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Sunday, December 31, 2017


Someone triggered an asthma attack for me with me yelling to stop. I will be back when I can breathe.

Friday, December 29, 2017

$$$ Perks

I rarely ever use my Belk credit card, but obviously I have used it enough in the last ten years to earn a $10 credit. Of course, I will use it after Christmas and maybe even wait until the new year.

Rite Aid sent me an email that I have $2 in Plenti Points that expire on Dec. 31, I will see what I need or want that costs that much or a little less. At first, I was going to get Cella Chocolate Covered Cherries but never went to Rite Aid. If they have any Cella left, I might get those.

Lately, every time I enter Walmart, I am offered a 50 cent coupon for the store. Those work, too. Maybe I will save a few of those for after Christmas sales. I have used 2 and 5 more to use.

 A $10 KFC rebate coupon arrived to be used soon for a meal or two, depending on the day I eat.

A card with $26 has not loaded, so I wait on that!

Maybe I will use the first two to buy gifts for birthdays and possibly Christmas gifts for next year. At any rate, all except the KFC coupon can be spent on reduced items now that Christmas sales begin.

That is about $50 to spend somewhere. It works for me. It is not much compared to what others get. Of course, I am not counting what I have gotten during the year as this was only December perks.

Update on the above which I wrote last week: I went to Rite-Aid and it was impossible to use the Plenti points. I did buy something I needed and could not find at WM or elsewhere. Of course, it was more expensive at RA, but there was a coupon for $2 on each package. If it is not cleared up tomorrow or Sunday, I will be annoyed to lose my $2.

Every time I go to WM, I forget to use the five fifty-cent coupons, but I have a month to use them.

What do you get in the way of perks for whatever lately?

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Agave Danger

Robert Lustig, MD, author of Fat Chance
The Problem: Don't trust the health halo claims associated with the natural sweetener agave. While it is technically a low-glycemic food, it actually drives up blood fructose, which is way worse, Dr. Lustig explains. "Fructose causes seven times more cell damage than glucose because it binds to cellular proteins seven times faster and releases 100 times the number of oxygen radicals (like hydrogen peroxide, which damages cells)," he notes.In addition, fructose is turned into fat in the liver, which contributes to the development of metabolic diseases like type 2 diabetes. "Glycemic index is irrelevant; fructose damages your body unrelated to glycemic index. Agave nectar should have a skull and crossbones," Dr. Lustig says.

I have always been wary of agave. Now, I am convinced I was correct.

Your turn
Were your converted by the hype around agave? Do you use agave?

Two Crock Pot Decisions

As for what I am doing to alleviate the abundance of non-working Crock Pots around here, I made several decisions.

First of all, I am not going to buy a smaller CP, at least not right now. I am going to use CP #3. I don't feel like shopping for another. Besides, I want to get blackeyed peas going for the New Year.

Second, I am keeping the cracked crock and the lid and getting rid of the heating unit. I will also keep the white crock and lid, the one I got hoping it would fit another heating unit. I will get rid of #1 heating unit and keeping the crock and lid.

Plus, I will get rid of the carrier. I looked and there does not seem to be a handle. I need to check that later. The carrier will go to the thrift store.

The heating units will go on the curb, along with the carrying case.

The crocks and lids will be used to protect baby plants this spring. Now, I wish I had lots of crocks and lids to protect tiny plants. The crocks will hold heat from the sun and hopefully keep the plants from dying. If they are left outside, I must secure the lids to keep curios animals out. At first, I will use them indoors to sprout seeds. I think this is a brilliant reuse, but I have been wrong before!

Now, I just need to struggle to get the usable crock pot off the floor and out of the box. I will need blackeyed peas this weekend.

The nice, sturdy box will be used to store something breakable. I have plans.

Do you think the crocks with lids will work for mini-green houses or hot houses?

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

My History with Crock Pots

My Crock Pot history is a very checkered history. Crock Pots should never be left alone with me.

The idea of a crock pot being plugged in and on for hours frightened me. There was no way I was going to use one. I protested loud and long.

Then, the woman to whom I protested the most often surprised me. She bought a Crock Pot (#1) on Amazon and sent it to me. As I opened the door and was about to step down to the porch, I almost tripped over the huge box.

Of course, I opened it. After the first time I cooked in it, I was in love and cannot imagine not having a CP. Yes, I was easily swayed.

Shortly after that I stopped at a yard sale and found a Crock Pot (#2) barely used for $3. It only had a tiny spot of what I assumed was scorched food in the heat unit.

In September of this year, I won a Crock Pot (#3) at The Power Board Customer Appreciation Day.

Several years ago, I found a $1 handled, zippered, insulated crock pot carrier with a white crock and lid (#4) inside but no heating unit. Thinking maybe the crock would fit #1 unit, I paid $1 for it and brought it home. No, nothing fit!

In #1 I scorched something in the bottom by letting it boil dry. I had taken the chicken out but had left the broth to cook down. Obviously, I left it a tad too long. I put it outside to get rid of the scorch odor and put water in it. A raccoon or cat knocked it off the step onto concrete and broke it into pieces!

Then, I draggged out the second-hand #2 and have used it for about a year. Last Wednesday. As I washed it in preparation of putting in the turkey breast, I noticed a crack in the top edge. Maybe I did not actually break it, but it met its demise in my care.

I am hopeless and left with two heating units, two lids, one white crock insert and lid and no crock at all to fit any heating unit, neither #1 nor #2.

CP #3, the one I just won, is too heavy for me to lift easily. But, if I can get it unpacked, I can lift it. Scratch that idea. The turkey breast has been in the refrigerator since Saturday and has thawed.

When I unpack the won (#3) CP, I will see if the stray crock I bought will fit unit #3. It would not fit #1 or #2. If nothing fits, I am getting rid of/donating the two units, the carrier, and the stray crock and 3 lids. The glut of CP heating units and carrier is more than I can bear.

People tell me that crocks can be found at yard sales or thrift stores. I rarely go to those anymore, so it seems futile to keep the heating units at this point.

My keeping these still working units, a good crock and three lids and carrier in hopes of someday using them with old pieces/crocks would fall cleanly in the hoarding category!  I won't go there, ever. Right now, I don't have the energy or motivation to give them away to an individual because they ask too many questions.  I will put them on the curb with a sign--Free Works

I keep small appliances for years without them dying because I take care of things! Stupid crocks!

Then, I made a decision and used a turkey bag for the turkey breast. It really hurt my back to put it in the oven and then again to take it out. Second decision--I will purchase another small Crock Pot so I can continue to use one. The small crock was almost too much for me to lift or to handle even without food inside. If you hear of a sale online, let me know. Thanks! I am looking for free shipping, too. Otherwise, I will keep my eyes open for one in stores around here.

Washing the crock is excruciating for me. However, I never have broken  a crock while washing one.  Even the bottom and all sides must be washed because gunk runs down as I empty the crock.

Lowe's had a crock pot for $10 on Black Friday! aaack!

Your turn
If you have a Crock Pot or have had one, do you/did you break the crocks? Did the unit burn out?

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

The Day After

Christmas wore me to a nub. So, I slept for about 10 hours! I even took a nap yesterday. I told exbf to wale me in an hour since he watched tv while I slept. He said he had been calling my name for ten minutes when I finally awoke. I may even take a nap in a little while.

In the meantime, I need to go out, but I am afraid...very afraid. Will I find a place to park? Will I find an electric cart? Will I find what I want?

What do I want? A loaf of bread. I ate a piece of whole wheat bread accidentally and had a bad reaction. Now, I just want a turkey sandwich.

What do I need? I need weather stripping to make the kitchen window less drafty. Their is a huge draft coming under the window, not sides or top. There is a breeze. I am trying to figure out what I can use without buying something. I wonder if the cheap foam ac filter cut into a strip would work?

The temp is 33 F, so staying in would be the best thing I can think of. If I go out, I need to put on socks and shoes and not sandals. Bummer!

What do I need to do when I go out other than buy bread and weather stripping? UGH I need to return a few things. One thing I lost and rebought. Another thing I just left out of a package. Another thing I bought for myself and will return. However, I can return them next week.

What do I need to do here? Wash dishes and clothes. Actually, I need to transfer loads of dry and wet clothes.

The only thing keeping me in for a while is staying here to watch The Chew. So, at 1 pm, I am free to leave and face the cold and crowds. Maybe I will just toast a cheap hamburger bun and have turkey and lettuce on that.

Oh, I just read the funniest joke ever. Go here for a joke that had me laughing loudly for ten minutes. Okay, so I only laughed for five minutes.

What force is pulling you or pushing you to stay home or go out today? What do you need to do when you go out or what do you need to do at home today? Was the joke hilarious? What do you need to return? Will you bring me a piece of pecan pie?

Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas!

Image result for merry christmas

It is so cold here. However, the weather is dry. Freezing temps have nothing to freeze and cause accidents. That is good for all of us. Today has been a very gray day all day long. But, children can ride their new bikes since there is not rain, snow, or mud.

Exbf came, and we exchanged gifts, and ate a pared-down Christmas dinner: turkey, dressing, gravy, green been casserole, and carrots. Dessert: Whitman Chocolates, and a concoction of pineapple, mandarin oranges, cool whip and coconut that I will make while I eat chocolate.

Since I had trouble sleeping, I got little cooked, no potatoes. He will leftovers, probably enough for two meals of meat, at least. The leftovers for him will have at least three meals of carrots. It was delicious, if I say so myself.

I did keep some of all leftovers for me.

I gave him a pair of pants that he needs. The man wears Also, he got a Diet Pepsi and a little tub of Bubble Gum, afterthoughts that really made him happy, especially the Bubble Gum. He even got a little bank with it.

