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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Thanksgiving Fails

This is not about food failures or the stove burning out. This post is about the most basic elements of Thanksgiving--food, food not present.

If I have turkey, dressing, gravy, and cranberry sauce, the other food does not matter. I can have green beans or Brussel's sprouts; white potatoes or sweet potatoes; jellied or whole cranberry sauce. Just give me the basics I require and the rest of the menu is your choice.

One year about 35 years ago, a friend new to the town invited me to Thanksgiving dinner. Her husband was the head of the Walmart Distribution Center and they were fresh from Arkansas.

She said not to bring anything, just come. But, I brought a pumpkin pie. She said to come about 11 am, so I figured we would eat around noon or maybe as late as 2 pm. Well, the turkey was barely thawed and was not ready to go in the oven when I arrived.

When she finally got it in the oven, she proceeded to baste it. She would open the oven door and fiddle around trying to find potholders. She slowly basted and let the door hang open as she talked. I was so frustrated. She assured me she always basted, and no, leaving the door opened did not matter since she left it on.

I was sick with hunger. Husband was drunk. Finally, the two of us sat and ate around 4 pm.. He might have, too. Then, the worst thing happened--no cranberry sauce of any kind. It turns out they did not like cranberry sauce. They also did not like gravy. So, I gagged it all down, reminding myself to either ask about cranberry sauce and offer to bring some next time I was invited out.

As it turns out, some people do not serve turkey on Thanksgiving, and I can live with that. But, don't tease me.  Have you ever gone to Thanksgiving dinner and discovered one of the basics was missing?

It turned out as the years passed I discovered people who do not serve either cranberry sauce or gravy. What kind of world is that? What kind of bad person am I to have simple expectations? Will I have to resort to carrying a can of cranberry sauce in my purse?

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Armistice Day and Weather

Well, that is what I called it until it was changed. As a matter of fact, it was called Armistice Day even after that by some people.

My brother, Gary, was born exactly 14 months after I was, so November 11 was always a "remembrance" for all of us, a day to celebrate. Since he died on 12-12-2001, Nov. 11 will forever be tinged with sadness since I lost my brother so young--52.

My mother was also a veteran, a WAC, making it a double meaning for me that day.

Weather reporters said we would have no sun until Friday. Plus, the continual rain is depressing. The temps are 10F degrees below normal for this time of the year. I am not happy about this. It should be in mid 60s here, so at least give me sun.

I don't know if anyone remembers when I washed my two coats with Kleenex or napkins in the pockets. But, I had fine tissue all over the house. I finally got sick of that and stuffed both into a plastic bag and threw the bag into the laundry room. All summer, I told myself that tomorrow I would take them outside to shake them.

As often happens, "tomorrow" never comes. But, finally, I needed these due to the chill. These coats are long, halfway down my thigh and dressy looking. They are one layer and appear to be a nylon waterproof jacket. Not so. Water goes right through them and I am soaked. However, even a light sweater keeps me warm if there is no precipitation. The jackets are windproof!

Saturday, I took the plastic bag to the porch, took the jackets out and shook them over the side. Big Mistake! I now had white pieces all over the porch, steps, ground and me. So, I stepped down to last step and shook more. This is the kind of exercise that has no end. So, I brought both in to put in the washing machine but just laid them down to cut more tissue that had attached itself to the inner facing. What a nightmare.

An insult--one day a year of so ago, a woman I know said to me as we met, "Oh, I see that shiny coats are back in style." I was stunned as she looked me up and down. "I have no idea. This coat is about 20 years old, so I guess I AM just out of style." Then, I walked away. Can you believe her gall?

By the way, I still wear the coats!

Monday, November 12, 2018

Hilarious Animal Video.

This is so funny!  This video is really loud, so you may want to save this for home if you are in an office or someone in your home is sleeping. I love this so much. It helped my SAD.

I have been feeling so awful for a week. So, this is it.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

SAD and Free Things Last Week and Onions

Sunday was mid 50s and damp feeling and sunless. I was not comfortable at all. The lack of light greatly affects me, more so lately.

Last week, I saw a shelf full of free books. I chose a Dean Koontz book, not knowing anything about the author or book. I have heard of him, but I don't remember what. I read fourteen pages and have not picked it up since. It is in the car, so I may read it there when I have a few moments to waste. 

I planted twenty yellow onions Sunday. Thinking I could just pull out the weeds from the pot of bought soil, I did not wear gloves. I ended up with dirt under my fingernails as I had to put my hand in the dirt and pull out the roots. This pot has the free iris given to me. Now, it has onions, too. I hope onions and iris are compatible. I don't mind my hands being dirty, but I hate dirt packed under my nails.

