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Sunday, April 30, 2017

What I Do During a Tornado Warning

Remember, I am the only one here. If there were children here, I would do differently.

When I saw the rain and storms headed this way, I sat here on the computer, reading blogs. Then, when the huge red line finally travelled across the county west of me, I decided to do a few things.

I fed Dominique, watered her. On the way there and back, I saw more tender but strong Wisteria vines creeping across and down my path and over to the other side--perfect tripping configuration! So, contrary to what I knew was best for my back and hand, I pulled them until the part loose on the top of the grass was free and continued to pull them from the soil. Now that they are safely on the other side of the path I walk, I will stop hurting myself by getting caught in them.

The two plants I bought survived as long as they could inside with water and little sunlight. I moved a little, light table away from the rain pouring from the roof and carried both of them, two trips, to the table. I figured they would be ripped apart by the wind, but they would get water with no chlorine or other additives. They will recover from fierce winds.

I knew it might be best to try and move the car where limbs would not fall onto it. But, I waited a bit. As I sat down in the car, light, tiny mist turning into light and larger sprinkles occurred before I could shut the door. I backed the car to the end of the driveway and well away from the large oak in the front yard.

The wind kicked up as I opened the door and headed back to the house. The quick ferocity of the wind was a little frightening, if anything can be a little frightening. Isn't that an oxymoron? At any rate, the wind whipped me about and suddenly the rain came in sideways and I was walking into it.

Finally, I got to the safety of the porch, but the rain intensified and was blowing in sideways! Inside, I pulled off my drenched blouse and wiped my face and glasses. The weather channel was showing the progress of the storm. Almost as suddenly as the sideways rain started, it turned to a gentle rain.

All this time, the tornado siren near me was blaring. I sat, regaining my breath and composure. Suddenly, I heard what could be fire, a leak, or something I could not identify, light crackling. It was a skillet crackling in the kitchen. I was burning off the remnants of sausages that stuck to the cast iron. Whew! As I ran in and grabbed something and turned to get the crackling, popping remnants off the skillet, I realized I had no blouse on...not fun. Well, it was a blouse that I did not want grease spots on the front.

The tornado siren stopped before I started the last paragraph. I thought sirens were going to be more local, but this tornado warning was specifically to the north in the little rectangle according to forecasters on tv. However, the crawl said it was for all of our county. I was confused!

As I sit here, oak flowers keep falling from my hair. I found out from talking to a half-sister that her itching from the rain went away when her oak she had to run under to get into the house was cut. It seems that all these years in different homes with oaks, I was afflicted with allergy to oaks or at least the rain that washed something onto me.

I waited until the bad weather passed to cook, just in case the electricity was interrupted. Those carrots and potatoes went into the crock pot. When they come out, I will put in black eyed peas. In the meantime, I will have salad.

When bad weather and tornado warning are about, I just do things other than taking shelter.  I am in my home and can see and hear the tv. I do stay aware, just don't panic and run to a shelter, the basement, or whatever.

I got a lot done that would have probably taken me all day to accomplish otherwise! I am so happy I noticed the creeping and dangerous wisteria!

Your turn
Do you have others to watch out for in the event of bad weather? Do you make preparations and scurry about? Do you do like I do and keep an eye on the weather and just keep on with what you are doing?

Your turn
Any bad weather at your place on Sunday or with the system coming through?


Saturday night, I was recounting to exbf in detail a dream I had Friday night. He was amazed that I could remember so much detail. And, I knew that a blogger's picture on her blog was the inspiration. More on that in another post.

He told me about a dream he had that came true. It was not one of those dreams where you dream you will have a baby some day or a red car. That kind of dream is sort of wishful. Plus, it is something that is entirely possible in the future.

His dream:
I was in my mid teens when I dreamt this dream. In the dream I was walking in a place with crowds of people who were my age walking to and fro. There was a very tall building. I noticed a girl about 6'2" wearing a red-striped shirt. All I saw was her shoulder and arm. There was more to the dream, but I gradually forgot all but the tall girl, her arm and shoulder and the red-striped shirt. Over the years I never gave the dream a second thought.

How it came true:
I was attending Auburn University, studying to be an engineer. As I walked near Haley Hall, about 8 stories tall, I was walking with other students, all on the way to and from classes and walking on a pathway that was about the width of a road. I was heading to the building that housed science and math classes. To my side I saw a very tall girl, just her shoulder and arm, dressed in a red and white striped blouse. I remembered my dream from years before.

Me again:
That gave me the chills. I will find the picture that inspired me and write that dream for you.

Dominique gave me an egg today. Now, I have breakfast for tomorrow and enough to scramble eggs to take to the breakfast on Wednesday. I do eat more than one egg for breakfast and only have milk with it. The protein keeps me full for hours.

Your turn
Do you dream? Will you share dreams that have come true? Do you know what inspires random and bizarre dreams if you have those? Do you remember your dreams in detail? Do you dream in color and sound? Do you immediately forget dreams even if you want to remember them to relate to others? Does food, drink, or medication cause dreams for you? Do your dreams make you happy or frighten you? Is there a usual theme or subject like fear, children, or work or the past?

Now, you realize the above questions from me are a prompt to help you write about dreams. You can answer all the questions, just not with yes or no since they are not I really do expect some interesting answers.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Car Wastebasket

I know people wonder why I report an egg from my hen. She is amazing how she turns out an egg each day for about ten days to two weeks before she skips a day. Plus, I want and need this egg for my food!

Today, I actually feel a smidgen better. I have been coughing a little which I take as a good sign. Plus, ear quit hurting.

And, I am not so exhausted. Last night, I was able to sleep well and long for the first time in weeks. And, I did not need a nap all day which just happens when I only sleep for two hours. If I manage to power through and not take a nap, my body seems to have not gotten the restoring sleep it needs. Everything seems to be worse--earache, headache, sore throat, lungs--without enough sleep.

I don't litter, so the floor of my car can get junky and often more than just junky. However, it seems I may have found a pricey solution.

This was on the Internet, not Pinterest or a blog. It was instructions for a wastebasket for the car. I bought a container from Walmart that is in the housewares and meant for cereal. The top has a lid that is over half of the area of the top of the container.

The cereal container is opaque and made in USA, has ugly turquoise lid and cost a little over $7. There may be something better out there. Let me know.

The make it into a lined trash container--take off the lid and put a plastic bag from WM inside it with the top edge folded over to the outside. Put the lid back on. Now, you can lift the pouring lid to put trash into the wastebasket. When it is full or you want to dispose of the trash, just take off the whole lid and pull out the plastic bag of trash.

I am going to get some 3/4 inch elastic and make a tight loop to hold it top to bottom with a handle on top in order to grab it. I won't have to cut the elastic and can just use a needle and thread for this fix. The should help grasping it. It has not popped open yet, but it will be secure with the loop over the lid.

The price is a little steep for this container, but it is difficult to get things from the floor, so this works for me. Maybe Dollar General or Dollar Tree has a cheaper container, but there is no electric cart. A wastebasket made specially for the car is available, costs more and seems not to be as suitable as this one.

In my last car, there were knobs on which to hang a plastic WM bag. There is no place in this car on which to hang anything!

My only problem with this is it is hard for me to pick it up because it is slick. Plus, it hurts my right hand. That is why I am adding the elastic not called for in the internet suggestion.

And, Dominique gave me an egg today. I always thank her.

Your turn
Do you have a "wastebasket" in your car? What kind? Do you litter like some of my friends do so the car will look nice inside?

Do I REALLY want to get up so early?

The free breakfast next week is for cancer survivors. I am that. But, 7 am? UGH. I suppose I will just this once to see what the program is. I will have to take my own a2milk. Maybe I will take some eggs from my hens, scrambled, of course. Or, I could eat before I go! Or, stay in bed.

Then, also next week there is a free dinner for cancer survivors, too. That, I can make.

Plus, there is a free lunch next week at the church where there was a great program.

So, three meals out of 21 works for me.