He gave me a Personal Digital Ceramic Heater. I was looking at one in WM on Sunday. He said he remembered me saying it was so cold in the kitchen that it hurt to go in there. TRUE!

Also, he brought me the very thing I was going to buy the next time I went out. So, he saved me money. I keep a day planner in my purse. The one for 2017 weighed too much. The one he gave me even has a flat pen in a little pouch on the back. That will be handy. He brought me a tote bag. Both these items were handed out at his church, so he brought me one. He said people were getting several for their family. So, no harm in getting two of each.  These weren't "gifts," just given to him at church on Sunday, and he thought of me.

He even wrapped the heater gift and put a ribbon and bow on it!

This Christmas, I have received three tote bags, all three with a church name. Is this a new trend, giving tote bags from church?

He has been gone about an hour, and I have found receipts for things I need to return to three stores. That will be money in my pocket.

Besides the leftovers, I sent him home with Russell Stover candy (his choice from two boxes), 4 Granny Smith apples, 4 Halos, gal of milk, another frozen pint of soup I forgot to give him, enough turkey for several meals or sandwiches, bread I mistakenly bought that had whole wheat, half pint of milk from Senior Christmas Party.

Today was a Happy Christmas. Today was a pleasant Christmas.

How was your Christmas? Was everyone well?

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Santa Came!

I was out for a few minutes on Christmas Eve, just long enough to get gas. While I was gone, Santa came.

As I struggled up the steps with groceries, I saw something directly in front of the door. It was an A&W Root Beer Mug with an envelope inside.

So, I fought my way in the door, picking up the mug and dropping groceries as I bent to get it...ugh. All the while, I was trying to figure out who knew I collected A&W mugs. J came to mind as she had commented on them. Exbf knows but had not been here. So, I opened the card. My friend Gwyn, John's cousin and friend of mine, too, had been here. She owned an antique shop, so knew what I like. This was a very pleasant surprise.  Gwyn would have come to mind if I had had longer to think.

Oh, I did not buy groceries today.  Since I cannot bring all the groceries in when I buy them, I bring in a few at a time over days.

Penguins and Christmas Cards

These penguins came from The Low Carb Diabetic in my blog roll. He got this picture from another place, so I suppose I stole them fair and square.

These are so cute! I cannot wait for an occasion to make these.  I might even eat raw carrot if I had one of these.

I went to the mailbox late Saturday and found four Christmas cards, one with a very generous gift. Thank you!  Another is from overseas. I was driving when I opened them and left them in the car, so I cannot examine it see who sent it.

It is not too late to make these penguins for your company.

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Christmas Plans or Something Like It

Post written on Friday

For the first two years I knew exbf, two years when we actually dated, he visited on Christmas Day. I don't remember. Since then, he has said he wanted to stay home and relax on Christmas, refusing to come here.

When we talked Wednesday, he made some statement that indicated he would come here on a day off. He is off Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, works Tuesday and is off on Wednesday. As he seemed to be asking what day he should come, I finally asked him what day he wanted to come. Christmas Day!

That was a shock! He was quick to say he would be here Christmas Day.  That presents a problem. I am still very ill. Although I am not contagious, I am not well yet. I was contagious at the Senior Christmas Party, but obviously he is not going to catch the flu.

I called the doctor's office today. He said it might take me one or two more weeks to get well. Even feeling better, as I do now, is not much toward being well.

Today, I finalized my plans for Christmas dinner. I have the turkey breast roasted. Stove Top dressing is easy! I have everything to make green bean casserole. I have a pouch of Idahoan instant mashed potatoes. I will bake a few tiny sweet potatoes. Tonight (Friday), I will make gravy from the turkey broth which is rich with sage. I need to boil eggs to put in the gravy.  If I do a little bit tonight, Saturday, and Sunday, I will not have to pull up the energy to do it all that day or even on Christmas Eve.

My reminder list:

turkey breast
Stove Top Stuffing
gravy from broth
Idahoan mashed potatoes
boil eggs for gravy
green bean casserole
jellied cranberry sauce
baked carrots

If-I-feel-like-it list:

devil one or two eggs for me
pumpkin pie
buy field peas or Crowder peas

The peas are the only thing I don't have in the house. That will mean I will spend no more money , maybe.  Hopefully, this will all be done and I can just microwave it all on Christmas. I refuse to cook fresh cranberries! I have potatoes, but refuse to peel potatoes and tire myself with the making from scratch. I even have everything to make cornbread dressing from scratch, but will not.

Since I have about three pounds of carrots, I just added that to things I must do, even if I leave off the sweet potatoes. I will ask him his desire.

It will be fun having him here. However, I need to plow through the house so he can get in. Plus, the kitchen and bathroom need attention...sigh.

Your turn
Do you have your plans finalized for Christmas Dinner/Lunch? Are you taking the easy way out on anything because you are ill, tired, or just don't want to do it the hard way?

Friday, December 22, 2017

Is a wreath on the door too much to ask for?

Around here it is. Three years in a row when I put a wreath on the door, a tiny bird took refuge there. When I opened the door, the bird flew in. Finally, I gave up.

I would forget to check for the bird and just open the door, so multiple times a day I had to chase the bird and leave the door open in raw weather. Having ten-foot ceilings made it impossible for me to swat close to it to discourage it.

Not worth the wreath!

Has a Christmas greenery, even fake, provided entrance to your home and refuge for anything wild?

I called the doctor and he said the flu has to run its course. This is miserable.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Favorite and Least Favorite Christmas Songs

Christmas music is one of my joys this time of the year. I don't differentiate between the sacred or secular when I listen. The only songs I don't like are the ones like "Christmas Shoes." If you aren't familiar with it, a little boy wants to buy new shoes for his dying mother so she can meet Jesus in new shoes. Gag me!

Something suddenly happened to my car radio, so music while driving is out. My radio in the house will not pick up the all-Christmas station. Hoping things changed from last year, I looked for Christmas music. I found it. After a while I noticed it was not good music. It is called the "faith" station or something like that. Obviously they can only use covers from not-the-top artists. So, I quit listening. It wasn't that it was all religious music or carols, it was just awful.

When I was in exbf's car two weeks ago, I asked him if we could find the good station. He turned on the radio and groaned. "My least favorite song!" The Little Drummer Boy was playing. He just hates that song, along with Sluggy.

Favorites include:
Oh, Holy Night
Silent Night
most religious songs
Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer
whatever the Snoopy song is
Jingle Bell Rock
Happy Christmas (War is Over)
Same Auld Lang Syne
Sleigh Bells
Santa Baby

What are your favorites or ones you cannot stand?

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

More Free Food

Finally, I have a turkey breast, given to me Friday. It is thawing and the crock pot is waiting. I just wish I felt better. The only reason I am thawing the turkey breast is that there was no room in my tiny freezer to fit it in. I need to stuff small bags of the ham in there somewhere.

On Saturday the church that gives beans and rice and other food did not give beans and rice. No, they gave canned food and a huge bag of pork chops. I suspect there are at least a dozen. I have felt so horrid that I just plopped the bag into the freezer to deal with later.

Plus, I was given a gallon of milk that has a date of December 31. Exbf will get that. When I was offered potatoes, I took four large ones and could have had more. A loaf of sprouted grain bread goes to him, too. The nasty white bread will stay here.

Another bag of frozen assorted meats has me set with meat for a month plus what I already have will last me two months.

Never fear, I do not eat just meat. I have carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes bags of frozen vegetables, lots of fresh and frozen fruit. Soon, I will use the dehydrated grape tomatoes. AND, I have Kisses. I won't be cooking or baking, and I am not a bit sad about it.

Still in recovery mode, just exhausted.

New Friend Found at Senior Christmas Party

The woman who sat across from me had brought her mother. Since she was directly across from me, we talked a bit. At one point she pulled an "I Voted" sticker from her mother's coat because the sticker was wrinkled and stuck down crooked.

We exchanged a few words about the election and both mentioned the nut job. Suddenly, we both realized the other was a Democrat. In this county, practically the reddest in the state, that is a rare human. Okay, we are in the middle of the red counties. She was so excited that she wanted my phone number "because it is hard to find a Democrat around here."

Since I sat right across from her on Friday and was very ill on Saturday, it is safe to say I was contagious on Friday. So, I called her on Sunday and warned her that I may have exposed her. She was very appreciative and thanked me several times.  We talked for almost two hours.

I cannot believe I met a Democrat! That was the third thing I did not tell about Friday.  Okay, maybe not so exciting, but to me it was so unusual. I suspect she will be a friend and not just an acquaintance.

When I feel better, I will read more blogs and catch up. After I read a few, I become really tired. Monday night, I told exbf not to come on Thursday since I do not feel up to it. Napping might be the thing to do.

Have you met a potential friend in a strange place and where and when you least expected to do so? Are you still friends?

Monday, December 18, 2017

I Now have a Line!

Okay, this the second thing I was going to relate about the Senior Christmas Party. This was right after the party and exbf had left. I was not diagnosed with flu yet.

I went straight to WM to buy Halos since I gave the last four to exbf and I felt like citrus would help me get better. Of course, I wore the reindeer antlers and the lights, both blinking. As I rode around looking at various things, I came out a side aisle onto a main aisle. A couple was walking by very fast. As I came to the main aisle, I clipped the guy's coat but did not hit his body at all. The woman with him pulled up short and almost fell over me. I looked up at her and said, "You almost got run over by a reindeer!" She started laughing and so did the guy with her. He had whirled around to see if she were hit. Other people heard, too. People were doubled over and telling others what I said.

Okay, I have a line! Yes, I think on my feet and have good one-liners. Urspo, I told you so.

