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Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween Costumes Past

As I related stories about my kids' Halloween to exbf, I thought I would share one Halloween. My son was about ten and daughter about eight. That made the baby three.

My son wanted to be the Fonz. If you remember, the Fonz wore a denim jacket at first. So, J wore his denim jacket and jeans and tshirt. The hair was important for the look, if you remember. So, at the last minute I just used Vaseline. As I was relating this to exbf, he moan, groaned, and laughed. The rest of the story I had not told him was that I washed my son's hair at least twice that night, once the next morning and several times a day for two weeks before it even looked like it might come out.

His moan, groan, and laugh puzzle me. But, he and a gang of guys did the same thing in college to attend some sort of musical revue from the same era. He said it took them all three weeks to get out the Vaseline. It appears I am not the only person to use Vaseline for hair pomade.

The daughter wanted to be Wonder Woman. The base for her costume was a red dance leotard. I made the gold wrist bands, head piece. and belt. She was thrilled. Since she had long dark hair, she made the perfect Wonder Woman!

I don't remember what the younger daughter wore! A dance costume would probably be my choice for her. It was so easy to put those costumes on and not have to worry about thinking up something. I probably put makeup on her.

The one other costume I remember was the year the younger was born on September 27, 1975. Kmart had a costume contest. One of the categories was the youngest Spook. I just knew I had this one won.
The baby had a soft, terry cloth sleeper--very pale pink. In my stash of fabric I found some pink fabric and made a bonnet with bunny ears. A pompom stuck on her behind transformed her into a bunny.

Since she was such a floppy/relaxed baby, she could sleep and still allow me to position her where the bunny ears and tail were visible. Her cute little face helped, I thought!

At KMart anxious parents gathered. Of course, the older children and I looked for the young babies. When it came time for judging, we all had big smiles, holding our babies, just knowing our own infant would win. My bunny won by about a week or two. She won a gorilla holding a yellow banana.

This gorilla/monkey holding the yellow banana sat in the corner of her baby bed for a long time. She loved it. Given the choice, she would choose something yellow when she was older. Then, she switched to pink.

My children were also a cowboy, cowgirl, a clown, a devil, ghost and Little Red Riding Hood. Yes, I made all those costumes. I think the older girl won a costume contest for her Wonder Woman costume.

When my daughter was married and living in NYC, she wanted a Wonder Woman costume again. I made all of it with her measurements. It fit perfectly! Whew! I have a picture somewhere, but not on my computer or I would share it.

Since I could sew and imagine, we never bought costumes, just gathered things from around the house or I sewed the costume.

Your turn
Did you ever sew costumes? Gather things from what you had? Buy costumes? Did your children ever win contests at Halloween?

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Heating Up

We are breaking records right and left as the temperatures almost reach 90 degrees F in N Alabama. It was 87 on Saturday and expected to be the same today and on Halloween. There are record lows--highest lows--also. We have not had rain for 42 days and there is none in the foreseeable future. I think one day I had five raindrops on my windshield. That does not count.

I suppose all the little spooks can wear their cute Frozen outfits tomorrow night and not have to bundle up with a coat over their costumes.  When my kids were little, I was always sad for them as they wanted everyone to see their costumes.

When my son was five- and daughter was three-years-old and we lived in the Northern part of KY, we had the most amazing Halloween. It was so warm that the parents sat together in front yards and allowed the children to go to a few houses in sight, alone.

My daughter had to go to the bathroom and went across the street at our house. Soon, she emerged, pants down, and in her little-girl voice yelled, "Maaamaaa, come cleeean meee" as she stood in the open door with her panties around her ankles and a short top on. As we all laughed and I was trying to get up from the ground, she yelled again. People were laughing up and down the block. Yet again, she called out the same words as I was hurrying across the street. Now, she knew how to clean her own bottom, but she was still in the stage where I "checked."

A warm Halloween always reminds me of this incident. I can still hear in my mind her little voice ringing so true and cute.

The car ac decided not to work on Friday, making me think I had turned on the heater. No, I was sweltering and on my trip to the country. My house ac was turned off two days when the temperature dropped to lower 60s for two nights. Unfortunately, the sun sets on the back of the house, so the ac is now on for the unforeseeable future.

Your turn
Is your weather unseasonably warm or cold or just right? Do you have any memorable Halloween memories?

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Abject Failure Today, But It's Okay

First, I went to the market, finding only one guy there, a guy from whom I had bought. He was helping a woman, so I was patient. Finally, after she talked and TALKED for fifteen minutes, I went over to lean on a column, saying I had to lean on something. She said, "OH, here, you go ahead." She had her bags and remained rooted to the spot and her mouth did not cease to move. I

"I have to sit in the car." She said for me to just go ahead and talk to him as she kept rambling on. "I will just talk to him, too."  "Blankety, Blank, No!" I said in my head as I struggled to get my feet and legs in the car. Still, she did not leave, just yelled for me to come on back.

When I do go back, I will not shop at his booth. He was the only person left today, or I would have gone to another booth. Besides, he was selling half-rotten tomatoes at an exorbitant price. There were huge flat boxes of better ones on the truck. THAT is what I wanted to talk about. He kept telling me to pick out the basket on the table that I wanted.

I will go to a different market on Monday.

Second, I drove for miles, maybe 30, looking for a salvage yard. A guy was going to put two new lights in my car. He called and found them but never got them like he said he would. His mother became ill and many trips to hospital and working two jobs made it impossible. He said I could pick up the lights.

Well, that was in August. Since I have not been able to even take care of myself, a trip to the near country did not seem like something I wanted to try.

Today was the right day, brilliantly sunny, light breeze and warm. Well, the first part of the directions I understood. When the salvage yard did not appear, I kept stopping for directions in the country. "Just take the next right, go through a big curve, turn next to the church, go around two more really big curves, turn right." As I opened my mouth, the guy said impatiently, "You will see it!" He turned and limped away.

He was the third person I asked. I was done. I decided after an hour and a half of bad roads to call it quits and try to find my way home, not going back the way I came because who actually knows where I turned to get where I was--lost. All of a sudden, places, trees, signs, houses started looking like ones I had passed.

Aha, I just kept making turns and finding familiar  things. I was soon home and exhausted. I drove on country roads, narrow, hilly and curvy, so I could not go over 40 mph, sometimes around 25 because of road conditions mentioned.  Finally, I was home and exhausted.

Since I have a county road map and now know the co rd the place is located, I will use it to find my way to the salvage yard.

Third, I thought I would get a pneumonia shot at WM, but the pharmacist I wanted was not there.

Since he will probably there tomorrow, I will get a shot when I get my Sunday paper.

Fourth, Dominique was not eating well. She would leave oats from the day before. She leaves meat. Today, I had some salad that was going south, so I put oats on top of that and she was gobbling salad when I left. Lately, I have not felt like bending to get grass for her. For weeks, even when I was ill, I would snatch a handful of grass for her. Now, that some of it is browning, I just have not taken that extra few step to get it for her. All is well now.