I missed the free lunch at a presentation this past week. This bronchitis is not letting go, even with meds. I am so tired all the time but don't feel sick and NEVER cough. My blood pressure was 123/62 and oxygen absorption 99%. Very low temp--below 98.6 F, no cough, just can feel light scraping in chest.

Tonight, I lay in bed with a mixing bowl on my chest and ate mashed potatoes, real ones I made. Exbf was here today and took me to the doctor and to Publix to get my a2milk. I made quick and easy dinner--mashed potatoes, field peas, sausages--but was to tired to eat.

At least the skies are brilliant blue with little clouds scudding along.

Your turn
How is your spring going? Flowers? Mowing? Digging? Planting?

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Caveat Emptor, Grocery Bargain Shoppers

I  first typed "carpe diem" for the title. Now, that is not a bad sentiment--to seize the day-- but this is a warning to those who bargain shop for groceries.

"Buyer Beware"

Nor long ago, at a smaller store in my quest for bargains, I found Miracle Whip for $1.29 for a quart/30 ozs. in the ads I search. I did check the date on the jar. I use lots of Miracle Whip, so according to the date, I could buy more for later or just buy one. I know the food is not expired!

Well, I looked at the use by date and it was two weeks away. I had just opened a jar of MW and would not finish it in two weeks! Plus, I had another jar on the shelf. I was planning on buying at least three at $1.29 and I had coupons! I never want to be out of Miracle Whip.

This incident caused me to check use by dates more carefully when things were on sale. I ate a can of tuna two years past the date on the can. It was fine. It had gotten shoved back on my shelves. However, I did not want MW to go runny, or off tasting even if it was still safe to eat! MW is the staff of life around here. Just kidding.

Plus, when I get a sale on canned goods, I do not want to be buying many if the cans are near the best-if-used-by date. I might buy two cans of green beans close to their date. Might!

This one event is the thing that has caused me to price-match because WM food from their warehouses turns over so quickly. The other store had been offered food from a warehouse and took it for a sale. I have found too-good-to-be-true prices in other smaller stores have the same problem.

Even if the food is near the date on the merchandise, sometimes I do buy it, knowing it will not be used by that date. It depends. Each person can make the decision on what they can deal with eating and how much there is on hand of that item in the home.

I won't purchase it or accept past-date, but if I have it on hand, I will eat it if the can is in good condition. Now, I am not talking decades-old cans.

Oh, I would not serve it to my children or grandchildren without my children's permission.

Dominique gave me an egg today!

UPDATE: Anne mentioned coffee. Here is my coffee story.

Your turn
Do you ever check dates on sale cans and find the food is two weeks from that date? Would you do a stock-up with cans close to the date on the can? Will you eat the food in your own stock if it is past the date?

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Free Lunch and other stuff

Lunch was very good--ham, green beans, mashed potatoes, roll, and chocolate cake. Yes, there were leftovers for Dominique and she jumped right in the middle of them and scratched once to scatter them to the four corners of her pen...sigh.

As I sat there at the end of the meal and we talked, I cut Dominique's ham into small pieces for her. She likes it that way. A PhD in Poultry Science said chickens like what they are fed when they are young and want it that way when they are grown. Besides, I hate to see her pecking and throwing her meat, trying to rip off a piece.

A teacher who taught both my older children was at the dinner. There were several retired teachers there who wanted the dates and times of the other two free dinners!

There was a guy at the dinner with whom I discussed the spelling bee and a book my friend wrote. I talked this guy into entering the spelling bee, and now they are going to skip a year having one or not have one ever again, not sure.  Now, after talking to him, I have decided the format of the book I have started writing. I may knock out a chapter tonight after a nap. My friend wrote a book with chapters with an over-riding theme but no plot. That will suit me even though I have a plot book in the works, not much done.

I went to the doctor last Wednesday and still feel the same today, Tuesday, no better, and still have same degree of temp. The doctor's office had called and said the doctor wanted me to come in about my numbers for diabetes. When he saw me, he asked me why I came in! I had to explain the office staff called and said he wanted me to come in today.  Then, he remembered. lol...nice guy.

Bronchitis is not better, so he changed antibiotic. He was very unhappy with my A1C.  I went to WM before doctor and then had to return for meds. I was so tired. Inflammation causes AIC to rise, I am told, so no wonder it was higher than it should be!

Then, weary as I was, I had to go to Publix to get the a2milk that keeps me from pain and gastric distress. I have recommended this to so many people, that last week they were out. After a talk with the guy who orders, he said he would order more. So, today, there was twice as much or at least two rows of whole milk.

Of course, I tried some of what the guy was cooking and had a sample of soup. They make the best soup! I brought home a recipe from the sample guy.

I may have a bowl of oats for dinner along with a glass of milk. My stomach still hurts from sausage with MSG in it that I ate last night. Maybe I will have a grilled cheese sandwich and an apple.

Today, the skies were a brilliant blue with wisps and clumps of fluffy, white clouds. The sun shone so brightly. the whole scene was mesmerizing. Its the kind of sight I want to just drink in for hours. Of course, driving was important, too.

Your turn
Have you ever taken meds for a whole week and not felt one bit better at the end of the week? Is anyone writing a book? About what? Has anyone tried the a2milk yet?

Monday, April 24, 2017

Cat and Egg and Syrup

There's a new cat in the neighborhood. It has really annoyed me since it appears to have appropriated my picnic table for its lookout perch.  So far, I just scowl at the cat, yeah, like it cares! It also sits on a wall near the back door, apparently doing nothing but soaking up sun.

I never like cats on my porch since they knock items off the porch, like pots of flowers or the paint brush I left there five minutes ago. They sit on my chair cushions or door mats and deposit fleas and hair. They stalk birds. However, there is absolutely nothing that can make a cat go home! I yell and throw things like dust rags and pine cones at them, never hitting them!

After exbf was sitting in the car waiting on me for an hour, he reported a sight that will make this cat a welcome cat. He saw it go under the porch with what he described as "prey" in its mouth. Hallelujah! I have chipmunks or ground squirrels, whichever you want to call them. They dig in any plant I have out in a pot. For years I despised them and for some reason, they went away--probably into a cat's stomach.

For the last six months, it appears chipmunks have returned. So, this cat seems to be the only hunter in the neighborhood. J said it was the cat that always follows her to my house and lives at the same house she does. I only knew a cat followed her one time! This cat is a hunter and she is a city cat who gets plenty of food. So, she must do it for sport, the challenge. I wish I were that fast.

More about the cat. One day, I heard Dominique making noise and told J that Dominique had laid an egg and this was her egg song. We both went around there. No, this cat was at the corner of the pen with two legs/arms through the chain link. I doubt she wanted to give Dominique a friendly hug. Poor Dominique was cackling in the opposite corner of the pen and had not laid an egg.

Chipmunks/ground squirrels--I do not want to hear that they are so cute and stripe-y because I used to think so, too. I even thought raccoons were cute once upon a time! No more. If you love either, come and get

I have a dozen eggs from the store that cost $0.50, but will only cook with those. I have everything for a strawberry poke cake laid out when I feel like baking--strawberry cake mix, frozen strawberries, and strawberry jello. I don't have Cool Whip or cream to whip for the top. This was once my older daughter's favorite cake, but she has no memory of it! ??? Son hated Cool Whip, so he ate none of the topping. I think a chocolate poke cake would be fabulous. Or, I could just make chocolate poke brownies. (You don't need a strawberry cake mix, but I have one for some reason.)

Dominique gave me an egg today. She is a real little egg factory! She must have heard I was going to replace her with new  That makes two fresh eggs for me to scramble for dinner tonight or for breakfast tomorrow.  The seven I had from last week was breakfast and a dinner over the weekend.

Does anyone have a tried and true recipe for chocolate syrup to put in milk? I want one with a water base not milk base. I see lots on the internet but don't want to chance mixing up a disaster. Some have brown sugar and white sugar. That seems odd. I really want a recipe with confectioner's sugar.  I am tired of consuming things in the syrup concoctions, powdered or liquid, that I do not wish to consume.

