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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

My Day Began and Ended With a Thud!

4 12-packs for $12
regular price $17.68

I will tell you the bad news about the Cokes in a little bit.

This morning I heard the alarm go off and ignored it for a bit. No problem. However, when I looked at the clock, it was 10:23, not the 9:00 am I set it to get up. Rats! Now, I was going to miss the last of the Tuesday lunches of the year. And it would probably be good, a Thanksgiving dinner. I jumped up and tripped on my cover, falling headlong three seconds after I got out of bed. There was widespread destruction. I managed to fall on a plastic milk carton where I had stored some books.

Not satisfied with that, I continued my fall and hit my knee on a can. Landing on carpet is bad enough, but landing on the top edge of a can is a thousand times worse. I did some damage.

I was telling exbf about this. He was properly caring and "ouching" for my bodily damage. Then, he said with a voice that showed no sympathy for me, "Well, how is the can?" I thought it was funny, but stayed silent for about 30 seconds. "Well, I am glad you have your priorities straight." (said with mock disdain) Then, I started laughing and he was laughing so loud and long. This man rarely laughs, so I laughed even harder. And, it started hurting again after we quit laughing.

After I went immediately to the bathroom, I turned on my cell phone. NO! it was only 10:15. So, now I have 45 minutes to get ready. I can do this. As I sat at lunch, I could feel my knee swelling. It looks awful and the skin is broken.  #1 thud

My hair is a mess. My hair means a lot to me. The new haircut is way too short, doesn't know what to do, was washed last Saturday and looks awful. I look demented. It would not "fix" this morning." I look demented, promise. This is how my hair will look when I am in the nursing home. #2 thud

THEN, I had a conversation with the plumber, and I may find another plumber. He is annoyed I don't have alllll the money, right now. #3 thud of my heart

When I left the lunch at noon, I got a plate to go. It went right into the refrigerator, immediately. Later on, I opened the refrigerator and the whole lunch fell out as the container landed upside down on it. I almost cried, a whole lunch lost. I had to pick it up with my hands and then had no place to wash my hands. I could not stay bent long enough to really clean up the floor. #4 big thud.

You saw the 4 12-packs at the top? I saw a man in Walmart and asked if he got the price match of 4/$12 since he had 4 in his buggy. He showed me an ad and told me he got them 4/$10 by price-matching.  #5 thud

Since I only washed four pair of pants last week, and two of them were too breezy to wear in public, I had to wash pants again today at the $2 machines. This time, I carried socks and put all of it in a black bag that needed washing.  When I took my pants out of the washer, they dripped like I had just pulled them from a sink of water. ??? By this time, I was just feeling fragile. #6 thud

My fall will necessitate a trip to the doctor. The broken milk carton is destroyed but it was old and free. The can went where it should have been when I was reading the label and put it by my chair. Finally, I figured the clock had the wrong time to begin with after it started beeping and going on and off last night. Tomorrow, I must find some place to wash my hair after I put it in foam rollers tonight. I calmed down and will talk to the plumber tomorrow. In a little while I will go back to Walmart with the receipt and get a better deal on the Cokes. I have to go anyway, so it is not just a trip to save $2. Oh, yeah, the guy gave me the ad. Now, I can look it up online or call the store and figure out how to get one of these ads.

So, today was not altogether bad, but there was not a lot of good. Oh, yeah, the chickens loved their leftovers of turkey and dressing, sweet potatoes, green beans, roll, spice cake. They left most of the roll and half the spice cake, but they rarely get much bread or sweets since they don't really like either. Seeing the hens' joy was good.

Now, I know these are not catastrophes in the true sense of the word, but they, nevertheless wore on my nerves.

Your turn
Have you had a day start out bad so early? And, it just kept coming. Did you ever use the Laundromat when the water was not emptied from the machine? Lose your whole dinner from a fall out of the refrigerator? This is a new clock, so I have never had one reset itself like this one. Have you?

Haircut and gofundme total right now

ornament made with feathers, Styrofoam, grape vine wings

Today, I had a shot of good feeling. I had my hair cut, finally. I usually wash and dry my hair just before the cut. I do not get it shampooed there. I hate the beauty shop shampoo. Even when I brought my own shampoo, I still hated someone washing my hair. The shampoo chair hurts the back of my neck. Plus, I read that older women are more likely to have a stroke from using the shampoo chair than if they don't. It was something about the carotid artery and stretching the head back. If anyone knows, let me know.

