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Monday, July 31, 2017

Eclipse Glasses--Found

After looking on the internet and calling around, I finally found glasses for viewing the eclipse at Lowe's for $1.98. So, that's done. I feared I would not find any locally and be forced to order from the internet and then not be sure they would arrive in time.

These are made in the USA, not China, thankfully. The glasses meet ISO standards. Well, it says so on the glasses.

I held them up to look through them and could not see anything, not even light. I've yet to hold them to the sun....maybe later today.

This is the most important thing I had to think and worry about. Now, I am keeping my fingers crossed there will be no clouds. Plus, I am nervous about the crowds, actually the drunks and crazies that might be out that day.

Your turn
Are you going to see the total eclipse anywhere? Got your glasses? Got a plan?

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Cheese Clearance

Remember the clearance CRACKERS at Publix? Well, I found cheese on sale at Publix to go with the crackers. This is all in preparation for the eclipse road trip. Of course, I will eat one of the two packages and save the other package of cheese sticks for the trip.

The cheese, 10 sticks, 7.5 ounces, was 2/$4. Kraft Chunk cheese is the same price when the Kraft is reduced. I should have gotten more, but I am not a fan of sharp cheddar or white cheese. I can tolerate it.

The same type cheese in WM is twice the $2/pkg, selling for about $4 So, my savings was about 50% on the cheese.

I found this in the dairy section at Publix after I saw a customer buying it along with Honest products. If she had not had the Honest juice, I would never have noticed her other items on the belt at the register.

This clearance area is a new discovery for me. The clearance area at the front was the only clearance area in Publix I knew of until today. Maybe I need to ask if there are other clearance areas in Publix.

There is a man who always speaks to me and reminds me who he is. He always shakes my hand. It seems I was a substitute when his child was in class several times. This man always thanks me for being nice to his son. Today, he spoke at Publix and said really nice things about me in front of several employees. I can handle that.  I tried to be nice to students when I was a substitute.

Your turn
Do you ever find a regular shelf for clearance on dairy? Who loves cheese and crackers, especially when both are on sale? Maybe you are like me, a cheese lover?

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Staying Cool

When my younger daughter, youngest child, was thirteen-years-old, we were attending the craft show during the Helen Keller Festival, a stop on the way to Memphis. The weather was hotter than it is now, upper 90s. We were so hot and thirsty as we walked. Soon, we saw a snow cone stand and walked slowly to get one. I convinced her to get just ice then get a flavored snow cone later. I did not want either of us to get sick from so much sugar while over-heated. Later, we got the flavored snow cone.  It was a long time ago and we carried no water.

Last week, while I was at Walmart, I saw a Popsicle maker, an eight-holer, reduced to a quarter. After washing it, I filled it with water. Ice with a handle is very cooling. I don't have to roll it around in my mouth, chancing choking on it, chew on it, or let some flavored, colored concoction dribble down my chin.

I don't know what I would do without ice. Upton Sinclair wrote The Jungle, a novel I would highly recommend. I will spoil just one part about ice. The street gutters had toilet refuse in them which all ran to a lake. Men cut ice from this lake and stored it in ice houses for the wealthy to purchase in summer.

Want some of that ice in your tea?

Social reform regarding the treatment of immigrants was what Dreiser desired to happen. However, his account of the meat packing house so appalled President Theodore Roosevelt that the 1906 Pure Food and Drug Act was the result of the book's descriptions.

Okay, I got away from ice. Now, I am doubting the lake where ice was harvested was in The Jungle. Oh, well.  No, it is the next day, and I was correct about the novel.

I love banana Popsicles, so I am going to see about banana flavor for my homemade Popsicles. I can put bananas and oj in the icicle maker, too.

If you have ever rubbed an ice cube on your body to stay cool, this little handled ice cube will work. I know I have rubbed an ice cube on my face, neck, and chest to cool off. Have you?

Your turn
How much does ice figure in your keeping cool? Shall we count ac as ice since it can by icy? Have you ever put plain water in your Popsicle mold? Eaten a plain snow cone without flavored syrup all in the name of cooling off? Have you read The Jungle?

Friday, July 28, 2017

"I Found a Rock"

People in Walmart heard me as I gasped with surprise while saying this. Then, I had to explain about painting on rocks from Lorraine's blog. The other day, I found a rock painting site on the internet for this town. Sooo, now I have a painted rock.

It is only about 1 1/2 inches long. about the size of my first joint on my thumb. I think a child painted this little rock. Maybe it was a non-painter adult. This was such a surprise to find on a shelf in Walmart!

I cannot post a picture, but some day, I will.

Your turn
Do you paint rocks? Have you heard of this popular activity with many websites for the painters. Have you ever found a painted rock? Where? Do I need to post this so the child will know it was found and appreciated?

Thursday, July 27, 2017

New Free Dinner

I will go back. The food was quite good, but I needed to use the salt shaker on my mashed potatoes, boiled and mashed with the skin kind of potatoes.

They served pork, bbq sauce on top, baked beans, mashed potatoes, roll, ice cream, brownie. I did not eat the baked beans or half my potatoes. The baked beans, mashed potatoes, and part of the roll along with oats from home was for Dominique.

The company was excellent. A couple who were retired from a school system in MO sat with me along with J and her bf. J did not come with me, but just happened to see me.

This dinner happens every Thursday night at some sort of center where they help people with GED, resumes, drug rehab, and such. One young woman from rehab sat and talked with me for a while before people came in. When parents are allowing a young girl to be molested for years and blame it on her, and she is finally raped by two men, how do these young people have any chance for a normal life? She said she is off meth and heroin but not strong enough, so she went to rehab, on her own...she said.