Your turn
I know some of you have cats that hunt? Do you allow cats to stay around because they hunt? Do you hate cats on your cushions and picnic tables and chairs? Exbf just now said he had never had a poke cake. Has anyone eaten a chocolate poke cake? Syrup recipe?

Earth Day 2016

Even though I have a reel mower which uses no resources and does not vibrate your hands and deafen you and drown out the sound of the birds, I had someone use my gas mower. This mower is new and only uses 100% gasoline, no ethanol.  None of this is completely earth friendly, but the best I can do.

Instead of dumping leaves in the street, I had them dumped into Dominique's pen and she is composting them for me. I am not sure what the leaf truck does with them, but I do I take care of them.

I ate food in the refrigerator even though it killed my back to get so low. This way, I won't allow something edible to spoil.

More LEDs were installed to use less energy.  I had one burn out after three months, but I took it back and got another instead of using the incandescent ones I have still.

I ate eggs from my hen, scrambled like I like them instead of using store eggs. Dominique eats well, but no commercial chicken feed.

I think I only drove to get J home. A tornado warning sounded when she was here, and I did not want her walking.

When I scrubbed a few pots, I used a drop of Dawn, vinegar, and baking soda instead of a commercial product like Soft Scrub or ZUD. I used the same on sinks, too.

Finally, I turned off the switch that controls the 60 watt bulb that keeps Dominique's water from freezing in winter. I just kept forgetting!

My efforts at being a good citizen of Planet Earth are not earth-shaking. Some of you do much better.

update: I also did not use the dryer. All my efforts are usual for me, not just a special one-time effort.

Your turn
How did you celebrate Earth Day? Any special activities or festivals?

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Disaster Brace

It was closing time on a Friday when I was wheeled to the brace room. If I had walked, it would have been an hour past closing.

Everyone in the room was scurrying to get ready to leave. I had a brace installed on my right hand. I say "installed" because it sure did not fit like it would if I had been fitted for a brace! I mentioned it hurt in a certain place and she said, "That is how it is supposed to be." I complained my hand was tingling after 30 seconds. She said, "It has to be this way to immobilize the thumb." NO, it does not. I said it hurt in a different place. She said, "It will stop hurting after a while." NO, it did not.

During this I mentioned it could be adjusted. She commented that there was no adjustment, that this was an off-the-shelf brace. Well, I watched a doctor ask specifically where the brace on my left arm hurt and watched him force the metal to fit me like a glove. It can be done. This ain't my first rodeo! This old woman knows how braces feel and can be fitted.

When I told her the best brace was the kind that is a slab of plastic-like stuff that was heated and molded to my hand and reheated in the places it was too tight and chaffing. She called the name of it and repeated that this was an off-the-shelf brace and the other was a custom brace. Still, I am not new to this and watched real fitters make one that supported wrist, reduced motion, and did not hurt at all.

Oh, by the way, I could stick my hand in the brace along with the arm since it is so loose there, one reason it chaffs, all the motion.

Well, I will have a custom brace! I now have sores where it sits hard in the wrong spots. I am chaffed where the top and bottom of braced were tightened. And, that is after just sitting in the car and riding. I know I could relieve all this with gauze, but how easy is it to treat yourself one-handed, especially when you must work with left hand only? Sure, it can be done, but with a "professional" doing the work, it should be done correctly. Well, it was a few minutes to 5 pm on a Friday evening.

Actually, I could get as much relief from putting my hand in the cardboard box the brace came in and taping it to hand and arm. Monday, I will complain. This brace is not worth over $200. Plus, I read somewhere that I have ten days in which to return it. I will.

Your turn
Have you ever had a brace on arm or elsewhere? Did the tech readjust to get a good fit? Have you ever had the kind that is molded to your arm after heating? Do you hate it when people assume you know nothing and just lie to you?

Day Finally Over

Friday, I told exbf just to be here by 11:30 or noon instead of 9:30 as usual. So, he gets here at 10:15. He always sits in the car waiting for me when he comes IF we are going somewhere. It is so hard for him to get to house and up steps. So, today he opted for sitting in the car for over an hour.

For his snack I packed cut up short jerky stick and string cheese stick, in one snack bag. and about 8 tiny slices of bread about 1.5 x1.5 inches square or smaller. They are crunchy, so it feels like substance. I cut an apple into slices. He ate half those at lunch when we stopped along with a chicken sandwich on an artisan hamburger bun and yellow mustard. I had chicken on same type bun with Miracle Whip and half my apple. I brought a bottle of water for each of us.

Since I had not put on my makeup, I had him stop for that and lunch which we ate in the car. we had time it perfectly and got to the doctor's office a few minutes before my appointment. He even had his snacks in pocket as day progressed. I put the snacks in snack bags so he can put them in one pocket and bottle of water in the other pocket.

I was afraid the wheelchair pushers would not want to push exbf since he was not a patient, but they were so nice to him. We got there at 2 pm and saw doctor at 4 pm. We finally left after 5 pm. Shockingly, we missed the horrendous traffic rush hour on the Parkway and drove home the back way--through the country.

When he pulled up here to drop me off, I came in and got a full gallon of milk for him and a stack of saltines I did not want and the Tupperware dinner bowl with his dinner. Oh, I remembered to give him his cornbread for dinner.  His dinner was huge chunk of boneless, skinless chicken breast cooked in crockpot and frozen in two-breast packs. Last night I cooked field peas and snaps and some frozen butternut squash with a pat of butter and sprinkle of cinnamon.

When I asked him at 10 pm how he liked the butternut squash, he said he really loved the spice I put in it. He did not recognize it as cinnamon. He would have taken off the pat of butter if I had not mashed it into the cold squash. Of course, that contributed to the deliciousness. It was funny that he said the field peas and snaps were his favorite. I had packed the bowl full instead of just a helping into each compartment. He said there was enough for another meal. The guy sounded really happy about that fact. He makes me smile over his food comments.

Okay, the thumb now.  The doctor was puzzled. He said he could find no evidence of a crack in the xrays. He mashed my thumb so that it was really hurting. He commented that there was a bit of arthritis, but nothing unusual, not much, and maybe it was arthritis pain. I totally disagreed that this excruciating pain could be caused by a little arthritis. I told him about my fall and how the right hand had hit, but I brushed the grass away and ignored it because of pain of left arm, head, nose, and teeth.

I mentioned the burn and all the strange movement of pain from tip to base of thumb. He had no idea and commented that the burn looked healed. When I told him the burn never looked any worse than it did now, he just looked puzzled. When I mentioned the nurse's comment about staph, he commented it did not look infected. So, staph can hide and show up later? He agreed. He assured me the meds for bronchitis would take care of any staph, but he would look for it anyway in the MRI results.

He said that there are ligaments in hand just like other parts of the body and it could be a torn ligament. So, MRI is ordered. Yes, I knew about ligaments being all over body.

He was very nice guy, more so than many doctors. He listened instead of wanting to "move on." Friday was a long, long day. I have to get up too early tomorrow, so a nap will be on the agenda on Saturday.

More about the news and huge brace tomorrow.

Your turn
Have you had arthritis pain that made you feel like screaming in pain? I know nothing about arthritis except people complaining. Does it come on like a knife stab? Do daylong doctor appts out of town drain you?

Thursday, April 20, 2017


I told you about my fall right  HERE.  I also mentioned staying in bed all day once this last month. I have had severe allergy problems--earaches, sinus pressure, and malaise.  I felt like I could not safely drive to the doctor office and maybe I would get better. I did get better but not well.

As long as I do not have ac in the car, I will be ill. So, even though I cannot afford it, it must be done. I was hoping I would hit a pothole just right and it would come back on like it did a couple of times last year. No such luck!

Finally, on Tuesday night, I was really feeling horrid. On Wednesday, it took me three hours after I awoke to get to the doctor office where they had needed to do blood work for something else. The nurse practitioner kept mashing my forehead. I finally told her I had a head injury and the pain in one spot was worse and not sinus related. She told me to go to a neurologist because of the continued pain and possibility of a concussion.

