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Sunday, January 25, 2015


This article is very interesting. Did you know you can get a fecal implant, poop from someone else? On the same page, there is an article on flatulence. Enjoy your Sunday morning.

Life Is Just Not Good Right Now

In order to make my life better, I m not going to fight my "a" key. I have to hit the a key 10 or more times to get it to type. Of course, the last sentence hd n a that worked. Both hnds feel like someone beat them, squeezed them, nd stepped on them.

My hands have never hurt from typing. Tensing the little finger, tenses my whole hand, even both hands. Sometimes I give up nd pound the key with the right hnd, nd that mkes my right hand hurt s well. I want a solution tht does not involve my taking pain meds. Severl times, I hve hit the key 20 times before it worked. That is brutal on my fingers and hands nd wrists.

My little finger hs never been able to hit the key right, not even in high school. So, I hit the letter with the side of the nil, the thing you polish on the end or the finger.. This pounding has cused a problem. First, the letter name was scrped off. Chrlie ws typing on my computer nd stopped in shock, "Where is the A key? He sid he hd never seen a key wear off. See how fickle this key is?

This continual skipping has been going on for a week. The next thing that happened was the key hd  hole in it. I have cleaned under the key, but nothing helps. Some of these words turned out correct after the computer fixed them. I am thinking about taking the key off. Tht wy when I hit the keyless spce, I cn still get  letter on the pge. In the weird words, just Add an a. Okay?

I still don't hve water, so tht is a real downer. I hve to buy wter, so this is expensive. Plus, not wanting to cook, I grab something to eat severl times ech week. My money is running out.

The plumber will not respond. So, nother plumber will be called on Monday. But, since the trench is not filled in, the wter might freeze again this winter.

My illness hs come nd gone nd gotten worse. finally I am so dizzy I bang into walls, doors nd pictures on the walls. Oky, I am going to doctor tomorrow, promise. But, I will go after I go to the church for hir wshing nd shower.

Thursdy, when exbf ws here, he hd to help me get the laundry into lundry, into mchine, out gain nd into the house. Now, I cnnot get it in the dryr. Well, I am staggering when I try to bend to get to the dryer door. I hope I m not found headfirst in the dryer.

I don't even wnt to write  blog post.

One good thing--someone nailed up the ceiling where the raccoons were breaking it down. So, now, t least I m not frightened of the mma raccoon falling in here. .

Your turn
Does anyone know what to do for  lptop key with a hole in it? Tht is my min problem tht mkes me complin bout other things. Could you red this post?

Friday, January 23, 2015

Sluggy's Giveway

Here is a hint--chocolate. But, it is not all chocolate. Go HERE and check it out.

Two eggs today and more dreams last night.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Two Eggs and a Million Dreams

Wednesday morning when I went out to feed my hens, they were eager. Thelma was in the nest. She didn't jump right down for food. So, I looked under her and saw nothing at all. Later, I went to the mailbox and was taking a picture and getting mail. The hens were in front of the house, but they soon ran to me.

I needed to take  a picture of my broken swing. They ran right along with me to the far side of the house. While I was out that way, I found two eggs in the nest. Yay! Thelma came through. In a month she will be 6 years old.

When I left the house, went to mailbox and then to swing and came in, I had completely circled the house. They were about ten feet from where they started. As I approached the steps, they kept coming and were soon right at the door as I tried to get in the door. They beg so prettily. So, they were rewarded with cracked corn.

I dreamed that I was dreaming and had a discussion with someone in the dream. Am I dreaming I am dreaming? Or, am I dreaming that I am  dreaming that I am dreaming. We had a really good conversation. I wonder if I were talking to Descartes.

Your turn
Do your chickens beg prettily and convince you to feed them even when they just want a snack and there is a yard full of bugs and green stuff to eat? Do your other animals have a way of begging that melts your heart?

Do your dreams become philosophical discussions in your dream? Does a dualism exist in your dreams?

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Found a Stash; Tossed a Stash; Reduced Stash

Stash 1
For a few months, I have been using things that I don't like. Well, actually, these things are irritants. I prefer plain, old, original Dawn that does not make me sneeze or make my hands itch. I ran out of my preference and used some Dawn with lotions. ugh. Then, I used Palmolive antibacterial  Today, I was in the laundry room, drying the clothes I took to the laundry last night.

There was a box that was at an angle, so I looked to see what was in there. Lo and Behold, there were 7 bottles of original Dawn, 15 oz. bottles. Can you see my Happy Dance?