I tried to encourage her to be strong. She said she rejected men because of their mistreatment since she was three-years-old and turned to women, but she knew that was not what she wanted. She is only 24-years-old, and a very sweet, well-spoken person, not hardened like I would expect from her history.

This is working. Going places that are free and talking to her and the very well-educated couple pulls me from TV and the Internet! My mind needs this.

It is so hot I am just dying and it is after 8 pm. Friday night, it should be in the high 50s, so I am looking forward to sleeping well that night.

Your turn
Do you find yourself in need of entertainment that is not TV or internet? Anyone still suffering from the heat still? Do you ever talk to people who are or were addicts and marvel at the evil in their worlds? Are you thankful you were never on the same path and had parents who believed you, protected you, and were not addicts themselves?

Wednesday Leftovers From Tuesday

Since I brought a to go box from the Tuesday free lunch, I had that lunch for Wednesday.  It was delicious without the sour cream.

Dinner on Wednesday was two slices of Texas toast with the leftover Tuesday night dinner--BBQ chicken and leftover slaw on top. Texas toast on top made a delicious sandwich. I was grateful not to have to cook at all today.

Lunch and dinner for two days for two people cost me less than $2. That is about $0.50 for each of those four meals. I can deal with this type of frugality. Last week, I only bought two half-gallons of milk, bananas, and tri-color slaw mix. I made a list and never used it. Neither of these two items were on sale, had a coupon, or were reduced! Still, that was less than $10 for groceries in one week. From that $10 purchase, there is still more than one-half gallon of milk and about 1/3 of the slaw mix.

I needed the oven on for about two minutes on Wednesday night and three hours later realized it was still on. At that point I could no longer feel the ac at all. My body was wet with sweat even though I was lying still and right near the ac.

The sale papers for grocery ads came today. I look it over and make a list at next look-through. There is a community dinner on Thursday, so I suppose I will go. Why not?

Your turn
Have you found any good sales this week?  What leftovers have been on your menu lately?

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Comments ???

Some days on some blogs, I cannot access and use the comments part of the blog. Yesterday and today, it was and is impossible to respond to Nan's comment. It drives me crazy. On other blogs I cannot get the comment section to come up. Drives me crazy! I think I spent about an hour trying to respond to her comment. Finally, I typed one four-letter word that took me five minutes to type. I was just exhausted when I finished.

That is the most often and consistent problem with my blog and other blogs. Does this happen to anyone else?

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Free Lunch and A Surprise

Lunch today was a huge bed of lettuce with taco sauce and meat on it. I did not have meat. Black beans, diced tomatoes, shredded cheese, and sour cream were on top of that along with a seasoned sauce on top which I did not have. I gave my chips to exbf. I had two tiny pieces of cake and unsweetened iced tea.

You know I brought home leftovers for Dominique. Plus, I brought home a go box for me. Sounds like lunch tomorrow.

Last night, I went to Publix to get milk so I would have enough to last until the first of the month. Since I had bought something that was so not edible, spoiled, I stopped by the customer service desk. Then, I wandered off and talked to another customer for an hour. When I returned to the customer service desk, she thought I had left the store. She gave me my refund on a gift card.

Then, she said brightly, "And, I have something else for you." Maybe they give a doughnut to customers who have to return something? I looked, and she had a wheel cover which shocked me. It was old and dirty! Then, I realized it was mine. She said the cart pusher saw it roll away and chased me the last time I was there. I was thrilled beyond belief.

Wheel covers are so expensive. I had just about resigned myself that I would just do without. This is a two-piece wheel cover, the kind that has a center that comes out.

So, they knew who was in the car and knew me. So, money saved and a free lunch works for me. Tonight, we are having the BBQ chicken and coleslaw and corn frozen by me.

Exbf just left. The BBQ chicken was wonderful, something prepared and sold in package, reduced to a price I could not refuse. I made the slaw and put in the same amount of salt as I put in sugar. So, it was disgusting. I added more slaw mix and Miracle Whip. He said it was wonderful, but it was still too salty for my taste. You are not supposed to taste the salt in slaw! He likes the taste of salt. I forgot to thaw the corn...sigh.

I went to the lunch with nails on only one hand polished! I have never done that before. I have started only doing one hand and letting it dry thoroughly so I can use the other hand. This ploy usually works, but the lack of sleep had me bumfuzzled.

Your turn
How have you managed to eat lately without heating up your kitchen? Any free lunches in your life? Do you often/ever loose wheel covers? Have you had good luck with retrieving them? Lose your gas cap ever? Do something silly like forgetting to polish nails on one hand? Go ahead, make my day by making me feel like not such a ditz!

Monday, July 24, 2017

The Heat!

The heat is so oppressive, that I cannot keep it cool enough indoors. Consequently, my chest hurts from the effects of breathing in this atmosphere. My small window ac is failing. It is trying hard, but it is old!

It is too hot to cook more chicken, even in the crockpot. In the freezer is bbq chicken, waiting to heat tomorrow. I will make coleslaw and thaw corn I cut from the cob when I got Peaches and Cream corn last week. Exbf is coming tomorrow; we will go to free lunch; I will go to the doctor to learn results of a test. So, cooking dinner is the last thing I want to do!

Thankfully, I have a low-maintenance pet. Dominique does not require much.  She does not seem to suffer from the heat like all my other chickens. I never see her panting or letting her wings hang to cool her body.

I finished a post and with one keystroke wiped out two-thirds of it. I just have not felt up to finishing it. Losing a post just demoralizes me!

Okay, several goals today: find an inhaler, buy milk, get refund at WM, color my hair, feed Dominique. Maybe, I can do dishes. I will make tuna salad and eat with whatever greens are in the refrigerator.

What are you doing today? Are you doing it in oppressive heat?

