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Sunday, August 20, 2017

So Tired and Excited

Friday, I went to the doctor because I was having chest pains on left side and back pains on the same side, right between shoulder blade and spine. I had to see a nurse practitioner, and things did not go well.

She had to make many xrays of lungs and do ekg. Then, she told me I had to go to ER and had me sign paper if I did not. THEN, they made a mistake and had me write down why I was not going. I wrote on the three lines they gave me, all down the margins and across the top.

She could only treat me for two things and refused to hear that it was muscle strain and about the fact I had earaches, sinus congestion and very sore throat. I left fit to be tied, not visibly angry,  just left saying I would be back when I could see a doctor.

Today the doctor agreed that he thought I did not have heart trouble. He gave me an antibiotic, a shot for something to do with the muscle, and a muscle relaxer prescription.

So, there!

Hopefully, I can get some relief before I have to drive all the way to Nashville! Exbf is driving back. I don't EVER drive this far, but he cannot do all the driving. I will be in better shape in the beginning of the trip. He will last for the whole trip without exhaustion and can drive.

Someone is staying here since I have told the whole world I am leaving

Now, I need to make two ham sandwiches, put together two salads with chicken, fresh tomatoes, and Romaine and grated cheese. slice two apples--green for him and red for me.  I hope I can do that with muscle relaxer in me. The peanut butter and knives are I have the good crackers I bought and the cheese sticks. Oh, I have two bananas for me. I have a case of water and a gallon jug. The jug is bought drinking water that has been here for two years, but could go in his radiator if it is needed.

Since I cannot find my cooler, I will take two lunch boxes.

Thought--I think I will make a pb and maple syrup sandwich for the return trip.

The plan is to feed Dominique very early and refill water so she will not suffer if for some reason we do not return by the middle of the afternoon.

Snag! He wants to NOT drive all the way to Nashville, but to get off on a lesser road and try to hit totality in the boonies. NO WAY! If it is gridlock on the interstate, so be it. I do not want to be on lesser roads and take a chance on being in a place where detours are unknown, shoulders are iffy, and help is less available if we need it.

The lesser road will add miles to totality, not an idea I like. I never like his shortcuts!

Okay, I am off to take a muscle relaxers I have never used and see if I can function!

Do shortcuts bother you, especially when time is short and shortcut is unknown?

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Grocery Shopping: Bad News, Shopping: Good News

As of September 11, 2017 no Walmart will price-match/ad-match. I always say "price-match," but the correct term is "ad-match." This makes me very SAD. Until then, I will take advantage of it as much as I can, maybe some stocking-up items will be purchased in more abundance.  We have Labor Day ads in the window of opportunity.

Thanks for the birthday present, Walmart! NOT

As for the good news, I found an app that a couple were using today at WM. It is called Shopkick.  I made $0.75 today and could barely figure out how to use it. I may get J to go with me. She is capable of using her phone and mine to get both phones racking up money. There are several cards you can get the points on. Or, as the couple I saw did, you can get money off your grocery bill. They received $2 off their shopping trip today just by scanning while at the store.

There is an option to just scan things o and an option to buy the item. Of course, you get more credit for buying than scanning. Since I had already purchased one of the items during the shopping trip, I was able to scan the upc on the receipt and get a large number of points. I was checking out and ready to leave when I discovered this app, so things were bagged when I figured this out.

The mental effort to figure out how to do this and recover the app as I went to find things to scan in the store will be a good brain exercise. With the effort I am having to put forth, my brain will never go

Your turn
Have you ever used this app--shopkick? What are the best apps you have found that you can recommend?

Friday, August 18, 2017

Healthy and Cheap and Fast Food Wednesday

In the grocery store deli section are little salads that I never buy. However, the price became more than reasonable and I purchased 2/$1. The next day was the sell-buy date. Both salads looked fresh still and when I ate them had crispy greens.

On Wednesday, I had both salads, one for lunch and one for dinner. Wow, was that an easy meal to prepare! These were not free lunches, just almost free.

One part I did not eat was the cut up boiled egg. Those eggs are probably the fake boiled eggs that are a tube of egg.  Besides, the white felt tough. Oh, I did not eat the soy nuts, either. I avoid soy.

Saturday, I will buy the rest of the salad fixings I need. At the Farmer's Market, I bought really delicious tomatoes from a farmer.

White grapes are $.78/lb. at the store,  so I will get those and take part of them in the car for the Eclipse Trip.

Have you ever bought these pre-made salads with the toppings separate and ready to assemble?  Even full price they are as cheap as a hamburger and much better for a person.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Our House When Elvis Died

There was drama, much drama.

I took my daughter, almost two-years-old, to the local pool to pick up my two older children, age 7- and 9-years-old. The drive is three-minutes at the most, about ten blocks away. I heard the news moments before I arrived. It was almost 5 pm.

My friend was arriving with her daughter, same age, to pick up her three children the age of my older two. As I got out of the car with my little girl in my arms, so did my friend. I called out to her about two cars away that Elvis had died. She did not believe it could be true. She questioned me as to whether it was true, not because she thought I would lie but because she did not want to believe it could be true. We both had tears in our eyes.

When I told my children, my daughter started crying and so did I.  My son had a tear or two, maybe more. But, my daughter and I were still sobbing when husband came home. It was a sad day at our house that night.

