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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Ball Jar Salad Hack


These silicone cups fit inside a wide-mouth jar. The purpose is to carry salad dressing in the cup on top of the salad in the wide mouth jar. I thought this was a great idea. They only fit a wide-mouth jar. The pint jar is probably the size I would use.

Scroll down a bit at the source to see this picture.

While I love the idea, I can get a free item that will work just as well.

A few months ago, I was looking at this. I went into the kitchen and fished a used cup that held applesauce a few hours before. It fit perfectly! The little rim on the top of the applesauce cup fits perfectly on the jar rim. Then, the rubber in the lid fits right onto the lip on the applesauce cup. While I did not check to see if it was leak proof, I am quite sure it is close enough for taking for lunch.

Let me say that I got applesauce in cups with a sale and coupon cheaper per ounce than I could have bought a jar or glass container of applesauce.

Somewhere there is a picture of a jar with salad in it and the silicone cup in the top.

Why would I pay $9.99 + shipping for something like this when I can use a free hack for the same thing?

Your turn
Have you seen these silicone cups? Do you have one?  Do you ever carry a salad to work? In what?

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Lunch and Relapse

Today, I went to one of the free lunches. While there, I felt like I was going to faint again. I had someone drive me home while another car followed me. The light-headed feeling was not hunger or tiredness.

When I took my first dose of antibiotic today, I realized I had left off one yesterday. NOT good! I must do better.

J is going to drive me to deliver my entries for the Fair. And, she agreed to feed Dominique. Right now, it is pouring, so I hope it stops before she gets here. On the weather map on the weather station, there is a red blob over the town. Thankfully, it is moving quickly. But, there is another right behind it. RED blobs are the heaviest rain. Exbf must have driven to work in the rain.

It looks like I will not get to go to the sewing shop to use my coupon, the $20 dollar coupon that I paid $6 to buy. Maybe J will want to drive me there. Maybe I will let her choose something for sewing since she has no supplies. My friend with whom she is staying has plenty, so she has not missed needles and threads, yet. She will when she moves into her own place.

Okay, the rain has let up and the next blob of red is not coming through here. It moved to the south enough we will only get drizzles, not driving, pouring rain. This rain calls for shoes, so I need to change my sandals.

The guy probably won't come to pump the basement in the rain. He would have to work from the outside for a while until he could get it out. There is a roof over the entrance, but not enough to keep him dry while he works.

The only thing I have bought this last five days is the cookies ready to break off an bake.

That's my Tuesday so far.

How is your Tuesday so far or your Wednesday if it is Wednesday where you live?

Monday, September 18, 2017

Water Still Here

Today, I called the guy who was going to pump out the basement on Saturday. It turns out there was a huge water line break and he worked on that emergency. He told me when he would be here another day.

Now, I have to plunge the commode since I could not flush for so long. No, I never put paper in the commode.

I am not quite as dizzy as when I awoke this morning. I am coughing now. However, the doctor said my chest was clear last week. Meds are helping.

Crackers are all I have had to eat today and it is almost 4 pm. There is a family sized pork entrée in the freezer and frozen broccoli. okay, I had the pork bbq, green beans, and broccoli for dinner. I know I had two green things. I wanted them, okay? It was all so good, I had seconds.

My plan for the evening/night is to make chocolate chip cookies, the kind that come in a flat layer in the refrigerated section. I refuse to cook anything that needs to mess up dishes. Dinner was cooked in disposable parchment paper and eaten on disposable paper plate/platter decorated like watermelon.

I am starting to feel so much better. Maybe I can continue to hand sew pumpkins tomorrow. I paid $.97 for  a piece of fabric to make two--a Halloween print. Here in the house, I found a black and white chevron fabric for others, maybe a dozen. Stuffing, thread, and yard for the ribs is all right here. I need a six inch needle which I will get with a coupon.

A $20 coupon cost me $6. Tomorrow, I can go to the fabric store and get the needle there and probably more material for pumpkins.

There will be no cookies if I don't go and slice them and put them in the oven. Since I will cook them on parchment paper on the same pan on which I cooked the dinner, there will be no more dishes to wash.

Don't you love the day you actually think you might live after having been so ill? I may have asked, but is anyone making fabric pumpkins?