Saturday, July 22, 2017

JoJo proves Santa is not real

This is the cutest little girl whose father posts VIDEOS of her conversations and explanations. She is cuter than cat videos. I apologize ahead of time for wasting hours of your time. Her is another--you do not understand weddings at all. What do you think about her?

Friday, July 21, 2017


A card came in the mail informing me my share of a class action suit had been mailed. ??? I know nothing of this class action and would not join. As far as I know, one must join the class action suit. At least that is what the information says that comes in the mail often.

Well, if they mailed me a check for $113.98, I really want it.  I don't even know what the case is about. However, the check is from a well-known entity.

I did call the telephone number on the card. Even though most checks are good for 90 days, this one is only good for 60 days. What is with that?

Have you ever joined a class-action suit? Get any money?

I could really use this money!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Problems Solved

This summer, I have been stymied by where all the mosquitoes were coming into the house. Today, while holding for a call, my eyes sort of glazed over and I stared into the distance. I focused and saw it--the window was open over a half inch! And, that screen does not fit well unless I push it on tightly. I don't remember opening the window, so it must have been Spring when a breeze inside would not be humid and mosquito- and fly-filled.

That could also explain why it has seemed like the ac was not cooling or removing humidity! GAH!

The LED light on the back porch solved another problem--all the bugs drawn to light that come indoors when I open the door at night as I come or go are mostly a thing of the past. At first, I did not notice the lack of hundreds of flying insects. Then, one night, I wondered where all the bugs were. Since this light stays on all the time, I know I am saving money, too.

There are also fewer insects attracted to the lamp nearest me. Thank you, LED. With the window open and the screen so loose, more insects than normal came in.

I found LED lights for about $2 at Lowe's and bought a few.

Have you tried LED lights and noticed fewer insects are drawn to them at outdoor light fixtures?

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Free Lunch and Another Tragedy

The free lunch was a summer treat--hotdogs and hamburgers cooked outdoors on the grill, lettuce, tomato, baked beans. A table had condiments. I only had mustard. Plus, I had lots of lettuce and tomato. Another table had tiny chip packages and cookies.

A woman sat at the table with me, a new acquaintance, and I got to know her better. Great conversation! Then, Reggie, son of John's cousin,  came and sat and talked. He is very funny, so the company today was great. I have known him since 1981.

I ate at 11:30. As I was leaving about 12:30, a woman I know offered me some leftover hotdogs. So, I took them. I just now ate one and a tiny package of chips. My ears are hurting so bad! Plus, I feel breathless.  I will freeze the rest. My ears and breathlessness are a great indicator of my allergies!

Dominique will get the baked beans, corn cobs, oats, and a small piece of lettuce. They wrapped a hotdog that had been dropped on the ground, telling me I could give it to my dog. They were surprised I had a chicken. She enjoyed her lunch.

Plus, I asked for a take-home lunch. Somehow, they gave me two. So, I have two hotdogs and buns, two hamburgers and buns, two tiny bags of chips, two sets of utensils and napkins, two more bags of cookies. I froze the hamburgers in one bag and hotdogs in another bag. The baked beans will be saved in another dish. I have sooo many little catsup packets.

I planned to have a hotdog and salad for dinner, but it turns out I have a meeting where the munchies will be healthy and can be my dinner. Good deal on Tuesday!


Last night, I heard that someone in our County was killed and killed in a home invasion at 5 pm. Someone in the home, also attacked, fought the invader and killed him. Plus, someone said the intruder was shot and killed, and someone said he was not shot but killed another way. Then, I heard his wife was attacked and she killed the intruder in a fight for her life.  Then, I heard that his wife was injured; another said just traumatized and in the hospital.

Steve Griffith was an attorney, not one I ever used, just a friend from so long ago and saw often over the years. The last time I saw him, he and I were buying sweet potatoes from a farmer, 40 lb. boxes at a time. I have never heard one bad thing about this man, not even grumbling or complaining.

He is a person I have known since 1974. My son and his son were in the same grade and in the same classroom when my son was in third grade.  His daughter was around the age of my older daughter. His wife and I talked at school. She is such a nice woman! I have not seen her in years, or just did not recognize

The man's name was given. Supposedly, he was mentally ill and obsessed over this attorney as one who did something to him when he was stopped for drugs. However, the attorney never represented anyone or had anything to do with the case. Well, that is what is said by many people.

Reggie told me the name as I was eating. Before that moment, I had no idea who was killed. That was a jolt to hear! Did you ever feel like there was a loud explosion in your head when hearing bad news like this? So, lunch, great company, and bad news!

The six o'clock news and a new conference here did not clear up anything I had heard and did not say how or who killed the intruder. ???

The man did not force his way into the house. He knocked on the door, mentioned a woman's name, someone they knew. Steve was sitting in the recliner as Jackie let the man in. He walked over to Steve who was sitting in his recliner, putting a bullet into the back of Steve's head. The news will come out in dribs and drabs.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Rubik's Cube

Magic Rubiks Speed ABS 3X3X3 Professional Cube Rubix Twist  Puzzle Game Kids Toy

Did you ever have a Rubik's Cube? My children did and tried very hard to solve it. I had so many things to do, I never sat still with it long enough to give it a good shot. It looked impossible to me.

Today, I found directions, a video, to show how to do it. I am still not sure I can do it with explicit directions.

Did you ever solve the Rubik's Cube? Did you ever try to solve it? It gives me a headache just watching the video. I am going to acquire a new skill. I received my first 15 square puzzle when I was a small child and mastered that. This will probably be much harder!

Here is the VIDEO.  I found the video HERE.  Who would have guessed there would be a Rubik's Cube blog? Not I. Look HERE for the history of the Rubik's Cube.

What's your experience with Rubik's Cube? Thoughts?

