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Thursday, September 20, 2018

Wednesday Night Nightmare

Since the wreck, I have had bad dreams about wrecks, dreams I do not want to even think about once awake. Since I still startle at movement of anything on wheels, I try to put the dreams behind me during the day.

Last night must have been a doozy of a wreck, a wreck in my dreams that I cannot remember. I did remember when I awoke, but willed myself to forget.

All the muscles in my body were tensed so and still hurt. It feels like I was running, exercising, and cowering in fear. Well, that is how much my muscles are stiff and achy.  My hands really hurt, just like after the wreck when I was holding the steering wheel tightly and the wreck occurred.

Plus, I am working up to October and being ill. Every day my sinuses are a bit more stuffy. So, I am trying to fight this before it is full-blown illness.

All the other stuff hurts still. Today, I go to have MRIs. Nothing will happen to make it all better, but this is the beginning.

My body feels like it was slammed against a wall.

Have you ever had a wreck and had dreams every night where you have someone slam into your car? Or, maybe it was bad dreams after any trauma?

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Resident Groundhog/Woodchuck, etc

Okay, I had chocolate chip cookies and milk for breakfast. I know it is not good for me, but it worked for me.

Usually at 9 am, the grass in the backyard is still wet. Today, before 9 am, it was very dry back there. So, going out to the chickens was pleasant. Today, they had not yet eaten or laid an egg. So, hopefully being fed early will eliminate the egg eating.

Before noon, it was 90 F. With the low humidity, as evidenced by early departure of dew, I can do some yard things without getting wet. The boxes I brought the chickens home in are still sitting out there. Something is dragging garbage around the yard, so I need to get that. Actually, something is dragging bags of recycling.

Instead of taking each recyclable thing out to the bin, I usually keep it inside in a grocery bag and take things out once each day. But, flies and fruit flies come to that inside. So, now I tie up bags and put them in the recycling bin. I have no idea what drags the bags all over the back yard. But, I know who gets to pick it all up. Tonight is the night to get garbage ready since the garbage man will be here by 7 am on Thursday.

Lunch--vegetable soup from Tuesday Free Lunch. I love having prepared no-brainer meals. A bit of chicken for protein, and I was satisfied. Today, the soup was much thicker, and I had more vegetables in it.

Remember I relocated a dead possum? Well, it appears I now have a woodchuck or groundhog, whichever you prefer.  I could not bend enough and handle the sensitive trigger to set the trap, so someone else set it. I was going to use strawberry caps for raccoons, but now I am not sure. I can use lettuce for the groundhog. Two baits in the trap should catch one of the other.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

94 F Today! Vegetable Soup

Today was soooo hot. It is like midsummer here today. I was/am a sweaty mess. However, I want this weather to hold on.

Free lunch Tuesday saw vegetable soup, ham and cheese sandwich, crackers, cookies for dessert, and unsweetened tea. Happily, I did not have to stand over this, cooking soup in a hot kitchen. Luckily, there were no peas in the soup. Of course, we got a to-go box/bag with the same items.

For dinner, I put two bottom round steaks and lots of potatoes in a cooking bag and put it all in the oven. My hurt shoulders suffered. This is the first time I have tried to put anything in the oven since the wreck and damage to my shoulders, especially the left one.

Naturally, I made the meat dry. Ten minutes more and it would have burned. I forgot to put in onion, celery, and bell pepper for flavor. But, I did season it all with something...forgot what. At least, Tommy never complains. I tasted one bite and the meat was delicious. I didn't dare eat more of the beef. I had potatoes and my ham sandwich from lunch. I still have the soup and sandwich from lunch.

We are so exciting. I took a nap while he watched tv. Before the lunch, he took me to buy a newspaper at the paper office. And, I returned something I bought two of at Lowe's.

I bought something at Lowe's, could not find it and thought I imagined buying it. When I ended up with two, I was puzzled. Anyway, he drove me to Lowe's to make a return. Neither of us bought anything today, a good thing.

One of my chickens is laying an egg. They eat it before I can get there....grrr. got to stop it. I forgot where wooden eggs are found, but I will call around. I wonder if a pink plastic Easter Egg will work?

So, summer is still with me and I have no complaints. What is it like where you live? And, remind me where you live.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Recipe: Favorite Quiznos Sandwich

So I will not forget, I am posting what I like here. I have only eaten one sandwich there, always the same one and not with all ingredients listed on the board for Traditional sandwich. There are choices of cheese, for instance.

On both sides of the bun squirt Ranch Dressing in squiggles--not too much.
Put shaved meat on sandwich. I only eat the turkey, leaving off the ham and beef listed.
Put sliced black olives and sliced tomatoes and cheddar cheese on top. I leave off the red onions, too.

Of course, I don't have the little machine that slowly pulls the sandwich through while it heats the top, melting the cheese. The oven on my stove will work!

Add shredded lettuce and squish the sandwich together and wrap tightly. The wrapping tightly, even for two minutes makes the sandwich stay together and the heat seems to make it taste better all the way through.

