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Friday, October 24, 2014

For Your Halloween Enjoyment--Creepy Labels, Nipples, Poop, Organs, Fingernails

For a large Halloween party I was attending, I made these labels to be applied to various foods. Use the roundish dipping chips for the first nipple thing. Use triangular chips for the fingernails. Various dips can be used for the dip names. Use olives for the eyes. Some of these labels were applied in different ways. I used large old bowl type jars or bowls for the dips. Paper bags and cloth bags folded and sewn were used for the chips. Use your imagination and what you have for any or all of the selections.

You will notice the items are not aligned. I don't know how that happened in the last 13 years and though transfers through three other computers/laptops. Whatever.


Organicically grown

Air-dried in 1400




(Bat Poop)

aged in a witch's cradle


Pureed Pig Spleen

Use by the witching hour


Eye of Newt

Freshly plucked, pureed with organic owl bile




LeStadt Fingernails


From London Opera house
Curiously, some are fresh


Your turn
I would be interested in knowing how you use these and will post a link to your blog or a picture of what you did. You will be given all credit.

Some of my newly-made acquaintances thought I was demented. My old friends were thrilled with my creativity.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Apple Man

More perfect than they look

As I was leaving the Wednesday night church dinner with scrap food for my hens to last three days, I crossed paths with a man. He was carrying a bag that appeared to be holding apples. He nodded and I commented, "You look like the apple man." He stopped and said he had tomatoes. I laughed, kept limping along and said, "Oh." He said, "Would you like some?" "Oh, sure, but you don't have to." He offered to follow me to the car as I had my hands full.

Once at the car, he asked how many I wanted--"one, two, three, four, or five?" I laughed and said that any amount sounded good, that one would be okay. He was trying to keep things in place, commenting they were rolling around. I gave him a bag and he gave me five tomatoes. Boy, was I ever thrilled?

They look like they are blemished in the picture. I checked after I saw the picture. One little one is a bit soft. Of course, none of these could be called "little."

Hens are happy. I am happy. I could handle another Wednesday like this every Wednesday.

Your turn
How was your Wednesday? Any free produce?

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

What to Sell Right Now!


Do you want to make a bit of money off your belongings or finds? Some things are hotter right now than after Christmas when they are actually almost nonexistent.

Having sold antiques and shopped for them, I learned a little something about what people want to buy from now until New Year's Eve. Plus, each antique-shop friend repeated their same wants.If you sell certain things right now and until Christmas/New Year's Eve, you will have more money for Christmas gifts or food. If you want to sell the same items after the first of the year, demand will be low as will the price you can get and the effort it takes to sell the items.

People look for tables--almost any kind. They are decorating for Thanksgiving Dinner or Christmas holiday parties--sprucing up the house a bit. Small tables are more in demand than dining tables. You can sell a porch table that is shabby from outdoor use. Fine antiques are not the only thing people want. Now, people take tables that are sad and make them happy with a coat of white paint. They are not trying to camouflage with paint. They make the painted tables works of art. If the antique dealer tells you the table is in rough shape, you can gently remind them people work miracles with paint and stains. "AND, I DON'T PAINT. Stand your ground.

If the bones are good, any junky table will sell! I even curb shop and stop at the next antique or junk store to unload it for a profit. Remember--if it is free to you, anything is a profit. Don't be greedy, but don't sell something really nice for a few pennies.

If you have tools and spare lumber of any kind, make a rustic table. Primitives are always hot. Sand it well on saw cuts, maybe paint it white. People like a white table to sell for the front porch Christmas display. I have had several items of the same type for sale. You might even advertise at a venue with free ads.

I did make a $6 ad sell ten items. Let's say "tables is" the item. I advertise once and mention only one table for a set price. Then, I give people a choice of tables and use the same ad to sell multiple items without re-advertising. Do NOT put a lot of effort into these tables! If you do, get a good price.

Serving Utensils
Customers are looking for serving utensils, preferably silver. Yes, I have lots of that lying around. NOT! However, the salad forks are always popular in any material. I picked up salad hands and serving spoons at yard sales and at least doubled my money.

Serving bowls, large and small, are the one thing antique dealer friends have said they can never find enough of to satisfy customer demand. Since they knew I liked yard sales, estate sales, and junk stores. I was ordered to pick up anything I could for them. I like cut glass and pressed glass the most, although there are other bowls I have bought. I found hand-painted candy dishes at a yard sale, priced a quarter, and bought them for daughters at Christmas. Then, I decided they might not like them. Besides, I wanted them. Pressed glass or cut glass candy dishes go over big at antique shops. Even less ornate ones are a big draw. I always kept what I found and liked!

Ancient and now antique wedding gifts
I received things for my wedding showers in 1966 that just did not suit my style. About 25 years later, I got rid of those things at antique stores.  Of course, now over 20 years later, I see the identical things in antique stores and wish I had them back. Okay, not really. Yes, I do. See? I am so ambivalent about getting rid of things. It is done, so I am good with it. They still are not my style. But, I have honed my sense of style.