Anytime a little kid wandered into my path and parents were pulling it back, I told the child, "You almost got run over by a reindeer." Parents thought it was funny. Older children did, too. Toddlers just stared. Little kids usually stare at me on the cart. A woman on a cart wearing blinking red antlers and a blinking string of lights either puzzles them or fascinates them. I may have frightened them with what could be perceived as a veiled threat since they don't know the song, "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer".

Finally, I saw a manager and followed him until he stopped. I drove within an inch of his pants and said, "You almost got run over by a reindeer!" He whirled around and said, "Oh Lord, what a way to go!" I said, "Oh, but you would enjoy it." And, I rolled away.

I said the same thing to various employees and got a big laugh each time.

Yes, I am funny.  I have a line for wearing antlers. You can use it when you wear antlers.

If you, too, have antlers, feel free to use my funny line.

Maybe you think it is stupid? Or, not funny?

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Horrendous Saturday

Okay, if you are eating, stop reading.

I threw up all day Saturday, and the force of throwing up got the other end flowing. I have at least three loads of clothes to do, all disgusting. I could barely walk but wanted to go to the doctor. I slept fitfully all day and night. '

Sunday morning, I had the alarm set for 7:30 since the doctor would be there at 8 am. I got there at 8:25 and 10 people were ahead of me! I told them I was going to sit in the car and they said they would call me. Yes, multiple people assured me.

Thankfully, the door to the office is curbside. So, I went back in when they called me and staggered about. It must have been bad because everyone cautioned me. As I left, I smacked right into a wall!

When I got to the room and climbed onto the bed, I covered myself with my coat, eyes, too. It's been years since I wanted to lie down in the exam room. When I showed the doctor the two inches gone from a water bottle and that was all I had to drink for 24 hours, he wanted me to go to ER to be hydrated. I promised him I would drink.

I have the flu, type B. Great! And, I took the flu vaccine. He said the vaccine did not get this one because it was not predicted to be so bad. Great! That was the only flu shot that every gave me a problem.

Every joint in my body aches and my bones. I could not lay my hand down as I lay on my side unless I cushioned my hand with a towel or pillow case all wadded up. I found two pillow cases in my bed from when I had intentions of changing them. I tell you, I have been ill, very ill. The doctor said I had the flu for 3 or 4 days. And, I will be contagious for 24 hours.

Exbf said he heard that 60% of the people who had the flu had gotten the vaccine. Great! Pharmacist said, yes, it was not working for many people.

I was given a shot for nausea and a prescription for nausea med and Tamiflu. I have been drinking ginger ale, Gatorade, and water. I have eaten lots of Hershey's kisses and several Halos. I am going to have a ham and cheese sandwich in a bit.

So, I was contagious when exbf was here and when I sat near elderly people and was in a crush with them trying to get into the Civic Center from the lobby.

Okay, I had three things to tell. I will tell you about the guy I threated to slug. As I was sitting waiting to go in, this old guy came up, all smiles and conversation. I did not know if he was flirting or suffering from dementia. He kept punctuating all his hilarious conversation by holding his fingers and hand straight and poking my upper arm near my shoulder. After the second time, I told him not to poke me again because he was hurting me. Just to prove he could, he poked me two more times. I got huffy, put my hand up so he could not poke me. He left, I suppose because I spoiled his fun.

As we were body to body in the lobby, trying to get into the main part, he was beside me again and started the same shit with me. I kept telling him to stop. Finally, I raised my voice and told him if he hurt me one more time, I was going to slug him right in the face. I was near tears from the pain he inflicted on top of the pain of my back as I leaned over the walker.

He had the gall to lean over me and hug me hurting my other arm by squeezing it hard. I shook him off and yelled at him. He finally shuffled off into the crowd. Jerk!!!

I thought about what I said, and I decided a good raking with my fingernails would hurt me less and him more. I have deadly fingernails, hard enough and long enough to cause damage. I have even hurt myself with my nails.

Okay, I am tired and hungry, my fingers and hand hurt from typing. Plus, the best part of The Sound of Music is coming up.

Have you had the flu vaccine? Have you had the flu?

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Friday Senior Christmas Party

Ah, this social merry-go-round is leaving me dizzy. Today wore me out. I had to get up so early. I don't know how the elderly get up so early and have hair fixed and makeup and lipstick on. This shindig started at 10 am. I got up at 7 am to get there by 8 am to get a handicapped parking space or at least a close one. When I arrived, it was getting crowded, and I got the next to the last spot in front of the Civic Center.

I dressed, fixed my hair, and left home with jewelry and makeup in my purse. Sitting for almost an hour gave me plenty of time to finish putting myself together. With the motor running part of the time, I managed to not freeze like it was outdoors. They let us in at 9am. If I had not taken my walker, I would never had been able to withstand the crush and slow progress.

Even sitting in the lobby I was cold, well, just on right thigh where a frigid breeze was blowing in the front door. Finally, when  not another person could squeeze in, the bodies kept the wind away and warmed the lobby a bit.

My back hurt so trying to get from lobby to dining area--whole floor of the Civic Center. The walker saved me. I really need one with the seat.

I landed the first two spaces inside the door because you do not get run over there, and you don't have to squeeze into the aisles between rows of tables. This is not my first rodeo in this Civic Center. There is a huge aisle at the wall, and very little anywhere else. Plus, the tables in this section are recessed, unlike the other rows. Having secured good spots for the two of us, I waited for exbf to call and say he was in front of the building. I had also secured someone to park his car. As it turned out, he was at the furthest corner of the huge parking lot. He could never have made it walking with his walker.

We had huge mugs with candy, a candy cane, and hot chocolate packet. All the seniors wanted the fruit they gave us in years past. We have enough mugs!  Our places had a plain white mug, but I found pretty ones and traded for nicer ones.

First, there was a drawing for many nice prizes, including $100 bills, gift cards, wrapped prizes, and finally, a $500 prize. We won nothing. Last year, exbf won a gift card to Cracker Barrel. or somewhere. ???

Then, we were served lunch by dignitaries from town....lawyers, business owners and such...celebrity waiters.  A friend showed up really late when there were no more seats, so we got her a place setting, chair and settled her at the end of the table. She was the first served, I was second, and exbf was third. That worked out well.

The meal was all the usuals for a holiday meal, plus we got 1% milk and a bottle of water. Before and after the meal, a band played Christmas music. Some folk got up and buck danced to the music. Can you buck dance? I can. or could.

After the drawings, they always have prizes for various things. The oldest guy last year was 92 years old. This year, the same guy was the oldest again but he was 96. ??? He was also the oldest veteran.  The emcee also asked for the couple married the longest and both had to be present. Two ladies near us kept raising their hands for 60 years, 62 years, and finally 65 years and were about to win. I went down and asked them if they had been married for 65 years, thinking they may have thought it was age not years married. No, each had been married 65 years, but the husbands had died. There were elderly folk all over the place raising their hands, saying they had been married for years, yet there was no spouse present because the spouses were dead!

The elderly women still talk about how long they have been married down here. "I have been married for 65 years, but my husband died 30 years ago."  It is sad that they still count their years being married when the person to whom they are married has been dead for so long. Yet they still count the years. They can only identify as a married woman. A woman without a husband loses status!

An elderly couple came in late and I helped them sit next to me, getting chairs and fixing back their place setting. You see, people get things from unused settings and carry them elsewhere for various reasons. Their daughter came rushing in and sat across from them. We all got her a place setting back together.

That couple had actually been married for 65 years. They guy had a do over and they won $50. Their daughter had taken off work in Birmingham and had driven up here to drive them to the Senior Christmas Party. This is serious business around here. She took a picture of her parents with the reindeer light up antlers and the twinkling light necklace and set it via smart phone to her sister.

A man was handing out necklaces of Christmas bulbs, the kind that are the C9 size, not the tiny led lights. I got one of those. When he was handing out antlers to wear, I hobbled over the get antlers. As I approached our seat, the elderly woman with her husband had the biggest smile on her face, so I took off the antlers and gave them to her. She objected, her husband objected, and the daughter objected, but I insisted and she put them right on. I really wanted antlers, but I figured I had many more years to get antlers.

Later, he was handing out more antlers and necklaces. So, I got antlers for me and a light necklace for her. Our table was decked out. The friend at the end of the table got some doodads, too. Exbf refused to wear any. Other guys did.

The same guy that parked exbf's car, got it for him.  People had to help him off the curb to get to where the guy brought it. Two guys had to help him go off backwards with his walker. He almost fell. Without help, he could not do things, go places.

We drove back here and I came inside and packed his food to take home. I sliced slabs of ham and put them in separate pint freezer bags and left the last part for him to cut. He had at least 10  pieces of ham an inch thick, larger than a palm. I think I had 8 pints of homemade soup, plus 3/4 of a cherry pie, and some sort of commercially made frozen Italian sandwich, candy, and four Halos. It was so heavy I could barely carry it to the car. heavy for me.

He said to me before I left to go into the house, "Now, I want you to go out in public wearing the bulbs and antlers." He was laughing as he said it. Of course, I did. He knew I would without prompting.

Okay, this is too long. So tomorrow I will tell you about the guy I almost slugged at the party. And, the funny results of wearing my lit up reindeer antlers at WM. There was a third thing, but I forgot it already. I wrote the first two here so I would remember tomorrow. Oh, yes, third thing--I met a new and special friend.

I had to take a long nap!

Do we seniors know how to party or what? It was fun seeing friends.

Friday, December 15, 2017

Thursday Christmas Dinner

I was one of the first fifty people there, and amongst the last 25 served. ugh. However, it was okay. I ate chocolate cake.

A guy who looked like he might know something stopped near our table. I asked about food. He said "well, you have already eaten." The other people and I spoke up, saying we had not had our meal and all the tables had been served except us. He said, "Well, your dessert plates are empty. You did not have a meal? Well, why did you eat dessert?" We all said we were hungry. Really, the meal smelled and looked delicious.

