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Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Just My Toenails and Christmas Cards

Addressing Christmas cards continues, just a few cards at a time. It will get done eventually. I love cards but refuse to buy full price. I bought more stamps, some Christmas and others just to use. They are flowers in the snow sort of thing. 

The last time we had appointments with the podiatrist, I did not go because I was ill. Same with the time before. Even though I slept less than three hours on Tuesday night, I got up, bathed and got dressed. My toenails had gotten so long that they caught on my pants legs when I put on pants. I lay down for a nap afterwards and could only sleep one hour. So, I am fading fast tonight. 

I finally got a package into a box and taped up. Yay for me. 

Tommy brushed me again last night. I am now wondering if that is enough. It helps my swollen legs and feet. Maybe twice would be better?

Dinner was Stove Top Stuffing, cranberries, and turkey casserole. I put the SS into a colander and shook out all the powdered spices, ALL. I put cranberry sauce and brown meat turkey in it. That and vegetables were dinner. I left of the soup. It was okay, not a winner, but turkey roasted after Thanksgiving is gone. 

Tommy pulled out two 1-pound chubs of ground beef. I am thinking spaghetti and a meatloaf. Maybe soup? Who knows? Planning ahead, he will pull out a package of bscb to cook with vegetable. I want to watch for a cheap turkey breast, too, and buy several for the freezer for next year. However, bscb is fine for my taste.

Plus, I am in the mood for steak. I love round steak. It is tasty, thin and easy to mash out all the juice, dry it out. I know others don't care for my method of grilling steak, but I love it. 

Remember stamps go up in January or February, forgot which. I will buy more Christmas stamps since I bought the last pane/sheet.

Okay, time for my brushing.

What cut of steak do you like?

Anyone love round steak like I do?


  1. I love cubed round steak, cut thin, floured and lightly brownedput it in a casserole dish with beefy cream of mushroom soup. I bake it for 2-3 hours on low. Makes it's own gravy. It's so good!

  2. It hurts my heart a little bit when you talk about your steak. You're free to love it however you would like, though. I love most cuts of steak. When prime rib goes on sale at Christmas and Easter, we buy a few. I love a good rare steak. Sometimes the waitress will follow that with something like, "that will be a cold red in the center," and I say, "yes, I like a little moo left in mine," or, "a good vet could save it." Prime rib, ribeye, sirloin, filet. They're all acceptable to me.

    You could do a taco bowl with your ground beef. Just add some seasonings, shredded cheese, and maybe a dollop of sour cream. That makes for a great low carb meal.

    1. Alice,
      I don't mean to hurt your heart. But, I love the taste of steak and hate juice, blood taste, and fat. I do need to tell you I shivered all over and cringed at you moo and vet comments. But, they are funny.
      Taco is good.

  3. I was always partial to sirloin steak since that is what Mom always liked. I prefer mine medium well. I wouldn't eat if if it were rare.

    1. Belinda,
      I could not eat medium well. We often do like what parents like. At least I do. But, I have no idea how my mother liked her steak.

  4. Your Turkey dinner sounds good, we had Chicken today and it was very tasty.
    I've got most of my Christmas Cards written, just a few more to get posted.

    All the best Jan

    1. JN,
      Thanks. I am partial to poultry. That works out well, since I am allergic to mammal products. I got a few more done and mailed today.

  5. I am not crazy about steak. I only like it if it's salty and covered in melted butter. No red. Crusty outside, very pale pink inside. I'd much rather have BBQ brisket & burnt ends. We Midwesterners like to know our meat is dead and well-seasoned, thank you.

    If I have a choice between red meat and fish, it's fish every time. Only cooked, never raw. Eating oysters are like lapping up someone else's cold snot rocket. Yeah, I said it, and it's true!

    Linda, appropos of nothing, how are your citrus trees faring under your new grow light?

    My lemon tree has done a complete 180 and is putting out tiny new leaves like crazy! And after less than a week after turning on my new grow light! It's darn near miraculous, I tell you what. I can almost sit there and watch the dang leaves sprout!

    Now I don't have it set up to shine down onto the plant like I wanted--I have it propped on a side table to bathe it in light from the side. But I guess light is light, no matter what direction it comes from.

    1. I suppose I am a good Mid-Westerner, even though I live in the deep South.
      Some fish I will eat, but nothing raw. Ick. I have seen oysters and agree with your assessment.
      The tree still has no grow light on it. I left it outside and it got real light on it. If it were on the front porch where I had it, the light would only be on it from afternoon on. So, I figure light from the side will work.
      I discovered that the lemon has thorns! Big thorns! I have not noticed any more leaves. The lime tree has lots of blossoms, so I need to pollinate them with fingers.


Okay, hoping the annoyances have gone away.