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Friday, January 30, 2015

Wanted: Mouser with Kittens

Last night, I awoke every few hours all night long, very upset and unable to sleep much. Charlie had been here and helped me as he screamed at me. Then, I screamed back. Since this is not the way my life runs, his presence, even with "help" was disruptive. At any rate, he did carry some items out of the house and cleaned my bathroom floor on hands and knees. There were things here he got in a trade for working. While he was getting things out of the room next to the kitchen (18'x20' room next to kitchen), I found one of the rats that plagued me under a table NOT in the kitchen.

Pick it up!

"Not with my bare hands!"

So, I gave him a plastic bag. While I gagged and he made a guy face, he threw it in the trash.

He got about 8 boxes out of the house, two boxes of what he wanted, one rat...quite a good deal for me.

He was yelling at me because I did not know how to use his iphone to text women he was hitting on. When you hand me something and give me no instructions, I really resent being yelled at and being called names.

After sleeping for 12 hours the night before and being yelled at, it is no wonder I could not sleep. I did dream. By the way, I can put Charlie in his place, set him straight before he next steps into the house.

"Wanted: Mouser with kittens." Yep, that was my ad in the paper or somewhere in my dream. Then, all Hell broke loose on the internet. Someone found out I was going to leave them all outdoors. Of course, the cats came from living outdoors. They weren't going to be left in a puddle in the rain and wind. I have a well-sheltered, small porch, closed in on three sides.

However, the online melee continued with people mostly from UK talking about how cruel I was. I tried to defend myself, saying barn cats live just fine without central heat. Besides, I have made cozy houses for dogs and cats, only to find the dog sleeping on top of the dog house in the snow. The cat would go under the porch and make its way to the basement.

So it went until exbf woke me unlocking the side door. He likes my dreams. Well, he enjoys hearing what happens in my sometimes-confusing unconscious.

In my dream, I was trying to solve the problem of rats and mice. Both have tried to take over. When I locked the hens up last night, they had not eaten any of their oats, now sitting in pine straw. "Oh, great. Now mice and rats will come!

In my dream I solved my problem. I cannot have a cat in the house. I cannot get a kitten and keep it outdoors. Well, I can but people take my kittens. Yes, trust me, they do. Having a mama raise her kittens is just the thing for me. In my dream I "tested" many mamas and kittens. At least in my dreams they seemed to be coming from everywhere.

I am quite sure someone will foist off a house cat with kittens. Well, it better learn to hunt. Paying for spaying and neutering will be better than entertaining and then executing rats.

I got two eggs today.

Your turn
Do you ever solve problems in your dreams? Has anyone ever berated you when "helping" you and made you so furious?

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Rod McKuen Died

McKuen is one of my favorite poets and songwriters. Long before he disclosed he was molested, I just knew it as I read his writings and poems.

"We had joy;
we had fun;
we had seasons in the sun..."

My son was only three and loved this line from our favorite song. We sang lots in the car.

Before I knew Mckuen had a cat named Sloopy, I had  black cat named Sloopy.

Your turn
Did Mckuen's songs move you? Did you buy his poetry Listen to the Warm?

Getting Better

I am not getting better as swiftly as I think I should. Last night, I went to bed at 11 pm. Charlie made the mistake of calling me as I tried to climb into bed. I was snappy and whiny. When I got into the bed, I was asleep within thirty seconds. Of course, it take me two minutes of wiggling around to get the covers like I want them, to get the pillow adjusted, and to get the little blanket over my head just right. The thirty seconds starts once everything is just right. Then, I slept 12 solid hours, not counting twice I got up during the night for the trip to bathroom.

The hens gave me one egg today. Of course, their water ran dry yesterday because exbf did not give them fresh water last week. Now, they are hydrated and have plenty of water, so egg production should surge ahead.

My sinuses feel like someone is standing on my face and my throat hurts in a new place. I still have dizzy spells. Ugh!

There are lots of specials for the week, all of which are price-matched at Walmart. Since I have plenty of everything else, I can focus on the fruits and vegetables and Kraft Cheese deals. I will put those in another post.

Today, the temperature was 66 F, and will drop 30 degrees tonight. How is it where you are, and give your location, vaguely, if you will. The daffodils have been popping out of the ground for three weeks. Yay!

I just now got a little popup notice that blogger wants to track my location. ??? I said NO. What's with this? And, I still cannot post pictures. Wonder why?

Your turn
What is the weather like in your area? Can you include your area? Why would blogger want to track me?

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Free Book for Everyone and $25 Giveaway

What a great opportunity over at the blog of one of the funniest bloggers around. Just go HERE!
 Friday, January 30,  is the deadline. I have been sick. So, sue me.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Awful Dreams, Eggs, Weather, Doctor

Okay, no pictures nd no "A," so deal with it. That letter does not work most of the time. I had to force the first one in this post.

When I went to bed last night, I hd only tken one melatonin. Obviously, I do need more thn one. Occassionlly, I try to cut back. But, one more melatonin did the trick lst night. Finlly, I got to sleep somewhere round five or six this morning fter trying to fall asleep after multiple bathroom trips. In the meantime...


Somehow, I had  little rock,  a pebble. I noticed it seemed larger but could not be sure. I sat here in my chir nd noticed tht it was the size of  baseball. Everything in my house was getting larger.

