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Saturday, September 20, 2014

New Source?

Pear sauce?
Driving two blocks from my house in a direction I rarely go,. I saw the ground was covered with pears at one home. Later, I got this one pear from the ground. It is perfect, but most of the pears are only fit for the hens. The best part is the pears are chest high and up. I can easily pick two five-gallon buckets without any problem.

I have been thinking about pears and wondering how I was going to find some. Remember--the April 2011 tornado took out half the town and my pear tree on municipal property.

Now, catching the people at home and asking for more pears is my goal today. I hate fresh pears. It's the texture. Pears in a can are delicious! I can keep exbf in fruit for a month and put these up, too. I may try dehydrating this one.

More later.

Your turn
Did you ever wished for something right under your nose? Have you ever had homemade pear sauce? Raise your hand if you like pears in any form.  

Friday, September 19, 2014

You have until the end of September 19th

Coke codes

My Coke Rewards is giving double points on 12-packs codes of Coke products. I keep all those codes in an old Miracle Whip jar so they are not all over the place.  Those above are not all I have and it looks as though very few are from 12-packs. And, I just saw a quart bag of Coke tops.

Today is September 19th. I will wait until the 11th hour to make this more exciting.

I think all this info is correct. But, go to www.mycokerewards to check it out.

Your turn
Has anyone started following this promotion since I told you about it? Come on! Show me how much influence I

Thursday, September 18, 2014


High School Reunion
Yes, this is a big one. While I have attended most of the reunions held every five years, I have never attended the Friday night part. Saturday night is the big dinner, dance, and festivities. Friday night does not have planned things except for the cash bar in the room where we will gather to talk with one another. Saturday night is very planned. And FUN.
I never attended Friday night because of the cost of staying two nights or I just was not interested. Mostly, it was the cost. Twice, I stayed at my sister's house on Saturday night, the sister who lived in Memphis and then West Memphis. Another time, I stayed with a lifelong friend and made his girlfriend angry. ugh The last two times, I just drove home from Memphis. Since the committee decided that north MS was a better place for the reunion, one of those drives home was from Mississippi, still a long drive back--five hours from Memphis and about the same from MS.
Since I have become so exhausted and back and knees hurt, especially from driving or sitting so long, I was worried about making it safely this year. Oh, I will have only one cataract removed by then. Driving at night might not be wise. So, what to do?
I emailed a long-ago friend/lover that I saw in Huntsville and spent time with him this spring. He lives in Maryland now. I told him the set cost of a room for one night, planning to drive up on Saturday, attend the Saturday night functions, and drive back on Sunday. On the list was gas $$$, motel $90, reunion $85, clothes $$$, gas $$$. He did not let me down.
Now, I have a motel room for two nights in a motel after his using points to obtain the room free. The Conference Center motel does not accept the points deal  I will have to drive a half mile to the reunion, but that's okay. So, he sent me a Postal Money Order. I am set. Meals will not be a problem. Saturday breakfast is real food in the motel! Saturday night is paid for. Friday night will be little, if any. Saturday lunch may be eating with friends, so that may be the only real meal I will eat. I will have a tiny cooler with yogurt, apples, bananas. I will carry Cokes and crackers for the room, plus other things that will maybe just be leftovers. I MUST have protein, so I might scrambled some eggs and heat in the microwave for one morning. I try not to eat scrambled eggs that are egg beaters.
Now, for clothes. Here is the plan. I will wear pants that I bought for $3, blouse bought half price--hot pink with gold jewelry. That is for Friday night. Saturday morning, I will wear different black pants that were on sale, black and white blouse on sale and yellow chunky necklace and bracelet on sale from a nice store here. There is lots of yellow in fall clothing. (I may rethink the yellow.) Then, Saturday night, not a really dress night, I will wear a black knit maxi-dress ($3) with little knit shrug ($4) and gold jewelry--some is real gold.
About jewelry: There was a time when I wore earrings every day, even to go to the mailbox....for about four or five years. Then, I just quit one day. This summer, I decided I needed to clean up my act, so earrings again is the rule, all the time, every time I go to even get gas. (But, I forget!) I wear long, dangly ones because of my longish hair. Now, this time around, I have added bracelets. Going to school and working, bracelets either hurt my hand because of what I was carrying or got broken, so that is no problem now. Still, they are not so important. Just earrings, long earrings, dangly earrings.
If it is cold, I will wear a long-sleeved sweater. All these things are sleeveless. or have a little bit of cover on tops of my arms. (Remember, I am warm-natured and this is the South.) It is rarely cold around the middle of October. If it rains, I have the hot pink coat I got in 2001 and hounds tooth umbrella. Yes, I have planned it all. Now, for shoes. I am not sure my dressy flats will fit since I have not worn them in about six years and have gained weight. So, there is that to figure out. At least I have money to buy some.
I have a month to figure it all out. At this point, this is what I have purchased. If I see other clothing to wear to the reunion or just things I really need or couldn't afford and lust for, I have money left. Yes, I saved out gas money.
What's left? Change oil. Wash car. Wax car? Have alignment problem fixed. Buy two tires! Ugh. No, I won't be able to do all that from the money he sent. Figure out what is wrong with both big toes that seem to have fungus under them, then turn blue, then recover after apple cider vinegar. Oh yeah, get the one cataract, at least, removed.
That's not much, right? Ha, it's plenty for me. And way over my budget even with the $280 in cash he sent me along with two free rooms. Sooo, those things are what I will work on until then. The alignment problem and tires are waaay out of my reach.
The problem I cannot solve before the reunion? I AM FAT. Please don't try to console me over that!
Your turn
Do you attend your high school reunions? Are they held every five years or ten? Would you wear the yellow so late in the year?  