Taverners Wine Gums & Stuff

These are another of the UK sweets--"Great British Sweets". The gums are different colors, shapes, and flavors. The only one I can eat are the diamond-shaped red ones. The rest start out okay, then the most putrid taste occurs. They taste like they are fermented and not a good fermentation. The citrus ones are horrid from the first chew because I am allergic to citrus and especially citrus flavored foods.

I am not sure if this is an acquired taste. If I drank wine that tasted like most of these, I would assume the wine had gone bad. I have had to spit these out. All the good ones are eaten, and the bad tasting ones are in an empty disposable cup where I deposited them mid second chew.

When I first put one these in my mouth, I have the sensation I am chewing on an eraser. The texture is not a bad thing, just surprising as I thought they would be like gummy bears. I eat few gummy candies, so maybe some are as tough as these.
The guy who was coming Saturday evening to get the water out of the basement did not show up, and I have heard nothing today...sigh.
Yesterday, I was so ill I could not get out to feed Dominique.  I could not risk another vine tripping me or not getting safely down and back up the stairs. This is not fair to her. So, I will find her a new home. This is not that the novelty wore off or I am not getting eggs. She needs to be fed regularly.  This is not the first time she has missed dinner lately.
I have two afternoons to get the entries of dehydrated foods to the Fair--until 6 pm Wednesday. I hope I can walk steadily by then! Keep your fingers crossed!
Summer is returning. September here for the most part is hot as August. I have had a daytime high in 50s. That is just not right. We have had record breaking low temps for the highs. It is now 70F or above for our nighttime temperatures. We will have 90 at least one day this week. That is much better! Has your normal September weather returned? Or, is it cool early and fine with you?

Your turn
Has anyone from the UK or anywhere had these Taverners Wine Gums? Do you like them? Have some of mine gone off?

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Why Me? (NOT a lament) Just WHY?

Is there anything you know about me that would make you think I would be receptive to the Church of Scientology information? Why would they want me? I have no money!

Before I read the last packet, I asked exbf if he had ever gotten anything like I had. He hadn't and was quite interested in taking it home to read. He has no memory of that conversation or taking it home. Today, I got another packet of information.

Someday, I will read it. Not now.  I have never read Scientology information, so this will be an extreme curiosity driven read.

Sluggy  has a new giveaway that is fabulous as always.

Your turn
Have you ever received an unsolicited mailing from Scientology? Any clues why I received this?

Saturday, September 16, 2017

After Thirty Years

When I put color on my hair, I have one problem area left that never takes color. Yes, I know this is a First World problem. After I get the color on and very close to hairline, there are always those few fine and short hairs around the hairline that are white as snow. Even when I take a finger and mush the little hairs into the color, they remain white.

I really hate to have my hair colored evenly and have it blow back to reveal a white sort of crown. I have even given up on some style because of the lack of color. I don't even like looking at it in the privacy of my own home!

Even when I ask my hairdresser, the answer is short and vague. I watch hairdressers putting on professional color and can never determine what I am doing wrong around my hairline.

Finally, I asked J how to color the little hairs. She took cosmetology in hs, so I thought she might know. She told me to use a brush to color those hairs.

Since I don't have one of those little paint brushes hairdressers use, I headed for a toothbrush. I am using one toothbrush and the rest that are old probably have been used to clean. So, a new toothbrush it was. The bristles are so black, I will never mistake it for anything else.

All the little hairs are colored now. I feel so much better about the color job! Before, the look was as though I had not colored in weeks when it was new color. This is much better. I will report how it holds up.

* I wrote this before I became so ill. Hopefully, the guy who is going to work on the excess water removal will come soon. In the meantime, I am still very ill.

Your turn
Did you know to use a brush for color, especially on those fine hairs around your face? If so, how did you figure it out?

Friday, September 15, 2017

Friday Funk

I awoke about 8:15 and was at the doctor's office 30 minutes later. It was scary driving the way I feel. Since I was sure I had a uti, they had me give a specimen. I was staggering when I came out of the bathroom, sort of stumbling and swaying. What do you know? When I had take about 6 steps, I saw the doctor was watching me as he waited for me. I don't think I had to say much about how horrible I felt.

Yes, I had uti and sinus infection. So, I had to go to WM to pick up prescriptions. While there, I bought two gallons of waters. There is one gallon here. Two of these bottles, when empty, will be refilled at neighbor's faucet if J will help me.