(Let's stop. I have been looking at  heart-shaped rock a little girl gve me. Plus, I see the commercials about the mn nd the one about the woman in n ad for head congestion. AND, parts/bords of my house keep falling off. )

Soon, The expnding furniture nd the now boulder-sized impediment were alarming. So, I shoved it to the kitchen, nd suddenly it magically was golf ball sized. I ws relieved but the furniture ws still lrge. I went through and climbed around to the door and threw the rock outside.

Tht rock exploded, frightening me. Well, was it a board falling off my house, or was it the stupid rock? I hd just thrown the rock out the door, so I dodged back inside. The furniture was slowing getting back to the right size.

Sometimes, there was someone else in the room with me, but that person came nd went somehow. Once, it ws exbf. This dream went on and on.


There ws one huge egg in the nest, Thelma's, I suppose. My giant Maggie May needs to step up her production and give me some large ones. Late in the day, I found another, so that makes two eggs for today.

Since exbf was here on Thursday, I have finally, tody, gotten the two lods of clothes dried. Well, one load would be two in my washing machine. I felt horrible on the day that is was high 60s. So, today since it is 37 degrees F with a brisk breeze, I hung out socks and panties. Then, I took a box out of the car. It took many minutes to get the cold out of my fingertips once I came in. At tht point, I finally turned on the heat.

The rest of the week should be in mid 50s F for day nd low 30s at night and few sprinkles two days. It is now still dylight after 5:30.

After staggering around for a few days, I finlly went to the doctor yesterday. I hd put color on my hair nd hd  shower at the church yesterday, so I did nd not look and feel so grungy to see him. The doctor gve me cortisone and clindamycin (sp?) nd  Zpac. The pharmacy closed ten minutes earlier. So, I need to mke  another trip to the pharmacy in just a few minutes.

So, I feel better but that may be the hir washing/color, shower rather thn meds. Remember, this hs been going on for about  month.

Right now, my whole face hurts, but that is probably from hnging out clothes in a frigid, stiff  breeze.

Your turn
Are you able to figure out why you dream nd what you see everyday that triggers a dream? Have your hens started laying with the longer hours of sunshine? Are you snowed in? Has  lingering, not-so-bad illness finlly drove you to the doctor?

Sunday, January 25, 2015


This article is very interesting. Did you know you can get a fecal implant, poop from someone else? On the same page, there is an article on flatulence. Enjoy your Sunday morning.

Life Is Just Not Good Right Now

In order to make my life better, I m not going to fight my "a" key. I have to hit the a key 10 or more times to get it to type. Of course, the last sentence hd n a that worked. Both hnds feel like someone beat them, squeezed them, nd stepped on them.

My hands have never hurt from typing. Tensing the little finger, tenses my whole hand, even both hands. Sometimes I give up nd pound the key with the right hnd, nd that mkes my right hand hurt s well. I want a solution tht does not involve my taking pain meds. Severl times, I hve hit the key 20 times before it worked. That is brutal on my fingers and hands nd wrists.

My little finger hs never been able to hit the key right, not even in high school. So, I hit the letter with the side of the nil, the thing you polish on the end or the finger.. This pounding has cused a problem. First, the letter name was scrped off. Chrlie ws typing on my computer nd stopped in shock, "Where is the A key? He sid he hd never seen a key wear off. See how fickle this key is?

This continual skipping has been going on for a week. The next thing that happened was the key hd  hole in it. I have cleaned under the key, but nothing helps. Some of these words turned out correct after the computer fixed them. I am thinking about taking the key off. Tht wy when I hit the keyless spce, I cn still get  letter on the pge. In the weird words, just Add an a. Okay?

I still don't hve water, so tht is a real downer. I hve to buy wter, so this is expensive. Plus, not wanting to cook, I grab something to eat severl times ech week. My money is running out.

The plumber will not respond. So, nother plumber will be called on Monday. But, since the trench is not filled in, the wter might freeze again this winter.

My illness hs come nd gone nd gotten worse. finally I am so dizzy I bang into walls, doors nd pictures on the walls. Oky, I am going to doctor tomorrow, promise. But, I will go after I go to the church for hir wshing nd shower.

Thursdy, when exbf ws here, he hd to help me get the laundry into lundry, into mchine, out gain nd into the house. Now, I cnnot get it in the dryr. Well, I am staggering when I try to bend to get to the dryer door. I hope I m not found headfirst in the dryer.

I don't even wnt to write  blog post.

One good thing--someone nailed up the ceiling where the raccoons were breaking it down. So, now, t least I m not frightened of the mma raccoon falling in here. .

Your turn
Does anyone know what to do for  lptop key with a hole in it? Tht is my min problem tht mkes me complin bout other things. Could you red this post?

Friday, January 23, 2015

Sluggy's Giveway

Here is a hint--chocolate. But, it is not all chocolate. Go HERE and check it out.

Two eggs today and more dreams last night.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Two Eggs and a Million Dreams

Wednesday morning when I went out to feed my hens, they were eager. Thelma was in the nest. She didn't jump right down for food. So, I looked under her and saw nothing at all. Later, I went to the mailbox and was taking a picture and getting mail. The hens were in front of the house, but they soon ran to me.

I needed to take  a picture of my broken swing. They ran right along with me to the far side of the house. While I was out that way, I found two eggs in the nest. Yay! Thelma came through. In a month she will be 6 years old.

When I left the house, went to mailbox and then to swing and came in, I had completely circled the house. They were about ten feet from where they started. As I approached the steps, they kept coming and were soon right at the door as I tried to get in the door. They beg so prettily. So, they were rewarded with cracked corn.