Fifth, my goal of hanging up the black clothes in the washing machine did not happen. It is after dark, but I can still do that.  I never hang black clothes outdoors, just in the house.

When I feel well, which I do  (I know I keep saying that), setbacks are not draining at all. I will have a can of tuna in salad and call it dinner.

Bummer! As I was talking just now to exbf, he said abruptly, "The Auburn game is on." I said 'bye' and hung up. The man has few passions and Auburn is one of them. And, Dr. Who. He is an Auburn graduate. He gets testy if I keep talking when a game is I only care who wins because my son is an Auburn fan.

To make things better, I did have butter pecan ice cream at the end of all this inconvenience.

Your turn
Do you hate country directions like the "second big curve" or the "stand of trees"?  Or, the person who cannot shut her mouth and go away so you have a turn at a vendor's table? Do you have a sports fan that you know will want you to be very quiet during a game? When you feel well are inconveniences less annoying when you feel well? Conversely, if you are not feeling well and things are thwarted, does it make you fell worse and testy?

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Lowering Communications Costs AND Retaining Services

The cost of communications has gotten out of hand for many of us. I remember forty-years ago when I was stressed by a $12 telephone bill and could still get TV without a cable or antenna. For the last few months, I have been actively seeking cheaper sources for home phone, cell phone service, tv and internet.

*The first thing I did last year or the year before was to get an antenna. Now, it seems every month I get fewer channels. I am down to two channels that don't get religious channels, most of which are in Spanish some nights. Then, both of those two good channels had football games last Saturday. Aaaargh!

*I thought I was getting a cheaper cell service from ATT last year. But, no! It is higher because I have to pay for the phone monthly, besides the fee for the service. I am looking at PCMetro. I would have to pay $150 dollars left on the phone to leave ATT. Does anyone have or know anything about PCMetro? I need to beat $57/month ATT bill.

*Yesterday, I had internet service that was soooo slow for about $40/month. I switched and at midnight was receiving a faster and cheaper internet service--$10/month + taxes and fees, making the total about $15.

*Magic Jack works for the home phone at less than $3/month. Plus, the phone never rings. An email is sent to me. If it is not a 30 second message, I delete the call. I love it and the price. If I want the phone to ring, that is possible, too. It did ring for many months and then I must have sent the phone to email. Plus, you don't need a computer to access Magic Jack.

The phone does ring! You have to choose the email route.

 I am wary of calling any of the many phone numbers listed in various internet sites for Magic Jack. A friend who has used MJ for a long time gave me this number which is a legitimate number: 844-866-2442.

*Getting more channels or programs was the next project. I heard about Hulu for $5.99 and signed up for that. Today, I signed up for Amazon Prime, getting something similar to Netflix, not sure. I had to buy a $28 Roku box, which I did several weeks ago. The $99 charge will be put on exbf's credit card in one month. I have that long to pay him $99. I can do it with the savings on other communications' lower rates. Amazon Prime can be paid with $9.99 a month. (I think that price is correct.)

Additionally, Amazon Prime gives me free two-day shipping. I order little from Amazon and only do so when there is free shipping. This will make it easier to take advantage of cheap prices.

Immediately, I cancelled Hulu. Since I am in my first month, cancelling meant I did not have to pay that $5.99. Plus, with Hulu there is no contract and a person can cancel at anytime. Hulu was a great deal, but I think Amazon Prime is better. If you use this, can you tell me if it is worth the money for the programs you can access?

I am breathing a sigh of relief as my costs have been lessened by a little over $30/month today just with the addition of cheaper and faster internet. I have plans to increase my benefits on other programs. Stay tuned!

Your turn
Do you use Amazon Prime for free shipping? For streaming and getting programs? Do you use a Roku box? Hulu? Antenna? Do you, too, think the prices for communications are exorbitant? Do you have any opinions, good or bad or caveats, about any of these programs?

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Two Days in a Row!

I awoke too early with too little sleep, but I felt great! It has been so long since I felt so well that I am reveling in the feeling.

Exbf came today. Since he has such a difficult time getting up and down the steps and has to walk with a cane, I try to make it easier for him. Instead of him coming in and then waiting for me to get ready, I get ready and he calls me when he arrives.

Today, we made a stop to pick up some documentation. The person to give it to at the next stop was not there, so I have to go back Friday. Walmart was a stop for milk. My doctor was not in today. Hopefully, every bit of the uti is gone. I canceled my appoint with eye doctor. When we went by the sewing shop, it will be closed for two weeks. My scissors need sharpening! I was busy busy busy not getting much done. We just got home earlier.

I had to lie down before I made lunch. So, I worked then, too. I made appointments while resting my back. Tomorrow, I will tell you how I am lowering my communications costs while lying down today.

Lunch was chicken on a bun with salad greens. I forgot the tomatoes. Then, he took a nap. I had to sit up, so that made my back hurt. I forgot to give him grapes! When I am in blinding pain, forgetting happens.

Dinner was easy peasy. I lined a casserole with foil, sliced zucchini and yellow squash, poured on olive oil, and ground herbs over that. I forgot the onion and garlic, but I was hurting so much. The grape tomatoes from lunch could have gone in, too. I put the casserole in the oven while it was preheating to 400 degrees. Then, I turned on the broiler for a few minutes and sliced chicken into the casserole of veggies. On the top when it was on his plate, I sprinkled some Parmesan cheese on top. He said next time I could leave that off. This was the first time these things had been cooked together.

When I wad up the foil, the dishes will be done. Hey, that is a good feeling, knowing there are no pots and pans to wash.

I forgot to put the already-cooked carrots in the casserole. Still, he enjoyed it and took the tomatoes and carrots home.

Today, I was still hurting from yesterday's activities as I did not get enough sleep last night. My joints, skin, muscles, and flesh hurts. He rubbed my back and arms. It is like a miracle how the pain subsides.

At 6:30 pm, my body feels better than it did this morning. That's a good way to end the day. And, for the second day in a row--I do not feel ill! The day was mild and beautiful. Still, I needed the ac last night and today.

Your turn
Do you have fibromyalgia and PAIN? Or back pain? Who has a repertoire of one-dish meals that are so easy? What is your favorite one-dish meal? I would prefer spaghetti. Do still use the ac here at the end of October?

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Today Was A Good Day; Today Was A Bad Day!

Today, Tuesday, was the first day I washed my hair and went out.  On Monday, I awoke for the first time since about the fifth of September and felt well. I piddled and went to WM for milk with ratty hair. It was not so dirty, combed, but had been so badly tangled I think I must have pulled half the hair off the back of my head. I need a satin pillowcase.

