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Friday, April 12, 2024

Escalation and Refund

 The deal. I bought a bed four years ago. Maybe three. When the company warehouse was going to deliver it, they said delivery people did not deliver it inside the house.  This had nothing to do with Covid. Since neither Tommy nor I could get the heavy bed frame inside the house, I wanted my money back. Well, this never occurred. 

Three months ago, I talked to M, the person in the store who promised this would happen. Every time I called to ask, she was on the verge of refunding the money. She said they could take it off the price of the lift mechanism. However, she still could not find any record of the frame purchase. 

After three months and promises from all the very nice people, I called corporate. At about noon, I explained it all. Around 4 pm, the chief operating officer called me. At 4:15, very nice M called and said she needed my card number to refund the money. 

Today, no one at corporate needed explanations beyond my initial request. So, I suppose the people on the ground floor received "a good talking to."

Oh, I did inform corporate we took our ~$2000 to another store. 

Right now, I am sitting here trying not to talk because Tommy is working on his taxes. Then, he will do mine. 

Cleaner came today. The order of the day--change my bed and help me get things off the floor to spray for fleas. I sprayed my bedroom and hall down to furnace return. As I sat in the living room, I looked for the flea spray I had just used. Well, Tommy brought me roach spray, some sort of kitchen spray that is not toxic, but "don't breathe it or get it on food." Sounds toxic to me. 

He said I had asked him specifically for roach spray. Well, since I was bit three more times this morning, and I was suffering and complaining, he should have asked me what I meant. He told me he never questions me, just does what I want. Well, hardly. I laughed and then yelled at him. 

So, everything was removed from the floor and fleas not addressed in bedroom and hall. I tried to nap afterwards to no avail. 

I am sitting here, wanting to talk and about to burst. I just need to ask for remote and other nonsense, but know that will disturb him. 

Corporate is an entity I know exists and use, but not for name calling, accusing a person of not helping. I will complain to corporate for other things, like quality of an item. There was no pushback and denial putting me off. The refund happened.  

Cleaner was short on time and could not look at car. She was disappointed and will come next week. There is something wrong with one tire. It has lost air since I bought the tires. Finally, it was down to 3.5 lbs. Tommy has just ignored my pleas to put air in it. I am afraid that sitting with no air has caused the rim to ruin the tire. I am afraid it will have a blowout. So, I am having someone replace tire with spare, a good tire but not like the other three new Michelins on the car. I know driving on the rim with destroy a tire, but not if the tire rim sits on the tire. 

Tonight, we watched Elkhorn. Well, I went to bed halfway through, but we enjoyed it and will follow the series. 

Rain is going away for a few days. I love to see the suns on the weather report. 

I cut my hair a few days ago. Both sides are different. One side is a blunt bob, the other is a longer layered, wispy look. Both look great, but not on one head. I sat in my chair with feet up to cut it, no mirror, just feel. Why, oh why, do I do these things??? As it turns out, cleaner cleans for woman who goes to people's homes to cut and style hair. Since she is recovering from surgery, it will be a few weeks until she can fix my mistake. 

Do you ever cut your hair and ruin it? My only consolation is I did not pay a professional. 

Do you ever resort to calling corporate and calling names? 


  1. I haven't cut my own hair since I was about 13 or 14. I wore my hair cut very short and cut over/around my ears for more than 35 years. I let it grow out during covid. I am debating going back to my regular hair do. As it is now I generally wear it in a ponytail or up in a clip in sort of a messy bun. I do not like hair in my face. I spoke to my friend who had always cut my hair and even though she has moved she is willing to cut my hair but she warned me that as we age our hair changes and it may not have as much volume as I liked. I am still on the fence about what to do.

    I did receive your email. I will get around to messaging you soon. I have some photos of my dwarf lemon trees that I want to share with you.

    1. Janet,
      I wore my hair very short too for about 25 years and have worn it long since then. Well, Tommy cut the back very short, like one inch long last year, so I let it grow for a year and then butchered it!
      My hair does not have the volume it did, so you may want to leave it longer. Or, get it cut and see how you need to wear it now.
      I certainly was not chastising you for not answering, just worried about you.

  2. I have often cut my hair which is easy: setting 3 on the electric razor and have at it .

    1. Urspo,
      I wish there were a setting for layers and long. When I cut Tommy's it is so easy.


Okay, hoping the annoyances have gone away.