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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Peak Chocolate?

Okay, things have gone too far. I cannot raise plants in order to have chocolate.  Although we liken the South to a rainforest, it does get too cool for cocoa plants. We might find a substitute for oil or cut back. But, peak chocolate (my term) news is scary.

Your turn
Does this strike terror in your chocolate-loving sweet tooth? Or, can you take or leave chocolate? Shall we start hoarding Hershey's cocoa?

Three Awards for Me

If any of the attributions are incorrect, please let me know, and I will correct it immediately. Lots was going on when I received these. So, for many reasons I am remiss in not posting these sooner. Plus, I just ran out of steam with the awarding and passing along the honors.
Look at the pretty I won from kymber at Framboise Manor. She says I have frugal tips and funny stories.

And another Liebster from Frugal Down Under. She has the cutest little girl. They are both very crafty and frugal. I crack her up.

And, The Most Versatile Blogger Award from Linda at Hello, It's Me.

Below are the rules of the awards:

1. Copy and paste the award on your blog.
2. Link back to the blogger who gave you the award
3. Pick out five favorite blogs with less than 200 followers, and leave a comment on their blog to let them know they have received the award.
4. Hope that the five blogs chosen will keep spreading the love and pass it on to five more blogs.

I will choose my five bloggers. Oh, I can choose ten. Now, I found another award, so that means fifteen bloggers today? Can I still list only 7 things you don't know about me? Oh, 21 things? That's hard.

For the Versatile Blogger Award
1. LindaM at HELLO, IT"S ME is my first choice. She just underwent surgery for cancer, came home today and has the fight of her life, fight for her life ahead of her. Dalai Llama lives with her and did lead her and husband on a country road chase.

2.BLD in MT: Living a Simple Life in this Interconnected World  She and her husband remind me of hippies with all the tie-dye. They are a nice, young, frugal couple  who play board games. Now, they are buying a house.

3, Our 21st Century Guide to the Good Life where Martin and Amy in the UK, a young couple, describe their allotment growing.

4. Jan at Consumne Gal goes to cattle auctions and all sorts of Western events, has chickens...interesting posts.

5. Two Girls One Budget is a blog that has some dandy savings these two manage to pull off due to surveys, gift cards, and sites that help bring in income.

For the  first Leibster Award
1. In Barb's Backyard she is sweltering in Australia, fighting slaters and foxes, trying to raise hens, and grow all their own food.

2. Living Rich While Being Poor is the account of living on food stamps with some really good ideas for everyday living....olive oil lamps, for instance.

3. At Better Me, Better World Dmarie always cooks things that make me drool.

4. Feral Homemaking is a fun site, interesting. Be sure to read her post "Only in the 1950s."

5. Sue at The Little Acre that Could has lots to offer us.

For the second Liebster:

I have no one else, you hear?

Brain is mush.

21 things you don't know about me, 7 for each award since they were not awarded simultaneously. I am just behind:

7 things
1. I don't know my right hand from my left hand. Neither does either of my two sisters or either of my two daughters or my granddaughter.
2. In elementary school my third-grade boyfriend named a turtle after me.  I was just disgusted and humiliated to have a turtle named after me. I just did not know much about males, I suppose.
3. Ants of any kind terrify me since I had Brazilian Fire Ants cover one leg from the top and the other from above the knee and bite me. I was 10-yrs-old and lived in Jackson, MS. My siblings and I were in the woods, picking plums for jelly.
4. Lamps are my weakness but only antique lamps.
5. I love to play board games.
6. I started sewing when I was four-years-old.
7. Gardenia is the most fragrant flower to me, lovely, and beyond my skill to grow.

Another 7 things you don't know about me
1. Our dog bit me when I was two and shook me really hard. Okay, I was pestering him while he slept and Daddy told me to leave the dog alone.
2.  I am the oldest of five children.
3.  I cried during algebra final exam in college. I taught myself algebra and now I can even teach it. No, I bawled and screamed. I only screamed in the bathroom, but I cried in the classroom.
4. I cannot sing or play an instrument.
5. I don't know whether to cross the cursive T or F.. My 7th grade teacher was also my 10th grade teacher in another school and gave me a 99, taking off one point because he remembered I did not know it three years earlier. I still don't know. Please don't give me tips.
6. My typing teacher traumatized me so that when I accidentally poked a finger between the keys on the big, black, manual typewriter, that I just ripped the fingers out, and lost skin on my fingers. I just bled and kept typing.
7. I know how I will die.

Another 7 things
1. I own a reel mower.
2. I have never baked a ham.
3. I learned to swim when I was 21.

5. If I don't find someone to play Backgammon with me, I am going to wither up and die.
6. I studied Latin, Spanish, Greek, and Japanese and can read Middle English.
7. I really want to earn a PhD. 

I have been so long in posting this that I am going to publish the awards now without further ado. My lack of doing this in a timely manner is embarrassing!

What did I get wrong on attributions?

Friday, March 30, 2012

National Pencil Day

Credit: Dixon Ticonderoga

Low tech, cheap, affordable (same thing), not affected by heat, gravity, or dampness--perfect tool for recording anything.

What would life be without pencils? I don't know. As a lifelong learner and an educator, pencils are the mainstay of my being and have been since I have memory. My love for technology has not replaced a love of pencils.

Someone came to my home and after several hours asked why I had so many pencil holders/cups. It was such an astounding question that I was pressed for a coherent answer that would not be insulting to the person. "I write things down." 

I have pencils in four rooms, whole cups of them--beside my chair, in the kitchen, in the sewing room, and in the room beside me that used to be called the computer room. Yes, there are pens, a pair of child's scissors, a retractable mirror, and nail files in the pencil cups, yet they remain pencil cups.

Did you know that when you buy Dixon pencils you are buying the #2 pencil supplied by testers? Did you know I have 300+ new-in-the-pack pencils that I bought for less than a penny each?  I share them with people/children that might need a pack. And, I send them off to my grandchildren who must eat them!

Did you know that Henry David Thoreau's father owned a pencil factory, and that, contrary to common perceptions of his lack of effort, Thoreau worked there? Read about Thoreau's Pencils. If you are into reading or studying Thoreau, you now have a new bit of knowledge to share. I took a course in Thoreau in grad school, but knew this from my own studies.

Despite predictions that technology will wipe out low tech pencils, pencil sales are up. Life's Little Mysteries inspired me to bring you this information.

Your turn
Do you love pencils? Do you have a relationship with pencils? Funny? Sad? Share your story. Here is your chance to tell that weird pencil story that fits in with nothing else in your life. Get stabbed by one?

