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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

A Very Few Wednesday Items

 I did get 8 hours sleep by 4 Of course, I had/have energy to do other things rather than be a slug for the rest of the day. I did wake after 4 hours last night and stayed up and went back for a long nap. 

We collected all three ads and bought bananas and milk for me. I didn't know he bought Fritos until we got into the house. CVS had not more Oral B Sensi Soft toothbrushes. Tommy filled car with gas. We still did not get the refund. 

We do lead a thrilling life. Right?

The dogs next door look so lonesome! I cannot imagine leaving animals for so long. They still bark day and night. Someone sprayed Roundup on our side of the yard, not on theirs. The mower uses a weed eater on the fence line every week, so not sure why she would do that. Now, it is ugly brown and weeds will grow where grass was killed. I won't say anything to them.

 We are going to a rodeo next week. It is not the kind with horses and cows. If anyone guesses what kind of rodeo, I will find a prize to send you. You have until 5 pm next Friday, June 21. You have to follow my blog to guess and win. So, guess only on this post. I cannot guarantee the prize since I am still thinking what it will be. 

Enter HERE

Protect Heels When Walking in Summer Grass


This product would have helped me when I was younger and wearing high heels.

Once, a few years ago I was invited to a wedding held in a church with the reception in the yard of my friend, the mother of the groom. I wore a polka dot dress to the wedding with very high white heels. I planned ahead. I wore a shorter pair of heels with less than skinny heels. The heels on these were sort of scuffed, but I wore them. My friend and many of the young women were impressed with my shoe change as they hobbled around in heels in grass. I doubt if I will ever need these on my shoes as I am over wearing high heels.  They look handy. What do you think of them? 

Zara Tindall’s shoe trick to protect her favourite heels | Woman & Home (

Onto Tuesday

By Tuesday evening, I was just too tired to compose a sentence or three. Then, once again, I could not sleep. I cancelled Wednesday plans in Cullman. That's okay. Well, we were looking forward to going to the lake. 

I did call both friends in Cullman who are older and cannot get out to remind them of the pickup lunch. Neither cooks. My one friend will drive short distances but not even into Cullman. Her son can pick up the lunch. The other whose son took her car away, can let him pick up lunch. My other plans can wait.

So, let's see if I can manage Wednesday with a bit of sleep. At 5 am I came in and wrote a note to Tommy telling him the time and the fact I had not slept, saying I did not want to go. I finished, looked at him only to find he was staring at me. I gave a little yelp. It scared me so that it is a wonder I ever slept. 

We need to make two returns. We need to get ads from three stores. As far as I can remember, the rest of my things to do are on the phone. My laptop exploded with ads and virus threats. I tried to view the ads online but could not see the ads for popups. I just hope it does not take five days to get this resolved. McAfee may have lost me as a customer. We need milk and bananas. 

It has been three days since Tommy exploded or argued about anything. I am trying to teach him that an argument is not the end of everything, to eventually let it go, quit explaining to me how I am wrong. Just get over it like I do. It helps immensely that his blood sugar is controlled with the monitor. Even when I concede I am wrong, he usually keeps up the harangue. 

Willie Mays was in Birmingham for a celebration at Rickwood Field here in Birmingham. But, he died of heart failure. I definitely know the name, but all the specials on TV have helped me know so much more of his history. 

Gotta go. Since it is noon, I need to eat my breakfast. 

Are the heel protectors clever? 

Monday, June 17, 2024


 Today, even though I slept a lot, I did get a few things done that I needed to do. There were things I did not do, either. 

I did call my dentist to talk with tech who cleaned my teeth. I did not like the toothbrush she had given me. Well, she gave me two, so Tommy will get the one I opened and stuck in my mouth. This is a toothbrush I can recommend since the best brush ever was discontinued. If you need a toothbrush, I recommend Oral B Sensi Soft. It is not baby toothbrush soft, but not brutal on my gums. They were @/ at CVS. Tommy kept putting off going when they were 40% off last week. I do need to call back and get xray. 

We bought two ears of corn and 4 huge tomatoes last week, Tuesday, at the farmer's market and cut a tomato yesterday and the corn today. The corn had many worms and the tomatoes need to be eaten by tomorrow, market day once again. The corn was tossed. My chickens would have loved the worms on the corn and the corn.

Tommy only was asked to water the three hanging baskets. He watered the knockout rose and reported a rose about to bloom and more blossoms appearing. Good, all the ones fell off that were on the bush when I brought it home. He watered the Stella d' Oro, too. It is ready to bloom again. I hate for him to go out in the heat to water plants with half-gallon juice bottles. 

Today, I made a concerted effort to declutter the two tables beside me. They are cluttered easily and all the time, it seems. 

