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Sunday, May 31, 2015


Maggie May comes to help

The garbage can bit the dust with my help. I leaned down to right it to roll to the back yard. Since bending and lifting are difficult and painful, I sort of gave it a snatch. Well, that righted it, but it also made a wheel come off as the can landed hard. Plus, I could barely drag it to the backyard and had to lie down!
Since Blogger knows better the order pictures should be, I will just work with pictures out of the order I want!

The axle was easy to remove, or so exbf told me. He put the other wheel on the axle, and I took it to Lowe's to find the right size cap I needed. 
brick has a role
The guy at Lowe's found the right size cap for the axle. I bought it and brought it home. Exbf and I were going to do this together. He was going to hold the brick while I hammered the cap. I was given the wrong size cap. Sooo, I took the package and the axle back and the guy chose the next size for me, and said he thought the one he gave me was the correct one. He was right. 
in place

I cannot lean, hammer and hold at the same time. So, I turned the full garbage can on its side with the brick under the other side of the axle. I managed to hammer the axle cap on crooked but kept hitting it and it straightened out and went right onto the axle.  

axle cap
These came two to a package for $1.25 or so. I was grumbling about having to buy two. Someone commented that the whole package was a little over  dollar. Still! The extra one will go into my stash of things that came with more in the package than I needed--O-rings, wing nuts, boxes of nails and such. 

see the shiny cap on the rusty axle?

People suggested I just get a new garbage can! It has a lot of life left in it. The lid is all cracked and leaky. I asked exbf to tape it up long ago. So, I told him tonight that is what I want him to do for me next time he comes. The Alligator Duct tape is impossible for me to pull off the roll. There is no telling how long the can will last with these repairs.

Now, I need to have someone sit the can upright. And, I have to rake the stuff up that fell out. It stinks because my friend who takes out the garbage can did not do so last week. If he is with his father on garbage night, he cannot take out my garbage which I understand.

Your turn
Have you ever had to put an axle cap on anything to restore the item to a wheeled item? Would have tossed this trash can or fixed it for $1.25?

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Water Situation

Product Details

Today, a friend's husband sort of fixed my water problem. He did improve the situation.  He replaced a pipe split by freezing, then found another problem, fixed it and found another. Now, the sink is clogged. ??? The pipe from the dishwasher has rotted out. So, he will fix that when he has a day off.  I cannot use the sink or dishwasher or washing machine. There is a metal pot under the kitchen sink catching continual drips. I will have to remember to empty that pot in a timely manner. The faucet leaks. I have no hot water, so things are not perfect.

He works for a plumbing company and was appalled at the new water meter they put in. Basically, the other plumber installed a new meter and connected it to the old meter. It does not have a case or metal lid. It is supposed to be covered with this plastic bucket-like thing and covered with dirt. So, in an emergency when I would need to turn off the water in a hurry, I would need to get a shovel and dig the whole thing up and remove the bucket to get to the water turnoff.

He said they should have filled in the trench. He shook his head lots.

A couple of weeks ago,  friend made it possible for me to get the camp shower above. It has been very useful even though I have not been able to fully utilize it. The water does get very hot! The little hose and nozzle work like a charm. I am very grateful for the camp shower. It is very heavy with five gallons of water, so I had to have help. Thanks for the camp shower!

I took a picture of the camp shower installed, but cannot find it. I wonder how hot water would get in the winter.

Your turn
Have you ever seen or heard of this new kind of water meter? Have you ever used a camp shower?

Friday, May 29, 2015

Weber Scavenge

Weber Original Kettle Premium 22-in Copper Porcelain Enamel Kettle Charcoal Grill
Weber 22" grill, but black

While my friend and I were putting things in an empty storage unit, we asked two guys who had the only two carts if we could use one for just a short time. They agreed, and we got things into the storage units quickly.

When we took the cart back, they asked if either of us wanted the items in the hall--Weber grill and ping pong table. She claimed both. I really wanted the ping pong table, but have no place to put it and use it. She has six children. But, she could not get the grill and table home!

Since I had the empty unit, I allowed her to store both until she could get them home. So, she rolled them both to the unit. Both had wheels, and the ping pong table was the type that folded in the middle. The table above, $400, is similar to what she received. The net is missing.