There is just nothing about having my hair cut that is pleasant. If I am near hairspray, I am unhappy. If I smell the shampoo, I get a stuffy head. The gossip just kills me. The rehashing of soap operas makes me want to run away.

Remember, there is more than just one hairspray going, more than one shampooing, more than one gossiper, more than one discussion of soap operas. It is the overload of unpleasantness.

Then, I go home and wash my hair within hours. All the product on it stinks, makes me sneeze and my face breaks out from all the product touching my skin. The style does not suit me at all. So, I wash it out after subjecting myself to torture and paying for the privilege.

So, I get a haircut and leave only paying $15 and a tip if I have it. I usually do. Today, she told me not to pay her because I had enough problems that needed tending. I must have seemed miserable because when I said I was parched from not enough water and was scrounging for change, she went and bought me a Coke.

The hairdresser I go to has a spacious room that she and a guy share. It is secluded with a door that is mostly for show, cannot describe it exactly, maybe sort of like a saloon door from the old West. The side of the shop operators, shampoo chairs along the wall, not crowded, just lots of spraying and washing and talk that makes me crazy. The dozen or so operators are all together in this large room. Now, it is not the talk; it is the subject of the talk.

Even though I have had $540 donated, I will only get 491.67. The balance goes to the site.

$491.76 gofundme
 $45       paypal
$100     a church
$613     total collected or pledged

$2300      needed
-$636.67  actual collected
$1663.33 still needed

It seems like I am going backwards. The total for gofundme is not $540 even though they collected that much. The total for paypal actually did go up! The church decided they could only afford to give me $100 and will pay the plumber directly.

So, that is how it stands. If my figures are off, just tell me. HERE is the last accounting.

Last night, I was hot. Tonight, I am cold. I suppose our days of mid 60s are probably gone for good.

Your turn
Does anyone hate the beauty shop experience as much as I do?

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Halfway Through

part of what I packed
elephant change purse
turquoise change purse
My method
I did not have twenty of all items. I had four of the bears bought for a quarter instead of $9.99. I had four change purses, turquoise and pink. But, there was only one elephant change purse. Okay, there were two, but I kept one for my little grand-daughter. Each child did not get one of each of these. I put in bears then started on change purses and then the elephant as I went down the row filling each box. I had one pair of fuzzy socks and three pair of crew socks that were distributed according to how full the box looked.

In no way am I telling you all I used to fill a box unless I just accidentally have wonderful memory today. Pencils, 150 sheet pack of notebook paper or a composition book, toothbrush, tooth paste, soap, washcloth, two hair ribbons, crayons, stickers--in each box. I had a few mirrors and an assortment of small items that I distributed like I did things in the last paragraph.

Since I did not use the pocketbook I bought for fifty-cents, I put in a box and labeled it for the 10-14 year age. I found one calculator for ten cents, so that went into another box for the same age girl.

eleven boxes even though you cannot see them all
Friday night, I finished folding/assembling eleven boxes for Christmas Child. Since I was up late and awoke early Saturday morning for a shower, I took a nap on Saturday. Okay, I slept five hours. Get over it.

I spent the rest of the afternoon and early evening filling those boxes. There are nine more in the car to finish on Sunday and deliver on Monday.

Nothing in these boxes cost more than a quarter except for the pocketbook. Most of the items cost only a dime. Rats, I forgot to buy a package of combs in order to have a comb for each box. I do have a round brush I have never used, so I will get that out. Maybe the boxes will still be at Chic-fil-A when I go to deliver these, and I will add a comb. Since I have mystery shops to perform on Monday, I need to get these delivered early.

Yes, I am guilty of not doing boy boxes, but other than the school supplies and the stickers, I have not found little things for boys like I do for girls. Some people only fill boy boxes because they know most people fill girl boxes. I cannot feel guilty. Considering most of this was free, I suppose I spent less than $1 for each box with the cost spread through the year, mostly the first four months of the year.

UGH! I smell something burning! Hopefully, it is the leaf fire the neighbor's grandchildren burned today. Okay, now I am going out to get the other nine boxes from the car to fold and find some things I did not find today. Fun, fun, fun on a Saturday night. Yes, I am a wild woman.