Tossed a Stash

When Michele and the marvelous three were here, I had Einstein carry out from the laundry room about a dozen buckets of paint. Some were 13 years old, but stored inside so it was in temperature controlled environment and closed very tight, not half-closed like some paint is stored. Well, I had Einstein put them outdoors. The plan was for them to carry home all if they wanted it. We all forgot. Some of it was paint I wanted but did not get it in before the freezes we have had.

Sunday night, Charlie carried all the paint buckets to the road for the garbage pickup.

Sooo, all gone. But, the movement of the paint from indoors to outdoors must have unearthed the box that held my stash of 7 bottles of Dawn. Since I must get the Dawn on a shelf, now I must clear out and toss something in the laundry room that is not usable. But, this is not a problem, just a challenge.

Dawn I found probably did not cost more than a quarter, but possibly it was free. For the last year, I have been looking for Dawn original on sale so I could use my coupons. Finally, I was out and resorted to other dishwashing liquid. Now, the search is not so urgent. I just love it when a plan comes together when there was not actually a plan.

Reduced a Stash
When Michele was here, she picked up a huge bag that contained smaller bags. These were prescriptions. This embarrassed me because it looked as though I were on dozens of prescriptions each day. Not so. And, I am certainly not hoarding pills.

When I get to the last two or three pills and it has disappeared, sometimes I pick up the new bottle waiting and start on it. Sometimes, I don't throw away an empty bottle because I need to take the label off before tossing. Sometimes, I want to save the pill bottle for use as a container. That is how I end up with so many pill bottles.

When I buy Mucinex, generic, there is a bottle at WM for $0.88 that contains only 15 tablets, a much lower cost per pill than a large bottle of generic or the Mucinex brand. Today, I dumped the contents of two bottles and half of another bottle into one bottle. That means two empty bottles tossed.

Then, there are three meds I was allergic to and the bottle of prescription med that I refused to take. I hate to toss these, but have no one to give them to. sigh...they remain for at least a few more weeks.

Most of the things I have are for allergies. I don't use the inhalers as soon as I should, so I have too many. For the next few months, I need to tell the pharmacist not to fill these.

Last night, someone got the paint from the curb, okay with me. I have two full garbage cans ready for Thursday pickup. And, I have until tonight to mash down those two and fill the third garbage can I own.
Oh Joy!

Remember, bending is almost impossible for me to do. Bending two or three times finishes me off for the day. Seriously, I often look longingly at things I want to do.

(The line spacing is all the work of Blogger.)

Your turn
Does decluttering ever start out innocently enough with picking up an item and sort of snowball, finding something that needs to go now? Do you find things you want or need, things you thought you had but could not find? How are your stashes doing? Come on; we all have them, even if called by a different name.

Monday, January 19, 2015


Since I lost the use of 2/3 of my house, I have desperately needed more storage options. I don't just need storage for extra stuff, I need storage for necessities. Of course, I got rid of stuff, still need to get rid of stuff, but never mind that. I found the perfect solution. It my not be your cup of tea. I don't even drink cups of tea, but this idea is perfect and just my style. This idea would free up floor space even if a person is not desperate for storage of even basics.

I often find small pieces of solid wood furniture that is entirely too short of is just too small. Sometimes, it is too wide and too short but has lots of storage. Never again will I reject a piece of solid wood furniture if it is cheap. Look where this furniture is used. Painting everything the color of the wall keeps you from imagining it is going to fall on your head.

Go take a look at this fabulous IDEA.

Your turn
Come back and tell me what you think. Do you like the look of furniture on the wall where you can still have the same floor space? Does this suit your sense of aesthetics? How would you like it if several pieces only used the floor real estate of one piece of furniture?

Sunday, January 18, 2015


Hello Dear Linda,

  Thanks for your reply and i am so happy now that we have been corresponding true this means from time to time and i am always happy every time that i hear from you.I hope you are really having a very nice time in everything you engaged in my dear both your work and everything babe. Right now my dear,i am feeling so special meeting a very special dedicating caring heart woman like you and i am ready to do anything to make you happy in as much as you always promise to do just the same for me my dear..Everything you write me is great and i have them save in my memory that is why we have to keep doing this to know each other enough better...
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YUPPERS,  now how much money does he want to  send to make him happy? Did he ever pick the wrong woman to give him money or things!?!?

Catfishing is romancing a woman online to get money or very nice gifts from her. Yes, it can be a woman doing the damage.

This is about our fourth exchange of really shallow emails.

Your turn
Have you ever met someone on a dating/online site who tried to romance you to scam you? I was skeptical from the first email. I am just going along to see how far this will go and if he follows the pattern of catfishing.