This meal was sponsored by the same church where I went on Thanksgiving Day. We had ham, turkey, corn, green beans, sweet potato casserole, roll, mashed potato, dressing, cranberry sauce. I did not get get corn. At this place there is a menu each month. The person circles what she wishes to have.

There was so much food I could not finish it. So, I was going to carry the plate home. Someone offered to get me a go plate. I thought they meant a box to put my leftovers in. No, they filled me a plate/box again. They gave me two times what I had the first time which was generous.

A woman encouraged me to walk over to the sanctuary and hear Christmas music. I told her I could not comfortably walk that far. She said, "You need to go over there and get your gift bag." I asked if someone could get it for me since several persons were concerned I would not get it. I was informed I had to sign for it. A guy told me to write my name on the back of the menu and he would get it. So, I did and waited.

I thanked him and asked the woman near me if someone could take the bag to the car since my purse, the very heavy go box were all I could handle. A little boy about ten carried it for me. He had obviously been assigned to my table because during the evening, he continually inquired about my/our need for more tea. Great service. 

I figured the gift bag would be a paper bag donated from a grocery store. No, it is a great reusable tote bag with the name of the church on it. Cool!

The people who sat at the table where I was were all related or acquainted. One woman was in a wheel chair with right arm splinted. She had fallen and crushed her hand. I forgot how she broke her foot. There were two other older women and a young couple. The couple  started fighting, loud, sharp and with a few pokes and mean faces toward each other. My stomach was in knots over that. They left and never came back which bothered the three woman. I was relieved.

Then, I headed to WM to get packing tape. Since I left my checkbook at home, I had to come home and go back to WM...grrrr.

There was one more thing I needed to get at Belk's so I went there and about killed my back walking and holding onto the little carts they have. K, g-daughter, will like what I got her. I survived and headed to Publix for milk.

While I was waiting in the car for someone to bring me an electric cart at Publix, I looked in the bag to see what was Two boxes of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, some sort of dressing mix, cranberry sauce, green beans, corn, and something else. There was a broken candy cane, a piece of paper about the organization, and a little yellow card about 4x6 inches, yellow like a safety vest. When I took it out, I was shocked. I read it three times to make sure it said what I thought it said. Yes, it did say that.

I could take the card to the meat department in Publix and get a one half a Publix baked ham, partial bone in. My ham I picked out with the help of the meat guy was 8.97 lbs. !!! I asked him if he would cut it in three pieces, not across but down the ham. Then, as he cut it, I asked if he could remove the bone for beans. So, I left with four portion of ham. One of the thirds will go to exbf. He can have it with the beans I made and have frozen for him to take home Friday.

Now I know why 200 people showed up at the dinner! Someone in Publix said the church had it on a Tuesday last year and did the same thing--gave away hams to everyone. Nine pounds of ham is a lot for me, even with part of it being bone and giving away some of it to exbf. I am so happy. He was pleased and surprised when I told him on Thursday night, and he will be very pleased when he is eating it.

Now, I will make everything I like that goes with ham--scrambled eggs and ham, biscuits with ham, mac n cheese with ham in it, field peas with mac n cheese and ham. I don't mix that last. Of course, I will freeze two of the three ham bones. Plus, I will freeze some of the meat because I don't need to eat that much ham in a short time.

These free eating events, lunches and dinners, are working out fine.

(When I first went into Publix and was struggling to walk, someone from customer service told me to call when I arrived and a cart would be brought to me. So, I do. Last week, I waited and waited for a cart and finally just walked best I could. Halfway there, I saw a woman getting into an electric cart. I asked her where she got it, and she said someone just brought it to her. I was frosted!

I commented to the person who was sending the cart that I never got one. Another woman just took it. She was horrified that I had to wait and that the girl gave it away to someone else.)

Would you say this has been a good night with a huge half of a ham? It would have been better with the Christmas carols. sigh Are any churches in your area giving away hams?

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Better Thursday, Maybe

Last night, I slept soundly, a long refreshing sleep. Today, I am not dizzy and not so exhausted with each step. My throat does not hurt as much as yesterday. I am not well, just less ill. Is there any such thing?

My potatoes died, but today, new green is appearing. Hope springs eternal or something like that. It is 52 F. The sun is brilliant and the wind is minimal. The pots are still covered with the sheet. Before it gets dark, I will put the cardboard back over the sheet and anchor it.

The case of the disappearing Christmas cards is being investigated. How could I misplace them? Well, a fter searching for the three Christmas cards, I looked over, and there they were!

My computer is beeping and a voice is threatening to disable my computer so it will not damage the Microsoft system. they are sending me credit card info. I must not close the page before calling. nope, not falling for it. Let me take care of this.

I kept closing the page and the site kept asking me if I wanted to leave this page. Pop ups that were serious and threatening to me and my computer. I called the number and yelled at the guy. He said he did not do anything and YES he was Microsoft and I needed to give him information, personal information! I slammed the phone downas I was yelling! Everything calmed down with my computer, and my computer was not disabled.

Cards are stamped and mailed. While I was out doing a few things, I used my last CFA card for a chicken sandwich. At 2 pm, the roads were packed and so were shopping center parking lots. Christmas shopping is going strong.

Washing my hair, packing a box for TX, buying one more gift, and attending a Christmas dinner are on the agenda for the rest of the day. 4: pm--hair washed. Now to get ready for the dinner at 6 pm.


Your turn
Are you in the throes of getting better and worse this season? This has been going on since mid-October. I feel awful some days and just fine others. Have you gotten messages from your computer with a siren going off, telling you to call and give them info?

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Not Busy and Too Dizzy

When I awoke at 6:45 am Wednesday, I thought it was evening and I had slept all day. I did go to bed about 1 am, but since I really needed to rest more, I was confused, flipping from TV station to TV station, wondering why there was morning weather and news and where was the evening news.  Exbf was laughing as I related this because he said after a nap, he was sometimes confused.

Okay, got it? I was and am really ill. I was going to have to drive 25 miles to doctor today, and didn't think I could make it, so here I lie. I think exbf will have to drive me after the Christmas Party on Friday.

Today, I did get gifts to go to NY put into a Priority Mail box that I hope to get mailed Friday when exbf is here. I cannot find NY daughter's late birthday present, so I may have to buy something else or mail it even later.  Maybe tomorrow I can pack the ones for TX.

Staggering to the car to put the one gift box in there and going on to the mailbox have been my accomplishments outdoors today. I was hoping to feel well enough to drag a live trap out to set for raccoons. Oh, I did check my potatoes. They look pathetic.

Cheese toast, pecans, Kisses, milk, oj, a Coke, 3 Halos, and a sweet potato are all that I have consumed.  After our vicious little rush hour, I may drive slowly and redeem one of my Chick-fil-A coupons for a chicken sandwich. Maybe not. I really need KFC gravy. If I have enough money in my purse, I may get that. I don't want to write a check. Got both CFA sandwich and KFC gravy and spent about $1.50. Later, I will eat something green, maybe turnip greens.

One other thing I did was address Christmas cards for the Christmas card exchange organized by Anne at New Happenings at the Table...  Now, I remember where my stamps are. They have been living in the car...sigh.

I need to buy one more small gift and packing tape if I cannot find any here by Friday. The last roll of packing tape shredded in so many little strips that I threw it away. Hopefully, I have more around here.

And, I now see, late tonight, that I left some gifts out of that box. So, I repack and squish things in. Or, maybe get a large Priority box. And, I feel worse tonight.

Your turn
Did you ever awaken so sick you were confused about the time of day, as to whether it was morning or night?

Monday Christmas and Tuesday Christmas

Monday, I went to Lowe's in a futile search for a piece of row cloth to cover my potatoes. As I went to the door, there were lots of drum pieces and music stands around outside. I jokingly said to the people there, "Is Lowe's dealing in musical instruments now?" The guy laughed and said there would be a concert. Hmmm

What I wanted was not to be found, so I hung out for the music from the St. Bernard Prep School Jazz Combo. It lasted about an hour and was very pleasant. The group consisted of the guy who was the teacher, students, keyboard, four saxophones, two horns, an electric guitar, a flute, and a drum set.  The whole experience was very pleasant, fun.

There was six-year-year old who thought the performance was all about her dancing with jingle bells. That child certainly got a workout. She swung her very long hair about as she sang, jumped, whirled, did a bit of a shimmy once, hopped on one foot and generally was a delightful child. Her two-year-old sister tried to join in. Their  grandfather was the teacher and played the keyboard. The little one just stepped from one foot to another, standing firmly in place, and keeping perfect time. They were adorable and entertaining, especially the older girl.

Tuesday night was the Christmas party for a small group. There were only five people there, plus the leader. I took Halos with Kisses in with them. One person ate one Kiss! Oh well, more for me. The other offerings were taco soup, goulash, sweet potato casserole, crackers, and a two gallon plastic jug of cheese balls. We are in rural Alabama, folks. One guy thinks he never has to bring anything. He comes empty handed. jerk

My gift for exchange was the Dak ham and a pound of pinto beans. Other items: two dishtowels and candy, dish towel and two plastic utensils, beautiful, burgundy thick throw, set of lighted screwdrivers, homemade bone pillow for neck or lower back. I got the burgundy throw. The guy who brings nothing got the bone pillow and let his disgust show. So, the woman who got the screwdrivers got her bone pillow back because he was overly admiring the screwdrivers she got. jerk  The guy who brought the cheese balls got the ham and beans. I asked him if he cooked, he said his mother does.

This was supposed to be a dirty Santa game, but no one played it that way. Everyone was satisfied with choosing a new gift. I suppose people were hoping for something besides dishtowels and beans that were already

Everyone shared a family Christmas tradition. Then, we shared our favorite Christmas gift.  That was fun. The jerk managed to talk over the last of many of my sentences all night.

