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Friday, September 30, 2016

Cutting My Own Hair

My hairdresser won't be cutting hair for a year. That is enough to cause serious depression. Not only will I have to break in a new hairdresser, I will have to pay her to train her.

I remarked to a young female employee at WM that I loved her bang cut. Of course, her hair was coarse and thick like my children's hair. Mine is very fine and has decided to be thinner, too.  I told her I was so desperate that I thought about cutting the back. The front and sides are easy.

Following her instructions, I put my hair, minus bangs and sides into a ponytail right below my crown, actually on the back of my head and cut off a certain amount of the ponytail. IT WORKED! Now, don't cut off the whole ponytail. Unless you want

She said she found a youtube video on "how to cut your hair."  There are probably hundreds, so I just did what she showed me.

A high ponytail on the top of the head gives shorter layers. The ponytail placement and how much you cut off are the two factors that determine the cut. I think exbf is relieved to hear I don't want him to cut it again like he did about three years ago.

While I was in KMart getting more bargains, I saw a friend, not a close friend at all. But, I knew she would tell me the truth. She and her friend were shocked that I cut it so even. They wanted to know how I did it. Score! Then, while in WM, I saw the same employee who said it looked good. A customer wanted her to explain how to cut it like mine, in layers and with a ponytail.

That is $20 each month I can save. I know it's a lot, but since I have been ill, she has refused payment. This is my one really big splurge. I need my hair long, but not stringy; layered, but not chopped up; cut to look fuller, but not left too bushy at the bottom.

When I was married, I cut ex's hair and both girls' and boy's hair.

Your turn
Do you ever cut your hair like this? Cut it at all? Cut others' hair? Given anyone a horrid haircut? Gotten a horrid home or shop haircut?

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Happy Birthday, AA (daughter)

Happy Birthday, AA!

My youngest daughter, AA,  was born September 27, 1975. She had four people looking out for her every need.  The older two were 7 and 5 so they were very invested in her well-being.

When I had the other two children, no one asked what I wanted and I was put to sleep. When AA was born, labor was so long that the doctor determined she was breech. She came toes first. I refused the C-section as long as she was okay. AA's birth was my first birth experience, awake and in pain with nothing at all for relief.

From conception every moment with her was different. When she moved inside me, her head was under my ribs and painful. As she kicked and stretched, I thought she was coming out my anus. Yes, it was that bad. Remember, this was my third and nothing was the same. When the doctor said she was breach, I understood.

First child--four hours labor. Second child--two hours labor. Third Child--AA took 28 long hours. Everything the child did was so different from my experience with the first two. None of it was bad, just different. Well, the pain with no meds was not good!

When I was pregnant with AA, some days, I threw up seven times after dinner. That does not include throwing up at the pool, walking down the sidewalk, just anywhere.  The children were alarmed and concerned at first. Finally, they accepted that I was "throwing up again." With the first two, I threw up once each time.

When AA was born, unlike the other two children at birth, she was just not interested in opening her eyes. A little slit momentarily in one eye gave her all the information she needed. Son (7) asked me when her eyes were going to open. He knew kittens and puppies were not born with eyes open. I think AA was about two weeks old when she finally thought about taking a look around at where she was.

AA never stiffened like most babies when frightened. She was such a limp and floppy baby compared to the other two that I worried something was wrong. No, she was just chilling out all the time.

She rarely cried. She just sucked her thumb, something she was doing two minutes after she was born. The nurse told me and said she had been sucking before she was born. As I was holding her, watching her when she was about four days old, she hit herself in the forehead with her tiny fist. She moved her fist around and finally found her mouth.

She was adored by others who loved her name, both of which started with A, hence AA here. Her older brother (7) and older sister (5) were thrilled with her, adoring and caring.

When AA cried about a wet or dirty diaper as I was three blocks from home, I would say, "Oh, A, suck your thumb" as I put it in her mouth. One day, when she was less than three months old, I said. "Oh, A, suck your thumb." Before I could put her thumb in her mouth, she popped her thumb in her mouth.

When AA was almost three, I heard the dog yelp and she came in the front door as I was going to see what happened. AA had hair all around her mouth. I asked her what was wrong with the dog. Matter of factly, AA said, "I bit Puppy." Why? AA never had an answer and never did it again. I knew for a fact the dog had done nothing since he was not aggressive with any child.

One day, just before she was three, I heard her muffled screaming and squealing in distress. "Let me out!" "Help, get me out." " I want out!" "Heeeellllp!" I ran like a wild woman around the yard, unable to locate her, looking to the ground where I knew there to be an old well, looking for the old outhouse location. Finally, I realized the sound was not from a well or a hole. She was in the dog house and Rudy, the newer and larger dog was holding her in with his head and snout, just pushing her back. I had to drag her out past him, yet he still tried to keep her. She had ventured in and he liked the company and decided to keep her. She said he came in after she climbed in.

AA kept crawling into the dog house. That meant I had to bathe her, wash her hair, and dress her in clean clothes.  I scolded her, but after the third time, I told her she would get a spanking. She never did it again. When AA was 21 or so, she said she crawled into the dog house after the first time because she didn't like the clothes in which I dressed her. She said she knew I would have to change her.

Her favorite animal was not cats, dogs, or bunnies. She loved cows even though she had only seen one from the car. When she was less than a year old, I joined a bowling league. I would hurry her through eating and dressing so we could be ready to go bowling after we dropped the older two at school. I had pointed out the cows, so I told her we were going to go see cows.  She said, "Cow." over and over, pointing to the cows in the field next to the bowling alley. She had a cow pull toy later. If she were whining or crying, I would tell her I thought I saw a cow and for her to look out the window for a cow. That always calmed her down as she searched for a cow. She never lost her love of cows.

When AA was 18 months old, the older daughter's dance teacher said she would teach A for free just to see how a child that age would learn. There were no tap shoes that small, so I bought little patent leather shoes and had taps applied. The first time I put them on her, we were in the kitchen. As she slipped down from my lap, she fell down. I helped her up and she promptly fell down--two more times, all this before she even took a step. She had such a troubled expression on her face. Finally, I showed her the taps and told her they were what made her fall. She knew the taps were on the shoes but did not realize they made her fall. From the moment I showed her the taps after falling, she never fell again. This whole her falling and my picking her up again lasted about a minute, so I didn't let her fall and flounder about for a long time.

The tiniest ballet shoes had to be gathered up so that they didn't look like shoes, just pouches. Of course, I could let them out for a long time! If you don't know about the string in the top of ballet shoes, ask someone.

The dance teacher said she told the girls to take their places and stay there, not to move, until she came back in. When the teacher came back to the room three minutes later, she said A was the only one in her place. The others were wildly running about the room. "Good girl!" That was something I said to her all the time and one of her first words.

