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Saturday, February 24, 2024

Leprechaun Balls

Since I did not feel like posting anything today, I thought this was cute.  

Today was a nothing day in an effort to regain some strength and ooomph. I probably slept enough. Then, I slept about three hours in my chair as did Tommy but not so long he said. We did not go car shopping. 

Dinner was ready in the refrigerator, but we added other things. I made tuna salad sandwich without eggs and had potatoes, carrots, and broccoli. He had some pork he said he found in the freezer, carrots, potatoes, and broccoli. 

I did manage to put color on my hair, so feel better about my looks. Tomorrow, I will cut Tommy's hair.  I keep putting it off but will get it done eventually. Okay, I will get it done tomorrow. 

The recipe for leprechaun balls emphasizes it is for adults. I am quite sure you can sub other ingredients to make it child friendly. 

My one St. Patrick Day decoration is a large Shamrock to go on front door. 

Will you make something green to eat? I doubt I will. Do green beans count? 

Do you decorate for St. Patrick's Day? 

Wear green or a pin? 

Friday, February 23, 2024

Alice Sent This Picture


It is made specifically for cleaning the windshield on the inside. I think I will give it a whirl so as not to hurt my shoulder and hand. Have you ever used one of these?

I received two checks in the mail, both for less than $10 one from a bankruptcy case$6.60. I would give you the details, but I forgot what one was for but it was $8.60. There is still a $5. check to cash. 

Today was a beautiful day, but I was still hurting, not wanting to go anywhere. I hated totally missing the pretty weather. 

This afternoon, I felt a feeling on my foot and quickly got lotion to put on it. As I looked at my foot, I thought I saw a flea. Immediately, I put the lotion on it to immobilize it. As I got it up with the ointment/lotion, it tried to get away. Thankfully, it was mired down and could not escape. I had a bowl with leftover milk where I had emptied all of the milk possible. Immediately, I put water in the bowl and ended up with murky liquid. I put my index finger and thumb that had captured the flea and got the flea into the water. A little later, I found another flea on my foot and likewise disposed of that one.  The thing with the second flea was that I was trying to kill it with my thumbnail and it jumped. I figured it jumped on me. I bent over floor and shook my hair. The flea fell back on my foot. I got more lotion to help capture that one. About thirty minutes later, a flea was on my wrist. So, I drowned another flea. 

I had Tommy spray the floor in front of my chair and under it. I had a basket of clean clothing nearby, so could not spray much until I get up shoes and laundry. I really hate fleas.

Two hours later I went to the kitchen to see if I really had three fleas since the murky liquid made it hard to see anything. Yes, as I poured it out slowly, I could see three fleas. Miraculously, they were still moving. Now, they are down the drain. Hopefully, they die. I am shocked they were still kicking around after all the lotion and water. I hate fleas. Fleas love me. 

While I was taking photo from email to send it to my blog, somehow, I put it into Paint and was able to do all sorts of things to the picture, mainly write on it. Cool!

Afterwards, I put a pink towel on the floor in front of my chair, sort of like a rug so I would not step on the wet flea killer. Just now, I bent over and could see a flea crawling on the pink towel. I sprayed it with flea killer which blew it elsewhere every spray. I also put OFF on my legs. 

Nightgowns and underwear are hung in doors of bedrooms. Towels and washcloths are ready to fold. That is my sole contribution today. Well, I did cook two hamburgers and took eyes from red potatoes. And, I did declutter a smidgen. Now, I know which receipts to save and which are not in recycling. 

Dinner--hamburgers, carrots, potatoes, broccoli (which we forgot in microwave).

We decided not to go to Cullman tomorrow since I am still bone-tired. 

We are both looking pretty skaggy--his hair is too long and mine desperately needs color. So, maybe we will do that tomorrow.  We cancelled an outing today. We do have another planned for Saturday. 

Resident Alien is back!!! Do you watch this?

I hope everyone's weekend is predicted to be as pretty as our weekend will be.

Do you have a car windshield inside tool like the one in picture? If so, how is it? 


Thursday, February 22, 2024

This and That, Nothing Much, Connie's Question

 Today, We Rested! mostly

I hurt all over. Walking on rocks at the dealer yesterday made Tommy's feet hurt. By the time I woke at 10 am, I had had 11 hours sleep counting the 4-hour nap before bedtime. However, my body still was quivering from pain. 

The plan was to go back to look for a car on Friday or Saturday. Now, the plan is Saturday. We think Friday would be too soon for us to punish our bodies again. 