One guy said he and his brother got bikes for Christmas and his mother made covers to hide them under or in front of the tree. He said he sneaked down to see what he got. In the dim lights and shadows, all he could see was the bulk of the bikes, so he ran terrified to bed, thinking he had seen Santa bent over, and afraid he would not get anything. By this point, we were all just talking about funny Christmas stories.

I give up. Tomorrow, I go to the doctor. I may have a uti. At any rate, I ran a temp on and off today. I feel terrible. For two months I fought the head and chest problems, but the uti I cannot fight. Besides, I am tired of feeling so rotten on and off along with feeling fine for a few days.

One more party coming this week!

Take at a look at previous post.

Your turn
Do you have a funny Christmas story?

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Maybe it is too early to celebrate? No, Roy Moore is out! !!!!!!!!! DOUG JONES WON

But, it looks like Doug Jones won and Roy Moore lost. I voted. Someone on TV mentioned something about the write-ins not being counted yet.

A Different Kind of Soup

About five years or more ago, I went to the Wednesday night dinner that is no more. One time, the children had made us a gift of bean soup mix. There were ten kinds of beans, I think, and a flavor packet they made.

Fred and exbf both gave their soup mix to me. This is the last of the three mixes. I put it on Monday afternoon and almost burned it because I put too little water in the crock pot. I rescued it with more water, and finally put a 28 ounce can of Hunts Organic Crushed Tomatoes. They were reduced at Publix and a very good buy.

Finally, I added Super Blend from WM. It was $2.98 and reduced to $1.07. The Super Blend has finely chopped Brussel Sprouts, kohlrabi, broccoli, carrots, and kale. This concoction cost me less than $2 for the whole pot. I am quite sure there is more than a gallon. Tonight, Monday, I will cool it and put it in quart bags for him to thaw. There is no meat in it, so he can take one of his frozen meat packages and dump it in and stir when he thaws it in the microwave.

I am not quite sure what to call this unless it is Enhanced Bean Soup. While I have never cooked anything like this, it smells good, and the broth tastes good, but I will NOT be eating any. It is healthy.

When I tasted the soup broth, it had a bitter tomato can taste, you know, the kind of bitter tomatoes in a can will have. So, I added cinnamon. Since it was a large crock of soup, I sprinkled cinnamon again. At first, it was cinnamon flavored soup, so I let it simmer. Now, it smells and tastes like spaghetti with beans and vegetables. I wonder what he will think. ???

Hopefully, he will enjoy this. Do you ever start cooking and go crazy adding stuff you had not planned. Does this sound good to you? If you have ever used canned tomato products, do you ever find them bitter? Do you use cinnamon to get rid of the bitter taste? No, it not supposed to taste like cinnamon.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Help! Gift idea + Dish to Share ???

Tuesday, I have a Christmas party that requires not only a dish, but a gift of not more than $5. I still don't know what I will take, what dish.

For the gift I have a 1 lb. Dak ham and one pound of pinto beans. That is my gift. Everybody eats and no one needs another piece of junk that I would have to buy. AND, all these people have diabetes, so a $4.99 box of Whitman's candy, while very appropriate for a Christmas exchange, is not exactly appropriate for these people. I bought the DAK ham with a coupon, so the dried beans and the little canned ham are a $5 gift. It won't sit around the house to be trashed one day. I thought about a Christmas mug filled with candy. But, no.

I have everything here for 1) green bean casserole, 2) jello with fruit cocktail, apples, and bananas, 3) pimiento and cheese and crackers, 4) sliced cheese and crackers,5) Halos, 6) bowl of Kisses. Even though these people have diabetes, they bring things none of us should eat! Okay, my choice--a bowl of Halos. What do you think? I could toss a few Kisses on the top. Better? Or, I could slice another DAK ham and slice it and top it with glaze and bake it.

Halos or ham? Price is same.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Christmas Shopping is Finished!

I am exhausted. I went to one store and returned something and was going to buy it at another. When I went to the other store, the prices were prohibitive, so I went back and rebought what I returned.

The next step is to find what I bought earlier. Then, getting it all packed in two boxes, one for NY and one for TX.  Getting it into the PO will be a difficult task.

When I entered the door at Publix, a woman greeted me and said they were having a tasting. I ate a full meal just in samples! If I could have afforded the $25 ham, I would have been in heaven. It was so delicious. That was the sale price!

All the gifts are sent unwrapped. My dil and daughter don't mind wrapping. It would take a larger box if I wrapped things. This way, I can strategically pack it in a box and save money on mailing. However, this year, it seems gifts are less bulky. I might get everything in a smaller box for the TX gifts. But, I have birthday gifts that are late that will go in the boxes.

Shopping in Belk is trying since they have no electric carts. They do have carts to shop with which I leaned heavily. I even sat for a few minutes in the shoe department.

I received my photo Christmas card from my son and dil. Their children are only 10 and 12, but they are so tall. Son and dil are tall. My daughter has not sent me pictures of her children yet. All four of my grandchildren are so pretty. Yes, grandsons are pretty, too. Okay, they are handsome.

Shhh, I bought myself a small red velvet purse on sale. Well, everything today was on sale. It is so impractical yet was so inexpensive. I suppose this will be my Christmas purse for years.  I needed a small purse to carry for dressy occasions. This was not what I was looking for, but it spoke to me.

Your turn
Am I the last person to finish her shopping? Do you have many gifts to mail or are they all local?

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Potatoes Are Hardy

My little potato plants are surviving below freezing winds and snow. I didn't cover up the potatoes until all the snow was gone. The pots are sitting on a pallet which only facilitates cold wind going up their little Really, the pots should sit on something that does not allow the wind under the pots.

Late yesterday, I put cardboard over both and after dark put a sheet over that. There were places where the wind could get through places by and in the cardboard. I have the white cloth that allows the sun and water in for plants. Now, I just need to get all together and assembled.

If I plant tomatoes, peppers, and other plants in my other huge pots next year, I will start potatoes in the pots as soon as everything is done. I feel successful at this point. Of course, I have not seen a potato yet. Even if this effort produces minimal potatoes, I will continue to plant potatoes, trying each year to improve my techniques. Why not? This will keep me out of trouble. lol I could turn out to be the Grandma Moses of planting, late but successful.

So far, the ground squirrels have not been in the two pots I now have planted with potatoes. They are probably waiting until I have invested time and my heart into these. When they are larger potatoes, I fear the little devils will come and eat my potatoes.

I did not get the trap set up yet. I either forget or I am getting sick and do not want to get into dirt. Plus, I fear even with a glove on that I will infect my finger that is still not healed.

At least with above ground crops like tomatoes, a person can see and judge progress. This is such a mystery. I can only judge by the fact the leaves are growing that there might be potatoes hidden in the soil.

I feel like such a farmer!

Your turn
Who plants potatoes? Can you give me advice or warm me of any pitfalls? I have read and watched you tube for advice. But, I am not sure what all I need to know. And, vaguely tell me where you live so I can judge what might apply to me for now or later.

Friday SNOW!

It was hard to believe and beautiful to see. Huge snowflakes drifted down outside the picture window. I live between Birmingham, AL and Huntsville, AL. This was a total surprise and not our usual weather. It was 71 F on Monday or Tuesday.

Exbf picked me up. It was so much fun to drive around while it was snowing. I took pictures of azaleas still in bloom with snow on them.

I went to Publix for milk and bread because I needed it, not because I thought a blizzard was going to happen. Before we went to Publix, I had a bag of trash to deposit in the parking lot in the shopping center. When I got to Publix, I looked for my glasses and knew immediately I had put them in the bag of trash and throw away my glasses. When we went back, I had to get out in the freezing cold, open the door to the trash container, pull the trash can out, which means it came off the curb, and drag out the bag and retrieve my glasses. Thankfully, I did not think about them hours later. Not only were they there, the trash was still on top.

Since I had little sleep, I wanted a Coke from McDonald's and asked him if he wanted one. He wanted coffee. I ordered a $5 gift card, too. When I tried to pay, the woman told us the guy in front of us had paid our order--$6.84. That was a surprise. Remember when the guy paid for our Dairy Queen meal?

When I got the card, I gave it to him and said Happy Birthday. I bought it for his coffee on the way home from my house. He declared he could eat breakfast twice. Bummer. Finally, he understood why I got the card for him. Of course, he can do anything he wants with it. Saturday, he will be 64. I also gave him an answering machine. He wants a machine, not to get voicemail through AT&T. And, he did not want two new phones with answering machine. The answering machine is the cheaper option.

While I was in WM for slaw and saw lots of shiny things that caught my attention, he was sitting in the car. I got in with my treasures, and the car would not start. He had been listening to the radio with the lights on. I got out drove the electric cart to the automotive part of the store, all the way across the store and in the back corner! I was going slowly so I told the guy where the car was and what it was. By the time if got there, the car was going. A WM employee will jump off cars for free. Soon, we were on the way.

Some days, things are complicated!

We arrived home about 1 pm, much later than I like for him to eat because of his blood sugar. For lunch we had bbq chicken, slaw, and baked carrots. I made mine into a sandwich. Grapes and three chocolate kisses were dessert.

He left very early because of the weather--wet roads and temps going down to 23  Friday night. I sent food home.  Now, I put each portion in a pint freezer bag. He took home lots since it was his birthday, some of these are individual packages:

5 pkgs. carrots
7 pkgs. chicken
pound of grapes
half pork butt
pkg w/2 KFC wings, my leftovers
8 Ball Park Corn Dogs
box of raisins
loaf of bread that has whole wheat, a mistake purchase

 I forgot to give him Halos, cherry pie, and slaw. grrr

This man moans with pleasure over carrots when I cook them. He has always either eaten frozen or canned carrots. I was going to put them in the crock pot. I felt so bad so many days, that I finally put 2.5 pounds of the five pounds I bought into the oven with garlic and oil on Friday morning. It was so cold that the oven certainly did not overheat the kitchen, just ran up the electric bill.