The person she called had a truck so wide that the table easily lay in the bed. He lives next door to her mother, so he took it and put it in her basement. I had taken the folding camo camp chair. However, it must have had charcoal dust all over it. When I saw the mess in my trunk, I gave the guy the chair, too.

Weber 7416 Rapidfire Chimney Starter
Along with the grill was the charcoal starter. That is $24.99 online and at Lowe's. Every time I make the above picture smaller, it disappears!

We had a good day! This was all lightly used, over $600 worth including tax. Remember, this is where I got the free red table last year.

Your turn
What is your best or latest scavenging story? Have you ever just been in the right spot at the right time for an unplanned gift?

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Storm Shelter

local storm shelter

One day last week, I decided to drive by the lake that is in town. I was too ill .to get out, so I thought I would just drive through and look. The five shelters above are new, right near the Senior Center. This is a surprise to me. I have never seen this type shelter. Have you?

As I drove further, I realized they are connected. I think I might rather die than be stuffed in with many people. Maybe I won't ever get to make that  I figure the people in charge would not let an old lady out. 

Your turn
Have you ever seen this type of storm shelter?

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Memorial Day Deal

There is one store here that puts out a basket or two of markdowns. There must have been 50 of these Reynolds products. The cashier had charged me too much on an item on the first trip, so I went back to rectify the matter. I was going by there anyway.

I  bought seven boxes of theReynolds Wrap  pan lining paper.
Regular price: $3.58
My price: $.99.

7 @ $.99 =$6.97

My earlier trip yielded more bargains:
*chocolate chip cookie dough roll @ 1.38 regularly $2.89.
*cottage cheese @ $1.89 for 24 ozs. I hve no idea what the original price was, but more than I paid.
*4-pack of Dannon Light and Fit peach yogurt @$1.25. Each cup was 6 ounces, a really nice size.

There was more--vicious dog at yard sale with me screaming, almost hit a kid on a board trying to jump curb, and something else. Well, I had to take a long nap.

At the crack of 11 am, I managed to get up and put color on my hair and wash it out at a friend's house. I washed two loads of clothes. Part of each load is still on the line at 11 pm. So, I have those to get in. Then, one load still wet must go in dryer and the other load must be hung in the house. I may have overdone it. I am not that much better, but things have to be done.

There is more fun planned for

Your turn
Did you actually have some real fun today? What do you have planned for Sunday and Monday?

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Fall Already?

Yesterday, I lay in bed and watched leaves falling from the hickory nut tree outside my window. The early falling of the leaves usually happens late August. Are weather things strange at your place?

At 6 pm, it was 56 F degrees! It should have been 80+. Today, I got up in time to tutor. Just being in the library made me want to run screaming from the place. I was totally uninspired to do algebra.

A woman came up to me and asked if I were tutoring the same boy who laughed the whole time last week. I told her I was waiting for him. She said she wanted to come over and smack him on the head. We talked for about fifteen minutes as I waited for him to get out of the bathroom. It turns out, I probably have a new child to tutor, a little girl in 5th grade who was just now diagnosed as having autism. The woman had noticed how I interacted with the recalcitrant teen. He is coasting now with less than five days of school left.

Then, I drove to the doctor. I saw an entirely different doctor today, and I just love him. He gave me another prescription and two injections. Cortisone injections seem to help my sinuses. Plus, a new antibiotic in the behind. I hope my allergist can end this round of infections.

Your turn
Do you have or have you had such a horrid problem with sinus problems caused by allergies? Is the weather unseasonably cool at your house?

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Weight Loss--20 lb total

working in cemetery
My friend and I were driving along when I saw the above in the midst of the cemetery. (If I get this posted, I cannot keep correcting the text.) I wanted to drive over, but she did not want to and took picturesfrom across the road.

I imagine these people drove here and brought fresh flowers. They were also wrestling with the tombstone. When I fist saw this, it appeared they drove on the grass. There is a road there.

Yesterday, I had potato chips, fun bars, Coke, spaghetti sauce over pasta. Today, I had rest of the Coke, more potato chips, spaghetti, and salad. It is 7 pm and I am done--no more food today.