Your turn
Do you now have an idea of things you might be able to sell for Christmas money? Can you make tables and paint them white or red? Can you search your cupboards or closets for old but nice gifts you have received? 

Monday, October 20, 2014

Artsy Chickens' Carving

The chickens carved/pecked their own jack o' lantern.

They tried. How many chickens do you know that would take on an art project? I can see some of you rolling your eyes! You know who you are.

I bought this for $1.99 last week, just for the hens. It was price-matched at WM from Aldi's. It rolled nicely out of the car into my red wagon. When I rolled it to the back yard, I rolled it out near the back door and could not pick it up again. I was telling this to the exbf yesterday. He left to go home but without telling me he made a detour to take this to the hens and put it in their pen. He has a soft spot for them. You cannot tell but their pumpkin is about 18" tall and 16" across.

Maybe they will peck out a mouth tomorrow. I don't trust them with knives, so their pointy little chicken beaks will work tomorrow, just like they did today.

This is their fauve period. They will learn to use paint brushes in their mouths next. Fauve? "wild animals" Yes, that is what they are.

I just want to kiss my precious and precocious chickens all over! Sadly, they aren't big on hugs.

Some pumpkin info
Pumpkin in the can is usually squash of some sort. Hubbard and Blue Hubbard are two of the squashes used for pumpkin products. So, if you don't have pumpkin, use one of these squashes.

Check THIS  site for more information..

Cheese: It was fully stocked this morning in WM.

Your turn
Do your chickens make art? Do any of your animals make art except for blueberry poop. Yes, mine do that, too. yuck

Just tell me how my chickens are geniuses! Just kidding!

It works! No More Bags


For at least thirty-years, I have read about and heard the rumors about the alternate use of PreparationH. We all know the use on our bottom parts--for hemorrhoids.

Since I am preparing for my 50 high school reunion, I have done everything but lose weight, something I need to do for my health. Yep, I have the makeup. But, nothing could cure the puffy under-eyes. There are many products on the shelves, cosmetics that promise to work. But, they were all so costly.

For years I have heard that PreparationH relieves puffiness under the eyes. So, as opposed to a costly product that no one I knew or asked had ever tried, I decided to go with a cheaper product that I have heard good things about its efficacy.

I put the Preparation H under my left eye on Saturday night, leaving the right eye for my control. The next morning the results were dramatic! The skin under my eyes has not been so smooth and flat since I was in my thirties, it seems. Yes, I have allergies and rub my eyes lots. I was in WM Sunday morning and showed it to women I talk with often. They were horrified and asked me what happened to my right eye--the untreated one.

The under eye puffiness had extended to the area over the bone, not just in the eye socket. Today, I will apply this to the area over my eye and onto my eyelids. There is not an obvious problem, but it is a bit puffy now that I have solved the under eye problem. I just need to get more regular sleep. Salt consumption is not the problem here.

Exbf was coming around noon. I applied the PreparationH and wiped it off so he could see the difference. unfortunately, that 15 minutes of application worked soon, so he could not see the full effect of improvement. He was still impressed with the lack of puffiness of the left eye.

In order to use the PreparationH, apply a portion that is the size of a grain of rice. Yes, it takes that little to work. It is a bit damp or greasy looking, so use a tissue to remove it before you go out. It  obviously still keeps working after it is wiped away.

It does work, but it is not approved by the medical community. The ingredient that works so well in PreparationH is phenylephrine, the substitute for pseudoephedrine use for nasal congestion.

Cosmetics $20+
PreparationH $3.47, I think

Your turn
Have you ever used PreparationH under your eyes for puffiness? What was your experience? Have you used a cosmetic for puffiness under your eyes, bags?

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Surprises and Fails

empty shelves
more empty shelves
There is a bit of overlap if you look and see the three shining gold
packages of cheese to the left of this photo
and the middle of the first photo. 

Walmart Fail: Empty Shelves

Sure, it was late on Saturday night. But, there is no excuse for empty shelves all week! I wanted Kraft Medium Cheddar Cheese Chunk, 8 oz. There was none this week at Walmart. Tonight, I was angry when I saw the empty shelves. I asked a young guy for the manager over the food department. Well, he is gone until Monday. However, the young guy said they ordered cheese and WalMart in Arkansas denied the order.

Once before, I could not find my cheese of choice because they only order 12 at a time of what I wanted and sold out before I could get there at night. I asked him with a bit of edge and sarcasm if he did not think it might be a good idea to order 12 (or whatever amount) for a store this large that was out of that cheese about 16 hours each day. They ordered 4 times as much and although the cheese runs low, it is never this low.

This is the largest Walmart Supercenter, or so I hear, in North Alabama. We have a tire and car repair center, a huge grocery center, and a garden center that has three sections. So, why can't I have cheese?