We went to pick up the ads this afternoon. A cursory glance in the car yielded nothing to interest us. We both go over it again to make sure we did not miss anything. I become ill if I read in the car, so I may have hurried past something. This past week, we bought nothing from the ads.

I found a place to buy Ball bee jars, so I will get those. Plus, I need to get a purse repaired. Both these will be Saturday chores. 

Connie asked what I was going to do with the material I bought. The answer was in the post that disappeared.  Maybe I will make a Barbie dress, Cabbage Patch clothes, anything Christmasy. The other fabrics were equally suited to all these items. In the past I made dozens of capes and sold to a costume shop. This was back when Harry Potter was first hot.  Now, all the characters have some kind of cape but not the colors I have. Connie, maybe I am collecting fabric. I don't know. It was a sale! lol

I just awoke from a 2.5-hour nap, just in time for news. I had chicken with another salad from the lunch. Now, I will have apples and blueberries. 

I will answer another question tomorrow.

See? Nothing much.

What have you accomplished today? 

Did you cook something delicious?

Do you buy material with no idea exactly what you will sew?

Car Shopping

 Wednesday, we went to Cullman and had lunch. Then, we shopped for a new vehicle. We tried 2 just sitting in them and driving around the huge parking lot. We took another one for a drive down the highway. The seat hurt my back and the seat was not very deep. I felt like I was perched on a narrow bench. The salesman saw our car seat and commented that it was deep. Otherwise, we would have driven it home. I wish I could get a more comfortable seat exchanged for this uncomfortable one. 

Today was exhausting. We ate our pick up lunch at the lake. It was serene. Then we headed off to the car dealership, PO, and Publix, and home. `

Lunch was 16 oz. bowl of soup. A salad in 12 oz cup, dressing crackers, and an oatmeal sandwich cookie with overly sweet cream filling. Tommy ate both soups while I ate both salads. I bought a chicken tender at Publix. 

For dinner Tommy had another bowl of soup. I went to bed. When I got up around 10 pm, I had cottage cheese and applesauce. I was too tired to chew. 

My gastro doctor's nurse called me. I had called and left a message about the endocrinologist who was supposed to have called. She assured me they had contacted the endocrinologist. True to everything I have experienced, his nurse was wonderful. 

I am still trying to figure out why I did not know I had gallstones and why I am not being treated for them. 

I am exhausted! The ride is hard enough on me. Throw in getting in and out of the car, negotiating, and all that car buying/shopping entails and I may recover next week! 

Does car shopping/buying exhaust you in the best of conditions? 

Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Fun Times Ahead

I awoke Tuesday morning with a massive knot in my neck, felt awful, and decided not to do something I love doing. Instead, we went grocery shopping. We did not need regular groceries, but we needed stuff for my low residue diet for colonoscopy. It was a fun trip. /s

/s is sign for sarcasm, a tone indicator.

I was confused. Is low residue low fiber. The pharmacist looked confused, too. She was a snippy, cold, humorless person. I now have apricot Jello, Wonder Bread. I forgot to get Gas X, asparagus tips. I had questions that no one knew answer. Can I have Special K since I can have Corn Flakes? Why can I have cream cheese and not milk at my last meal the morning before? There are more questions. 

There are problems. I hate citrus Jello, Kool Aid, and drinks. I am also allergic to citrus. I love the red and purple of the former products. But, cannot have them for this. It is just too 

I can only have clear liquids. Coke is a clear liquid! I was shocked. Now, I know it means no seeds or residue. I cannot find broth is low sodium. 

The prep kit cost $4. They have never cost me anything before. But, it's okay. 

This prep involves pills and an extraordinary amount of water. 

The doctor said casually, "since you have gallstones..." What?!?! Last gastro doctor never told me this. I love the present gastro. 

Good news is bananas, chicken, and milk products are on the menu for this procedure. I cannot have apple skins or pecans, but I can do without those for a few days. I do eat both every day. 

I can only have white rice, so I just won't have rice since I only eat brown rice. I can have saltines, but not oats, so I will put saltines in the salmon croquettes I want to make. Eggs are low residue--goody goody gumdrops. Carrots and potatoes are low residue. 

I had a CT for knot in abdomen and kidneys. Good news is that there was not one a$$ in the building. I was grateful. Everyone was very nice and helpful and funny.

I have a week to get the food all figured out. I have never had such specific directions. I just worry about low blood sugar the day before and day of the procedure. 