The Tuesday lunch was today. I could not eat the meatloaf (mammal meat) and did not like pinto beans. I gave away the cornbread to a ninety-two-year-old woman who thought mine looked better than hers. I did eat the mixed greens and chocolate cake and three glasses of unsweetened iced tea.  Dominique ate only part of what I gave her. But, she did give me an egg for which I thanked her.

As I stepped outside the church fellowship hall, the guy leaving at the same time told me to look up. The sky was the clearest blue ever, not murky or even a cloud in the sky--not even a little fluffy cloud.  From the heat in the car, I think it was in the high 80s today....just perfect.  At 6:30 pm it was 80 degrees, 38 days with no rain, humidity at 50%.

Two hours is all it took me to get my internet bill straightened out at the bank and at the corporate ATT. That exhausted me. I spent $5 at KFC getting the Tuesday Special and another meal of leftovers for Dominique. I asked a fellow diner if I could have her leftovers. She gladly gave them to me, saying her cat was picky and would not eat KFC.

Since I awoke too early with a nightmare, I feel a nap coming on and hurt all over. I sat up too long today.

There is a raccoon just waiting to be trapped.

Your turn
Did you have blue skies today? Pain?  Don't you love the first day you can get out after an illness that keeps you bed bound many days? Do you wear yourself out like I did?

Monday, October 24, 2016

Shoe Polishing...Almost One Hundred Years Ago

As I was searching for shoe polish on my shelf where I thought it was, I thought back to my grandmother and mother.

My grandmother walked a short distance to town. I don't know how far or for how long. But, I seem to remember it was one mile and for a short time. Mama said when her mother walked to town, she always wore old shoes and carried her good ones in a bag. Memaw then sat down in edge of town and changed to her good shoes.

Mama said all the other women who walked to town wore their good shoes to town and thought it strange that my grandmother changed shoes.

When I was a child, I remember my mother polishing our shoes. Before I wrote this, I tried to remember when she did this, the time frame. I remember her polishing our shoes from first grade through eighth grade. I was the oldest, so she did this much longer. Plus, I remember polishing my own shoes in seventh and eighth grade. Maybe she did it sometimes for those last two years. Since my youngest brother was born when I was in high school, I suppose she polished shoes longer.

My mother did not just polish our shoes once a week, she polished them every night. We were poor, but we had the cleanest shoes in school, of that I am sure. I remember noticing other kids with scuffed shoes.  We only had one pair of shoes, so they were worn at home, in the yard, walking to the school bus stop, and on the playground at school.

I don't remember anything but lace up leather shoes. But, each night she faithfully washed the mud or dust off, rubbed on the wax polish and buffed all four pair of shoes. She performed this act of love whether she was ill, overworked, abused, or pregnant. I never went to school with shoes not freshly polished.

For Sunday, we three girls wore patent leather shoes. Did you? I took a wet cloth and removed every speck of dirt and put Vaseline on them to make them shine and rubbed it all off and rubbed them often before leaving for church. I suppose all the Vaseline I put on my shoes just drew dusty dirt to the Mama told me not to use so much. I cared for these shoes.

Outside church before entering I knelt to get all the dust off. I remembering carrying a bit of toilet paper in my patent leather purse to wipe off my shoes before entering the church. One day, some ladies were smiling at my wiping my shoes. I thought they were smiling because my shoes were shiny. Now, I imagine they were smiling at the third-grader keeping her shoes shiny.

I don't know if we used shoe polish or shoe cream. As for the difference in shoe cream and shoe paste (both are shoe polish): Shoe cream has a higher oil content and a lower wax content, and shoe paste is just the opposite with a lower oil content and a higher wax content.

She used a small rag to apply and spread the shoe polish. Then, she held the shoe between her knees and buffed them with another rag drawn back and forth, like at a shoeshine stand. She finished them my buffing them all over with the same rag.

Back to now. One shoe toe is exceptionally scuffed to the point of little polish. This is from dragging my foot on the one high step at the door! This is an older pair, but it is the pair without a hole in the sole. It cannot be seen on the other pair, but water does seep through. I just hope the best old pair will work with polish and not have a leak. Maybe Santa will bring me new shoes!

Kiwi was the brand at WM. It seems that we used Cavalier brand.

Your turn
Did anyone else have a mother who polished school shoes every night?  Did you ever use Cavalier brand? What brand did you use then and now? Do you polish your leather shoes regularly? Do you have these kinds of memories about your mother's loving sacrifices? Share with me.

Then, I Lost

I had set my large, new crock from the crockpot given to me outdoors on the bottom step of the porch. When I heard a noise outside Saturday night, I looked out the door and saw nothing amiss. Sunday afternoon, I found the crock broken. Bummer. I suppose a nosy cat knocked it off the bottom step.

In the past I have seen many crocks at thrift stores, but cannot go there to search.

I'll trade you an umbrella for a crock!

Your turn
Have you found the crocks are easily broken? Do animals ever bother food dishes if you set them outdoors?

Sunday, October 23, 2016

I Won Again!

When I went to the mailbox about 10:30 pm on Saturday night, it was the first time I had left the house that day except to feed Dominique. It was so dark I could not even see my white car. I was three feet from it before I could make it out. Then, I could not find the door, window, or keyhole. I felt until I could find the post between front and back door, followed it down to door handle and still had to feel the keyhole since I could not see it.

After finding what I wanted to take in the house and placing it on the driver's seat, I walked down the driveway and stumbled when I came to the street. DARK! I walked in the street to the mailbox about ten feet from the mailbox. If I had tried to walk in the gutter, no doubt I would have stumbled on the rough asphalt broken off in places or sticks or tree limbs. When I walk in the yard to the mailbox, I step in a present from a dog.

The mailbox was visible, barely. What I noticed was the door was hanging open. Sometimes, the mailman does not get it to catch. Sometimes, I don't. So, I put my hand up and moved it to the open cavity of the box above the door. Ouch! Why did I jam my fingers on the empty space? Knowing I did not hit the door or the mailbox, I was puzzled. Gingerly, I felt about. There was something long sticking out of the mailbox, the thing I jammed my fingers on. I thought I knew what the cylinder was.

As I took things from the car that I wished to be in the house, I looked at address on the long, round package. YES!

After I came into the house, I opened the long cylinder to find the umbrella from the TV station where I emailed my name and address in order to receive an umbrella in a drawing. YAY me! It has the spring to open it with one hand. 

This makes two gifts from this station as I won a weather radio from the station this spring. I like winning useful things.

About 35 years ago, I won two tickets for the theater from a radio station every month for about a year. It was a trivia question to the first caller who answered a trivia question correctly, and a person could only win once each month, or maybe it was once a week. I have forgotten but there were only two of us who consistently won. Neither of us ever answered a question wrong! That is why they had to put a limit on the

Soooo, I have a new umbrella. If it did not have a logo, it would be a Christmas gift.