I dreamed that I was dreaming and had a discussion with someone in the dream. Am I dreaming I am dreaming? Or, am I dreaming that I am  dreaming that I am dreaming. We had a really good conversation. I wonder if I were talking to Descartes.

Your turn
Do your chickens beg prettily and convince you to feed them even when they just want a snack and there is a yard full of bugs and green stuff to eat? Do your other animals have a way of begging that melts your heart?

Do your dreams become philosophical discussions in your dream? Does a dualism exist in your dreams?

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Found a Stash; Tossed a Stash; Reduced Stash

Stash 1
For a few months, I have been using things that I don't like. Well, actually, these things are irritants. I prefer plain, old, original Dawn that does not make me sneeze or make my hands itch. I ran out of my preference and used some Dawn with lotions. ugh. Then, I used Palmolive antibacterial  Today, I was in the laundry room, drying the clothes I took to the laundry last night.

There was a box that was at an angle, so I looked to see what was in there. Lo and Behold, there were 7 bottles of original Dawn, 15 oz. bottles. Can you see my Happy Dance?

Tossed a Stash

When Michele and the marvelous three were here, I had Einstein carry out from the laundry room about a dozen buckets of paint. Some were 13 years old, but stored inside so it was in temperature controlled environment and closed very tight, not half-closed like some paint is stored. Well, I had Einstein put them outdoors. The plan was for them to carry home all if they wanted it. We all forgot. Some of it was paint I wanted but did not get it in before the freezes we have had.

Sunday night, Charlie carried all the paint buckets to the road for the garbage pickup.

Sooo, all gone. But, the movement of the paint from indoors to outdoors must have unearthed the box that held my stash of 7 bottles of Dawn. Since I must get the Dawn on a shelf, now I must clear out and toss something in the laundry room that is not usable. But, this is not a problem, just a challenge.

Dawn I found probably did not cost more than a quarter, but possibly it was free. For the last year, I have been looking for Dawn original on sale so I could use my coupons. Finally, I was out and resorted to other dishwashing liquid. Now, the search is not so urgent. I just love it when a plan comes together when there was not actually a plan.

Reduced a Stash
When Michele was here, she picked up a huge bag that contained smaller bags. These were prescriptions. This embarrassed me because it looked as though I were on dozens of prescriptions each day. Not so. And, I am certainly not hoarding pills.

When I get to the last two or three pills and it has disappeared, sometimes I pick up the new bottle waiting and start on it. Sometimes, I don't throw away an empty bottle because I need to take the label off before tossing. Sometimes, I want to save the pill bottle for use as a container. That is how I end up with so many pill bottles.

When I buy Mucinex, generic, there is a bottle at WM for $0.88 that contains only 15 tablets, a much lower cost per pill than a large bottle of generic or the Mucinex brand. Today, I dumped the contents of two bottles and half of another bottle into one bottle. That means two empty bottles tossed.

Then, there are three meds I was allergic to and the bottle of prescription med that I refused to take. I hate to toss these, but have no one to give them to. sigh...they remain for at least a few more weeks.

Most of the things I have are for allergies. I don't use the inhalers as soon as I should, so I have too many. For the next few months, I need to tell the pharmacist not to fill these.

Last night, someone got the paint from the curb, okay with me. I have two full garbage cans ready for Thursday pickup. And, I have until tonight to mash down those two and fill the third garbage can I own.
Oh Joy!

Remember, bending is almost impossible for me to do. Bending two or three times finishes me off for the day. Seriously, I often look longingly at things I want to do.

(The line spacing is all the work of Blogger.)

Your turn
Does decluttering ever start out innocently enough with picking up an item and sort of snowball, finding something that needs to go now? Do you find things you want or need, things you thought you had but could not find? How are your stashes doing? Come on; we all have them, even if called by a different name.

Monday, January 19, 2015


Since I lost the use of 2/3 of my house, I have desperately needed more storage options. I don't just need storage for extra stuff, I need storage for necessities. Of course, I got rid of stuff, still need to get rid of stuff, but never mind that. I found the perfect solution. It my not be your cup of tea. I don't even drink cups of tea, but this idea is perfect and just my style. This idea would free up floor space even if a person is not desperate for storage of even basics.

I often find small pieces of solid wood furniture that is entirely too short of is just too small. Sometimes, it is too wide and too short but has lots of storage. Never again will I reject a piece of solid wood furniture if it is cheap. Look where this furniture is used. Painting everything the color of the wall keeps you from imagining it is going to fall on your head.

Go take a look at this fabulous IDEA.

Your turn
Come back and tell me what you think. Do you like the look of furniture on the wall where you can still have the same floor space? Does this suit your sense of aesthetics? How would you like it if several pieces only used the floor real estate of one piece of furniture?

Sunday, January 18, 2015


Hello Dear Linda,

  Thanks for your reply and i am so happy now that we have been corresponding true this means from time to time and i am always happy every time that i hear from you.I hope you are really having a very nice time in everything you engaged in my dear both your work and everything babe. Right now my dear,i am feeling so special meeting a very special dedicating caring heart woman like you and i am ready to do anything to make you happy in as much as you always promise to do just the same for me my dear..Everything you write me is great and i have them save in my memory that is why we have to keep doing this to know each other enough better...
XXXXX name redacted

YUPPERS,  now how much money does he want to  send to make him happy? Did he ever pick the wrong woman to give him money or things!?!?

Catfishing is romancing a woman online to get money or very nice gifts from her. Yes, it can be a woman doing the damage.

