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Monday, April 15, 2024

Surprise Find

 I have not cleaned out my car since 2019. No, the car is not filthy. There was less in the back seat, so I had Tommy bring that in when he went out for the mail. Mainly, there was an Eastport backpack in a disintegrating garbage bag. There were lots of good and useful things in it. Some things had been destroyed by 5 years closed in a car that had full sun from noon to sunset. 

There were two good umbrellas and an ice scraper.  One umbrella had a sticky handle that I hope can be cleaned. Also, there was a windup radio and a windup flashlight that were tossed. Fire starters made in a cardboard egg carton were tossed. A makeup pouch holds two sets of utensils. I hate eating a nice meal with flimsy plastic utensils. Two duffle bags were folded and new, keeping those. Now that I am here, I use bags to keep like items together since I have less storage pieces and shelves. There was a red man's bag for shaving and stuff. 

I have a cheap pair of binoculars that I found in the bag and will keep by my chair to watch flowers and hummingbirds right outside the door. Speaking of which, there was a beautiful yellow butterfly trying to land on a swaying basket of pink petunias today. 

The last two things I found was a planter that is a figurine. Then, gloriously, I found my Notary Public stamp. I wondered where it was.  Now, I won't have to buy another. 

Everything in this bag was new except for the planter. It still had the Kress sticker for 49 cents. 

The binoculars have a sticker for Nature Valley Nut Clusters, so they were definitely free from somewhere, same with windup radio and windup flashlight. One duffle bag had ad for Marlins, new in plastic. One umbrella was something I won from ABC3340. 

Size 12 black velvet, sleeveless dress with sparkles on high bodice, little girl's size. good hanger. Soap in wrapper, pretty well disintegrated--tossed.

Only the umbrella and ice scraper which I did not mention will go back into the car.  These items have never been in this house. Now for the trunk! 

I am overjoyed to find Notary stamp. I am also overjoyed that the day is sunny and 82F. 

By the way, I called Kraft about the orange MW. This was something for which they had an answer. It was a problem with the machine sealing the jar. Apparently, it overheated the seal and caused it to fail. Usually, a company will act surprised and say no one has complained about that.

Now, Tommy is bringing in items from the car trunk. I had 6-pack of Ball, blue, wide-mouth jars, 6 tiny Halloween vases with dead plants and dirt. I bought these for a dime with the dead plants. Now, he says they had ladybugs on them. Unbeknownst to me, he cleaned them out for me. Great. 

It is so late, and I am just now cooking burgers to eat with leftover vegetables. 

All in all, it was a very good day. I talked to a cousin and found he had his second heart attack. I did not have to wear a coat or sweater out since it was 82F.

There is very little left in the trunk now. 

Do you ever find a cache of very good things you thought were lost? 

One other thing happened late, but that is for another day.

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