Your turn
Do you enter drawings and win things? Are you like me and can always use another umbrella?

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Let's Interrupt the Candy Post for Financial News

I added a new finance post to the list of Good Reads on the left sidebar. Check out My Dollar Plan for an Amazon FREE $60 deal. Now, you can go back to the Halloween candy post.

This Could Turn Me Off Halloween Candy!

In my head I was saying, "Nooo, tell me it isn't so!"

What does this list do for you? I probably won't buy anything but candy corn, but I want a snack-sized piece or four of Mounds and a handful of Tootsie Rolls. Reeses' Peanut Butter Cups cannot be that bad! Tell me it isn't so!

Make sure your chocolate goodness is not "Dutch processed," "Dutched," or "processed with alkali." I think all this candy is processed with alkali. That won't stop However, I don't plan to eat much of anything.

Check out the bad news about Halloween treats right HERE.

Your turn
Which of the treats for Halloween trick or treat is your favorite to eat? If you buy treats, what do you hand out?

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Cooking Advice

When I served exbf his meal of carrots, potatoes, onions and pork loin, I was turned away when I heard him moan with pleasure. I thought it was the pork loin and the bbq sauce he had chosen. No, it was the carrots he was moaning about.

He said they were delicious, so much better than carrots from a can. Poor guy. I had given him an extra large portion and was glad I had cooked so many. He was so happy when I sent home a bag of carrots, potatoes, and pork loin. Yes, I put it all in a storage bag as it was not going to run all over each food.

I got the hen (plus clove of garlic and an onion) out that I cooked and strained the bits out and put the broth back in the crock pot to fill with potatoes and carrots. There were only three of the free potatoes and they were starting to turn green under the skin. So, sadly my tired body had to peel them. I washed and trimmed three pounds of carrots and added to the pot.

When I told him just now (Thursday night) that I was cooking three pounds of carrots and three potatoes, he eagerly asked me, "Did you put in an onion? Well, make sure you put an onion in!" It wasn't that he had NEVER mentioned what I am going to cook. It was how eager he sounded, excited about an onion.

Usually, I just slice and sometimes dice the onion so we get the flavor and the onion floats around and sort of disappears. When he was here Monday, I peeled the onion and quartered it, and carefully placed the quarters in the places with no carrots, pushing them down. That way, I could actually dip out onion. He obviously loved the huge hunk of onion, too.

These are Vidalia onions that have been sitting here in a bag since July.  Of course, I bought them on sale. The garlic is in a tall and skinny jar in vinegar. I bought it from the sale rack at Publix. Carrots were $0.49 for 2 lbs. They are so much more delicious than baby carrots!

When I get the carrots and potatoes out of the crockpot, I will put a head of cabbage, zucchini, and yellow squash in to cook....and another onion.

The hen cost me $2 on sale and had huge breasts and little tiny thighs and skinny legs! What is with that? Some sort of starlet?

So, this is as close as he has ever come to giving me cooking advice.  I am glad I keep the crockpot going for about four days straight, just adding stuff to the chicken broth. When I told him how long the crockpot had been going on Monday, he remarked that was what people did long ago, just keep adding food each day to a pot over a fire.

I thought I had more potatoes, so I will look for those for tomorrow's pot, too. Plus, I may make bean soup in the pot with broth when the cabbage comes out.

Your turn
Does your SO or anyone suddenly like what you cook so much that he or she starts eagerly requesting you cook things a certain way? Have you ever left the crockpot on for four days, adding things each day?

Fall Finally?

The last two days have been record setting days here in N AL. The temperature on Tuesday was 89 and the temperature on Wednesday was 87. Today will be mid-80s and 68 on Friday. I think I got that all right.

When I heard that, my question was--where are my sweatshirts? I will wash a load of those old purple sweatshirts. Someone told me they are periwinkle blue. Not in my book. Purple! The time I found sweatshirts for $1, they were all the same color. Since they were to keep me warm when in the house or out and about at mailbox or with the hens, at that price I didn't much care the color.

No one has ever seen one on me when I am out!

I know where my socks and shoes are, so the transition from sandals will be easy but traumatic. I hate socks and shoes. My ubiquitous gray pants will be put away the change to my ubiquitous black pants. Nightgowns will be worn less and pants and sweatshirts worn more in the evening and to bed. It's not quite time for the fuzzy pajama pants.

As I was sorting through things to toss, wear, or cut up, I found a new purple sweatshirt, never worn. Remember, I bought eight of the sweatshirts? The plan was to use two to cut up and make something for my granddaughter. But, when the first one pilled so horribly after the first washing, I gave up on that idea. Still, for $1, they are a bargain considering that they have gotten stained and been used for hair coloring.

There is a hen in the crockpot that has been cooking all night with an onion and garlic. When I take it out, I will throw potatoes, carrots, cabbage, onion, and garlic in for my vegetable for a few days. Oh, I did not get the zucchini and squash in the other day when I was so ill. Maybe those should go in right at the end of the cooking period.

A few years ago at the church that had the weekly dinner, the children made soup mixes--beans mixed by them along with a packet of seasoning.  While I don't like bean soup at all, exbf does. So, before I wash the crockpot, one of those will be cooked for him. He can take it home in a quart jar.

Well, those are my plans for the beginning of Fall and cooler weather. And, I think I will bake a pie one cool evening.

Your turn
Did you ever come upon such a bargain that you had to buy multiples, extreme multiples to everyone else? Has cool weather arrived at your place yet? What did you do or are you going to do to prepare? What is the first thing you cook at the first sign of cooler weather?

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Can't You Just Control That?

This teen is so ignorant! Where was he during biology/anatomy class. You must read this while sitting down. Actually, after my surgery, a guy made a remark that we discussed. He is in his 60s and was just as totally confused.

Since "97" is part of his name, I can guess that he in now 19-years-old, old enough to know better.

My son knew when he was seven. Daughter, middle one, knew when she was eight-years-old. Younger daughter knew when she was four...well, that babies came out a separate place, the one in the middle. She was curious and precocious.

Your turn
If you are a guy, how long have you been aware of this basic anatomy fact? Even gay guys know this, right? If you are a woman, do you know anyone over twelve-years-old who still doesn't have this basic fact down? Mothers and fathers, did you teach this to your boys? Did anyone teach them?

Life Is Good When Produce Is Free!

No means test. No sign-in. Close by. No waiting in line.

5 apples
1 tomato
1 spaghetti squash
1 acorn squash
5 large potatoes (well, not new potatoes)
mess of greens

6 almost dead bananas from the fruit market when I stopped by and not part of the giveaway

I had one of the bananas, salvaging about nine-tenths of it. Dominique will enjoy the one-tenth.  I will eat another tomorrow and probably freeze the rest for smoothies because they won't last until the day after tomorrow. Everything else will last for a bit with no deterioration.

Enough fruit and vegetables for a week for one person?

