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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Soured Milk? Drink it!

Just in case you don't read A Mom, Money, and More, you should read her latest post. Before you go, let me say, I drink milk that is soured. I put chocolate in it and cannot taste it at all.

You think soured milk is dangerous? What do you think buttermilk and other thick dairy products are? I never gave soured milk to my children nor would I give it to my grandchildren or any child. I know it is safe, but parents might not believe that.

I make buttermilk by leaving milk on the counter for 24 hours. I have never died. Recipe: into a quart jar put 3 cups of milk and one cup of buttermilk, stir, cover with cloth, let sit 24 hours, stir, drink. I do have to warn you that some store-bought buttermilk will not make thick buttermilk.

While I try not to waste food, not being able to bend easily or without pain causes me to waste more than I like, still not much. Usually, the chicken gets the waste, so I get it back in eggs.

Even raw chicken that smells gross is washed and used around here. The bacteria on the surface is the gross, rotten smell you perceive. Run cold water over the chicken while you turn it and rub it, use vinegar and water for a quick soak. I am 100% sure it is okay!

Sonya Ann gives a link to a great article about expiration dates, "best if used by", etc. Go HERE to find her blog and the link to the food waste chart.

Your turn
Do you waste milk that smells sour? Do you drink it with chocolate or cook with it?What are your thoughts on food waste at your house?

Sick Hen Recovers

About a week and a half ago, my hen, Dominique, quit eating. No matter what I left for her, she just did not eat. For three days she did not eat even her oats, the things she loves most. I was stymied.

She didn't have her head and tail tucked. She walked slowly, but never came to the door to greet me. Okay, maybe she comes to the door trying to get out. Whatever. I am not sure she ever drank water, but it never seemed gone at all.

Her crop was not distended. She did not appear to be egg-bound. Her comb did not appear to be dehydrated. All her feathers were fine--clean, no stragglers, and her butt hair was in order, not dirty or anything. ??? The strangest part of all--she appeared to become smaller every day.

I did observe her pooping one day. It was clear liquid and the urine was just gray goo. That's not normal.

The heat is the only thing to which I can attribute her malaise. Plus, if I eat certain things when I am hot, I, too, have diarrhea.

When the temperature went down to low 90s, she slowly seemed to regain her appetite. However, she never rushes to it or to the door as usual.  She has always had plenty of water. She did not seem to appreciate being sprayed with the finest mist from the hose. Yet, even then she did not hurry much.

The only thing she has seemed eager and happy to eat was watermelon scraps.

Gradually, her eating has improved. She still never rushes about but does walk faster. Her food is gone when I go out next. It is still hot but not near 100. She is the first black hen, a Dominique, that I have had. I wonder if her being black increased her discomfort in the heat to the point she quit eating.

Your turn
Have you had a chicken behave this way and figured out the problem?

Saturday, July 30, 2016

5 Things You Should Not Buy at Walmart

This article is shocking, but confirms my suspicions.

"If you’re picking up your ginseng or St. John’s Wort at Walmart, you may not be getting what you pay for. A recent investigation by the New York attorney general’s office found that many of the store-brand herbal supplements sold at Walmart, Target, Walgreen’s, and GNC didn’t contain any DNA from the plants listed on the label. Walmart was the worst offender of the bunch, with only 4% of products testing positive for the labeled ingredients. Its ginkgo biloba supplements were actually powdered radish, houseplants, and wheat, the New York Times reported". (only part of the article) Look below for the link.

I buy few supplements but never buy the Walmart brand. Imagine buying ginkgo biloba when you are allergic to wheat. I do not buy any medication made outside the US. Okay, Canada would be okay.

Other things mentioned:

Gift cards--your decision and my solution
Food--I price match
Wrapping supplies--I buy only on deep clearance or at garage sales, same with cards.
Furniture--would not have their furniture if it were given to me.

There is MORE.

Your turn
Do you buy Walmart brand supplements? Any supplements? Where do you buy gift cards, food, wrapping supplies, and furniture. Of course, if there is no Walmart close by, never

Friday, July 29, 2016

I Told You So

I spent a restless night because of the burn on my arm. Finally, about 4 pm I decided it was time to go to the doctor. My greatest fear was that the doctor or NP would poo-poo my pain and burn and treat me like a complaining child and send me home to tough it out.

Nope, the doctor wanted to give a shot of antibiotics, give me a tetanus booster/shot, give me an oral antibiotic, AND a cream. The arm must stay elevated. Whew! Cream was applied and a pad and elastic bandage added.

What drove me to the doctor was a huge wide band of red going around my arm plus the excruciating pain at the burn and at the site of the red band. It was not the streak up the limb, but a band around. Plus, strangely, the band was constricting my arm. The 1.5 inch wide constriction was like where a sock that binds has been worn and the impression stays.

The doctor and nurse were almost more concerned than I was. I vehemently objected to the tetanus shot. When I was 21, I was stiff for three days following a tetanus booster. People worry about my lack of protection. However, a few years ago, a guy who was a medic in the Army said I probably had immunity and that might be why I had such a reaction. I don't know.

I have received my fair share of burns in my life, but this is the first time I have ever gone to the doctor or had such a problem.

Ooops, I had better take the oral antibiotic. And, I need to find the remote. Actually, I need a way to find the remote instead of spending hours searching. A clapper?

NO TALK of ALOE plants. I am allergic to green stuff on my skin and especially any kind of inner liquid. Maybe I will try aloe on skin not already irritated.

Additionally: Most doctors at this urgent care walk-in disappear after 3 minutes in the room. This doctor came in five times. Usually, the techs who do everything never wear gloves. The woman who applied the ointment used gloves. As time went by, the severity of the situation hit me.

Your turn
Have you ever had a "simple" burn turn on you?

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Peanuts and Pain

Today was the Summer Kids Series at the movie. Exbf was here so paid my way in once again. Since he did not want popcorn, I ate most of his, too.

