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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

No heat Tuesday

Today was the free lunch. They served Shepherd's Pie with pickles and onions on the side. However, the stew had biscuits on the top and mashed potatoes on the side. I just had a biscuit and mashed potatoes and a piece of cake. Can you say carbs? I did not want to eat peas or beef, so that was it for me. What I had for dinner was not their fault!

We went to Publix and got four half-gallons of e2milk because they were on special. One gallon cost $7 instead of $9/gal.

I went around town cutting from public property pieces of foliage with glossy leaves, red berries, and huge thorns. It is for a table centerpiece for lunch next week.

My universal remote quit again, so I had to take it back to WM so the guy could make it work again. Last night, I could only turn the volume up or down and mute the sound. I am getting so tired of this. Thankfully, it was on a channel I like. Plus, this TLC TV is failing again.

Tonight, it felt like someone punched me in the side of my throat as I immediately became ill. By morning, I will be ready for something to stop all this. Now, I know why I have felt so tired all day.

Monday night, I roasted three turkey breasts in one oven bag and transferred each to a gallon bag. Today, I was going to put Tommy's into quart freezer bags. I felt so tired that I gave him the quart bags and told him to tear off chunks and divide his 7+ lbs. turkey breast into the gallon and four quart bags. I made the green bean casserole and sent the whole thing home in the aluminum pan it was cooked in. I promised him dressing and gravy and sweet potatoes next week. Ha! We had dinner at the church on thanksgiving, so this is a little extra.

He took home milk, bread, and raisins.

 I have not had heat since Thursday! I do not have $140 to spend on a  service call from an electrician. I may freeze to death tonight,,,,brrr, Now, I have to get my hands under the covers.

So, there was nothing exciting or important today.

Monday, November 26, 2018

More Money in My Purse, Neither Luck Nor Skill Nor Chance

Another $50 in my pocket is due to a decision. I had bought various things and decided I did not need the items. So, by returning items, I recovered $50.

I love the luck involved in winning $100. I love winning with my skill like when I won $100 and a trophy for winning the Senior Spelling Bee. I love winning when I only get bragging rights.

However, this Friday when I thought about what I had spent money on, things I did not need and really did not want, I faced another win. I got a refund and instantly "won" that $50 and put it back into my purse.

I could have justified spending--I deserve it. It's Christmas. I will cut back somewhere else. I just won groceries, so I will not need to buy lots of groceries. But, it is so pretty.

It is so easy to justify spending. I am quite sure many of the people in major credit card debt justified their spending.

My smart decision in returning things and recovering money counts as a $50 win/gain for me.

Do you ever justify spending and get into trouble? Do you ever come to your senses and return the item, recovering the money? Do you ever count this as a win in your financial life?

Sunday, November 25, 2018

The Incident

On Tuesday night I went to the store and bought three things. As I was coming to the front of the store and turning in front of the endcap, I heard things falling. Thinking I was the cause of this, I steered further out to stop hitting whatever. However, things escalated and bottles fell right on top of my head and shoulders. I could hear glass breaking. I gunned the electric cart to escape.

Remember, this is an electric grocery cart, the slowest in town. It goes maybe 1 mph. So, gunning it was not a great thing. It just goes less slowly.

People were yelling in alarm and moving about and I could not escape whatever was happening to me. I actually thought the others were in distress, too. Finally, a guy loudly told me to STOP because I was hooked to the rack!  What rack? Since I could feel glass shards in my thin coat and on my skin, I got off that cart faster than I ever have. I was so upset.

So, picture this. At this store all the electric carts have arms that can be raised or lowered into place to allow entrance and egress, access to the cart. When I get into the cart, I have had employees lower the arms. When I object, I am told they will keep me from falling out. Okay, imagine my reaction.

Tuesday night, I got into one of those carts with the handle/arm down. However, it appears someone did not raise the arm because the arm was pushed outward about ten inches to the side. This allowed the arm to hook into the metal rack that had at least four dozen bottles on it. The combination of a rack in the floor right at the corner and an arm in the wrong position caused the catastrophe. I DID have the cart far from the rack as I rounded the corner.

At least a half dozen employees and the manager rushed in to clean it all up and leave an empty rack. In the meantime, I was shaking from the fright of bottles crashing down on me. I removed one shard from my arm above my wrist and shook my coat. At home I found more sand-size glass in my arm and coat.


As I left, I signed my receipts from that night and stuffed them into a box for a drawing for the $100 certificate. (I made one purchase and went back for another item before I left the store.) This was about 9 pm. At 8:30 the next morning, Wednesday,  I received a call from the store. I was confused, thinking I was in trouble. No, I won the $100 gift certificate.

