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Monday, December 4, 2023



Okay, tonight, I cannot get rid of this picture above. But, you can see what ribbon candy mix looks like. the stripes are ribbon candy.

After Tommy brushed my body last night, I yawned for hours. Then, when I went to sleep at four am, I slept soundly until 1:30 pm. I was shocked because my feet were almost back down to normal size. Then, a few hours later, only then did my feet swell much at all. So, brushing is a part of his life whether he likes it or not. 

This brushing calls for a natural hair brush moved lightly over the body, all in the direction of the heart.=. I avoid brushes on my body and any animal hair on bare skin. So, I used a soft brush I use for washing my feet. I wrapped a softer washcloth around that and securing it with a hair claw. I had to keep telling him 'not so hard.' He got it done. Boy, that puts me in mood to sleep. I have known about this for years, but he always said no.

Plus, I forgot to take diuretic, and my feet still did not swell. Maybe brushing could take the place of a pill. I will discuss this with my doctor. Or, maybe I will experiment on myself. lol

The rest of the day was wasted because of his vile temper. 

Yesterday, I put out a new candy box, a crystal Christmas ornament. Inside I put colored balls for the tree. It looks festive and will not tempt me to eat it. 

At Christmas, I always put ribbon candy into a covered candy dish. I hate the stuff, but it is pretty and Christmas festive. It is always given away sometime in the spring. One year, a young guy was helping me move something. I offered him all of that candy he wanted. He was polite and would only take two pieces. The dish was six inches across and candy was three inches deep. Finally, I said, "Wait." I took a quart storage bag, dumped the candy as well as I could because it had stuck together. He was shaking with happiness as he stuffed it into a pocket with much work. It was June, time to get rid of all of it. 

I am telling you, I won't eat that stuff as it is too sweet. If I wanted to gain weight, I would eat chocolate. There were days I was desperate for a sweet, but I never touched it. The ribbon candy always had round pieces that were pure sugar, too. 

Tonight, I was desperate for an apple. I depend on fiber and apple fiber works best. I had not had an apple on Sunday. We went after dark to Publix. Someone brought me a cart. It stopped at the seam of the ramp to Publix. It stopped when the front wheel touched the threshold. It stopped when the back wheel touched the threshold! Inside the store, it never went over 6 feet while I moved about. Often, it only moved six inches or less and stopped with a lurch to my neck. 

Finally, it stopped as I was turning from a main aisle to the aisle across the front of the store, and would not go again. I was blocking people who wanted to go across the front of the store and down the one aisle. There was quite a bottleneck. I was so disgusted! I finally got the attention of an employee who was going to try and make it go. NO! It was on and charged. I asked fobnanar another cart. That cart was set where my knees hit the basket. So, I had him get another. 

I watched as the Public employee took the cart back where it belonged. It did not stop once!!! grrr

Bananas, apples and bread is all I needed. But, it took me almost an hour to collect what I wanted. I did find the Ziploc pint freezer bags that were bogo. My raincheck had almost expired, only 4 days left. Bread was bogo, at least. The use by date is December 21. I wonder how much preservative it contains. 

I rehurt my knee trying to get into the electric cart. It was recovering from the fall. The cart was so tight, my left knee would not go in. I had gotten into the cart with right foot first. When I tried to get out, the knee would not slide out as usual. I had to try to raise myself enough to get past a center part that supported the cart. I hope I never, ever get that cart again.

About two weeks ago, I used Elmer's school glue. Saturday, I found it. I had not missed it, yet. It was open in the chair I sit in and had oozed out an area about six inches in diameter. So, Tommy washed it for me tonight.  If I did not keep this chair covered with a quilt, it would be nasty, sticky, disgusting. 

No decorating done today.

In a bit, I will get brushed again. I am looking forward to improving my health and sleeping. 

Do you ever use brushing skin to achieve better health? 

If you ride electric carts in the store, are you sometimes exasperated by their eccentricities?

Tommy had never heard of ribbon candy. Do you like it?


  1. Wow, it's great that Tommy is willing to do your skin brushing! And that you felt such good results immediately.

    I don't think brushing will ever take the place of your diuretic. Brushing will help the diuretic work better, though, and that's a huge plus.

    I do have a skin brush, although I have never used it consistently. I just feels too scrapey and rough on my skin. I think your idea to wrap the bristles in a washcloth is a fabulous, sensible idea--and I'm going to give it a try.

    As you know, stimulating the lymph system is done with very light strokes. I like the way you described it--like a "tickle." You're not scrubbing a floor by any means, LOL!

    I never liked the ribbon candy of my youth. The flavors were horrible back then. And now, I don't need the sugar. Pretty as it is, I have never once bought it. I can't have bowls of candy about the house like that.

    1. Sue,
      For three years, he has refused. Now, he does but he has to stand and bend and it hurts his back.

      That was wishful thinking about not needing the diuretic.

      I have some washcloths that are silkier than others. So, that is what I used the first time but could not find one tonight. I will get them all together for this job every night. Let me know if it works for you to wrap it in a washcloth.

      He acted like he was scrubbing something off my skin which was not pleasant at all. He would sort of plop the brush on me which did not feel good to my skin.

      Ribbon candy is no temptation to me, which is why it was stil there in the summer. The sugar will never enter my mouth. This bowl of candy was a decoration. People ate it when I had a party or came over after Christmas and New Year were over.

  2. Oh my gosh! That is great news about the brushing! I love it! That is so frustrating about the electric carts at stores. I've experienced all those things you mentioned. Ugh. It is nice though that I can call the store when I get there and an employee will bring a cart to my car. it's just the best. That is very interesting how the dry brushing made you sleepy and you had such a good sleep.

    1. Belinda,
      I was very pleasantly surprised. I was told by a manager years ago to call them and they would bring a cart to me. When I see people pulling the car up to the entrance to let an elderly person or disabled person out of the car and help them to cart, I always tell them about calling. They are always surprised and say they will call next time.

  3. Brusing is not something that I have ever heard of.
    I love ribbon candy - I bought myself some just last week. I would much rather have a piece of hard candy than chocolate. Guess I am weird.

    1. Cheryl,
      There are lots of articles so you can read about it more. Werner's is a good hard candy.


Okay, hoping the annoyances have gone away.