After picking up the meds, I went to Publix because I had no milk. It turned out the half gallons of a2milk were $6/2, so I got two. That saved me $2.56. I will go back next Tuesday before the ad goes off and buy two more half gallons. They are usually $4.28 plus tax for a half gallon.

I finally got someone here from water dept. As it turns out, no one turned off the water. Then, why did flushing the commode once result in a commode not refilling? Why is there no water in faucets? Beats me. The guy was stumped too. He was amazed at the depth of the water. The water is off now, finally.

Someone is coming with a sump pump tomorrow late to help. I hope it helps to drain the water. He said he would get the leak "plugged up" so I could have water. There is no way to figure out what the problem is until the water is out where the location of the leak can be ascertained.

In the meantime, I have partially solved the horrendous bill this month, but it will still be as big the next month because the meter was read on the 8th of Sept. ugh Well, that is a hurdle to cross next month.

All day, I have been up and down, sleeping a bit, watching tv a bit. I need to drink lots more water than I have today. I have no desire to eat or drink anything. I fed Dominique early. She had a bit of water, so tomorrow I will carry a couple of bottles of water to her and partially refill her water.

Writing this has been a long, arduous task, so I will publish and collapse.

Catastrophic Thursday

I hardly know where to begin. I was within two minutes of leaving the house to go to my oncologist appointment.  And, I barely had time to get there. In the end, I was a bit late.

The Power Board called to tell me I might have water heater problems. This was a strange call at the moment. It appears I have used about ten times the water I usually do. Plus, the electric usage has gone up the about five times the usual. Now, I think these were the  usages they talked about. However, the one thing I have absolutely correct is that my bill which includes: water, sewage, electric is $691 instead of my usual $200.  I was and still am stunned. I doubt I can find help with that large bill.

My basement only has a door on the outside. I like that because no one can get upstairs. I watch many scary movies, well, in the past I did. Anyway, I went to the basement door and there is anywhere from 2.5 to 3 ft of water in the basement.

After I got in exbf's car and briefly told him, I called the power board and asked them if someone could cut off the water in the yard. She explained I could do it myself with a tool. No, my meter no longer uses the long key. It is a new one and different. So, she told me she would call water company. Then, I talked to water company woman who told me how to cut it off. Nope, mine does not work that way. First of all, no key is required. The "switch" is below ground level. I cannot bend and reach that far.

Water guys cut if off. So, now I have no water. And, I have no money to buy gallons. All my vinegar jugs that I used to bring home water from the neighbor's faucet are in the basement, probably floating.

Since I have no one to do the physical labor and no money to pay for this, I am just sick about it. The appointment with the oncologist always freaks me out. Cancer is still a possibility for me.

Exbf took me to dinner at Cracker Barrel with a gift card he won at a Senior Christmas Party last year. I had food almost done at home, but needed to not come home and try to finish without water.

I ate the chicken fingers, part of the slaw, and one bite of biscuit, and hash brown casserole. Oddly, I because sort of dizzy. Then, nausea set in so bad that I asked for something to throw up in. My knees became like rubber even though I was sitting. I broke out in a drenching sweat and told the waitress and exbf I was going to faint. Only sheer will power kept me from keeling over.

Then, my queasy stomach got worse and I really needed to get to the bathroom. Two tiny female waitresses wanted to help me, but I assured them they were too tiny. The manager was made aware of my problem, I suppose, because he and another equally tall man came and helped me up and held onto me firmly even into the bathroom.

A waitress told me she would stay right by the stall door. I almost fell off the commode! Thankfully for her, I needed no help in there. Afterward, I was still shaky but managed to walk assisted by her to the car.

Exbf had gone ahead to the car before I left the table because he walks so slowly. In the meantime I had asked them to watch my purse, carry it to him, along with the bag with food I did not eat.

Once we got home, I called J and asked her to help me. We went around the corner and picked her up. She carried my bag and purse in and made sure I did not faint in the yard and got into the door.

For the last week my ears have been popping a lot, I have a sinus headache and pain under my eyes. All the sinus and allergy meds have not worked. So, in addition to everything else, I have to go to doctor in the morning. ugh

She said everyone at the fast food place where she works could not speak and now she is dizzy, too. And, her bf had to go to emergency room.

I was going to dehydrate vegetables on Friday for submission at the fair on Saturday, but that is not happening. I have one jar ready if I can get it there.