I really don't know the name of the Peanuts movie except it was  Snoopy and Charlie Brown and the gang. It was hilarious. Mostly, it reminded me of my son, the oldest child, now 48. He loved Snoopy, LOVED Snoopy. You know how children can be so passionate. He was.

Between Matchbox Cars (any brand of tiny cars), Snoopy, and his Big Wheel, he was one happy child. Today was just a little bit nostalgic for me as I watched the Peanuts movie. He slept with a stuffed Snoopy dog until he was twelve. He wore the wheels off three Big Wheels!

This was the largest crowd so far for one of these movies. The kids attending were amazingly well-behaved. As I sat down, there was a little girl about eight-years-old, sitting behind where I was going to sit and another behind exbf. I said to them, "You're not going to kick the back of my seat, are you?" The little girl behind me said, "I never do that, but she does." The little girl behind exbf said, "No, I don't." Much giggling ensued.

"Well, if you do I will give you the Evil Eye."

The first little girl said, "Oh, my grandmother gives me the Evil Eye all the time!"

"I am old enough to be your grandmother." I was smiling and teasing during the whole exchange. She only bumped my chair once. I slowly turned my head to one side but did not face her. They had been wiggling, just being children. But, for about five minutes, there was not a sound of movement.

My arm kept me up all night. I already have to adjust my body to keep back and both knees from hurting. Add in an arm that hurt. Last might, I was awake and up all night without a minute of sleep. I forgot I had cloth tape. I put an antibiotic on the gash and used four Bandaids to hold on a 4x4 gauze square. I do have cloth tape!

This afternoon, after I made bbq chicken sandwiches, I took a three-hour nap.  We had salad with chicken and cheese on it for dinner and cherries afterwards.

One day this month, I asked him if he minded when I gave him a salad every time he came. "Not at all. I like it since I don't have salads very often." Whew! My kind of It's too hot to cook. There is enough chicken here from the last cooking session to last me another week.

Since the weather is in the low 80s today instead of high 90s, I may bake brownies. Since it is rainy, I may have to use the dryer. More electric use=higher electric bill. GAH!

Your turn
Does it turn you misty-eyed or tug at your heart when you see things that gave your child such joy? What gave your child joy?

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

A First for Me Now and Then

While I read and type on my computer, I lie on my back with the computer edge sitting on my ribs sort of on my breastbone.  Yes, it is uncomfortable.

Today, I felt something wet on my computer and just above my elbow. ??? My computer is leaking on me? This is confusing. I wonder if it is toxic.

As I wiped my arm, I could feel the bed was damp. Is the ceiling leaking on me?

Finally, I saw it. I burned myself on my upper, inside arm on the left arm as I leaned to get a pan out of the oven. It hurt like blazes. But, the pain soon subsided. I put nothing on it, figuring it was okay. I have not looked at it in two days. Today, it obviously had a blister on the two inch burn. Now, I am slightly concerned about an infection.

This is a first for me because I have never gotten a blister from a burn. Usually, there is an extremely hard spot that forms. I asked a doctor why I never get blisters from bad burns, just this hard spot. He did not know why. Now, I wonder why I got a blister that people normally get.

Yikes, the blister is two inches long, at least and almost a half inch wide at the widest. AND, the skin is peeling off.

I really don't understand how a person can go for 70 years without a blister from a burn and suddenly have one form over a burn.

When I was three or four, I pushed in the cigarette lighter, let it pop out, then felt the end with my index finger. Did I ever cry!!! The lighter did not look red, what I associated with hot. That is the only explanation I have for touching it. When I say end of my finger, remember, I was three so this involved my finger where fingerprints are located.

(I was inside the car, supposed to sit still in the back seat. My mother was right outside the car.)

The end of my finger had little circular burn marks immediately. The fingertip was burned to crunchy. I remember how strange and crunchy it was and worried it would be like that forever.  It did not blister, just dried up and peeled off.  The whole end of my finger was just a scab--no blister. The scab made playing or doing anything almost impossible.

I do remember Mama saying that my skin was like Daddy's.

My mother put nothing on it because we were not at home. Maybe I should put a huge bandaid on this. Or, maybe I will just let it air out and dry for a while.

At least my computer is not leaking, just me.

Three hours later: I scratched my arm and all the skin over the blister came off! It is tender, very tender!

Note: Even if you never read comments, please read Anne's comment below.

Your turn
Do you get a hard place instead of a blister when you burn yourself? Did you ever deliberately put your finger in a cigarette lighter, the kind that plugs into the dash of the car?

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Free Food Again

Today was the Tuesday lunch--taco salad. I could not have the beef mixture and don't eat salsa. So, lunch was lettuce, diced tomatoes, black olives, shredded cheese, corn chips, and sour cream. I also ate a piece of chocolate cake with no icing and chocolate chips in the cake, plus several glasses of unsweetened tea.

Dominique got about two quarts of the leftover lunch. She loves sour cream on her lettuce! Since I don't eat those chips, she will be so happy!

Before we left, someone announced that there were free sweet potatoes on the way out. I got about ten pounds. One night when the humidity is low, I will bake them all and then vacate the kitchen as it heats up. There are enough sweet potatoes for over a dozen meals. I love the skin, but will get all the insides and refrigerate or freeze the rest. Dominique will love the skins! I do leave a little bit of the insides for her on the skins.

Dinner tonight won't be free, but it won't have to be cooked--salad greens, chicken breast, yellow squash, shredded cheese, and tomatoes.

Your turn
Are your meals going to heat your kitchen? Is any of it free?

Monday, July 25, 2016

Eye News

Today, I went to the opthamologist, had my eyes dilated, and have a date to have the cataract in the left eye removed. While the doctor was there, I commented that I still could not see well out of the right eye, even after getting a new lens.