She was the most pleasant and even-tempered child ever until she started first grade. Then, she screamed, scratched and was a wildcat in the car on the way home from school in the car. I decided she was stressed and tired. She ate leftovers from the night before, a full meal, had a bath and hair washing, was in pajamas, rocked for an hour and in bed before 6 pm. She had to be wakened at 6:30 am to get ready for school. I rocked her to sleep each night so she could relax. She needed so much more sleep than the older two.

Unlike the older two,  AA ate everything put before her, EVEN when she heard the older two say how awful some food was. Some days, I suspected she wanted to be the special one who did eat without complaining!

Everyone said AA was an easy baby because I finally figured out babies. NO. I grew up as the oldest of five and had done everything for my brother who was born when I was fourteen. So, babies were not new to me.

She was a unique joy. Happy Birthday!

Well, I have written enough of this precious child. There are many other stories I could tell. Another time! And, to the two older, yes, you were precious, too.

Your turn
Did you have a thumb-sucker who rarely cried? Did your child loves cows instead of other, smaller animals? Or, maybe another animal? Did you have one child who was just so different in every way?

Monday, September 26, 2016

Birthday Dinner

Well, I finally felt well enough to enjoy a dinner and exbf was here. We went to Top Hat in Blountsville, AL. This place is down in the woods on old two lane highway 31. Most of the time, there are car tags from at least 6 counties in the parking lot. He even saw some friends from Birmingham! It's not fancy. It's a treat since I very seldom drive 17 miles for  the best  bbq around.

Dessert was a $0.99 Chocolate coconut bon bon from the counter by the register. I never, ever buy these as the only place I see them is at the Top Hat. They are about the size of a golf ball, maybe larger. I took it with me and could not finish it.

These people have made their million. They close before Thanksgiving and don't open until after the New Year.

Of course, I brought home the leftovers from my baked potato with sour cream for Dominique. She will be happy tomorrow.

This weekend, it was 100 degrees about 15 miles south of me and 98 degrees 190 miles to the north. Of course, you know it was hot here, too. I never heard the temperature for my city.

Your turn
What exciting or mediocre thing is happening in your world?

Carnation vs Pet Milk

While I am on a roll, have you read the evaporated milk labels lately? YesterdayI saw Carnation evaporated milk was on sale (really) $1. So, I cruised on over and read the label. CARRAGEENAN! And, the label describes it as smooth or creamy, forgot which.

The Pet evaporated milk has milk, sodium something and D3. Carnation had the sodium something, too.

My mother never bought anything but Pet evaporated milk. Thankfully, so do I. It's rarely used around here, but Carnation will never come in the door as long as I have the extra quarter to afford Pet.

I use it when baking lots, pies and cakes. I put it in homemade ice cream. There will be coupons for both, but I will only use the Pet coupon.

You may see me eating these ingredients in a product, but I pick my battles.

Your turn
Have you ever read the ingredient labels on Pet or Carnation Evaporated milk or whatever your country carries?

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Additive Dangers: Gums

Since I have discovered multiple allergies, I am so much more aware of what I feel when I eat food. One thing I have noticed is that foods with multiple gums seem to make me feel worse. Even though these probably won't kill me, why eat them?

Five indigestible ingredients found in food.

Summary at the bottom of article.

Have you noticed how guar gum, carrageenan, xanthum, and now gellan are added to many foods to give them creaminess, even yogurts have these. Isn't yogurt by its very nature creamy? Oh, not creamy enough?

Your turn
Have you noticed the gums added to all sorts of foods? Do you think they affect the way you feel after eating them? Is your plain yogurt creamy enough or do you feel the need for a gum to make it creamier?

About the Eyeglass Frames

First of all, I am not looking for just any eyeglasses or an eyeglass company. I am looking for a specific, old frame. So, sending me to a car dealership won't help me find a classic car.  I do appreciate the suggestions so far, but I need glass frames that will fit the lens I have and are the only ones I like. These lens are paid for, so I don't want to start all over and lose money spent on these lens.

Second, I won't order frames online unless I can try them on. I have tried on frames all over town and find none like mine.

Third, my computer updated for at least two hours. Now, yahoo is strange. I can find the reply button, but for the life of me, I cannot figure out how to send.  There should be a button, yes?

My eye is killing me and I am trying to hold on until Monday. Maybe that is why I cannot figure out where the SEND button is located.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

More Plants to Regrow from Kitchen Scraps

I have regrown a few plants from kitchen scraps and could link you to those posts. My eye hurts to much to even think about it. The celery turned out great. When the tornado tore up the town and left me without electricity for five days, I had other things to think about! So, it died.

This video shows more plants to regrow from kitchen scraps.

Your turn
What have you regrown from scraps? Did you find something new here to regrow from your kitchen scraps?

Friday, September 23, 2016

Help! I Need Your Mad Computer Skills!

Since I have had my last cataract removed, I am ready for new lenses. This summer, I did finally get the right lens made with a new prescription since I lost the old lens and looked crazy with only one lens. The lost right lens was from before cataract surgery, so I could see better without a lens. Finally, I got the new right prescription. Now, I can get the left lens.

The problem is that I love these glasses/frames that I got in 1998. The doctors said the glasses/lens collections no longer have these I love. My new lens was made to fit the current frames.

They look really crazy with their wonky ear  pieces and twisted front part. I walked all over in them in the gravel driveway while I was searching for them in the car. I did not realize they fell out.

In the meantime, I searched the internet and could not find the frames in the hundreds of thousands of listings.

This is like plea for a lost puppy. I need help in finding another pair of frames. Can anyone help?

Here are the specs for the glasses. Now, this is what the office where they were, ordered back in 1998 told me.

PoloClassic 179
color 1AE (or any)
Eye Size 48 (width of lens)
Bridge 21 (width of part that goes over nose)
Temple 145 (this can be a bit shorter but not much)

Yes, they are Ralph Lauren. I am flexible on the color. The color was tortoise or brown. Now, it is gold because the paint came off. The shape of the lens is what I need to be correct. Of course, the Eye Size and Bridge must be the same.

What is the temple measurement? If it the part that goes from glasses and over the ear, this could be a bit shorter but not much. My new lens will only fit this frame. That is why I need this frame only. Otherwise, I have to buy new lenses and frames. NO, the free frames don't fit.


Your turn
Let me know with a link to the frames. Using my email will be easier since I can just click on the link.

Can The Taste of Real Sugar Boost Brain Power?

Can the taste of real sugar boost brain power?

When I taught GED, I highly encouraged students to suck on a Life Saver Pep-O-Mint. Those who listened told me they stayed awake better, did not get sluggish, and still had energy.

