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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Low-key Day But Exciting

The feather pattern of the Golden Laced Wyandotte is a sight to behold.
Golden Laced Wyandotte

On my birthday, I got up about 8 am and got ready for the day...very slowly. I forgot how long it took to get to the place where I buy chickens--Dutch Oven Bakery. The guy wanted me there before the lunch rush. I got there a bit before 11 am.

They told me to just go wait in the yard for them. I drove next door and sat in the cool, bugless serenity of huge trees. Clothes on the line added to the serenity. I watched farm animals of all sorts. Chickens roamed over more than ten acres, bounded by cows where I could see. Waiting another hour would not have been a problem. The house is next door to the Mennonite bakery.

Two older teens came to catch chickens. The first chicken caught was absolutely the loudest chicken I have ever heard. I commented to the guy holding the chicken that I did not think that chicken had ever felt human touch.

The $12 chickens were $35 total. I went back to the bakery and bought three pieces of candy at $0.39 each and ate one.

On the way back, I stopped at Ruby Tuesday and had their $5 salad bar special. It was delicious, but suddenly my digestive system need to leave and go home. I did not make it.

I went back out and car shopped. I liked one that was "22-9." I gulped when the guy said that. I went to three places, actually four, but I won't go back to the fourth place.

Later, I got a DQ small chocolate ice cream.

So, now I have three captive chickens, ripped from their life of free-ranging. I sort of feel bad about this. They don't know what my yard is like the first chickens I got in 2009 knew. So, they will be held captive and fed their greens when I pull grass for them. I will be good to them, but there is no place like home...their beautiful, grassy home.

My life will now be dominated by getting healthy and free food for these girls. Right now, I am going to redeem my KFC card for a two-piece dinner.

One hen is a Golden Laced Wyandotte. The other two are light red hens. Actually, all three are mutts, but I recognize the distinctive pattern on the Wyandotte. Pictures later.

Is there a car you would recommend I not get? I have already eliminated Jeep.


  1. how exciting on the chickens! My inlaws have a Ford Taurus. Seems like a solid dependable car. That's what my DD has too.

    1. Thanks, Of course, I can only get what they have. I will look out for a Taurus.

  2. I would suggest domestic as well, Ford, GM...easy and affordable to maintain. If not domestic, consider Toyota or Kia.

    Irony = new chickens + KFC for dinner.

    1. Thanks, Nawm.

      Irony also=brought home the chicken scraps to feed the hens.

  3. Congrats on the chickens. I hope to get some someday.


Okay, hoping the annoyances have gone away.