This is about our fourth exchange of really shallow emails.

Your turn
Have you ever met someone on a dating/online site who tried to romance you to scam you? I was skeptical from the first email. I am just going along to see how far this will go and if he follows the pattern of catfishing.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Online Site to Sell Your Clothes

This seems like an interesting place to sell your used clothing or buy upscale items. Go to ThredUP for more information. No, I don't think it is consignment like I stated in the title.

The first page could not be pasted. So, I posted the second page.

If you find or see anything objectionable, let me know. It seems on the up and up.

Your turn
Have you ever seen thredUP? Used it? Do you know of any other sites to sell or buy consignment clothing other than eBay?

Friday, January 16, 2015

Found My Blankets

As you know, I thought I was going to freeze to death. Okay, so I was not going to freeze to death. However, the discomfort robbed me of sleep and caused frustration and lessened my powers of concentration.

Since before the cold snap, I have daily asked exbf if he still has my box of blankets. I put things that are seasonal in boxes, labeling them and send them home for him to store for me. That way, I have less clutter. By specifically labeling boxes, he does not have to guess which box is which. Several times I have asked, he has said (No." ) he only has one box, the one in his car. "NO, it is not blankets."

When he was here on Tuesday, I looked at the box--"Old blankets." urge to kill  Yes, I really fussed at him. I had described to him for days how cold and miserable I was. ??? He knew how ill I was when he called and I could barely speak.

Michele did give me a heavy bedspread, green, king-size, matelassé . But, I cannot lift or carry it to take to the laundry. I do need to get someone to pick it up for me. I am quite sure it is very warm.

For about three weeks, I have been on a course to the doctor's office. It has been so strange. Every morning I have a symptom that goes away during the early morning or at least before night or the next morning--ear ache, sore throat, stuffy head. Of course, there is left and right ear, same with sides of throat. Then, another symptom arises. This has gone on for weeks, never ill enough or with many symptoms at once.Sinus pain was all over the place as the days progressed. Some days, I felt absolutely fine. Some days, I coughed until I hurt.  Other days, I slept well and warm and then had to nap for 6 hours.

Finally, last night my temperature went to 98 F degrees. I give up. (temperature is usually 97 or 97.2 and one day it was 96.5)  Doctors have assured me for years that I was not ill because my temperature was not even up to "normal!"

Your turn
Have you ever been so frustrated after asking the same question every day and getting the wrong answer? Tell me about it so I won't feel so alone. How long do you wait until you give up about a cold that comes and goes? Do you run a low normal temperature?

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Danger! Chickens Alarm

Once again, my hens alarmed to a danger with lots of cackling. No matter how much I talked to them, they were insistent. Today, as I finally tired of talking to them and not seeing anything, I decided to get some oats for them and try to calm them down.

As I turned to go into the house, I saw a bird soar off into the distance and another tree. I could only see part of the body of the bird and left wing. The wingspread was at least three feet. It was a solid color, gray. Since I could not see the head and got only a glimpse of the back, I have nothing else to give me a clue as to what kind of bird it was.

Beware: if you are going to have free range chickens, make sure there are bushes for them to get under. Mine spend lots of time under the swings and picnic table. Bushes, low hanging trees, chairs, tables, anything they can get under--we call it shelter from above whether it is rain or hawks. I have seen the chickens startle and head for cover when a low-flying robin darts from tree to tree.

After I had gotten the oats as quickly as I could, the hens were all the way on the other side of the yard. They had run to their best shelter--their pen. They did not come out to get oats, so they were afraid. I locked them up from the raccoon.

Your turn
If you have hens, what do they use for shelter when a hawk comes or the robins threaten them? Based on my limited description and considering I live in the South, can you tell me what bird I saw?

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Walgreen's and Energizer Bunny Codes

no picture, again

Walgreen's has packages of specially marked batteries with a coupon on the front for $8 when you buy two specially marked packages.

Just a heads up. There was also an Energizer coupon in one of the Sunday inserts a few weeks ago. Take the little coupon with the code out of the package. Enter online. You will get a page to print to take to Walgreen's to use like money. Well, that is how the WM deal works.

I already have four coupons for $10 each from Walmart. Of course, Walgreen's coupon is only for $8.

Yesterday, I received two Coke coupons for a 12-pack free of any coke product in cans.

If you don't get a reply, my computer is not working. It is very temperamental with no battery. Okay, it has been temperamental for a while.

That's about $48 buying power. I used 2 $1 coupons for 2  $1 merchandise. I added the $2 not spent to the $48=$50. So, that makes it an even $50 extra buying power this week. If I could do that for another fifty, That's $50 x 50=$2500. WOW, oh WOW!

Guess whose older teen grandchildren are getting batteries as part of their birthday gifts.

Your turn
Have you found Energizer codes anywhere else?

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

"And, what do you call the pigmy ones?"

I sat stunned with my mouth open, puzzled as to what he referred. . Exbf and I were talking about Patsy Cline, after he had just frightened her with a load of boxes dropped out the back door. She is the smallest of the three, bought when Thelma was so depressed because she had no one. Patsy Cline never grew any after we paid a king's ransom for her.

"Banties?" he guessed.

He made me laugh hard for a long time. Every so often, I have to chuckle. pigmy

444 and anyone else, I cannot reply to comments. I will when I get access to commenting returned to me by whomever took it. grrr

Your turn
Does anyone ever refer to your animals by a strange or just plain wrong term?

Monday, January 12, 2015


Still no picture.