One girl told me it did not help at all, just made her sleepy. I asked her what she took with her. She took her favorite flavor--Butterscotch. One took an artificially sweetened mint. Along with the sugar, peppermint in this particular  Life Saver Pep-O- Mint helps the brain.  I use these when I drive at night to help me stay awake.

Click Here to see the results of the research.  And, don't binge on sugar to be smarter! At the university, I would suck on a lollipop of some kind during tests.

Your turn
Can you tell the difference in brain power or performance when you taste sugar? I can!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Unorthodox Breakfast?

When I awoke, I attacked two chicken strips, my latest frugal find, sort of like beef jerky. More about those on another post. Then, I had a potato cooked in the crock pot in broth and still hot with about 1/3 cup of Fat-free Greek yogurt. It was all here; I ate it.

It is lunch time and I will have chicken, zucchini, milk and an apple.

I have already determined that for dinner I will have eggs Dominique has started laying regularly! It won't really be breakfast for dinner, just scrambled eggs and a glass of milk.

Somewhere today, a salad will be on the menu with tomatoes. Maybe for a snack, a big snack, after dinner.

Walmart is resetting shelves and marking down lots of food. They put it back near the milk on huge shelves. So, I will run by there to see what is cheap. Have you?

Today is one of the market days, so I will see what is kicking down there. Hopefully, pumpkins will be in. If I can find a discarded pumpkin, Dominique will be happy. After Halloween I will be picking up road kill pumpkins, ones on the curb for her.

Yesterday, I saw my pecan supplier and ordered three quarts of halves. Yum! They were $9.50/qt. last time I bought any, so I might have sticker shock. No, I cannot afford these pecans, but this is a trade between us. Nice!

update: orange juice and banana snack about 3 pm.

Your turn
Do you ever have a strange breakfast? Do you order things ahead of time from farmers at the farmer's market?

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Cataract Surgery

My appointment was 1:30: I was called back around 4:00. You can imagine how hungry I was.

When I come out of surgery, eating is the first and only thing on my mind. They gave me a cup of mostly ice and Mt. Dew. I ripped open the peanut butter crackers.

Suddenly, from behind me I felt hands on my crackers. I held on tight as the person said, "You can't have those. Give them to me." I held on as a hand came from the other side and I said, "No, I want them. No, I want them." I pressed the crackers to my chest between my breasts and hunched over as people tried to pry them from my hands. Finally, they quit and I ate my crackers. Mind you, I did not remember eating any crackers as I left the place! However, when I awoke this morning, I still remembered none of that. As a matter of fact, I didn't remember it when I got home.

That was Tuesday. Today, exbf who was sitting in front of the wheelchair I was in said three people, not one, were trying to pry the crackers from me. He said I was screaming out what I said. Now, I thought I was barely talking, He said my screaming drew the doctor's attention who rushed in and watched and talked to the nurses. Then, he just waved off and walked away.

The problem? I had told them how allergic I was to whole wheat and how I could eat a bit of wheat that was not whole wheat. Sooo, someone decided I was going to die.

As exbf told me this, I started to barely remember the incident. Since everyone was behind me, I was not aware of more than one person. This morning I did all my smiling and belly laughing first thing, a whole day's worth of mirth. Then, I called the place where I had surgery, doctor's office and another place and told them I did not even remember the whole thing until someone told me and I only remembered part of it.

I probably would have fought to the death for whole wheat! And, I just cannot remember screaming. It's a wonder I did not bite someone!

I have a history of devouring all I can immediately after anesthesia and never throwing up. One part of the hunger is the lack of food. The other part is relief.

Mama, after watching me eat after anesthesia, said. "You are just like your Daddy, you never throw up."  That part changed, but that's another story.

Oh, went to my one day checkup and can drive. That's a good thing since I drove there. The doctor said there was minimal swelling and that the scar looked surprising good, considering it had only been only 24 hours. Actually, it had been 20 hours.

I am not to bend or lift anything very heavy for the next week and avoided moving my head to side quickly and sleep with the plastic patch.

Your turn
Have you been told you behaved differently after anesthesia or even under anesthesia? Do you have to be careful about throwing up after anesthesia? Do you throw up after anesthesia? What is your best surgery story.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016


At times in my life, people have said that I was always smiling. Well maybe we should all SMILE more.

One time, when I was working for my friend in her craft booth with her and her husband, I was having to deal with some very annoying people. After thirty minutes of one woman and several others, my friend said, "I don't know how you can keep smiling through all of that. I would not have smiled at all. She was upsetting me. Weren't you upset?"  I told her, "She was  very annoyed with me, but I just thought if I kept smiling I would not be mean and maybe she would finally make up her mind." My friend kept remarking about the fact I smiled so much at annoying customers the rest of the day.

I was taking orders for baby bead bracelets and necklaces. Some people had to make calls or go through their purses to determine how to spell a grandchild's name. Some changed their minds, interrupted others, corrected me when I had the order correct, just were generally annoying. I took the orders and my friends made the jewelry. So, all the customer service was my job. Well, we did not want her husband dealing with people because he became agitated and short.

After reading the link it turns out maybe I should smile when I am alone and miserable with allergies. I do seek funny things on tv and do laugh out loud and smile at the TV.

Okay, maybe smiling all the time would set you up for a diagnosis of mental illness. But, that is not what I mean. Affect should be proper and in some cases, smiling is not the correct affect.

Later today, I go to have the left eye cataract removed. I hate this--up early and cannot eat!

Your turn
Does smiling make you feel better? Clear your sinuses?

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Funny Dominique

When I first brought Dominique home, she was accustomed to free ranging at her former home. Because predators had wiped out so many hens in such a short time, she was confined to the pen.

I have no idea what kind of chicken food she had before she came here. I gave her oats at first. She did not even recognize it as food, just ignored it for three days. When she was finally eating that, I gave her scraps and greens.

Today, I went to the yard to sit and cut my bangs with a mirror and comb and scissors. I took a large pan with the leavings of cantaloupe from yesterday. When I dumped all the luscious seeds, I looked and found an egg. All the while she was making her funny little sounds and walking around me. As I combed and cut my hair, she kept it up, coming to the fence to talk to me.

I used the hose to rinse the pan and kept watching her. Sometimes, hens complain and then eat when you are not watching. Of course, this rarely happens. Nope, Dominique was having none of the seeds.

Finally, I figured out what she wanted--oats. Usually my hens have gone for cantaloupe seeds before anything. Not Dominique. I was planning to give her oats later because my hands were full.

If my swing were not on the ground, I would sit and watch her more.

Your turn
Do your animals have food preferences and quirks?