Well, lucky me! There is a bubble in my right eye that will be removed by laser. He promises that after dilation of that one eye, it will take five seconds and no pain to remove the bubble. How did I get a bubble in my eye? I asked. It is where the lens was removed and a new one inserted into my eye. He said that might contribute to my still-poor vision in the right eye. He said the bubble happens about 90% of the time. Lucky me.

I do not glow like a proper Southern lady. I sweat like a field hand. After $600 worth of repairs and new coolant last year, my blowing part of the ac went out. Fixed this year and now my ac blows furiously--hot, hot air. The heat drains me of energy. Plus, I sweat so that salty sweat gets into my eyes even without any activity. No, I am not going to wear a sweat band all summer.

Your turn
Have you had cataract surgery and been told there was a bubble in your eye? Okay, are you a prolific sweat machine like me?

24 Amazing Hanger Hacks

Some of these hacks are pretty amazing. I am sure you will find something you can use.

I string clothes pins on a clothes hanger to hang more in the doorway or on the line. Which is your favorite hack?

Note: I do not use wire hangers but do have a few. I use wood or plastic hangers.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

The Rest

Last year, around January 2015, I had water from the laundry room floor that I could see only when I went into the basement and then thought the washer was leaking. Nope. I kept going to the basement to see exactly where the leak was coming from. Finally, I had a friend come and look over the washer. It was the connection on the water pipe! That was repaired. Soon, I still had a leak showing in the basement.

Only when it was enough to flood the laundry room did I realize it was the washer. It took months to get a new one, the one I finally got taken away Thursday.

Saturday was my first use. It seems fine, gives me plenty of water, and makes me happy. Now, the only thing left to do is to get the kitchen table moved back into place and put the ironing board behind the door. I cannot do either. The ironing board I might lift, but why make my back hurt for days when I can get my neighbor-friend to do it when he moves the kitchen table back into place.

There is plenty of room to walk into the laundry room and always has been, but the table always had to be moved for washer and dryer removal and delivery. So, when The Rest is done, things will be back to normal.

Did you ever have things out of place for so long that you wanted to scream? Remember the final relief? I am just about there.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Two Projects Down, One the Hard Way

Wednesday night, I barely got a few things moved in order for the delivery guys to get through to the laundry room.

Thursday, The guys were great and removed the washing machine with just a bit of problem from one box in the way. My friend, Fred, was here to make sure things went smoothly. They even cheerfully moved two Rubbermaid bins, huge ones, out of the laundry room.

Friday, one guy was petulant and said he was not moving the machine into the house. He refused to leave it here, even in the yard! I raced down to the store and he was showing his manager how he would have to carry it. He had his hands above his head as though he would have to lift the washing machine that high.

When he came out of the office, I called him a liar. The manager came out and heard me fussing at the guy for telling an untruth. I told the manager that the delivery guy was a liar, that waist high was all he would have to lift the machine with the help of the other guy. He said he was giving me my money back. I told him he was going to delivery it right now. So, he argued that he would tell the district manager this afternoon. Yeah, I bet that would go over well.

Once again, I told him to deliver it now. He refused. So, I told him to leave it in the yard and I could find men to do the job. The manager said he would come himself and see what was here. He brought a different helper. Before we left the store, I reminded that I told him to send guys willing and capable of lifting the machine waist high.

He came here and looked and brought the machine inside, hooked it up and left. He was in a snit, but did the job.

Having the presence of Fred here would have helped if I had trouble. Having exbf here helped not one bit. He did not open his mouth as I was berated. However, when the manager came here, he saw the great difficulty exbf has getting out of his vehicle and offered to help him.

What kind of trouble have I had with delivery people? Just one example: I told guys not to hit an antique table. He though I did not see him as he later shoved the table, making it unstable. Another guy threw tools on the dryer. he did not like it at all when I asked him not to abuse the dryer top. Another let sharp tools he was carrying snag an upholstered chair. Okay, this was more than one example.

Now, I just make sure I have a p***s in the house. That way, I don't have as much problems with destructive delivery guys and a$$holes who argue with me.

Soon afterward, Jose came by and brought me a basket of huge, juicy peaches. He also moved back the two huge Rubbermaid bins back into the laundry room. I ate four peaches.

I managed to squeeze out time to go to the doctor. While I was talking to the doctor, I got six calls. The phone was on vibrate. A guy was calling me about putting new lights in the rear of my car. He will have new rear lights gotten from a junkyard, the whole thing that holds the lights.

I had backed into a truck because when I looked, the grey truck was invisible against distant trees as the evening sun shone in my eyes. Someone else backed into the other side and broke the lens. I have been driving for over 50 years and have only backed into two trucks and had two people back into me in the last two years....that's four times. One time, I backed into a huge trailer hitch!

The guy came by and put the red stuff, tape of clear red tape over the lens, changed the bulbs which I already had and sort of made me whole again. At least, I won't get a ticket. He is just a guy who volunteered to help me as I was muddling around in the store trying to figure out what to do. Nice guy. I asked him who he would recommend, and he said he would do it for whatever I wanted to pay him.

When I get up on Saturday, I can wash a whole load of clothes, not just a puny load as this one will fill the water high, not just a few inches in the bottom.

Monday, I will tackle the mattress exchange. sigh

Your turn
Do delivery people ever seem destructive and careless when delivering things?

Thursday, July 21, 2016

More TMI

It gets better. Finally, I remembered to ask the nurse something today. I was almost 70 before I knew what caused the "Big O."  I thought it was contractions of the uterus. No, it is not! It is the contractions of the pelvic floor. Since I had my hysterectomy, I have been told the pelvic floor is weakened with the removal of all female organs--ovaries, fallopian tubes, and uterus.

Since incontinence was/is a problem and I really did not want anything sagging inside, I surmised that maybe "O" might keep the muscle that is the pelvic floor strong. The nurse smiled a huge smile when I asked if "O" would keep the pelvic floor, a muscle, strong. she said it's the  best kegel exercise ever.

Since the "O" can be had several ways, I leave it up to you to decide how you want to achieve it.