This last week, I tried something new. For the last few years I wondered what Halos tasted like. If you are not familiar with Halos, they are like very small tangerines. I refused to buy 3 or 4 pounds at an exorbitant price. Last week, I was saying this to a produce worker. He volunteered to give me a sample. That 1/2 Halo convinced me.

I had just bought a bag of tangerines that were horrible. Plus, I had just bought a 4 lb. bag of navel oranges. Of course, I had run out of oj and did not buy more. I am on the verge of becoming ill with symptoms coming and going every day. Hopefully, this glut of citrus will help me overcome.

Where have Halos been all my life? Quite frankly, they taste more like the tangerines I have eaten all my life, not like the tangerines I bought this year.  They are so expensive that I will have to take out a bank loan to buy a second bag!

Cuties are supposed to be delicious, too. But, I do not need more citrus now. Plus, I am allergic to citrus...sigh.

Update: Halos are a variety of mandarins. Cuties are a variety of Clementines.

Your turn
Am I the last person on earth to try a Halo? Do you like them? Are Cuties delicious, too?

Sunday, January 11, 2015


no pictures again

As soon as the temperature rose above the teens and into the upper 30s, I found my blankets. I have lots of blankets, most of which are raggedy and/or not warm. Some bother my allergies. I keep one ugly one to put up over a door for drafts. Several I keep for moving furniture but the could be pressed into service over doors. I am not looking for those since I found a box full of good and warm blankets and throws.

I have one of the really plush blankets, hot pink. I found these for $10 marked down from $40. They are really nice. However, I dare not get it against my skin because I am a sweaty mess if I do. Over a sheet and blanket with another blanket on top, the hot pink plush blanket keeps me toasty warm, almost too warm. This blanket is really thicker and longer plushy fibers.

Another time, I found plush throws for $8, I think. Light pink is what I bought for myself.  They are the largest throws I have ever seen--60"x70". I bought one for my daughter in NY and each of her children. The other two children live in South Texas, so they would never use them. Exbf got one for Christmas that year, too. I asked him how he liked it. He said it was good because it was so wide and long that it covered his elbows when he sat in his recliner. He said it kept his feet covered and warm when he pulled it up to his neck.

I thought these throws were a cheap gift and lots of bang for the buck. The postage to send the ones to daughter was free, reimbursed from a mystery shop, besides being paid. .

Then, I found the small throws that are less than $3 at WM and marked down to $1. I sent those to NY to keep in the car. Who knows what they did with them???? I keep two in the den, one for my shoulders and one for exbf when he is here enduring the chill. One of those small throws went to the old soldier in the nursing home. I still have several more for gifts--a $1 gift. Each gift was 2 throws.

The reduced cost for really good quality throws make each gift $9.

Last night, I slept better with blankets. I took the coat and bedspread from my bed, along with the two still-folded, never washed sheets. I also found the green king blanket my mother gave me, "because you said you are cold."  Oh, I was married, but ex did not care how cold we were because he was not.

I still am sleeping between the fold of a king bedspread. I put the wool blanket so it was next to my skin and put the king blanket mama gave me, folded in half on top. Then, I put the plush throw and the plush blanket on me, and pulled the king spread over all the blankets. I was warm within seconds. I take one of the thin, cheap, small throws and put it over my head except for mouth and nose.  This morning I awoke in a sweat. But, I slept well all night.

When I went out to feed the chickens today, their water was thawed. So, for the moment, we in AL are warm. Of course, when it was 5 degrees F last week, we were cold, very cold. We will have these cold snaps for a while.

Back to gifts. So, that made each gift $9. Remember, this was about 3 years ago. Some people might not think a blanket or throw was a fitting gift. My daughter had never said she or her children needed throws. But, all three were thrilled with them, or so she said. She also never gives a thought to what would happen if she lost electricity and her heat. She assures me that will never happens and then I worry more, especially since I am so far away and feel she is not prepared for really cold weather or no heat in her home. .

Mamas don't want their adult children to be cold. (or the grandchildren)  We never lose the caring and providing for their health.

Your turn
Do you keep extra blankets, "just in case?" Or, do you keep "just enough" like my daughter? Would you or have you ever given plush throws as a Christmas gift? If you live in the tropics, never ...and we all hate you. just kidding.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Antics--chickens and cat

Cannot load a picture--sorry. As I went out to feed the hens and lock them up, I looked to my right, between the house and chicken pen. There is about 15 feet between the house and pen. The back corner and about 6 feet of the house overlap lengthwise and are where the chickens had to come to get to me and the door. They heard and saw I had food. There was a cat lounging in the middle of the space where they would run. All at once the chickens saw and heard me. At that moment I realized the cat was between us and facing me. They had about ten feet to run to get to the cat and another 10 feet to reach me.

The hens went from nothing-to-ninety, and Maggie May was about two feet from the cat and going to jump over the cat when the cat heard them. The cat whirled/jumped in a defensive move of about 90 degrees, sitting crouched instead of the casual lying about on her feet pose. The hens pulled up short when the cat jumped. Then, Maggie May decided to run ahead to me for food, followed by Patsy Cline. Thelma would not advance more and take a chance on getting near the cat. sigh So, I had to walk toward her and between her and the cat. Since her protector came close to the cat, she decided she would run to get food.

The hens are so much fun to watch. If you are thinking about getting chickens, you just don't know how much fun you will have.