August 16, 1977 is one of those days I remember according to the horrific event, where I was and what I was doing. I am from Memphis and the children were familiar with his home, his music.

Your turn
Do you remember where you were when you heard Elvis had died? Do you have memories of other events and where you were when you heard?

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Little Green Soldiers

When I went to the Power Board, I immediately noticed a side table with lots of the little green soldiers like my son played with when he was a child. I am quite sure that everyone has seen these. We even had them when I was a child.

There was a sign accompanying the soldiers. It said to take a little soldier home and place it where you would see it and to pray for the military, as a whole and for each soldier, or something like that. I took one for me and one for exbf.

I do think it said something about keeping them in our thoughts not just our prayers.

That is a very lovely thought. When I reached in my pocket before I took off my pants, I was horrified to feel the two spiky soldiers because there is never a soldier in my pocket.

This was a very nice thought for the Power Board to espouse. I like it. Have you ever seen anything like this--little green soldiers with a sign?


Tuesday, August 15, 2017

A New Job

Not for me. J has a new job. This is her first job, EVER. She is almost thirty-years-old. Rejoice for her and keep your fingers crossed for her work in fast food.

A family friend hired her as a hostess when she was 17 and 18 to work as a hostess in his restaurant. She worked almost two years. She says this feels different, somehow. I pointed out a hostess seating people can get by with a smile, cute/sexy clothes, and friendliness. The difference now is this is not a friend employing her. This does not depend on clothes since she wears a uniform. Physical appearance of the young can wane with the years. She caught on that this is a real job in the sense that she will not depend on her being cute, clothes, and ability to dazzle people with her conversational skills delivered with a smile. She knows she is getting a real job in spite of having rotten meth teeth.

She is excited about coming closer to the ability to get a place of her own with no-good boyfriend. Yes, I assure her there are places who will give her the strength and support to get out.

While she worked today, and especially afterwards, I encouraged her to live without the "necessities" of life. Use a five gallon bucket or cat litter bucket for a mop bucket. Use cast off stuff instead of buying new stuff. Visit garbage day in all four quadrants of town. Ask me or her host if she needs something. Don't just go running off to WM to buy cheap junk if she is missing a cooking utensil.  Use two different plates instead of buying a set of cheap plates somewhere.

I gave her a lamp and she reminded me of this since I forgot I gave it to her. She says she needs to find a shade. I told her to get one cast off and spray paint it or put cloth on it, gathered and sewn. I volunteered to let her use my spray paint here, not at her house. Less will be used and it will come back not smelling like cigarettes!

We talked a long time. She can get by with a mattress on the floor. use anything for a bedside table. Never throw out a plastic fork. Wash it!  I told her about Donna Freeman who used items off the street or sitting by the dumpster instead of buying anything.

Her very generous host is going to pay her to work for him in his own business when she moves. So, she will have 1 and 1/2 jobs. Her bf says he is tired after work and cannot get a second job. Right now, her host has her work to help pay for her keep. I can let her work for me. But, she works three hours here for $5. I wish I had more. However, she offered to just help me because I need it. The cash is my idea. She is working and letting me pay her at the end of the month so she will have a little saved--my suggestion. Otherwise, she spends it--fritters it away.

Yesterday, I bought her a $5 pair of shorts from WM, cute and very short. She is on cloud nine. She has not had new clothes, nothing except used clothing. Something new that you picked out yourself is always a thrill. She got no money from me yesterday, just the shorts!

Before she left today, she told me she learns from me, that she would never think of all the ways I have of making do or saving money. I had opened a container of Orville Redenbacher Hot Air Popcorn, very expensive. However, each serving is cheap. I wanted to show her how I could use a glass mixing bowl and paper plate with slit in top to pop popcorn without buying the plastic popper in WM. I have an older plastic popper that she could not find in the cabinet.

I have schooled her in using glass jars for leftovers instead of buying cheap and possibly dangerous plastics.

Their host is pushing for them to get jobs, save and move out! She is ready. Her bf likes it where he is and whines excuses. Now that she does not have arrest hanging over her head, she is not afraid of going out in public. She pays $800 in restitution and is free to sign her name and having a  background check. I cannot imagine being "Wanted."

We went to a free lunch today and had a baked chicken breast, just salted and no other seasonings, baked potato with butter and shredded cheese provided, buttered slice of bread, green beans and two cookies, and a glass of unsweetened tea for me.  I brought a plate home for my dinner tonight.

The food was plain and delicious!

She stuck her plate in the microwave at host's house for her bf who was on his way home for lunch. He won't eat the green beans, vegetables, you know!

Good day all around!

That's what it said right on the box!!

Several weeks ago, I was stunned to my core when I read what was on the box of Ball canning jars.

New and Improved
Helps Keep Canned Food Sealed
NOW Up To 18 Months

Are you kidding me? Yes, I was stunned. So, the food I canned over three years ago has a lid designed for a lesser than 18 month life expectancy?

It appears this is a downgrade not a "new and improved" status.

Today, I bought a box of Ball wide-mouth pint jars with lids and used a $3 coupon. The "sharing jars" had a $3 coupon, too. So, the boxes were less than $6 each. I cannot find the receipt. J was amazed at the coupons.

Have you seen the "New and Improved" label on Ball "sure tight lids"?  Does this feel like a downgrade to you? Is anyone using the $3 coupons for Ball or Kerr jars?they come out in the inserts each year about this time.