For the last several months with no water, I have had a BK whopper jr with cheese, lettuce only, tomato only, light Mayo, sr coke light on ice. I te this 3-5 times a week. I did eat other things at home.

When I told my gastroenterologist I had lost twelve pounds, he looked concerned and asked me if it was on purpose. How do I answer that when I mave been trying to lose this weight for fivce years?
I am struggling to drink enough water these days when I am ill. I slept until 2Pm and went to bed at 2 am after a 4 hour nap in the evening.

I think I had lost about 12 lbs 4 oz and this time 7 lbs and some ounces--right at 20 lbs. People all over have told me for three weeks or more that I looked like I hAd lost weight through midriff. Ex bf said same thing yesterday when I asked him. This afternoon, I pulled up a fresh pair of panties. THEY WERE BAGGY IN FRONT AND BACk.

Tomorrow, I am going back to dr. I am sitting on the bed, and need to lie down. Oh, struggled to go to church dinner and brought spaghetti home to hens. They love pasta.

Feeling better?

No, worse! Plus, my only two g-daughters have birthdays this week, and I will be sooo late with gifts. Exbf watched me stagger about the house. I have not sat up since Friday. Everytime he came in the house, I was in bed, asleep. Meds from doctor have not kicked in yet!

Did I tell you I lost another seven pounds? That is a few ounces short of twenty pounds in the last few months. Exbf said he could tell. It seems dozens of people comment and point out where I lost pounds.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Broken Eggs

another broken egg

The week before this last week, I managed to break four eggs. I had two in the car and threw groceries on them. Then, I let one roll off the table and just dropped another. The same week, exbf told me an egg broke when he picked it up. It was not a good week for eggs.

This past week, eggs fared better because we were both more careful, especially me. He did bring in one broken egg on Thursday. Then, today, Saturday!

When I went out, these are what I found. The top egg is Thelma, the six-year-old chicken. She needs eggs shells because this egg feels fragile. The hens tromp around on the eggs all the time, but I have never found a broken one in the nest that I can remember. This one looks like a chicken toenail poked the egg.

I am surprised one of them did not eat the egg. I have never had an egg-eater. I thought I did, but it was a snake taking advantage!

The pan in which I collected them is a star-shaped came pan.

I think Thelma's age is the cause of thin shells. Probably her body is not using the calcium she gets that is necessary for hard shells.

Monday, Thelma gave me a very sturdy egg.

Since Friday, I have run 103 temperature off and on. Of course, when I went to the dr today, my temp was 97. I had no chest congestion, so sinus pain. Saturday and Sunday, my chest was rattling. I was coughing, my head was stuff and ears hurt. I cannot walk without crashing into furniture and door facings. Friday night, the fever went up and down at least six times. I awoke with "chills" and horrid muscle spasm, so I feel like I have been beaten.  My pillow, sheets, and nightgown stay soaked. It's "just" allergies!

I am so allergic to privit. Forget kudzu. Privit s the scourge of the South. I have a huge "tree" of privit.

I never sit down because I come in the house and fall into  bed. Right now, I am sitting on the bed for a bit. If I have not been to your blog, I will do better after a few days.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Maggie May Steals

