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Monday, April 1, 2024

Harm from LED Lights

 This is disturbing. I have asked eye-care specialists if what I hear about blue lights and damage to eyes is true. All, so far, have said there is no harm from LED lights. Now, I do believe what I have heard for a few years. Thankfully, I have a lifetime supply of incandescent bulbs.

Click here->LED Lights Can Cause Irreversible Eye Damage, According to French Health Authority (

Do you use anything to protect your eyes or skin from LED light bulbs? I know Tiffany does, but who else uses a blue light blocker or believes the blocker is necessary? 

I am removing the led bulbs from lamps next to me. 

From the Mayo clinic:

Click here->Are blue light glasses effective? - Mayo Clinic Health System

For dinner tonight, I ate chicken breast, potato salad, and green beans. I chopped an onion almost the size of a softball. I intended for Tommy to put part in the potato salad and store the rest in the refrigerator. Well, I have a lot of onion in the potato salad. To make matters worse, I did not chop it finely enough. I ended up picking out lots of chunks of onion. Then, Tommy got me more potato salad and put the second helping on top of the chunks. I was not happy since several bites of the potato salad were only onion chunks. But, I did specify to store part of the onion. Yuck! 

Today was very warm, almost 80F and very cloudy, high, thick clouds. We are expecting rain Tuesday. 

Did you have Easter leftovers today? 

Do you have glasses or screens with blue-blockers?

Or, do you believe there is no harm? 


  1. I do use blue blocking 'readers' in the evenings. Unfortunately, there is a lot of information - even from the Mayo clinic - that is just wrong. They take money from pharma and the food industries so naturally, they're going to say some things are good for us that aren't really, and some things are bad for us that also aren't really. They need that funding.

    I think our eyes are made to take in natural sunlight, and while I don't know that artificial light will kill us, I don't think it's optimal. It also messes with our circadian rhythms so that we don't sleep well, etc.

    1. I do not think Mayo is in it for the money!

  2. I have no LED lights in the house - just outside on the dusk to dawn light.
    In my house it has always been - no such thing as too much onion! LOL

    1. Cheryl,
      You have no idea how much onion I had in the potato salad. And, each chunk was about an inch and a half.

  3. OKAY... Blue light is in almost everything. Sunlight, LED tv, fluoescent light bulbs, smart phones, tablets, computers ETC. (EveryDay Health has several articles on this). .Really research things you hear or read from several sources. I wouldn't look at anything out of country because we have different sets of things companies have to meet.

    1. Chef,
      I really DO research. That is the point, blue light is in so many applications that we need to avoid it. Yes, other countries have different standards, often higher and safer than in the US. I particularly pay attention to other country's standards and info.

  4. I am firmly in Cheryl's camp: no such thing as too much onion! Ever! The end! LOL.

    We have mostly LED lights in the house, and are continually identifying and phasing out incandescents compact fluorescents, and halogens. We can't handle the added expense to our electric bill, give that DH and DS mostly work from home and have their computers/peripherals running 12 hours/day.

    To give an example: DH wrapped a Japanese maple in incandescent light strings for Xmas. Just the trunk and the main branches, up about 12 ft. max. Those lights, on a 4-hour timer each night, raised our electric bill by HALF in 30 day's time. I was aghast. Pretty as they were, I pulled them off their timer and that was the end. Not doing incandescents any more, period.

    I tend to believe Eurpean health studies more than I do US-based ones. European countries seem to be stronger in their approach to find and eliminate population health hazards. That said, will I be removing LED bulbs from my ceiling pot lights and lamps? NO.

    I used to have halogens, and they run too hot to be safe. The halogen lightbulb in our microwave burned the steel plate it sat beneath (beneath the turntable). A halogen bulb in the laundry room ceiling almost started a fire when it stared burning a cabinet door that had been left open, just underneath the bulb.

    I am just going to wing it. Maybe find glasses to block the blue light. I don't know. I gotta think about this new information.

    1. Sue,
      Onions? Read reply to Belinda.

      I think LED outdoors for a limited time would help the electric bill. And, after reading info on halogens when they first came out, I definitely would not use halogen.
      There is limited use of led here, but I intend to replace some of those. The $10 bulb I bought for the porch light will stay. The ones right next to Tommy and me will be replaced. Like I said, I bought a lifetime supply of 60-watt bulbs before they disappeared.
      I already have macula problems, so no use taking such risks.

  5. I put 4 ononis in my chili the other day, but I cut them up small and it was a huge batch of chili. I prefer cooked onions over raw onions as they seem easier to eat to me. I wouldn't like too much in potato salad.

    I didn't know that about the LED bulbs. Remember those spiral bulbs that were all the rage a few years ago, but then to find out they give off dirty electricity. Yuck. The LED bulbs don't last as long as they say they will either.

    1. Belinda,
      This onion was the equivalent of two or more onions. I imagine you made more chili than I did potato salad. Dice finely would make a lot of difference to me, too. Being cooked would help. So, I see how it was okay.
      The retinal specialist said I would lose vision by having that spiral bulb sitting right next to Tommy's face as I talked to him. Tommy used a spiral bulb in a lamp next to him, the only bulb in living room, kitchen, or dining room. So, he allowed me to replace the lamp with another with a regular bulb and lightshade! I have never noticed their longevity. But, I will watch that.

    2. Well, if your retinal specialist told you incandescents will save your vision, that's that. You do what you need to do!

      I don't know about "dirty electricity" but I hate compact fluorescents (the spiral bulbs) because they contain mercury and were supposed to be recycled, not thrown away. And too many people still don't know that and are poisoning soil and water when they just discard them. Honestly, I just don't understand how such things are allowed to be sold...

      PS: Then you had onion salad with potatoes, which sounds delicious to me! ;^) ;^) LOL!

    3. Sue,
      I never used a curly bulb. I was given one by the electric company, I think. But, I gave it away.
      I was thinking the same thing--onion salad.

  6. When I was a little girl, I always left lights on in the house. Drove my parents bonkers. I ended up having to write sentences.. "I will not leave the lights on" 100x. It worked. Too well. Now, my husband says we live in a dungeon 😂

    I much prefer filtered natural light or dimmable lamps on the warm setting. I also don't use overhead lights in my private office at work.

    1. Tiffany,
      I should have made my children write sentences about things if it works. 100X is a lot.

      In my office when I taught GED. I brought a lamp from home and did not use overhead lights. It made everything so much calmer.


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