She did all the obligatory things--look in nose, ears, throat, listen to chest front and back, feel neck. Finally, she asked me about coughing or chest pain. Well, I coughed some and took guaifenisen and it quit. I know that g word is not spelled right and I don't care. I told her I could feel scraping in my chest when I breathed. She said she suspected I might have pneumonia. Xray said no pneumonia, just bad bronchitis. Steroids and antibiotics were prescribed.

She left and said some of the reading of the blood would be done right now and she would see what was going on. I had a nurse call her back because she did not tend to another problem.

I may have told you this. But, I burned myself about two months ago picking up a kielbasa fresh from the oven. It stuck to the foil as it sat on the stove, so I held on for another two seconds. It really burned and I hurried and stuck my finger under cold water as I shrieked. Exbf was concerned then wanted to know how badly I was burned. I was not worried, just hurting. I have asbestos fingers.

The part of my thumb that was burned was, looking at the back of your hand, on the right side where I had it between index and thumb. Two days later, that part was very hard and white. Bummer. Still, there was no sign of a blister since I rarely blister when burned. Maybe a medical professional on here can tell me why I just get a thick white spot and no blister 99% of the time.

Two days after that, the side of the thumb that was not burned was now swollen, hard, and white. Then, the skin below the nail bed...down my thumb, was swollen and red. Then, the nail bed turned white, like it was blanched from pressing it, only whiter, then my nail turned almost black. For two weeks I used no nail polish just so I could see what happened to the nail bed and thinking maybe it ought to air out.

THEN, the first joint was tender like I smashed it, alternating with a strange crawly feeling in the first joint. Then, the pain moved down closer to my hand, beneath that joint. Finally, the pain extended below the second joint from the nail. As I tried to turn the key in the car, there felt like there was a ping feeling in base of thumb. So, I cannot turn on the car of press in the button on the gear shift. Twisting to use my left hand and arm is not fun. So, J turns on the car and shifts when she is with me.

To back up a little...The nurse practitioner at the urologist last month said the problem sounded like a staph infection with the pain in joint. I mentioned that yesterday and the nurse was not amenable to hearing another opinion. yikes.

Exbf is driving from beyond B'ham to come here tomorrow and drive me to Huntsville. For those of you that don't know, that will be about a 220 mile drive for him tomorrow.  I will not expect or allow him to buy lunch or dinner, so that must be done tonight. Plus, I pack us snacks and him a snack that can be eaten in dr office without getting out chunks of fruit or eating a sandwich. The few times he has had to be out so late with me, I give him the choice of my heating dinner or him just taking it home. He growls that he will just take it home.

With a 2 pm appointment, I expect to be out by 4 pm and home be 6 pm. Then, he has a 1.5 hour drive home. I will be nice always am nice to him. Plus, I will tell him not to get here until 11pm instead of 9:30 am when he usually comes here.

The pants I wanted to wear tomorrow were on me and the other two gray pair were dirty, and I did not want to get out a pair with tags still on. I had to mend a tiny hole in them and noticed another. THEN, as I turned them wrong side out to wash them, I noticed a tiny hole slightly below the waistband. I never mended that hole. By the way, these are knit pants and I can mend without it showing. Have you ever tried to handle a one-inch needle with your thumb in a splint? Well, the splint came off for ten minutes. The nurse said take it off instead of getting it wet, but to be careful with the thumb.

Today, the doctor office called me and told me to come in soon as I could so they could splint my thumb and then go soon after that to orthopedist. I said okay and then called back and asked why. It seems there may be a crack or break at a bone at the base of my thumb after someone else looked at xray of hand. I can only guess the burn has nothing to do with the cracked/broken bone. ???  But, the progression from thumb tip to base seems suspicious.

Yes, I can type without a thumb but for this last week I truly understand the importance and usefulness of an opposable thumb.

For all my tumbles while skating or whatever, I have never broken a bone. I did break a little toe once when I slammed into a chair.

I read this over after posting, and the mistakes are legion. I don't feel like going over it again. work with me. Plus, I told it out of order.

Your turn
Have you ever just felt bad and it turned out you were falling apart? That is how I feel. Is this old age? lol

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

WHO did WHAT? WHERE? Handcuffed?

My antenna is sort of half put up, last time with the plastic zip ties, you know--the ones that can be used as handcuffs. My reception has been a bit off, so I looked up and noticed that the figure-8 antenna bought from Walmart was leaning outwards. I thought that nothing good could come from this leaning antenna. However, I just figured having my antenna completely fall off was the worst that could happen. No, it is worse than that.

I pass right by this every time I go to the clothesline or chicken pen. On another day for some reason, I saw something out of place from the corner of my eye and glanced upward. There in the v between post and antenna where it leans outward was a bird's nest. I don't know if there are eggs or not since I cannot see in the nest and have seen no sign of the bird. The nest is messy. Someone should have climbed a ladder and taken the nest down if there were no eggs. It may be too late.

However, signs say there are no eggs yet. No bird has been spotted on the nest. No bird is squawking at me. No bird is dive-bombing me. No bird is trying to draw me away. I say there are no eggs! YET!

The antenna is on a  metal/steel pole that holds up the corner of the house which is a porch over the entrance to the basement. The antenna has a clear view of the sky for reception and with a porch roof over it, it must be the perfect place for a nest. Considering how many trees are around my house, surely there must be sites as good or better to raise birds. I hope this bird does not dive-bomb me.

Oh, obviously these zip ties can be stretched, so if you are handcuffed with these zip ties, just keep pressure on them in order to free yourself. Or, try one of these methods. There are other sites and maybe other methods, but I picked this site at random.

Your turn
Where has a bird built a nest that is not convenient to you and your mobility or activities? Have you ever had a bird dive-bomb you if you get too close at home or at work?

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Free Lunch and Third Time Is the Charm, I hope

Tuesday, J and I went to the free lunch at a church. We had hamburger steaks (ground beef in patties),  with gravy, more gravy ladled over the top, green beans, baked potato, buttered and heated bread. There was shredded cheese, butter, and sour cream to add to the potato if we liked. It was all great, but I should never eat beef. Yes, I am suffering.

It was delicious. The only hitch was the sugar in my "unsweetened" tea! It gags me. So, I had water. But, since I like water with a meal, it was fine. There were two cookies in a sandwich bag for dessert. I managed to snag home made ones. There was a huge bowl of all sorts of apples and oranges. I took a Granny Smith and ate it that night. Great little outing.

Last week, I forgot to go to a free lunch at a demonstration. I must watch and make notes more closely.

I did not get leftovers for Dominique since the beef made me ill and I had to leave. Next time.

Remember the seeds that germinated and grew about 7+ inches at J's house? Well, she was proud of their fantastic growth and then disappointed when they were leggy. So, I had her redo them in more seed pellets and sandwich bags. She kept them at house where she is staying.

She was busy and not home; I worried. I told her to bring the seeds to the car when I came by. She did, so proud once again. Nope, leggy--more than 4 inches high and lying down.

Since she was very confident in her planting ability and remembered how to use a toothpick and raise the cloth on the pellet and how to use same toothpick to gently bury the seeds the second time, I will replant cucumber seeds to germinate the third time. I will keep them this time since she does not know how high they should be or what are actually leaves.  Plus, she forgets to look at them.

The seed packet said 10-14 days to germinate. Anywhere from 2--6 days is the longest I have ever had to wait. Of course, it takes another 2--4 days for them to be ready to transplant. Of course, I will watch the plants to determine the right time to transplant.

She said she forgot to look at the seeds in the sandwich bag, but she must put things where 5 cats will not get them, so they are out of her sight, too.  When it is time to transplant them, I will call her to come here and show her how.

I have let things get leggy all on my on, so this is not too bad if the third time is the charm.

Your turn
Will you promise to knock beef out of my hand if you ever see me trying to eat it? Have you ever let germinating seeds get leggy?

