.
Your turn
Do you buy eggs from the store or the farm? What do you pay? Or, do you just eat the eggs in the store with no problem?

Friday, November 7, 2014

My Coke Rewards and Plumbing

Get over to mycokerewards to get a 12-pack for only 30 points. It may be gone now, not sure. I got one, all they allow. Thanks, kizzy!

The plumbers left the water on last night and I did 6 loads of clothes, drying things I really needed to hang. But, I did hang some today and clothes in the house last night. I did two loads of dishes, unloaded one and still have the last one to unload. I washed my hair at 6:30 after a two-hour nap. They dropped by at 8 am to turn it back off. They said they will do this as long as I need and until I can afford to pay. Nice guys!

Yesterday, with water off I baked in a bag 7 boneless chicken breasts, the free potatoes, and carrots that had frozen and the free onion. I may have said this. So, today I am going to get a cheap loaf of whole wheat bread from bread store, and I will have sandwiches and heat the excess vegetables. With a clean sink, I can manage to at least wash some of my dishes and try to keep up. When I came back from reunion, dishes were in the sink because I was feeling awful before reunion and came home really ill.

Do you know how difficult it is to handle chicken with no water? I used my hand sanitizer lots, just hoping I did not get alcohol on the chicken. I used hose water to rinse off the sanitizer. I think I will fire up the grill if I cook multiple chicken breasts when I have no water. It would be easier and more sanitary.

Oh, another thing I did when I had water for a few brief hours was to refill my water from the bathtub, leaving seven gallons just sitting in the tub. Driving around the block and hauling water from the faucet was beyond me because I could not bend and then pick up a gallon of water. If I had something to hang onto, I could. The cane was not enough. I still buy drinking water. His hose is not for potable water. However, we drank from the hose when we were children. My children did, too. sigh

Bathing is hard, but two cups of water, a washcloth and a sliver of soap works for right now. Getting wet all over is such a luxury. First World problem? If I had to do this for long, I would fix a way to shower of sit in two gallons of water!

At the moment, I don't have heat and it has gone below freezing. Sleeping is easy in the cold, but walking around is not fun in here. A friend was supposed to come help me with the heater, but something happened. Oh well.

Go get your Coke rewards or enter some more codes. This has not been edited at all. Good luck reading it.

Your turn
Have you ever been without water in your house and for how long? Did you have a place to go and shower? If you use Coke rewards, did you snag a coupon? I know some of you don't.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Setback on Plumbing! Further Damage

Today, I went to Lowe's to buy this product called Mendit, I think. It was at Lowe's, but I cannot find it on the internet. Supposedly, it will seal up anything. Well, it so happened the plumber was standing near me as I discussed this product.  I asked him if it would work. He said it might. Tonight, his brother said it held a water line, mended, for three years.

They left tonight to give it a chance to set up. When they turned on my water, it still leaked a bit, but not the gusher it was before. THEN, one of the men exclaimed that my sewer line was broken. He climbed up and crawled back where he could see it. and was shocked. "This has been cut with a saw! This is not a break, this is a clean cut." So, I have to have the sewer line that goes under the house repaired. But, the repair takes place in the basement and under the bathroom.

So, who would just cut my sewer line? He said it took someone who knew about plumbing and a special saw that I forgot the name he called it. They were not happy about someone cutting my sewer line. I almost fainted. Really, I did.

Only two plumbers have ever worked in the basement. One was in 1977 and the other was about 1995 when the house was re-plumbed.

They informed me they could see a river under the house. Had I not noticed it running out somewhere? Well, no.

The water is on and leaking, so I can get laundry done, dishes washed, and hair washed. They said they would come by everyday and turn it on and off. These are super nice guys! So, I have slipped back a bit.

I am such a nervous wreck!

Brushing teeth with little water
Never use the gel. It takes lots of water and effort to get it off teeth, toothbrush, and mouth. I stopped using the gel and went to get another tube so I could brush with less water. What did I do? I opened another tube of gel. grrrr I just want the white stuff. If you are stockpiling toothpaste, the gel sticks to everything and is sticky, whereas, the white paste can be cleaned more easily, wiped off when wet or licked off fingers. Gel is impossible. I would have to drool on my fingers and keeping wiping and drooling to get the gel off.

That was the one lesson I learned.

So, that is where I am for those who asked for an update--further behind. I will spend many hours tonight washing and drying clothes and washing dishes and cleaning up sink and counters and the bathroom. At least I can fill my jugs for tomorrow without water after they come by and turn it off again and it will stay off for a week again! .

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Deals, Steals, Low Prices

Still no pictures.

Two weeks ago, I found half gallon cartons of Minute Maid orange juice for $1.79. I got three. They were right at the best by date. So far, they are fine and I still have one left.

Also, eight ounce Kraft Chunk Cheese was $1.75. I only got one because I did not have much money, AND I thought it would come around at a better price. Consequently, I have eaten much less cheese, a good thing.

Tonight, I went to CVS, looking for the Natrol melatonin and had to order it. As I went to the front, I picked up the 3 Kleenex with $1 off with the coupon from the machine. I noticed a sign on the register that said if the clerk does not ask you about getting a flu shot, you get a $5 gift card. As I went through the door, I remembered the sign and went back in claimed my $5 CVS gift card. Yay me!