top--Maggie May
This is a reenactment only.
Yesterday, for a snack and since they were begging so prettily, I threw out a piece of bread. When I tore it, one piece was much smaller than the other, so I tore the larger piece again. All three pieces landed about the same time. Thelma claimed her piece and Maggie May started pecking the other.
Maggie May abruptly left her portion and took Thelma's piece. Maggie May took the purloined piece back to her original piece and laid the new piece right on top of her first piece. This was not a food chase as usual. Maggie May was very deliberate and not in a hurry at ll. Thelma looked and found the third piece and pecked it. I could not believe my eyes! She did not chase Maggie May. Maggie May not only stole  a piece of bread, not unusual for hens, but she took it back to her original choice and placed it squarely on top.
Thelma has not completely given up as head of the pecking order. She would have gotten one of Maggie May's pieces of bread if there had not been a third piece. She still sticks up for herself, but not nearly as often as before.
 In the far past
We had a dog named Puppy, truly the most envious dog on the face of the earth. The elderly man who lived behind us liked to feed my cat and dog. I hated he did since Puppy was obese. The cat named "Cat" could jump over the fence. But, Puppy had to run, ears flying, around the fence. He always looked to see if Cat was ahead of him.
One day, Cat was off somewhere so that Puppy was first to the two paper plates of food put out for them. Puppy sheepishly went to one plate, stole the baked potato, put it on his plate and continued eating. I could tell by his actions that he knew he should not have the other baked potato.
By the way, I named the next dog we got. Everyone objected, but I stuck to my guns. Round little puppy Rudolph grew up to be a huge retriever called Rudy.
Don't get me wrong, these two chickens are always grabbing things from the other, but this one instance of Maggie May taking two pieces and stacking them up, then eating, was hilarious. I am not talking about animals grabbing food. This act of Maggie May's calmly taking food and stacking it up with hers was amazing.
Your turn
I know your animals probably take food not meant for them, but do they ever sneak or actually steal food all the time acting guilty? Oh, funny stories about food and animals are good, too.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Yard, Court Appearance, Impromptu Haircut, Dinner

urge to kill

This is what I found on the morning after the guy mowed. I was livid. He left a 60  foot swath, 20 feet wide of tall grass. Plus, on the rest of the back yard, he did not use the bagger! The bagger was the only reason I hired him. He is due to come back in two weeks. I will have to dose myself with ever allergy meds to monitor him every step of the way in case I have to go out and hold his hand.
He stayed until after dark, lecturing me on how I did not need so many places to sit because I was only one person. How dare he? Mow my damn yard and go away.
He had this mournful face and voice when he told me he did the best he could over and over again. As I sat on the steps to write a check, he got in my space. I asked exbf if he thought the place he was standing was in my space. YES!
When he came across a 4 ft. limb/stick in the yard. Rather than pick it up, he just mowed around it! I don't have the time or energy to enumerate his shortcomings in the mowing area. The bagger is the ONLY reason he will come back. Plus he is cheap! I will be ever present when he does return.
I went to court for my ticket for not having my sticker on my tag. The judge was a child when I subbed many years ago, many, many years ago. He called everyone by first and last name except for me. He called me Ms Lastname.
He saw the receipt in my hand and noted I had gotten the tag taken care of. He said I could pay the $157 court cost in the next 30, 60, or 90 days. I told him what I lived on and that this month's was all spent, that I could not see myself having that much money in 90 days! I asked him if I could do community service. I told him I was tutoring a child who was failing but now had a C in everything, that I could tutor. So, he said I could bring proof that I had tutored 20 hours and everything would be cleared.
I have known for three weeks it was rotting. From the state it was in even then, it had been rotting for several months. I offered him Vicks for under his nose. When he came back in, I asked if the stench were not overpowering. He said all he could smell was the Vicks up his nose.
He filled two 40 gallon garbage cans to the top. He casually mentioned there were quarts of beans in there, too. At least he put them on top of the last can. He said the Ball jars with frozen eggs were deep in the cans. It looks like I will have to approach the cans to retrieve my quart jars!
It looks as though I will have to tell the neighbors what is the stench. I don't want them thinking I have dead bodies over here. I suppose I need to buy some lime. People might think I am a new Emily Grierson having murdered Homer Barron and am buying lime to cut the stench of evidence.
Expanding foam
I asked him to put it all around a door  in the room where the freezer lived to keep the flies out of here, flies drawn by the rotten food in the freezer.
When I saw foam in his hair, I told him I would cut it out. He submitted to my gapping it up. He was shocked at the chunk I got out. He thought it was like what was on his arm. You can see it on his arm. He said he was planning to get a haircut on the way to work tomorrow, so the barber could fix the gap.
There was a good tablespoon full of foam in his hair. I don't know why his bag is on the ground. ???
Dinner tonight
Today, we had a cheese sandwich for lunch instead of buying a cheap hamburger. I was all set to cook dinner as usual. I had 7.5 hours of sleep last night and awoke feeling well. But, about 1 pm, I had to rest. I lay down and awoke about 3 pm when exbf called me for something. He was in with the freezer. I lay back down and slept another hour or more.
I was panic stricken because I had no dinner for him. Do you know the panic of no dinner for company or someone who just did you  great favor? Frozen chicken was my only plan. He had eaten most of dinner when I took the picture.
Yes, it is a red plastic bowl and he is eating with a plastic spoon. Quantities of everything used in making this recipe depend on your taste. Since I don't eat peas, this was just for him.
1/2 can peas, drained
Diced tomatoes or grape tomatoes cut in half
Cheddar cheese cut in cubes or bought cubed cheese
Put together at the last moment so it looks pretty. Or, just put it together and stick in the refrigerator as long as you like.
This is so easy for potluck dinners. People love it. I don't. I cut in chunks the chicken for his dinner. He said it was delicious and finished it all. A bowl of green grapes finished his meal. Then, he got out a green sucker from the bank and had that.
Chicken antics tomorrow!
Your turn
Do you have someone mow who keeps failing you? Other than lime, what can I do so this freezer stuff does not smell to the other block? Have you ever had this particular dish he had for dinner?