Tonight, I made cole slaw again. It is some of the best I have made. I quit putting so much vinegar in my slaw, so it tastes sweeter, not sugary, just not vinegar-y. Dinner--chicken tenders baked and coated with taste, two helping of slaw, tomato on the plate. Then, I made an open-faced tomato sandwich with one slice of bread, thick slice of tomato that covered the whole slice that had Miracle Whip on it. I ate it with a knife and fork.  Since I did not want to eat two slices of bread, I decided open-faced would work. It did. 

Tommy had chicken thigh, carrots, potatoes, and slaw. 

When I was about 15 or so, I ate 7 tomato sandwiches after dinner--bread, tomato, and Miracle Whip. My mother kept asking me if I was still hungry each time I made another. Yes, I was. I still did not weigh a hundred pounds yet. I only weighed 110 lbs. when I graduated. Maybe I just loved tomato sandwiches after the second one. But, I was 5' 7 1/2 inches. Maybe I will cook bacon tomorrow. 

When we cleared the freezer of food we did not need, I found a huge turkey breast. Cleaner said it looked so large she thought it was a turkey. When we have enough room in the refrigerator, we will thaw it and cook it. Then, I will slice some and leave some in chunks for meals. Of course, most of it will go into the freezer. But, I will be able to freeze my ice-cream freezer and make ice cream. I need to go weigh myself. 

The Giveaway. I am going to a rodeo this week, but it has no horses or cows. If you can guess what kind of rodeo, I will send you a prize. Look for the rest of the information here and put guess here--PRACTICAL PARSIMONY: I Finally Did It and a Giveaway (

I will try to sleep tonight instead of all day tomorrow. I don't actually sleep all night, just get up without enough sleep, stay up and then take a nap.  Tomorrow, I have a few plans as well as phone calls to make.

What is in your future tomorrow? Heat and more heat?

I Finally Did It and a Giveaway

 Today, I timed my nap so we could get dinner done before America's Funniest Videos. Usually, Tommy misses most of AFV. He says he does not care, but I hate he misses. So, I had him wake me from a little nap at 5 pm with carrots and potatoes peeled. I have to trim the carrots and cut eyes and bad places from the potatoes. He remembered to get an onion for me to cut. I reminded him of a piece of celery. 

I was in the dark trying to get the boneless, skinless chicken thighs and boneless, skinless tenders into the bag along with the vegetables. I thought I nicked the plastic bag on the bottom of the pan. I put water in the bag and we closed it and left it to bake. When Tommy took the pan out of the oven and opened the bag, he said, "You did." Consequently, The tiny tenders were dry and hard on ends. The huge pieces of potatoes had a harder outside than originally. The carrots were fine. I never did see the celery and onion. In all the years I have used the bags, I have never punctured the bag. 

Tommy is really serious about this monitor. He forgot to get it from the pharmacy yesterday, so was anxious to get it today and put it on. He walked straight to the kitchen and got it done immediately. He does not want it to run out. Of course, that was another $150.

We are going to a rodeo next week. It is not the kind with horses and cows. If anyone guesses what kind of rodeo, I will find a prize to send you. You have until 5 pm next Friday, June 21. You have to follow my blog to guess and win. So, guess only on this post. I cannot guarantee the prize since I am still thinking what it will be. 

Saturday, June 15, 2024

Credit Score

As soon as his 90 days of minutes is gone, Tommy is getting a phone that does more than twitter so that he can hear it. In the meantime, I will get him a pouch to hang the phone around his neck! 

 I have had this blank page opened, waiting to write. I opened it Friday afternoon. Now that it is 24 hours later, maybe I can write. I guess this is writer's block. 

Nothing happened on Friday except I tried to sleep and feel like a person who can actually accomplish things. When I woke from a nap at 8 pm. I wanted a salad, tuna with MW on a bed of salad mix. Well, there was no MW, so we went to Publix to buy. 

I put a pair of pants on under my nightgown which was so soft I did not want to take it off.  Hopefully, neighbors did not see me. I had two coupons for MW, so Tommy took those. After a bit, I remembered I had no bananas, so called him. A woman answered the phone, but I did not recognize that. She said, "I just picked up this phone from a shelf and I answered it." My head reeled with questions. I told her it belongs to Tommy, and I would send him back into the store. At that very moment, Tommy was coming out of the store. 

I honked the horn at him and waved my phone with the lit side toward him. He kept coming. I was hurting for him because he started coming faster, and I could tell he was exhausted. He came all the way to the car and turned around and hurried even faster. The customer service guy handed it out the door. 

Why was the phone on a shelf in the store is what you want to know, right? Quoting him, he was trying to keep it where he could hear me call. ???? Well, that didn't work. As soon as his 90 days of minutes is gone, Tommy is getting a phone that does more than twitter so that he can hear it. In the meantime, I will get him a pouch to hang the phone around his neck! 