Picture This: A Smoking Deal

Anyone seen my RED camera in its PINK case?
no pictures

As usual my parsimonious self and my broke self met to get a good deal. Yes, I have had in my purse $2 and change since Tuesday. However, I needed milk and April 1st for my SS check is a long way off in milk days. I remembered I had a milk coupon to print, two in fact. So, I printed off a coupon that had Smart Source on it. "Buy three breakfast items and get one gallon of milk free." I have no idea where I got it. Well, I did print it, but where I found it is still a mystery.

When I saw the coupon, there was no fine print that mentioned a purchase, well, none that I saw. Did you? I had mulled this over in my mind once I found the fine print. The first thing I do when I have an Internet coupon is take it to the manager to "okay." That way, I won't hold up the line while someone comes to take care of all the "suspicious coupons" that I redeem, all printed from the Internet.

I asked him what was deemed breakfast food. After a little banter and determining I had about 10 boxes of cereal, don't need to eat bacon, cannot stand cantaloupe, I suggested banana. He said that was not a breakfast food. I pointed out that I ate most of my bananas sliced into cereal. Plus, I have been known to eat cold pizza or a bowl of field peas and snaps for breakfast. I slipped into the conversation that it really needed to be cheap.

We decided orange, banana, and grapefruit were good enough. And, like he said--it does not specify amounts, "So, get three pieces of fruit for each coupon."  Grapefruits looked like they had led a long, hard life and were $1/each. I skipped those. Oranges were 3/$1, bananas were $0.69/lb. (Paid $.81 for three bananas.) Perrrrfect!

One gallon of milk and three oranges came to $1.39.  Remember, I still had to pay tax on the milk that was $3.59/gal, even though it was free, plus I paid tax on the oranges and bananas. We pay tax on food in this state. The next gallon of milk and three bananas came to $1.18.

That made:
2 gallons of milk
3 bananas
3 oranges = $2.57        ($.68 of the $2.57 total was tax)

When I told exbf on the phone, he was clearly stunned. Charlie was amazed. I am ecstatic. Some of us (me) need to make really good food deals. Okay, all of us need good deals and coupons.

The milk had 4-09-12 for use by date. I am good with that because I drink way too much milk. It won't go stale.

I have plenty of fruit now with the grapes and apples in the crisper, but am waaaay short on fresh vegetables. I have carrots--that's it. Store-bought cans of vegetables are it until next week. All I have are carrot sticks! Grrrr. I hate it. Aha!

Shredded carrots will be chopped shorter for tuna salad. Carrots are great in tuna salad, giving it a crunch and barely changing the taste.

Hurrah for me! Yay Linda! Yes, I am still ecstatic. Just think how good life would be if we all could find deals like that for all our food needs. Of course, some of you have home-canned foods and root cellars from food you have put up, and live in the land of perpetual food in the garden. 

Your Turn
Have you reported any good food deals on your blog? Share them here if you like. Go ahead, put a link here if it pertains to the subject at hand. Have you found good food deals you have not told us about?

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Meals in a Jar, Painting Bread

If I were going to buy #10 cans of food, I have found the way I would use them. If you don't know what a #10 can is, think commercial cans of food. Only, the food is dehydrated. Chef Tess combines the dehydrated food in a quart jar in order to have a meal ready to add water and cook. Let's have some willing suspension of disbelief and pretend we will always have plenty of water. Go on over there and have a look at her site.  She puts prepares 52 jars of food, all the same recipe.

Maybe my dehydrated food could be put in a jar, ready to make a pot of soup in the winter, like I mentioned last fall. I would not have dehydrated beef....hmmm.  Plus, I could probably put the vegetables in a pint jar and use canned tomatoes in a quart jar. Make that two quarts of canned tomatoes. Then, very little water would be needed for the final product.

If I learned to can beef, I would be set! So, there's a  project for me. I would have a meal in for jars!

She appears to be affiliated with a freeze-dried food company. However, she has excellent ideas. No, I am not getting any remuneration for saying this.

Also, check out her painted bread. If I could bake bread, I might try bread painting. One skill at a time here folks. Painted bread is the kind of thing I see in magazines and think, "Ooooh, how pretty."

Your turn
Have you ever made meals in a jar? Have you used any #10 cans of food? Have you ever heard of painted bread or made any?

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pain, Dinner, New Blogger

Pain defines me right now. I do have hydrocodone to take, but just refuse to submit to something that strong. So, I am in horrendous pain.

Here is what I think. If the pain medicine stops the pain, I will no longer be capable of standing! Then, I would have to lie down or scrunch down in the chair. The pain will stop on its own if I lie down or scrunch down in the chair! I want to stand and walk. But, pain meds hit me so hard that standing and walking capably are not in my repertoire when properly medicated.

For lunch, which was my breakfast, I had yummy chicken that appeared to be baked, pulled from the bone and served. ??? Then, contrary to the usual menu, we had boxed mashed potatoes and pinto beans with ham chunks, and wHItE bReAd....ack. There is usually a salad and a vegetable--green beans, sweet potato, but never boxed masked potatoes.

This church serves a lovely meal once a month. Police officers, politicians, local shrink, retired professionals, one of our local authors, and all sorts of retired professionals attend. And some welfare cases come. Most people are far from poor and acquaintances or friends for the past thirty years.

Oh, I had red velvet cake...yum.  I did not eat the bread or all the mashed potatoes and did not touch the beans. I also collected about a quart of food for the hens. They got all except half the meat that will be their protein tomorrow. Later, I went out to see what they ate. These silly hens left all the pinto beans. All the beans were neatly piled on one side of the disposable plate I brought from the dinner. How do they do that? Do they remind you of children?

Well, that was lunch for the hens. As it turned out, they had peanuts for dinner. I had some peanuts that somehow tasted funny and had a weird texture. They were not old. So, I sat and shelled peanuts and threw them in the grass for Thelma, Louise, and Pepper. Louise pecked Pepper often to scare her away. Louise decided to sample my toe. Then, she jumped into my lap for a looksee at the world from there and to peer into the overturned bag of peanuts. Now, my fingers hurt from shelling peanuts.

My dinner. Today, I had sat for two hours on hard chairs. For dinner I had pain relievers--dark chocolate chips. Euphoria set in, and either I don't hurt or don't care. Then, feeling a bit more chipper, I had a handful of pecans. Okay, I am strong enough to cook. So, two scrambled eggs with cheese...yum...and a glass of milk.  Finally, feeling like I needed a vegetable and only having fresh onions, I ate a whole can of turnip greens. Oh, I had shredded carrots but did not want those. Later, I will have a delish orange. Everyone needs a five course meal once in while. Right? It seemed like a balance meal....even if it were bizarre.