I did keep chicken and slaw and have more carrots to cook. What I gave him was sharing and also for his birthday. My best friend did not cook. For his birthday, I always cooked food for him, usually cornbread, deviled eggs, and chocolate pound cake.  Men who don't cook and need nothing like home-cooked food to take home.

Since I did not get to sleep until 6 am on Friday morning, I went to sleep at 5:30 pm on Friday and awoke at 3 am on Saturday morning. So, I am well-rested, awake and hoping for going to sleep early tonight. Plus, the OTCs and prescriptions made me feel better. I am trying not to take an antibiotic!

Parts of the southern half of AL got up to six inches of snow on Friday! Unbelievable. I think it is over for the state. You can tell when the weather videos are from the South because people are out in six inches of snow with a V-neck open, no gloves and throwing snowballs, tennis shoes. We mostly don't have the clothes for snow and we are going right back in the house after playing a bit. In town people were out in sandals.

Your turn
Did you get snow in the South? Or, wherever you are? Have you ever thrown out something and had to dig in the garbage?  Come on, I know you have or have a story of someone else.

Friday, December 8, 2017

First Christmas Party

Tonight, I was still trying to figure out why the new tv won't work, talking with a salesperson at WM. That made me late to the Christmas party. I arrived about 20 minutes late and everyone had a plate of food! When did ''refreshments'' become a dinner?  And, it was catered. No complaints.

I had eaten something before I arrived, so I brought most of the plate home. The sweet potato was sooo huge, at least of cup of sweet potato.

We had pork loin, salad, sweet potato, roll, fruit salad, and tea. It was delicious and there is another meal in it for me. We played a musical Christmas game.  The red and glittery goody bag appears to have great goodies. Who cannot use a new pen? Seriously, there is a bound book for taking notes, i suppose. Since it has advertising on it, I will cover that with fabric and glue.

Contents of Goody Bag:
Spiral notebook, at least half inch thick. Spirals were the rubber coated kind.
book on health for older people
Boost, one bottle
plastic bag with samples like bandaids
lotion sample
gorgeous, reusable gift bag

Now I have a beautiful red gift bag for the season and can use it for a gift for someone else. I drove three miles, round trip total of 6 miles.

Altogether, it was a pleasant evening. And, I have another on the agenda.

I have a Diabetes Support Group Christmas gathering next week. A gift for exchanging and a dish of food are expected. I will prepare what is here. The gift will be something around here, new of course. The new bag is too pretty to take there.

Have Christmas parties of any kind started in your life? Or, are they planned for later?

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Cooking this Week or Not

Sunday: six large chicken breasts
Monday: pork shoulder butt roast. five or six potatoes
Tuesday: cabbage, carrots
Wednesday: turnips
Thursday: sweet potatoes, bean soup

That was the plan. This is how it happened. I got Sunday and Monday done. Felt worse. And now I am stuck with the plan below. However, I felt much better last night. Today, I awoke overheated and with a sore throat and throbbing forehead.

Cabbage. carrots, and turnips will be cooked in the pork broth as were the potatoes. I am freezing the chicken broth to use in dressing. I bought five pounds of carrots to cook. The turnip will cook next week.

Friday, I won't be cooking as exbf is coming. Hopefully, I won't have to cook because it is all done ahead of time. Now, my plan for tonight is cooking cabbage and carrots, at least carrots. I am going to a Christmas party, so we will see.

I told me to remind me to give him some grapes because I always forget those. Many times, I make a list. Other times, I have him write as I tell him what there is.

Last week, I sent home peanuts with him that I got from Five Guys. He loves peanuts, Since I left them in his car, I didn't forget to give them to him.

I have frozen half a cherry pie to share with him. No, I did not bake it. I think I will make an Apple Betty with Granny Smith apples I have. Probably not. Saturday is his birthday--64, just a young'un.

Two weeks ago, I was given an Elephant garlic or something like that. I have 14 cloves to plant. I was going to do that today, but I am achy. However, this is my record of what I have to plant.

Re-reading this post, it feels disjointed but I really don't care.

Your turn
Do you ever awake overheated and then have a sore throat, feel achy, and make yourself sick by covering up too much? Do cooking plans ever go awry?

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Swedish Death Cleaning

Are any of you engaging in this practice? Explain what you do, if you will. I was intrigued with the title, "Swedish Death Cleaning."

Does the idea seem morbid or healthy?

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Santa Hat Kisses and Nightmare at the Christmas Parade

Aren't these cute? Hershey's kisses and Hershey's miniatures, along with Cella Chocolate Covered Cherries are my favorite Christmas candies. Hershey's has outdone themselves with the new foil hats. Have you seen these?

When I copied the package, it obviously has a large margin, hence the wonky look of this post.

Late last Saturday afternoon, I went to WM. I came home my usual route and could not get to my house for all the roads blocked. Let me explain. There is a highway running north/south and one running east/west. I live in the NE quadrant. The railroad track which runs north/south is the divider. I travel home in the SW quadrant, cross the railroad  tracks to get into the NE.

Well, all roads running east west were blocked by cones or police cars. So, I just kept going north and trying each street. Finally, I was about 8 blocks beyond where I wanted to go and where I live. Now, I am in the NW quadrant. And I am frustrated. I did not know what was happening. Why could I not get over the railroad tracks to get home?

I got back on the road beside the railroad tracks and went south this time, searching for an open road to go over the tracks. Finally, I got over the tracks and asked on of the members of the horde of people what was happening.

The Christmas Parade!

As I finally got on the other side of the parade route, I have never seen so many cars parked on that side of town. Every municipal building parking lot and any lot was filled for at least ten blocks. The city changed the parade route.  However, I still don't know where was the route.

Usually the city blocks the state highway for several miles. And the parade floats clog the SW part of the city. I suppose it is my turn after almost 50 years.

If I could walk several blocks, I could be in the midst of the second happiest place on earth. Seriously, this town does up festivals right. As it is, I am on the fringe and seriously frustrated on the summer weekends and during Octoberfest. I may need to get me a new regular route.

I was exhausted by the time I arrived home. whew!

Your turn
Have you seen the cute Hershey Santa Hat Kisses? Do you live in an area that continually blocks you in or out of your neighborhood?

Monday, December 4, 2017

Small Economy: Two Ways to Eat More Cheaply

1) Thursday, I decided to eat a can of tuna for dinner. Well, there were vegetables/salad, I forget. I just reached for a can of tuna and was opening it when I realized it was not StarKist, the only brand I like. It was Food Club. grrrrrrrrr I made the tuna salad with a bit of Dill Relish and a bit of Sweet Relish and a generous portion of Miracle Whip. Chopped celery provided a great crunch. I did not want to wait for eggs to boil, so that was dinner.

The Food Club tuna must have been in the wrong space when I picked up two or three cans at the store and put it in my cart. Have you ever gotten home with a bottle of conditioner and could have sworn you picked up shampoo? Or, something of the sort?

Much to my surprise, this tuna was delicious. So, from now on, Food Club will be my choice at the grocery store. I know that Chicken of the Sea will never be purchased again. That stuff is nasty.

Food Club is cheaper! And, I am not sure which store it came from.

2) At Publix I previously purchased the reduced Tabatchnick brand of frozen Lentils and Mushroom soup, and exbf loved it with chicken added for a more hearty meal. So, hoping against hope, I went right back to see if there were more. There were! So, I purchased four more boxes with two pouches of soup in each box. Pepperidge Farm frozen raspberry turnovers were still there, also. I now have two packages more of turnovers.

I would have purchased all the soup packages and raspberry turnovers, but my freezer was too full for more. Six packages stuffed it to the gills.

Remember? The soup packages were reduced to  $1.25 for a two-pack, and the raspberry turnovers were reduced to  $1.75 for a four-pack of turnovers. If one package of soup is a meal along with chicken in it and vegetables, he eats that for $0.62. plus added chicken and something else. I might put kale in the next bowl after I microwave it. That would be a nutritious lunch for $1 or so. He likes kale.

I cannot feed him soup for lunch or dinner every time he comes here! Or, maybe I can. I can ask him if he wants pb sandwich for lunch or the soup. I am betting he goes for These small economies help tremendously.

I could make a pot of vegetable soup for less than $0.62/serving, but I am not for cooking as much as I was in the past. Shortcuts, especially healthy ones, are good to have available right now.

(Since I put 6 pounds of boneless, skinless chicken breast in the crock pot today, I will freeze 8 little packages just for his soup.) Okay, this is hours later and chicken is done. I am now wheezing a lot. And, my finger is swollen and red again, not infected, just painful as far as I can tell.

Today, I had a checkup doctor appointment in Decatur that I could not keep. My finger is one again inflamed to the first joint and throbs. Plus, my wheezing has gotten worse. I am trying to fix both without going to the doctor.

Your turn
Do you love it as much as I do when you discover small economies for groceries? What is your best find in a reduced/sale food? Did you ever discover after years of sticking to one brand that a cheaper brand was just as good? Is Food Club brand of tuna in your area?

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Five Pounds of Tiny Rocks

The cashier had to come around and take a plastic container of rocks from the basket of my electric cart. AND, she picked it up by the top because she could. The plastic lid came off the plastic container making a mighty noise and startling her as it fell and the lid came off. Well, lots of people looked and questioned her.