Monday, April 17, 2017

My Mother Would Be Proud of Me!

When I was young and at home, my mother would not allow me to do one thing because she had no confidence in me. Otherwise, she had complete confidence in me. At any rate, I begged her to let me try.

OH, NO, she would call in my little sister or little brother! She swore I could not hit a fly with a flyswatter. If she saw a fly and I was about to hit it, she would tell me in a firm voice not to try because I could not hit a fly. She was right, but I always tried to redeem myself by hitting one. We did not have a huge fly problem, but one fly was reason for a high alert. She and my father would not tolerate allowing one fly to live for one moment after it was spotted.

Yesterday, I hit a fly with the swatter! Cheer for me! I just wish I could tell Mama! In my head I said, "Oh, I wish Mama could have seen that!"

There were not many things I tried that I was not proficient doing, but this thing really, really mattered to me. I think it scarred me. Even now, I mostly miss flies, but I keep trying! Silly me.

Your turn
Did you ever have one thing you continually could not do or almost never could do and really wanted to be able to do it and prove yourself?

New Shoes and New Gadget

J came over to help me and brought me a pair of SAS sandals that fit and suit me. They are a dark gold, not shiny and bright. I would not have chosen this color but it goes with what I wear. They are something I needed to go to church or a dressy event.

These shoes must have been worn once. The edge of the heel shows minimal use, not even wear. They may have only been tried on in the store because the soles and the rest of the heel is pristine or maybe they were only worn on carpet! There is not a sign of a bend mark on the top. There is no sign of a foot on the insole. Works for me.

She also gave me an E-reader. It is not backlit, so that makes me happy. My computer friend said I would still need light to read. That works for me, too. He assured me it was a very nice item. J's friend said it worked.

This woman gave J many nice and cute clothes. I have some clothing to give to J or she can donate them. J asked one day if I had clothes that did not fit anymore. She gained weight and needs clothing. Since she is 29 and has thought my tops were cute, I suppose she thinks this old lady has good tastes or youngish tastes. Really, I dress for my age.

It appears I posted twice in a few minutes, so I clawed back one and will post it in 24 hours.

Your turn
Are you ever the recipient of electronics, clothing, or good stuff? I was given an Ipad last fall, really nice and unexpected.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Lovely Easter

As I went around town the day before Easter, I was struck with how every yard had just been mowed or mowed the day before. Of course, all the churches were preparing for Easter Egg Hunts. The parks, too, were mowed and trimmed to perfection.

Nature was dressing itself in finery. Trees have at least some of their delicate green leaves. My hair stays adorned with the oak flowers. Oaks obviously like me to help me dress up. My dogwood is blooming and the azaleas are so pretty, not only here but all over town.

There are two days of the year I wish for pretty, dry weather--Christmas and Easter. I want children to be able to ride their bikes on Christmas Day. On Easter I hope for dry grass and warm weather so children can hunt eggs in pleasant conditions for them and their parents. Rain boots at an egg hunt are not cool.

The skies are a brilliant blue with clouds and a gentle breeze. Outside, the weather is pleasant. Inside the house or car, ac is necessary for me and my allergies. My newly mowed grass is pleasant on the way to feed Dominique. Even the now-detested wisteria is blooming and pretty. The one good thing is that there is less wisteria in places than last year.

This last week, I price-matched eggs for $0.50/dozen. I cannot post pictures at all, so this post will be devoid of colorful eggs and Jello Jiggler eggs.

In my opinion, the weather is the thing that makes or breaks Easter. Foliage is at its best when not so soggy. Of course, sunshine makes everything better for me! I am not discounting the pleasure of family, friends, or good food. But, Sunshine On My Shoulders Makes Me Happy! Yes, on my shoulders, too. Sunshine almost always make me high!

Your turn
Do you make Jello Jigglers? Is the sun shining and the grass dry for egg hunts where you are? Is sunshine a major like in your life? Are flowers and trees blooming where you live? Does sunshine make you high?

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Mosley Escaped

Wow, two death post in a row. Keep me away from your pets!

A couple of streets over, I noticed a rabbit in a pen. There was only chicken wire over the front. Now, raccoons can reach through or rip open chicken wire. It is only for containing chickens, not keeping out predators. I told the owners about raccoons killing my chickens. They have never seen a raccoon around.

Every time I leave the house or come home, I make a little detour to see Mosley, talking to the owners occasionally. Okay, every time I see them, which is rarely, I stop to talk through the car window.

One day, around dusk Mosley was running upstairs and downstairs, fast as he could run, over and over again. In six months of watching him, he had never done that. As I turned back to the road to drive, I caught a glimpse of a wild bunny crossing the street and hopping through a yard. I figure that bunny was female, come to visit Mosley.

Finally, the owners moved the cage and his run they built so he could get to grass. Yesterday, the owner was sitting on the steps. I asked about Mosley. "He escaped."

My heart sunk. I just hope he does not cross paths with a raccoon.  At least, Mosley can run faster than a chicken and kick the raccoon.  In my heart I know he is dead.

Oh, I just realized this will post on Easter and is about a missing bunny! Such a faux pas. Maybe he escaped to make his rounds, filling Easter baskets, and will return.

I have had Easter candy for two weeks, so I doubt the Easter Bunny needs to stop here! I have had such a sinus headache and exbf is coming during the week, so coloring boiled eggs and making potato salad to have with ham may be the extent of my dinner. When he comes, there will be more. He hates potato salad, so I will eat the whole bowl of potato salad. Yum.

Your turn
How is your Easter shaping up? Candy, food, travel?

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Poor Chicks

They all succumbed to four hours with NO heat. I took the faulty lamp back to the store and told the guys all the chicks died due to three bulbs burning out and leaving my chicks in the cold. I was flabbergasted when he said I probably got bad bulbs. Can you believe that? I told him that the bulbs were 130 and not 120 and different brands and boxes, and I had never had bulbs blow so fast, that it WAS the faulty lamp. My tone of voice with the last declaration shut him right down.

I did get another lamp because I am not giving up this spring. Oh, the switch was hard to keep it on when I first turned it on. I forgot to tell him that. Next time, I will use the table lamp that has always worked to keep them warm, the lamp with two bulbs, along with the heat lamp!

They had a really good setup. None got pasty butt. Water and food were always there in containers taped to the bottom of their box. Chicks manage to spill everything. Or, they get caught in the little feeders and scream for their lives. I could always tell when they were caught in feeders made just for chicks!

J was sad when she didn't hear them today and refused to go near them. I have already picked out names for three hens. I need one more name and hope to have four hens. We both wanted to be outside today. I explained to her how much fun it was to sit and watch chickens pecking and scratching.

We had one chore to run, well, two chores. One of the chores was getting me another half gallon of a2milk. Then, I could come home and make scrambled eggs. I love just a glass of milk with scrambled eggs. The rest of the time from 9-4, she worked and I wore myself out just having to be up. I did make in the crock pot a dump cake or cuppa cake, whichever you call it.

My one-hour nap was disturbed by call from exbf. But, I did want him to call. Now, I have to go eat dinner. A salad and ham it is.

Your turn
How did you enjoy the warm, spring day? Isn't it sad when little things die, especially through no fault of your own? I mean I could beat myself up if I had been negligent. Have you ever made a dump cake or cuppa cake in the crock pot.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

They don't throw it away after all!

Did you ever give a thought to what happened to all the little toiletries you left half used in your hotel/motel room? I have and thought they threw it out. I learned differently in this ARTICLE. Now, I feel all warm and fuzzy. But, I don't feel like leaving it behind. I am quite sure not all participate.

No egg today, but I do have breakfast for tomorrow!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017


For the last few weeks J has been so helpful. I do try not to work a good horse to death, but I could use her here 8 hours a day for weeks. However, we have both had bad sinus problems with fever. And, there are allergies. She works very odd hours and never knows when the woman needs her. Besides, I could not hold up to her being here for an 8 hour day. So, she comes here at odd times and for a few hours.