I just now occurred to me--I only had two meals today, so I suppose I am entitled to one with me here and agree with me or I might cry...seriously, I am so stressed. It may be time for more chocolate chips.  

Tell me all the bad parts of the new Blogger, pleeeease!

Your turn
Have you ever just eaten dinner one food at a time? Can anyone relate to this pain, unrelenting and made worse by doing anything? Do your chickens like peanuts? Just say anything about anything so I will know the blogging world is out there......pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!

Monday, March 26, 2012

I Wrote to President Obama

AND, I received a response from an agency that might be helpful. It is an avenue I have explored and was told they could not help me. We will see. Either way, I still am trying to get enough money together to hire an attorney and get my lift chair so I can have surgery.

UPDATE: I got the email this morning. AND, just now, I received a call from an agency who will ascertain IF they can help me.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Kellogg's Gas Rewards Card

Remember my cereal deals   here and here along with the newspaper subscription? Remember I ended up spending $8.35 on 2 gallons of milk and 8 boxes of cereal. Well, that would be $8.20 since I had $.15 left on the free $10 card from subscribing to the newspaper at an already cut rate.

Now, I need 10 cereal UPC codes to get a $10 gas card. That would mean that I will have gotten the cereal for free and have change left over--$0.80! Or, you could just say that I get free gas. Either way, I have gotten 2 gallons of milk, 8 boxes of cereal and $10 gasoline, and 26 weeks of the newspaper with  coupons for $42.

Tonight, I will be attaching all the UPC codes to one coupon and wait for exbf to bring back codes from the boxes I shared with him.

The best I can hope to do is $10 of free gas, unless somehow I can get more UPC codes. The deal allows 5 coupons. That means there is a possible $50 of free gas to be had! Root for me. I need more UPC codes from the right cereals!

Here is the order form for the gas card.

In my mind I can figure this many ways. Bottom line. I am saving money!

The entry must be mailed by 4/30/12.

The problem!
After I typed all the above information and put in three links, I looked more closely at the minuscule print. Oh No!

Okay, the above scenario is/was a good fantasy. I misread or obviously read what I wanted to read. The cereals to buy and from which to harvest UPC codes are:

Kellogg's All Bran Original
Kellogg's All-bran Bran Buds
Kellogg's All-Bran Complete Wheat Flakes
Kellogg's Smart Start Strong Heart All-Bran Antioxidant
Kellogg's Corn Flakes
Kellogg's Raisin Bran
Kellogg's Crispix Cereal
Kellogg's Product 19
Kellogg's Mueslix
Kellogg's Cracklin Oat Bran
Kellogg's Lowfat Granola with Raisins
Kellogg's Lowfat Granola without Raisins
Kellogg's Lowfat Granola Original
Kellogg's Rice Krispies
Kellogg's Rice Krispies Gluten Free


I have none of these cereals! Not one box! I have had Corn Flakes and Raisin Bran and Rice Krispies in the last year. I could have had two gas cards if I had mine and the UPC codes from exbf. Bummer!

There is a cereal deal right now, but I cannot afford ten boxes, even with the sale and coupons.

Go get your coupon to get a free gas card if you can get 10 UPC codes. I am on a quest for people who have stray codes I can have. I need a lift and free gas cards would be perfect, said by a woman who has $2, no gas, and a week to make it last. Care of Fancy just did me in financially this month.

I had such great plans for this coupon...ack! And, now it's gone with the wind.

This is my second post today, so don't miss the one I just posted before this.

Your turn
What kind of fantastic deals have you found? Are you going to get one of these gas cards? Did you ever think you had found the pot of gold beneath the rainbow and then find you had it all wrong?

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Free Theatre Seats

No pics until I can figure out a free way to post them!

Would you like to attend live theatre performances for free? My friend saw theatre performances for free for years. He simply volunteered as a seat usher. He directed people to their seat. Simple!
This site describes the process for one theatre. I am sure you can visit your theatre's site to find their rules and program.

Charlie was given a ticket to the Russian Ballet visiting Huntsville. He borrowed a car since he cannot shift his car after shoulder surgery. It turned out that his Ticket Master ticket was printed with the wrong date. (corrected the next day) He found people in the darkened center. It turned out a high school production of High School Musical was holding their final practice before the opening.

He asked if he could watch. He was very excited the next day, declaring that the performance was as good as professional theatre. The next night he went to the Russian ballet.
You might check out all the ways in your town you can get entertainment for free or cheap. While there may be no formal program for volunteers, you can ask.  This might be available at any publicized and paying event. You can check out the stipulations for any volunteer program by calling or contacting the web site of the event or venue. It does not have to be musicals that miht give you a free seat or ticket. Think of where you want to go. Maybe your enthusiasm will be rewarded.

Sasquatch likes musicals and ballet. Who would have thought?

Maybe you can tell us some other places where we might attend free in exchange for a little work.
Your turn
Do you or have you ever volunteered at a theatre? Have you volunteered any place to gain admission, volunteered in lieu of cash?

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

How to Can/Bottle Water

This is not a parsimonious means to have water storage. But, it appeals to me, lots. I was following rabbit trails from blog to blog and found a video. When I went to the next several videos, hopping from site to site, I could not find my way back. Therefore, I don't have the details.

Basically, this woman was canning water just like we would can produce--in canning jars, processed on the stove. People add an extra jar full of water to their canning process in order to have a full canner--water bath or pressure canner. So, this does not seem too far-fetched. I suppose if a person has plenty of jars, the extra to fill the canner could be saved for drinking water, making the cost of canning water negligible.

Since I always have canning jars empty for months, I think this provides a means to have water that is 100%, guaranteed BPA free. I do drink from plastic water bottles on occasion. However, I don't want to depend on those and they are expensive. And, they do leak. Ask me how I know. I really cannot afford the larger water storage methods, nor do I want to handle three gallon containers, the smallest storage container especially made for water storage.

I know glass bottles can break more easily than plastic containers and could fall off a shelf during an earthquake. I don't have earthquakes, and I will not have anyone handling these besides me. They will be stored, four to a box with partitions.

I can justify buying more canning jars since the cost of the jar is not much more than the cost of bottle water.
The poster boiled the water, put the boiling water in hot, sterilized jars, used new lids and rings she had. Then, she processed it for 15 minutes. While this seems straightforward enough, I still have questions.

*First, have any of you canned water or know anyone who has?
*Second, would canning tap water, as is, but boiled, be prudent? There is chlorine and fluoride, at least. I do not want to purchase distilled water to can nor do I want to buy commercial drinking water to can.
*Third, I don't know whether water bath or pressure cooker would be best. Do you?
*Fourth, Would filtering the water first through a Brita filter with a pitcher be good to do before water is boiled? I don't have a Brita filtering system on the sink.

