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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Free at Walmart

Gladiolus 7-19-06.JPGOn Friday night I needed something from Walmart so I made a quick trip. While there I wandered into the Garden Center. Well, it was the indoor part, not the outer two sections. The guy there told me there was to be a Grand Opening on Saturday morning. Some plants were going to be half-price.

While I was very much interested, I knew I had no money to spend Saturday morning, Plus, even if I had money it would have been difficult to find a handicap parking space or an electric cart. Around noon on Saturday, , I realized I needed milk when I prepared to scramble eggs. I drink milk when I eat scrambled eggs.

Before I left I hung out a line of clothes, part of what I washed last night at the Laundromat. I am trying not to use the dryer and electricity. When I came home, they were dry but I hurt too much to hang more. My line is short!

After the milk was in my cart, I went to the outdoor Garden Center. It is under cover but has chain link for walls in most of the area. It was sooo cold, so I went back into the store and met the same guy going out there, the guy who told me about the sale. As it turns out, all the chairs, bistro sets, and other furniture was half price. I don't need any outdoor furniture since I have plenty of furniture gotten for free or at yard sales.

He did show me that there were free bulbs. They were giving away one gladiola bulb in a three-inch peat pot. There is no potting soil in the peat pot. But, I will just plant the gladiola bulb in the ground. I have always wanted gladiola, but they are expensive. They were two for $9.98, so I got a $4.50 bulb and a pot and a cup of Coke for free. I wanted a cookie, but apparently they did not feel it necessary to give away a cookie.

There were free tomato plants, but I was too late. They gave them all away. Pooh!

Then, after purchasing milk that had been out of the cooler for an hour in my electric cart, I decided to go to Lowe's where I had things I needed to check out. I brought the milk home about 5 p.m. and left it on the porch while I went to let the hens out again. (I was afraid a dog would come and hurt them.) I could not bring up the steps all the stuff I had in my hands. Just now, around 7:40 pm, I finally went out to shut the chickens in their pen and brought the milk in. Hopefully, it is so cold out that it will not spoil soon.

Maybe you can be at your WM when they have a Grand Opening at the Garden  Center.

Your turn
Does your Walmart have a Garden Center? Have you checked about the Grand Opening? Any hints or tricks pr warnings for growing a gladiola?

Friday, March 27, 2015

Giant Eggs

I love to go to collect eggs and find an egg from each hen I have. Of course, I only have two hens, so two eggs sitting close in the next thrills me.

Today, when I fed the hens, Thelma was on the nest and Maggie May was directly in front of the opening where Thelma sat. She just stood there very still, just looking at Thelma as if to say, "Hurry up! I have an egg coming, NOW!"

Later, when I let them out, I checked for eggs. There they were, two perfect orbs. But, today Maggie May's tiny egg was larger than Thelma's usual gigantic egg. I think I let out a little squeal.

Maggie May is very large, larger than Thelma. Maggie May's eggs were very small until today. Now, in one day, she has surpassed what I thought she was capable of producing. Since her eggs had been small for so many months, I just figured she would never produce larger eggs.

I wish I could post a picture of the eggs!

I cannot believe we are going to have a freeze tonight.

Your turn
Do your hens produce very large eggs or just store size eggs? How long did it take the hen to produce larger eggs after she started laying? If you don't have hens, when are you going to get hens?

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Cell Phones in an Emergency

Actually, there is only one aspect of cell phones in an emergency that I want to address. How do you charge your cell phone in an emergency?

In April 2011, a tornado shut down our town as it ripped through. I had no power for five days. Other people had to wait ten days for power to be restored. Fortunately, this happened in late April when the need for air conditioning or heat was not at all necessary.

My cell phone was practically useless because of the destruction of all the towers. Yes, all of them! However, once portable towers were brought in the next day, I was back in business. Then, the lines were jammed with callers. Back in business, but, cell phones need recharging. I could plug mine in the car cigarette lighter. Other people said their car had to be running to charge their cells. They did not have enough gas to turn it on for cell charging. Gas stations were not open ! Luckily, I had 2/3 tank of gas.

Do you know if your cell will recharge plugged into the lighter or usb port if you car is newer and has ports?

Of course, there was no wifi anywhere in town. Soon, the city set up massive equipment to charge cells, run computers, and furnish wifi. Some people had no car chargers, so they had to recharge their chargers in electric outlets at the recharging station the city set up in a park.