Face plant
(Written three weeks ago.) About  7:30 Thursday morning I was walking fast to go and feed the hens. As I rounded the corner of the house and was ducking to go under the clothesline, I caught a glimpse of a huge spider web. I ducked a little further and off to one side, trying to sidestep a 3 foot spider web. I heard the web when I split it. As I continued to the hens, I fought the web on my arms, nightgown, and face.

After I fed the hens, I tried to get the sticky web off my glasses and hair. The web had completely enveloped my hair that was freshly washed but dry. I also spent a good deal of time trying to flick the spider off my hair and off my gown. Well, it could have been on me!

Once in the house, for hours I could feel the spider crawling over me. You know how that goes. I was a nervous wreck. About four hours later when I tried to comb my hair, it was as though I had sprayed it with hairspray. Nasty. At least I was going to wash it again tonight!

It will take me months to get over looking for a spider between the clothes line and the bushes. Maybe the third time I crashed into it discouraged him, as it is no longer in that location. I did warn exbf that it was over the entrance to the steps leading to the basement.

My money
(Written two weeks ago) At this point, it appears I lost $180. Keep your fingers crossed that I find it. OOOPS! No, I found it in the console where I put it because I had it in my pocket! That was 18 hours of my searching every nook and cranny of my purse and places I might have put it in the house...whew.

Your turn
Have you had your share of surprises, fails, and near fails. Entertain me. Anyone want a spider?

Friday, October 17, 2014

Cell Phone Soaked and Lost; "Battery Got Wet" Indicator

cell phone taken apart

Do you know how to tell if your cellphone has gotten wet and how to dry it ? Do you know how to tell if the battery has gotten wet? First off all, a phone sitting in water is a good indication. Last Monday,  exbf came here to help me. Because of both of our problems with walking, we use our cell phones to ask anything or summon the other. "When you need me, just call, and I will come." "When you are through, I will start serving dinner."
He just lays his anywhere,  anytime and we have to search for it by calling it with my cell while we both wander to the car, all over the yard and the house. It is frustrating. But, in all fairness, I do the same thing. No, I rarely put my phone down and totally lose it, needing help. Usually, it has slid somewhere. He will call me from outside and walk six feet to put it down instead of putting it in his pocket. He takes his cell and wallet from his pocket, and goes to the bathroom to change clothes. He comes out of the bathroom, puts his wallet in his pocket and leaves the phone here. ugh
Once, when I first had a cell phone, I was getting it from my purse as I drove. I managed to flip it out of my hand and heard it skittering away. It was dark and I could not find it. I stopped at a convenience store and asked a young woman working there to dial my number. However, it affects no one but me. Sometimes, I email Charlie to call my phone and keep calling until I answer. But, no one is on a prolonged search in the dark and rain.
Now that I have MagicJack, I just use it to call my phone.
When he left here on Monday, he called on his landline like he always does to say he is home. I worry, so he does this for me. He said he could not find his phone that day. I looked. I looked and listened with my phone ringing his. I would dial his number as I went all over the yard and the house. Nothing.
On Tuesday morning I fed the hens and went to the mailbox. I was going to put the bowl on the table outdoors before going for the mail. There was the cell. It had moisture under the screen. I was panicked. I dialed it and it worked. I called it from my cell and it worked. However, moisture will ruin a cell I figured, now or later.
When I took it apart, it was sooo wet that there were puddles. I shook it downwards to drive out all I could. A dry wash cloth got rid of more.
I removed the battery and SIM card and put it in a bowl of brown rice. The white rice was not to be seen, but it was right where I left it. Today, I found just lying right on the shelf!
cell phone battery
 On the cell phone battery above, the copper contacts are on the right. See the white rectangle? That is the indicator for moisture. If this has been exposed to water, the rectangle turns red. A cell phone tech said people bring back phones that have been exposed to water and swear the phone has been bone dry, but opening the phone tells the truth.
Supposedly, there is a second "the phone got wet" indicator. I am not sure if the phone has to be dismantled by a technician to see that or not. However, there is one little red square on the inside of the phone where the battery goes. At any rate, the phone does not have moisture behind the screen and it still works. I have heard that humid conditions can cause the indicator to turn the battery indicator to red. But, I don't know.
For several years I had heard rice works to dry a phone. I did put the rice in Tupperware and put the tight lid on. I did not  put the battery, back cover, and SIM card in the rice. However, all that needs to be removed.
The phone survived a four-hour thunderstorm with violent winds blowing rain, and an all-night drizzle. It sat for over 24 hours in a little skim water, not quite a puddle, of water. Thus far, it works. Patting myself on the back. Yeah, I know it was the rice that saved the battery and phone.

At any rate I saved the cost of a new cell phone.
Your turn
Have you heard about drying a cell phone with rice? Have you used it yourself? Did you know there were "I got wet" indicators?  Have you ever lost a cell phone to water damage, and how did you manage to get it wet?