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Friday, August 1, 2014

$10 Closer to Christmas

Remember these? I bought Energizer batteries, 2 8-packs, entered the codes on the internet, and received $10 gift cards. So far, I have three of these ($30) for Christmas and am expecting one more. Exbf turned in enough of my codes to get me 4 more $10 cards. I will be set for Christmas!

Your turn
Did anyone turn in codes and receive these cards?

Jim 'N Nick's hot hot BBQ

biscuits with loads of cheese inside
These were the star of the day for me. We got the first of a new batch from the oven. Let me say, there was molten cheese inside, enough to injure a person. The waitress warned us and we bit into them gingerly after breaking them open.

Jim 'N Nick's opened their first restaurant in about 1989 in Birmingham. Slowly, they have opened other restaurants. They opened on here about six months ago. Have you ever eaten in Jim 'N Nick's around the Birmingham area?

BBQ, slaw, macaroni and cheese
Macaroni and cheese is not my choice for a bbq meal, but I just ordered it. It was a lucky choice. The mac n cheese cut the heat from the meal. It was pretty nasty with very little cheese and a gritty half-warm white sauce. YUCK. But, it cut the heat of the bbq. Not much sauce served on the meat was lucky for me!

slaw on bbq
I was not having much luck cooling the fire of the bbq sauce by eating a bite of bbq and bite of slaw. Besides, When I have a bbq sandwich, I always put slaw on top of the bbq in the sandwich. This was superb after I dumped some slaw on the bbq. After I ate the slaw and the top of the bbq, I dumped the rest of the slaw on the rest of the meat.

Four choices:
smoked chipotle, original concoction, habanero, tabasco
Before our meal arrived, I took the two sauces in the middle and put a dot of each on my bread plate, thinking I would see which I wanted on my meat. The original was horrendously hot. It turned out, this had been sloshed on my meat in the kitchen. The habanero almost killed me. And, I only got it on the end of the fork! I was trying to drink water and gasping. My good friend (that is how exbf prefers I refer to him) asked me why I tried the habanero when I knew it would be too hot. Well, it was not well-lighted and I did not look for labels because these looked like generic bottles. From the back, they were

I love bbq, but not hot bbq. I did not grow up with this in Memphis. There are some great places there, none of which are hot. Well, they weren't years ago. I had three glasses of water and another to go.

This was not my choice in eating places. MGF picked this out. I informed him he was taking me out to eat as we were inside the car place, buying the car. He asked "where?" and I said "anywhere you want to go."  So, he picked Jim 'N Nicks. When I heard long ago they had white sauce and vinegar bbq sauce, I had determined I was not eating there. But, I did with no complaint. It turned out they had red, white and vinegar bbq sauce.

Today, Friday, he is coming  back to pick up the vehicle. He made arrangements for the loan with his credit union. Then, when he found the car, he was to go in and sign the papers. The dealer, credit union person, and mgf were talking while I sat and touched up my nail polish before dinner. My job was done. That credit union meeting and signing happens after work today. The credit union will pay the car dealer. He can come back and drive away his new car. He will leave the old car here at my house to sell it.

Before dinner, he changed the chicken water and we locked them up. Thelma was not happy! I promised him I would fix him a nice dinner today. I slept from 7 pm and last night until 3:30 this morning. It is now 5:30 am, and I dread fixing But, I will. Okay, now for a trip to WM for goodies on sale. A nap is in order later this

cutie in her bumbo
Ooops, I forgot this precious baby with her family, eating in the large, covered patio.

Your turn
Do you eat and like fiery bbq? Or, are you like me, preferring something really mild? Has anyone eaten at Jim 'N Nick's and have an opinion of their food? Do you love the slaw in your sandwich or on top of the bbq? Isn't car shopping exhausting? !!!

Thursday, July 31, 2014

And, We Bought a Car

Okay, exbf bought the car.

But, I was there "helping" him. Details later. He had financing at his credit union. They are doing the car fax which the dealer also ran.

Later. We are going out to dinner at Jim N Nicks.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Great Bargains: One penny

one cent each

At Office Max there are good deals. The spiral notebooks with 70 sheets are one cent ($0.01) when you purchase $5 worth of anything else. However, I went to WM and used the price-match to get them for the low price of one penny for each spiral notebook. I bought an unopened box of 24 for $0.24. If you do this, take a loose notebook so the checker can scan it. Otherwise, they open your box and it opens around the middle. grrrr  These notebooks are $0.25 each at the Walmart price. I took the picture on the WM cutting table and the box is still in the trunk.


a quarter at Walmart with price-match from Office Max
 The notebook paper is $.75 at Walmart but price-matched at WM makes it $0.25. The WM here accepts prices from about 50-60 miles away. Try this at your WM even if there is no Office Max in your town. By the way, Office Max and Office Depot are one company now. So, look at the Office Depot and Office Max ads on the internet.

leftovers from the church dinner tonight
Actually, we had some sort of pasta and sauce with chicken in it. I only had two bites, so not great. The menu--greens, red beans, pasta and chicken, cornbread. I left my beans and cornbread. Other people contributed to the chicken's plate above. A little kid came with his own chicken nuggets and fries, so he gave me his leftovers.
The picture is not clear, but I forgot I could not set the plate on the ground and bend and stay steady. oh well

dinner is served

See how the two little ones grabbed a piece of cornbread from the plate and ran to a safe place so they would not get pecked every thirty seconds?