Most of the people had dead cell phones. They plugged them into an outlet and then immediately started talking! This was very discouraging to me. I wanted to plug in my laptop and use the wifi. I ventured to suggest that maybe they could get a full charge if they turned off their phone and quit talking. Three very large women, three generations, with free cells, no teeth, and carpooling yelled at me. Am I wrong about the length of time to charge a cell in use versus charging a cell that has been turned off?

Sure, I could use my battery power in the laptop to use the internet. But, I wanted to conserve that power. I didn't and still don't have an inverter for my car. Finally, I found that BAM had wifi and paid $20 for the privilege of having a card to use their wifi. Well, I got sidetracked with laptop and wifi. Back to the cell phone.

I have a cell phone charger in the house that allows me to use an electric outlet or the usb port in my laptop. In the car I have two chargers. One is strictly "cigarette lighter to cell." The other can be used in a usb port, cigarette lighter, or in an electric outlet, plus it has multiple tips for any cell phone. These are all cheap chargers. None of them has ruined my cell phone. The only reason I have two chargers in the car is because I lost one and bought the second one for $7 at WM.

The reason I am so concerned about having the cell charged and the ability to charge it under any circumstance is not because of an over-reliance on the device. Since I am limited in my capabilities, I just want the reassurance that my cell phone always works and I have the ability to charge it under any circumstances. I worry about car problems and having to walk plus no electricity for cell recharging Of course, considering my town is a magnet for tornadoes, having a way to charge a cell phone without having electricity readily available.

Really, I want a small solar charger for my cell phone, but have not managed to afford one. Plus, I have not done any research to determine what is best, cheapest, and what I need.

Your turn
Do you have a car charger for you cell phone in your car? Do you know if the charger works when the car is not running? Must you have the ignition on to charge your cell phone? Are you like my daughter who says she always charges it at home and does not own or need a car charger? In an emergency situation without electrical power have you used the emergency cell charging services provided by your town or state? Do you have a solar charger for the cell phone? What kind?

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Car and Candy and Cacophony

The car is repaired to the tune of $546. The guy said it was still making a noise, but he thought it would quit. There is something about air being in the rack and pinion. I was too ill to understand or question. Plus, he said he was going to replace a pump in the system but did not.

The garage sent a 21-yr-old to fetch me. No one ever needs directions because they have a GPS. Most people get lost even with a GPS. I asked him why he could not find me with his GPS. His phone was dying, so he turned it off until he could recharge it. My brain never needs recharging. I don't have to turn my brain off. I can read a paper map and follow written or spoken directions. I feel lucky not to own a GPS. I like my brain. Yes, he was lost. I had to talk him in to my house, then he passed right past me even though I was sitting in a chair in the yard. I told him exactly where I was then had to tell him he just passed me.

I commented to the kid that the steering was still stiff. He said it would get looser after awhile since it had just been fixed. "Actually, it was stiff when the power steering did not work well. Repairing it should make it looser, not stiffer." Maybe I am wrong? At any rate, he said nothing.

Halfway there, I became so ill, I had to stop and let him drive. I grabbed a plastic bag, waiting to throw up. When we arrived at  the shop, I sat in the car and threw up. I had taken an antibiotic with too little water and it hurt my stomach. That was five hours ago, and my stomach still hurts. I had also eaten spaghetti with a 5-blend cheese. Spaghetti and cheese comes up hard.

The people at the desk all stood at the back wall to avoid catching the dread throw up disease. (sarcasm) They looked ridiculous and so obvious. Yesterday, I was just as ill and they all stayed within a very close distance. I was coughing and could barely talk. Yesterday, I did tell them I had had pneumonia. They did not fear me yesterday.

So, I have my car and am in debt  $546. I can now go back to the doctor.

Today, I found Cadbury Chocolate Cream Eggs. They are rare, so I felt compelled to get them. And, they one I ate made my stomach hurt...sigh.

Today, the birds were quite a raucous crew--noisy and high-spirited. Yesterday, exbf and I could barely hear each other. The sound makes me supremely happy. You have to realize I have seven huge trees, a dozen smaller ones, all full of birds. Then, there are the neighbors' trees right next to my fences, so there is enough room for many birds. Usually, I find about two dozen nests in my trees.

Your turn
Any thoughts on the power steering? What is your favorite Easter candy? If the snow is gone in your neck of the woods, are the birds happy and noisy?