Most of the cats are either afraid of the hens or just ignore them. But, the cats like to sit near the hens. We have a few new cats in the yard that are overly curious and might mistake my hens for chicken dinner. But, from what I have seen, the hens set them straight on that. The hens are not aggressive like a rooster or mama hen would be. However, if a cat is aggressive, the hens usually startle, make lots of noise and flap their wings. Those two things absolutely terrify every cat I have seen interact with the hens. .

Cats do stalk the young chickens, but so far have only gotten a chick.

Your turn
Do your chickens ever accidentally frighten a curious cat? What do the roosters do to innocent cats?

Friday, January 9, 2015

Eggs, Dreams, Covers, Plumbing, and a Deal

My computer has decided I cannot post pictures right now. Many of the buttons on Blogger won't work, so is it my computer or Blogger. Things are failing on the computer, too. It is just a big, bothersome mess. Today, I got a message that I was not using a secure server. What is that all about?

Maggie May is still giving me about 6 eggs each week. And, I dream every night after not remembering I dreamed over the last 10 years.

The new pillow is a dream to sleep on each night. My shoulders hurt less. I use the two cheap ones to block a frigid draft at the head of the bed, so I am warmer.

Last night, I wanted to feel the blue flannel sheets, so I opened the package and started unfolding the sheets. It suddenly occurred to me they, too, could keep me warm. So, I left them with two folds and put them from my waist down. They might have made me ill if I put them closer to my face because of chemicals or fuzz. THEN, I took the blanket I finally found and covered it all. I was warm within 30 seconds after I got settled in bed.

Remember, the night before I had put a coat, housecoat, and two sheets over me and the bedspread and wool blanket. So, all the above stuff went on top of this. I think my covers were about 6 inches thick last night. As I was walking around the home section in Belk's and shopping for sheets, I noticed the down comforters and wondered if those could keep me warm in this frigid, drafty house and I fantasized. 

Today, as I was outdoors in the few hours the temperatures went above 32 degrees F, I heard water in the water meter running. So, I looked in the basement. There was a steady stream of water coming through the floor under the kitchen sink. When I went in the house, there was so much water running out of the door under the sink and from under the dishwasher. I hope the dishwasher did not freeze and is leaking. The most I could do was to throw towels in the water. I went back out with a rake to turn off the water meter. I have the long key, but since the plumber thought I needed two water meters, the new one has a hand lever to turn it off.

Cleaning all the products and junk from under the sink will have to wait until Saturday. My back had had enough walking and doing things for today The soaking wet towels are in a cooking pot, the nearest thing available. Besides, the water is off and tomorrow will be much warmer. The pipes were not completely thawed, so I just wonder what else is leaking.

Tomorrow is also a day that will be filled with spending an exorbitant amount at the laundry. I had a load in when the water pipes froze, and two other loads that really needed to be done.

The deal
A pint of grape tomatoes is $.99 somewhere, maybe Aldi's. I purchased a pint, price-matched at Walmart. The same tomatoes were $2.38 at WM. I would tell you which store, but I don't want to walk to the car to get the ads. Grape tomatoes are the only tomato that tastes good in the winter.

A person can eat well by cherry-picking stores produce ads. I usually buy from ads on Wednesday and again on the next Tuesday night, almost a week later. That way, I get fresh produce for the week after the ads go off.

Your turn
How many people are dealing with frozen pipes? Frozen pipes, now thawed? Do you have a down comforter? Do you think I could harvest enough down from my hens to make my own? LOL...the hens would avoid me.

Sheets and Stuff

For my bed

Someone sent me enough on a Belk card to go shopping for sheets at Belk's. Everything I bought was half price. In the picture on a display bed are my bed things: blue flannel set of sheets, white set of sheets, 2 blue pillowcases in a deeper blue, a pillow, and a Godiva truffle  bar--dark chocolate and raspberry.  I still need the mattress pad. I cannot wait to get the flannel sheets on the bed!

Another friend sent me a white twin sheet set, so I have plenty of sheets now. Thanks, two friends!

It must have been 15 years since I have had new sheets. If it had not been for changing from a king to twin bed, I would still be using them.

When the pipes thaw, I can wash them! When the pipes thaw, my washer may be ruined!

Well, I just spilled chocolate milk on my computer.

Wednesday night, I thought I would die from the cold. I have lots of blankets, but where? I wore a hooded jacket and scarf to bed and wore the hood up. Finally, I got up and put a long, lush bathrobe on the bed, a jacket, and other things. Then, I got two old stained paint  sheets and put over me those. That was so warm. I got about three hours sleep before exbf arrived this morning. Tonight, I have more blankets because I finally remembered where I stored them. Since I do not have my whole house, things are hard to find because they are not where I stored them for years.

Drinking chocolate milk made me shiver. Maybe I should go to bed?

The soup I was going to make for dinner tonight in the crock pot is still going. So, I have dinner for exbf and I next Tuesday when he comes here to help me.

Oh, I forgot about this afternoon. I was going out of town for two mystery shops. The coolant light flashed and frightened me. So, I had to go see about that. We spent so much time waiting and then going  back home to make sure I unplugged the space heater. Finally, I had no more time to do the mystery shops. I had two in one direction and could not make two in the time left. So, we went to the one shop...oh my gosh. I still have to turn in the work online. Gotta go.

Your turn
Have you ever had one thing after another happen? Things that cost big money? Cause stress? Is anyone as cold as I? How long has it been since you bought sheets?

Thursday, January 8, 2015

No water, again!