Rocks flew everywhere as the container hit the ground! Most landed right in front of the cart, but a few were ten or more feet away in an area where people would walk. I suggested she get the ones people could slip on. She curtly replied that was what she was doing. "No, those lone rocks in the aisle might cause people to slip." She looked annoyed and went to get them.

I have a project in mind, and it's not painting rocks. I had no idea that a container about the size of a pint jar could weigh so much. The earth must be heavy...ok, being silly.

This is called planning ahead since this project will be a County Fair entry next September. My mind races when I consider my entries planned for next year.

Do you plan artsy projects a year ahead. Garden plans are in the works, too. I have seen the vegetables on display and think I can do as well, hopefully better.

Now, I will have to wash five pounds of rocks.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

The Bearer of Butter and The Comrade to Catsup

The sinister, secret history of a food that everybody loves.

This is long, but oh so interesting. It could also be titled "The sociological implications of growing tubers or grains."


Thursday, November 30, 2017

Love Those Fries

On Tuesday there was one little thing I had to do involving Five Guys Burgers and Fries. Since I cannot/should not/allergic to eat beef, I just gaze wistfully at this business as I drive by. I resist the siren call.

Yesterday, I needed to know something and the person who knew worked there. I waited and finally could not resist. Yep, I went to the car with a small fry and two catsup cups.

We sat in the car and ate fries after we dipped them in catsup. I had the catsup cups in a small metal tray, and we put fries in the tray to make it easier to eat. It was like heaven. We just ate and did not talk. Lunch was sparse. So, this was fine. Neither of us were famished at dinner.

By the way, small fries order from this place was almost too much for two French fry lovers. I may need an intervention to keep me away from the place and the fries. However, since the fries were almost $3, I will be able to resist just fine.

I like the fact he is spontaneous and willing to be happy sharing a small fry. It was like sitting in the car eating an ice cream cone in the summer.

Have you had these fries? Do you ever find that things you should not eat are the things that draw you? Do you give in?

Tuesday & Piggly Wiggly is Closing

The Tuesday lunch and the whole day just about did me in. I could not sleep Monday night, so I set the alarm for 8:30 am to wash my hair which I should have done Monday night. Somehow, the alarm was set to soft instead of loud and went off for an hour before I heard it. Even with an extra hour's sleep, I was not motivated to get up. When exbf arrived, I was sitting on my bed with wet hair and not dressed to leave the house.

I spent 30 minutes becoming presentable. Even though my hair was still damp, I left, ready to go to the lunch.

First, we went to Harbor Freight where I got 2 sets of bungee cords, one for each of us at the cost of $0.43 for each set. Well, the cords were free, but the $0.49 utility knife cost me $0.49 - 20% + tax = $0.43. Now, I can commence with the chipmunk trap.

My hair was mostly dry, so I came home, used the curling iron a bit, fixed my hair and we left for the church. We try to get there early to get a close handicapped parking place. I put on my makeup in the car, and we talked. Finally, I went in and found someone to take a wheelchair out and get him.

Lunch was chicken and dumplings, a side of peas, and a piece of celery, piece of carrot and pickle spear, unsweetened tea.. I declined the peas and asked them to put them on his plate. He was so happy to have the extra peas. He also ate either some of my carrot or celery. I brought home celery and carrot in a napkin to add to food I cook.

The guys with stringed instruments played and sang while we ate. Nice.

The interim minister announced that any of the food bags we wanted were in the back of the church. Plus, we could take sweet potatoes. All this was left from the last event where they give food with no means test. Naturally, I got the food bag and more sweet potatoes, maybe 3 pounds.

Since Piggly Wiggly is closing, I had him take me out there. This a store I never visit because besides being in the opposite direction of all the other stores, they only have two electric carts, and it spooks me to get off the highway into their parking lot.

People who live out that way in the country and have to come into town to shop use this store. They will sorely miss PW because they will have to drive about 5 miles further. Those employees will no longer have a job.

While I was in PW, I saw a lone office chair with a sign "$5 cash" and dragged it along since it had wheels. A manager helped me by dragging it out to exbf to see if it fit him. He is uncomfortable in every chair I have. He struggles to get up. Finally, I bought a lawn chair that I keep here for the house. It is still uncomfortable, but the best I have in terms of his comfort.

He grumbled about the chair but I bought it and someone loaded it into the back of his vehicle. Then and only then, did he tell me how awful it was. grrrr Speak up sooner.

In PW I bought Dominoes powdered sugar for $0.75, a good price and a pack of soup mix and a pack of Concord potato garnish stuff. You slice potatoes lengthwise, sprinkle this stuff on them and bake. There is only a tsp of oil on pounds of potatoes. However, I never bake pounds.

We went to WM to check on status of a TV. While there, I sold the chair for $10 to an employee. No, I did not feel guilty since exbf was using his gas and time.

Remember the soup on sale at Publix? I made one of the pouches for him and put a handful of meat in it, a full portion. I had one taste. He loved it. Then, I baked him a Raspberry Turnover, bought on sale at Publix and sent another baked turnover home with him. He loved the one he ate, too. His dinner was about $1.25, soup and turnover. Best of all, it was so easy to prepare.

Have you ever shopped in a Piggly Wiggly? Piggly Wiggly was the first modern style store with people getting their own merchandise instead of handing a list to the proprietor. Grocery carts were first used and every item was priced. The first Piggly Wiggly was opened in Memphis, TN, where I grew up. The founder built a beautiful home out of pink marble. People called it The Pink Palace. Now, it is a museum.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

The Universe Responded

As I mulled over the trap for the chipmunks, I tried to think of all scenarios. If squirrels jump in, they can jump out, but in doing so they might turn the trap over. If raccoons get nosy, they won't jump in but will probably dump the trap.

I could tie the trap to something like the legs of a sturdy table sitting in the yard. Or, I could wire it to something. I don't have sturdy string, and I am not sure if I have that much wire.

As I wished for bungee cords, I knew all mine were used, broken, rotten, gone.

The ad for Harbor Freight arrived Tuesday, and there it was--free bungee cords with a purchase. Aha!

If I tie the bucket to the table legs and have the bucket under the table,  rain won't raise the level of the water.

My boombox will not pick up the signal for the radio station that plays Christmas music unto New Year's Day. Maybe they quit the day after Christmas. When I bought the wire on Saturday, it was 30 cents/ft, but it was marked down to 6 cents/foot. The universe is kind.

Or maybe "Luck favors the prepared."

Not a universe thing here-->Today, exbf and I went by HF. Before I went in, I asked him if he needed anything. He could think of nothing. So, I got him/us a set of bungee cords. They probably are not good ones, but for this they will work. I want them to drown, not swim to the side of the pool and escape!

As exbf was leaving, he said, "Oh, when you asked if I needed anything, I forgot I need scissors. Didn't you get some the other day?" Well, yes I did, two pair, but could not find them, so I gave him mine which I opened two days ago.

It was a good day with blue, cloudless skies and temperature in mid 60s.

Maybe the universe hearing and answering was just synchronicity. Jung explained it as the occurrence of two seeming related events not causal events. Maybe that is how the universe answers. ???

Urspo will surely straighten out all this.

Do you ever think of something and it appears? Or, does something you need happen along at just the right moment?

Monday, November 27, 2017

Monday Doings

One sentence about her. Since I did not expect J to show up like she said she would, I was not all surprised or upset. Okay, enough of that.

This was all in one trip today. So, I am exhausted. Everything is close together, so I probably drove 7 miles.

At the bank I went inside to straighten out my checking account. I had not written down 3 checks, so I got that taken care of, and, yes, I did have enough to pay J and to get the prescription. Better to be cautious than just hope I had money.

Thankfully, there was money because I needed gas for the car. Plus, I needed that one Cella chocolate covered cherry. I did not eat it, so it is in the freezer firming up.

I looked at TV at Walmart. I have a teeny bit of the $135. + tax to get a 32" TCL brand TV with built in ROKU. At the WM  pharmacy I got the prescription I thought I could not afford yesterday. While at the pharmacy, I had to call the doctor for a refill he did not give me and had another prescription refilled. Rather than waiting, I will go back another day.

The Chick-fil-coupon was calling for me to use it, so I did, and drank a Coke from home. Yum.

A letter came yesterday from my car insurance company that said something about a refund check. Yes, I want it. But, it was not in the envelope and there was no indication if it had been mailed or would be mailed. However, it was definitely not in the envelope. After a call--I should get it soon as the letter was mailed out the day before the check.

I stopped by to place to ads for things I am selling. Tomorrow, exbf will put in two ads under his name. I plan to place ads at a call-in program on the radio tomorrow.

My boombox will not pick up the station that plays Christmas music non-stop from Thanksgiving thru Christmas. So, I went to Lowe's and got 12 feet of copper wire to stick out the window. I thought up high near the window would work, but, no, the guy said stick it outside the window. Lovely!

Finally, I went to Publix to buy the milk I must drink. When I am in Publix, I always look at the sale racks and the freezer section that holds frozen items reduced. I found tomorrow's dinner when exbf comes. We are going to a church lunch. What we are having for dinner tomorrow evening:

Tabatchnick brand
Barley and Mushroom Soup
2 servings in two separate pouches
2 for $2.50, so $1.25 for the one box with two servings
no sugar or salt
barley, carrots, mushrooms, corn, celery, onions and various seasoning

It sounds delicious. I might add some brown rice if I cook rice. I will add chicken for him. I might split one of the pouches with him, depending on what else I have to go with this and what he says. He may want all of it. If this is good, I may go back and get the other boxes of this left on the freezer shelf.

For $1.25 I think this is a good price for dinner for two and maybe for four servings. I love it when I don't have to cook when he comes, especially when I have not cooked or planned.

Now, I am home and exhausted! I have to wash dishes and wash my hair...ugh. and hang up clothes and do more laundry. Well, that is the plan.

