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Sunday, October 23, 2016

I Won Again!

When I went to the mailbox about 10:30 pm on Saturday night, it was the first time I had left the house that day except to feed Dominique. It was so dark I could not even see my white car. I was three feet from it before I could make it out. Then, I could not find the door, window, or keyhole. I felt until I could find the post between front and back door, followed it down to door handle and still had to feel the keyhole since I could not see it.

After finding what I wanted to take in the house and placing it on the driver's seat, I walked down the driveway and stumbled when I came to the street. DARK! I walked in the street to the mailbox about ten feet from the mailbox. If I had tried to walk in the gutter, no doubt I would have stumbled on the rough asphalt broken off in places or sticks or tree limbs. When I walk in the yard to the mailbox, I step in a present from a dog.

The mailbox was visible, barely. What I noticed was the door was hanging open. Sometimes, the mailman does not get it to catch. Sometimes, I don't. So, I put my hand up and moved it to the open cavity of the box above the door. Ouch! Why did I jam my fingers on the empty space? Knowing I did not hit the door or the mailbox, I was puzzled. Gingerly, I felt about. There was something long sticking out of the mailbox, the thing I jammed my fingers on. I thought I knew what the cylinder was.

As I took things from the car that I wished to be in the house, I looked at address on the long, round package. YES!

After I came into the house, I opened the long cylinder to find the umbrella from the TV station where I emailed my name and address in order to receive an umbrella in a drawing. YAY me! It has the spring to open it with one hand. 

This makes two gifts from this station as I won a weather radio from the station this spring. I like winning useful things.

About 35 years ago, I won two tickets for the theater from a radio station every month for about a year. It was a trivia question to the first caller who answered a trivia question correctly, and a person could only win once each month, or maybe it was once a week. I have forgotten but there were only two of us who consistently won. Neither of us ever answered a question wrong! That is why they had to put a limit on the

Soooo, I have a new umbrella. If it did not have a logo, it would be a Christmas gift.

Your turn
Do you enter drawings and win things? Are you like me and can always use another umbrella?

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Let's Interrupt the Candy Post for Financial News

I added a new finance post to the list of Good Reads on the left sidebar. Check out My Dollar Plan for an Amazon FREE $60 deal. Now, you can go back to the Halloween candy post.

This Could Turn Me Off Halloween Candy!

In my head I was saying, "Nooo, tell me it isn't so!"

What does this list do for you? I probably won't buy anything but candy corn, but I want a snack-sized piece or four of Mounds and a handful of Tootsie Rolls. Reeses' Peanut Butter Cups cannot be that bad! Tell me it isn't so!

Make sure your chocolate goodness is not "Dutch processed," "Dutched," or "processed with alkali." I think all this candy is processed with alkali. That won't stop However, I don't plan to eat much of anything.

Check out the bad news about Halloween treats right HERE.

Your turn
Which of the treats for Halloween trick or treat is your favorite to eat? If you buy treats, what do you hand out?

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Cooking Advice

When I served exbf his meal of carrots, potatoes, onions and pork loin, I was turned away when I heard him moan with pleasure. I thought it was the pork loin and the bbq sauce he had chosen. No, it was the carrots he was moaning about.

He said they were delicious, so much better than carrots from a can. Poor guy. I had given him an extra large portion and was glad I had cooked so many. He was so happy when I sent home a bag of carrots, potatoes, and pork loin. Yes, I put it all in a storage bag as it was not going to run all over each food.

I got the hen (plus clove of garlic and an onion) out that I cooked and strained the bits out and put the broth back in the crock pot to fill with potatoes and carrots. There were only three of the free potatoes and they were starting to turn green under the skin. So, sadly my tired body had to peel them. I washed and trimmed three pounds of carrots and added to the pot.

When I told him just now (Thursday night) that I was cooking three pounds of carrots and three potatoes, he eagerly asked me, "Did you put in an onion? Well, make sure you put an onion in!" It wasn't that he had NEVER mentioned what I am going to cook. It was how eager he sounded, excited about an onion.

Usually, I just slice and sometimes dice the onion so we get the flavor and the onion floats around and sort of disappears. When he was here Monday, I peeled the onion and quartered it, and carefully placed the quarters in the places with no carrots, pushing them down. That way, I could actually dip out onion. He obviously loved the huge hunk of onion, too.