Problems: Will light still cause stuff to grow in the water? I can store in absolute darkness. Glass is breakable, but I am willing to chance that since I probably won't be leaving my home. Small amounts=lots of glasses jars of water. Water stored in small amounts=something I can handle. So, I don't consider lots of jars  a problem. If I put it in a box, it can be dark and contained, not liable to fall from a shelf, and no more problem than home-canned produce.

Even if I poured this finished product in a bucket to flush the commode, I would have wasted/spent only the cost of processing on the stove. Actually, I would not consider it a waste of electricity. I could just store the water I can, still add Clorox or pool shock (which I am still looking for)  to water after storage to make it potable if necessary.

Another thought--for those wondering how to store water, you could always store it, unprocessed, in glass canning jars to use for non-potable water. Just put in bleach and store in the dark. If you need the jars to can food, you can open the jars or buy new ones. A person can never have too many canning jars! Of course, I would use quarts, but it seems that half-gallon jars would work, too.

Update: Lorie led me to her post and her take on water in canning jars. It is not the video where the jars are processed. However, it is an excellent idea that involves no processing. Thanks, Lorie.

Your turn
Your thoughts about this whole process? Do you see any further considerations that I am missing? Was this a wacky idea she had?  Do you know where that woman and her video is on the Internet???

Monday, March 19, 2012

Yard Sale finds

Last Summer and Fall Frugal Finds to Suit Parsimonious Me

One dozen
10-hour candles
$0.25 0r $0.02 each
Only one candle had been lit and snuffed out before wax melted. These were originally $1.09. I paid a QUARTER. Although I do not like burning candles for ambiance or for light in an emergency, I have 120 hours of free light. I do burn candles for light and ambiance outdoors. So, these were a good buy.

Did you notice I have a candle chunk? They are melted together, but a knife will take care of that.
Free--25 cards

 This whole box of cards has been addressed and stamped, ready to give to others in the church. the "Value Box" of 25 cards was originally $2. There is an assortment of cards, some, like this one would be perfect for use as a name tag on a gift. And, I got these just a few weeks ago, not in the fall. I immediately removed the cards and tossed the envelopes. The back of each card has an additional small picture that can be used, also.


Everything in the picture was marked a quarter. Then, everything was half price. So, for $0.50 I got all that is in the picture. The child's play pie pans are very old, heavy enough to really bake in. Children's toys long ago were actually miniatures of the real thing. These may go to my little g-daughter; I may sell it. The gaudy tassel was sort of sweet. I need a new fan pull. Maybe it will work. I like small candy dishes but refuse to buy things full price for Christmas. This will work for me. I may even give it to one of my daughters.
Did I show you this?

I have always wanted a steamer!

It folds up... so cute. See how shiny it is...Looks new....Good quality stainless steel....Made in USA.

Aren't those cute little feet?
Okay, maybe the tassel is junk. The rest is useful. Plus, I have gotten rid of so many things from my home. I sold enough of the items I bought at this one sale to pay for what I bought and have a small profit. I may have paid $0.50 or $1, not sure.

That would make $1.75 for today's show and tell, maybe just $1.25. I got this all in the fall.

Your turn
So, that is part of what I brought home. Is there anyone else who is taken, smitten, by child-sized dishes and baking ware? Who is looking forward to yard sale season to be in full swing? Have you found anything cool to share?

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spring Thoughts

"Crocus are the Chicken Littles of Spring--it doesn't start until the daffodils sing."

I don't remember where I saw that. I thought sure I would remember. If this is true, then Spring came here in February.

Spring is marked by the sightings of yellow--daffodils and bulldozers.

It may be Summer since it is 86 degrees here right now.

Here it is March 18, and my yard has needed mowing since mid February. I could show you a picture, but I cannot post until I pay Picasa $5!

Your turn
Do you have any Spring sayings to share? Has spring arrived where you are? Can you give me a clue where you are if you decide to answer that last question? No, I don't need your street address.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Lunch on the Cheap

This lunch is cheap several ways: free or cheap food, cheap transport, reusable transport, no buying lunch.

First, you start out with frugal dinner.

The chicken thigh/leg quarter was free. I took the skin off before I served the meal. eight of these, sixteen pieces of chicken went into the oven. The skin was brown and golden. Potatoes and tomatoes were free and  fine, just not fit to sell. I paid for the broccoli (it is steamed) and carrots. Still, this dinner was less than $1. Eating at home has benefits. You can have the same thing for lunch at work. Or, it can be a dinner for the next night. (Lots more carrots are hiding under the tomatoes! I removed carrots and tomatoes so I could heat the chicken. Then, I did not get the carrots uncovered.)

For lunches or dinners all ready to microwave, you collect divided bowls. I found this one at a garage sale. The green bowl had a pink lid in which the hens left a present, and it was not an egg. The lid blew off the bookcase on the porch. Hens found it accidentally. The clear Tupperware lid pictured above was a lucky find, as I bought it and it fit. Notice that there is no vent in the lid.

has a lid with vent for heating in microwave
While I plated the meal for exbf's dinner, I prepared another Tupperware divided dish for his lunch the next day. I accidentally put the raw vegetables in to be heated even though there is an insert for one of the holes, so he could take out the salad part and not heat it. The tomatoes are underneath the broccoli and carrots. He said the tomatoes were juicy and broccoli was marinated in tomato juice, quite good, he said.
This dish goes into one of the compartments.
Rounded area at the top is a thumb-hold to remove  from the larger dish. I usually put cole slaw or fresh, sliced tomatoes in this section..Cold fruit or desserts can travel in the little cup.

I don't know why I did not take a picture of the lid. It has a pop up vent to open. That way, the lid can stay on during microwaving. Your lunch won't be the one that spatters the microwave at work. Plus, it is more stable to carry. 

Even though this dish was quite expensive years ago, the lunch  savings paid for the dish in the first week I used it. I have an identical dish that was purchased at a yard sale for $0.50. The lid was at one sale for $0.25. That makes four, so if he doesn't bring one back because he leaves it at home, I have another for him the next week. Plus, I can use them myself.

Orphaned Tupperware is worth it. If I had not found the vented top, other Tupperware seals/lids/tops are pretty well standard sizes. Now, I can actually make four dinners/lunches in my dishes.

Note: I still cannot post pictures. This was written earlier.  I could not write a post tonight because I am still soooo upset.

Your turn
Do you own Tupperware with the vent? They make soup bowls, too. Divided dishes for lunch? 