Of course, I order this like I want it, so there are other possibilities on the menu board.  You know how the ads have sandwiches or menu item pictures that are better than the actual things? Well, the actual sandwich at Quiznos are better looking, fuller, and prettier than the pictures. Okay, the meat might not have intricate folds and the tomatoes are not so even, but the sandwich's appearance is not disappointing.

Some day, I might write this in my book of recipes I like. Oh, they do not load one side of the bun and then fold the top over the fillings. The meat, cheese and all fillings are loaded onto both side of the bun, then squished together. It makes a very fat sandwich that is delicious-looking and delicious.

I read that at its peak, Quiznos had 5000 shops and now there are only 800. I certainly want to eat this sandwich if they all fold. I doubt this shop will close since it is near Huntsville Hospital and the complex that is in that area. I think this sandwich shop has very healthy sandwiches which should appeal to health professionals.

For the $7+tax this 7" sandwich cost, I am quite sure I can purchase the ingredients for the same or less and have sandwiches for days. The sandwich was much longer than 7 inches.

Have you eaten at Quiznos? What is your favorite sandwich? Have you notice their closing in your area?

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Groceries--September 9-15, 2018

family pack boneless, skinless chicken breasts (7)
4 apples
4 bananas
2 half gallons a2milk
salad greens
half gal. orange juice

About $25.

Since I bought so many vegetables at the Farmer's Market, last weekend, I bought little this week. The apples are so large that I will eat half each day. I can eat a whole one, but then I feel stuffed. It's good to have chickens so I have some place to use the banana peels and apple cores and stale bread (no mold).

Friday Good Samaritan

As we were leaving Quiznos in Huntsville on Friday but still in the parking lot, I saw a woman sort of running beside our car, smiling and saying something. At first, I didn't know she wanted to talk to me, but I told Tommy to stop. She came the window and asked if we would take her husband to the gas station to get gas for their car. The gas station was only two blocks away, but I said we would.

Her husband came to the car so sweaty and thanks us profusely. It turned out that he had been to get gas three times already. He only had a gallon can and had taken the five-gallon one out of the car the day before.

We took him to the station and he got an orange Slurpy, filled the tiny can and we were off. His car was sitting on a slope and he thought there was not enough gas getting to the whatever.

We told them we would wait and see if the gas worked. It did not help at all. The car tried to turn over but would not. She asked if we would take them home. We agreed. They were on the road we needed to follow to get to the interstate and home.

Sure enough, when we got there, a five gallon gas can along with others, were sitting in their yard. They apologized for maybe ruining our sandwiches. We were sitting in the church parking lot that was next to their house, so we ate our sandwiches there under a tree.

We saw a temperature sign that read 98 F. This was in Huntsville, AL.

As soon as we left with them in the car, I apologized and said I had to eat. I ate half a sandwich. When Tommy started to eat, I stopped him, telling him I was eating his sandwich. He would not like mine because it had black olives and Ranch Dressing.

I gave him the other half of his sandwich since I had eaten the other half. I started on my sandwich. Remember, I have two halves, too, and have eaten half of his. I could not finish the first of my two halves. I remarked I was full and rewrapped about 3/4 of my sandwich.

Tommy NEVER realized how much of his sandwich I ate. And, I did not volunteer the information! Later that afternoon, after we paid for the car, got insurance, and paid for tag transfer and tax on car and he went home, I ate the rest of my sandwich. He still has not figured out I ate half of his sandwich. Shhhh!

I suppose it could be dangerous to give rides to strangers. But, I would have wrecked the vehicle to thwart any bad stuff. We were in congestion, so surrounded by cars and people. Besides, somehow I trusted the woman. And, I am very wary of strangers who want a ride. This is the first person in 30 years that I have given a ride.

Also, I told them how anyone who got food stamps could get wifi for $10/month with no other charges. They beyond thrilled. As we neared their house, the husband said we gave him a ride, took them home, and gave us great information to help them.  They thanked us over and over and apologized for disrupting our lunch. To us it was not a great thing to do.

So, I suppose we lived to be stupid another day.

Do you like Quizno sandwiches? Have you ever helped strangers by giving them a ride?

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Ortho Visit

On Friday, exbf took me to orthopedist in Huntsville since I was carless. Now that he has a walker, he can get in by himself. Before, I had to get a wheelchair for the both of us. When I call for a wheelchair, the questions  and comments are unending. Why can't he push me in? How can he drive if he needs a wheelchair? We only push patients inside. Do either of you need help getting out of car and into wheelchair?

I actually want to take a few steps as it sort of loosens me up after sitting. He cannot take one step at all, ever, without assistance from canes or walker.

Yesterday, he lit up when he saw the high chairs in the orthopedist's waiting room. There are normal chairs, some slightly higher, and some really high ones. Of course, he wanted the really high chairs. I stay in the wheel chair. All the chairs have nice high sturdy arms, wide seats, and sturdy cushioned bottoms. There are wide paths between all the chairs and areas. I mean really wide!

Lots of MRIs were ordered for office here, so I don't have to travel so far. Since I actually have a car now, thanks to exbf (aka Tommy), I can take myself anywhere. I still cannot drive to oncologist because the C word makes my brain turn to mush and I need the support. I don't want to even think during the trip down.

We ate lunch and finished the car purchase.

I was going to write more about car and chickens, but this post was getting too long.