If anyone would like to help me, the Donate button is at the upper right. I just don't think I can stand being without water, plus, the water in the basement is making the house damp! And, I know I cannot get enough help around here. Plus, in the near past, the water company does not give a person a break on water!!! Years ago, they did cut the bill a bit.

It is almost 3 am, and I am feeling worse by the minute. It seems the last few years, things come on more quickly and I end up very ill.

I just staggered to the bathroom and now must try to sleep a bit to face tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Sleep and Doctors and Fair

It seems I have slept away two days. Finally, I awoke refreshed. When I sleep so much, I know I will wake up ill. My ears and sinuses still feel full, so I have a way to go before I am well. By religiously taking allergy meds, I hope to get better and not succumb to this.

I need a minor procedure by A. However, I was told by A to go to B to get referral or something. I went to B office for something else and messages back and forth between office staff and B and me went poorly. B sent a message for me to go to C. ??? I left without discussion. I called the office of A whose nurse told me to just come back there, to A, that I did not need to see B. ??? I took the appointment date and am still puzzled as to the discrepancy all the way around. I am leaving well alone and going to the appointment. No questions before or after. Sometimes, that is best.

Soon, I have an appointment with oncologist. I wonder how long I must see him every six months. Even though so far I am free from cancer, this appointment leaves me shaken every time. And, how can he tell about more cancer with only an internal exam?

I feel blah and am not very productive today.  The clouds have not contributed to any sense of well-being, but they are not my problem.

One pint of dehydrated food is ready for the Fair exhibit. Now, I must get the other ready. So, I have plans. Okay, here I go to dehydrate more food.

Your turn
Do you ever just feel blah or sleepy before an illness? Have doctors orders ever been confusing and contradictory when dealing with you? Is anyone entering anything in the County Fair in your area? Have you ever entered anything in the past? What are you going to enter or have entered?

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Freezer Camp for Dominique; More Irma

Dominique needs to depart. 1) She is alone, and that makes me sad. 2) However, she is a very poor layer, taking off half the year for herself. For those two reasons, I cannot pass her off as a layer. Oh, 3) she has a very disconcerting habit of crowing.

She did not crow until I got rid of the rooster that I paid too much for. He crowed very loudly, enough to disturb neighbors. Dominique still struggles, sounding like she has a sore throat.

She can never free-range because of the fear of something eating her. So, it is a pretty restrictive life, not something I like to see since she has no company!

I will not give her away without seeing her right up until the moment she is harvested for food. I am afraid someone will mistreat her. I am not attached to her, but do not want her mistreated at all. I am okay with her dying to feed someone.

There is nothing on the radar, yet it is raining! It is not more than a drizzle. It is entirely unexpected. It is a gloomy fall day, not something I even like in season, much less now at the end of summer, a day that should be hot at least.

I hope Fall is not here I need more summer.

Your turn
So, what would you do with a hen that does not lay much, crows, and is lonely. I want more chicks, but not this chicken. Have you ever sent a hen or more to freezer camp?

Monday, September 11, 2017

Birthday Rain

Last night, I slept little, so today, naturally, I was tired and sleepy.  Well, I napped but could not sustain a long sleep. That made me exhausted eventually.

The wind was minimal all day, just like I expected according to predictions. The rain started about 1 or 2 pm, and was not a rain, just a drizzle. I decided I would go out about 5 pm since I needed gas and milk. Of course, the wind and rain picked up. I was soaked by the time I got into the car, even with an umbrella. There were little bunches of leaves, the tips of branches, all over the yard.

When I got out of the car at WM, I could not get the new umbrella open even with both hands, so I was trying with both hands to get it to open. Well, the right hand, the weak and hurting and injured hand, was holding the handle. Even though I was having no luck opening the umbrella, the wind helped and opened the umbrella and snatched it from my hand and blew it away. It did not go too far, but I had to hurry and retrieve it and got hair and myself and clothes soaked.

I quickly pulled up the hood on my coat and wore it up the rest of the night. I was too soaked and windblown to put it down! When I left WM, I was riding the electric cart, so I did not try to handle the umbrella in the wind.

Then, I staggered into Publix and rode to get the milk, checking out the reduced section. I talked with a woman who gave me the Kid's Club cookie when I asked. I laughed and said it was going to be my birthday cookie, so she said since it was my birthday, she would give me two cookies. Okay!  I rode the electric cart through the wind and rain to the car, getting soaked again.