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Making Soap Vlog

No, I am not making soap.  I am still flat of my back. But, since I want to save these instructions from Justin Rhodes' wife, I am putting these Instructions in this post. Soap making always seems so scary and intimidating. However, this video doesn't make me Some day, I will make soap. Making soap won't be because I think soap will never be available again or because I want to be a purist.

However, I once made a trade for postage on a bread maker I sent to someone. She paid the postage and sent me soap for my trouble. Sending me soap was totally unnecessary, but she sent it anyway.

The homemade soap was the first I ever used. My only specification to her was "no scents." I do use scented soaps, but only pink Dove. The homemade soap was wonderful, soft and creamy, leaving no residue on my skin and lasting a long time. Surely, I can make something as wonderful.

As for the thermometer, I am sold. I love it and can think of other applications. Many times I don't make different food items because I don't have a candy thermometer!

Also, I don't have a stick blender because I think it might splash stuff around and get it on the top of the blender, especially where the pieces of the blender join.

Your turn
Do you or have you ever made soap? Do you do anything different from the soap maker on this vlog? Have you ever used this type of thermometer? Are stick blenders as easy to use and mess-free as she makes it seem?

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Not Quite Right Sunday

I have slept most of the day. On and off, I wake and find nothing on TV and drift right off the sleep again, a deep, heavy unrestful sleep.

Dominique was hungry when I got out there. I brought a few things in from the car. I was so exhausted I had to lie down for an hour.

About 4pm, I decided to try to hang up the clothes I had washed yesterday. Maybe I could hang up a few outdoors and the rest inside. Well, there were no clothes in the washing machine. That was a puzzlement. When I staggered in to put a few things in the washer, there was a basket full of wet clothes. ???

The washing machine is still not filled. Oh, well. Maybe I will hang up those clothes on hangers and on the towel racks to dry.

Maybe Cheerios would be good, eaten from a Hefty glass to keep from spilling the bowl onto my bed like I did yesterday. I poured milk, got the Cheerios and a spoon. Then, I got the milk out again and was shocked to find milk in the Hefty glass. You can tell I really don't feel quite right.

When I got back to my bed, I decided to just eat dry Cheerios and drink milk. There were just  a few Cheerios, so I just ate from the bag. When I finished eating Cheerios and drinking milk, I discovered I had more Cheerios down my nightgown than I got into my mouth. At least there was no milk down my nightgown. My head really hurts!

Exbf is driving me to the doctor tomorrow.

Today was a beautiful day, soft breeze, brilliant sun, blue skies, fluffy clouds, moderate temperature not hot at all. It's a shame to miss it. However, the big picture window helps me to keep track of sunshine and blue skies. The window is mostly filled with green from the trees not yet turned and leaves not fallen.

Your turn
Have you ever felt so sick that things were confusing? Was there beautiful weather where you are?

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Dead Dishwasher

I did not get the clothes hung out, just slept lots. My flanks hurt! Exbf  will come Monday and take me to doctor. Today, I am just here, typing while lying on my back.

There is a new dishwasher waiting to be installed. However, installing the dishwasher will cost just about as much as the dishwasher did! I finally figured out why it is not washing dishes even though it slings water around and just leaves stuff on dishes, gunk that was not on before I put them in and washed them. Plus, the food/gunk on the dishes is like concrete.

Last month, I washed one load about ten times, each time on a different setting. The result was a higher electric bill. That was puzzling.

Yesterday, even though I felt horrid, I leaned over, hanging onto the counter and watched what happened when I pushed the buttons. First of all, the dishwasher no longer heats water. Secondly, the button to turn off the heat drying to go to air dry is not working. So, I have been washing in cold water and baking on what gets left on or slung around. This is in addition to back flow INTO dishwasher when I run water in the sink. The water that flowed into the bottom of the dishwasher then ran out all over the floor!

When I just left the dishwasher open to air dry, as soon as I closed the door, the heat dry option came back on. It was a hopeless case.

Obviously, it was time for a new dishwasher. If I had to wash all dishes, I would quit cooking and eat sandwiches and raw food. Since I cannot stand long and bend to wash dishes, it would be the only choice.

The last time I bought a new dishwasher, about 25 years ago, I did not have to pay for installation. Now, it turns out that the installer must be a licensed plumber AND a licensed electrician because there is water and electricity involved. ??? All a person must do electrically is twist the wires together. I can do that safely. This is not a new installation with wiring involved going to the box.

The delivery is free. But, they will charge me $20 to carry the old dishwasher away. I will put it on the curb for people who look for recycling things before garbage day. Or, I will call one of the numbers for people who will pick up things to recycle. The delivery people will remove the old dishwasher and only sit it in the yard. This is a racket!

In the meantime, I do not have access to a dishwasher! No, I don't know anyone who will do it for me. Exbf knows nothing about plumbing or electricity, even less than I do. He can follow directions, though. There are videos on youtube about installing dishwashers. I am not physically capable. Neither is he.

Your turn
Have you paid to have a dishwasher installed? Or, have you heard of a place charging over $200 for installation? I know, some of you have husbands or family to do these things.

Have you ever had a dishwasher fail so catastrophically?

Friday, October 14, 2016

Kmart Deal? PO Done!

I came across a blouse someone gave me. It is not in a color I like or in my size. Surprisingly, the blouse actually is large enough. Of course, it is from a better store than WM or Kmart.  Thursday, I decided that a necklace and earring set at Kmart would give me another outfit when worn with black sweater and pants.

When all was said and done, I decided $8 was too rich for my blood. Then, I realized all the jewelry that had been marked down before, was marked up! When I went to WM to get milk, I found a necklace there that I like better and was cheaper. When I can walk hanging onto a cart, I will look at Belk because they have some things marked down at a deep discount some days. They have no electric carts, so I will have to feel better.

Just before closing time, I dragged myself into the PO and mailed the two packages--one to NY and the other to TX.  I put out one line of clothes to dry and took them down when I fed Dominique. These two things, PO and clothes on the line, were the total of my accomplishments today. I forgot, I folded them, too.

Tomorrow, I will hang out the clothes I washed today. Slowly, I will get all the laundry done. When I was younger, I was like a whirlwind with laundry, washing and drying as fast as the washer and dryer got the clothes washed and dried. Now, well, I am sick today and don't, even on a good day,  move like a whirlwind.

The results of culture for the doctor is still NOT in! Monday, I am doctor shopping. I am so ill that I am not even eating right. I need gravy from KFC! No, KFC gravy is not eating right, but it will make me feel better.

Your turn
If you do things more slowly now, do you fondly remember the days when you worked long and steady and recovered easily? If you still work long and steady, do you believe you will ever slow down? Have you ever had a culture or heard of one that takes 6 days?

Thursday, October 13, 2016


Sunday was a low place for me. Below are the goals I wrote down.

