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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A Winner for Giveaway II

This is how I chose. I wrote down the three entries and numbered them. Then, I called Charlie and asked him to choose a number from 1 to 3. He chose 2, so the winner is

Email me your address, Carol. 

Look what came to my house today!

two guys and a....

in place
A reader of my blog emailed and told me she would buy a mattress for me over the phone and have it delivered. You better believe I thanked her and went mattress shopping. I picked out three, and this is the one she sent me. One mattress was ridiculously over-priced. The other was suspiciously low. This one was juuust riiight.

I set atop a bedspread because the bolts that hold the frame together might rip the mattress. Now, I know why the box spring has those pieces of plastic on them. I think the king bed frame had pesky things to snag the mattress. At any rate, the problem is fixed until I can get some little plastic things to cover the ends of the bolts. I had them in the cart at Lowe's and failed to buy them. I suppose I left them in the parking lot.

I have a plastic cover in order to zip this up and encase it. Now, I have to get a pad to go on top and sheets. Since I can only sleep on cotton, this will be an ordeal. I will go to the thrift store and see how long I can stand. 100% cotton and cheap will be hard to find. Maybe I will find a pink or white set of flannel sheets in cotton. Who knows.

Exbf can help me put the plastic cover on. Thanks to Michele, I have a bed to put the mattress on.  I feel like I am recovering my human-ness.

By the way, this was the only flippable mattress in the store! Now, they are not made to flip from one side to the other, just to swing around and sleep on the other end. Weird?

So, who's a happy camper? ME! Thanks again, sweet blogger!

Your turn
Have you seen the price of mattresses lately? Serta Perfect feels the best, but that comfort is costly.

My Coke Rewards 30 Points for 12-pack

Free 12-pack
I got this free 12-pack and have three other coupons coming. SLUGGY  has  more details about how many you can get at this time. I could only get one.

Tomorrow, I need to post some more points when it is light and I can see inside those caps. Some nights, I put a small flashlight behind the code in order to see it better.

Your turn
I know some people don't drink Coke, don't live where these are available, and do not want to participate. But, who is getting these coupons?

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

I Asked Myself,

Is it dead?

Did I run over it as I parked?
 Well, is it dead or sleeping? This is not the "playing possum" position even though the possum is not all, even when I spoke to it, stomped, and kicked leaves and rocks its way. I prepared for it to leap at me, all teeth and hisses.

The front wheel is going to hit it if I just back up, and I don't want to move it. How lucky can I get with a dead possum? Finally, I just backed out and cut my wheel so as not to squash it.  ugggh.

As I leaned over to look at the possum to determine if I could see wounds, I noticed that little black specks were all over the ends of the light fur. I leapt back as I realized the thing was lousy with fleas. I sprayed the area around the possum and soaked its fur in Raid flea killer. This is the kind with the lavender clear cap. It kills fleas and eggs.

I left a trash can in the front yard with two WM bags to use as gloves inside the trash bag to put it in. It took Tony two horrid days to get it. Luckily, I never hit Ms. Possum in my comings and goings, making sure it was behind the car instead of under the car. I was quite sure she would not crawl under the car for

Did it just snuggle up to the tire to die?

two days later
 I was sitting inside when I heard a ruckus in the yard. Chickens were fussing, first one, then two, and finally the third and last one. This went on about three minutes as I got my shoes on and some oats for them.

They were all three in the yard on the side next to my crazy lady neighbor, the one who did not hear ten minutes of my screaming and the dogs' barking and growling. Well, I went out talking to them softly. No help. They were obviously very frightened. I stood talking in a soft voice, showing them I had oats, something that will always make them run to me or their pen. This time, none of the three had any interest in food. That showed me they really were afraid. So, I stood very still and stared at certain places in the yard, hoping to spot movement.

 The crazy lady next door snatched her back door open, glared at me, and slammed it. Yes, the hens were noisy, but how loud can three hens get? And, it was about 2:30 pm. I walked toward their pen on the other side of the house, calling them softly and giving their shrill food call--deee lie lah--while they tried to decide what to do. Maggie May and Patsy Cline ran for their lives in the center of the yard rushing straight for me. Thelma walked slowly close to the fence, with measured and cautious steps, looking at the hole from two feet or less. When she got to the hole, she stood still and stared at it for about three seconds and ran for her life, tripping on a board, hitting her chin on the ground, regaining her footing and rushing right into the pen. So, there was something probably going into the hole. Yes, chickens do have chins, don't they?

I do live an exciting life.

Remember, today is the last night for Giveaway II. Enter by midnight.

Your turn
Do you have any thoughts on these incidents? What could be in that hole?

Monday, December 15, 2014

Sorry, Cella Surprise

only chocolate covered cherries I will eat

As I left in a hurry, I stopped short because there was a package in the way. I took it with me because I just knew it had to be something good. As I drove, I struggled to open the tape with my keys. Finally, I drove with one hand and yanked some newspaper out. Ooooh, pieces of chocolate nestled in the crumpled newspaper. So, I attacked those and tried to drive. Then, I started snatching things out as I drove. Wow, a pretty box to open. I did, and this is what I found. My one thought--I will save this until Christmas Day.

Now, everybody knows I love the Cella Chocolate Covered Cherries. So, I was not surprised the giver chose these for me. An envelope contained a donation. The Christmas card contained a generous donation check to help with my water problem...yay. Then, I read the card--do not open package until Christmas Day. Ooops, I broke a cardinal rule--open and read card first. Where are my manners? How many times did I enforce this with my children? sigh

Oh, yeah, hand sanitizer for my days without water. Well, water is on but things don't work. And, I still owe money, lots of money.

Now, I could have the 12 Days of Christmas going if I could get about 11 more of these. Who care about ladies dancing and lords leaping? Just introduce them. They will settle down and find other things to do.

Thanks generous friend for the monetary help and Cella cherries. You may reveal yourself if you wish.

Your turn
What candy would you want in a box on your steps?

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Tulips: They Are Back

Dec 4, 2014

Okay, this won't be a weekly subject like it was last fall through spring. I never put the tulips away. I never dug them up. They sat in the swing all summer. Right after Thanksgiving, I noticed they were coming up. Is this the way they are supposed to grow, breaking the ground now? Did I do something wrong? What should I have done? Do I need to do something besides just let them be? They will freeze here. Do tulips normally poke through at this time of the year?

You can hand me a new-born baby, and I am fine. Give me a plant and I am so nervous, out of my element. Okay, some plants I have down pat. Bulbs? I don't understand bulbs. Well, yes, I do. But, what do I do with them next after they bloom?

Your turn
Any thoughts?

Friday, December 12, 2014

Giveaway II

Tags on--$65
This sweater has not been worn and cannot be returned. I will mail this Wednesday. Enter now.

It is a 3X, a gorgeous Christmas Red, not the orangey red as above. Those are tasteful beads and sequins on the front. This would make a wonderful gift or you could wear it for Christmas yourself. I no longer want it and will not wear it.

Only Lower 48 states are eligible.
You must be a follower.
1 entry per day. (5 possible entries.)
5 entries for posting on the your blog and sending link to this post.  5+5=10 possible entries/chances.
Deadline-Tuesday night at midnight.

Enter and reaon this blog only and read the Previous Post--Christmas Grump.