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Yard is Finally Mowed and Tutoring

What are these?

These are growing across the street from my house. No one knows their name.

I have had promises of yard mowing since July last year. No one ever comes or does a half-a$$ job. One irritable guy said he would come for $100 and clean up the yard, cutting things and weed-eating. He was just too grumpy and irritable on top of being more than I could afford.

There is one weed that looks like a flower. I hate it. Most mowers leave it. Urge to kill overcomes me. Exbf took down all the flowering weeds with a weed eater. So, the place looked less intimidating to guys who mow. I know this guy did not weed eat, something the whole yard needs. He did not pick up one thing, mowed over some plastic and paper that I never saw. He only charged $30 which is a steal. Those of you who have seen my yard will agree this was cheap for the size.

The absolute best part was that he has a bag to catch all the three foot high weeds in the back yard. I saw him mowing a yard nearby and stopped to employ him. His bag was the only reason he is now my mower guy.

When guys say they will rake and don't, any grass or weeds left kills the grass. I know he did not do a bang-up job. But, it is down and for that I am grateful. Exbf can use his weed eater around the edges.

Maybe I can revive the St. Augustine grass! .Oh, it was dark when he left, so there is no picture. And, I haven't seen it yet.

Tutoring update
I started with a 7th grader with F average. Last week, he said his average was above failing. Today, he said he has  C average. I commented we could shoot for B. He nixed that. We will see. Remember, I charge his mother nothing. I just hate to see a child fail.

He leaves books at home and thinks we will not study because I don't have the material. HA! I just make up problems for the Pythagorean theorem. Today, I asked him what problems gave him trouble. So, we spent an hour with mean, median, and mode. I can find his assignments on the school-issued laptop. We worked on gerund, infinitive, and other terms for English Language arts.

Your turn
Is getting the yard mowed a continual hassle for you?  Does it make you happy when the grass is freshly mowed?

Monday, May 11, 2015

Kraft Deals and Food

much needed cheese!

I needed cheese this week and remarked to exbf that I hoped there was a sale this week. Ha! It happened.
One store has this deal often. Save $8. You have about ten choices of items that are reduced by $1 each if you buy eight. All the cheeses were $1.99. The Miracle Whip was $2.49. I saved $10 since I bought ten of the items featured.
Usually, I buy more bags of cheese, but there are at least two more bags in the refrigerator. Since I love pimiento and cheese, one of these chunks of cheese is destined to marry a jar of pimiento.
When exbf was here, we had spaghetti. We both ate spaghetti and salad. I sent home an enormous helping of spaghetti for him along with some salad. When I put the leftover spaghetti in the refrigerator, I chose a glass bowl that was almost too small. So, I will be eating spaghetti and some vegetable all week or until it runs out. I love leftovers because I don't have to cook for a few days.
I was out of Kraft Parmesan cheese to sprinkle on my dinner which was after midnight, so I bought  the cheese before the shelves were stripped bare of cheese.  Medium cheddar is my favorite chunk cheese, and it disappears first from the grocery shelves!