Yes, this is embarrassing for me. But. we need to do this Knowledge is power.

Oh yes, I asked if the tibial nerve stimulation helped men, too. Nurse said "yes".

Your turn
Are you scandalized by the frankness of this post? Sorry. I just know this will help someone.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Three Projects and More

Thursday (project #1) is the day the useless Hotpoint washer I got before Christmas will be picked up. Friday, my new Amana (project #2) will be delivered. Okay, it is a pre-loved rent-to-own that I purchased. It cost me $255 + $25 delivery and includes the hoses. Yes, I know I told you that, but this is for folks that did not read that post.

The reason this is two projects is not just that I must move things, some twice. But, I must deal on two days with two pickup/deliveries from two stores with two sets of movers and two different guy friends here to make sure I am treated fairly. Plus, I want to go to the cheap movie and have two doctor appointments, all on Thursday.

Monday was the first day I was out of bed and productive beyond barely caring for myself and doing a bit of grocery shopping...just a bit. I threw away produce. Tuesday,  I threw away food too long in the refrigerator and washed clothes.

Now, Wednesday, I have to get the house/laundry room ready for pickup and delivery. In front of the washer I keep two stacked Rubbermaid containers with a laundry basket on top. All this is not in the way to use the washer, but the washer cannot be removed. Then, there a few other things that a guy carrying the washers might not want to navigate. Right inside the door are more plastic bins that are easily navigated by me. But, generally they are in the way...ugh.

When I take the chicken breasts out of the crockpot, I will put a brisket in. That way, I don't have to wash the crock! Clever, huh? Maybe I will put in potatoes, zucchini, and Vidalia onions.

My friend who was going to move the things cannot do it now. That means I must struggle and try not to exacerbate current injuries. I just now hung clothes on the line and put in boneless, skinless chicken breasts in the crockpot. Now, I need to deal with dishes from two weeks in the other half of the sink. They are getting odiferous in this heat. The dishwasher still does not get dishes clean. Today, a dishpan will be involved.

Project #3 involves my chicken waterer that someone sent me. It cannot be hung from the top of the coop. Help me with this thought so I can figure if this will work. I intend to buy a piece of pipe that is for wiring. Then, I will put it across the corner from the front to one side through the chain link fencing, making a triangle. I just need to figure out how long the pipe needs to be. Does anyone have an opinion if the waterer with nipples for the chickens will hang from a rod?

This is where knowing how to use the Pythagorean theorem will come in handy. I really don't want to stagger around in the chicken pen in the dust to measure with a tape. I can work smarter and not harder. Exbf and I use algebra and geometry all the time. I don't know how people think that math is useless after class is over.

Since I have no bread, I need to go to the store and really don't want to in this heat! Now that I am inside and cool, lying in the bit of ac breeze, it is time to go out and get in the clothes and hang more. Since it is supposed to be in mid 90s with a heat index of 100 this week, I don't want to go out.

But, I must go out. I just remembered I left a pineapple and a cantaloupe in the car....grrrr. At least it wasn't the milk and meat that I did carry in last night.

Your turn
Does dealing with appliances and delivery people cause you stress? Or, do you have someone to help you deal with it all?  How does my plan for hanging the chicken waterer sound? Possible? Do you ever forget food in the car, not making that separate trip out to get it?

Monday, July 18, 2016

Okra Raid

Beware, the cops could be onto you and take your okra away as they did in this okra raid.

Do you think your okra is safe?

Sunday, July 17, 2016

The Legend of Tarzan

In the last month I have seen more movies than I have in the last five years. Of course, the reduced-price movies-popcorn-coke special has been the impetus.

When exbf came up last Thursday, I told him all the tickets before 4 pm were $5, and did he want us to go to the movies, his treat of course. We saw The Legend of Tarzan. This was not the laid-back Tarzan movie with Johnny Weismuller of my youth.

While the new Tarzan did not wear a loincloth, I would have preferred that to his pants worn so low I was afraid I would see too much. It was not appealing at all. That was the only part of the movie I didn't like! YMMV

Samuel L. Jackson was superb. He kept up with Tarzan while fully clothed. This was the funniest Tarzan movie I have seen. Plus, the plot was better than the last Tarzan movie. I do believe I have only missed one Tarzan movie over all these years.

I lost my keys in the theater when these short girl-pants pockets dumped them in the seat and then onto the floor. I didn't miss them until after I had made his dinner (salad) and had to go back to the theater at 8 pm to retrieve them from where they fell. This happened at theater once last week, too. I need to attach my keys to my cell phone again. Actually, my cell phone keeps falling out, too. With the two attached, neither has ever fallen out.

After the children's series ends, so will my theater attendance. Actually, we plan to see the movie about Sully Sullenberger  who landed the airplane in NYC on the Hudson River. After this one I suppose I will go back to my once every three years schedule of theater attendance.

Tickets here are regularly $7.50 for seniors, and we don't buy snacks, so it won't be very expensive.

Update: I saw Chicago in 2002 and did not see another movie until 2008 when I saw Australia. My present movie going is an anomaly.

Your turn
Anyone seen Tarzan? How did you like it? Did you see the really old Tarzan movies?

Friday, July 15, 2016

Baby All Over Me

When I went to Chic-fil-A for lunch, I was standing at the counter waiting to order. Suddenly, something was touching and pushing on the back of my knees. Thankfully, I was very close to the counter, steadied myself and looked to see what was on me.

(Exbf chose to eat out and where to eat rather than eat a peanut butter sandwich, water, cherries, blueberries and strawberries at my house.)

A baby, probably not quite one-year-old was rolling around on the floor, pulling on me. I held onto the counter and told the mother that Easter Sunday a child knocked me to the floor by running in church, that I had knee and back problems. The woman who was with her husband and other children said, "She only fell into you and tried to catch herself. She did NOT knock you down. She didn't do it on purpose." She was so unconcerned. I did not accuse the baby of malicious intent or actions. This child, however, had managed to hit me behind my knees, just enough to collapse my knees against the counter. I could have easily have fallen.