Then, when I stopped to get gas, I had much less money than I thought I had, thank goodness! The wind was blowing rain sideways under the canopy and made me wonder if I was getting rain in the gas tank.

I decided not to use the umbrella to come into the house. I had a bag with milk and another with lots of light stuff and my purse. So, once again I was soaked to the skin.  I am still wet and cold. It was so cold in the car, I used the heat for the first time this year.

So, that was the whole of my birthday except for cancelling a doctor appointment and rescheduling  it.

Two weeks ago, with an eye to my birthday, I ordered the $10 card for National Parks. It gives free entry to people in a car with me or three other entries free when the entry is per person. I used exbf's credit card, told him, and handed the money back to him the next time I saw him. He is certainly okay with this. When I use this card in the future and save money, I will remember I considered it a birthday present to me.

Today, I started dehydrating one of my entries for the County Fair. I will let you know after entries close. Tomorrow, I will start the next entry. They are due on Saturday, so I need to get a move on.

It is too cold for a tornado, thank goodness!!! The high today was 62 F, way too cold for this time of the year. My birthday is always hot.

Tomorrow, I will tell you about the conversation with exbf about my birthday gift from him....funny.

Is it cold, rainy where you are? Do you ever consider a special event/venue, an experience,  as good as a physical gift?

Getting Ready for Irma

Even though I am in the northern third of Alabama, I am getting ready for a hurricane. Well, the remnants will be here and possibly cause trouble. High winds bringing down trees onto power lines and tornadoes are all we have to worry about. Where I live, there is no threat of heavy rain.

I have had the water and food covered for anything. I needed bread, just because I needed bread. the shelves are three quarters gone. People had left all the whole grain wheat that I cannot eat. Finally, I found a white bread that looked tolerable, not one I have eaten ever. A loaf of rye looked good, so I got that. This is not hurricane prep! I just wanted bread and only had ends left.

What am I doing in prep?
*washing clothes
*making sure every dish is clean
*gathering all the flashlights, electric candles, and headlamps and putting batteries into one
*making sure the car is not parked under a dead
*feeding Dominique early tomorrow and again just before the wind is dangerous
*filling up the car early tomorrow
*secure lawn chairs trash cans.

The last time I lost electricity, it was from a tornado and my electricity was out for five days. So, I wash clothes.

Paper plates, bowls, and glasses are at the ready. I just don't want rotting dishes sitting around. I will wash each few pieces I use all day tomorrow.

All the flashlights and batteries are within arms' reach, but I just want to make sure they are ready.

It is dicey finding a place on this tree-filled lot where the car is safe! I may park on the street in front of my neighbor's house since she moved.

I will not feed Dominique in a strong wind. There was a knife with a 10+ blade that flew in my yard during the last tornado. Enough said.

I should have put gas in today. Tomorrow, there may be lines and some gas stations may be out. I doubt the last, but who knows?

Maybe I will get up as soon as gas stations open and fill up the car. My car had just been filled before the tornado that turned out the lights and gas pumps.

There is no way I want to lose my lawn furniture or trash cans or have one thrown through a window. I will put them against the retaining wall. They may blow over, but they will stay here in my yard. If I can, I will get someone to turn over the larger of the two tables. I can turn the smaller one over, legs up. The picnic table will be fine. If it blows away, we have real trouble! At any rate, I cannot turn it over.

I did buy six bananas. It is cool enough  they won't get too ripe right away. Plus, they are tiny bananas, the kind I need to eat.

I can eat bananas, apples, grapes, crackers, cheese, applesauce. Some cans of food I can eat without heating: tuna, chicken, green beans, peaches. So, I will not starve at all. There were many shoppers at WM buying for the remnants of Irma. They thought the electricity might go out if there were a electrical problem. I just went for bread.

And, it is my birthday! I suppose I will stick close to home tomorrow on the 11th, but I had no great plans, anyway!

Are you preparing for winds or rain from Irma? What are you doing? If you are not preparing and do not need to do so right now, what would you do if you were fearing electrical outage or too much rain?