On top of the great prices, I found a coupon for Miracle Whip and Kraft cheese, so I saved another $1.50 this trip. It is thrilling to find a coupon for sale items!

Another aspect of the deal. The 8 oz. chunks are 20% more product--9.6 oz. That one thing sweetens this deal!
Your turn
Do your stores have Kraft deals? What deals did you find this week?  


finished but needs fixing

I decided to get myself a Mother's Day gift-- Flowers! I have a favorite flower for hanging planters. It depends on where the flowers will be as to what the favorite flower will be. See the part on the bottom? That part makes the basket hard to sit anywhere. I usually get a box so the bottom protrusion will not cause the basket to sit funny. This basket is hanging right outside the back door, in front of the picture window.

Nothing was ever put in the hanging basket last year. That made me sad. Anyway, I decided Mother's Day was the time for filling my hanging basket. I have had this basket, my only hanging basket for about ten years. It is sitting on top of the garbage can for the picture and so I can work. I love the way it curves out around the top.

Then, I decided to sit down on the steps to work. See how the brown lining is rippled? The three hangers hooked to the basket made getting the ripples out of the coir very difficult. I finally managed. It was so difficult, sort of like stuffing a cat in a bag, minus the claws. As I sat and watered it sitting down. I filled one shoe, also!

Today, I pushed myself to fill the basket. My back hurt even before I started. There is not enough dirt in the basket, so I will tackle the job of pulling the six plants out and repotting them all after I add more dirt. Six of these plants are too much for the size basket, so I may put half the plants into another pot.

Pink Wave Petunias
They looked better when I bought them. They will perk up. This is the only annual I ever buy. And, this is my favorite color.
By the way, I have not been replying to comments or commenting on other posts because of Blogger or computer problems. I tried to answer all comments tonight.
Your turn
What is your favorite flower?

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Yard of the Week

This clever display was at the shop where I was stung four times by a wasp last Monday.

Friday, May 8, 2015

On the way back it stung me repeatedly

Weather Vane
one of a kind
On the way to Hartselle, I saw this chicken. It was at the Tin Top antiques and old stuff place. On the way back, I stopped and took two pictures and headed to the car, got in and screamed at the top of my lungs.  My calf on the right leg had been stabbed. The pain took my breath away. I felt with my hand and was stabbed again. As I pulled up my pant leg, I put my feet out the door. I kept getting stabbed even as I tried to pull up my pants. I thought fire ants had gotten on me. There beside my foot in the gravel was a wasp. I ground it into gravel and then sort of scooted my foot to roll it around. I left it with wings askew.
I hobbled into the shop and started shrieking that I needed a chair and to please get me a chair. Now, if you know antique/junk shops, you know there are always chairs. However, you never know which one might hold a person. The owner scooted something off a chair and pushed it up to me.
She asked what was wrong, truly in the dark except for the fact I was gasping. She helped me pull up my pant leg again as I was gasping, "Help me, help me!"  "Wasp." I gasped. I had nothing for the sting. She said she had nothing but brought alcohol and rubbed it on my calf. The cool was such a relief. Then, she brought me ice in a sandwich bag.
I have always thought she was nice, but she is tops in my book now. When other customers came in, I left.  So, after fifteen minutes of the worst pain I have felt since the last wasp sting, I managed to get back on the road.
Two of the stings were huge. There was a lesser one near those. Plus, I thought I had been stung behind my knee. Yes, there were four stings. Nope, I did not have my EpiPen.
Guess what I am going to do--get Benadryl. Maybe  mine is still potent. ??? If I carry my epipen, it gets too hot. So, I am not sure how to stay safe.
One reason I don't wear skirts when I work in the yard is that wasps and bees get under skirts too easily. Well, no need to worry now, just wearing dresses when I want to now. Or, I could put huge rubber bands around the bottoms of my pants.
When I arrived at home and approached the porch, I had to walk through wasps, bumble bees, and hornets. I didn't flinch. I just wanted to lie down. I have never seen wasps, bumble bees, and hornets all together anywhere, much less in the last six feet to my house!
Okay, back to the chicken at the head of the post. Price? $600. I knew it would be out of my price range.
surgeon general warning
You might not be able to read the little sign. The chicken windmill was made from found material. This part was from a cigarette machine, I suppose. If you scroll back up, you can see the whole curved piece.
I wish someone would make me a six foot tall chicken weather vane! You can have one if you go just south of Hartselle on highway 31. The shop is on the left if you are heading south. Actually, this shop is where I found the yellow tall chicken, taller than this one.
Your turn
Does one wasp usually sting more than once? There was definitely only one wasp. Who is going to rush right over and snap up this unique chicken weather vane? 