If my child were all over someone's feet and legs, I would rush to pull my child away, apologize, and keep my baby held close. She just stood there, unmoved and not moving. I was so astounded that I said nothing because my reaction would be over the top even if it were well-deserved.

Yesterday, I went into the AT&T store and was ordered to move to another part of the store for service. Of course, she told me that I was not eligible for a plan, which I was. She refused to look on their website because she knew. NO, she does not. I tried to get the young woman to help me where I sat. She told me to go over there and she would get me a chair. She brought back a rolly desk chair with the seat at a 45 degree angle to the floor. I saw her flip it up and figured she had made an adjustment.

Before I sat in the chair, I told her she needed to hold the chair so it would not roll from under me. She barely placed her hand on the chair. When I sat down, the seat flipped down and the chair rolled back. Once again, I was on the floor.

An employee and another man, maybe an employee grabbed me above my elbows and lifted me with all their might, refusing to let me go as I requested. So, the hurt my torn rotator cuffs. They were scraping my already-injured knees. After, was on my feet, I still had to walk a long way to the door, The employee insisted on helping me. Thank goodness, exbf was driving.

I have complained.

Your turn
Do you or did you allow your non-walking baby practice walking in public places, pulling on people, knocking into them? Would you act like someone was being mean to your baby if you commented about a kid knocking you down? If I had not been close to the counter, I might have fallen onto the baby.

As an adult, do you know better than to drag a fallen person to her feet without finding out about any injury? Do you know to keep your hands off a fallen person when you have not been asked to help? Do you know to stop if someone tells you to stop touching or pulling on them, dragging someone to er feet?

Thursday, July 14, 2016

New Washer, Sort Of

You may remember my complaining about the washing machine I got before Christmas. I hate it. About three inches of water runs into the tub. Some things never get wet. It is like a gentle wash on all cycles. There are days when I want a little more water for dirty things, no crowding, and a rousing swishing to get dirt out.

Last week, I found one at an appliance store that had a button to push for a full tub. As we were going there, I realize another appliance store was next to it, one I had not looked at for a washing machine. HA! I found what I wanted for same price as the one I have and hate. Plus, it was $125 less than the first one I found last week.

I did not get it right then. Exbf was cranky. When we went back 30 minutes later, it had sold! I was so mad I could spit. I was grumbling so and going on about how that was hard to believe, a very unhappy woman. So, two guys came out and told here there was another. She was unaware of this. Yep, another washer just like the one I had wanted.

This is a "rent to own" place. They kept correcting me when I said "lease." This was a return. The woman had it for 14 months. I don't know if the saleswoman was making the rest up as she went or if it is the truth. In response to my comments, she said the pickup guys told her the woman was very clean. Then, she said the woman was returning it because she was moving to a place without a washing machine hookup.

At any rate, I have two machines. One is waiting here to be picked up. The other is waiting to be delivered. I am soooo happy.

Now, I can wash blankets, bedspreads, things that the other would not because of the lack of sufficient in the tub. Otherwise, I was going to have to make trips to the laundromat with items I cannot pick up.

Oh, the Hotpoint I am returning has plastic gears. The Amana I am getting does not. Delivery and setup charge is $25. I paid $50 to have the one I have now delivered and set up. They are even furnishing new hoses. I know I have to have new hoses, but before I had to buy hoses.

At first, I was horrified to think I was getting a used machine from a place that probably has roaches. It just all seems so icky to me. Then, I thought about how horrid public machines in laundromats are. I calmed down. This will be my first used appliance, so I am still nervous. The washer I am returning after six months is so awful, that anything is better. It evens feels flimsy.

I could buy one cheaper and used out of the paper, but I have no one to do these things--pick it up, bring it here, carry it in the house, an hook it up. None of these are rocket science, but I would have to pay someone to do it all. The store is just the more expedient option.

Your turn
Do you only buy new appliances or used? Have you ever gotten a used appliance that was a dud? I have never returned an appliance. Have you?

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Dominique Cleans Her Pen

Dominique lives in a 10'x10' dog pen. Her life consists of dust bath, scratching, and sitting. Since she is being denied the ability to forage or have a companion, she finds other things  to do.

When she takes a dust bath, she creates huge holes that cause me to lurch around like a drunk when I step in them. Most of the time she has filled a hole with the contents of the hole she just dug. Therefore, I step in extremely loose dirt that does not provide a stable footing even though it looks fairly solid.

All this scratching has also resulted in huge piles of fresh dirt on the outside of the pen. I assume this is very fertile soil. However, since I cannot dip it up, it just sits like dirt dunes. Lately, I can barely open the door. At times like this I truly realize how much exbf did for me when he could do these things.

When I go out to feed her, I carry her food in a used paper plate or bowl. One day, I went out and she had scratched every one of them into a pile about 2'x2'.  It was not quite that high. I hardly think this was an accident. However, I cannot quite place her making one pile of trash in the category of a purposeful action.

I didn't get a picture of the pile because I couldn't make another trip out there.  The next day, she had scattered them to the four corners of her pen. So, was this a game? Busy work?

Maybe I could train her to come indoors and be helpful. ???

Your turn
Do you chickens or pets seem to have a purpose to their actions or do they just seem to drag things about randomly?

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Busy Tuesday and Free or Cheap

**When I got up, I ate a tiny banana and milk.

** First of all, I went to the $4 movie and had popcorn and three refills of Coke. I saw Monsters vs Aliens or vice versa. It was really a fun movie.

**Then, I put pieces of paper like cow spots on my black blouse and got a free Chic-fil-A sandwich. I paid for waffle fries and got a free senior Coke. Fries--$159, I think.

