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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Charter, Are You Nuts?

The guys came to hook me up with Charter and informed me I could not get Charter in my location.

Why? The people next door have it?

The pole is across the street and your electric meter is behind your house. Theirs is in front of their house.

In my head: No, it is behind their house, just like mine.

So, why not put a pole in my yard?

Well, a surveyor will have to come tomorrow and it will be Friday before you have internet.

The End

If Charter cannot get it right from the beginning, what chance do I have?

Right now, I am sitting in McD parking lot and am going home!

Your turn
Have you had trouble with Charter?

Monday, September 1, 2014

Tuna Sale


Starkist Chunk Light Tuna was on sale a few weeks ago at one of the local stores. I would normally buy at least ten of these. Because of mercury that is supposedly in tuna, I never eat more than one can each week. Now, I worry about fish caught in the Pacific because of radiation after  Fukishima.  
Tonight, I am at Burger King. Hopefully, the internet will be connected tomorrow. The appointment with Charter is between 1 pm and 3 pm. Then, I received a text that it was between 3 pm and 5 pm....Noooooo! Now, I wonder if they will come at all. So, that's a call I must make early tomorrow.
Thelma seems much better, but she is not 100%. At 3 pm, she was sitting in her sleeping box.
Your turn
Do you find good sales on Starkist tuna? Do you worry about fish caught in the Pacific? Do the providers of your communications drive you crazy?

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Chicken Talk

not feeling well

The morning after Thelma spent the night out of the pen, she retired to the back of the pen with tail down and head pulled in. She ate nothing, just stood. It made me sad to think she might die. Unlike Fancy, Thelma would not come out so I could hold her.

In the picture above, she had her head down and tail down, just standing. Then, I bent over, trying to take a picture under the table. Thelma then stood up, raising her head and tail a bit. So, I did not get the shot I wanted.

Since she barely could walk the first morning back, maybe she failed to jump up to the table or from the table to nest. Maybe she left the open pen for a safer place to sleep. Maybe her failure to jump up is why there were feathers right in front of the table. I had wondered why there was no trail of feathers like when the two little ones were killed and obviously dragged off.

At any rate, she barely seems interested in eating. She just walks a little and stands.

One morning, I took cherries that rolled all over the kitchen floor, salad left from exbf, apple cores, and various fruits and vegetables. Well, there were three stunned hens, walking around like the earth had ended. If they don't get oats, they are sad. So, they all just left the pen, walking dispirited, looking for bugs.

(Okay, I am sitting here at McD's with a back still aching from Saturday night's visit. So, it will be hurting worse tomorrow.)

It appears that Thelma is getting better. The first day when she did not seem so ill, her crop seemed larger, engorged. But, neither exbf nor I can reach her when she won't come out of the corner! Well, we could dismantle the set-up. She has not given up an egg, either. I have had hens walk around like this, tail down and head down and pulled in before. Only Fancy did not get better.

The little one is taller than Patsy Cline. She seems all neck and legs. Seriously, I think her neck grew three inches taller one night. I do hope the little one is a hen.

Your turn
Does anyone agonize over their hens' safety? Do your hens appear visibly ecstatic or sad according to what they receive to eat? Going home.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Chicken Talk; No Talk

Well, I am sitting here at McD, trying to post. that's not happening. My internet was cut off, something about not making a payment since May, so this saga continues. I do make payments, but there is no way to tell  where they put the payments. By Tuesday I will have Charter. The Charter guy annoyed me so, acting like it was dumb not to bundle. And, asking me why I don't have a home phone. I didn't tell him I had MagicJack because he was so annoying. I did tell him I had an outdoor antenna--three times! Yet, he still badgered me about bundling and get Charter TV.

I asked him a direct question. He said, "Oh, there is no use trying to explain that because it would just confuse you." I told him that was not a good think to say to anyone, especially a woman. Then, I asked for a supervisor who was nicer, still sighing because I would not knuckle under. At least there is no contract with this.

ATT will get their money I owe--$5 each month.

I may buzz around a few blogs or not. Sitting here makes me want to cry because of the pain.

Since I cannot, for some reason, post a picture, I will just stop and not talk about chickens.

Your turn
If you have Charter, have you had problems with customer service or with the reception itself?

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Sold a Car!

Pontiac Grand Am
1998 6 cylinder
I got a good price according to exbf. And, the guy was really happy. The car had bad brakes, something wrong with head gasket (busted or cracked?), needed water in radiator every trip he made to work and on the way home. Oil needed frequent refilling. The passenger front seat would not sit up straight. The transmission was slipping badly. The ac did not work! The car roared because of the exhaust or something. AND, exbf ran under a truck a few months ago. The hood will close no more than it is closed in the picture above.