I accidentally post this, so go below and read the other post that was only up for about an hour before I posted this.

Your turn
Who is filling these boxes this year? Who has filled them before?

My Shower

Saturday morning 6:15
It was wonderfully wet. And, it was almost cold. The water felt tepid to my hand, so I knew this was not going to be fun. I shrieked twice and hoped the house full of people did not hear me. This, as you can imagine was a very quick shower and hair washing. Rubbing the water from my dripping body with the thickest towel I own and the last clean one felt so luxurious and restored a bit humanity to me. My friend who arranged this for me even brought me her hair dryer. I was moved. I had brought mine but almost forgot it. My hair was reasonably dry, so I was deliriously happy.

If you think my gushing is a little much, try using a cup full of water on your body every day.

My friend had had to take boards, paint cans and supplies and a ladder from the tub in order for me to take this shower. All they church members were friendly and accommodating.

I asked a guy who was there helping my friend if he would get 4 gallon jugs from my car and fill them for me. There were really 8 empty jugs here, but I did not want to impose on the church too much.

Mystic Mud has been though the same no water experience for long stretches. She may be the only person who knows how good a shower feels.

Your turn
Have you ever been without water and means to take a shower at another place?

Friday, November 21, 2014

See The Directions?

folding 20 boxes
Folding Christmas Child boxes

There are 15 more boxes left to fold and hook together or a total of 20. I am taping all them to assure they stay together. This whole thing is so hard. My hands hurt! ugh

I started to ask exbf, but he would take forever and not like doing it. At least, I don't think he would like doing it.  He would take forever because he would squeeze the perforated folds so tight that they would stay really well, unlike my folding. The whole box flops open after I do all the folding before I hook pieces together. I didn't want him to work so hard at something I can do.

The one box on top is not photographed well since more of an angle would show it is a box. This project is my charity work this year.

Elder Charity Project

However, I decided to find one older woman in a nursing home who has no one to visit or give her things. I have shampoo, soap, toothbrush, fuzzy footies, deodorant, Christmas card, hand lotion, razors, gloves, scarf/hat, lipstick/lip gloss, Kleenex. I can get snacks, Christmas candy, something Christmas-y to put on the wall or dresser. I have other things swirling in my head. There are sales at WM. Anything else?

Okay, I have eaten, had a chocolate snack, peed twice, changed the channel several times and cannot think of anything else to waste time since I composed this blog post. So, I suppose I should get back to work, folding boxes and maybe start filling them tonight. They need to be turned in tomorrow.

Shower and Hair Washing
Tomorrow morning at 6:30 am, I can get a shower and wash my hair if I get to a church by 6:30 am. I have to be through before they start something else. It will be so lovely to get wet all over. I am so excited.

Your turn
Do you ever fiddle-faddle around and waste time to avoid a task at hand? What else could I give an elderly person in a nursing home? You see why I celebrate a shower with a note on my blog?

Flood and Mugs

outdoor basement steps

I lost the picture that went with the promised F-bombs. How does that happen? (rhetorical question only) Fortunately, I can take that again.

The picture above was taken of the steps down into my basement. I suppose a cat knocked the purple planter off and I suppose exbf put the plastic bags into the planter. sigh I wonder how much damage was done and how much all that water will cost me.

Look carefully at the picture. The water is the level of the last step. Six inches or so of the door is under water. I you look at the left side of the door, you can see the water line and the door under the water. This door has panels and the last section is under the water. Can you see that?

Before the plumber could even get to the place where the water line was broken and water gushing out, he had to get a pump to remove the water. The pump removed 70 gallons of water every minute. (I think that is what I heard him say to his helper.) Of course, my back yard was very soggy when he was through. Exbf had to put down boards to walk on so he could get to the hens.

grocery display
Can you believe that one of these Mug Cakes is $1.79? And, it does not include a mug! My own version is to take a cheap cake mix, dump some in a cup, add milk, and microwave. 1/3 cup of mix+2Tablspoons of milk sounds about right. If it is hot, chocolate and gooey, I am happy. Then, there are recipes rom scratch. Some contain 12 ingredients and some recipes have only 3 ingredients.

Ooooh, look at this SITE.

Your turn
Can you believe there was six inches of water in the basement? Have you ever made a cake in a cup or mug?