**At WM I price matched. (price match/regular price format)

1 gal. milk $2/$2.39
2 qts. blueberries $0.88/$2.48
1 Strawberries 2qt container  $1.98/$4.78
1 banana $0.29/$0.59 per pound
few cherries $1.98/$4.98 per pound

I spent $7.06

**Returned two blouses, so there is that money in my fist. I bought three in three sizes but all the same blouse. One may fit me. #1 was way too small. I thought #2 just did not like the way it fit, although not too small, feels funny. #3 I am keeping for the time being. It seems too sloppy, so I will put it on and look in a mirror. That's a novel idea, right? Looking in a mirror?

** Tonight, I went to a meeting that had free food:  turkey sandwiches on wheat bread, lettuce and tomato to put on it, tea and bottled water. There was a melon and fruit bowl. I only liked the apple slices and pineapple. DINNER!

It's been a frugal day.

Your turn
Have you had a frugal day today? Any day lately? Did anyone get a free Chic-fil-A chicken sandwich today?

Monday, July 11, 2016

Gross Smells

If you are squeamish or eating, read this at your own peril.


Remember the rotten watermelon? Well, I decided my neighbor was not going to be able to help me, and I wanted it out of my house. So, I put the kitchen garbage can on a short stool and tried to roll the watermelon into it. I forgot the tray full of juice would flip. So, the whole kitchen had rotten watermelon juice all over it. I walked gingerly past the garbage can to leave the kitchen. As I walked back in, I could see I had walked through a three foot pool of rotten watermelon juice. GAH!

Since I cannot bend to wipe it up, I threw dry dish towels down and dried some of it with my feet. Then, I threw wet dish towels down and tried to get more up. The stool was soaked on all four sides. How did that happen? Plus, there was a box of stuff that had juice all over it and under it. At some point, I wanted to throw out everything in the kitchen. It took two days to get the trash can out of the house.

Yesterday, I was worried the kitchen was stinking worse. I looked all over for a rotten potato. It was that gross. I walked into the kitchen and saw two eggs on the dehydrator. One had a green, gross blob hanging out. I put it in a plastic grocery bag for a speedy removal. When I picked up the second egg, the green ooze from the first had it stuck to the dehydrator. There was a gross smelling and looking pea green liquid that poured out. It was going to run down the front of the dehydrator so I snatched the door from the dehydrator and ran gagging from the room. The tears in my eyes blinded me.

Before I ran I saw the green, gross ooze was running into a little channel and on the front. It ran no further, but I had to clean it. It soaked through the paper towels and made my hands stink. When I moved a box of 120 snack bags to clean the top, I noticed the green ooze was soaked into the box. Thankfully, I managed to rescue most of the bags and tossed the box.

Even lots of baking soda did not make the stench less. Vinegar in a bowl has been there for a day. I think I need to rewash the top and front of the dehydrator. I placed that nasty bag with two rotten eggs on the porch in the kitchen trash that had rotten watermelon. So, for two days, flies have bred on the porch.

The towels may be the last of the stench and will make a trip to the laundry instead of going into a quart of water in this new washer that is going back! I had to wash my hands three times before the stench disappeared. That green egg hangs on.

Thankfully, Tony took the putrid garbage off the porch when he came to replace the side porch light bulb/lamp. Oops, if I don't get the old bulb into the trash, I will have to clean up broken glass. .

A friend had me scramble eggs for her. When I broke the egg and emptied the shell, the stench overcame me. I threw up the chocolate milk I just bought and drank. She had the eggs for about six months...GAH!

Your turn
Do you feel as queasy as I do? Lost your appetite? Have you ever smelled a green, rotten egg? Tell me a yucky story.

Sunday Blasts of Lightning, Roar of Thunder, Deluges

Sunday, that is what my friend in Hueytown who works clear across Birmingham reported. A large plate over the water drainage system was blown off and water shot 10 feet high.

I have watched huge weather systems aimed  at me all day. They dissipate or turn South or North of me. Living on a plateau has advantages. Not even a drizzle or mist has fallen today where I live. I am okay with that.

I am feeling much better, but still sound ill.

My light on my side porch blew out, so it is pitch black outside my home. Hopefully, I can find someone to change the bulb. I cannot.

Even though it is the middle of the night, I must go tend to the two quarts of strawberries in the refrigerator. At some point when I was ill, I did not care if they rotted. Now, I care.

My hen from the crockpot was taken out earlier on Sunday. I will get four meals from the breasts. Exbf will get the rest, maybe three meals for him.

Your turn
If your are in Alabama or Tennessee, did you get some of these storms? Anyone, anywhere get rain or too little?

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Free Food For You

Don't miss out on a free entrée at Chic-fil-A. This event is next Tuesday, July 12. They have loosened the cow costume restrictions and expanded the food selections. I will be there dressed like a cow.

I usually wear black pants and black t-shirt and taped-on white spots. But, without ac in the car I will switch to white pants and a white t-shirt. I will just cut out black irregular cow-looking spots and scotch tape them on the front of the shirt and front of my thighs.


Your turn
Have you ever been to this free event? It is so much fun!

Friday, July 8, 2016

A Sick Watermelon

A watermelon seemed like a good idea on the 4th of July. When I found a good sale on watermelons, I price-matched it at Walmart. One of the managers put it in my electric cart and then walked to the car with me and placed it on the front seat.

On the way home it hit me. I cannot get it into the house. What was I thinking of? I called my neighbor around the block and he came over and brought it in.

He remarked that "this watermelon is leaking."  I could see the leak. Since I have never seen a whole watermelon leak, I was concerned. Then, he continued, "When I picked it up, it started hissing? And, it started squirting juice."

Good grief! What did I have on my hands. I had him put it on a small table in my kitchen on which I first put newspapers and a hand towel. He placed the leaky place upward. Later, I came in and found the watermelon was leaking on everything, soaking other things on the table and running off the table. !!! At that point, I tried to dam up the leak on the table.

When I called him to come over, he did almost immediately. He picked up the watermelon while I tried to clean under it. I placed a large baking pan under the water melon to contain the leak. As he was going to pick it up by both ends, he made a disgusted sound and showed me.


