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Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Strings on Bananas

 I hate strings on bananas. HATE them. I almost choked on one today.  So, when I saw this article, I read it and had to share it with everyone. 

Today was spent in telephone hell. So, I cannot write anymore than this.

What Are The Strings On Bananas, Anyway? | HuffPost Life

Do strings on bananas annoy you? or not?


  1. Tewshooz,
    They are just so disgusting! I am glad someone understands.

  2. Yup, gross! Our kids for some reason took to calling the bottom thingy on the banana the banana nuts. This was fine in our own home but anytime they heard someone talk about banana nut bread they would just all fall down laughing. There was no way to explain it to anyone. It was just five kids being silly.

    1. Lana,
      You made me choke. I laughed so hard. Do you mean the hard black knots in the banana when it is peeled? I hate that. I have seen people make a milkshake or smoothie and drop the whole banana in bruises, strings, banana nuts and all. For this reason I won't eat anything prepared that has bananas in it. Sometimes it takes my five minutes to get my banana ready for a recipe or to eat in hand. Also, I won't eat a banana in the dark, at night in a car, for instance. Tommy almost smiled at this. So, funny story. I will always smile when I see, hear or read about banana nut bread.
      (I typed 'banana but" It has to stop.)

    2. I mean that little stem like thing at the very bottom of the banana. Mostly it stays in the peel but every so often there it is and it tastes fuzzy and disgusting.

    3. Lana,
      Same thing, I suppose. It is disgusting. They would be horrified at the bananas I opened up lst fall. It appeared as though there were apple seeds, black and shiny into the banana when I took off the peel. I was so horrified I threw them all out after examining five bananas and finding them is all the bananas, I stupidly threw them all in the trash. People in produce have no idea. I did find the first one because I scooped it off. It is dried up now. But, I am sure someone can determine if it is a animal or plant.

  3. I have never given those banana strings a second thought. I guess they must not bother me.

    If I don't have a little paring knife handy to cut under the stem stem of a banana I simply peel the banana from the other end. It is easy to start peeling from the end without bruising the fruit.

    1. Janet,
      Funny that you don't notice. I always eat a banana with a knife handy, but for another reason--to get rid of strings and the huge black thing on the end. Plus, I cut the stem so it can peel off easily.


Okay, hoping the annoyances have gone away.