Friday, March 16, 2012

How an Egg is Layed

I found a excellent article on how a hen lays an egg.  One day, I saw Fancy on the nest. She arose just as I came up, and an egg dropped to the leaves. It was an amazing sight. I certainly did not know hens stood to lay. I have seen them sitting down and the tail rising really high. I thought they were laying. Probably, they were straining/pushing and stood when I was not there.

Your turn
Have you ever seen an egg drop from a hen? Raise your hand if you have chickens. Are you getting chicks?

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Weight Loss=Free Car Wash Bargains, Hens

And, obviously not in order in the post. I like free. I like cheap. This car wash required something of me. But, the requirement was something that cost me nothing, suiting my parsimonious spirit.

Since I need to lose weight, and Mark had mentioned losing weight, also. I made him a proposition--we set goals for weight loss. Whoever reaches the goal first can ask something of the other. Mark wanted to listen to my Victrola, you know, the windup record player. I wanted my car washed. He wanted a small goal first--10 lbs. I lost 12 lbs and he gained 2, so I got a car wash today--in my yard, with my water, with my car wash liquid. I gave him a ragged dishtowel and a bucket from the deli.

Today was the day I collected. My car has not been washed in at least a year. Sad, but I cannot afford to go to the car wash and cannot wash it myself. Besides, running it through the car wash is a waste of money. The stall where I do it myself takes two washes because the car is white, very dirty, and I am not as fast as I once was. At home, I cannot get the hoses pulled out to full length--or bend much, or for long, or reach too far for too long....sigh. The whole car-washing bit is a struggle!

Now, he is out for the weight-loss challenge. He said it put too much stress on him to have a goal and to owe something if he did not lose first! I did not mention it for three months. ??? Oh, well. He needs to formulate a meal plan...yeah! I have not planned quit eating so much.

He would not go for mowing my yard if I lose ten before him...wonder why?


When I picked up produce for the hens, there were only two tomatoes and an onion. The onion will be salvaged for me. Tomorrow, they will get the tomatoes.

However, there were two marked-down cantaloupes. My hens love cantaloupe like chocolate or crack. They go absolutely nuts. They make little num num num noises when they eat cantaloupe. I wish I could collect all the cantaloupes' seeds and rinds for them. I decided to spend $1 for one. The guy just gave me the other. YAY! I have never bought a cantaloupe for them, but today I did since it has been months since they had one.

onion is 5.5 inches in diameter, one bad spot.--free

Above, the left hand cantaloupe half has all the seeds and goes to hens. The right half is for exbf tomorrow. I peel it for him and keep the rinds for the hens.

Look above. Pepper is at the top right, small hen. Thelma is at the lower left. Look at Louise in the middle, giving Pepper the eye! Pepper is trying to escape with a mass of seeds. Pepper darts in for food and carries it away if Louise is nearby. Thelma sort of ignores Pepper. One day, Thelma was going to peck Pepper. Louise rushed Thelma as if to say, "This is my job. Mind your business. Stay in your place." As long as there is no food, Louise sort of tolerates Pepper.

Once again, I got cheese on sale, the 8 ounce chunk of Kraft Cheese--four chunks today. 2/$5=$2.50-$1/2 coupon=$2each-5% discount= $1.90 each, AGAIN. Since the use by date is in June, I am okay.  Then, the cash register spit out a coupon for $3 off next grocery purchase. I love it when the coupon is not for a specific product.  If I don't spend these register coupons with a short life, I forget.

The store was about to close, so I grabbed these three mixes by Concord Farm. I never use the whole package. So, between using only part of the package and using them seldom, I can use this for five or more meals and the package will last me for a year, maybe..... I paid $0.11 for these three packages. Hmmm, that is not right, but it is what she charged me. Oh, yes, I got the senior citizen discount on this purchase, too, tonight.

I put a little oil in a bowl and a spoon of the Concord Farm Roasted Potato Seasoning Mix. Then, I put potato wedges in and stir, put them in an iron skillet with a lid and bake. Yum. These are not the directions on the package, but I suppose the directions on there will work. The package does not call for and iron skillet or covering the baking dish.

One day, I put this seasoning mix on meat. Yum, again. I never use as much of the seasoning as the package calls for. There are other flavors, but this is the best to me.

A friend gave me 5 huge baking potatoes. Another shared 7 tomatoes and 8 oranges--all beautiful. I have given them things in the past. I have been eating these, so no pictures. None were blemished or old.

Your turn
Have you ever tried the Concord Farm Roasted Potato Seasoning Mix? Now, do you see how Louise is controlling Pepper? Do you think Pepper is a banty/bantam? She is laying, so she is not just a young pullet. What do you share with your friends so that food costs will be a smaller part of your budget? Do you have hens or animals that like cantaloupes? One day, I will go out there and the rind will be so thin that it looks like a deflated balloon! 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Garden Humor

Here is some absolutely cheap entertainment for you. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.

Somehow, I ended up here, reading the most amusing garden stories, garden humor, if you will.  After I took a nap, I could not remember what link I was following. Have you ever done that? Followed rabbit trails here and there and everywhere?
There is a video, a pink bra planter, and then the humor articles.

Your turn
Did you enjoy these? Priceless? Do you have garden humor to share? We are listening.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Around My Home Today

The battle of the dandelions commences
One year, I decided that I would just make dandelion jelly and use a plant I could not thwart. Of course, that was the year of fewer dandelions, as it looks like this one will be. When I pick the heads for disposal, I will pick the greens for the hens.

eggs galore

After getting one egg a week for most of the winter, maybe two if I were lucky, this is the most eggs that have been in my egg bowl since I put the girls into their fortified pen outdoors last fall. All their energy went to staying warm after their house-warm experience for over a year. The really tiny one may belong to Pepper.  It is on the top row, left.
angry mama?

She had to be a pregnant raccoon, because of the nesting behavior in my house after being elsewhere all winter. Hopefully, there are no babies up there. I have not heard mewing for mama today, so maybe I caught her in time. The Animal Control Officer commented that I had caught a huge one.
two vehicles and two men for one raccoon?

growling but gone

Louise, Thelma, Pepper--happy, happy hens

I ate leftover, cooked-from-scratch--chicken and dumplings.

I hung clothes outdoors.

Cherry Laurel is blooming

more azaleas blooming

Yoshino Cherry blossoms

Hostas coming up

The tiny Cherry Laurel volunteer will be repotted. I don't know what the plant in the upper right is, but I like it, so it stays.