Thinking about it later, I am surprised they did not just draw another name since they know who I am.

It took several hours before I calmed down after the terror of trying to escape falling bottles and causing more to hit the top of my head!!!

(By the way, I tell this better than I write it. People are  in stitches when I tell this.)

Friday, November 23, 2018

What I Bought With a $100 Grocery Gift Certificate

"s"--things on sale.

s bag onions 3 lb, $1.50
s celery $.99 head
s Kraft shredded cheese, 8 oz $2.00
s real butter, 2lbs $6.00
Ragu Spaghetti Sauce w/Mushrooms $1.89
Kraft Parmesan in Shaker $4.29
Minute Maid 32 oz. OJ $2.89
2 Philly Cream cheese, 8 oz ., 2 x $2 each = $4.00
s Zeigler bologna, 12 oz. $1.50
s 2 Kraft Medium Cheddar Chunk 2 x $2= $4.00
bananas, $59/lb., $1.14
Lysol Reg Liquid cleaner 2 x $4.49= $8.98
Fruit Cocktail 2 x $1.69= $3.38
Pet Ritz deep pie crusts 2 in each pkg, 2 pkg @$2=$4
5 Dromedary diced pimientos, 5@ $.89=$4.45
Apple Pie filling $2.89
6 Lime Jello, 3 Cherry, 3 Strawberry, 12 x $0.99 = $11.88
Hershey's Kisses Christmas hats $3.99
Full Circle Maple Syrup, organic  $6.99
cayenne pepper, $1.49
Matchbox car, $1.00
Guarnier Color Me Happy Shampoo, $2.99
Dove Soap original, 2-pack, $3.59
Dr Pepper diet, $4.99
Dasani 24pk $5.99

"s" indicates sale price.

I bought $102.25 worth and owed $2.25. She offered to take something off, but I elected to pay $2.25 since it was ten minutes past their 1 pm closing time on Thanksgiving Day.

I bought no meat because I had no room in my tiny freezer. It is full of meat and blueberries. The refrigerator has 3 turkey breasts thawing. Tommy's freezer is full, too. If I had my regular freezer, I would just buy all the amount in turkey breasts. Seriously, I would have.

Some explanations:

The reason I bought so much Jello is that if I bought six packages, I would get a free Christmas mold. I know--so silly. There were two different molds, so I had to buy 12 pkgs of Jello. I do not eat this much in a year, but I want to make Christmas Jigglers. Jigglers are Jello so stiff you make it shapes that can be picked up and eaten in hand.

I offered Tommy Dr. Pepper. He does lots for me, but will never buy boxes of soda for himself.

The Cayenne pepper is to sprinkle on things to keep animals away. My garbage is turned over right now!

I have never used pie filling to make an apple cake, but Tommy likes apple pie, and I am not peeling and slicing apples!

For a month or more, I have been wanting bologna since I love it so, but since it is not good for me, I have left it alone...until now. I may eat a couple of pieces and freeze the rest.

At Christmas there is always a little boy somewhere to buy a gift. The car and some candy should do the trick. It is easy to find things for little girls cheap or on clearance.

There is little fresh produce because I have kale and lettuce in the crisper now. Any new would spoil before I can use it.

I should have gotten more Ragu with mushrooms!

Dromedary is the only brand of pimientos that are from US and packed here. And, this is the only store in town that sells it. Now, I want Chicken a la King. Or turkey.

I "needed" the Hershey's Kisses!

Lysol cleaner, the brown liquid is my favorite floor cleaner. I was glad to get this free. I don't know another store in town that carries it. People tease me about the smell when I clean the bathroom floor. PineSol or a lemon scent makes me ill.

AHH! I need Miracle Whip! Right now! Else how can I eat a turkey sandwich?

This was a lot of needs met and wants fulfilled for $2.25.

Thursday, November 22, 2018


Thursday was a beautiful day, blue skies, no precipitation, and few pretty white clouds, 63F degrees. Tommy came around 9:30 am as usual. I had a plan.

Back in July I purchased an item for $20 and lost the receipt. I could not return it since I have returned too many things over $10 without a receipt. So, I wanted Tommy to do it. Each driver's license can only have so many returns over $10 without a receipt. Usually, I find the receipt as soon as I get home.

So, he did, taking two other small items with receipts. I recovered $28. I can use that elsewhere!

We went to the church and I put on my makeup as we waited for the lunch time. I had time to put on nail polish.

I went through the line and someone carried Tommy's plate out for me. We had the usual--turkey, dressing, gravy, green beans and sweet potatoes. I collected tea and pie. I left most of my pie since I was not feeling it. I don't think I have ever been served such a huge helping of turkey! I put all the dark meat on his plate and he allowed me to take some of his white meat.