She did not mow the yard last week, so today she came and finished picking up sticks and such. She did an excellent job of getting the yard clear of sticks that could ruin the new lawnmower exbf bought last year. She arrived at 9 am and left about 1:30. We did take off for lunch at Arby's--Grand Turkey Club with a coupon, of course. So, each sandwich was $2.99. We got 50 cent Cokes and ate in a little park with a walking trail, pulled up under trees for shade.

I told her I could not pay much and she said it was okay. She received $20 + lunch + other things she can use that I gave her. AND, yes, she agreed to come every two weeks.

The mower has a bagger. This was my request so it would get leaves people refuse to rake, even for pay. They want to blow them. Well, that just makes a mess. With fences on two sides and bushes on the third and lots of leaves, the leaves just blow up too much dust. Dust that is 30 feet high and leaves going nowhere is not my idea of getting leaves up.

She dumped the leaves on the street right where I told her. She likes to have me there so she can do it right. As she dumped the leaves, I decided I should have told her to put them in the chicken pen. Wasted leaves!

Then, I told her to dump them in the chicken pen and just happened to be there when she was ready to do so. I had her just dump them at the back of the pen. She wondered it I did not want her to spread the leaves out. Nope, one pile from each time she dumped. I explained the chicken would spread it. Later, as she was dumping the last bag, she smiled and said she saw Dominique spread it.

She learns lots, maybe not really important life skills, but learns nevertheless. She left a few things undone that I told her to do, but she got weeds, leaves and grass up. Or down, depending on what it was.  She told me she left lots of my flowers because she hated to cut them down even though they were right in the middle of the yard. She explained she mowed around them.

When I went out to see, she had left weeds. When I showed her the rounded ends of daffodils and the pointed ends of the weeds, she volunteered to mow the weeds she left. Guys complain about mowing around huge swaths of daffodils. She has a better work ethic and attitude than anyone who has ever mowed my yard. She has a job as long as she wants it. Really, it will only take her about an hour from now on. It was my lawnmower and my no-ethanol gas. And, she walks down the street. Plus, I feed her.

I gave her a huge, square, flour-sack kitchen towel and told her to wear it like a bandana so she would not get the pulverized leaves in her nose and mouth and drop it down cowboy style when she did not need it. She was glad to have it because of the dust. I also gave her a Zyrtec since she was out.

The weeds do look like pretty, tiny deep purple Iris. But, I hate them. One guy refused to mow them even when I begged and threatened. He was a good friend. So, I just went out and live-headed the weed flower before he arrived and we never had another He was very careful not to mow down my daffodils! He knew not to mow them after they bloomed!

Even though I did nothing useful today, I hurt so I can barely stand it, even lying down. Since it was her first time to mow, I had to show her things and she came in to ask and wanted me to come out. Climbing the steps and walking around was excruciating.

I fixed Dominique's food about 10 am and found it on the counter at 6 pm. I am a bad chickie mama, but she had about an hour to eat. She did not give me an egg unless she laid it after 6 pm.

One thing I did was to get my son and grandson's birthday gifts in the mail. So, that's done in time since some of the stuff is Easter stuff. My son will be 49 on Easter and his son will be 12 on the 19th.

Your turn
Do you ever feel a great accomplishment even when someone else does the task? That's how I feel right now. Does exhaustion overtake you even when just occasionally supervising a task?

Monday, April 10, 2017

Germinating Seeds and Stuff

April 1, 2017, was the day we put seeds in the seed pellets for J. Actually, she did all but the first one of 8 seeds in the4 pellets.

April 3--J was thrilled at the first sight at the germinating of the cucumber seeds she and I started for her "garden." Her whole garden will be a five gallon bucket. The germinating seeds were just mostly swollen seeds.

Today, April 10, 2017, I told her to bring the germinated seeds back so we could transplant them. When she arrived she was very proud of her seedlings--all about 7 inches tall and so leggy! Even they were all curled around in the sandwich bag, she thought they were doing so well. We started over.  She said she was so proud of them. Actually, she knew no better, so I should have had her bring them back sooner.

I had a cottage cheese carton ready for her to transplant them before their move to a five-gallon bucket.

Dominique gave me another egg today. I think this is nine days in a row. It must be some kind of record for laying so many days in a row with no break of one day. I am loving scrambled eggs after such a long winter of only store eggs when I could bear to gag one down.

I bent over too much in the yard on Saturday and still feel it in back knees, shoulders, and hands. I did so little and hurt so much. Got to quit that!

My dishwasher I bought on 11-11-16 needs a repair. The dishwasher no longer heats water so all the dishes are soaking wet for days. The inside of the dishwasher will be moldy and dishes not fit to eat from. Today, I put all dishes in sink into dishwasher along with dishes sitting for a week, clean and soaking in the dishwasher. It will be an ordeal to get them out tonight and dry them by hand. My back won't like this. The dishwasher lasted less than five months. I know I can leave the door wide open to dry them now that I know why they don't appear to dry at all.

After a wonderful nap this afternoon, I scorched the field peas and snaps, sticking lots of them to the bottom of the pan. At least the Brussels sprouts did not scorch. BBQ pork finished the meal. Exbf ate grapes for appetizer and dessert.

Altogether, it was a good day. Son needs to send me his new address which is around here somewhere, so I can send off gifts for next Sunday birthday.

Your turn
If you have ever had hens, have you had one lay so many days in a row? Have you ever had periods where appliances seem to give you more trouble in a short space of time? I think I have had enough appliance problems.  What is happening at your house--good, bad, or ugly?

Healthiest Time to Eat a Banana According to Ripeness and Chicks

I like bananas any way but green. Read THIS to determine the health benefits of green to over-ripe bananas. How do you prefer your bananas?


If I am correct, Dominique had given me an egg seven days in a row. My other hens just started laying like gangbusters, only pausing one day each week. From the first four hens, I was able to collect three or four eggs each day.

Dominique obviously has had to work up to laying. At first, she just laid one for two days, skipped a day, laid one, skipped two days, etc.. It made me crazy. She must have heard me murmuring about replacing her with these chicks.

I lost one chick Saturday night, the tiniest ball of fluff you ever saw, much smaller than a golf ball. When I put them under the light, somehow the light went out. It was the switch. Then, another time it went off again. It is staying on, so hopefully, I don't lose anymore. This same little chick was standing still, swaying and not eating or drinking. The others look sturdier, if you can call a ball of fluff "sturdy." At least none of them are swaying. And, their legs work well.

Two of the chicks have huge heads. Maybe they are roosters? They were also pecking each others' beaks. All these chicks are going to the yard at three weeks. I will fix them a little house with a tiny door so they can run from Dominique and she cannot get them, their food, or their water. There is electric out there, so I can put the heat lamp on them. First, I must fix the chain link so they cannot escape! Oh, I forgot I do have a house that someone sent me that will work to keep them safe. It is too small for the four hens I had, but will be perfect for chicks.

When I wrote the above on Sunday evening, I got up to check the chicks. The light was out again.  I jumped in the car to get a new fixture, but Lowe's  and TSC were closed. Walmart no longer carries the heat lamp type fixture. The employee listened to why I needed the fixture. He suggested the clip-on lights that are desk fixtures.

I rushed home with the light, asking friend if he could come plug it up behind the washer. It is plugged up now and is clipped onto a cabinet door. The chicks live on the dryer. Friend's company had just arrived, so I asked him if he would ask J to come over. She did, climbed on the washer, and got the lamp plugged in. I put in the 60 watt bulb and gave the babies some heat. One of the larger chicks looked woozy, but is still alive.

The heat lamp will be returned since it burned out three incandescent bulbs in 48 hours. Morning will tell if three hours without heat will kill any of them.

Unexpected problems with chicks are so stressful. Cheesecake helped with the So, how do you like your bananas?

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Easter Egg Hunt--40 Years Ago

Our church was having an Easter Egg Hunt the Saturday before Easter. All three of my children were excited to hunt eggs, plus the church had a little party with drinks, candy and such for the kids. The eggs they hunted were real eggs I boiled.  The egg hunt was outside and drinks and snacks were in the church basement.