Redbud tree and overcast sky

mystery holes

These holes appear, more each night. I thought at first they were holes like the squirrels dig early each morning. But, these holes are six- to eight-inches deep, about two inches, cylindrical, and straight down. Raccoons dig holes sort of like this. So, maybe I will have no more holes. The policeman said that it looked like armadillo holes. He was teasing me about things, so I think he was teasing me. Have you ever seen anything like this?

My favorite umbrella, ruined

I got lime on my beautiful umbrella. Since lime is caustic, I really don't want to use this and have caustic water running down on me. It seems to have gotten little holes in it. The rain did not seem to take all the lime off.  My other favorite umbrella, a red one, tore up first. But, this looks like a huge flower in the yard. Maybe I will strip it to the ribs and make it new with a pretty fabric and recover it.
That's all that is happening at my house today, unless you count the robins that have been courting for the last three weeks.
Your turn
Do you have snow or grass that needs mowing like mine does? Are the wild animals under control? Are the tame ones happy? Did you cook from scratch or eat leftovers? Did you have sunshine instead of a perpetually overcast day? Are your hens prolific? Tell me something about how it is at your house today. please.

Monday, March 12, 2012

I Am Woman; Hear Me Roar

The adrenalin rush I feel is overpowering.

You can see one of his eyes about a quarter of the way from bottom left, right at the very bottom of the picture.
In 2009, a raccoon killed one of my four hens that I kept. I caught a raccoon in the Hav-a-Hart live trap. Then, in the spring of  2010 (I think)a mother and her three babies cavorted in the space over my room where I sit, the den. A baby dislodged part of the ceiling and fell through. Cops got it out of the house.

Then, another night two babies fell through right beside me, within 10 inches or less of my elbow. The mother growled. She even tried to come in the house though the back door when the police were here, helping me.

For the last week, I have heard vague ramblings above my head. EeeeK!  On Thursday night, I heard noise on the porch and knew it was a raccoon. But, I did not want to scare it. You see, I want it to be comfortable being so close. I always have plans for raccoons. Friday night, I forgot to get the live trap out. Saturday, I did not forget. I set it and baited it with baked chicken skin....and waited. I heard noise and waited to make sure it was really in the trap.

So, you see what I caught. I presume it is a female who was making a nest above this room, the warmest in the house since the only heater is here. Plus, the picture window side faces South and the sun tracks across the window and side of the house all day. I just hope she did not have her babies today up there above the ceiling!

She growled lots at me when I got close to look at her and gloat, and I growled back and banged a pie pan that had chicken food...banged it on her cage. My heart rate soared. This is soooo scary, and there is no one to help me. Animal Control will get it in the morning. Maybe no other females will decide to make this a baby-birthing place.

Tomorrow, she takes a trip. Exbf said I sounded like Mafia with that statement. Nothing bothers my hens if I can help it. Plus, raccoons carry diseases and tear apart houses. 
Here is the beginning. What happened next. And the end, I think. At any rate, this is ongoing. Others around town deal with it, too.

Your turn
Do you ever have to catch dangerous animals? Wild animals?  Are you being brave or does trapping wild animals not even frighten you?

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Itty Bitty Economy

What is  alike  about these two bottles?
What is different about these two bottles?

*Dawn is the product.
*Both were free to me+ $.08 tax.
*Both were bought about 5 years ago.

*One bottle is empty.
*One bottle is full.
*One bottle has a flip cap.
*The other has a push/pull cap.
*One is wasteful of the product.
*The other saves the product.

Soooo....what is the big deal? It was free, so why can't you waste that tiny bit?

I just cannot, that's why!

About 4-6 years ago, the push/pull cap was replaced on the market by the flip cap. I just about flipped! The flip cap wastes the Dawn no matter how carefully I pour. The push/pull cap can be pushed down until I can dispense one drop at a time. With Dawn drops, not a stream, are all I need. If I do need more, I just put another drop in the sink.

Now, I have to change caps from the empty bottle to the full bottle. The full bottle NOW has the push/pull cap, and it sits on the back of the sink. Someday, the lone push/pull cap I have will break. I have a free bottle of Palmolive that I bought for my daughter. It has the push/pull cap! If she does not get it, I will just use the Palmolive bottle by pouring the Dawn in it. Of course, I will take off the label!
Only one friend has complimented me on using less. The others just look at my face, searching for sanity, look away, and change the subject or say, "That's nice." They are insincere in their compliments. Okay, my friend who died, Pat, thought this was a very good way to save. She was the friend who was most impressed by my parsimonious ways.
This has nothing to do with the Dawn being free or with saving money. Why use more at one time than is needed? Okay, your strange parsimonious friend has spoken.

By the way, a pump top delivers too much product.

Your turn
Do you have a preference for the delivery of liquid sink washing detergent if you use the commercial stuff? Have you ever noticed that the flip tops deliver too much, despite your best efforts? Do you think I am too crazy parsimonious?

Friday, March 9, 2012

Small Economy: Cheese Catch Up

+ $2 for each -5% = $1.90 each, a deal

When I was so ill and went to the ER, I was vaguely aware of this BOGO. However, I missed the one-week window of opportunity. That's okay. Food and bargains were not on my mind.  Parsimonious me was just too weak to care. Bargains? I don't feel like a bargain.

Wednesday night, I was in the store and thought of cheese. As I picked up the unmarked package, the other fell, revealing the sticker. Yay sale! I asked the young man why there was only one marked. He explained it was no longer that price, that someone forgot to remove the sticker.

Since the bargain price was still on the cheese, I knew that it would be honored at the register. Since Wednesday is Senior Day at the grocery, that means a whopping 5% off. So, my chunks of Kraft's cheese were now each $1.90.

I merrily rummaged through the cheese and then had to straighten it all. I had accidentally found the only one. Somewhere, I have a coupon for this very item. Now, all I need to do is find it to make it even cheaper.

The image of my camera strap is free just for your pleasure. Normally, I would just retake the picture, but one package of cheese has been eaten. After Fancy died I decided to drown my sorrow in pimiento and cheese and potato chips. Just my luck--I had no cheese, no chips, and no pimiento! A trip to the grocery was in my plans as it was Wednesday, so this worked out just right.

My name is Linda, and I'm a cheese-a-holic.  The package is in the trash and probably outdoors. The evidence is always destroyed as soon as possible. Right? There is a stash of empty cheese packages hastily stashed in a hollowed out copy of Of Mice and Men.

Don't you just love these accidental bargains? I know you all have had accidental bargains, too.

Your turn
Do you ever find stray bargains that should not have been marked down? Do you have Senior Day at your grocery? Do you take advantage of the discount that day?