I planned one more thing to do--spend my $100 grocery certificate that I won. The store closed at 1 pm., so I tried to hurry. One clerk offered to help. She took things off the shelf and actually helped me find things I wanted. Tommy trailed in another cart writing down prices and figuring how much I had spent. I ended up with $102.25. I paid the extra.

We were there until about 1:10 pm. And finally had the cars loaded by 1:20. I felt bad about keeping the employees. Tommy gave me tip money to give the guy who loaded the groceries. The store was locked, so I will do it this weekend.

Tomorrow, I will list what I bought.

Before I left in the morning, I discovered the outlet for my 220 heater was smelling like it was burning. It did not burn the house down, but I will not use it until it is repaired. I lost the back off the wireless mouse. So, I had to tape it to avoid losing the battery. The tv remote quit working! I can mute it, but I cannot change channels or turn it off! I cannot find my glasses. lol I hope that is the end of these fails, all on Thanksgiving!.

After I put the groceries away, I went back to WM to get refund for the broken remote, bought a new one and had someone read and write down how to program the remote. The readers I have still cannot help me to read the fine print.

Lowe's was closed, so I could not get another outlet so someone could replace it. I am perfectly capable of changing a 220 outlet. Just the fact I cannot get so low is the only reason I will not do it myself. Yes, I will turn off the breaker for the heater.

The person who could help me with the remote had not come into work at WM, so I had to wait over an hour.  Then, she had to do other things. While I was waiting, Black Friday was ramping up. It started at 6 pm. I found my way to the deli where they were serving free coffee, hot chocolate, and cookies. I had offered to bring some back for two employees. Since it was 5:15 pm, I thought I would wait and watch the towel fight. It never happened.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Wednesday, And the Money Keeps Coming. . .

Fitz and Floyd Yuletide Holiday Collection Salad Plate, White

. . .out of hiding. I was cleaning receipts from my purse and came across two receipts that each had a $20 folded inside the receipt and cancelled check. This inattention to my money is the result of the 10 days or so that I was feeling so ill.

Later, I found a $5 bill in the car and a quarter in the washing machine and three dimes in my bed.

I was actually looking for three receipts to return things. Mission accomplished there.

Do you find misplaced money? Isn't that a beautiful salad plate? I love Fitz and Lloyd.  However, I don't have any. I saw these at Belk's. The picture does not do the plates justice.

 I was awakened at the ungodly hour of 8:30 am this Wednesday morning by an employee of a store where I just put my receipt in a box to be drawn for $100 Gift Certificate. I WON! $100

Every day this week I have had money wins or finds. Today or Friday, I will get a haircut, a book at a used bookstore, and go buy 40 lbs of sweet potatoes and see if I can find a pair of shoes since I don't have any. I splurge so. lol! Okay, I wrote this in the middle of the night and awoke to the $100 win.
 this morning. I got the haircut. I did not feel like going to get sweet potatoes from the farm. I really don't have enough money for shoes.

Then, the mail came. I get a "rebate" about every three months, usually $6 or about $12. Today, it was $42.45.  It seems I cannot lose. Then I had a fender bender type brush with a vehicle. I will tell you about that later.

So, today, Wednesday, I found my $45.55.  I won $100 worth of groceries. I have a $42.45 rebate.

So, how long can this streak last?

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Money Save, Lunch, Opossums

As I was tidying up on Tuesday, I picked up a plastic bag with plastic bags inside it. For some reason I pulled out all the bags. Inside one of the bags I felt something. It was a check and receipt from a purchase. AND, two $5 bills. $10!

This was more of a save than gain. But, it could have been a loss. I am counting it.

My garbage and recycling have been the target of animals. I find recycling under the house! Saturday night, garbage was strewn all over the yard, front and back. Thankfully, the mower guy picked it up without complaining. He says it is 'possums and not raccoons. He says that his yard is overrun with 'possums and is sure that is what is getting into my trash.

Last Sunday, I set the trap for raccoons with strawberry. Monday morning, both the pieces of strawberry were still there. It is surprising that a ground squirrel, tree squirrel, or something did not fall for the bait once it was daylight. Tuesday, the strawberries are still in the trap. Okay, Tuesday afternoon both pieces of strawberry were gone, but the trap was not tripped.

Animal Control might give me hints for what I should put in the trap. And, the Internet could help me. If you have had 'opossums and successfully gotten rid of them, how did you do it? I don't need a link. Okay, he said tuna or sardines. I will catch cats with that!

Today was supposed to be lunch day, but they cancelled it. The moved it back to last Tuesday!

What has worked for you when you caught a 'possum?