I Can Laugh

Today, someone told me a joke over the phone. It was funny, so I laughed. Then, I was amazed because I did not turn into  a real mess, choking and coughing. You probably know the feeling. Even though I am still definitely ill and have tightness in my chest, not going into a coughing choking fit was a sign of some sort of improvement. (With the coughing fit, I usually cannot see or stand.) Plus, I was not wheezing last night as I lay down to sleep.

I think the KFC gravy helped me immensely. Every time I have KFC gravy, I get better. Maybe it is the 17 herbs and spices. Nope, I will not try to figure out what is in the gravy.

It is 74 F, and I can laugh. I am still coughing occasionally but I can laugh without feeling like I am going to pass out from coughing. .

I had strawberries today. And, leftover spaghetti. I hope you have leftovers so you don't have to cook.

I can laugh.

Your turn
Have you ever had spells of coughing that take your breath away? Do you love leftover spaghetti?

Monday, March 23, 2015

Monday, Monday. Can't Trust That Day

So, I cannot blame it all on Monday. But, it was  good story from the Mamas and Papas.

Thanks to a follower, I had KFC today. I thought the gravy had cured The Maggie May and Thelma will enjoy the breast scraps and skin in the morning. They gave me two eggs today.

Exbf came to help me today. Mainly, he drove me around.  Actually, he only drove me to WM and another grocery store and KFC. Driving me is important since I had to put my car in the garage. Power steering rack was leaking/broken. and there is some sort of pump that  is broken. So, it will cost me $546 will get the car back. Right now, I am still too ill to even think about it. Even writing this seems unreal since I have no safety net! 

I spent the weekend home because I did not want something to happen to my car on the road while I was feeling so miserable. So, exbf took me to the store. I had money for milk, but the extra KFC money allowed me to buy some "cheap" fruit.

Six ounces of blackberries were $0.88, regularly $1.49.
White grapes were $0.88/lb, regularly $1.89.
Bananas were $0.44, regularly $0.59.

Why did I not go to the doctor today? When I take Azithromax or however it is spelled, the doctor says the azith will remain in my system for a few days, and I should give it a chance. Sooo, I will just sit here--ill--and not have to hear that! Last night, I had trouble going to sleep because of the wheezing and pressure in my lungs.

It is 6 pm., hens are up for the night, and I am going to bed. I spent two hours resting this afternoon.

Just now, I knocked a container of blackberries out of the refrigerator, and they spilled on the floor. Sooo, tired as I am, I had to pick them up and rinse them in the colander. grrrr They were good.

All this, plus no water is getting to me. So, I am going to restart my gofundme water campaign when I have a rested brain.

Spring is nice today because the four or five days of rain has given way to mild temperatures and sunny skies with beautiful white clouds.

Your turn
Have you found any good prices on fruit or anything else lately? How has Monday been treating you?

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Saving Money on Coke Products

When I purchase Coke products at Walmart, their price of $4.44 is the lowest price in town unless a grocery or drugstore has a special. Since I think that is an exorbitant price, I always price match. The last time I ran out of Cokes, there was no special. I had searched the ads  even though I was ill.

Over a week ago when I rolled my feverish body and one 12-pack of Cokes to the register, I was upset to think of paying so much--$4.44. While I was grumbling about the lack of Coke sales, the cashier told me of a special--$2.50 on 12-packs of Coke products on Friday. This special was for one day only. I had 20 minutes to get Cokes at this price. Sooo, I got 5 12-packs to stock up.

Thank you, cashier. It pays to go to the same cashiers and develop a relationship. Of course, she is nice and friendly, the reason we have a good relationship.

Once I came home, I found 2 12-packs of Coke....grrr.

Now, I have a prescription that must be taken with a carbonated drink. So, maybe it's okay.

I am so ill that I slept from Thursday at 7 pm until late on Friday. Oh, I would get up for 30 minutes on computer and then pass out again. When exbf was here on Thursday, he kept telling me to go sit and rest. He said he was very aware of my labored breathing. I was just out of bed too much.

Still, I stagger around like a drunk.

Monday, he will come again. My power steering is gone, so until then, I rest and don't drive.

Your turn
When you shop for groceries, do you have favorite cashiers who help you save money by pointing out specials that you missed? Have you found spectacular savings on Coke or Pepsi products?