The bag said these onions are to be planted during the fall for a head start on spring vegetables, but people tell me I should not plant now, to wait until spring. So, I have another 100 onions to plant somewhere.

At the lunch this week, I was talking to the woman who gave me the succulent, asking her about it. As we left she asked me if I liked to read. I assured her I did as she opened her purse to half a dozen books. When she asked if I like romance or mystery, I assured her that I like anything other than romance. I received Debbie Macomber's  "The Trouble with Angels."  I may not read this and give it back to her. 

Then, she asked me if had gotten cards as she shuffled though a bunch of cards in sandwich bags lying on a table. No, I had not, so I brought home four Christmas cards that someone had left for us to take home. 

So, now I have a bag of four cards, a ham and cheese sandwich from lunch, and two books. I ate the sandwich, will use the Christmas cards, and may dump the books!

My ear has been hurting all week. Doctor said nothing was wrong with it. ??? I suppose it could be a tooth, but I have been pecking the tooth--nothing. Plus, the other ear is starting to hurt.

Why are free books always boring or horrid books? Have you ever planted onions?--the little tiny onions?

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Anne's Christmas Card Swap.

Anne in the Kitchen is having a Christmas Card Swap over at Cooking and All that Jazz. I participated last year and enjoyed the interaction very much. I had the flu this time last year and could not have baked cookies for a cookie swap.

Friday, November 9, 2018

Two common/popular items I will not use for my Thanksgiving dishes

There is no Pumpkin Pie Spice in my kitchen. Cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and cloves are included in my pumpkin pies, all made from my mother's recipe. Yes, I measure out each from their own little spice bottle.

Many people use Poultry Seasoning for their turkey dinner. Rubbed Sage , salt, and pepper are rubbed onto my turkey or other poultry at aThanksgiving meal.  Mama did it this way, and it suits me, too. I have no need for all the ingredients in McCormick Poultry Seasoning.

I must check the dates on these spices to see if I need to replace them this year.  I would suggest You check your spices early in order not to be running store to store at the last moment to find what you need. In the past, I have been caught short.

Someone expressed surprise that I would use my mother's exact recipes instead of making them my own. Well, all the time I read recipes that belonged to someone's grandmother or mother.

Plus, my children loved pumpkin pie and turkey and dressing. Mama did say I used too much sage, so I cut back on it the next time.  She did not volunteer her opinion as I asked her the first time she ever ate my stuffing and gravy with sage. The sage was not as subtle as it should be!

Do you follow and cherish your family's recipes? Do you use Poultry Seasoning and Pumpkin Pie Spice or pumpkin spice or do you use the separate seasonings for pumpkin and poultry?

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Wednesday: Making Thanksgiving Dinner Plans

Wednesday, mostly I slept. I was exhausted from Tuesday lunch and voting. It really does not matter which 8 or 14 hours during the day that I sleep except when Tommy is coming here at 9:30.

Today, I did decide what I am having for Thanksgiving. It is all traditional with nothing new.

*Some sort of poultry. A boneless turkey breast is what I am aiming for. We will see. I refuse to spend $10+ for a 3 lb. breast. Even bone-in is expensive. I might put sage on chicken breast and call it good. As a matter of fact, I will season the chicken in the crockpot tonight with salt, pepper, and sage. yum

* Cranberries. Last week, I bought two 1-lb bags of cranberries for $0.79 each! I will cook at least one of those with only a bit of sugar. NO ORANGES! I have a can of jellied Ocean Spray, too. I will have both on my plate.

*Green bean casserole. I have the beans and mushroom soup. I need the onions for the topping. At the price in the store, I might have to get a bank loan.

*Sweet potatoes. The Beauregard are so sweet, I just take them out of the skins after baking in the oven. Tommy prefers then plain like that. I absolutely detest sweet potatoes with marshmallow. But, sweet potato casserole is delicious. We like plain.

*Mashed potatoes, maybe.

*Stuffing. Home made  cornbread dressing by me or from box.

*Gravy with boiled eggs in it.  I have eggs.

*Field peas. We love field peas, so maybe?

*Pumpkin pies.

I am tired already.

We do have a place where we are eating Thanksgiving Dinner. So, I might make my dinner before or afterwards. I need leftovers, lots of leftovers!

I have poultry, fresh cranberries, canned cranberries, canned pumpkin, stuffing, potatoes, and eggs.

I need to buy sweet potatoes, fried onions, field peas.

Maybe I have been too ambitious?

What is on your Thanksgiving menu? Or, are you going away?