I offered to take J to the lunch, to two food banks, and take her home. We will see.

The chocolate covered cherry should have firmed up by now.


Your turn
Do you ever seem to just go from place to place all day long and become exhausted in the end? Has anyone ever heard of TCL brand TV? Do you know anything of it's reputation? Does the soup seem good? Have you ever heard of this brand or eaten it? Does the wire have to be outside the house?

Doctor Visit

On Wednesday I was told to come back in 48-72 hours to check the finger that was abscessed. I knew I was not going back Friday, so decided to go on Saturday. Since I slept all day Saturday, that did not happen.

Today, Sunday, the doctor was very concerned as he came in the door. He looked at it closely and was asking me how this happened. He had ordered an anti-fungal after the lab report and the women were supposed to call me and tell me. So, he said he would call it in. I went to WM and no one had called it in. sigh

Then, I realized I did not have enough cash to pay for it. I was unsure of the bank balance, so I was not writing a check. I don't need to start taking it until Friday, so it is okay I don't have the meds.

A month ago, my blood pressure was 103/58. When I had my blood pressure taken Wednesday and today, Sunday, it was 130 + over 70+. The nurse said, yes, the finger infection and inflammation could make my blood pressure go up. Plus, temp was elevated. I feel great.

I HAD LOST FIVE POUNDS SINCE LAST WEDNESDAY. Holidays are the easiest time of the year for me to lose weight. I only eat holiday stuff. Yes, that includes candy and pie. However, I do not nibble on other things. I feel inspired and motivated.

Sunday, I have been puttering. I am giving J all my whole wheat pasta since I cannot have it anymore. I had it in canning jars, so I am putting it all in gallon ziplock bags for her. I really hate I cannot eat whole wheat anymore. She may not even like it.

I managed to put my 6 large boxes of Quaker Old Fashioned Oats that were on sale on the shelves she cleaned off. It is not that I cannot do anything, I just cannot do it all and not even much of the sorting. They had been sitting in plastic bags in a box for several weeks.

Eleven Christmas Child boxes are being emptied. I will put all the same thing in one storage bag--crayons together, pencils and erasers together, etc. Next year, filling the boxes will be a snap. Plus, I returned something for the boxes I had bought but did not open.

After that, I will wash a few dishes, including the crock. Cleaning the bathroom sink and commode are on the list, too. Maybe if I write it down, I will feel obligated to do it and not put it off. Okay, it's all done.

Were you aware that a badly infected finger could cause such a rise in blood pressure?  If J does not come back, is there any blogger near who would like this expensive whole grain pasta, all shapes?

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Crazy Friday That Spilled into Saturday

Before Thanksgiving J and I made plans for her to come here Friday morning and help me. She worked well for the first two hours, even though she took five smoke breaks in a smidge over two hours.

She was starving, so I made her a pbj sandwich. That fixed her for a bit. Then, she declared she just wanted to walk to bf's work. I cajoled her into working.

Then, we went to turn in Christmas Child boxes at Chic-fil-A. They told me on Monday I could bring them in on Friday and then refused to take them...sigh. So, we got chicken sandwiches with the free coupons I had and drank cold Cokes from home. She said she felt so much better.

At some point her bf called and said to bring his debit card and phone to his work north of town. We were south of town. So, we went there. She went inside the office and got him because she had to see him. He came to the car fussing at her. I was disgusted and said I had to go and told her to close the door and started slowly backing away.

He screamed at her to get out of the car. She got out with me backing and told her she could not come back to my house, to just stay with him at work. I got out of the car and told him she had the kitchen blocked where I could not get into the kitchen or to sink and I could not pick it up myself.

He started screaming and yelling at me, telling me he was going to call the police right now if I did not leave. He said I could not come to his job and harass him. Yeah, he is in parking lot doing all the screaming. He said no one would help me because I was so.... or something...cannot even remember. I do not recall saying no one would help me. He just stood there jabbing his finger in my face, saying how he was going to have me arrested. He is crazy. I did not raise my voice once or tell him what a useless human being he was.

I appealed to J to come back and she did after he kept telling her no. That encounter really shot my already tired nerves and body.

Then, I had to go back south of town. They are living beyond their means and he is using his debit card to buy lunch!

One the upside--she got two bookcases emptied and moved. One already had food in it in the kitchen. The other was moved into the den and accumulated stuff, not sure what. So, when we/she got them both situated in the kitchen, she put food in both. Some of the items are just empty canning jars. I now have a place to put my crockpot when it is not being used instead of it sitting in the way on the counter!

I feel so sorry for her. We sat outside for a bit while she smoked. The day was very pleasant and she seemed so different than the frazzled, frightened person she was with him. I had her empty about two gallons of dirt into another pot. I found potatoes sprouting on Wednesday and again on Friday. When the sprouts turn green, I will plant them.

He called and told her to wait at the road in front of my house so he did not have to see me because he did not want to get into it with me. I told her where he could hear that he would be in my yard and would be starting it, not me, and that I would call the police to him for disturbing the peace and cursing and threatening me.

He is a loud talker. He was angry he had to see me and even angrier that he had to come to back yard to get stuff because he had worked all day. Well, so had she. He pulled the wagon of stuff and spilled it and was cursing her for not helping keep the load on. She should have watched, but didn't. All the way to the car he was berating her. She just kept walking in front of him and the wagon. I was humiliated for her.

I was pleased with what she did and had no money in the bank to pay her because I bought the printer. She laughed and said she could take it back. Before he came to get her, I took her to store and bought her some cigarettes. I had that much money, I hope. He called screaming because we were not at my house, for her to get back right NOW. Well, I was showing her the Christmas lights downtown. She had wistfully said, "Oh, I have to get him to go home this way to show him how pretty it is." Then he called screaming. At that point he called about us not being home.

That night, I hurt all over because of fibro and felt mentally stressed. I had cooked Wednesday, gone to Thanksgiving Dinner, and sat in WM for hours to get the cheap printer. I could not sleep until 8 am Saturday morning and awoke at 5:15 on Saturday evening. Saturday night I was up for a long time. But, since I was still exhausted, I did sleep well and am not sleeping Sunday, too.

I know he told his work boss that I came up there causing trouble, but I will be able to talk with the guy and tell him how it was. I know this was disjointed, but I sort of forgot all of the drama.

We have a good time. She saw Jello with fruit in it in the refrigerator and was laughing and was saying how she almost ate it when she put the cokes in. We got it out and ate it, sat and laughed because it was so good. I fed her kisses when she was down and depressed. I will keep chocolate from now on the cheer her up and energize

I wish murder or maiming were not so against the law.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Thanksgiving Black Friday at WalMart

After the church Thanksgiving dinner, exbf dropped me off at my house. I went to bathroom and sat a minute, then decided I needed Cream Cheese. I headed to WM. They were setting up for Black Friday. I got and paid for the cream cheese.

I wandered for an hour, watching people put up displays as I tried to move on and get out of their way. Finally, an employee told me there was a flyer at the front of the store with all the deals listed and it had been there for a few days. Well, that just shows you how uninterested I am in all this hullaballoo.

After I looked over the ad, I went around and looked at some of the items. Before that, I had looked at the small electronics and found interesting items. That proved useful as frantic people were looking for the Google version of Alexis. I gave lots of

As it was nearing 4 pm, I saw a printer and was talking to a teen waiting by it. She said there was a $19 printer down a few feet. She asked me to get one for her, too, in case she did not make it down to the one I wanted.  So, from about 4:10 until 6 pm, I sat in the electric cart in front of the stack of printers, waiting, waiting, waiting. I needed to go to the bathroom as I had drunk a bottle of water and a Coke. I was to the desperate point where I get chills on my arms and face because I have to go so badly.

I really wanted this printer!

Near 3 pm a woman who was a WM driver started talking as we both looked at things. We would cross paths often. She saw me stalking the printers and came at the right time to make sure I got one since I was in the electric cart and was saying I hoped no one walked on me and it got one. Well, until about 6 pm, not a soul was interested except me. Okay, this was on an end of a display out in the aisle, so I could only see my side and the end, not the other side.

She rushed back and helped me along with another woman to get my printer and the one for the teen. The whole place let out a uniform roar as the getting ensued.  The WM driver was going to go with me to bathroom and guard my printer while I went to family bathroom. She thought I was going to leave it outside. However, I had already decided to drive the cart in the bathroom or haul in the printer. She waited with my purse and printer.

Instead of trying to get into the regular register lines or the temporary lines, I headed to electronics, the nearest cash register, and found one person ahead of me. At 6:11, my job was done. The whole store was in chaos with people not able to move at all for the crush of grocery buggies and people. I must say, all the little children were at home or contained in the buggies.

The only way I got out whole was my plan that worked perfectly. I drove along the walls of WM. I never met anyone that caused me to cut the power to wait or slow down. NO ONE was at the wall aisles. I got out of there easily and looked at the sea of people and carts. The only place that slowed me was getting into the area to enter and exit the store. No one was entering.

So, that was my first Black Friday sale. I could never have made it by standing at the door and trying to endure the mad dash. Everyone, mostly, was stationed by what they wanted. Couples and friends were dividing up and getting items both wanted. The printers were stacked over 6 feet high in about 6 stacks. Before I could leave with my two, they were waist high all around.

I left with a printer (HP) and the cream cheese that had been in my cart for over five hours. I have not opened it, but I hope it is good still.

Well, this is out of order, but.... The woman trucker was determined to protect me and my stuff. When the teen came to me and got the printer, thanking me, the woman yelled at her and tried to take it back before I could intervene and say I was getting one for her.

Still, I have never camped out for a Black Friday Sale anywhere. I don't see one in my future.

Did you shop in a store on Friday or Saturday for BFS?