Fun times ahead!

Do you handle colonoscopies well? Maybe you have never had one?

Monday, February 19, 2024

Thursday, February 15, 2024

Feb. 14th

 Today, I went into Publix to get strawberries and blueberries that were not in stock on Monday. Still, none were there. I asked the produce guy who told me they were on the front of the produce aisles. What? It turns out there were blueberries and strawberries there two days ago, just in a different location. They are usually at the back of the produce aisle. Oh, well. 

Tommy went into Publix on the 13th and came out, saying there must be 500 balloons in the store, all full of air. I thought he was exaggerating, but when I went in on Valentine's Day, I decided he was mistaken because there could easily have been 1000 balloons. There were ballons on top of each counter of the store. The sight was amazing. 

After I went through the two sets of double doors, there was only a three- or four-foot space to get into the rest of the store. The crowd was worse than a Christmas crowd and it was only 2 pm. 

I bought a tiny pale pink azalea to put outside once I harden it off. Plus, I got one of the heart-shaped ballons that is now in the living room anchored (heavy disk) on the floor and soaring to the ceiling. I have never had one of this type of balloon. 

Balloons are apt to float away. I have seen ballons anchored with all sorts of heavy items. This balloon accessory has all bases covered. It is heavy. It is magnetic. It has a hook. It is a white disk. 

This past weekend, I decided to get a magic bullet smoothie maker. It has a small base and three cups. Someone gave me one like it and after cleaners had been here, I cannot find the base. It was only about four inches across and four inches high. I suppose it is here, but where? I have low-fat Greek yogurt, so I need to make smoothies.

Tommy asked me several months ago if I wanted Chinese. Well, yes but not inside, just carryout. I don't know if the place I ate 25 years ago is still here or even the name. I know Anne said which Chinese place was best, but I forgot. So, we never went. 

Today, he was talking about getting lunch at home before we went out. I have wanted a chili cheese footlong from Sonic. He keeps saying he does not know if we have hotdogs in the freezer. So, I wanted to go to Sonic. We carried out own diet drinks. This was not a Valentine meal, just something I have wanted for a month. So, we went. They brought my chili cheese coney without napkins or a fork. I refuse to eat the footlong hotdog with my hands since I would really need to wear a bib. Tommy called back and finally they brought me a fork and a wad of napkins. It was almost cold by then. But, it was delicious. 

Then, we went to Publix. 

We came home to put away fruit and for me to go to bathroom. We had another stop to make at a big box. While out, I found a fabric sale and stayed buying fabric--red velvet, red with sparkly design, white sheer with sparkles, pink fabric with sparkles, grey? tulle. I bought something else but forgot what. It must be in the car still. I did get Tommy a tiny heart box of candy, the king that has four pieces. It is still in the car, too. He only brought the fabric into the house, something I did not know. 

Surprisingly, it was still quite light out, but by the time we got home around 6 pm, it was the last of the light. When we got out of the car, I realized the strawberries and blueberries had been in the car for 4 hours! 

I have not had a blender since I moved here. I could get one, but there is no storage space on the counter or inside doors. I never used the old one for anything but smoothies, anyway, and I love the one someone gave me. So, I just bought a smoothie maker like I was gifted. 

Since Tommy chopped and cooked the ground beef with onions last night, I cooked spaghetti tonight. It was delicious. Plus, there is enough for at least two more meals for each of us. I should not have to cook for about five or six days with the cooked chicken and vegetables here. 

I brought home two large cuts of pork a few days ago, not sure what cut at the moment, and Tommy left both in the refrigerator. I wanted them in the freezer. When I discovered they were mostly thawed, I was not happy, but nothing to do except cook both now. Plus, I need to cook the last of three cabbages. I suppose I will be slicing and freezing ten pounds of pork. We need to have people And, I want navy beans to eat. 

In the big box store, the shelves had mostly been stripped of Valentine's Day merchandise. Employees were busy putting out swim season stuff like floats and blowup kiddie pools. Then, it is on to St. Patrick's Day. Then Easter. 

I am up too late since I need to wash my hair before a doctor's appointment. Last night, I slept nine hours, so I suppose tonight I won't sleep at all tonight. 

Today was the first day since the middle of September that I have left the house without a scarf with a jacket or sweater. I was warm until we arrived home. The sun leaving the sky was chilling. 

What food do you start wanting that you just don't manage, somehow, to have to eat, either at home or out?