A couple of the mothers decided how to divide the age groups. My son was  9, so daughter was 7, and other daughter was 2. The groups were divided and each of my children were in a different group. That worked out well as the two older were competitive, very competitive.

None of the children were allowed outside the church while the eggs were hidden. The older groups were not allowed to have help from parents. However, we agreed that the little ones could have a parent with them while searching, but the parents could not help the children. Everyone was good with that.

My older two found the most eggs in their respective groups. Baby A toddled out with her basket and ran along scooping up eggs. Other parents of little ones pointed out eggs. I did not. A just kept running along and finding eggs everywhere in the lawn. I never helped her one time, not even to point her in another direction.  I am and was really strong on fairness and allowing my children to lose or win on their own.

All three of my children won prizes! Eventually, several other mothers came to me and said I should not let my children win since their father was the minister of the church. They said it was not fair to the other children, that I should take away their prize and declare other children the winners. I was stunned. He was not even present, and I would not have allowed him to help them.

I stuck to my guns on the issue, and pointed out my little girl won over kids two and three years older and I did not point out one egg. I could not keep up with her! I did point out how the mothers of little ones who were before me complaining had helped their children who were older than my little one. I could not bear to disappoint my children who went into the hunt hoping to win and did, fair and square. It would have been oh so wrong. However, the other parents were in a snit and children were crying. Parents who were poor losers were teaching their children to be poor losers.

I cannot imagine the damage that taking the prizes from my three children would have done. I never could understand how their father being the minister affected their egg-hunting ability.

My children had not practiced at all. Other parents hid the eggs!

Your turn
Would you have made your children give up prizes just because their father was the minister? Can you see any logic in taking their prizes and giving them all to another child?

Friday, April 7, 2017

New chicks

Today, Friday, J was going to mow my yard. She was late getting here and felt horrid. She picked up really big limbs and lots of smaller ones and took them to the road. She finally commented that she would rather we go get chicks. I had mentioned doing it tomorrow. But, it took us a few seconds to get in the car and leave for the country.

The woman was getting out the 8 chicks I decided to buy. I handed one to J and told her to keep her hands around it because the wind was blowing. As I handed it to her, she said, "Will it peck me and hurt me?" There was a little panic in her voice but she took the day old chick. I just had to laugh a bit and reassured her the chick could not hurt her at all! She stood there about 30 seconds and said, "Will it poop on me?"  I chuckled and said, "Maybe."  J immediately told me to take it.

On the way to get the chicks, I had told her she could come hold them every day to help gentle them. Maybe she thought they were fierce if not held often by humans.

She enjoys feeding Dominique and getting an egg for me. Does she not realize she is walking in chicken poop in her flip flops? Well, I won't tell her.

Right now, they are in a tiny cardboard box inside a plastic box on top of the dryer. The air between the two boxes acts as insulation, requiring less heat to keep them alive. In a minute I will go put newspaper in the air space. As they grow I will give them an increasingly larger cardboard box inside the same plastic Rubbermaid type box.

I just had to write about J's reaction to the chickens being vicious and maybe pooping in her hand. I don't think I have had chicks in my hand poop on me more that three times since 2009.

So Funny!

This is so funny! Go HERE.  I think exbf would not take this so well. Who would you show this trick?

I forgot where I saw this. I will give you credit if you tell me. Okay, I forgot I linked directly to her blog. No wonder I did not post where it was originally.

To whom will you show this?

Thursday, April 6, 2017

In Bed All Day

First of all, Dominique gave me an egg Wednesday and one today, Thursday. This breaks her record! This is six days in a row! That is as good as my first four hens.

I was out of sorts on Wednesday and rested and napped lots. Then, last night I realized I had a fever. Today, I stayed in bed and slept all day. Hopefully, the OTCs will cure this allergy induced illness.

On Wednesday I bought another half gallon of the a2milk. On a whim and partly because I was feeling bad, I splurged and bought the 2% chocolate in the same a2milk brand. Cokes were 4/$10 for 12-packs.

At one store there is a 72-hour sale that starts on Friday, and another has a sale is at another store only on Saturday. So, I need to make a list for those and leave early for WM both days to get the deals while it is fresh if it is produce or even available.

Yesterday, it was so cold I had to use the wool blanket with a flannel sheet over it. It is amazing how warm just a flannel sheet over the wool blanket can keep me. This evening, I turned on the space heater!

The $0.99 pineapple must be sliced tonight. Otherwise, it will turn. Right now, I am eating the second piece of two pieces of cake I froze for exbf. He is coming Monday, and hopefully he will have forgotten.

My life is exciting! But, the most exciting part is that it will not rain for at least 8 days. For the sake of Easter Egg Hunts, I hope the rain holds off for a few more days after this dry spell. Oh, I have an egg hunt story to tell you. My three children star in the story.

Your turn
Has anyone tried the a2milk? Have your hens started laying well? Are the special deals picking up where you live as Easter approaches? Do you have little ones looking forward to hunting eggs? Or, maybe you have other news?

How is it...

That 1,321 people visited my blog yesterday, yet not one had even a one-word comment? Are you tired of free lunch posts? Were the deals really bad prices? Just curious!

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Tuesday Lunch--Free of Course Grocery Deals

This church has a sort of religious "lesson"--short and sweet. Then, there was a lively couple. He played the guitar and she sang. Then a guy spoke and showed us his old and invaluable Bibles, giving us a history of Bibles--Wycliffe, Gutenberg, Martin Luther, Tyndale. He had priceless copies of the Bible. Interesting. We were allowed to take pictures, so I did.

Lunch was hearty. Two pieces of buttered and toasted BBQ bread, a slab of meat loaf an inch thick and larger than the BBQ bread on which they piled caramelized onions; slaw; and the most decadent dessert ever. I ate all the slaw and meat loaf and a bit of one piece of bread, and all the onions (Mine and J's).

Dessert had a chocolate cookie crust, some sort of cold/frozen filling, whipped cream on top of sliced bananas, strawberries in syrup, and chocolate syrup over all! With some pineapple the dessert would have been like a sundae. This chunk of dessert was also huge. Tea, coffee, soft drinks from a fountain set-up were available. Everyone said the food is always great with generous servings. You know where I will be on first Tuesday.

Because it is not just listening to preaching to be fed, I will definitely go back to this. J enjoyed it, but read her phone during the Bible History presentation. Mostly, it was elderly women in attendance, but that's fine.

Of course, I collected scraps from J, and three friends at the next table who go to another of the lunches.  These people are not needy or hungry people, just retired and with active minds. Dominique ate well. J ate no meatloaf because she saw onions in the meatloaf...sigh.

Afterward, J and I came back here. She was organizing canned goods and I lay down because my back hurt. Plus, I awoke two hours before the alarm this morning. I lay down about 2 pm. At 5 pm, I awoke

Oh, I ate the meatloaf and felt like I had swallowed a watermelon whole. So, a little bathroom time was in order. I will go for weeks resisting beef and then give in and regret it. When will I learn? (rhetorical)

Tomorrow, there is a new ad, so I purchased what I wanted from the sale papers. Well, it will be tomorrow/Wednesday when I post this.

This was less than $10 in groceries:

Ronco 1 lb. pasta $.99 regular price was $1.48 each. bought two.

bananas $.29/lb. Regular price $.59/lb. Do not know pounds, but it was 7 bananas.

Pineapple for $.99 each. Regular price was $2.48

cucumber $.25 each. Bought one for J. I think they were regularly $0.75 each.

Cabbage $.25/lb. Bought two heads.

Red grapes $.99/lb. Regularly $2.98/lb.

Avocado 3/$1. I bought only one because they were not good enough to purchase more and have them go bad.

Bell peppers were 3/$1 but for some reason, I bought only two. I am going to make stuffed peppers for exbf and me.