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Cherry Pitter Hack

Everything that commenters said about the messy job of pitting cherries made me think. And think. And think.

I used:
coffee cup
hard straw
thimble or something to push with

I used a coffee cup and put the funnel in it. The funnel has a lower opening of approximately one-half inch. If the end of the funnel is larger, you will just shove the cherry through. So, make sure the end of the funnel is wide enough for pit and straw to go through. It should be small enough so the cherry cannot be pushed through the small end of the funnel.

A straw that is one of the really sturdy reusable ones, but without the large diameter works. If you get a straw with a large diameter, the seed goes into the straw. Getting the seed out of the straw is not fun and slows down the process.

There are two straws that work. One is the Pioneer Woman set of 12 straws. It was only $3 for the package, way more than I wanted to pay. But, they are the correct diameter. I found them at Walmart.

The other straw that works is one on a pineapple-shaped jar. The pineapple jar has a metal lid and green pineapple "leaves" on top with a hole for the straw through the lid and green top. These were $3+ but I got one for $0.75. Now, they are back up to the regular price at Walmart.

It is possible these very rigid straws are in another store. Maybe Sluggy can find them in Rite Aid. When I was looking in WM today, one of the tough straws in the pineapple jar was broken as though it were made of glass. The Pioneer Woman straws are not that brittle.

I put the funnel in the cup and the cherry in the funnel. (First, pull off the stem.) I just shoved the straw through the cherry. The pit was in the cup as opposed to in the straw. Success!

Use a thimble or something over the top end of the straw to avoid trying to clutch the straw and shoving the straw into your hand.  You can put anything over the top of the straw to cushion it, even a freshly laundered potholder. Alternately, you can wrap the straw with anything and tape it to make the top of the straw a sturdy handle, sort of like an ice pick handle or a screwdriver handle.

The funnel I am using was $1 at WM. They no longer have these at my WM. Today, WM had a set of four silicone funnels for $6. A collapsible funnel was about $5. This funnel is not one of my canning funnels.

Since I heard of the horrid mess pitting cherries can make, at first, I was dodging the juice that never was shooting all over. I checked my blouse, my counters, the cherry juice.

If I get too clumsy doing this and cannot hold the cup after I get tired or just get clumsy and knock it over, I have a plan. I have a small mixing bowl that I will lay an unfolded dishtowel over. Then, I will put the cup into the bowl squashing down the dishtowel into the mixing bowl. The cup will be more steady.

I know people put my ideas and pictures on Pinterest, and that's okay. If you put this idea up, even if you do the setup and take pictures, just give me credit for the idea, please.

Plus, there is one blogger who puts my ideas on her Facebook page as her own ideas. She never even says she saw the idea somewhere. She takes full credit. She never has had an original thought in ten years. You know who you are. I will do everything in my power to expose you. You know I mean it! I have been badgered by you for ten years. NO MORE! Sluggy knows who I mean.

Sorry for the last folks, but police matters must be explained. Remember how professors explained the rules in terms of "police matters"?

Okey dokey! Linda, take a deep breath.....

I cannot use my right hand, so this may take a long time to pit all these cherries. Oh, I type lightly, but driving or picking up anything hurts my hand. Besides, I don't type much at all. Sometimes, I just stop using both hands and type with my left index finger...sigh.

Your turn
Even though this works, do you have doubts or questions?  If you try this, let me know how it works for you even if it is a failure.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Coffee Freebie Small Economy And A Fail

As I listened daily to WIAT television station, I kept hearing about a giveaway. Finally, on their website I filled out a form to enter, and a month or so later received a package in the mail. They sent me a huge coffee mug and a one-pound package of Royal Cup Fancy Gourmet Coffee. I don't believe I have ever heard of this coffee before. Have you? At any rate, Exbf will love free coffee.

If you remember or don't, last year my name was drawn at another television station and I received a free umbrella. The year before I won a weather radio from another radio station.

For the price of an email, these are great deals. As small economies go, these are worth more than cents.  He will always drink coffee and I always need an umbrella! These are both consumable. Well, the way I eat umbrellas, it is a consumable--handy, too. From a TV station I also won a handy weather radio, not consumable.

Another small economy blew up. The deal at Burger King was a free cup of coffee with an AARP card. Then, when exbf had a card to use, they discontinued the deal. Boo! He gets a cup of coffee every time he leaves here. I never knew this and felt horrible.

Your turn
Have you ever heard of Royal Cup Coffee? What small economy has happened at your place? Have you won useful items, small or large?

Thursday, July 13, 2017

The Way it Starts

It seems that it always starts, "I didn't get enough sleep." Three hours won't work for me. But, nevertheless, I accomplished things.

The doctor's appointment at 9:40 kept me up. Thankfully, it is only a few blocks from me. I now have an appointment for an endoscopy and colonoscopy scheduled...whoopee! Unfortunately, it is on the day of one of the lunches. The last time I had a lunch with colonoscopy afterwards, I sat with my lunch box and watched people eat. Amazingly, I was just fine. The lunch came in with me and as soon as the anesthesia wore off, I started eating, much to the chagrin of the nurses who declared I would throw up. I never throw up after anesthesia!

I went to WM and picked up meds for this month. The car was so hot on the way, even with ac on that my hair was wet strings by the time I got there. The ac in the store felt good. I want to live there.

Then, at Publix I bought a2milk, had a sample of soup from the deli and part of the food cooked right there on the floor. It is the first thing I have not like. The salmon tasted foul; the dressing was not good: coleslaw was not to my liking.

J and I came back home after I took her some place she needed to go. I managed to schedule and MRI for my head once I found what day exbf has off next week.