One whole end, half the watermelon, was soft like a basketball without enough air. It was disgusting and creepy. He picks up dead animals for me with less disgust than he showed picking up the watermelon. Of course, he used both hands on the sides of the other end.

I called WM and talked the manager who helped me. He said he had never heard of anything like that, to come back and he would replace it or give my money back. I suppose I will try another.

Today, no matter how ill I am or how weak I feel, I have to get that thing out of here. It stinks. After two days, it stinks. The good end will be cut off to see if it is good enough for Dominique. The rest I will roll into the lined trash can in the kitchen and try to get it out the back door.

Right now, it is about 5:30 am and I need to get to WM while I can get a close parking place and so many people won't see me. I need to get "sick supplies."

Your turn
Disgusting? Have you ever seen a watermelon behave this way, hissing and deflating?

Thursday, July 7, 2016

It's Not Happening

While I was looking forward to the National Spelling Bee, I won't be able to make it. For two weeks I have felt unwell. I cannot say I was sick, just back and forth with my energy and sleeping too much some days. My allergies did bother me. I coughed just a bit, sneezed a bit, had an earache occasionally, and my throat felt a bit tight on occasion. Finally, it hit me full force.

Yesterday, I had exbf drive me to the doctor. With the long-running symptoms, the doctor thought I might have walking pneumonia. She said it was going around. A blood test ruled out walking pneumonia.

At any rate, I am too ill to make the trip on Friday. The antibiotic has not kicked in yet, so I feel worse today than yesterday. Even if I wake up feeling marvelous tomorrow, today is the day to pack, wash anything that needs washing, just generally making all preparations.

Next year, I will attend. A person does not have to win a local spelling bee to go to nationals. As long as a person is over fifty-years-old and pays the entry fee, the person is in the bee. That surprised me. But, I did win the right to attend.

It's over.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

What Does Dominique Want? I Gave Up!

When I took food to Dominique today, she was beside herself, talking, walking around, just acting unlike her quiet self. I emptied a plastic bag of chicken scraps that exbf brought to me. There were two tomatoes that I did not eat in my feverish funk I have been suffering. The ends of the squash and zucchini should have tempted her. Peach pits with plenty of fruit left, a piece of the banana and a peel, plus oats were her lunch.

Did she start eating? No. You would think someone else had fed her. I went back to the side door where exbf had managed to get off the porch while I had fed her and came back. As I passed him, we both sort of hesitated. He said, "I thought Dominique was right behind me." I thought there was a hen in another yard. This new and loud personality is fun and different even though I am still confused.

Then, I remembered I had not checked her water. She must be dry and need water. You should hear the squawking when she is out of water and I show up. Soooo, I walked all the way back to her. She was up on the table running from the back to front of her Rubbermaid bins where she sleeps and lays eggs. And, NO, the water was full or next to it. However, I filled the moat again.

As we got to the front of the house, exactly opposite from her pen, we could still hear her.  Silly girl!

At this point I was giving up and going to the doctor. After we went out in the morning to do some chores of mine, using his car with ac, I fixed hotdogs and slaw. I just had to lie down and he could not rouse me for almost 4 hours. His dinner: salad greens, grape tomatoes, zucchini, squash and leftover chicken on top, plus dressing. Then, he took me to doctor. AC is nice, more than nice.

Since walking pneumonia is going around, they thought that was my problem. No, tests results showed I did not. Since the spelling bee is coming up, I cannot endure the drive and still spell. Hopefully, this antibiotic will revive me.

As I came out of WM with my prescription, I noticed a plastic bag on the top of my car. Once again, my friend left me with about 3 inches of coupon inserts. And, I found a penny on the ground.

Your turn
Has one of your hens or pets had a drastic personality change for no reason? Yay for coupon inserts! Does anyone share stacks of those with you? Do you suffer and become ill driving without ac?

Lost Tuesday

From 6 pm on July 4th until 4 pm on July 5th, I slept about 18 hours. I feel lousy and unwillingly succumb to sleep. Once in a while I get up and drink water, open the computer, maybe comment on a blog. Then, I pass out again. This has become my new normal when ill instead of getting up and muddling around all day.

I actually slept too much on Sunday and Monday, too, so this is not so sudden as it seems.

This day had a great plan for getting things done: laundry, dishes, PO visit, grocery store, farmer's market. None of it was done. I fed Dominique and got one stupid letter from the mailbox. NOOOO! I do not want to apply for a pre-approved credit card.

Even though I have an elevated temperature, I think I can beat this. That is what I thought before the local senior spelling bee and spelled with a fever. Saturday is the national bee, but I hope not to make that trip with a fever and then have to spell the next day.

A friend who likes to take a nip and wears a gun is going to stay here the two days I am gone. He won't answer the door, but he sees all that goes on outdoors. I feel secure no one will bother my place at all.

In one minute it will be Wednesday....sigh. Maybe it won't be a lost Wednesday. I am feeling better, so maybe tomorrow will be more productive. I need to deal with the produce I got at the market on Saturday! This lost day will be difficult to overcome.

Right now, I will continue my efforts to get the dishwasher working normally.

Your turn
Do you ever lose a day due to illness? Maybe you had another emergency. Does it seem like you will never get back on track? It does with me, maybe because I am still suffering from this sinus infection.

Monday, July 4, 2016

About Those Diapers

Maybe you remember the post. I have no idea where it is. But, I had a bag of diapers from 1975 baby girl. The bag of dozens of diapers was not the one I washed. I think these were from the 1968 baby.

In 1968, my first child was a boy. I bought diapers from Sears that were guaranteed for the diapering life of the baby. It was a difficult training! Since I became pregnant when he was 18-months-old, I was not on my best game, sick and sleeping. Plus, he was going to have none of this toilet training. When he was two, the diapers from Sears were in shreds.