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Free Produce; Fall Food; Good Food

Saturday, someone offered me free bell peppers and various peppers. I accepted and took just a few. She pointed out that everyone had taken some, so I could have the rest. Well, give me a plastic bag. The rest of the basket was cleaned out by me! Some of the green, yellow, and orange bell peppers were so tiny. Remember, these were home grown.

I was surprised by pimiento peppers. The jars of pimiento go into my pimiento and cheese. Maybe I can use these for the same.

Foolishly, I passed on the hot peppers. It never occurred to me until too late that I could string these and dry them, later making hot pepper relish.

The crockpot has been going for days, one food coming out and another going in. The broth gets stronger by the day. I cooked 7 breasts with carrots and potatoes that were followed by 11 chicken legs. Now that I want to make chicken and dumplings, I removed and refrigerated all the broth that has had also had celery, bell pepper, and onion cooked in it.

For the chicken and dumplings I only want chicken, salt, pepper to season the broth. So, the last seven chicken legs will be cooked in the crockpot and prepared in chicken and dumplings. It does not have to be washed, just emptied and reused immediately. Some people use a can of biscuits to make the dumplings, so I may try this. Maybe not.

For exbf I have stripped the drumsticks of meat. The 11 drumsticks yielded two cups of meat. Finally, I had to mash the meat down to get it all into the cup. Freezing it in portions will make it easier for him to efficiently use.

It is going to be in low 50s this week. Maybe I will dig out a can of pumpkin and made pumpkin pie without a crust.

Friday, September 8, 2017

Ambrosia Custard, Another UK Food & Dominique

I opened the Ambrosia brand custard and put it into a small bowl and tasted it. It is tolerable, but I would never buy it. It has the taste of Pet Milk, condensed milk. After I refrigerated it, I tasted it again. It still tastes like Pet milk.

The directions said to either heat it or cool it. I never did heat it. That seemed yucky, and I had nothing over which to pour it.

Finally, I decided to freeze it and stir it often to make a mushy ice cream. Good plan. Except for the fact I forgot it and let it freeze solid. It could not be cut with a spoon, so I took a fork and chunked off pieces and ate it. I could still taste the Pet milk until my tongue froze and I could taste nothing.

I pretty much despise the taste and smell of Pet milk, yet I cook with it and put it in homemade ice cream. However, in nothing I cook with it can I smell or taste the Pet milk.

After I cooked six or seven boneless, skinless chicken breasts with potatoes and carrots in the crockpot and served it, I realized I had not put in onion or celery for the taste of the two.  Onions and celery went into the pot and cooked for two days. Finally, tonight, I put eleven chicken legs into the broth and it's cooking. When these legs finish tomorrow, I have another five to cook in the crockpot.

Tomorrow, I will buy more carrots and potatoes to put in the broth. All the chicken legs, half the carrots and potatoes, and one chicken breast will be frozen for exbf to take home with him when he comes this next week.  I freeze two legs to one pint bag, pulling off most of the skin. Dominique gets the skin and loves it.

Last week, after exbf had chopped her carrot tops and ends, she gobbled those up first. I didn't wait around to see if she ate the carrot scrapings. I would bet money she did not. This week, I will have him cut up the carrot ends for her again. Silly chicken.


It's all gone, but does anyone have another idea for using the custard? Has anyone tasted the Ambrosia brand custard, anyone here or in UK? Do your chickens love carrots, too?

Thursday, September 7, 2017

$87 Richer Each Month

Today, I spent nine hours sitting and walking up and down on a concrete floor where I have my storage units. J and I finished moving things into one unit from the other. I brought things home I needed and needed for Christmas Child boxes. Lots of stuff I gave to J. I had many empty boxes, stored flat that I did not use, so she put those in the dumpster.

I basically sat. She pulled things from boxes, showed things to me, and I made decisions. She is exhausted, and so am I. This week, I will give her the $87 I would have given to the storage place.

In October I will not have that expense. I feel on top of the world right now. Between this and plans to save on the phone bill, I am so happy, ecstatic to tell the truth. A burden has been lifted.

Now, I need to get Swagbucks back on the table. It seems that for two years with cancer, UTIs, head and chest colds, high blood sugar, and everything, Swagbucks fell by the way. I am going to really work hard on the phone by watching videos when I have waiting to do anywhere. Before, I only searched and was happy with the $5 Amazon card I got each month. Now, I have my sights set higher.

I am going to try M turks, too. Later....