1-Stay alive.
2-Sort and pack things to mail.
3-Go to PO on Tuesday since Monday is a holiday.
4-Go to doctor. Maybe just call for test results.
5-Get the rest of groceries from the car.
6Drink more water.
7-Plant vegetables.
8-Put up apples and carrots.
9-Dehydrate celery and carrots for someone else.
19-Return items. Find receipts first.

1-I am still alive
2-got 2 out of four packages done today
3-will go to PO on Friday. (Halloween things for four grandchildren.)
4-test results are not back!!!
5-took me until Wednesday to get groceries into house.
6-I have upped water intake.
7-Are you kidding me? I cannot plant anything yet without exhaustion setting in
8-I ate an apple. Does that count?
10-Returned 2 of 3 items.

Besides doing some of the list, I managed to sort some things and threw out two garbage bags of paper and junk. I needed to sort into three boxes. I got lots of things sorted into the three boxes--extra meds waiting on me to use or need, Christmas gifts I have bought, clothes for me.

There was a box in the house large enough for two bodies. Why did I get that? I managed to get it into the back yard and threw out quite a few boxes that got squashed or I won't use.

In all of this, I have about ten loads of clothes that need washing. It is not as bad as it sounds, since two of the loads are lights and darks of my clothes, load of sheets, and various permutations of laundry.  I have not felt well at all!

This is the first washing machine that did not have a giant tub. But, it works and fills with water.  Plus, this is the first washer I have ever had that did not do the lambada with the dryer. A dancing washing machine is horrid. One day, I tried to hold it down and almost broke a rib!

I suppose #1 and #6 are the only things I actually accomplished. Some items were dpne halfway and I'm good with that!

It's about 3:30 pm and I need to struggle out and hang up clothes on the line.

Your turn
Do you ever make lists and are completely thrilled that you made a list and actually completed some of the things on the list?


Sales: salad dressing and turkey bags
Once again I am uploading pictures with little new knowledge of how I am doing this. These are salad dressings and Reynolds Oven Bags, turkey size. Somewhere, in another post are the prices.

If only I could post a picture on purpose, life would be good...sigh.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

I Was Sooo Wrong!

For years I thought I was allergic to coconut. Even though I ate it in candy, cookies, and cake, I was just so sure. Why?

After I divorced, a female friend bought over the fixings for pina coladas minus liquor. All summer, the kids and I drank these. I broke out in huge craters all over my face. Since I had eaten more pineapple than coconut during my life, I thought the coconut milk was the culprit.


Pineapple is the allergen. Now, I have no intention of ever giving up pineapple, I will never have so much juice everyday as I did back then. This is one allergen that I do eat in moderation, so I will continue since the craters on my face that one time were the only problems I ever had.

Pina Coladas are off my list of foods I will eat, virgin or not. I will still consume pineapple sandwiches since I only eat those one every two or three months and have absolutely no reaction. However, even a pineapple binge has never really affected me.

This news is just too weird.

By the way, someone told me there was no beef in something I ate. YES, there was. So, I am suffering.

While we are on the subject of food, I went to Publix today looking for a butternut squash as there were none at the farmer's market and the ones at WM were sad. The cook was making Tangy Ginger Pork and Autumn Rice from the post yesterday. Be still my heart!

She was chopping sage. I commented that I would use dried ground sage. She picked up a sheet of paper and turned it over, saying that I should use one teaspoon. AND, she showed me the frozen, diced butternut squash she used. I bought a knob of ginger instead of buying the ginger paste. She said that substitute was on the list, too.

She also had a freezer case and a section where a person could buy everything used in the recipes she cooks. That's a great idea.

Your turn
What have you eaten lately that is delicious? Did you cook it? What are your seasonal food favorites? My seasonal food favorite is pumpkin pie or pumpkin bread. You could sub sweet potatoes in these pumpkin dishes. Okay, Halloween candy, too.

Monday, October 10, 2016

New Outfit--$6.74

Since Kmart is closing and reducing clothing as part of the stock clearance, I dropped by. They are bringing all stock from the back. Since I have never seen some of this stock, maybe it came from other stores.

I am always on the lookout for inexpensive sweaters. I really prefer the ones from Winter Silks but not for everyday or more casual events like the church lunches. When I spotted a rack of cardigan sweaters, I was on it like white on rice. With the markdown, the price was iffy--still too much. There was a pinkish-purplish sweater that I liked. When I checked out, the cost was just over $4. I had a $3.80 credit I didn't remember.

Then, I decided to cruise the jewelry racks for costume jewelry. I found a necklace and earrings that would go with the cardigan that were with tax, a little over $2.

The receipts are long gone. But, I do remember the total was $6.74. Oh, wait. There was a candy bar in there.

The earrings may be clip-ons. If not, I have the clips to convert them. Actually, I will use my supplies and make entirely different earrings using another pair of earrings that I will like better than the ones I bought. The pair I bought have dangly pieces that match the dangly pieces on the necklace.

You are wondering how I managed to think a cardigan, necklace, and earrings make an outfit. I will wear a black blouse and pant or skirt. I do have two pair of dressier pants and the knits I bought plus a full skirt and a straight skirt--all black. So, the color with the black makes a new outfit. Since I have quite a few black blouses and black pants, I can make different outfits without having to wear the same black pieces each time. 

Maybe I will go back the day they mark things down this next week and see what kind of bargains I can find dirt cheap to expand my choices of things to go with black.

Your turn
Do you use sales to expand your wardrobe, building on what you own?  What is your best expanding tip or item you have bought?

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Tangy Ginger Pork with Autumn Rice

Tangy Ginger Pork with Autumn Rice

I happened to be in Publix when the woman was making this dish. It is scrumptious! Last Friday, I planned to cook a pork tenderloin. I ended up making a salad. I'm glad I did. The pork loin is on the menu this Friday.

To see this recipe, go HERE.

pork tenderloin
butternut squash
fresh sage (have dried and ground)
tsp ginger spice paste (I have ginger)
minced garlic
2 shallots (onions instead)
lime for juice (have dried lime)

jasmine rice
chicken base (will use bouillon)
fig  preserves
dried sweetened cranberries

unsalted butter (will use unsalted ghee)
kosher salt (Morton's will do)

Except for the jasmine rice, I have everything or will substitute as noted. I made the fig preserves and dried the cranberries. The garlic is in vinegar in the refrigerator.

Actually, I may have jasmine rice I bought once to try.

This recipe has none of my allergens!

The instructions are in the link.

This is delicious! Publix lady gave me a generous portion of both.

Now, I suppose I need to grow sage and ginger.

Sounds yummy? You have no idea.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Sluggy's Giveaway

As usual, slugmama has good stuff in her boring box she is giving away Here! Go on over and check it out and sign up. Even if you don't want, use, or need any of this fabulous stuff, you can put it away for Christmas.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Grocery Deals This Week

These are not all of the good deals this week, just what I will get. I looked through the grocery sale ads and two places on the internet. This does not include any drugstores.

strawberries $1.98

grapes, all colors $0.98 lb.

