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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Tuesday Things

Today, we went out to do something that was not happening. Then, we decided to go home and go later to a market. I just wanted to stay home. So, we did.

I rested a bit, maybe less than an hour. At Publix last week, I bought strawberries that looked like they might be red all the way through. I then bought the box next to it. Well, the first strawberries were red and sweet, not so the second container. Most are sliced and sprinkled with sugar. I left some out for Tommy because he hates strawberries with maybe a Tbsp of sugar on two containers. He will eat them as strawberry shortcake even though he says he does not like sugar and complains mightily. So funny. 

Now, between the two of us, we are making spaghetti. He will eat the ground round he chopped and cooked if I wait. We need to eat the salad mix as it will go off by tomorrow. 

I called the nurse for doctor where I was to get the colonoscopy, and she was not aware I did not show up. (I did call surgery where it was to be performed,) I told her I wanted to know if going under anesthesia and this procedure was safe with right side of my heart not beating. She was rude and seemed to not be aware. She said rudely, "The right side of your heart does not beat?" I said, no it does not. She said sarcastically, "If the right side of your heart was not beating, you could not be talking to me now!"

When I asked to speak to a nurse, she said meanly, "I am a nurse!" Well, I was confused. The conversation went downhill from there. She can schedule me the end of July.  

Maybe I am getting better. The hold on my nasal passages seems to be lessening. I am still a bit dizzy. But, it comes and goes, so I hold onto things to walk. The tiredness has not lessened one bit. I am still managing to sleep, so that is a good thing. 

The washing machine mechanic came before I woke this morning. He took off the springs/shocks and replaced. Tommy said it took 20 minutes. Cost: $206. I am very grateful this is done. 

Now, to get the tree person and electrician here. This should not be so difficult as it is. I don't want to bug them or let them forget us. Just now, neither answered.

I just called my two friends who are older and ill. The older, 93-yo, did not answer. The other said she felt awful, had gone to bed and call her another time. That was a 16 second call. 

While directing Tommy to make spaghetti, I did stupid things. We finally got that corrected and had spaghetti and salad for dinner. 

We now have a glucose meter! Neither Tommy nor I can get a response from his endocrinologist or nurse. I think Tommy has cut back from four Diet Pepsi to two. Keeping my fingers crossed. 

The house next door is on the city council agenda tonight for trash, weeds and other items. Mowing did not help the looks or satisfy the city. Vines are growing up the brick, the kind that cling to the brick. The rails up to the front porch have vines and weeds almost three feet high. The pool liner is in the front yard. The broken-down pool is in the side yard. The piano they put on the front porch when they moved in is surely ruined by now. The trash can has not been put at the road for weeks, and trash is hanging out. A person can barely walk in the carport for all the trash.  It looks derelict. The city will get bids to clean it all up and a lien will be put on the property. 

A house two doors down has carpet padding on the front lawn, and back yard has not been mowed in months, so that one was on the agenda to be discussed tonight, too. I went to city council website and looked at the agenda. That is how I found all this info. I can watch a video of city council meeting and see what was said.

Tommy is eating his favorite potato chip--cheap ones. Plus, they are his favorite type--thin ones like the original ones. I cannot see the point in eating these, but, invariably I ask for a few. They disappear in my mouth. I prefer Lays or Ruffles. Do you like these lightweight chips that disappear in your mouth or something a little more hefty and with some mouthfeel? 

Have you ever watched a city council meeting on video? Have you ever been asked to attend to defend your neighborhood or a certain position? I was asked to attend to stop an apartment complex in our neighborhood. I ended up speaking. 

Congestion, Tommy, Precaution

 Monday morning, well noon, I was not so wobbly. I tried to walk without holding on to walls, tables, door facings. But, all of a sudden, I was wobbly again and stumbling about. I really fear falling and having to call someone to pick me up. So, I will be wall-holding the rest of this day. 

After Tommy bought the $150 device, he spent hours, it seemed, reading the massive sheet of paper and a little booklet that came with it. At one point, he stopped and said he needed facial oil or some oil for skin to get the old monitor off his skin. He looked dejected because it was dark, late, and he did not have any oil. I told him to use olive oil. He was skeptical, and I told him I was positive it was okay. He followed my directions and poured a spoonful into a small bowl. 