By this time it is after 4 pm. and I am exhausted. The garage could put in the sway bar, so I went there. On the way home on the highway, I hit a traffic jam. We just sat still for ten minutes.

It has finally rained and cooled off a bit. I am going to sleep. This place is more of a wreck than usual, and I don't care! It is 7 pm and I have been awake since 2:30 this morning. I feel grumpy like I need a nap.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Grocery Clearance Haul and Pain Relief

Sunday afternoon, I went to Publix for my a2milk. As usual, I wandered around the clearance rack, and there I found Nabisco Red Oval Farms Stoned Wheat Thins, imported from Canada. The 10.6 oz. box was reduced to $1 from its original price of over $3. I bought two boxes.

When I arrived home, I ate one cracker to see if the wheat made me itch or made my throat start to close (ears hurt). Nothing happened, so I ate another. When nothing happened after two crackers, I ate about four more just to make sure, before I bought more. Okay, I declared them semi-safe for me to eat.

Early Monday morning, I had exbf take me back where I cleaned out their clearance rack of these crackers--11 more boxes for a total of 13 boxes. I saved 70% by purchasing these.

They are a rather large cracker, about 3"x 3", sort of bland, not spicy or salty at all, no trans fat or saturated fat, low in sodium unless you eat too many.

I sent a box with exbf and will store the rest where I am quite sure they will last until their best buy date, some the end of September and some until the end of Nov. I wonder what happened to October best by dates. ???  With 21 crackers in each box, these can be consumed in quantities that will not be fattening.  When there are so few crackers in a box, I eat fewer. The taste and texture remind me of Water Crackers. They will be great to eat with tuna salad.

More will be sent back with exbf. He ate a few on the way back home Monday and declared them good. I just now (Wednesday) stored most of them in a bin with an airtight seal. Hopefully, this will help keep them a bit fresher for the duration.

You can see the ingredients Here.


Monday night I was in such pain I could not sleep since I was running on one hour's sleep and had sat too long on the trip to and from Birmingham. Since I take nothing for pain, it was a long night. Finally, I got up and ate half the package of Brussel's sprouts that was left. There were about 10 or 11 sprouts. After 7 sprouts, the pain abated. On Tuesday I looked it up on the internet, and the Brussel's sprouts and other cruciferous vegetables reduce inflammation. Good deal!

Tuesday night/Wednesday morning, I was in pain and could not sleep. So, I got up and ate ten chocolate chips very slowly. Pain abated again. Exbf laughed and told me to go for vegetables over chocolate next time. Well, I had no more Brussel's sprouts cooked.

I prefer food over pain meds any day. Have you found certain foods reduce your pain? My pain was so intense that the level of pain did not allow me to rest at all.

Have you ever tried these crackers? Do you like Water Crackers? Do you shop the reduced or clearance bins at your stores? What is your best deal, so good you bought many of the clearance/reduced item?

Do some foods help reduce pain for you?

Is There a Manic Tuesday?

Tuesday started way too early. Considering I managed Monday on 2 hours sleep, I thought I could get more Monday night. Not to be. So, I started Tuesday with almost four hours sleep. Oh, yeah, that will do for me. NOT.

I had an appointment at 9 am and awoke at 8:15 and left here clean and with a banana and milk and watermelon in me. By 10 am I was on my way home. Since there was one of the free church lunches, I sat here and waited so I would not get there too early. I arrived a few minutes before 11:30.

Imagine my surprise to find the place full and a speaker finishing his talk. This was embarrassing. Then, we got in line for the meal.

Lunch was the largest slab of chicken breast, cut or pounded to make it the same thickness. The thinnest part of the breast was 1/2 inch thick with a tiny thicker portion. The baked breast was on a bun, side of slaw, side of fruit. On the condiment table I only had eyes for the leaf lettuce and tomatoes, two huge leaves, and two slices of lettuce were all  took. I chose a slab of chocolate cake and a Coke.

The fruit bowl had red grapes, cantaloupe and one piece of watermelon. Since I hate cantaloupe and highly dislike red grapes, I saved those for Dominique plus the top of my hamburger bun. I scraped the icing off the cake and left the cake, eating the part I liked--the CHOCOLATE icing. Then, I went back and got two more lettuce leaves and two tomato slices.

With the Brussels sprouts I ate about 4 am, I figure I have a good portion of vegetables and fruit for the day. Since it is now 12:30 am on Wednesday, I will not eat more.

Once again, real utensils, real plate and glass.

A friend gave me slaw, chicken, and a portion of lettuce and tomato for Dominique, so added to my fruit and top of bun, she had a good lunch.

THEN, I was told at the pharmacy that today is Dress Like a Cow Day at Chic-fil-A. I called J and told her when she got home to come to my house in black pants and black shirt, that I had a surprise for her.

She thought it was great fun. I cut "spots" from a 42-year-old diaper, the only whiter rag I could find, and we taped them on our clothes. She laughed the whole time and said this was fun. We came back here where I collapsed from overeating chicken, and she mowed the front yard. Afterwards, I slept from 5 pm until 10:30 pm. And, I am still exhausted.

It would have been nice if the lunch and Cow Appreciation Day had happened on two different days, I am certainly not complaining.

At 7/11 they were giving away free frosted drinks, whatever they are called. By the way 7/11 is a gas station with lots of other things for sale, including their famous Slurpee. That is a frozen drink. I am thinking maybe there are people who have never heard of 7/11. Charlie said there are none in Alabama. That cannot be right!

Oh, yeah, I shopped for my birthday present.   I have my eye on a Cuisinart ice cream maker. It needs no ice or salt. I mainly want it for making frozen treats from fruit and the milk that does not upset my constitution.

Today was a full and filling day.