Kraft cheese 8oz $1.69
Kraft Parmesan canister $2.69
Miracle Whip $2.99

celery $0.69
carrots 2lb bag/$0.49 !!!!

delicious apples 5 lb. bag 2/$5

PET milk $0.88
bscb $1.99

3 lb yellow onions $1
grape tomatoes 1 pt/$1

There are quite a few sales that are good, just not ones I am getting. Today, after we ate at the Power Board Oktobertfest celebration, Exbf  took me a few places as I was not up to driving. I got the carrots and tomatoes at WM, using price-match. I can get the rest up until Tuesday next week. I brought home two packs of carrots--4 lbs. They will be put in the crock pot when I feel better.

At the Power Board I met a man I recognized. When he told me his name, I was delighted to see him again. When he asked my name, I asked him if he remembered my son, using first and last name. He certainly did, and had absolutely no recollection of me! That was fine, but it certainly is funny to be introducing myself as "the mother of" after all these years. But, I certainly don't mind.

At Kmart I got exbf two 5-packs of Hanes boxers, regularly $16.99 for $9.99. He never shops or looks for ads, so this worked out for him to be the driver. For me, there was gel nail polished, reduced.

We ate, drank, and listened to music--the best band around here in a long time. It is going to be a good day/event when "Jambalaya" and "God Bless the USA" are the first two songs. The day was perfect, clear skies, sun, the slightest breeze and mild temperature, with low humidity. We arrived at 10 am and it was getting a little warm when we left about 11:30. Of course, sitting at a table under a huge tent was pleasant even though the temps went up. It is still summer here, so shorts and sandals and spaghetti straps still rule. Only one elderly man had on a jacket. But, he wears one all summer long.

Then, we went to a pharmacy where pink Hefty cups, the kind I like, 50 count packages were 2/$5. Usually these are $3.88 at WM. And, they never have pink anymore.

Plus, while nearby, I went in to pay a bill with cash. This place holds the check until the end of the month even though I always pay it early to avoid penalties. So, I pay in cash and it's on the way to everywhere.

I came home and slept for 3 hours before getting up to make us a salad for dinner. When he left, I slept another 4 hours. Fun, food, music, shopping for bargains and two naps works for me!

Your turn
Have there been any good deals in your stores? Do you still need to introduce yourself as the "mother of" your child?

In the Middle of the Night....Hulu Deal

It's 4 am and I am nowhere near sleep.

I have know all week that I was not getting over the uti. Some days, I could only lie here. Going out for food or even walking to feed Dominique was exhausting. Thursday, I had a regular appointment at my urologist. Yes, I do still have the uti. He prescribed medicine, but it will be Tuesday before the results of the culture are back.

Part of the problem is I have not eaten right since I only feel like eating what is there and easy. Now, I have to focus on more green vegetables! Carbs must go or at least be restricted. I know I am at fault here. ugh

Oktoberfest is under way. However, it is less accessible now. I could park and walk across the road. Now, they parking lot is full of festivities, so I must park at least another two blocks away. I cannot walk that. And, with this funk I cannot even pretend I would enjoy it.

My goal is to hit the huge yard sale that is my highlight of Oktoberfest every year. One year, for $1.25 I got enough sheers, expensive ones with an 8" or 10" hem. Five sets of sheers were taped together and priced. That was a thrill since I needed them for my bedroom.

Since this happens two blocks from my house, I can go early, very early--6 am. Then, I go home and take a nap and go back about 10 am, go home and lie down and return about 2 pm when everything is greatly reduced and then free.

The first year of the yard sale, I was taking a walk about 5 am. I saw lights at the Catholic Church and floodlights and people milling about. So, I went over and found the yard sale. Since I knew the woman in charge, she allowed me to shop and return to pay. They lent me a basket in which to carry items home. I walked back with a check.

You can find tires for your car, a bathroom sink, toys, baby furniture, some antiques, and this is all on the outside of the tent. Inside there are all the other small yard sale items. There is food cooked by the Catholics. On a higher playground area are games for kids plus all the swings and playground equipment.

Some people I only see at the yearly Oktoberfest yard sale. Some of these people I met at the very same yard sale. Maybe I won't go at 6 am. I will just wait until later.

There are things I want to buy. I just forgot what. My budget is limited, so purchases will be limited.

Hulu has a special price now--$5.99/month for the first year. I signed up for that. Now, the only purchase is a Roku plugin thing for $28, a one time charge/purchase. The newest and cheapest yet will not be for sale until Oct. 10. This is for new subscribers, so if you had the free Hulu, sign up under another person in the household.

I am down to two channels with the antenna. Last Saturday, there were two football game...just shoot me now! I can get the latest episodes the next day.

My melatonin is kicking and end, so I will wind this down. I am typing on my back and without my glasses, so there is no wonder what I have typed!

Your turn
Do you have an annual sale that you just would not miss? What kind of good buys have you found? Are you getting Hulu for $5.99?

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Driving Through a Flood

First,  let me give you a little background. I was born in September 1946. My brother G was born in November 1947. My sister S was born in December 1949.

Three weeks after she was born, she was having trouble breathing. My mother decided we should get her to the hospital quickly. However, she soon wanted to turn back.

We lived in the country north of Frayser, Tennessee, just north of Memphis. The route to town Memphis started on a road with huge rocks the size of golf balls or larger. It had been raining, so going was rough.

At one point we had to cross a river with an old bridge. I remember seeing nothing but water as I sneaked a peak out of the car side window. Remember, I was short and this was an old car. Plus, I was cautioned to stay seated and still. The water just went on forever on both sides of the car and in front of the car with no bridge in sight even though we were on the old wooden bridge. Yes, I sneaked a peek over the front seat and got in trouble for getting up.

The bridge was the kind with boards going across it from side to side, just sort of a scaffolding. The part the car actually drove on was a series of boards running the length of the bridge but not covering the scaffolding part completely. There were two lengths about two feet wide each that the car tires had to drive on. So, this was a treacherous drive since the driving surface was invisible under the water. It was only a one-lane bridge. And, the six inch high sides of the bridge were under water, also. It was like we were riding on water.

I remember my mother's voice, barely audible, tiny, tremulous/quivering and frightened, begging my father to turn back. He assured her he could just follow the fence posts barely visible in the fields beyond the bridge. Her voice frightened me and her words even more--"Oh First Name, please turn around. I am so scared. Please!"

Daddy was hunched over the steering wheel, gripping it, searching the water's surface for the bridge as he furtively looked for fence posts ahead and to the side to guide him. His skill kept us on the tracks of the bridge. I suppose the weight height of the ancient car kept us from being swept away.