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Reduced Prices Today

half price, I think
I went to a certain grocery store to cash a postal money order. That is a story for tomorrow. When I go to this store, I always check the reduced meat freezer. There was only beef and sky high! So, I wandered down to the other reduced cooler and found a few things. I always pass up the produce reduced cart because it is gross.

The Greek yogurt was $0.50 each. The 16 oz. cottage cheese was $1.35, and the breadsticks $1.39.
The total without tax was $3.74.With tax I paid $4.08. I can save the milk and have this as my dairy. The bread needs something on it.

 I like plain yogurt so I can add my own unsweetened fruit. Or, I put it in a smoothie. It has been ages since I bought cottage cheese, but I like a can of peaches and cottage cheese. The juice, while tasty,  gets tossed because of the sugar. Breadsticks are new to me in the can. However, the spaghetti I am making for exbf and me on Friday will be great with breadsticks.

Everything above has a sell-by date of September 17, so it is still fresh. If I were going to use the produce the same day, it might be okay. It certainly is cheap. One day, I bought two half gallons of milk on the sell by date. It was okay until the last two glasses, so I put chocolate in it to mask the off taste.

My friend who worked for an attorney and died about three years ago would come into town with a cooler in her car and several 2 L bottles of frozen water. She would go to this grocery store before work, buy meat and dairy and sometimes produce--all reduced. In the summer, she carried the cooler in her office. In the bitter cold winter she could leave it in the car. She said she never bought most things full price.

My mother would be eating cottage cheese and applesauce some days when I went to the kitchen. I love both cottage cheese and applesauce, but together the thought made me gag. Finally, to appease her I tasted it. Yummy! She was sooo happy. You know how mothers like to be right about getting a child to eat something "I knew you would like it if you ever tasted it." Well, she kept trying to get me to eat cantaloupe, too, and I knew that was gross, even with cottage cheese. So, I was wary.

This store is not a chain, so prices are higher except when they reduce things.

Your turn
Do you have a store that puts out meat and dairy daily that is going out of date? Did or does your mother press you to try something new or a new combination? Do you resist sometimes? What bargains have you found so far this week?

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Onions in the Window

onions second growing

After I used the tops from a $0.50 bunch of onions, I decided to regrow onions. I put the onions with still a bit of green and plenty of roots into this little container and set it in the window. Above is the second "crop" of onions.

Actually, while I was cooking I asked exbf to make them stand up and water them. I suggested maybe a spoon would somehow help them stand. So, he put a spoon in the container and watered them.

It was nice to snip off a bit of an onion or cut them all down with scissors to use for the meal I was preparing. Yes, they are sitting in the window. None of the pictures were clear, so I hung a towel up to keep sunshine, dirty window, and outdoor spider webs from muddling the onions' beauty.

The little container is what I put sweeteners into when I have outdoor parties. It cost me a quarter at a yard sale.

I have regrown celery and other vegetables in the window in the past. Sometimes, I actually put them in soil!

Your turn
Do you regrow vegetables? What kind has been most successful for you?

Monday, September 15, 2014

Big Cat in the County?


Oh, rats! This will keep me in at night! A few years ago, a woman called the police twice, saying she had seen a Bengal tiger. Just in case she was right, I did not leave my house after dark for two months. I felt suffocated living this way.

After the two dogs attacking me, I am nervous going out at night. Then, this!

Your turn
Do you live in an area where wild animals regularly roam? Does it keep you on your toes or armed when you leave your home--just to go on your property or to the car to leave?

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Blue Tractor Fabric


This is such cute fabric! I am not really fond of the green John Deere fabric. When I am at Walmart, I browse the huge fabric section and look for chicken prints. Aren't Ford tractors blue? When I placed a quarter over the tractor, the pipe on the top and half the back wheel were visible. 

I want some of this! But, do I dare? I am not sewing much right now. So, it may just sit. There is plenty of fabric just sitting here now. There is a box in front of me to sort according to whether I want to keep or donate. I would make an apron or napkins from this print.

If it were a chicken print, it would be home with me right now! I don't have enough money right now to hoard fabric!

After posting, I saw three little things in the fabric. When I put the laptop screen to my face, I realized this is International Harvester!

Your turn
How is your fabric stash? Do you ever look just to look? Does anyone make napkins or aprons?