Your turn
Have you ever gone to Dress Like a Cow Day to get a free chicken sandwich? Do you ever have free eating occasions that come too close together? Has anyone owned, used the Cuisinart ice cream freezer, 1.5 quarts? Is the product good?

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

TODAY Dress Like a Cow for Free Chik-fil-A

Go on down with a few spots on your clothes and get a free chicken sandwich.

I have done this for about five years. Today is the day even though they did not advertise on the store! It is on Instagram and facebook.

See you there?

Corn and Neurologist

As I was preparing all the corn, all twelve ears given to me, I was pleasantly surprised at the quality. The first five ears were perfection. They were full and free of blemishes. I have never seen an ear of corn that was as perfect as these. They even had one little kernel of corn on the end and a thick  "thread" attached.

The very next ear of corn had a worm. Well, that worm went to Dominique along with three inches of the end of the ear of corn.

The next two were not keepers. Only a tenth of the kernels were present, and those were small and dried up looking. Those went into a bag for Dominique on Monday. She was be in ecstasy.

The last ears were smaller but full and perfectly formed with just a bit of the end that needed to be removed. Even these smaller ears were larger than what I have bought in the store for the last few years.

I bought corn from the Farmer's Market one year. Every ear was so blemished that only half an ear here and there was edible. Worms and rotten places were abundant. I really hated to take them back to a farmer who worked so hard.

It's not that I am lazy, but after that I only bought the ears already to eat, no shuck, just the ears on a tray and under plastic. At least the ears had been inspected before I purchased them. I did try purchasing ears in the store and shucking them myself, but the quality was iffy there, too.

Exbf loves corn. He got two of the ears, broken in half and cooked to take home. Tonight his meal will be chicken, corn, Brussel's sprouts, tomatoes, grapes and cherries. Corn and tomato, both fresh, spell summer to me.

When I came home from the grocery tonight about 11 pm, the ems and an ambulance were at my neighbor's house. They left shortly with someone on an ambulance. Scary.

Today, I went to the neurologist in Birmingham. Now, I am going to have my head examined...long overdue. He said I should not still be in pain like I am.  He said he would get an MRI to see what was going on in there...oh dear.

Your turn
What vegetables spell summer to you?

Sunday, July 9, 2017

How do you pit cherries?

Cherries are $1.69/pound! I want to put some up--dehydrate or can.  I tried to pit with a straw. It was too flimsy. I tried another wider diameter straw. I am not strong enough to shove it through. I tried one of the straws that is wide diameter and has a strong wall. The pit goes into the straw and I must stop and dig it out.

On the internet are several ways to pit cherries.
1) Cherry pitter. Do these work for you?
2) Hairpin. Really? I doubt I could hold the tiny pin and do this for very long.  Is this easy?
3)  Chopstick. I hate to put something that can hold germs into fruit I intend to dehydrate. If I were canning, maybe.

Friday night, I was thinking about this and how I pitted cherries in the past. Then, I realized I just pop the cherry in my mouth and pit it with my mouth. hmmm, that won't work now, not for dehydrating.  That ditzy moment was just that, a moment.

What works for you?

I was given Peaches and Cream corn today. I am halfway through shucking it. So, I had better get on with it. I injured my right hand again, so this is slow going. These are the largest, fattest, and most perfect ears of corn. That is what I was thinking as I peeled off the shuck and silks to find a fat worm. Well, Dominique will enjoy it.

Do you ever eat Peaches and Cream corn?

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Sway Bar?

When I went to the doctor last week, I was within a few feet of my mechanic/garage. However, I thought their entrance was blocked by a massive wreck, so I just turned the other way and came home. With the rain and the apparent wreck in the driveway of my garage, I just came home.

Friday, I finally took my car in for a diagnosis of the problem. When I back up and turn the wheel, it seems the tire is mushy and slips off something, sort of like rolling an ankle off a root or object over which you are walking.

I asked about the wreck. It seems someone ran into the ditch. The car did not wander off the road. It did not brake. No one was even near the car and driver. However, the tire tracks made a 90 degree turn right off into a 40 ft. ditch with no evidence of braking. They surmise the driver was texting. The wreck did happen next to their driveway and emergency vehicles and the police were parked in the driveway. So, it is a good thing I did not try to get there.

This strange feeling in the car wheel happened lots of times, but mostly when I backed and turned the wheel as I got out onto the road or backed from a parking place. Once, I got out of the car in a rather dangerous place and checked to see if  had a flat tire. This was not in traffic, just a place I should be moving from, not parking.

Well, it is something called a sway bar. He told me this and I asked what was wrong with the sway bar. "It's not there. The sway bar is gone and so are all the bolts." In my head I am trying to process this information, wondering how dangerous this could be, what else would it ruin by being gone.

The owner said it would take four or five days to locate one. I have places to drive and things to do. So, I looked this up on Wikipedia. It seems this stabilizes the car, making it less likely to roll over. Now, I am not sure if I should drive to the doctor in Birmingham or not.

Your turn
Have you ever lost a sway bar or had problems with one? Is this very dangerous? Will it ruin something else driving it like this?

Friday, July 7, 2017

Thursday:More Acoustical Confusion & Food Abundance & Free Lunch Friday

As exbf was coming into the house and I had gone back to car to get something, he commented to me as I came back to the side door. "You have an animal crying under the house." We discussed this for longer than necessary as I could hear nothing under the house. The cat that hangs around was meowing continuously and plaintively. I have no idea what that cat wants! Plus, there was a large bird screeching overhead, high in the hickory tree.

I heard nothing he heard. He could not hear the cat meowing or the bird screeching. ??? Finally, he concluded it was another acoustical event.

For lunch we had a hotdog on a bun and blackberries. I cannot believe I actually got to the market in time to get blackberries because I have been told they sell out as soon as the guy puts them out. We got a free worm, too. I refrigerated him. It was a splurge, but I spent $6 on blackberries.