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Free Food

There is a community place that shares food, not a food bank. There is no means test, no signing in, no determining if a person is a citizen. I asked about the last bit, persons here illegally. The guy said we don't care who they are. Mostly, it is produce.

I received:
2 apples
2 bananas
2 oranges
3 onions
8 potatoes
1 cabbage
4 lbs. rice
4 lbs. beans
can of tuna
box of macaroni and cheese

A piece of fruit each day would last a person almost a week. The potatoes were rather large, so potatoes, cabbage and onions cooked together would last about the same length of time.  Of course, there is the rice and bean dishes people cook. While this is not an ideal diet, I can see a person eating well and being filled. More fruit and green things would be ideal.

None of the produce looked like what was going to be thrown out. All was in perfect condition. Of course, bananas go fast when moved about. The apples had no bruises. Oranges were full not shriveled. Onions, cabbage, and potatoes were of the quality I would buy.

Of course, on Thursday, I bought 10 lbs of potatoes, 5 lbs of apples, five cheap bananas, And, I have five pounds of onions! None of it will be wasted. The free fruit will last me two days!

Although I am still weak from yesterday, I am going to fire up the crockpot.

Your turn
Is there any place that has food free to the general public where you live? Community garden?

Frustrating Friday

Everything started off fine. Exbf brought peanut butter from home because I am out. He knew ahead of time I had one loaf of whole grain wheat bread for a pb sandwich and a bunch of grapes. I had a banana with Miracle Whip and some of his pb and the last cup of milk.

Remember? Friday was the day of my birthday dinner. I had already postponed it once. Friday, I was doing well, no allergy problems.

Walmart had cantaloupes on sale for $.98, so I ran in and picked up a ripe one. As I went by the sample lady, I received a 1" piece of some sort of turkey sausage. My instinct was to spit it out ANYWHERE. No, I chewed and swallowed. I would have had to spit it into my hand! I chewed and swallowed, yessiree.

Disastrous Decision!

As soon as we returned home, I spent the next solid hour in the bathroom. This went on for four hours. In the end, I decided I could not eat out and enjoy it. I might have to spend the whole time in the bathroom.

He ate a cheese sandwich and a large slice of cantaloupe for dinner. I went to bed as soon as he left, slept until he called at 6 pm, saying he was home and I slept until 2:30 am Saturday morning.

I cut and peeled and deseeded the cantaloupe for him and put it in a plastic bag. The last time I sent an unripe cantaloupe home with him, he dropped it, ripened, on the carpet. It split open and splashed all over the place, soaking the carpet before he could get it up. So, he was not volunteering he would just take it and prepare it himself.

He took home his peanut butter, the loaf of whole wheat I cannot eat, and the bag of cantaloupe.

It's 4 am, and I must get up and wash the clothes I wore out yesterday. I cleaned the floor and commode yesterday. My stomach feels as though I never want to eat again.

Even though allergies appear to rule my life, health, and happiness/comfort, I need to listen to the voice in my head that says, "Spit it out." That is what infants and little kids do.

It was only one bite! But, the adult me said, "Don't spit it out."

Your turn
Do you ever have violent reactions to food because of allergies? Do you ever have the urge to spit out food that really does taste okay?

Friday, September 16, 2016

Kraft Deal

Today, I found a Kraft deal. Five cheese products were $10. Chunks, shreds, and slices were included in the deal. I bought two 8-ounce chunks of Medium Cheddar and three bags of Italian Five Cheese shreds. Since I have not had cheese in over a month, this will be an adventure. I will try cheese one day with no other allergens consumed. So, that will be a day excluding milk, wheat, and mammal meat.

I am pleased to say I spent one day without allergic reactions. No itching is a boon. Ears are fine. Tinnitus is at a minimum. Intestines are not complaining. Head and chest are clear. If you have never suffered from food, you have no idea how happy this makes me.

Actually, I believe eating like I do will save money since I won't waste money on gluten- or wheat-free products. Little dairy will be eaten. Chocolate is under control. Also. I buy less medicine, prescription and otc.

So far, the only mammal products I plan to consume are cheeses and milk.

Friday night, I will be taken out for my birthday dinner. Since I love sour cream on my baked potato, I will carry Greek yogurt. Their sour cream might have gums in it. Maybe I will take my own salad dressing. GAH! I am becoming one of "those" people.

Your turn
Have you found a Kraft deal lately?  Do you ever go out to eat and take part of your meal with you?

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Bacon Frustration and Other Stuff

Two twelve-ounce packages of tasty bacon went back to Walmart today. I hope they get their money back from the processor! Monday, while I was still shaky and dizzy and feverish, I decided scrambled eggs and bacon would be good for me. As I stood there shaking and my hand trembling, trying to pick and peel off strips of bacon, all that happened was shredding and strings of bacon.

Really, I was ready to cry by the time I managed to pick off the single pieces. Usually, I just peel four slices off at a time. Let me back up. I detest bacon not done and soft on the ends. So, I slice the whole pack in half first thing. So, when I peel off a chunk of four pieces, I am really only eating two slices. Are you with me?

If I throw in the four slices still stuck together, I wait and pick them apart as they get warmer and begin to curl. It works. I tried that Monday, and all I got was 3.5 strings of bacon. Yes, I had four pieces of bacon. But, considering this was paper thin, I really got only 2 slices.

I am NOT a fan of thick bacon. That was not the problem. Too thin is obviously problematic, also. I want it just right. It's out there and some is now in my refrigerator.

This was local bacon, Pell City, as opposed to being a big national chain. Sorry, I went with Hormel.There are two local bacon factories, one three miles and the other six miles from me.  Next time. Oh, forgot--one sets up at the market four blocks from me. Neither was open at the time of day I went shopping.
Walmart refused to give me cash or credit on a card because food with no receipt has to be traded for food. Bummer! I was in no mood to shop for food. I just wanted to get the bacon out of my refrigerator, NOW.

Tomorrow, I want a BLT. If not tomorrow, then Friday when exbf comes. I won't be having bread, just a BLT salad--bacon, lettuce, tomato, Miracle Whip.

I don't need apples but decided to get one Honey Crisp. She rung it up--$1.30 for one apple! So, I left it there. That brand is on sale somewhere. I don't buy bagged apples because I have gotten too many bruised or rotten ones in bags. No lectures! I have wasted too much money on bags. The one of me does not eat them fast enough.

Your turn
Bacon? Do you have a favorite brand, flavor or cut? Are you frustrated over return policies that are weird?

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Allergist Visit

I love my allergist in Huntsville. We may have mostly solved my problems. I told him that the best whole grain wheat around makes me itch, makes my ears hurt, and my sinuses have problems. However, a nice white, fluffy slice of Wonder Bread would have caused me few problems. I explained the nasty effect of the chocolate muffin made with rice flour. I might take a cooked potato and add chocolate to it.

