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Sunday, March 3, 2024

Little to See Here Except for Surgery Results

 Friday, I decided to go to a food giveaway. There is always good food we don't want. However, we never waste it. We took the food we did not want to a store and stopped someone in the parking lot and gave it to her. The person was grateful. 

I could not tell if it was a man or woman. The figure was very tall and inordinately thin. The figure was rather androgenous. However, the tall soft boots with a stacked heel led me to believe it was a woman. The person had a very long scarf around the neck. 

This was shocking as we drove closer. The person had most of the lower jaw missing, numerous scars, and still little clue to gender. There was a round plastic piece, about the size of a nickel on the jaw. I supposed it held things together. At the time and in retrospect, I assumed this was one of the drastic jaw surgeries that occur after cancer, usually caused by tobacco. I have seen the aftermath of these surgeries on TV but never in person. I fest for her. I was also thankful I never smoked. Of course, smoking may have had nothing to do with her condition. 

I explained where we got it, how we did not want it even though it was frozen and good. "Would you please take it, and if you don't want it share it with friends or family or neighbors? And, if you don't want it, feed it to cat or dog or chickens. Please help us out."

She said in the softest voice, "You are kind. You are kind." I was moved. I could never have imagined I would have seen a person with this problem when I left the house. 

What we kept: Three pounds of ground beef, 4 pounds of honey-baked ham (not the real stuff), slices of ham from deli, package of six bscb, loaf of rye bread, and4 nice rolls that just fit the deli ham slices, fresh greens stuff for sandwiches. All was frozen, so the ham is in the freezer. I will cook the bscb Monday or Tuesday. Tommy is enjoying the deli ham on the rolls. 

I slept well on Saturday night, considering I did not sleep until 7:30 am. Today, not much has happened. I burned my grilled cheese! That is so annoying. Tommy cooked and chopped the ground beef with the onion I chopped. Now, I will make spaghetti. 

Today, we started late for a ride. We checked to see if the guy in Bessemer had tomatoes to sell from his front yard. We may have gotten there too late. Then, we went to Publix to get Lysol wipes bogo and Finish. I think we drove through the park. Anyway, we came home and watched the news. So, nothing much happened today. 

Hopefully, I will cut his hair tonight. He needs it desperately. Tommy is so funny. He needed to go to CS to get a rain check. He said he stood in line. Well, then he talked about too many people being in line and going away and coming back...still too many people, so he left and came back. No wonder he could not get to the CS desk!

We have nothing planned for the week because it will be rainy. 

How did your weekend go?

What plans in or out of the house do you have for this week? 


  1. I feel like that person was grateful that you 'saw' him of her. More and more when we hand water to the homeless out our car windows I see that their gratitude is not the water as much as the fact that we saw them and recognized their need.

    1. Lana,
      I wonder how many people turned away or were rude enough to express in some way their sorrow or shock for her condition. I did not look away or gape.

  2. I'm so pleased you are still writing. I lost you for a while there.
    I think it's sensible to minimise plans in bad weather. It's been very humid and unpleasant here but we might be turning the corner, I hope we are, it's nearly a week into autumn after all

    1. I think I have been back here for about three months. I just don't want to be in the car in the rain. Tommy finally agrees. It is warming up nicely for spring here. Many flowers, trees, and blooming trees are making it beautiful.


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