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Fun at the Laundromat...over and over

A few pair of black pants needed to be washed. The only pairs of black pants I had were ones just for house and yard. And all the black pants for wearing out and about were dirty. I folded the clean pants and piled the dirty pants. Unbeknownst to me, I took the clean pants to the laundry. grrr

When I locked the machine at the Laundromat, I realized they had been stacked. Laundromat washers are unforgiving. They will not open until you get your money's worth. So, I had to wait 25 minutes to go home and take the dirty ones back to wash them. I did discover two more pair of dirty black pants. Happy Dance!

While I was in the laundry, I read the flyers, you know, the ones about not putting crayons and such in the washer and dryer. One new flyer got my attention. It seems a church will be there on Tuesday at 6:15 with "quarters, detergent and smiles." I will be there with a huge bedspread and a load of darks. Early!

I won't need their detergent. I have allergies. Plus, I only use vinegar on my black pants. Vinegar does the job. Remember, I don't dig ditches.  I will be smiling because I can sure use quarters for those machines. Tuesday nights will definitely be laundry night for me.

Something is wrong with blogger because I cannot post comments on most blogs or reply to comments on my own blog. Plus, I feel so horrible. I have to take ten pills during five days to save my life. But, I feel like I am going to die anyway just from the pills.

So, I am here, still dizzy from my glasses with one lens. Some times, I have to take my glasses off the see. Sometimes, I have to put them on to see.

We are having our second week without rain and WITH sunshine all day.

I found two eggs today. This last week, I have broken four eggs. Gotta stop that.

Your turn
Have you ever used  a Laundromat? Got any crazy stories about a mistake like washing clean clothes? It does not have to be a laundry story.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Making do--car antenna

                                                                  Make do antenna

I passed this car in a parking lot. I thought this was  clever idea if it works. Does it? This car was definitely a beater, but the radio obviously works.

Your turn
Will this pick up a signal so the radio works? Have you ever used a clothes hanger for you radio antenna?

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Strawberry Festival and Maggie May

Fresh Strawberries

Of course, no pictures I took. Maybe I will take some pictures tomorrow and try to upload them. Today, I walked too far and hurt later Friday night. You would think there would be ice cream and strawberries or strawberry ice cream or something. with ice cream and strawberries.

Nope. All I found was funnel cakes with 1/4 cup of strawberries and fried strawberry pies (ewww) and strawberry coladas, virgin. Since I cannot have the colada (coconut cream) because of allergies, he offered to make it a pineapple and strawberry frozen drink. I was taking it in the car, so this worked fine. The funnel cake looked great but it is not car food.

Tomorrow, I am sure there will be ice cream and strawberries in some form, but I will forego that since I spent money on Friday. I hope I can carry a lawn chair on my It's going to be a beautiful day, so I don't want to miss all of the festival. Maybe I can find a handicap parking space.

I worry about Maggie May. Today, she fell off the iron railing by the door. She fell right into a pan of water. The other day she tripped over the water hose and fell right on her chin. Well, it was where she would have a chin if hens were prone to growing chins.  She trips over everything and falls on her chin. Yesterday, she kept getting in front of me, darting. I accidentally kicked her three times. Once I kicked her so hard while walking, I bruised a toe. My other hens were faster learners than she is. They learned not to dart in front of my feet. I worry I will hurt her, or she will trip me and make me fall..

When I kicked her, it was not intentional at all. I was horrified. She would come from nowhere and dart in front of me. Today, I stepped on her foot! I don't remember any other chicken I have had being under my feet so much. I know I have never had such a klutzy hen!

Your turn
What is your favorite part of festivals? Do you have a Strawberry Festival? Have you ever had a klutzy hen?