No, I don't eat Wonder Bread. However, little buns on various fast food do not bother me like healthful whole wheat. I will cut back on anything with wheat in it and never touch whole wheat again.

1--Ghee--When I explained what it was, butter without the proteins, he said that protein is what I am allergic to in mammal products.  Ghee it is.

2--Gums--xanthum, carrageenan, gellan, and others. These are added to products for creamy smoothness. I ate a small soft-serve ice cream at Burger King on Friday as an experiment. I thought I was going to die! On Saturday, I ate a nasty coconut yogurt with weird things in it. Both had gums, ice cream and yogurt. So, I will read labels even more closely from now on. I did not go out and buy it!

3--Dutch processed chocolate, processed with alkali--I have terrible acid reflux when I eat this kind of chocolate. Last time, he had no idea what this was, He also did not know that Dutch processed chocolate left little of the good for you stuff in chocolate.

I brought up these three points. He did not know if gums cause an allergic reaction, I think they do.

When I drank milk on Sunday with oats, I waited for the reaction. There was none. Then, I baked the chocolate chocolate chip muffins and drank milk. No reaction to the milk. Reflux from the chocolate processed with alkali. Monday, I tried True Moo Chocolate milk. Pain and reflux followed. The chocolate is processed with alkali, or Dutched.

Sunday, I ate ten Nestles chocolate chips and had no reflux. These chocolate chips are natural chocolate. Ten each day is my limit. They cause me no distress.

I usually buy 32 ounces of yogurt that is only milk and live cultures. I bought a Chobani Plain single serve yogurt that I will try tomorrow. I throw about 1/8 cup of blueberries in about 1/3 cup plain yogurt. So, the cup will last three days. Look at the plain yogurt containers and see how few things are added. You will be shocked.

Everyday, I eat a bit of yogurt with maybe 20 frozen blueberries, a half cup of applesauce with about half a cup of cottage cheese, ten pistachio nuts, and ten chocolate chips. These are spread out during the day for little snacks.

He agreed to test me for cantaloupe and coconut and wanted to add pineapple to the test.  It will be two weeks before I know. I really really hate cantaloupe. Mama loved it and said, "I cannot believe I raised a child who does not like cantaloupe." I was over 35 the last time she mentioned this. Now, I will know if I am allergic to cantaloupe or not.

I certainly don't presume to think my health issues are so exciting that you are dying to hear all this! But, I have learned so much, especially that things I said I must be allergic to, I AM! If your child refuses to eat something, maybe it is an allergy. Maybe I just hate cantaloupe. If you are having acid reflux, maybe it is an allergy like my allergy to whole wheat. Do not take meds for reflux that have metals as they are causing dementia according to medical sites. Read the bottles, folks!

The reason I have spent the last ten days mostly in bed with a low-grade temp is that the uti continues. Yes, got a new scrip.

In the meantime, I will not be overdoing the dairy consumption as I love to do! Wheat is going away except for the kind that is white and not healthy for us. And, there will be little of that.

There is a recipe I am going to try for buns/bread that has no wheat. Pumpkin pie will be without a crust. If I put a crust under any pie, I will just scrape the filling out.

My plans are all doctor-approved.

I have still maintained the 10 pound weight loss.

Your turn
Do you have reflux? Take medicine for it? Does your child have reflux? Eosinophils grow in the esophagus and will turn to cancer. If I had gone to a doctor before this all got so painful, I would have saved lots of problems.

The tinnitus returned. It is my friend, just white noise.

Since I have not slept since 1 pm on Monday, and it is now 9:30 pm on Tuesday, I am going to try to go to sleep.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Review: Betty Crocker Gluten Free Chocolate Chocolate Chip Muffins

No, I won't be buying these again! However, since I bought a second package, I suppose I will have to bake the other.  The first one was in the cabinet in plain sight, but I could not find it.

When I mixed these today, I scraped the bowl and tasted. The mix has rice flour. Obviously, rice flour is gritty. When I baked them, the rice flour was still gritty as I ate the muffins hot and then as I ate cooled ones.

I am sorry, but the grit got in the way of satisfaction. For you it may not be a problem. The taste was good and chocolatey and the chips were very melty even when cold. The package says that it makes 5 muffins. Correct, there was no dough for another to make it 6.

Several months ago, I bought a pack of 6 silicone muffin cups. I used those to bake, placing them in a cake pan. Now, I have to wash them.

I have plenty of cupcake papers, so that won't be a problem for the rest of my life. Sometime before she died 1993, way before she died, my mother gave me a lifetime supply of muffin cups. I gave some to my daughter, maybe to someone else. I still have boxes and boxes of them. Just now I remembered that she gave me these muffin cups in 1978.

Now, I am not sure if I will ever buy the rice flour after the gritty feeling.

Your turn
Have you ever used rice flour in anything? Does the grittiness get in the way of satisfaction?

Zucchini Cobbler Recipe

I don't feel like shopping or baking, but I had to share this recipe without making it first. I got it Here.

For some reason in the past, I used my coffee bean grinder, the kind with a stainless steel cup with blades, to grind rice, oats, and other things. Coffee beans have never been ground in it. Besides, no odor is ever left behind.

Oh, I was trying my hand at making cream of rice, something I love. When I took the top off, there was a cloud of rice particles. It turns out that brown rice can be ground to almost flour consistency. Maybe a few more minutes of grinding would make it all into flour. I can try. Then, I can use that instead of the all purpose flour in this recipe. I will substitute something for the butter, too.

Okay, you want me to try this recipe first? Tough! I told exbf not to come on Friday. That is how sick I feel. Plus, I spent my birthday in bed. However, I wanted to get this out to you so that anyone with a zucchini glut now and  out of ideas could try it out. Her blog stated they used or will use winter squash for the same recipe.

Zucchini Cobbler



5 cups zucchini – peeled, seeded & chopped
½ cup fresh lemon juice
¾ cup white sugar
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
½ teaspoon ground nutmeg
4 cups all-purpose flour
1 ½ cups white sugar
1 ½ cups butter, chilled
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees F. Coat a 9x13 inch baking dish with cooking spray.
2. Place zucchini and lemon juice in a medium saucepan. Cook, covered, over medium-low heat, stirring occasionally, for about 15 minutes, or until tender. Stir in ¾ cup sugar, 1 teaspoon cinnamon, and nutmeg. Simmer 1 minute longer, remove from heat, and set aside.
3. In a large mixing bowl, combine flour and 1 ½ cups sugar. Cut in butter until the mixture resembles coarse crumbs. Stir ½ cup crumb mixture into zucchini mixture. Press half the remaining crumb mixture into the prepared pan. Spread zucchini evenly over crust. Crumble remaining crumb mixture over zucchini, and sprinkle with 1 teaspoon cinnamon.
4. Bake in the preheated oven for 35 to 40 minutes, or until golden and bubbly.