For dinner, we had barbequed chicken on a hotdog bun, cole slaw, sliced tomatoes, Fordhook butter beans, potatoes with real butter. He said I gave him so much he could not finish it. Tomatoes he left on his plate went home in a snack bag.

He took home a massive breast I sliced, at least three meals worth. I gave him to take home strawberries, green grapes, red grapes, potatoes, Fordhook butter beans, four hotdogs, two tomatoes from market. Of course, he paid for some of that. I shop and cook. The potatoes were from the Farmer's Market and delicious!

Today, I saw a sign at a business: Free Hotdogs. Of course, I stopped and the people offered me two. I was asked to write my name and address on a list. I will be sent a $10 coupon to shop there. At home I had lettuce and tomato salad. Ooops, I forgot to send lettuce and bell pepper home with exbf.

There was enough meat for at least one meal a day for a week. The vegetables will probably make meals three days. Fruit will probably be enough for five days.

I have had way too many hotdogs this week! The hotdogs I bought at WM were Oscar Meyer and came in two zipped bags with a band around the two package of four hot dogs. I like that because I don't have to thaw out the whole package to eat hotdogs. Plus, the packages of 8 were price-matched for $1.

Your turn
What have you bought at a Farmer's Market lately? Any bargains elsewhere? Do you have a friend who does not cook and loves to take food home to eat later? Do you ever see random signs for free hotdogs?

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Happy Birthday!

My first daughter, second child, was born on July 6, 1970. She is beautiful, smart, talented and forty-seven-years-old today. You know what I was doing on July 6, 1970.

She was delivered by a doctor in the group of doctors that delivered Lisa Marie Presley.

I cannot believe I am the mother of a child this old! Of course, her brother is 49, and younger daughter will be 42 this fall.

Today has been tiring, so this is it for today.

Do you have a child who is so old that you cannot believe you are the mother of a child that age?

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Not a Nightmare, Just MY Reality

If I had been asleep, I might not have been so frightened. However, I was fully conscious and watching TV. I heard a small noise. Doesn't it always start that way?

It was a sound like an animal clawing at something with one tiny clawing, picking sound. Then, there was another followed in close succession by several sounds closer together. The hair on my arms stood up. What wanted in my house so badly?

But, maybe it was something clawing at a bucket or box outside, things going out on trash day. I peeked out the picture window. Nothing. I peeked out the window of the door. Nothing. I opened the door and nothing was on the porch. I stepped onto the porch and looked at the picture window and wall below. I slammed the door as I quickly stepped back inside.

The sound was louder and less thin. It was definitely a bear trying to get into something. You do know bears can rip off car doors? This sound was definitely coming from the wall of the house!

What? The sound shifted. It is in the neighbor's yard? What could be happening? I fell onto the bed, really worried and fearing whatever it was!

Fireworks? But, the usual suspects were not shooting off fireworks because I can see those from the picture window near the door. My mind was spinning.

The slight sounds evolved into muffled booms and I realized it was fireworks further off. There is a church near a park that utilizes the park for different events. Maybe the city was shooting fireworks? At any rate, I was annoyed at my 45 seconds of fearful confusion.

It took my heart about an hour to calm down!

After about ten minutes, the noise ended. I never did get in the car to see the event. Oh well!

Lest you think I have a lot of fear and even more of an imagination, let me put that thought to rest.

When we first moved here, we could distinctly hear voices that were blocks away. Voices from the north distinctly came from the south! The high school band could be heard in our back and side yard even though the band is blocks away and on the other side of the house. We could clearly hear anyone on the microphone speaking to band students or football players during practice. Yes, we could hear the band performances and everything said at ball games. We finally just accepted it, voices and all.

Other people who have been in my back yard have questioned where the voice came from. People have thought the neighbors were loud. My friend John, guy who died, knew me for twenty years and still commented on the freaky noises as we were right outside the side door in the yard. You can hear it at other places in the yard, but the sounds of reverberating voices and other sounds are clearer right at the side door and into same side in the front yard, all beside the house, not in the front or behind the house. John would always comment on the voices as he was in the side yard.

THE REAL PROBLEM: The sound seems to come from the opposite direction! That is the part that confuses people new to my side yard.

Neighbors who have been here cannot hear the same sounds in their yards. My children could hear the band in their bedrooms which were upstairs. Of course, we knew the source of the sound when they were upstairs.

John and others figured the sound was bouncing off the house next to me. I suppose. But, the fear last night was palpable to me. Yet, it was no wild animal trying to get into my home. Even now, I can step into the side yard and hear conversations. They are real, just conversations from the high school.

Your turn
Have you ever had a situation where sounds from a far distance are heard clearly from a different direction? Has a sound ever really frightened you to the point you were fearful?

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Eating Well

Or, maybe I just ate too much. Before 10 am I ate too much watermelon.

Today, I went to the Farmer's Market and bought potatoes and made potato salad. The rest: bbq chicken on bun with slaw, broccoli, apple/banana/grape/Miracle Whip salad, potato salad, Fordhook butter beans, tomatoes sliced, iced tea.
Tomatoes were bought at market, too.

This week at the grocery store, WM, I price-matched many things I bought.
white grapes--$0.99/lb
quart of strawberries---$0.99
iceberg lettuce--$0.98/head

Boneless, skinless chicken breasts were $1.99/lb. I bought a package for $11 and got 4 chicken breasts. this will work for me today and rest of week and when exbf comes on Friday. These were not price-matched as this was the price everywhere, so I went with the regular price.