I have other plans for making money that I will discuss another day.

Your turn
What is the most a person can make on Swagbucks, searching and watching videos  What are other ways to earn on Swagbucks that are a good return on time? Have you been relieved to be out from under a monthly payment of any kind?

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Court Today

I did not get my stickers for my tag on time, and the police caught me. I got a ticket and had a court date today. Fun, fun, fun.

If I had not waited until today to get the late tag, today would have been less stressful. I was trying to wait for the energy to go into the courthouse. I could put it off no longer. Well, I was hurting and tired, but I dragged myself in to find a long line. But, so many windows were open that I only waited about three minutes before a window for service was open and it was my turn.

The stress of wondering if I was going to find a handicap parking space at either courthouse was driving a major energy drain. But, at the county courthouse, things were easy. Then, I had to go to the city courthouse for the court date. From my house to county courthouse to the city court to home was only less than two miles. But, I had to cross school traffic TWO times and cross a highway twice, also. Living in the county seat is a boon some days. County agencies are all here and just a short distance from me.

The judge released me with no fine. Whew! I was in the company of DUIs and drug addicts out of rehab and unsupervised probation. I was the only person who did not have to arrange to pay something. I did not have to be under any future repercussions. Everyone else would have their present condition reinstated it they were caught with drugs or alcohol.

All is well, but my nerves are shot!

Now, I need to find someone to put my tag on the car. No, I cannot bend and cannot use right hand for the screwdriver. One year, I got the tag and had it in the car. A policeman stopped me for the out of date tag. I showed him the new tag. He told me he would put it on. I had a cast on my arm. Well, it was a brace but hard like a cast. I thought that was very nice of him. We have really nice police in this town.

Somehow, my phone was awol on Monday night after buying a card and having it put on the phone. Tuesday night, I was in WM and thought that maybe I had lost my phone there. When I asked, a white phone like mine was left on Monday. Oh, and someone had turned in another white phone  a few minutes ago (Tuesday night). However, I had not had my phone all day. But, I decided to look at it and convinced them to allow me to take it home to charge it and see if it was mine. IT WAS MINE! Where had it been for 24 hours and only turned in a day after I lost track of it? Beats me.

In November, I will have a flip phone for $30 to call and text. The android will be $35 for using apps to make money or credit at stores. No, I am not crazy for having two phones. I got my first cell phone to make money. That really worked out well. I only bought commercial machines when I figured each one could pay for itself and make money, too. That worked out really well. Right now, my flip phone is under contract and cost me a few cents shy of $60.

(An ATT agent put me under contract after offering me a free phone and my turning down a contract. She lied. I paid and continue to pay. No one at ATT will admit she lied. So, I am stuck until October. She offered to help me out and just send me a new phone. I declined it because I did not want a new contract since I had been out from under a contract for a year. She said she could give me a new phone and fix it so I was not under contract. She lied. ATT agents LIE! So, sue me for saying it. )

The Android earning money bit is going more slowly. For beginners, I am having a hard time using fingers and must use a stylus.  I did manage to earn an electronic gift card for $2 at Walmart. That bought two quarts of grape tomatoes using price matching, too.

Your turn
If you live in a county seat, do you find it is easier than driving to the county seat to do business? Have you been to court for a minor infraction? Or a major one if you want to admit it?  Do you have a fantastic/cheap plan for your cell phone? No one has responded to the query I made about Anyone know anything?

Trouble Comes in Threes? Mushy Peas Review

Of course they do! First, Walmart announced the demise of ad matching/price matching. I have until September 11, to shop using price matching. Second, another store that keeps a freezer on the floor with mark-down meats no longer has the freezer. Now, a consultant recommended getting rid of it. They did. Also, the cooler with marked down dairy is gone too. Third? Well, I don't know what it is yet.

Tuesday, I did a good stock up shopping trip using price-matching, coupons, and shrewd sniffing out of bargains. More celery, grape tomatoes are ready to dehydrate. Other things on sale elsewhere that I got at Walmart: two Miracle Whip on sale and with a coupon; 4 24-packs of Coke products for $9.99; Delicious apples at $0.98/lb; Vidalia onions $0.78/lb.; 2 quarts strawberries $1.29/ qt.; Dasani $3.98. The Cokes and water will last me until 2018, maybe longer.