Friday, we did remove stuff from the freezer and gave it away along with about another 40 cans of food. The guy came and collected it for the woman and five girls. That was a real chore, plus we stayed outside in the heat talking to him. 

He often has his flip phone hooked into the neck of his knit shirt. This is so it will be close to his ear. The Miracle Whip was on the very bottom shelf, so he did not want the phone to fall out of his shirt neck. He put it on the shelf  to keep it secure. sigh sigh sigh

Then we came home for me to ruin my dinner. I put way too much lemon in the can of tuna! It was awful, but I ate it anyway. He had chicken thigh with bbq sauce, potato, carrots and something else. 

Another thing, I received notification of my credit score--805. I am stunned it is so high. Of course, I do pay off 2CCs on time, 2 store cards, and a debit card, all on time. I never have anything on all of them at one time. And, I always pay them before I have any kind of charge. The debit card is used all the time and CCs only occasionally. 

It is almost 5 pm, and cleaner was going to be here a little after 4 pm. There is a lot to do around here, but I will give out after about two hours this time of day. Okay, cleaner came at a little after 5 pm. She said she thought she would give me a little longer to sleep. In a nice way, I told her I had been up since she called at 3:45. That I wanted to be up when she came and dressed. If she had told Tommy she would be here when she actually came, he would have let me sleep. 

She changed my bed. I sat while she got the rest of the food out of the freezer. I suppose I gave her 30 pounds of food, all meat. There was lots of bread Tommy will go through. He said some of the bread we took out of the freezer last time just crumbled and fell apart when he tried to use it, just to crumbs. Plus, I found two old bags of mashed bananas ready for banana bread. Tommy hates banana bread; I don't need it even though I love it. So, the clearing of the freezer is done. 

Dinner--I ate meatballs we uncovered, last of slaw, and green beans. He had meatballs and sauce on a hotdog bun and a huge salad. 

I have almost turned my nights back to sleeping instead of staying awake all night and sleeping all day. YAY me!

My side slowly quit hurting. Today, leaning over the chair hard to pick up things while she was doing the same, it started hurting again. So, I won't be doing that again. 

It was funny when Tommy was watching a heavy rain. He said, "Good, I won't have to water tonight." We got 1.4 inches in short order, quite a gully washer. 

How is your weekend? Rain? Rodeo? 

Thursday, June 13, 2024

Where Have All the Flowers Gone?

 No, that was not my question. 

Where are all the cicadas? I have not seen one nor heard one. I did experience the last two swarms, but this one has eluded me. 

Sleep also eluded me on Wednesday night. But, I slept most of the day Thursday. 

It is early still, but I am making a list of things to do today. I need some things from Lowe's. We also need to fetch the other two store ads.

I cannot remember the other question. Today, we went to get the other two store ads late, left here at 4:30. There was no cheese on either one. I do not need to buy cheese, but I want to see how long it takes either of the three to have cheese on sale again. 

Tommy washed two loads of clothes today, towels and things for me and kitchen stuff. He is amazing, but I wish the washer and dryer were in the house where I can use them.

If you remember, in order to not have stacks of wrap boxes (waxed paper, two kinds of foil, Glad Wrap, different sizes of freezer bags, storage bags, snack bags) I bought two trash cans, sort of small and clearish to put all these items into and store on the freezer. For a long time, I have meant to put the little stubby stick-on things that will elevate the storage above the freezer. I know nothing should be place on or too close to the sides of freezers and refrigerators. Tommy said incredulously, "Since when?!" Since every one made, I suppose. So, I got those from Lowe's for a chore tonight or tomorrow. I know these should hold the trash bins further from freezer top. 

Oh, I remembered the question. I was talking to a friend I have known since 1974. We are not visiting friends even though her children know mine and I have done lots of business with her. We were talking since I was trying to reach her daughter. We got onto the subject of allergies, food allergies specifically. We have some of the same allergies and people around us who do not understand. 

While she talked, she said, "And Dr#### told me...." I listened with my mouth open and disbelief seething in my head and stomach. This is the same doctor who will not give me a bit of advice, walks out of room while I am talking. And, I have not been back in three years. I have another friend who went to him, too, and never went back after the first visit.

Anyway, to the point--the question. Friend said doctor told her to only eat white cheese. It seems the yellow coloring is in cheese and an allergen. I knew this but have never been told anything bad about it. I suppose I may need to find a2cheese to avoid the protein in milk I know that affects me and allergies. 

And, there is this history of the color of cheese--

Yellow Cheese vs. White Cheese: What's the Difference? (

Tonight, dinner for me is chicken/bbq sauce, slaw and green beans with no sodium. I used a hot dog bun to put the meat, sauce, and slaw to make a sandwich. I ate the rest without a bun. Tommy had chicken, bbq sauce, slaw, mixed vegetables, and a jalapeno cheese roll. It looks like a monkey bread muffin. 