Your turn
Has anyone tried this Zucchini Cobbler?

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Birthday: I Am Seventy!

I just cannot believe this. I am stunned I am sort of old. I was talking to a woman in her late thirties who said she wished her mother had lived to 70.

The reason I say "sort of old" is that I don't feel old! When I asked exbf if I seemed "old" compared to women he knew that are my age, he said he did not think of me as old. Remember, he is seven years younger than I.

I did not get my birthday dinner on Friday because I felt so awful. I am not feeling much better, just a little better.

Plans for  Sunday are not exciting to anyone else but me. I tried ice cream on Friday and the results were disastrous. So, there will not be any ice cream for me! Thursday, I think, I tried yogurt, not even good yogurt. The results were bad. I bought a gallon of milk tonight and will try just a bit to see how it sits with me. If I decide milk is not going to be in my life again, I will give it to exbf when he comes next.

Okay, back to plans. Saturday night, I bought pasta made of rice and water. Tomorrow, if I feel like boiling pasta, I will make a pasta salad. I have not had one for two months. So, this will be exciting. If I feel like baking, the Chocolate Chocolate Chip Muffins will be baked.

If I feel like sitting up long enough, I may cash in my free ticket to see "Sully."

My birthday is a maybe, but there is still possibility!

I have been internet shopping/investigating getting a Food Saver for sealing food, a birthday present to me from Somehow, I have money in two Amazon accounts but Amazon cannot combine them. Sooo, I have to make another phone call. Even though I still don't have enough to get the Food Saver, I need to straighten out the two accounts. That was going to be my gift to me. I will settle for being able to drink a bit of milk.  Low expectations? Not really.

I hate being ill on my birthday, but this is allergy season for me. I have been very slowly getting better. So, maybe by the end of the week, I will be well.

Just now, I was thinking about past birthday presents. I can only remember two. The first was a biggie; the second was a running joke. When I was six, I got a pink bike. In my fifties, my best friend gave me a check that I used to repaint the living room and put up sheet rock on the ceiling. THEN, he called my Botticelli Red living room "that whorehouse red."

Well, I am happy to be 70, but stunned. It is still a shock to my system to think that number.  Turning 40 traumatized me. Turning 50 and 60 were fine with me. 70 stuns me.

Your turn,
Have you ever been so sick on your birthday, you had really low expectations for the day? What age was the most traumatic in terms of being older?

Saturday, September 10, 2016

From Two Stories to An Efficiency Apartment

It's puzzling. But, it was a conscious choice. There were other choices.

For as long as I have had chickens, there were two boxes stacked on a table in the dog pen. Chickens like to go high to get away from predators. All four of them slept on top of the higher Rubbermaid bin. Then, when I had to get new boxes, there was no room on top and below the tarp. Then, the three left slept in the top box. No one wanted in the bottom box. When they started laying, no one slept in the bottom box. They laid in the bottom box. It's been that way since 2009.

Finally, Dominique had enough. I supposed she got sick of too much poop in her sleeping box up top. Maybe? At any rate, she decided to sleep in the bottom box. This worried me.

She had it all figured out. She sleeps on the right side of the bottom box and lays eggs on left side. However, she does not lay in the pine straw, even when I now make sure it is clean. Every day, I spread it out and makes sure poop is not on top. She kicks it all over to the sleep side and lays eggs on the bare plastic bin.

Let me straighten this out. She slept on top and laid on the bottom. When exbf could no longer change out her bedding,  I tried to fix her bedding by carrying two handsful of pinestraw and laying it on top of the old stuff. Sometimes, I turned over the poopy stuff and put more clean straw on top. When I was shaking and crying for that week, I did nothing except feed her and check on her water. Oh, I did look for an egg.

Since I have never heard of a hen doing this, laying and sleeping in the same box, I am turning to you chicken people.

An update: This is Sept 10, but Blogger said this was posted on Sept 9. No, that is when I wrote it.

Update....grrr......when I did the update, blogger did and changed the date to Sept. 10, today's date.

Your turn
Yes, I know chickens are predictable and at the same time unpredictable. Have you ever heard of hens who choose to sleep and lay in the same box? Maybe you have a stranger story.

Friday, September 9, 2016

I Need Competition

When I give Dominique food, she just sometimes looks at me as if to say, "Huh? This is it?" She dives right in most of the time, but sometimes she is very tentative.

This makes me think back to when I had four hens. They each would dive in and get a piece of bread or scrap of chicken or vegetables and then beat a swift retreat to one of the four corners of their pen. I wish I had made a video of this action.

Chickens are very competitive. But, Dominique has no competition! I need some competition out in the chicken yard.

When the children were small, we had Puppy who was the most jealous and competitive dog I have ever seen. My neighbor behind me would put out two plates of food on his patio each evening for our cat and dog. I was looking out the window as Puppy arrived well ahead of our cat, Cat. Puppy went to one plate and sniffed it. She then went to the other, identical plate and took the baked potato from it, deposited it on her plate next to her baked potato and started eating.

No one would name the cat and dog, so they remained Cat and Puppy. When we got another dog, I named him. I gave the rest of the household a week or so, maybe three days to name the second dog. Finally, I named him Rudolph. Everyone in the house moaned and groaned but no one had a name. So, his name stayed, shortened by me to Rudy.

Dominique needs some competition at the feed! Or, is it best she eats at her leisure?

Your turn
Do you have animals who are competitive? With food or your lap?

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Wheat-Free Cupcakes

Since my food cravings have not gone away, I still search for "normal" everywhere. Chocolate chip cupcakes/muffins were not a craving. But, as the electric cart passed the package, I realized it said "Gluten Free."  Does that mean "Wheat free"? Yes, it does!

When I got the package home, I realized there are at least two dozen other ingredients. Ack!  Okay, I will eat them and hope I am not allergic to any. The chocolate in the chips is processed with alkali. Later, I will take out all the offending chips and replace with chips containing nothing processed with alkali.

People keep mentioning that it's too bad I have a gluten allergy....well, I don't have any problem with gluten. But, gluten-free means no wheat.

The package of  chocolate chocolate chip gluten-free muffin mix is Martha White. It's in a pouch and on the shelf with regular mixes. While I was in the baking aisle, I looked for rice flour. No luck.

Since I have been under the weather with a bladder infection that seems to get worse, I have just slept a lot. So, no baking, no chocolate chocolate chip muffins.

The Silk made with Almonds is gone. I probably won't be replacing it, even the chocolate. I still craved milk since it did not satisfy anything in me.