This all terrified me. While I did not cry or say a word, I felt numb. She said we might drown, something I had already figured out even though I had no idea what would happen. At three I knew not to get under water because I could not breathe. Neither of my parents could swim. But, what could they have done to help a three-year-old, a two-year-old and a three-week-old infant in a fast moving flood even if they could swim? Nothing.

That is all I remember of that time or at least the most scary part. We got through somehow. It was incredible luck that we were not pushed off the bridge by the moving flood. 

We went to the hospital with my sister and she spent the several nights there. My brother and I spent the night at aunt J's house. I think my father stayed there, too. Not sure. That visit was frightening to me since I barely knew her or her family. My sister was sent home a few days later. I was so relieved to see my mother! So, we all survived. I am the only person in the car that day that was old enough to remember and is still alive. My parents would have remembered. My brother did not remembered but has since died.

S was diagnosed with pneumonia. From what I understand, newborns with pneumonia do not survive. Mama had no idea that she would be diagnosed with pneumonia. She just knew she needed the emergency room. I do remember how sick my sister seemed, not able to breathe well.

I am often struck by the fact that a whole family would have been wiped out that day early in 1950. We might have never been. And, certainly not the two children born later. It is a sobering thought.

I was hesitant to publish this while the floods were ravaging the country, but it appears that flooding will be around once again.

(Just a reminder: This is my property so I do not want anyone copying or using it an any way. You know who you are!)

Tuesday, October 4, 2016


Well, I missed her birthday, I think. Maybe not. My eye hurts too bad to figure it out.

She is a tall, sweet, slim blonde. She met my son when she was 27 and he was 37. Of course, neither had been married. They are both English teachers--middle school for her and high school for him.

She plays the piano! and is very smart. I think she made a 32 on the ACT, maybe higher.

She and my son immediately had children. He owned a home that was fully furnished, both worked and had since their graduations, and there were certainly none of the usual reasons to wait to start a family. She stayed home with the children until the youngest was in kindergarten and went back to her teaching job. Her wanting to and being able to stay home when the children were young made me happy for all of them.

Their children are precious. The boy (11) has dark hair like my son and looks like him. The girl (9) is blond like her mother and the spitting image of her. Daughter-in-law and my son made beautiful children.

I cannot think of one thing about her I do not like. She seems like a nice person, good wife, and perfect mother.

I always told my children, boy and girls, not  toget married until they had a college degree and had a job, to do a few things. I impressed on them I was not so eager to have grandchildren that they needed to have grandchildren for me! He really took that to heart and did well with his choice of a wife.

So, Happy Birthday whether I am late or early.

Your turn
Are you pleased as punch with person your child married?


You have seen this picture before. It is my very long (6')  fruit picker with three pears in it. The reason I count this as a success is because I finally posted a picture after so many months, albeit a picture that is probably four years old.

 I didn't even mean to post this picture and was just fiddling around with Paint when this happened. There is hope for me yet.

Paint is a free program for editing photos. Now, I don't need a new camera with an editing program like I had with my Kodak. Win Win. 

I need to look for a tutorial. Otherwise, I will just be posting random pictures.  I had a picture of a priest or brother or something, wearing his robe with an apron over it with--Eat Monks Bread. Yes, he had loaves of bread with him.

Your turn
Do you use Paint? Post random photos out of ignorance?

Sunday, October 2, 2016


Sunday, a church held a Shindig, an event to benefit their food bank. The last time I went it was a luau. The food was delicious and fruit abundant.

This time, everyone dressed in cowboy/western/farm attire as best they could. Well, some only had little high-topped shoes that looked like boots. Some guys had on jeans and a checked shirt. It was not mandatory to dress for a shindig. I was not informed to dress for this. The only thing I would have had would be a bandana. Or, I could have worn a blouse that had a gathered neck, sort of in the style of all the buxom beauties in cowboy movies. Only, I would just be an old lady in a loose peasant blouse minus the buxom part.

First, there was a silent auction. I won a beautiful frame with very nice flowers for only $2. There are other things I wanted.

Second, I went to a room with lots of food/restaurant/movie prizes. These had a little bag into which to put your tickets purchased for $0.50. They drew winners from each little bag. I won a few items from tables where prizes had a cup for the ticket. I won a tin, stickers, planter, and something else.

Dinner was $6--hamburger with lots of lettuce and tomatoes, great potato salad, baked beans I brought home to Dominique, a wonderful brownie, and two Cokes.

We then went to the sanctuary for entertainment and music while all the prizes were gathered and tallies made.

This was the most fun I have had in church for a long time. I thought we were going to be treated to a sermon and church music. NO!

Their 50" screens on each side of the front of the church started off with Bonanza opening, then other
Western series had their opening scenes. This went on for about ten minutes. At the end Happy Trails scenes and song played.

There were different races up and down the two side aisles, pitting girls against boys and men against women. This went on forever but was amusing. At the end of the races, balloon between knees, sack races and such, a group gathered on the "stage" for several minutes of the Chicken Dance.

A teen would-be comedian told terrible jokes and asked questions for which there were funny answers.  Two little girls up front had funnier lines than he did which an adult pointed out.

One contest was strange. Tiny bags of jelly beans were handed out to three boys and three girls on the stage. They were told some of the jelly beans tasted horrible. Whoever lasted the longest without spitting them out or even making a face, won. One of the kids, Bear, was one of the winners. As he reached me and was hurrying down the aisle, he was gagging and spitting. He held on long enough to win, chewing with a smile.

I asked one girl what the jelly bean tasted like. "Barf!" Later, a kid who had given me Laffy Taffy had more candy. When I asked for the other candy and asked if it was the one that might tasted bad. I thought he said it was all tasty. The second jelly bean tasted like vomit! I had to have more Laffy Taffy to counteract it after I spit it out. This was some sort of Jelly Belly item. I bought home four to give to exbf. Yes, everyone ate candy in the sanctuary.

They made money for their food bank and everyone had fun. It was different and cost little. Everything went to a good cause. Happy Trails to You!

Your turn
Have you ever been to a church event to make money that actually took place all over the church, albeit controlled? Who has seen the pulpit moved and the stage taken over by the Chicken Dance? Anything like it?

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Pumpkin Caution

Today, I watched the grandchild, a teen, of a farmer manhandling his pumpkins. She grabbed them by the stem, sort of wrenched them sideways and plopped them back down. She was looking for attention and certainly got my attention.

Several children in a family elsewhere were grabbing pumpkins by the stem in an effort to find perfect pumpkins. When a stem came off, they just threw it down and grabbed another.


When the stem is broken off the pumpkin, the pumpkin rots faster. So, the obvious is--don't buy a pumpkin without a stem in hopes it will last very long.

Rant over!

Your turn
Do you handle pumpkins by the stem before you purchase it? Allow your children to do so? Did you know that a pumpkin rots faster once the stem is removed?