I thought he wanted me to help, and I was dreading helping because of the way I feel. But, he went into the kitchen and changed the monitor himself. I felt so awful, I don't think I would have been much help. He managed to do it and it works. Great! 

Usually when the sinus congestion gets better, there is a great loosening that chokes me. This time, I am just having a dribbly nose. At this rate, it will be weeks before this lets up, lets loose. 

The potato salad was/is good. I used a whole Vidalia onion and forgot to save half of it for Tommy to eat or to go into another dish. Consequently, it seems once again, I have made onion salad. The natural consequence of eating so much is unpleasant about an hour later. 

Obviously, I won't make my colonoscopy. So, I need to call about that. 

It appears that the rain is over here. A tree fell on a home with two floors. A woman died when the tree hit her in bed upstairs. In my two-story house, the two children who had a bedroom on the second floor always slept downstairs, often in our bedroom on a pallet and the baby in her playpen. Even if their bedrooms were not hit by the ancient oak right outside their rooms, I wanted to be able to put my hands on my children if the house were damaged at all. This one precaution would have saved an elderly woman Sunday night. 

We only felt it was necessary to take refuge in the basement once. On other stormy nights, not expecting falling trees, the youngest slept in her baby bed, even if she were five or six. Her sister slept in the full-size bed the baby now occupied, and son slept on a pallet. My children did not mind sleeping on a pallet anywhere we went. They slept in the bed they were told to use for sleep. They gave up their beds to company when I told them to do so. They were always accommodating. 

Tommy is now cooking and chopping ground beef for spaghetti another day. Then, I will try to get chicken cooked so I can make Mediterranean Pasta with the chicken another day. I don't want to wait until both meats are ready to go off. 

We plan to then watch two episodes of The Antiques Road Show. We both love it. Thankfully, the flowers were watered by a torrent early this morning, so he does not have to go out and water. 

The chicken did not get cooked. Nor did the spaghetti. There is always tomorrow. 

I feel worse tonight than this morning.

If you have a two-story house, do you at least sleep downstairs if storms or tornadoes are about?

Sunday, May 26, 2024

National Memorial Day Concert

 We went out to Public for bogo I forgot and to get my med for sinus, and Tommy forgot to stop for med. 

He went back and I went to bed. Called cleaner to cancel. Went back to bed. 

Finally, we cooked one huge hamburger and cut it in half. Even then it was largest burger I have ever seen. We had slaw, potato salad, tomatoes, cheese, and lettuce on burger. 

Maybe I can sit up long enough for the production of the National Memorial Day Concert. No, I am not better.

Tomorrow--REMEMBER! and HONOR! amidst the festivities.

Saturday, May 25, 2024

Dizzier Saturday

 I am worse today. Dizzier. Malaise. Sleeping more. Having to monitor Tommy more. 

This morning, I did not go with him to pharmacy. He went along in the afternoon and forgot to get my antibiotic. 

Now, it is 5 pm and he is letting his blood sugar go lower and lower. So, I refuse to go with him or him go alone. 

This morning, my chest was tight, hurting when I breathe. I am coughing. Covid test is neg or something. I may have in my loopiness may have done it wrong. Second one, I did not read soon enough. 

I was going to grill burgers tonight, but will fall for sure. I cannot stand to put them on stove and cannot trust Tommy to cook them. So, I want a Whopper. 

It is hard for me to drink enough water now. I have to force myself to drink water. I know that will help with the sinus problem. Typing is a chore that I do not do very No telling what I may write. 

Tommy paid $150.00 for another monitor to stick on his arm. Total bill for him was over $700. Between pharmacy and Medicare, no one is claiming they dropped the ball with Medicare paying for part of this amount. 

So, need to go get my med that he did not get when he went to pick up his. And, a Whopper is in my future. 

Tonight, we are making potato salad. YAY!

Big Bust on Med and BK run:

Walgreens pharmacy was closed at 6 pm because it was Saturday. So, no meds.