Sunday is my birthday, exbf is coming to take me to dinner tomorrow. I feel so awful and feverish, I may just tell him not to come tomorrow!

My plans were: have milk Friday morning and through the weekend to see if I experience any ill effects. I planned to eat yogurt. Plus, I was going to have ice cream after dinner at Ruby Tuesday. Maybe I will put all that on hold and try to recover.

YAY for Martha White chocolate chocolate chip gluten-free muffins!

Your turn
Have you had these muffins? Do you buy rice flour and where do you buy it?

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Eight Meat Portions for $2.49

Walmart marks down the $5.98 " permanent mark down to $4.98" rotisserie chickens later in the evening. I just happened to walk by and saw one left, marked down again and snagged it for $2.49. I ripped out the breast, enough for four generous helpings for me. Then, I froze the rest for exbf. He said he gets four meals from the remains.

Actually, I don't get out all the breast meat since he will pick it out and loves the breast.

The tray had "juice" and a piece of some sort of chicken in it. That yummy tray was saved for Dominique. Oats soaked up some of the liquid. The rest of a peach and tomato and all the remains of the mutilated Brussel's sprouts was her meal. She was one happy hen. I suppose that means nine portions from one rotisserie hen.

Exbf will return the carcass for Dominique to finish. Ten portions? No, I will leave it at eight portions.

No, I won't boil the carcass! But, it is lovely if you do! I do not throw it away, though.

In terms of people food, that's $0.32 a portion for meat/protein. Plus, I get two free chicken protein portions. I am quite sure it is more tasty than the protein in bags, not to mention healthier. Since I don't buy protein for Dominique yet she gets some, I am going to lower that meat protein per serving to $0.30. Okay?

When I buy meat, I always figure two things: cost per pound at purchase and cost per portion before or after eating. My top cost per pound is $2 or under. At that price, the price per portion will be just a mind exercise to prove I am doing well when I shop and spend wisely. There is always something left for Dominique.

Your turn
Do you figure the cost per person for protein? If so, what kind of cost do you shoot for? How do you decide the cost for meat derived protein? have you ever bought a yummy rotisserie chicken? Do you use the carcass of a bought or home cooked chicken?

Brussel's Sprouts and Me! What? Why?

I have done things with Brussel's Sprouts in the privacy of my home that I would never do in  public or even with only one person watching.

Here is the problem, one I don't remember from years back. The remainder of the stem is sooo hard. I don't mind crunchy vegetables, but these seem inedible, un-chewable.

I roll them around in my mouth, chewing politely. However, the hard stem is not giving way. So, I use my fingers to pull the stem out. Or, I let it drop on my plate. Usually, most of the rest of the Brussels' sprout falls out, too. Now, that is gross even if I am alone.

So, giving up, I tried just biting off the stem. First, I held it with a fork. Now, I have an overbite, so I don't have much luck. Then, I just pick it up with my fingers and make a mess as it drips. When I hold the sprout with a fork, the tough end is impossible to bite off,

Finally, I resorted to a more mannerly manner of eating. I used a fork to hold the sprout down and tried to slice off the tough end. That is not working either as the outer leaves come off. Sure, this will become chicken food, but still!

In the beginning, depending on their size, I cut them half into through the stem to top. Some are so tiny that they are  a small bite. Some are definitely a two-bite sprout.

Now, I want to know why. ??? Why are the sprouts so tough? I don't remember these being so tough in the far past. Why now?

At this point, I would be afraid to try to eat Brussel's sprouts in front of anyone!

You may think this is much ado about nothing. But, I have put up with this longer than I care.

Oh, yes. I am using a trusted brand, a brand that should be top notch in frozen vegetables.

Your turn
Do you remember Brussel's sprouts being easier to eat? Was the sprout less tough than they are now? Was the end always so tough?

Monday, September 5, 2016

Let Me Repeat

Dutch Chocolate (processed with alkali) does not have the nutrition that natural chocolate has! Plus, I have determined that Dutch chocolate (processed with alkali) is something I should NOT eat. I spent a long time with cramps in the bathroom in Walmart. Silk Dark Chocolate "milk" was the culprit!

I told my allergist about the lack of full nutrition in Dutch Chocolate (processed with alkali), and he said he was going to have to look into that as he had never heard that. Well, it is all over the internet, so it should not be hard to find.

Plus, I informed him Dutch Chocolate (processed with alkali) upset my stomach sometimes. Now, I am positive. Before, I thought it was just chocolate and sugar combined with milk that affected me.

The problem is I like chocolate, even Dutch processed. A Hershey bar or Kisses never have bothered me and both are processed with alkali. So, I have to delve further into this matter.

I am not so sure about the recipe information HERE.  It is Wikipedia!

Here is more information from The Cleveland Clinic. Maybe it is more believable to most people.

I still need to investigate the effects of the Dutched Chocolate on my system. The last link points out that darker chocolate is not necessarily better, depending on how it was processed. Processing with alkali is not the nutritious way to process.

Your turn
Are you allergic to chocolate? If so, have you ever noticed a difference in the type of chocolate that affects you? Do things with chocolate ever send you to the bathroom?

Sunday, September 4, 2016

New Food for Allergies: Milks and Crackers

This has been difficult! When I ask about wheat-free food, I am automatically told where the gluten-free food is located. Gluten is NOT a problem according to my allergist.

People keep handing me Silk or something made with cashews. I am allergic to cashews. Then, they will hand me something that is sugar-free. I don't want artificial sweeteners. Or, they hand me something that is sweetened. They are not being mean; they just are ignorant of the whole situation and don't listen.

Things I finally bought:
#1 Blue Diamond almond milk--1/2 gallon
#2 Silk Almond Dark Chocolate--12 ounce size to sample
#3 Silk Almond Dark Chocolate--1/2 gallon
#4 Silk Almond Reduced Sugar--12 ounces

Blue Diamond #1--I commented that it was watery. After my comment about it being watery, someone said to shake it. I did. It is no longer white or watery, just an awful shade of beige or taupe.

The Silk with reduced sugar #4, just a sample for me will not be purchased in the larger size. I did not mean to buy. I may reconsider this because of the cane sugar it contains and the lack of soy lecithin, just sunflower lecithin. It is unpleasant looking. We do eat with our eyes.

Silk almond Dark chocolate #3 and #2 was a pleasant surprise. It is soooo chocolatey! I use it half and half with the original #1.   This makes a nice chocolate drink. It is like I have a treat lots of times each day. The only problem is this product uses chocolate processed with alkali (Dutch Chocolate). Dutch processed chocolate no longer has the good things chocolate has to offer us. Bummer!