Pict Sweet frozen field peas and snaps for $.99/1 lb. package. I bought two packages. Regularly $1.38/1 lb. package. This will definitely be part of the Easter meal.

Dominique gave me another egg today. This makes four days in a row,  her record.

Good food. Good program. Good deals. Good sorting. Good nap. Good hen. Good day!

Your turn
Are you finding good deals this week? Does anyone love field peas and snaps or without snaps as much as exbf and I love them?

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Dominique is Pouting

Today was uneventful. It might have been more eventful if I had not had three electric carts die on me in Walmart. The wait was excruciating and made me leave without what I went to get. Well, it is okay because it is only Monday. For some reason in the middle of the afternoon, I decided I had to buy the specials before tomorrow because the ads would go off on Wednesday. No, it is still Monday. I had no nap to fool me. But, I have tomorrow to shop for specials that go off on Wednesday. I just need to get there before storms hit.

I heated a piece of frozen cornbread for exbf last Friday and discovered it in the microwave on Saturday. So, I put it on a plate for Dominique. She got leftover mac and cheese that did not suit me and lots of Romaine. The first thing on the plate was chicken scraps.

She rushed and grabbed a hunk of cornbread and demolished it and started on the Romaine. I came inside and looked out the window. She was pacing and not eating. She didn't even find the chicken for her to eat. She must have realized there were no dry oats. This hen ignore oats for three days when I got her. Now, she must have her chicken crack.

There were lots of blueberries in the freezer and I uncovered a Ginger Evans blueberry muffin mix while cleaning out a shelf the other day. Those mixes never have blueberries in them. They are blue apple pieces. And, I have heard the blueberries added frozen did not turn the muffins blue. I had no desire to fill muffin cups, 6 I believe, as my back was hurting so. I put a piece of parchment paper in and 8x8 pan and poured the muffin mix in the center and popped it into the oven.

It was delicious. I didn't even notice it was not muffin shaped once I got it onto my mouth. I think a half cup of blueberries in that tiny mix was overkill, but who ever had too many real blueberries in a muffin? Ice cream would have been nice, but not until I find a2 ice cream. They do make it.

Your turn
Do naps ever fool you into thinking it is the next day? Then, you rush about? No nap fooled me! Do you have chickens or animals who just won't eat familiar and liked foods if the favorite food is not served? What goodies have you served from the freezer lately?

Monday, April 3, 2017

An Expensive Health Solution Is Cheaper Than Medicine

This post contains a subject that might make you squeamish. Turn away now if you have a touchy stomach or are eating.

First, Dominique gave me another egg on Sunday, three days in a row. It was a late breakfast but was three scrambled eggs and a2 milk.

I have narrowed down another culprit for gastric distress that happens often lately. In the past I could spend hours in the bathroom. Later, weak and dehydrated, I thought back. It seemed beef was part of the problem. Well, being allergic to all mammal products is a bummer.

Since my hysterectomy, my bowels have not returned to normal functioning. I have been eating a bit of cheese and probably too much milk. But, I can go for a week and have no problems. Then, it hits and sometimes for days.

Of course, I know too many chocolate treats can be a problem. But, the puzzling part is that I can sometimes gorge on chocolate and have no problem. Finally, I narrowed it down to milk+sweets, like milk and brownies.

Then, I came upon an article about a2 milk. I purchased a half gallon for $3.78 at Publix. I am drinking it in excess and eating chocolate treats in excess. This is a 24-hour experiment since I don't need the excess chocolate.

So far, almost 24-hours later, I am having no cramps or further distress. This milk has been compared to goat's milk for its ease of digestion. The first thing I did was to taste it--straight--in a big gulp. It tastes like the cow's milk that it is.

It is sold at Publix in this town. If it solves my gastric distress problems, I will give up trying to find $.99 milk prices or any cheap milk.

Three specialists have strongly told me to drink only whole milk. Of course, it is a mammal product. I will pass this information along to the allergist to see what his opinion is on my drinking this milk. There is a protein in mammal products to which I am allergic. The difference in proteins is what makes a2 milk easier to digest. Normally, stores sell milk with the a1 protein.

I believe I read there were other products made from a2 milk, like cheese. By the way a2milk is the brand I bought. It is all a2, no a1 milk in the product.

According to research, the a2 milk can help autism, schizophrenia, eczema, and a host of other problems. I could find nothing that was .edu in order to include a link. However, this Mother Jones post can give you information, and you can decide whether to pursue this further.

When I consider the cost of the above ailments, expensive milk is a cheap solution. So far, 24 hours later and lots of junk and milk, almost a half gallon, and I have no cramps and have not needed extended bathroom time.  I have not had cramps. This could save substantially on tp and I can go back full time to using cloth instead. Maybe the savings on tp could be applied to the milk purchases. Believe me, I do not normally drink so much milk in so short a time!

Your turn
Have you heard of a2 milk? Have you tried it? Does it help you avoid gastric upset? Urspo, can you shed more erudite light on this or a medical site link? I will include it in the post.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Cadbury Creme Egg Recipes

These sound delicious and sickeningly sweet, I would try some of these recipes, though.

this one



Their are other sites. I googled "crème eggs desserts cakes."

I love the chocolate eggs but think the ones that have the "yolk" inside are just tooo sweet.

Russell Stover Chocolate Cream Eggs are sold separately, too. I think those would work fine, too.

If you want to win chocolate, go HERE. Sluggy from DON'T READ THIS; IT'S BORING has not only chocolate but a ton of items to be sent to the winner.

Your turn
Let me know what you make. Do you already cook with Cadbury Crème Eggs? What is your favorite flavor of Cadbury Crème Eggs? Do you ever eat the Russell Stover Stover Cream Eggs?

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Frazzled Friday

I don't know if I said or not, but a key broke in a lock, a padlock. The locksmith will charge me between $75 and $100, depending on how much they do and how long it takes.

My tweezers did not work to pull the key out. Bolt cutters cost $50. Maybe my needle-nose pliers will work. I saw a neighbor getting his mail and , yes, he does have bolt cutters. So, tomorrow he will try to get the lock off.

The problem is this is one of those round locks that resist being cut off. He has lots of tools, so maybe he can bring several to get the lock off.

I had to make about a dozen trips from the car to the house, carrying things large and small, heavy and light. So, I was exhausted. Exbf was always so good about helping me by carrying things, but today he could not.

We ate at Arby's today with a coupon for $2.99 Grand Turkey Club. I love those! We got the 50 cent cokes from a certain machine and ate in the shade with the windows down. It was pleasant with blue skies and clouds blowing along.

After all my walking to and from the car, he got a salad for dinner. The carrots and potatoes went home with him. although he had chicken on his salad, I meant to send some home with him. Soooo, that will be frozen for him. I was too tired to fix a meal at lunch or heat stuff already cooked for dinner. Ugh! Well, it was less than $7, and we rarely eat out.

A nap was whispering in my ear, so two hours later, I had no desire to cook or do anything. The nap was good, but I was still tired. He left late to go home. After a trip to WM to get a few things, I am holding down the bed! There are bags from WM that will get carried in tomorrow. Only the ice cream was brought inside. Oops! I suppose I must go back and get the fruit! sigh

Dominique gave me an egg today. YAY! Maybe by Sunday morning, I can have scrambled eggs for breakfast. There are two store-bought eggs in the refrigerator, but I want to use those for cooking something.

Where are my grey pants stored over the winter? Beats me, but I looked frantically and finally found one grey pair to wear on this very warm day.  Everything stored is in one place, except for grey pants. ???

I hung clothes on the line at 4:30 pm and forget to bring them in! Yes, it has been a frazzled Friday.

I awoke this morning to dried out carrot tops, so had to water those and keep my fingers crossed. One of the sweet potatoes in water was covered in white moldy stuff, so that was tossed. The aloe has not died.

Although I accomplished enough, things just did not go well on many fronts, many little annoyances!

However, at the end of the day it was a very good day.

your turn
Even on a good day do you ever find things are not as simple or easy as they could be? Have you had a frazzled day lately?