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Saturday, December 24, 2016

Chocolate Sleeping and Christmas Plans

Last night, I slept over eight hours and I awoke feeling energetic. Well, I am always tottering and groggy for a while after I wake. It's been this way all my life. It's like I have no ankles.

For awhile I forgot I had a computer available, so I did not get on it as usual. I puttered around about five minutes and lay back down. Since I cannot get the weather inside adjusted, there is a wadded blanket on the back side of the bed ready to pull over me rather than trying to adjust the heat and make myself too warm. Last night, I noticed I was lying on a lump but went to sleep before I could remove the lump.

A few minutes ago, I noticed the lump was under me. And, it crinkled. A bag? Yes, I slept on a WM bag full of something. I tugged and found I had slept on my Christmas candy--a bag of Hershey Miniatures and a bag of kisses.

It's an hour later. I tried a warm Miniature. Not quite right. It had a strange shape! It appears I have incubated my chocolate candy into a different form.

It's not Christmas without these two candies. They were an integral part of childhood Christmases and since.

Since exbf will be here on Monday, I decided not to fix a big meal for me on Christmas Day. Instead, I am going to make broccoli and cheese soup with turkey in the soup. Friday, I found the greenest fresh broccoli crowns and bought them for the soup. In the freezer are broccoli "cuts" for our dinner on Monday. I may put the frozen in the soup and save the fresh for Monday. Probably.

I could go to Birmingham for Christmas Day, but won't.

Right now, I need to warm me and cool the chocolate!

One year when I was an adult, I asked my mother if she loved Miniatures and Kisses so much that she bought them for our stockings every year. She said that she bought them for us because we were three very little children (eventually five) and the candies were small so she could give us "more" candy and it was a variety and cheaper than buying variety in larger sizes. I could trade for all the dark chocolate!

Merry Christmas!

Your turn
Do you have a BOUGHT candy that is part of wonderful Christmas memories?


I last posted on Nov. 26 at about 1:30 am. It is now Dec. 24, about 1:30 am. It has been a long time! I have been ill with sinus and ear and lung problems. There was much scrambling and searching for my rescue inhaler around here.

This is not my laptop and is difficult to type on! The guy who is going to put in a new power port lent it to me. Yay! He is a very nice young man, twenty-one-years old.

For the last month milk has cost me $.99/gal. I bought enough to last me several weeks until Aldi put it on sale again. I have a gallon now, but will buy two more gallons by Tuesday before the ad ends.

Kraft cheeses were 3 for $5, so I bought 6 8-oz packages of chunk Cheddar Medium cheese for $1.67 each. I still have most of the bags of Five Cheese Italian, so I only bought chunks.

Land O Lakes Butter was 2 1-lb packages for $3. Six pounds of butter reside in my refrigerator. It seems dairy products were the big sale items.

Turkey, bone-in breasts are $1.38/lb. Since my freezer is full, I can only buy what I can thaw and cook. Oh, well! I am not quite ready to start canning meat since I am still weak.

There were other bargains, but those are the best or, at least, the most recent and most memorable.

 I need to sleep since my left eye hurt me all night long last night, so I got three hours sleep. The night before, I had a nightmare, totally horrendous, and only got three hours sleep that night. I napped about an hour each evening, but the sleep deficit still remains.

Miracle on 34th Street is on, not the one with Natalie Woods and Maureen O'Hara.. McDonald Carey is in this version.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Price of Cranberries?

While I usually buy fresh cranberries to make cranberry sauce in addition to opening a can of Ocean Spray, this year the cost was too exorbitant to buy fresh cranberries.

Last year, I dehydrated cranberries and stored in canning jars for this year if they were not eaten before. Well, I could not find them in a cabinet after a cursory search at the last minute. I only had the can of Ocean Spray.

I could not find fresh cranberries on sale anywhere.  There was nothing to price match. I really thought that $4.98 for two 12-ounce packages was out of line. All other ingredients for a proper Thanksgiving meal were reduced one place or another.

Fresh cranberries will be on sale somewhere, but "where and when?" I wonder.  The ones out now will not be fit for sale at Christmas, so maybe this next week will be the time they are on sale. Maybe today.

Corrected to correct price  saw--$4.98.

Your turn
Did you find the price of fresh cranberries to be too high?

Thursday, November 24, 2016

"As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly."

Exbf told me about this before we ate. I was rolling with laughter.
He told me about this episode of WKRP Cincinnati .  This was 1978, so I was probably doing something else when this aired. '

"I thought turkeys could fly."

I am going into a turkey coma. He just left and I can succumb to the stupor. Later.

Your turn
Did you see this episode? I hope you laughed as hard as I did.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Wednesday Night Progress

When I awoke this Wednesday  morning, I had slept more than usual and felt a bit better. I think it is because I slept and finally got enough cover on the bed to stay warm. And, the OTCs helped.

The chicken is ready to come out of the crockpot and the Jello is sitting in the refrigerator. At the right time, fruit cocktail, red Delicious Apple, and bananas will go in the big bowl. A little bowl is for exbf and without banana.

I am itching, so I must have gotten whole wheat in the dressing! argh, I hate this.

The list and progress below. This list was a great aid to my memory. Later, I will copy it and put on the refrigerator so I won't forget something in the morning.

So far, I have ready for Thanksgiving:

** things finished

**sweet potatoes
**apple pie

Plans for other food I need to make/cook:
**chicken instead of turkey (Wed)
**cranberry sauce (canned)
**boiled eggs to go into gravy (chopped now)
** deviled eggs
pumpkin pies (not happening)
**Jello fruit salad
**green beans in bowl to heat in microwave
mashed potatoes (nope)


This Thanksgiving is controlled by my energy and now this cold or whatever coming on.

Right now, it's A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving for me. My son is probably watching this, too, since Snoopy is his favorite character.

Your turn
Did you watch A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving? How many times have you left something you prepared in the refrigerator or not served? What was it?

Tuesday and cooking

So far, I have ready for Thanksgiving:
**sweet potatoes
**apple pie

Plans for other food I need to make/cook:
**chicken instead of turkey (Wed)
**cranberry sauce (canned)
**boiled eggs to go into gravy
deviled eggs
pumpkin pies (not happening)
**Jello fruit salad

Today, I went to the church lunch: turkey, dressing,  gravy, corn, green beans, cranberry sauce, pecan pie. Delicious. I returned two items to WM.

Hopefully, I will get two pumpkin pies baked, put the breasts in crock pot, boil eggs.

A guy came Tuesday and carried off the dishwasher for junk. I picked up the cardboard and junk left in yard. I tried to get it up on Sunday, but the dishwasher was on most of the junk. YAY  for not spending almost $230 on delivery, installation, and haul off. He showed up exactly when he said he would and had it in the truck in five minutes. Whew!

Since today is the last day of $0.98 gallons of milk, I bought two, one for me and one for exbf.

I cannot find my pumpkin pie recipe from my mother. So, there will be no pumpkin pie unless I find the recipe.

** indicates what is done.

Your turn
It is 4 pm here and I am getting sick--sore throat.  How are your cooking and cooking and preps and Thanksgiving plans coming together?