That is the corner of my lot where it is sitting. It had been sitting in this spot for exactly four weeks, since he bought a new vehicle.. I wanted to sell it before it quit working and before some of the hoity toity neighbors complained about the junker on the street. It started first time the key was turned. They never even drove it, got into it, or put it into gear. Exbf told no lies about the car.

When I called the mechanic to tell him about the car this afternoon, he asked me, "I don't suppose it runs?" I assured him the owner drove it 200 miles each week for work and another 130 miles round-trip to come to my house. The mechanic said, "If it runs, I will definitely buy it."

The guy handed exbf $300 cash--3 $100 bills.

How did I get $300 for this car from the first person I called and the first person who looked at it? I called a certified mechanic to see if he had any idea of a person who might want to buy a car. He and his son came by and were really, really happy. The son works for a tire dealer across the street from where the father is a mechanic in a full-service station. The father smiled as he said that his son could learn to fix it, that he had been wanting a car. The son seemed to like that his father said that. The son smiled when I asked him where he worked. He commented that when business was down he could pull it into a bay and work on it. He appeared so happy and proud in a very quiet way. So, there appeared to be a bonding moment I was watching as the father beamed at his son. There will be probably many more bonding hours with this car.

See the twine holding down the hood?

I have no idea how this twine kept the hood down since this car drives about 200 interstate miles at high speeds! Yes, they untied it and looked under the hood and made sparks fly when the did something wiggly to the wires attached to something. Spark plugs?

If I had taken pictures before the two guys arrived, I could have gotten better pictures. It felt like I was interrupting guy talk. Maybe I would ruin the sale? So, pictures I could get and only one shot of each were all I dared to take.

new owner

Once in about 1986, I sold a car without a back bumper for $350. My friend was shocked I got so much from the first person I asked if she knew someone who needed a car. She said she drove it for over 3 years without a bit of trouble. Maybe I sold it too cheaply? I did give her the bumper, but she never put it on.

By the way, he sold his last running car for the $100 a guy offered him. Since the car was left here when he drove the other one home, I was sort of in charge of selling this one. Exbf was thrilled with what I got.

Your turn
Does the car look and sound like it is worth $300? If you are a mechanic, would you have bought it for a kid to learn by doing?

"In all my born days..." and Accidental Windfall

I would never imagine anyone giving me $20 for returning a Visa card.

After I paid for my gas, I went out to pump it. There, right beside my gas tank on the ground was a Visa card. I picked it up, put it in my pocket, intending to take it inside. But, I pumped my gas, went on my way. I took off those pants and two days later was going to wash them. There was the Visa card. I left it on the bathroom counter so I would not stash it somewhere "safe" and never find it.

I called today and talked to the woman's husband. He said that only moments before my call did she realize she did not have it. So, he said he would come get it anywhere, anytime today or when it was convenient. Then, I discovered I had no bread or buns for the turkey sandwich planned for lunch. So, I called him back and told him we would meet him at Burger King as we were going through the drive-thru.

He met us with a smile, an older man, very fit and with a strong gait. As he took the card, he slipped a $20 into my hand and kept backing up and folding my hand around it as I objected to taking money. If he weren't faster than I am, I would have gone to his car and put the money inside. And, I think it so rude to toss a gift of money to the ground. Sooo, guess who paid for our lunch. Of course, we used a coupon, bought a fifty-cent Coke from a machine and sat under the picnic tree. (a former post shows the tree throwing shade to park under, right at the back of the parking lot.) We are not spending $4 on fountain cokes! Now, exbf is working his meal off while I sitting with ear drops in my ear, trying not to let them run out soon.

Still, I feel almost ashamed for taking the money.

As we ate, I told exbf, "Never in all my born days would I expect to get money for returning a credit card or anything!"

Now, that is a good old Southern expression that I heard all the time from my Mississippi relatives and people in Memphis and Jackson, Mississippi.

Your turn
Have you ever heard that expression? Where did you hear it? State? Relatives? Slugmama, how about you?

Would you feel guilty for taking a $20 bill for simply being honest and caring that a woman got her cc back?

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

What is This Weed?

8 feet tall


Sometimes, I allow a weed to grow just to see what it is.  Do you know what it is? The very top has cylindrical things, pink, that will soon flower. I DO NOT want to disperse the seeds unless this weed is edible.

6 feet tall
Here is a picture with the setting sun shining on it, making the dark green leaves very pale. Both these were in open areas that the last mower did not mind leaving unmowed!

Your turn
These need to be beheaded, at least, before the seeds disperse. Does anyone have a clue as to what these might be?