The CVS coupon machine spit out a coupon for $5 off $15 worth of different make ups, lipsticks, and nail polish. Sooo, with the $5 gift card, I can get a deal on red nail polish. I know I won a ton of nail polish, but none was a Christmas red. I will look for coupons and maybe get stuff for Christmas gifts, too.

I found a card on the counter as I bought gas, a card for a handyman. He sounds cocky and expensive, but he is coming here are 9 am. The guy I called this afternoon had not called me back...sigh.

For chest congestion I take Mucinex but a generic brand. It appears Walmart has quit carrying it. I don't get Mucinex or generic with anything but guaifenesin. That may be spelled wrong. I need relief from congestion not something for sinus problems or a fever. I like one-ingredient meds. I can take a Tylenol if I have a fever, but why take it if I don't need it?

WM Mucinex is too expensive. Generic 88 cent bottle contains 15 tablets. Exbf went to WM in Birmingham tonight to find the generic. He paid over $8 for 40 tablet Mucinex, not generic. I had told him about the 15 tab for 88 cent bottle just before he left, but he did not remember me telling him that and got the expensive brand name...???  It was nice of him because he knows how I suffer from chest congestion. When I reminded him of the price here, he yelled, "I am taking that back!"

A guy in WM told me he got his generic Mucinex at Dollar General. I stopped there. It was $4 for 20 or 30 tablets, still too much. So, I have two bottles of 15 tabs for $.88. (30 tabs for $1.76)  I take this stuff year round, so I will still search for the best deal since WM no longer carries the large bottle of generic.

Your turn
What deals have you found? Will you drink oj past its best by or sell by date? Do you take Mucinex? Use generic? Have you been to CVS to allow them to forget to ask you about a flu shot? Did you get a $5 gift card?

No-Show Plumber

The guy who was going to charge $800 is now a no-show/no-call. Sooo, the quest for cheap starts again! Three churches are researching what they can do which, of course, will be nothing. And, I have a bad wheel-bearing which is getting worse by the mile. This is wearing on me!

A Shower, Free Food, No Camera

For some reason Kodak EasyShare is not working. So, this post will be picture-free.

On Monday, I had something to do in Huntsville, so I took the opportunity to go to Charlie's house and do laundry. I only did two partial loads. I really wanted to take the two loads of pants and give each load just a vinegar rinse in a half -tub of water. But, he said that was not possible on a front-loader. He said I could not do a rinse only and I could not lower the water level because it only uses a gallon of water. I don't believe that I cannot do a rinse only, but I was too tired to argue. Plus, the controls were below my waist and hard to see.

We went in the back door, which is downstairs. I stopped at the half-bath and he asked me what I was doing.  Going to color my hair down here. He just looked at I knew better than to ask beforehand. He would have lectured me on not ruining his house. I put a load of pants in the machine and colored my hair. I had to wait 25 minutes for the color to take, so when the first load was done, I put the second load in and rinsed my hair. Coordinating it all worked out just right.

Then, upstairs we had an argument. He said if I used the main bath, I had to clean the tub and shower. He thought at first I was going to sit in the tub and tried to make me take a tub bath. He forgot I cannot get out of the tub and also cannot bend to scrub the thing! However, his tub has a leak at the wall at the side. Soooo, he came in his bathroom and lectured me on how to take a shower...ugh. He adjusted the water and adjust the sprayer so it would hit the curtain and not the wall. Yes, I was fully dressed. Even though I had not been in water since Saturday, a week ago, I took a short shower because my back was hurting. 

He said he would know if I got water on the back wall of the shower, the long side of the tub, because it would rain in the garage downstairs. He congratulated me on doing it right because he went back downstairs to check the garage...ugh. I was clean and had freshly colored and washed hair. I felt human. He had to carry the laundry in the house because it was too heavy. Then, he put it in my car. I was not meant to be a gypsy. (Oh, I took my own wash cloth and towels.)

While I was in Huntsville, I got a few freebies:

5 lbs potatoes
8 freshly picked apples
4 lemons
2 limes
3 green tomatoes
4 1-lb packages of roasted peanuts
1 Spring Mix salad
1 package of washed Romaine
1 huge squash
1 gorgeous, huge red pepper
2 onions
pico de gallo hummus

I was exhausted when I got home about 9 pm, hung the gray pants on the clothes line at 2 am, and the black pants inside. Putting away food was exhausting, but bringing in 6 gallons of water was the worst on my back, and shoulders.

More on the no-water situation in next post.

Now, I have lots of dehydrating to do. When exbf comes on Friday, I plan to have lunch and dinner cooked on Thursday, using lots of the food above. When I cook after he gets here, we tend to end up getting a hamburger and his having to stay too late for me to get all done, especially if I am doing something with him, something that requires my presence.

Your turn
What kind of food freebies have you gotten lately?

Monday, November 3, 2014

I Want This Dress!

I want this dress and this body!
That is all I have to say, except I did have this body once upon a time before I was forty and injured. 

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Tony's Porch

my friend Tony's house
around the block
Tony has exquisite taste! I will just let you enjoy the pictures. When he finishes painting his house, the porch floor will be painted.








His porch makes me want to go and buy shades of turquoise and orange. I commented on the pumpkins. They are not real. However, he did buy them on sale and uses them each year. I love driving by his house.

Your turn
Have you ever decorated with these colors? How these colors suit you? Do you like to decorate your porch? What colors do you use on your porch? Is anyone going to pin this?