These are Vidalia onions that have been sitting here in a bag since July.  Of course, I bought them on sale. The garlic is in a tall and skinny jar in vinegar. I bought it from the sale rack at Publix. Carrots were $0.49 for 2 lbs. They are so much more delicious than baby carrots!

When I get the carrots and potatoes out of the crockpot, I will put a head of cabbage, zucchini, and yellow squash in to cook....and another onion.

The hen cost me $2 on sale and had huge breasts and little tiny thighs and skinny legs! What is with that? Some sort of starlet?

So, this is as close as he has ever come to giving me cooking advice.  I am glad I keep the crockpot going for about four days straight, just adding stuff to the chicken broth. When I told him how long the crockpot had been going on Monday, he remarked that was what people did long ago, just keep adding food each day to a pot over a fire.

I thought I had more potatoes, so I will look for those for tomorrow's pot, too. Plus, I may make bean soup in the pot with broth when the cabbage comes out.

Your turn
Does your SO or anyone suddenly like what you cook so much that he or she starts eagerly requesting you cook things a certain way? Have you ever left the crockpot on for four days, adding things each day?

Fall Finally?

The last two days have been record setting days here in N AL. The temperature on Tuesday was 89 and the temperature on Wednesday was 87. Today will be mid-80s and 68 on Friday. I think I got that all right.

When I heard that, my question was--where are my sweatshirts? I will wash a load of those old purple sweatshirts. Someone told me they are periwinkle blue. Not in my book. Purple! The time I found sweatshirts for $1, they were all the same color. Since they were to keep me warm when in the house or out and about at mailbox or with the hens, at that price I didn't much care the color.

No one has ever seen one on me when I am out!

I know where my socks and shoes are, so the transition from sandals will be easy but traumatic. I hate socks and shoes. My ubiquitous gray pants will be put away the change to my ubiquitous black pants. Nightgowns will be worn less and pants and sweatshirts worn more in the evening and to bed. It's not quite time for the fuzzy pajama pants.

As I was sorting through things to toss, wear, or cut up, I found a new purple sweatshirt, never worn. Remember, I bought eight of the sweatshirts? The plan was to use two to cut up and make something for my granddaughter. But, when the first one pilled so horribly after the first washing, I gave up on that idea. Still, for $1, they are a bargain considering that they have gotten stained and been used for hair coloring.

There is a hen in the crockpot that has been cooking all night with an onion and garlic. When I take it out, I will throw potatoes, carrots, cabbage, onion, and garlic in for my vegetable for a few days. Oh, I did not get the zucchini and squash in the other day when I was so ill. Maybe those should go in right at the end of the cooking period.

A few years ago at the church that had the weekly dinner, the children made soup mixes--beans mixed by them along with a packet of seasoning.  While I don't like bean soup at all, exbf does. So, before I wash the crockpot, one of those will be cooked for him. He can take it home in a quart jar.

Well, those are my plans for the beginning of Fall and cooler weather. And, I think I will bake a pie one cool evening.

Your turn
Did you ever come upon such a bargain that you had to buy multiples, extreme multiples to everyone else? Has cool weather arrived at your place yet? What did you do or are you going to do to prepare? What is the first thing you cook at the first sign of cooler weather?

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Can't You Just Control That?

This teen is so ignorant! Where was he during biology/anatomy class. You must read this while sitting down. Actually, after my surgery, a guy made a remark that we discussed. He is in his 60s and was just as totally confused.

Since "97" is part of his name, I can guess that he in now 19-years-old, old enough to know better.

My son knew when he was seven. Daughter, middle one, knew when she was eight-years-old. Younger daughter knew when she was four...well, that babies came out a separate place, the one in the middle. She was curious and precocious.

Your turn
If you are a guy, how long have you been aware of this basic anatomy fact? Even gay guys know this, right? If you are a woman, do you know anyone over twelve-years-old who still doesn't have this basic fact down? Mothers and fathers, did you teach this to your boys? Did anyone teach them?

Life Is Good When Produce Is Free!

No means test. No sign-in. Close by. No waiting in line.

5 apples
1 tomato
1 spaghetti squash
1 acorn squash
5 large potatoes (well, not new potatoes)
mess of greens

6 almost dead bananas from the fruit market when I stopped by and not part of the giveaway

I had one of the bananas, salvaging about nine-tenths of it. Dominique will enjoy the one-tenth.  I will eat another tomorrow and probably freeze the rest for smoothies because they won't last until the day after tomorrow. Everything else will last for a bit with no deterioration.

Enough fruit and vegetables for a week for one person?