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Fancy's Last Hours

As you can see, I posted the pictures of her being cuddled and given medicine at 5:54 and her death at 6:20. In the interim we had sat down in the den to eat. The last posted pictures were taken with Tommy about 3 pm.

After that, she sat in her cage on the porch on the rocker. About 4 pm, I noticed a rattling when she breathed, sort of like a gurgle. A fleeting dark thought went through my mind--death rattle. It wasn't much, just a bit. As the wind picked up, I thought that wind might not be good for her and finally moved her inside the back door.

Toward dinner I alternatively cooked and came to look at her. I noticed as we sat to eat that she was sounding worse. I only had chicken, mashed potatoes and broccoli and ate in fear. Halfway through, I heard a strange sound. She was sort of leaning on the side of the cage and pulling a foot under her to stand. The foot and leg would slowly extend full-length to the side as she tried repeatedly and valiantly to get her foot under and to stand. She could not. I put a piece of newsprint under her feet instead of the slickish piece on which she was trying to gain her footing. That worked and she stood. I sat back down, full of fear.

A few minutes later, she was making a sound like she was trying to clear her throat as I watched. Then, it looked like sneezing. She sneezed so hard that she whacked the bottom of the cage with her bill. She shook her head and stretched her neck, all the while the rattling getting louder.

With an extremely heavy heart, I sat back down and told Exbf what was happening. He looked solemn. I think he suspected the same thing I did. Then, exbf tripped me as I walked past him! I have told him I will step over his feet, not to move and trip me. He did and I fell awkwardly across him. One side of my body was on him and my spine hit the corner of a drawer, solid wood, just my luck. I could not get up because I was bowed back and he could not get from under me because I landed on his side that needs hip surgery. He has trouble standing up without being pinned down!

While this was going on, 15 seconds after I checked on Fancy, I could hear beating on the cage. She was flopping or something. Crying from the pain on my spine below the waist, I finally managed to get off the drawer. When I ran over and threw back her cage cover I saw a horrifying site. Within that 15 second interval, she was gone.

She was in the midst of flopping on her back and her wings fell out gloriously from her body, sort of like angel wings. Her head rolled slowly to the side. I let out the bloodcurdling Psycho scream and continued to scream uncontrollably while exbf, startled, demanded over and over to know what was wrong. I could only scream and then sob with great gasps and then--scream, cry, and say over and over ," she's dead."

I turned from her, paralyzed,  and could not look beyond the initial vision of her, something I will never forget. "get her out, get her out." That is all I wanted, for her to be gone from my sight. It was just too horrible. I sat and typed that she was dead.

Even though I still sobbed uncontrollably, loudly and screaming, I went outdoors with them and could not look still. The neighbors must have thought something was happening to me.

The next you are going to think is crazy. Even in the midst of personal emotional agony, I can still function and take charge. I gave him two plastic bags and told him to put her in those. Yes, I was sobbing and choking. In the meantime I got a garbage bag and had him drop her bagged body in. Within five minutes of her dying, before she was cold, she was in the big freezer. I want to find out why she died.

Otherwise, I want her buried. Exbf was within minutes of leaving, it was dark, and I did not want to deal with burial then and ask him to stay. I was still sitting here, sobbing, wracked with body shakes, rocking myself, and trying to get it all to stop, so burial was not on my mind.

 Okay, had to take a break just now from the crying once again.

Exbf was halfway through his meal and could not eat after all the screaming, crying, bagging and freezing Fancy. I could tell he was sad to see her sick and then sad when she went. He is not emotional that way, so no tears or even words, just one, short, agonized groan.

I know. I cannot stand to see her dead but can stand to have her in the freezer. She is gone. It's over. I am pragmatic even though emotional.

Maybe I should have let her go on Sunday. I don't know. But, I don't regret all the cuddling she got at the end. I knew she was terribly ill when she never tried to leave the cage no matter how long it was open for my cleaning of her food and water bowls.

When the raccoon killed Chessie two years ago, I picked up her bloody and mutilated body as soon as I found her, still in her nest box/bed. I put her in a plastic bag and dropped her in the garbage. I was angry at the raccoon but cried only a bit because I had not protected her. I had a goal, protecting my hens and killing the raccoon. Now, I have nothing to fight. I am not angry; I am devastated!

Last night, I kept thinking I heard her over near the door, making little noises, shuffling and vocalizing. That was really unnerving because I would start to go see what she was doing or sit still to hear more.

At least she is not hurting. Please don't suggest there is a chicken heaven. Gone is gone.

Thanks for the emails and thoughts.

As I sat here last night, I did not regret any money I spent on her, just worried about how I can manage now. I guess that is pretty crass, but it is the truth and I had to think about something else. This morning, I am getting the evidence of her illness put away--meds and syringe and medicine dropper and other things.

Next time, I won't try to save a hen. We were both in agony.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Fancy Just Died

When I quit crying I will tell you.

New Concoction for Fancy

She just suddenly stuck here head under the towel.
Today, I gave fancy some Fruit Punch Gatorade with ground egg shells and a pinch of the electrolyte powder. She let us know when she had had enough! She was force fed more.

 Gatorade, electrolytes, vitamins, and ground egg shell

I think she is telling him something.
As I was starting to settle in the chair to dose her, Tommy said, "Here, let me hold her so it will be easier for you." I assured him I could handle it. He watched for a bit longer and said, "I want to hold her." He cradled her, talked to her in the most gentle, soft voice, and caressed her. Finally, as I filled the syringe, he sang "Rock A Bye Baby" to Fancy.

Then, while I filled it again, he started talking softly but animated to her. He is a good story-teller.
Did you hear the one about Colonel Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken? He broke down on the side of the road and a  bunch of your cousins, a band of chickens found him. They fried him right up and ate him for lunch--original. Yes, they fried him and ate him with 14 herbs and spices.

He has no children, but he would have been a good father. Of course, he gets to leave the hens here and go home. They never spend the night inside his back door.

Fancy had some cuddling, a lullaby, a bedtime story, and 9 tsp of Gatorade laced with electrolytes and finely ground baked eggs shells. I forgot to add some of the tetracycline

. Closeup of her hiding. She just tucked her head under the towel.

She will get that before exbf leaves and not in the concentration she had yesterday. Today, she seemed very receptive to having the syringe in her mouth. Maybe she is accustomed to it. She only shook her head once. That is a good sign. Maybe she is thirsty. I have not seen her drinking from her water bowl.

She has not been on the ground or loose since Sunday. After her meds I left her house cage out on the table with a towel over most of the cage. She faced the end covered by the towel. The wind is heavier and the sun hotter, so I put her on the porch, up on a rocker. I went out to cover part of her cage because she is so tired. She objected and got up to find a hole to see out. So, I left the end open where she was facing outward, looking at grass and her sister hens.