Exbf and I ate lunch at Dairy Queen, $3 each with coupon.  Lunch would have been better if I could have had a Coke instead of Pepsi. For dinner we had boneless, skinless chicken breast with carrots and potatoes in the crockpot. He was moaning over the carrots. We drank water because I did not make tea.

I served him mushy peas and he is not a fan. I had put them in s mall bowl to put on his plate. Since he asked me to take them away, I was glad I did not put them on the plate. He says mushy peas are nothing like our peas as far as taste. Yes, they are the same genus and species, but I suppose the spices are different. At any rate, Dominique will get the rest.

Four carrot ends are in water in the window to provide green tops for us to eat later in a salad or soup.  to eat. He sat and chopped the bits up that I cut off each end of the carrots. Dominique will not peck off a carrot, but if I chop the ends, she gobbles them right down. I have a spoiled chicken. She needs competition for food, then she would fight for a carrot.

Now, I am waiting for the third blow to my grocery shopping!

Are any of your favorite ways to spend less on groceries disappearing?

Monday, September 4, 2017

Pizza Deal; Celery Deal; Tomato Deal

It was very late and I gave in to my urge for pizza that had continued unabated for weeks. As I headed home from WM, I decided to stop in and get a pizza. Since all the lights were on, including the drive up window light, I thought they were open.

Well, no they were not open. The guy unlocked the window and told me they were closed and about to go out the door. I asked if he did not have even one pizza. "Well, we have one large pepperoni pizza that is cold and not very good." "How much does a cold and not very good pizza cost."  "$2."

I never ever eat pepperoni since I am allergic to pepperoni. I thought I would do like everyone suggests and just pick the pepperoni off. By the way, I never do that. Now, I know why. I had a bad reaction to the pizza even with the pepperoni picked off and tossed.

Now, there are three packages of pizza in the freezer for exbf. Boo! I still want a Dominos pizza. What I had was just a poor substitute that leaves me still unsatisfied.

Why do people think picking out the part to which you are allergic will work? No, it does not.

Celery is $0.50/head. A pint of grape tomatoes is $0.98/pt. I bought seven pints of tomatoes and five of celery. Both are destined for the dehydrator.

Your turn
Have you found any pizza deals after hours? Do people ever suggest picking out things that you are allergic to as though nothing will be left behind that affects you adversely? Are there any celery or grape tomato deals in your area? What are the deals where you live?

Sunday, September 3, 2017

First Birthday Freebie

Since I am in the Birthday Club at Kentucky Fried Chicken, I got a card giving me a free two-piece meal at KFC. I don't take this lightly because I love KFC, breast only. Even though it is not my birthday yet, I think I will have it today. Because...why not?

J was impressed when I showed her the card. One day, I will take her to sign up.

I found some public plantings of scuppernongs, so I think I will help myself to some grapes. What has this got to do with anything? They are ripe around my birthday.

I think I will just have a birthday month. Why confine it to one day? Okay, I know I was only born once.

The KFC was delicious. Dominique enjoyed the rest of the breast I did not eat (skin) along with the rest of her food. I got a leg as part of the two-piece meal. I put that in freezer for exbf.

I need to research where my Monday birthday freebie will be. Any ideas?

Do you receive freebies from merchants on your birthday? Where are these?

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Canning Jars + A Story

Here are a few sites with canning jars and supplies, customized labels and such.


I would like one of all of these.

This one is a goody.

A story:

Often I empty containers of products into a canning jar so the product will remain fresh. One day, I was looking for something and came across a blue, pint jar with something that looked like a powder. When I opened it up, it smelled immediately like chocolate. It tasted like Hershey's or Instant Breakfast.

Well, a glass full of milk later with the powder left me puzzled. It had a strange texture toward the end. Okay. I had another glass of the chocolate powder and milk later on in the day. Yuck...the texture was not right. It appears I was drinking a brownie or cake mix in my milk. I don't advise it.

I have a second set of coupons for canning jars that I will get today. WM does not have wide-mouth quart canning jars, so I will have to pay the price at Publix. This will make two dozen new jars and the swirly kind and sharing kind.

Some of the applications for canning jars don't suit me. Anything glass in my bathroom is a no no. So, I won't be making pumps for soap or using jars for storing cotton balls or Q-tips.

How do you use canning jars other than canning? Have you taken advantage of the coupons that come out each August for Ball canning jars?