I did not take into account that the plumber decided to put the line from the road at the back of the basement where it is cold. The plumber who quoted the price said he would put it into the front part where the sun shines on the rock basement. Sooo, the line is frozen and not one drop comes from any faucet. With a cold snap this long, I have to keep running water in every faucet, commode, washer and dishwasher. I have stayed up all night with candles, lights, and hairdryers under and in appliances and commode to keep things from freezing or the thaw things that were freezing.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Dying Laptop and Other Stuff

So, I have not been on the laptop much because it is dying by bits and pieces. The cord is frayed, causing me to type one-handed most of the time so I can . Then, the battery started dying, so I fretted. Finally, now I have taken the battery out. It stressed me to see the capacity of the battery being drained and hopeless because I cannot revive it. So, I just took out the battery. I was shocked at the ease of that operation. I was looking at screws on the back and worrying about being grounded or not. I know just enough to stay out of trouble. Obviously, I don't know enough.

Maggie May has given me an egg each day I have not reported. Patsy Cline needs to step up and start contributing. Thelma gets a pass since she is six years old.  I can see everything about her slowing down. Plus, I am still dreaming every day.

It is 23 degrees out right now. I just came in and have not turned on the heater. The hens need hot water right now. Exbf will put together the water heater for them. I think the temperature will be below freezing for the next 48 hours. AND, the wind is blowing something fierce. So, the hens and I will have a long 48 hours to try to keep body and soul together and the pipes from freezing.  He will probably freeze putting the heater together tomorrow, so I may try a new configuration.

Yesterday, I put on seven boneless, skinless chicken breasts and they are in the refrigerator. Another seven are ready to refrigerate. The last package will go in later this evening. I am using the smaller 3.5 qt. Crockpot for which I paid $3 at a yard sale. I may make some chicken soup for exbf. And pasta salad for me. I am not crazy about my own chicken soup and he does not like meat submerged in pasta salad. Plus, he would rather have something hot on a day like tomorrow will be--single digits.

The church dinner is tonight, so that will be  a cold trek outdoors. but Fred will be there with some sort of news. I'm out of here. So, I went there and they cancelled it because it is cold. ???? It is not that cold. It was 25 F.

Right now, it is 13 F ourtside, 40 F in the house on the warmest wall, an inside wall. Well, it may be lower than 40, but that is as low as the thermostat goes. The thermostat remains but the furnace does not work. ugh

You turn
How cold is it where you are, and generally where are you located?

Monday, January 5, 2015

Under the Wheelbarrow: Will the chickens eat these?

Thelma is just not interested.

About three weeks ago when the plumber worked with the trencher, I came out to find my wheelbarrow had been used without my knowledge. My idea is that construction workers should bring their own tools, not just use a homeowner's things. 

The problem is the wheelbarrow is broken. The only way I will know how to repair it is for it not to be torn limb from gut. I really need to know how it goes back together. The wheelbarrow is barely holding together without the grunt dragging it around. When I went to buy wheelbarrow handles, TSC had one handle. Lowe's had one handle. They did not match. sigh

Okay, back to the story.

At any rate, the guy had uncovered something I needed to attend to. Sunday was the day. All the hens were interested but decided there was nothing of interest. In other words, there was no food.
one dollar bill and fire ant mound
I was horrified when I saw the extent of the mound. The wheelbarrow was used as shelter!  So, the fire ant mound follows the wheelbarrow shape. The mound was about 10 inches at its tallest. I forgot to get a picture to show the height. Look at all the little green sprouts at the top, top right corner, and even within the mound. As you can see, some of  the green happened underneath the wheelbarrow.  



two things

1) Can you see the green stems coming from the white powder? The green fascinates me. 2) To the right of the white powder, see the ground with many holes in it? That is part of the mound knocked off by the kid who removed the wheelbarrow from the mound. I suppose that section is empty, but you can see how large the openings about three inches down are.

I covered the mound with the wheelbarrow. Hopefully, the poison is doing the work. There are other really large mounds in several places, but none this large, not even close.

what I used

The instructions said to use 2 tsp sprinkled on the mound. As you may have noticed, I used quite a bit more. . Ooops, I see powder on the bottle. So, this will have to go outdoors.

This is not the largest mound I have ever seen. But it was about 60 years ago that I saw one larger. If I thought the chickens like ants, I would not put poison on the mound.

Your turn
If you have fireants what Brand poison do you use? Someone told me chickens would clear a yard of fire ants. However, this does not seem to be true. Have you ever heard of ants eating any kind of ants? If so, what kind of chickens were doing the ant-eating?

Flour Sack Sheets

Have you seen the flour-cloth dishtowels sold in Walmart and other places? They don't match my memory of flour sacks and various other sacks that people used to make clothing from in the early part of the 20th century. Sacks were used for many goods, and the fabric was from coarse to fine for making dresses.

When I was a child, we had flour sack sheets that my maternal grandmother, Memaw, made for our family. The sacks were heavy and rough and white. Finally, when I was seven, we had real sheets--1953.

Until I was seven-years-old, I had to move my ankle bone or wrist from the heavy seams. This move was a big deal because I could never just lie down and sleep. I could not simply turn over. Each time I came to rest, I had to slightly adjust one or more body parts to get away from the seam. Sometimes, it was my cheek resting on a heavy seam.

However, I never realized how inconvenient those seams were until I did not have to adjust my body each time I lay down. Inconvenient seams were just a part of life, like shading your eyes from the sun or savoring good cold water instead of Cokes or Kool Aid every day.