Pasture-raised eggs (do I really believe that?) were $3.99 for 18 eggs at Publix. In the paper was a coupon for the eggs, Nellie's, I believe. So, I paid $2.99 for the 18 eggs. That is $2/doz.

Publix had a bogo for little bowls of cut watermelon. Sooo, I got two. I cannot carry or cut a watermelon safely, so I buy it cut. I can say with certainty that I have never had a watermelon as sweet as the one today.

There were no good prices on celery! At WM, celery was $1.78 or something close to that price. But, I had to have it for the potato salad...sigh.

Suddenly Salad was on sale for $0.98 and I had a coupon that made the boxes $0.75 rather than the regular price of $1.98. I love these but limit myself to eating one every six weeks or so. I bought four boxes of the Ranch and Bacon variety, the only one I will eat.

My buns for the bbq and slaw are potato hotdog buns from the freezer. Oh, I bought Oscar Meyer wieners for $1/package. That and slaw is lunch.

There may have been other things, but I started buying last Wednesday when the paper came out. I buy when the ads start and then just before they go off. That way, I can have grapes for several weeks from the last buy. Make sense?

These are my favorite things. Yes, there will be leftovers, a good thing for me.

I am staying home and inside today. So, my holiday is defined by food!

How was your Fourth of July?

Evidence, finally!

For the last two weeks, I have not received an egg from Dominique. It's been a mystery. The only two things I could think of was that she was too hot, or something was getting her one egg each day.

She had not run out of water. She was not panting. Since Dominiques are mostly black, I thought maybe she would get hotter than lighter colored hens. I don't think she is too hot.

Each time I went out to feed her, I sort of looked around for an egg, hoping maybe she just decided to lay eggs elsewhere. Nothing! Today, I found half an egg shell right in front of the table that holds her Rubbermaid house. It was very wet inside as though it had just been broken open.

It is either a snake or a rat. If I had a trail camera, I could get to the bottom of this quickly! There is no material in her nest box where either could hide. However, there is another Rubbermaid box with leaves and a trash can on its side with grass clippings/leaves from the mower bag.

No matter how difficult it is for me, I suppose I must get a rake and poke around in the grass clippings to see what I can find. This won't be pretty or easy. I will have to drag the rake around the house!

So, now I know! Well, I know she is laying an egg and something is getting it. I doubt Dominique is eating her own eggs.

The next thing will be to check her nest box every hour all day long and see if I can get to the egg first or see something getting it or trying to get it.

Your turn
If you have hens and have lost eggs to wild thieves, what else besides a snake or rat could enter a very secure enclosure? Any tips to discouraging egg thieves? I know for a fact no other larger animal can get in. Does snake repellant work?

Monday, July 3, 2017

Small Economies

I stopped at a Coke machine at a shopping center where Cokes are fifty cents. When I put in two quarters and selected my Coke, the machine spit out a Coke and a Sprite.

In the WM parking lot right at my feet lay a nickel and a penny. Of course, I bent over and picked them up. Since they were right next to the electric cart I was about to get on in the parking lot, I held the cart to be able to bend free of pain.

Last week, I decided to get three more bags of PictSweet frozen vegetables. The next morning, I looked at the receipt. I spent $7+ instead of $3! So, back to the store I went and got back $4.14. Instead of paying $1 for each bag, I paid $2.38 each, the regular price. The same woman made the same mistake as last week when I overpaid by $11 on a $27 receipt. This is getting old and is a not-so-small economy.

Gas is now $1.81/gallon. I remember the times in the early 1990s when I was upset if gas rose to over $1/gallon.

Your turn
Do you have a place that sells soft drinks from a machine that only takes two quarters? And, you do pick up change? Is gas low where you live? What small economies have come your way?

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Lock me in the store?

I thought that was what he said. He just stepped out and locked the door. But, it was a fabric store, so it was not a big deal. On the radio I purchased a coupon for $6 that gave me a $20 coupon at a fabric store. I went in today because it was the last day I could redeem it.

When a guy opened the door to the store, the owner said to me, "Do you mind if I lock you in so I can go get my car?" That shocked me. He assured me it was only four blocks. I sort of stammered and he left! Within 15 seconds of the man showing up, the door was locked behind me! Actually, I know it is more like ten blocks, at least. But, who am I to object to being locked in a fabric store with a coupon to spend? Not I!

While I was looking at fabric, I had to stand and walk. So, I settled down on a stool with a bowl of metal buttons that were ten cents each. I had picked out 40 by the time he returned. Not in the mood to buy fabric, I decided to buy notions. However, I did not want to be behind the counter with him absent, so the buttons occupied me until he returned.

For my $6 I got $20.40 worth of merchandise. Well, tax was included. I worried aloud that I owed him $.40 cents and did not want to walk to the car. He laughed and said next time I owed him.

Here is what I got for the coupon for which I paid $6:

Clover Gold Eye Quilting Needles Betweens (No. 10), 15 needles--$2.75
40 metal button--$4
Prym-Dritz safety pins, 40 pins, assorted sizes--$1.99
Prym-Dritz 40 Quilter's Safety Pins--$4.99
Clover Gold Eye embroidery needles, (No. 3-9)--$2.29
Piecemakers Beading, Fine Sewing Needles, (sizes 10 and 13), 4 needles--$1.70
rubbery thimble--$1

Obviously, Prym and Dritz have become one.

I can always sit in this store while he either cuts fabric or figures up how much of my $20 coupon I have spent. The next time I go into this store to dig in buttons, I will make sure I have not just polished my nails!

Now, I have to use strategy to be the correct caller to get this cheap coupon again! I can only get one per month.

Your turn
Have you ever heard of Clover sewing notions? Or Piecemakers? I have heard of Prym-Dritz. Would it bother you to be locked in a fabric store? Or, what kind of store would you prefer to be locked in?