I like no soy. I like real cane sugar. Rarely do I want a whole glassful because this does not have the feel or satisfaction of drinking real milk.  The milk is processed in a plant that processes other tree nuts, so I wonder how safe it is for me.

One surprising thing is that the two 12 ounce bottles do not have to be refrigerated. They are UHT. This feature is a good one since I could carry this along with no fear of it spoiling if the ice melted.

However, I think the gums in the "milk" are making my gastric problems worse. Plus, I am dizzy with no problems with my sinuses or ears. ??? I am not sure I will ever buy any of these again.

Buying some sort of crackers has also been difficult. Most seem like toxic brews, baked and packaged. I am not allergic or sensitive to gluten!

Next Friday, exbf is coming here and taking me out for my birthday dinner.  At that time, I intend to eat dairy. However, I will take my own Greek yogurt or sour cream for my baked potato. Since I am going to Ruby Tuesday, my favorite restaurant in this town, I will have a salad with dressing. I might just take my own dressing, too. Okay, I am becoming one of "those people." GAH!!!

Van's Gluten-Free snack crackers, recommended by a follower, are good, seem to just disappear in my mouth without much mouth/chewing satisfaction, and taste too salty.

Don't get me wrong, I like salty potato chips and fries. I just wipe these crackers off with a cloth and they are fine. I will buy these again--$2.50.

While I was at Publix, I visited the reduced section/rack and found a cracker. Manischewitz Gluten Free Matzo-Style Squares (not a replacement for seder matzo). The box says these crackers are kosher for Passover and all year round. I don't know what matzo is, but assume it is Jewish even without the rest of the labels. These squares are about 7" square and look like communion bread. Since communion bread is not leavened, and this says it is for Passover, my first impression was correct--unleavened bread.

The crackers are bland, easily crumble, not tasty, but do provide a person with something to put in the mouth. They are not bad, not good, just okay with me. Marked down--$2.69. I might buy these if on sale, but may not if the full price is too high.

So, there it is, an interesting experiment. It's not an exciting gastronomical journey, just a confusing one. I will see my allergist soon, so time will tell. I hope he can test me for the gums.  It seems I have traded itchiness for dizziness. I will take the dizziness any day.

I know I have lost 10 pounds since I started this diet for my allergies, probably more. If I can just stand not eating long enough to lose 100 lbs, I suppose it will be worth it.

Your turn
Have you found relief from food allergies? How? Are you or do you expect you are allergic to gums in drink and food?  Have you used any of the foods I tried? What else would you recommend? If you had to substitute foods or eliminate foods, did you lose weight?

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Why Hide Eggs?

Dominique has been on an egg-laying strike.  There have been mutterings from me about sending her to freezer camp. People have suggested it is too hot? People have suggested she needs more protein.  Freezer camp seems like a good idea.

For a while she has been running in and out of her nest box, clucking and cackling at me. She goes in and turns around, walks around, sticks her head out, jumps out and starts all over again. Well, I thought I knew what she wanted. I cannot move the box and cannot rake pine straw for cleaner bedding. It was stinky. I turned over the pine straw and brought a handful to of fresh straw.

Finally, I got a friend to dump it and refill the box with pine straw. The box smelled better. 

She has had cooked chicken bits for 5 out of 7 days. Today, Friday, I took her the carcass of a huge chicken breast from KFC. I used my Birthday dinner free card last night. She also had half the biscuit and grass I pulled. Saturday, she will have the other chicken breast carcass and the other half of the biscuit. If I sat down and picked the shreds of chicken from the bone, there would be more than 1/4 cup of meat. Plus, she likes the skin and gristle. Both days, Dominique will have pulled handsful of St. Augustine grass.

Friday,I did my obligatory looksee into her nest box but expected nothing. 3 eggs? This chicken hides eggs under the six inches of pine straw!  Today, she had pulled them all out into a bare place where she had moved all the straw away. I thought she quit laying for the winter, so I gave up looking under straw. This time last year, she was all done with laying.

Since she is always out of the box, I don't think she is broody. At any rate, I don't want new chicks right now. Besides, I don't know of any broody hen who hides her eggs in the nest. I have heard of them hiding eggs in the garage, in a clump of grass under a log, but not just throwing straw over them. Silly hen.

My original hens and all since have just left the egg on the straw. I have had to dig around in the corners to find Dominique's eggs.

Three eggs will be breakfast tomorrow! they are really small, so it won't be as bad as it sounds. However, since I cannot eat so many foods, I will eat all the eggs I want. No, they will not clog arteries with cholesterol. Besides, getting one egg per day sort of limits my egg eating.

Your turn
Do your hens ever lay eggs in the nest and then cover them up?

Friday, September 2, 2016

Flyover Scare--Unmitigated Fear

Wednesday, exbf took me to Birmingham for follow-up after hysterectomy and forced me to ride over  flyover! ACK! Those things scare me. I go down I-65 to Birmingham and get off on University to get to my doctor.  He refuses to do so, turning on 59/20 and then turns on Red Mountain to get to University and my doctor. He knows I hate the flyovers and get sick. He goes there anyway--pooh pooh-ing my fear. I lived.

When I was attending some event in Birmingham, friends gave me directions that put me on a flyover, the lower one, I think. It felt as though I no longer had control over the car, that it was just on its on. I was extremely lightheaded, feeling like I would faint. This was 20 years ago, but I still vividly remember the sensation. Although my car is being steered by me, I just feel as though I am going to fall off the flyover--the car with me in it.

So, he upset me greatly on the way down. On the way back, he rode the outer line all the way up the interstate. However, he did take University back to the interstate. I could just kill him some days. But, he got me there and back safely. I did not have money for my co-pay and neither did he, so he put it on his credit card. Whew.

I don't know how I could forget the co-pay. The C word turns my brain to jelly. That's why I need someone to drive me.

Any time he takes me to doctor or even when another friend did so, I pack a snack to dull the boredom of sitting around.  Yesterday, he got a 1/2 cup container of applesauce, string cheese, and a bottle of water. Usually, I include a pack of peanut butter crackers.  I do this because he is diabetic. A jar of peanut butter accompanied us but was never eaten. He threw his spoon in the back seat and I couldn't reach it. I was starving.

When I went on Thursday to my now monthly trip to the urologist, I had a bladder infection. I thought I was becoming ill with this for a few days.

I added wheat back into my diet, as I mentioned. That was a two-day trial. Today, I was on the search for things I could sub for wheat. I found two. I am too tired to go get the boxes and bags, so that will be for another day. Now, I am no longer eating wheat. Next week, in time for my birthday, I intend to gorge myself on dairy products.

Your turn
Do some bridges and flyovers freak you out? Will you drive a different route to avoid the scary ones? I recognize this is irrational, but I cannot help it. Do you have a fear you just cannot seem to control?