I suppose we could have bought at least some sheets if we had not bought books. I think that is a fair enough trade-off. Those books from my early years still exist, but who knows what happened to the flour-sack sheets or the store-bought ones?

Here is a site that gives the uses and reasons for using sacks for home goods and clothing. The Depression is not the primary reason people used sacks for sewing.

Flour sack sheets were not my mother's idea, it was all she could have. My father would not provide, so my grandmother did. And, we did not buy so many books that they were an excess in our lives.

Another day, I will address other things I have that are made from flour sacks. But, in the meantime, I have specific questions.

Your turn
Did you ever sleep on sheets made from flour sacks? Did you know anyone who did? Have you ever heard of anyone who used sheets made from flour sacks?

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Yucky Me; Wet Saturday; Christmas 2015

First of all, I dreamed and found another egg. Since I finished off the eggs I bought at the store, free range eggs, I have 14 homegrown eggs awaiting me.

For the last week or so, I have been sort of ill. But it is a strange sort of ill. I have had symptoms last for hours or a day and then subside completely only to replaced by another symptom. Every day, I have slept more hours and more often. It is the strangest "ill" I have ever been. However, sleeping too much is the first sign I am becoming ill and will end up in the Urgent Care needing shots and multiple meds plus otc meds I am already taking.

It has rained for the last 24 hours, and tornado warnings added to the yucky conditions. The lack of sun is depressing. Since it was near 65 degrees today, I knew there would by tornado warnings, watches, and touchdowns. I have been home and mostly sleeping not because I want to avoid tornadoes. I just don't want to go anywhere.

This week, I received two emails from Energizer with instructions to print the emails and use them like cash at Walmart. So, that is $20 toward Christmas 2015.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Why Didn't Someone Tell Me? Plus, Another Bargain

Over the years, various people have offered me things to eat I had never tried. Okay, I tried the calamari and it was fine. I will never eat shrimp again even though it was fine. Most shrimp smell and taste nasty. That alone caused me to never eat them after a high school experience with shrimp. Some things I flatly turn down because they are raw meat or have spicy hot peppers.

However, one simple thing has had me stymied. Sunflower seeds. No one told me I had to get the seed out of the shell. Okay, laugh. I know you are. I have gagged my way through trying to swallow the hull , choking on it eventually. Plus, they tasted awful. No one ever told me not to swallow the hull  until I had tears in my eyes. Yeah, I just spit the whole thing out and vowed never again. .

Last week, I was searching for unsalted peanuts amongst the snack items. I saw some little little seeds and looked at the name--sunflower seeds. Hmmm, I have never tried these tiny ones, just the huge ones. Maybe I can swallow these. Then, it hit me--these were inside the "big seeds." I bought some and am hooked.


This week, I found 30 oz. Miracle Whip for $2.97, priced matched at WM and used a $1 coupon. That means I paid $1.97 for my beloved MW. That price is about 50% of the usual price.

Your turn
Have you ever turned down a food after a bad experience, never to taste it again? Was the result funny or tragic? Maybe you tried it twice and loved it? What deals have you found or coupons used this new year?

New Year Eve--part 2 and New Year Day

deals and goodies

I came home to much peace and quiet on NYE. The people who rent did not try to shoot off illegal fireworks. Plus, I was off the streets, safe from revelers.

While I was at WM on NYE, I bought a few goodies. Aldi's had 4 lbs of Navel oranges for $1.99. I had not seen a decent tangerine this year until now, so I snagged a bag and forgot the price. Aldi had grapefruit for $0.33, so I got one, just to see if it was dried inside before I bought a few--not shown. Boneless, skinless chicken breasts were $1.79 lb at Aldi, so I bought about five pounds--not shown. All the Aldi purchases were price-matched at Walmart just before I fled. The cherries were $4.98/lb., so I just bought 12 cherries. I also got the pineapple for $0.99 each, price-matched at Aldi's price at Walmart.

NYD, I awoke to a dream and an egg. That makes an even dozen that Maggie May has given me in thirteen days.

My I-am-alone-and-it-is-NYE treat is Ruffles and onion soup dip and Coke. I have the ingredients for sausage balls but did not feel like making any. Eggnog is always good with a few leftover chocolates. You know, after you eat so much junk and feel queasy, you really don't mind being alone.

The friend who has invited me to NYE parties for over 20 years at her house did not do so the last two years. Really, since Heidi died, I cannot complain too much. I always drove back 50 miles on New Year's Day to have my cards read. No, I don't believe in that kind of stuff, but it was a fun time with friends who did not believe, either.

The guys never came back, so it was just women. I brought black eyed peas and slaw, someone brought bacon and eggs and cooked there. Another bought rolls and another brought a huge bowl of washed cherries. We finished off my friend's chocolates, all good chocolate.

We all ate as we drifted in and out of the screened in porch that had been made into a room as our cards were read. People ate and ate again if someone showed up late with more food. Wine flowed still, the occasional beer. I had water. Coffee was brewed. All morning long, various people washed dishes.

And, I just erased the rest of the blog...a.r.r.g.h Let me try again.

Around 1 pm people began to drift away. Some found a bed for a nap. Many had spent the night at her house.

Those were the days my friend. We thought they would never end....

Happy New Year
RIP Heidi 2013
Your turn
Do you have a memorable NYE party? Or a memorable series of parties over the years like mine? Have you had a New Year's Day tradition like the card reading? (NO rants or comments about your disbelief in reading cards because I don't believe in it, either.)