At BK we ordered two Whopper, Jr and two fries for $5.99. We brought drinks. We drove to the park. Fries had no salt. We can do without salt. My Whopper Jr. had no cheese and had onions and catsup. I ordered Whopper with cheese, tomato, and lettuce. Tommy order no pickle or mayo. Neither got what we wanted, but we were eating each other's sandwich, a complete screwup. We left the pleasant park, took it all back. We came home and ate, finally. 

I saw they had Hershey Pies, so got one of those. They discontinued these once and now they are back at more than twice the price. Since I have barely had anything to eat all day, I will not beat myself up over the sandwiches, fries without salt, or pie. 

We saw a car Model A, Tommy said. We found it and flagged it down. Guy was nice and had restored it. He told us where he lived and invited us to drop by ad look at it better. I think we will. 

Eggs are on to boil, and Tommy is peeling potatoes. We will have sliced tomatoes with this for a meal, maybe tomorrow. Maybe with lima beans and some meat.

Dizzy Friday

 Today, I was not better, but not worse. I still hold onto things to walk. 

The washing machine mechanic came today. Tommy said he pulled off the knob that controls water depth, stuck a screwdriver in and did something. I wonder how much that will cost? He told Tommy the reason it makes such a noise is that the shocks are shot. There have been days I thought the noise was a thunderstorm because of the rumbling on the concrete floor. He said that eventually the shocks will break, and the machine will tear up. 

The machine works now, so Tommy washed my sheets that were changed the other day and a load of my towels, panties, and nightgowns. The mechanic said he might be back Tuesday with shocks. We will try not to wash too many loads. 

When I went into Publix, I was so dizzy I thought I was going to fall off since I still do not have my balance. Except for bananas, all I bought was bogo--Cheerios, hamburger buns, 

Tommy received three insulin pens, all different ones, but not the monitor to stick on his arm. Is this doctor crazy? I will call again and reiterate that he will have to have the EMTs, fire department, and possibly the police visit to get him straight. Maybe he will pass out. Maybe he will have a wreck! My nerves have just about settled, now getting worried again, wondering when I have to deal with this again. Why do we have to deal with this? Are we guinea pigs?

Today, was a beautiful, hot day. My flowers sook so pretty now that Tommy deadheads then. Last year, I had a blackberry bush that gave me four blackberries. One cane grew about four feet long. Finally, I stuck the end in the soil. I suppose it is okay to cut it since has leaves from one end to the other end in the ground. Maybe I will have more blackberries this year. I learned last year that the bush had too much sun, so some parts of berries turned brown. I need to put these where they get some shade instead of blazing sun all day. 

Are you in an area where bad weather is expected? 

Did you know washing machines had things like shocks? I certainly did not.

Are you planning a big Memorial Day Celebration? Family? Parade? 

Edit: I think I have covid.

Thursday, May 23, 2024

Customer Service in South Africa

 First, I am not better--worse. I will call a doctor tomorrow. I did not go to sleep early on Wednesday night, but I did sleep once in bed. I suppose I only slept for about five hours. 

The mower came. The appliance repair guy showed up about ten minutes before we needed to leave house, so left. Tree guy does not answer or return calls. An electrician guy did not show up or call. 

Tommy is eating and will get my dinner when he finishes. 

I had to call a customer service for one of the rings. The woman who answered had an accent I could not place. So, I asked her. She was in and is from someplace in South Africa. I told her that I could understand her perfectly even with a strong accent. She gasped and thanked me, laughing giddily. She said she was so pleased. Except for a guy in Mumbai who studied in England, she was best I had talked with. She said she studied in a school, Catholic college. She said she learned under white people and that was why I could understand her. He obviously spoke Standard English. Of course, anyone whose native tongue was English could teach her to speak this well. She said she was Black and speaks Xhosa. 

She kept thanking me for thinking and saying she spoke English so well. She said I made her day. She even knew our sayings. Plus, she solved my problem easily. 

I cannot walk well, trying to fall. But, a walker would not help because I could topple it. So, I hold onto walls and furniture. 

