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Friday, April 12, 2024

Eclipse Camera

 This is my little camera with a lens from eclipse glasses taped over the lens of the camera. I turned on the camera so the lens would extend. Then, I taped the eclipse lens over the extended camera lens.

Below, you can see how the camera lens is retracted, yet the glasses lens is taped above the camera. This way, I did not have to keep reattaching the eclipse lens. 

It worked to take pictures without having to hold both in place every time. After I took these pictures, I could rip off the tape over the lens. 

I have been dealing with the car, so I am too tired to write more. I really did nothing and not for long, but the mental load was heavy.

Does a serious mental job feel more stressful than hard work?


  1. Replies
    1. Cheryl,
      Thanks. Once it was assembled indoors, I did not have to fiddle and worry about protecting my eyes and the camera at the same time.

  2. Trying to find my way through a difficult situation is hard work to me.
    Did you enjoy the eclipse? Taping the glasses on the camera simplifies matters

    1. kylie,
      Oh, I understand.
      I really did enjoy the eclipse. If the clouds did not cover the very end, it would have been so much better! I was glad the taped on lens worked so well.

  3. Yes it does, at least for me - often.

    1. Urspo,
      I can imagine it would be difficult for you in your work.


Okay, hoping the annoyances have gone away.