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Sunday, September 25, 2016

About the Eyeglass Frames

First of all, I am not looking for just any eyeglasses or an eyeglass company. I am looking for a specific, old frame. So, sending me to a car dealership won't help me find a classic car.  I do appreciate the suggestions so far, but I need glass frames that will fit the lens I have and are the only ones I like. These lens are paid for, so I don't want to start all over and lose money spent on these lens.

Second, I won't order frames online unless I can try them on. I have tried on frames all over town and find none like mine.

Third, my computer updated for at least two hours. Now, yahoo is strange. I can find the reply button, but for the life of me, I cannot figure out how to send.  There should be a button, yes?

My eye is killing me and I am trying to hold on until Monday. Maybe that is why I cannot figure out where the SEND button is located.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

More Plants to Regrow from Kitchen Scraps

I have regrown a few plants from kitchen scraps and could link you to those posts. My eye hurts to much to even think about it. The celery turned out great. When the tornado tore up the town and left me without electricity for five days, I had other things to think about! So, it died.

This video shows more plants to regrow from kitchen scraps.

Your turn
What have you regrown from scraps? Did you find something new here to regrow from your kitchen scraps?

Friday, September 23, 2016

Help! I Need Your Mad Computer Skills!

Since I have had my last cataract removed, I am ready for new lenses. This summer, I did finally get the right lens made with a new prescription since I lost the old lens and looked crazy with only one lens. The lost right lens was from before cataract surgery, so I could see better without a lens. Finally, I got the new right prescription. Now, I can get the left lens.

The problem is that I love these glasses/frames that I got in 1998. The doctors said the glasses/lens collections no longer have these I love. My new lens was made to fit the current frames.

They look really crazy with their wonky ear  pieces and twisted front part. I walked all over in them in the gravel driveway while I was searching for them in the car. I did not realize they fell out.

In the meantime, I searched the internet and could not find the frames in the hundreds of thousands of listings.

This is like plea for a lost puppy. I need help in finding another pair of frames. Can anyone help?

Here are the specs for the glasses. Now, this is what the office where they were, ordered back in 1998 told me.

PoloClassic 179
color 1AE (or any)
Eye Size 48 (width of lens)
Bridge 21 (width of part that goes over nose)
Temple 145 (this can be a bit shorter but not much)

Yes, they are Ralph Lauren. I am flexible on the color. The color was tortoise or brown. Now, it is gold because the paint came off. The shape of the lens is what I need to be correct. Of course, the Eye Size and Bridge must be the same.

What is the temple measurement? If it the part that goes from glasses and over the ear, this could be a bit shorter but not much. My new lens will only fit this frame. That is why I need this frame only. Otherwise, I have to buy new lenses and frames. NO, the free frames don't fit.


Your turn
Let me know with a link to the frames. Using my email will be easier since I can just click on the link.

Can The Taste of Real Sugar Boost Brain Power?

Can the taste of real sugar boost brain power?

When I taught GED, I highly encouraged students to suck on a Life Saver Pep-O-Mint. Those who listened told me they stayed awake better, did not get sluggish, and still had energy.

One girl told me it did not help at all, just made her sleepy. I asked her what she took with her. She took her favorite flavor--Butterscotch. One took an artificially sweetened mint. Along with the sugar, peppermint in this particular  Life Saver Pep-O- Mint helps the brain.  I use these when I drive at night to help me stay awake.

Click Here to see the results of the research.  And, don't binge on sugar to be smarter! At the university, I would suck on a lollipop of some kind during tests.

Your turn
Can you tell the difference in brain power or performance when you taste sugar? I can!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Unorthodox Breakfast?

When I awoke, I attacked two chicken strips, my latest frugal find, sort of like beef jerky. More about those on another post. Then, I had a potato cooked in the crock pot in broth and still hot with about 1/3 cup of Fat-free Greek yogurt. It was all here; I ate it.

It is lunch time and I will have chicken, zucchini, milk and an apple.

I have already determined that for dinner I will have eggs Dominique has started laying regularly! It won't really be breakfast for dinner, just scrambled eggs and a glass of milk.

Somewhere today, a salad will be on the menu with tomatoes. Maybe for a snack, a big snack, after dinner.

Walmart is resetting shelves and marking down lots of food. They put it back near the milk on huge shelves. So, I will run by there to see what is cheap. Have you?

Today is one of the market days, so I will see what is kicking down there. Hopefully, pumpkins will be in. If I can find a discarded pumpkin, Dominique will be happy. After Halloween I will be picking up road kill pumpkins, ones on the curb for her.

Yesterday, I saw my pecan supplier and ordered three quarts of halves. Yum! They were $9.50/qt. last time I bought any, so I might have sticker shock. No, I cannot afford these pecans, but this is a trade between us. Nice!

update: orange juice and banana snack about 3 pm.

Your turn
Do you ever have a strange breakfast? Do you order things ahead of time from farmers at the farmer's market?

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Cataract Surgery

My appointment was 1:30: I was called back around 4:00. You can imagine how hungry I was.

When I come out of surgery, eating is the first and only thing on my mind. They gave me a cup of mostly ice and Mt. Dew. I ripped open the peanut butter crackers.

Suddenly, from behind me I felt hands on my crackers. I held on tight as the person said, "You can't have those. Give them to me." I held on as a hand came from the other side and I said, "No, I want them. No, I want them." I pressed the crackers to my chest between my breasts and hunched over as people tried to pry them from my hands. Finally, they quit and I ate my crackers. Mind you, I did not remember eating any crackers as I left the place! However, when I awoke this morning, I still remembered none of that. As a matter of fact, I didn't remember it when I got home.

That was Tuesday. Today, exbf who was sitting in front of the wheelchair I was in said three people, not one, were trying to pry the crackers from me. He said I was screaming out what I said. Now, I thought I was barely talking, He said my screaming drew the doctor's attention who rushed in and watched and talked to the nurses. Then, he just waved off and walked away.

The problem? I had told them how allergic I was to whole wheat and how I could eat a bit of wheat that was not whole wheat. Sooo, someone decided I was going to die.

As exbf told me this, I started to barely remember the incident. Since everyone was behind me, I was not aware of more than one person. This morning I did all my smiling and belly laughing first thing, a whole day's worth of mirth. Then, I called the place where I had surgery, doctor's office and another place and told them I did not even remember the whole thing until someone told me and I only remembered part of it.

I probably would have fought to the death for whole wheat! And, I just cannot remember screaming. It's a wonder I did not bite someone!

I have a history of devouring all I can immediately after anesthesia and never throwing up. One part of the hunger is the lack of food. The other part is relief.

Mama, after watching me eat after anesthesia, said. "You are just like your Daddy, you never throw up."  That part changed, but that's another story.

Oh, went to my one day checkup and can drive. That's a good thing since I drove there. The doctor said there was minimal swelling and that the scar looked surprising good, considering it had only been only 24 hours. Actually, it had been 20 hours.

I am not to bend or lift anything very heavy for the next week and avoided moving my head to side quickly and sleep with the plastic patch.

Your turn
Have you been told you behaved differently after anesthesia or even under anesthesia? Do you have to be careful about throwing up after anesthesia? Do you throw up after anesthesia? What is your best surgery story.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Cannnot See

Secomd cataract out. Cannotsee to type or read! Cannot find scissors to cut off four hospital jewelry. This makes me value my sight more than ever! Everyone should have to experience loss of good sight. Yes, I can find my way through the house.

Mmore on Wednesday.