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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Tuesday Exhaustion--Free meals Twice

It was all fun! This was the church with real plates and utensils. Red, white and blue decorated the tables. They used flag napkins, opened, as a base for the other decorations. It was all very festive.

Free Tuesday lunch and late patriotic program. We were told to wear our patriotic clothes. Exbf wore a red 4th of July t-shirt and a flag blue hat with sequins and lights with four modes. I wore white t-shirt and flag vest-like top. It is a rectangle, blue field and stars  on top half and red and white stripes on the bottom of the vest, red bracelet and nail polish. I could not find the nail paint to make fireworks. I am glad I only spent $1 on it. The vest was NOT a flag! He highly disapproved of my vest, saying I was wearing a flag. Oh poo!

pork on a bun
small container of BBQ sauce
potato salad
baked beans
homemade ice cream

As soon as his food was on the table, he passed off his potato salad bowl to me. He absolutely hates cold potatoes and peels on even hot potatoes. I scraped my baked beans onto his place. They serve the slaw and potato salad in little bowls. I suppose they dish those up and keep in the refrigerator until lunch.

I had more meat instead of ice cream. However, I ate about 1/4 cup of peach ice cream, maybe less.

He threw a very visible hissy fit. Something was wrong with his ice cream, so he just slammed the cup onto the table behind his plate with ice cream flying out the top and all over everything. He is very lucky it did not get on me. Then, he whined about his ice cream melting. If he had not complained so long about everything else wrong with his ice cream, it would not have a Tbsp of melted ice cream on top. So, he made a big deal of pouring off ice cream while he made a mean face at me. Total embarrassment.

Then, we went to bank so I could get money to take to a business and paid them. This is the place that took over 3 weeks to deposit a check. Then, when they straightened out their banking, I gave them a check that they deposited and it was sent to my bank. However, somehow it was lost for over two weeks. Neither bank could find it. So, I pay cash. The trouble is worth the peace of mind. Along the way we looked over all the businesses still repairing hail damage.

We went to the lake and drove around. A family was feeding the ducks and every duck on the lake converged. A little boy about two was running about amongst the ducks. The drake was nipping a boy about ten. But, this little two-year-old was never touched. The ducks came right to his face, and they never touched him. If my face were that low, a drake would have plucked my eyes out!

At home I PEELED about two pounds of potatoes for the crock pot that had cooked chicken yesterday. Those went into a plastic bag for him to take home. I made slaw in a gallon bag. I just dumped everything in the bag, stirred it twice with a fork, and then sealed the bag and massaged it to perfection. I didn't have to wash a bowl. He does not have to wash a bowl. WIN!

If I ever need to take slaw anywhere, I will make it in a bag. it would be easier to keep cold and would only need a bowl at the destination. Most places, I would take my own bowl.

THEN, we dressed like a cow and went to Chick-fil-A for free food. It is so much fun. Whole families come to this.  I have very good pictures if I can figure out how to get them out of phone and onto blog.

He took home a huge chicken breast, cherries, potatoes, slaw. If he eats  1/4 chicken breast each meal, he will have potatoes and slaw for those four days and more potatoes and slaw for other meals. Who knows what he eats when he gets it There are enough cherries for four days, also.

I hope these two occasions never happen on the same day again. Too much fun is exhausting.

Your turn
Have you been attacked by ducks/geese wanting food NOW? Does a little melted ice cream cause you not to eat your ice cream at all or to complain loudly? Did anyone get a free Chic-fil-A? What is your opinion of "wearing a flag"?


  1. My sister and I had taken my nephew to the zoo in Edinburgh when he was just 2 and we decided to eat our sandwiches outside since it was such a nice day. He was wandering about a bit with his sandwich and was suddenly in the middle of a swarm of pigeons! My sister and I chased them off but he thought it was exciting and laughed the whole time - although one did manage to steal his sandwich!
    What a lot of fuss about a bit of melted ice-cream! It all ends up in the same place.
    We don't have Chic-Fil-A up here and I know of very few places that would give away free meals. Your churches seem to do a lot of lunches - is this for seniors? My church does breakfast on a Tuesday morning for the homeless & city poor (around 150 people) and from November through April we do also do an "Out of the Cold" dinner on Monday nights for about 300. On Tuesday nights we have the English class session that I volunteer for and we always have Tea & Coffee along with treats. Occasionally if other events have been happening at the church and there are leftovers they leave them for us to serve. A lot of our students are here for 6 months to a year on student visas and they don't have a lot of extra funds so we do what we can. On special occasions like Thanksgiving or Christmas we provide more - although the instructors and even some of the students will bring items - potluck style.
    I don't know much about "wearing a flag" - we don't get quite as upset about it as Americans seem to. I see people wearing clothing with the Canadian Flag incorporated into it but most people would just wear items in red & white in order to be patriotic.

  2. These women had been dipping the ice cream for about 30 minutes, and it was half melted when they dipped what I gave him. If he had just grumbled or whined, it would have been okay, but he always has to make some sort of gesture that embarrasses me to show his displeasure with what I did. He is petulant.

    I think some Americans get too upset with things they consider "wearing the flag." That is okay with me, but mine was not a flag, just a print with stars on blue background and another portion with bars of red and white. However, his opinion did not faze me at all.

  3. You are not supposed to take a flag and cut it up to use in other things, but buying fabric that has flags on it is perfectly OK. Like you vest is OK if a flag was not used in its construction.

    1. tana50,
      Thanks. No flag was cut as you pointed out.

  4. I stay away from geese and swans as both can be nasty! Do you have 7-11's where you are? It was free slurpee day today!

    1. Alex,
      Any wild animal that wants food is trouble. No 7-11 here. Thanks. I like to know these things.

  5. I'd stay clear of the geese/ducks but I'd watch them swim. As for melting ice cream, I love milk shakes too! I also have a flag type tee shirt I wear twice a year- the fourth and Labor Day. Guess I could wear it Memorial day too.

    1. Nan,
      They are so aggressive, so I keep my distance, too. I pointed out to him that his t-shirt had a flag on the front. He said that was different. Mine was not a flag. Yes, I would wear it for Memorial Day, too. His t-shirt has 2018 on the front. I asked him if he would wear it next year. Yes. I think they put a date on it so you will not want to wear an outdated shirt and buy another next year.

  6. I generally dislike ice cream, and have since I became an adult. Moreover, I would never spend time with any adult who behaved as your dining companion did.
    I had a duck come up to me as I was eating Shepherd's pie at the outdoor café at Hever Castle. The duck had obviously been used to getting scraps from visitors, as he (she?) jumped right up on the bench next to me. I simply shooed, and off it went. I thought it was cute, but another American in the café was not amused.

    1. Meg,
      He can be a jerk! I am always horrified when he acts out, always in public.

      I don't think it is cute when anything like a duck joins me to eat. But, they do that because people feed them. Most of the time, the animal does not respond to be shooed away. Some of very aggressive. Maybe the other person had had food snatched or spoiled.

  7. I was once attacked by duck; even more by nasty Canadian geese.
    I do not eat at Chick-fillet.

  8. Urspo,
    They have never caught me so far. You don't know how wonderful the chicken is! More for me!

    1. You can have the chicken. Thems in charge thee send money to people who threaten my liberty so I ain't going.


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