Have you seen or heard cicadas?

Have you been advised to not eat yellow cheese?

Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Sort of Busy Tuesday Grocery Shopping

Tommy casually mentioned that he watered the flowers while I took a nap. He said he decided to check his blood sugar first and he ate because he knew it would drop too low. He is using it correctly, not just waiting for the alarm to sound. I sort of talk to him about how to manage the monitor and diabetes in general. He would yell about me telling him to have a carb to raise his blood sugar and then when I told him to have protein and fiber, he would get upset again because he said I was contradicting what I said--eat carb to raise his blood sugar. I had explained before that carbs raised his blood sugar and protein would keep blood sugar from plunging. He gets the low blood sugar raised so he can remember to have the protein. whew!

We went to Cullman today. I finally managed to get another appointment to get my teeth cleaned. I called Monday morning, Monday afternoon, Tuesday morning, and finally on Tuesday afternoon found an appointment for the cleaning. The idea was to eat before the 1 pm appointment, and I was getting woozy. We sat in BK line, got Whopper Jr and had ten minutes to get to appointment. I was going to floss in waiting room and run a toothbrush around teeth. Maybe do it in bathroom. But, no sooner than I sat down, she called me back. I was embarrassed and apologized for gunky teeth.

She gave me two toothbrushes. I think I have had this toothbrush before and it is spiky like a needle and hurts my gums. I said so, and she assures me this one is soft, that everyone loves this model. No, it is spiky and hurts. So, Tommy has two new toothbrushes. I was complaining about my dull teeth, not really yellow but, not white. It is from inside of my teeth. She said that Sensodyne new formula would brighten. So, I have two tubes of that to try. My teeth are not sensitive, but I can try it.

I have had one tooth with plaque so bad I was annoyed by the roughness on my tongue. After she finished cleaning my teeth, I complained that I could still feel plaque and put my tongue on the place. Well, it appears I have a little sliver of tooth broken off an incisor. That is annoying. She said I did not have much plaque at all for it having been two years since last cleaning. 

If anyone thinks I should get a dentist here, I will not because I have gone to this dentist for over 30 years. I am terrified of going to the dentist. I know him. He has not made me hurt ever. The fear of a new dentist would throw me right back to being traumatized at the dentist office. This is a deep-seated, and 65-year-old fear. Even with familiarity with him, I am still really nervous. 

We left without going anywhere else that I really needed to go. We got my mail and headed home. I took a nap and we went to Publix. 

I used only bogo or some other deal and coupons from Publix. 

*2000 IU, D3 $8.59 3 bottles, used on $4 coupon on 3 bottles making it 3 x$4.59. 

Specia K $6.71, I thought this was bogo!

Tomato Basil Wheat Thins, Family Size, $5.39 Bogo 1 @$3.39

Ritz Crackers, Tommy requested, $5.99 bogo 1 x$3.00

2 Bird's Eye frozen broccoli, $3.49 bogo 2@$2.00 each

Pillsbury Fudge Brownie Mix $2.49 bogo 2@ $2.00

Peter Pan PB $4.11 bogo 2@ $2.05

Blueberry Muffin Mix $1.69 bogo 2@ $0.84

Italian Salad Mix $4.99 bogo 1@ $2.50

5 lbs potatoes $3.99

Cento Marin artichoke hearts $3.79

Saving Summary from receipt.                                                                                                                       Store Coupon $14.00                                                                                                                                     Special Price Savings $22.45

Savings at Publix $36.45

It seems like I bought more, but this was the whole receipt. I also had a $2 digital coupon that came off the receipt. I got it for buying $10 worth of groceries. Total receipt--$54.

The sweet mixes will last for months. I put fresh blueberries in these along with the little hard chips included in the mix. They are so much better with an overflow of fresh blueberries. 

I was looking for Wheat Thins Lightly Salted, but found the basil tomato version had less sodium, too. I will not just eat these for the fun of eating them. These will be reserved for time I just want a couple of crackers with cheese. 

I have enough Vitamin D3 to last me a year and still be in date. 

Even though the salad is bogo, I get one and before the ad goes off, I get another. That way, the salad is very fresh, as fresh as bagged salad can be. 

Dinner--two hotdogs and enormous helping of slaw. Tommy--two chicken legs, larger helping of slaw than I had. And, I had a lot.

 Tommy washed a load of clothes before we went to Publix, so I have to hang those. 

Tomorrow's post is just two questions on two different subjects. I am tired of typing today.

Anyone else terrified of going to dentist? What happened to cause you such fear? 

Do you use a toothpaste to whiten teeth?