Your turn
How is one cent for a notebook? I use these for chronicling what ATT tells me so I can repeat it with name of agent, date, time of day, and what was said. I make grocery lists, take down numbers from voice mail, generally, using one for everything. Ten cents is the least I have ever paid until now. Don't the hens look happy? Well, you did not see the rush and gobbling and running.

Grocery Ads This Week and Savings

Part of the haul this week
still on the counter at WM

This is the last night of the ad prices for this week. So, with the AT&T refund money, I went shopping. In parentheses are the regular prices.

1 pint cherry tomatoes--$0.99 (4.38)

Vidalia onions--$0.68/lb. ($1.28/lb)

Bell peppers--$0.50 each (no idea)

Cherries--$1.95/lb. ($2.49)

bananas--$0.44/lb. ($.57)

Total for everything in the picture--$10.53+$0.95 tax=$11.48

Last week and using the same ads, I bought:


bell peppers--2/$1.00


white grapes--$0.99/lb.

Milk was $2.78, priced matched from Aldo.

All in all, I was pleased with the prices. The new ads come out on Wednesday, today. Since I bought 3 lbs. of cherries, I plan to freeze most of them. I hope removing the seeds is not difficult. Now, I must get the dehydrator cranked up for the onions, bell peppers, and maybe the cherries.

The Vidalia onions are huge. Those four weighed 4.4 lbs.!

Your turn
Do your ads have great prices? What kind of produce are you growing or buying for eating, canning, and dehydrating. Since I never pickle or ferment, I forget about those means of "putting up" food.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Surprise Monetary Benefits of Dumping AT&T

First of all, the MagicJack and outside antenna replaced the home line and television UVerse. Those are two bills I don't have to pay each month. I think the savings is about $80/month. I forgot what I figured the savings would be. That's great, anyway.

However, last week I received a check for about $33 for a refund on the home phone service, something I paid and they are returning it. Then, Monday I received a check for $133 on UVerse service. I have no idea why I am getting these checks, but AT&T won't get any argument from me.

Since the MagicJack was about $40 and the antenna was $99 for a total of $139+tax=$152, and the two refund checks were $160. It appears my two devices are paid for by the refunds, and I am not out any money at all. That is $8 I have left over. Ooops. I spent $6 on a phone for MagicJack and $4 for a loooong phone cord. It appears I have only spent about $2 over the refunds. Sweet!

The whole ordeal of getting rid of AT&T has been traumatic. The people are really abusive when they really understand I am over AT&T, and I am actually leaving. However, I have found someone who has the power and is making this easier after such traumatic encounters with some of the agents. I take their name, write down the date and time. They still have the recordings.

Having to spend extra money for the two devices to free myself was just killing me. Now, it has all smoothed out for me. Whew. I think I will take my last $2 I have in my purse and go buy a vanilla ice cream cone from McD since I can cash this $133 check tomorrow and pay a bill. I just wish I could go in my nightgown to get ice cream!

When I was married, I could go out in a nightgown and robe because I knew husband would come get me if the car broke down. Now? Well, I would just be embarrassed!

Your turn
Have you ever had surprise refunds that saved the day for you? Have you had trouble getting rid of AT&T or another business with whom you could not extract yourself? Have you or do you go out in a nightgown?

Monday, July 28, 2014


just looking around

 While I have seen this groundhog in my yard several times this summer, this is the first time I have had my camera. It does not fear me. I drove up as it was crunching on something. I could hear it. Acorns?

I always see the groundhog late in the evening. Today was no different. It is almost dark.  The picture does not look like dusk on the east side of the house, in the shadow of the house and many trees because I used the "enhance" function.

"maybe I should just leave"
 At one point, the groundhog dropped down and looked back toward the house. However, it was not time to leave.

"not time to retire for the night"
Still facing away from the house where it eventually retires, this ground hog is just hanging out.

"No, maybe there is something near the road?

After ten minutes of showing absolutely no alarm at my presence and several moves toward going closer to the tree and road, he finally turned around and scurried under the house. Only when I moved toward the house did he leave.
If I had a garden of any sort, I am quite sure he would dine there each night.
Yesterday, I got two portions of the demonstration food that the hens ate before. The hens were happy. but the little ones came to me for food. If little chickens are abused long enough by the big ones, hegemony keeps the little ones in line....sigh. (You no longer have to beat them with the chain, just rattle it.) A look is all it takes.
Your turn
Are there any downsides to having this critter around? Any benefits? Do people eat these?