When we were wrapping her to give her meds, she flapped her wing out. I let her escape so I would not break a wing trying to maneuver her. Exbf tried to catch her at his feet and failed. She was up, trying to run and getting nowhere. I think the handling, her jumping and trying to run, and just the swallowing of the meds exhausted her and caused her pain.

She is not as turgid when I feel he body, but she still looks like a butterball. She is not well, still.  But, she does not seem worse. All this fluid could stop her heart. I can see body her move with every heartbeat and she is panting heavily.
She is now sitting more. Before, she stood until 11 pm, not wanting to sit. I can only surmise she is feeling better and wants to sit or that she can no longer stand to just be on her feet as much. This is so hard to figure out. I am learning. Tomorrow, I am calling Auburn. They have one of the top vet schools and offer PhDs in Poultry Science. I need to write down all I have done and my observations so I can get it complete and straight without having to backtrack and add information later.

She is breathing heavily. I hope the calcium helps her, not with breathing. I am just rambling. I have some calcium tablets that I am going to give her later today.  Getting too little calcium, magnesium, or potassium can lead to fluid retention in humans. I may be in error, but hopefully the electrolytes and some more calcium will help her.

Part of the problem could be lack of proper amount of calcium. Calcium is needed for peristalsis.

This is the second post today. Catch the first one about her.

Your turn
Have you fed the electrolytes to animals? 
So, this is where we are!

Fancy is Alive

Vitamins and Electrolytes

She is breathing sort, hard, shallow breaths but not panting with mouth open, as bloated as ever. This morning I gave her the same strong meds. Considering I pulled 2.5 tsp into the syringe and she probably retained a tsp, I don't think she is getting too much.

Fancy was not exhausted and panting with mouth open like the only time I fed her meds yesterday. I could not take advantage of the open mouth. I pushed out a drop to hang on the end of the syringe and let it touch the end of her beak. She looked interested. Finally, I pushed a drop and let it touch the middle of the top of her beak. It rolled off each side and into the tiny opening between the top and bottom of her beak. The slit between beak parts was all the pant she was doing at the moment.

By this method I continued drop by drop, pushing meds and watching her swallow. For some reason she would shake her head often and fling medicine water in my face. My hands, sweatshirt and pants received large doses regularly. However, I am satisfied she received some benefit.

I unwrapped my butterball little hen and put her back in her cage which is out on the porch. I think I saw her drink from her cup of meds. Not sure.

Today, I am adding vitamins and electrolytes. The package came from the Seed and Feed that sells chickens, ducks, and bunny babies. Of course, it is made to feed by the hundred gallons! So, more math.

I am fuzzy on what I read, but the lack of calcium can cause peristalsis to cease, causing bloating and the yolk problem which can lead to the peritonitis. Don't quote me on that. But, the gist of the matter is she is calcium deficient. I will grind eggshells to powder in my coffee grinder and give her that in a paste on my finger.

I also bought some Gatorade. How many times have you stood in front of the Gatorade contemplating which flavor a hen would like? Chickens don't like citrus, so Strawberry Lemonade was out. Same for Lime whatever and Lemonade. The grape color turned me off. Orange Mango--citrus. Finally, I settle on Fruit Punch. We will see if she likes it.

While I was in the Seed and Feed, four blocks from my house, right downtown, I asked about strawberry seeds since there were many racks of seeds. Ta Da

For $1.89. I could almost buy a quart of strawberries. Okay, I don't know why this text is moving the picture to the side. I can figure it out, but I am in a hurry. Exbf and Mark are both due any minute to help me with something I cannot handle.

Your turn
Still, no one has had this problem with a hen? She looks a bit better, but that may be wishful thinking. Has anyone ever planted strawberry seeds?

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Fancy's Meds

Tractor Supply had meds for hens, about $6. I purchased them, but no one knew anything about how to dose one hen. She is taking tetracycline.

Made in the USA

How many of our for-human drugs can say that? This is for animal use only, FDA approved. I wonder if this could be used by humans in an emergency.

I called the company, Durvet, in Missouri, and the women with whom I talked were so friendly, helpful, and sympathetic. The directions are in mg/gal. There is a reason, amongst others that I did not want to be a nurse--conversions and solutions. I might just kill someone if my brain did not explode first. I can do conversions. But, I cried over solutions in Algebra in college. Okay, I cried in class during the final exam.

The woman at Durvet told me to use 1 Tbsp to 1 gal of water. So, I promptly put 1 T in a pint of water, about 8 times the strength she told me to use. I was just so nervous.

Fancy is still here in the house in her cage. She is still and quiet. I wrapped her in a towel and took the new syringe I had to go buy, the pint of meds, and her in a towel and went to the table outdoors to administer her med.

I made a pint and put half in the cup in her cage.
This is what is left now.
The overkill on meds might not be a bad thing. She resisted. Of course, I had her wrapped, so it took here a bit to finally free a leg that I promptly secured. I had to open her mouth with the left hand, and was holding her to my chest with the left arm. Then, I had to coordinate placing the syringe in her mouth and releasing a bit.
Holds 2.5 tsp

Of the first syringe, I am quite sure she got no more than a half teaspoonful down her throat. The rest ran down her feathers and then onto me. Some just rolled out of her mouth and onto my left hand. She flung it all over me sometimes. I talked to her, calling her by name and cooing to her like she was a baby.

The second syringeful seemed harder because I had to hold Fancy, hold the towel around her securely, turn the jar over and fill the syringe without spilling the contents of the jar. Next time, I will use a wide-mouth pint jar or half-pint jar. Whew!

With the third syringeful, she was hold still, opening her mouth to pant, and not fighting my syringe. I still wonder if she just gave up, panted in pain, and decided not to fight because she could not. Or, did she know I was trying to help her? She turned toward me, so I think she was willing for me to hep her.

She is in her house-pen now. A little while ago, I heard her pecking oats. It is the first time that I am aware that she ate any oats since I put them in on Sunday.

Later, I will give her more of the strong meds without diluting what I have left. Before bed, I will dose her again. Next time I give her meds today, I will give her plain water after the meds, using the syringe. She needs liquids. I think I will go get her some Gatorade for her electrolytes. Her poop just now consisted of clear water, nothing else. She likes safflower bird seed, so maybe a bit of that will convince her to eat.t

Do you know
Would this tetracycline be useful to preppers? The expiration date on the bag is 2016. Will it hurt a human? Can it be worse than the meds from abroad that are tainted? 

Your turn
Anyone, please, have you had experience with a hen with egg yolk peritonitis?