Now, I am watching Gunsmoke with a stellar performance by 'Colonel Potter.'

I called my two friends in Cullman tonight. The older one who fell and had stitches in her head is still irritated her children hired a cleaner to come three days a week. However, this woman drives them to the store and to lunch today. The other is still hurting from falls, too. 

The cleaner from here just called at 9:30 and will come Sunday afternoon. I think emptying and sorting the freezer will be in order. Maybe not.

Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Thrashing About All Night

 Since we were going to Cullman for lunch, the dentist, and to visit 93-yo friend, who fell and take her a late birthday flower, I really needed to sleep on Tuesday night, I was so disappointed. For some reason, I thrashed about all night. In the past I have turned over. Now, it takes much effort, hence the thrashing. Then, every thirty minutes, I had to go to the bathroom--more thrashing to turn over and get off bed. 

My legs were still swollen from two days ago. I was honestly miserable. Finally, I decided I was too cool. I tried to lie still. Then, I reached for my thick wool blanket. I sat up. How did I manage to throw it off the bed. Well, once on my feet with light on, I could see it never was put on the bed. The cleaner failed to put it back. I was watching her, and approved of the bed-making, so partially my fault. 

That meant I had to flop the wool blanket on the bed several times to get any semblance of order. Then, tucking it under was another chore. By this time, I was more fully awake.

Shortly after getting under the warm covers, I quit thrashing trying to get comfortable. I wanted to get up and leave a note for Tommy so he would not go to the trouble of getting ready and coming to call me. But, I heard him up and called to tell him 

I slept until noon and slept well even though it was not for long. I sit on the side of the bed since I fell and get my bearings before I stand. This time, as soon as I stood, I became so dizzy but managed to get to the commode. I was afraid to try to get up. I had Tommy come to the door, why I don't know. I held onto both walls to get down the hall, and to door facings to go into living room. I bent and held tables to my chair. 

My nose and cheeks felt like I had 100 pounds on them. my sinus infection was horrendous. I got a Hall's MenthoLyptus, later a cup of hot chocolate, then lots of water. 

At 5 pm I had cookies and milk. At 7:30 a whole banana. At 8:30, I became a serial eater--chicken and tomato on a bun with MW, I ate the little orphan tomato in my hands because I did not have a knife. Then, I had chicken and bbq sauce with slaw. Ate rest of slaw with diced tomatoes. Then, I ate greens that had cooled to below furnace temperature. 

About 6:45, I begged to go get the banana I ate because I had none. So, we missed a bit of Jeopardy to go get it before dark. I went down the ramp gingerly, walked to bathroom gingerly. 

Today, I have done nothing but sit and read on computer. Pressure in my face has been unbearable. The only other hot drink I have is chicken broth, too salty, I think. 

About two hours was spent trying to figure out why Tommy has no prescriptions filled at pharmacy. Well, one costs over $700, but down to $176. The other is $70, still high. The one thing that is upsetting is that the monitor that sticks on his skin is only good for 10 days with a day of grace. But, the doctor has scheduled a telehealth visit for three weeks out to see how it is working for him. I told the nurse that this was the longest he has gone without a call to emt. IT WORKS! But, without it, I don't know what will happen if he passes out again and hits his head again. Maybe they will pay attention. But, I cannot get the monitor without a prescription. 

Hopefully, I can manage to beat this congestion that is making me dizzy. 

Tommy went out to take my sheets to laundry room. The washer will not work! Great. So, it will be Thursday before he can get a repair guy. So, we will take them to laundromat tomorrow. The machine runs water for a few seconds and shuts off repeatedly. 

For all the problems today, it was a very good day except for Tommy's prescription needs. It was very warm, 90F. I love it. 

I still have not heard from tree trimmer, electrician, or mower. I just did not feel like making those calls. Now, I can add appliance repairman if we can get 

Tonight, I think I will sleep well with no thrashing about. Now that I had a warm blanket on the bed and legs will not hurt because they are no longer swollen, things will be okay. 

I hope all you will not have bad weather. 

If you are still having allergy problems, maybe you will get better. This is rough. 

How is life at your house?