I had the receipt, packaging and shredded diapers to show Sears. The woman was pretty rude, saying he should be trained by now, so she was not going to honor the packaging promise. I told here she was not allowed to say "no" to me. I was trained by Sears and knew the rules. I got replacement diapers.

When he was two years and three months, I had a girl. That made two in diapers. He really did not want to give up diapers after she was born. For nine long months, I had two in diapers!

When I was planning his third birthday party, it struck me--he would be three and still in diapers! So, the next week he got only a diaper at night. He would pull down the training pants and poop in a corner in my bedroom! Training pants back then were thick terry cloth with a terry crotch piece. The absorbed less than you would hope.

The second child, a girl, was easily trained. But, the diapers had diapered their last baby. I kept them for rags. The third child, a girl, needed new diapers five years later. I think these are the replacement ones from Sears, the ones used on the 48-year-old boy and 46-year-old girl so many years ago. So, I still have some other diapers in better shape to wash.

When I tried to remove them from the dryer today, they were in shreds. They are hanging by their corners on the line. They will go directly into the rag bag and will never go in the washer again. All those strings will eventually clog the machine and the sewer line to the road. Now, I need to pick the strings from the inside of the dryer and from the floor and carpet.

Oh, besides the shredding, I believe they are the ones from the first child because I can no longer see the birdseye pattern. The newer ones still had the pattern visible.

Why did I keep these diapers so long? Well, I thought one of my grandchildren might need them, the newer ones, not these raggedy ones I just washed. My daughter was adamant about not using cloth diapers. So, I kept them for another grandchild...sigh. I doubt either of my four grandchildren have ever had a cloth diaper on their bottoms.

They are great for cleaning and straining fruit to get juice. I have a rag bag, a canvas bag hanging behind a door, just for these things. Exbf always knows anything I give him to clean anything outside is not precious.

The two girls were so easy to train. The younger needed everyone to come clap for her business. We did. She even came into the living room, naked from the waist down and took the visiting minister by the hand to show him what she did. We whispered and told him to clap. We all went in, looked,  and clapped for her success.

It is time for my 4th of July meal--hotdogs, whole wheat buns, slaw, and watermelon. Then, I need to cut my hair.

Your turn
Did you ever have two in cloth diapers? Fun? What did you have for your 4th meal?

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Dominique, My Strange Hen and the Farmer's Market

Dominique, my dominecker, is unlike any of my other hens were. When I bought her, she laid one egg in late August or early September. Then, she took the winter off.  The Rhode Island Reds gave me about 4-5 eggs even in the darkest part of the year in freezing weather.

She is the only hen of mine that has crowed. But, she is the only hen exposed to crowing roosters. I think the exposure makes the difference. She has been crowing for several months and has yet to improve or become louder. She still sounds hoarse. She is tolerable as to noise she creates.

Today, she had her first watermelon. At the market today everyone was packing up by the time I arrived. This half watermelon with a few cubes cut was next to go into the truck or trash. When I asked the woman what they were going to do with it, she asked if I wanted it. "Yes, but for my chicken."

Dominique was eager as I put it down, removed it from the bag and pulled a paper towel and another bag from underneath it. Of course, I am slow, plus I was trying not to end up covered with watermelon juice. She tentatively moved her head toward the red meat, then withdrew only to try again. When I left her, she looked joyous as she ate her watermelon. Of course, she had to move a chunk into the dirt and roll it around before it was "seasoned" to her taste.

At the market a guy had a basket of foot long zucchini, too long for my taste. However, I wanted to shred some zucchini to make a chocolate zucchini cake and also to use instead of pasta in spaghetti. I requested 10 in order to make it $5 worth of zucchini. He gave me all fifteen zucchini for my $5. Plus, I got lemonade for $1.

Although I don't arrive late on purpose, arriving late has its benefits. People are ready to reduce prices. I never ask for a reduced price. They offer. I tend to find a few people and produce I like and just never buy from other people.  Walking the length of the market is difficult. So, this works.

So, today saw another $6 well-spent.

Your turn
Do you have hens that crow? Do you have a hen that crows that has never been exposed to a rooster? Do you notice differences in personalities? What hen you have is or was the quirkiest? Did you find good buys this weekend at the store or a farmer's market.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Thursday Cheap Movie and Produce

Thursday, I thought I was going to see Saving Dory. There were all these dragons flying around, so I was confused as to when the action was going under the ocean. Finally, I asked exbf what we were watching. Well, it turned out the movie was How to Train Your Dragon. He enjoyed the movie more than I did, but I don't regret seeing it.

The movie, popcorn, and coke for two came to $9.74, not bad for so much popcorn and refillable Cokes. He has never paid so little for us to see a movie. The movie was at 10 am, so even after popcorn and three Cokes, it was lunchtime and I was hungry, so hungry. I bought a loaf of bread and we had pbj sandwiches, cherries and grapes when we arrived home. We drank water.

Today was my weekly doctor appointment. Before I went, I stopped by the Farmer's Market. The guy where I was shopping had his $4 baskets of produce for $1. It was almost the end of the day. I bought $20 worth of produce for $5. A $1 cup of fresh lemonade topped it all off.

Since I had to rush now to get to my appointment, the 20 lbs of produce had to go into the doctor's office so the heat in the car would not ruin it. I carried canvas bags into the waiting room and transferred the produce from the plastic bags. It just ruins produce to carry it around in plastic.

For dinner we had new potatoes from Saturday, yellow squash, and zucchini, all fresh from the market today. Plus, there was a portion of chicken breast from last Friday. He had two peaches for dinner.

Now, I need to wash and dehydrate the zucchini and squash, plus the Vidalia onions I bought last week.  The humidity is very low, so this is ideal.

Make sure you check my last two posts about giveaways from two bloggers. Leave a comment here first.

Your turn
Do you buy produce from a local vendor? Has anyone checked with Carmike online and found and attended these specially priced movies? What is your favorite summer produce? Do you ever find good deals at the end of the day at the market when farmers do not want to take all the unsold produce home?