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Saturday, May 18, 2024

Surprising Way to Store Citrus Fruit

 Your Citrus Fruit Will Last Way Longer If You Store Them This Way (

Have you ever heard of this way to store citrus? 

Cleaning on Saturday night is cancelled. Good. What was I thinking?

Tommy was up at 4:30 as his sensor went off twice. I heard it the first time and let it ride. I woke him after the second time. 

Hours later, it went off again. He ate peanut butter sandwich and an apple. It seems he needs to eat at least ever 3 hours to keep his blood sugar above 50. 

He is supposed to record food he eats. But, I had to insist since he has recorded nothing. He wants the tiniest scrap of paper possible to record this. No, an unused 5x7 notebook is too large. Any slip or scrap of paper works for him. He seems not to want to write anything as he goes, just do it all on once at the end of the day. sigh sigh sigh 

But, he is not denying he needs to eat since he put on his monitor.  There is no arguing about whether he is fading away. So, it is a much more relaxed atmosphere around here. While we were out, Tommy took back the other blouse I bought that did not fit and had money returned to my debit card. Good deal. 

Cleaner wanted to come after 5 pm today. I agreed, but I am too tired and need to cook dinner and eat, and maybe nap. Her mailbox is full! Okay, she called and was working register and could not answer phone. 

I am cooking four preformed hamburgers with cooked Vidalia onions. There is cheese and a bag of salad, so that will go on my hamburger, not sure what Tommy wants on his hamburger. We will eat sliced tomatoes, mine on the cheeseburger.

We were going to Publix after trip to Walgreen's, but I could not remember what I wanted, so we just came home. Good thing, too. As Tommy was coming into the house, rain started. It was heavy with little wind. So, it watered the flowers and did not rip my flowers apart. 

Last night I called a friend of Tommy's to see how his visit to a doctor went. He was extremely tired and could only stand for a little bit. He said his wife somehow got the doctor to say he cannot drive. He is 70, grew up  next door for Tommy for 20 years, best friend of Tommy's one-year younger brother. This guy was born two days after Tommy's brother. It is strange but I am always the one to call this guy to ask a question or catch up. On Tuesday, we talked. He and Tommy both had a Wednesday appointment for a problem. 

On Thursday, I called to exchange medical conditions, Tommy's and his. I was so shocked when his wife said her husband had a subdural hematoma and was in ICU after treatment in ER. He has to have drill or cut into skull to drain it. Base of brain. Scary. Tommy has not said one word about his friend that goes to same church that he grew up with, he and his brother. 

Today, I have been searching for the electrician Tommy's friend highly recommends. I need light in the kitchen! 

Today was a beautiful day, only a bit of rain. My flowers looked great! I think the neighbors took their cat since there are no more cat prints on our cars and Tommy has not seen the kitty. I like the chipmunk control she provided even if I had to put up with cat prints on the car. 

How was the weather today at your house? I know there were lots of predictions of storms for today. 

Have you ever stored citrus in water? Heard of it?

Right. I wanted to buy coleslaw mix!


  1. Maybe try some Post it notes for Tommy to write on. He can write and then stick them up. Get him to write the time, if you can. Then just pick them up yourself, later.
    You lead an interesting life.
    It was mostly sunny and 70 degrees with wind gusts.

    1. Tewshooz,
      Oh, he would rebel for sure if i suggested purchasing paper when he has so many small He assures me she does not want the time.
      How is it interesting?
      I hope the wind gusts don't get too high.

  2. Tommy seems to eat when the device warns him. If the device records the time a warning is issued, then that's a pretty good estimation of when he eats as well.

    I've never heard of storing citrus in water. Maybe I'm salty, but I think the whole article is crap.
    - Does the author say how often the water should be changed? NO.
    - Is there anything dumber than draping a PAPER towel over a bowlful of water/citrus and expecting the paper towel to remain dry? NO.

    I don't have enough room in either of my refrigerators to store open bowls of citrus fruit in water.

    It has been wet and cold here for the past 3 days. Maybe that's why I'm feeling especially sarcastic & skeptical.

    I'm going to go have some breakfast and try to improve my world view. May everyone have a delightful day!

    1. Sue,
      Yes, it does say how often. Yes, dumb to put a paper towel over a bowl of water. No, not enough room in our refrigerator for a bowl of water. I thought these things, too, as I read.

      If I needed to store lemons, I would put them in something a bit taller. Since I am allergic to citrus, I would never buy more than one lemon, anyway.

      I am often skeptical of these articles. I am glad to know someone else thought the same thing.

      on and I just got 9 hours sleep, so feel almost human. I need to see if weather is okay for man or beast or car to be out.

      Maybe it is better for both of us.

    2. He eats more often than the monitor goes off. S, that information is no help.

  3. Never heard of citrus in water. Not happening here.
    Just let Tommy do it his way on writing notes - sure not worth disagreeing about. He'll figure it out. He got the hang of the monitor in nothing flat.

    1. Cheryl,
      I don't argue about that! I will wait until he has lost all the notes or failed to write everything down. The doctor will know better.

  4. Tut! Mr. Tommy needs to take better care of himself.

    1. Urspo
      But, dear Urspo, he always says he knows what he is doing. Always.

  5. If he struggles to keep his blood sugar above 50, why in the world is he on insulin? That lowers blood sugar.

    1. Alice,
      This doctor took him off one of his insulin shots. And, she has him taking something, not sure.

    2. That is a very good point, Alice! Maybe because you improved his diet so much, Linda, he no longer needs so much (or possibly any?) insulin. Worth mentioning to the doctor.

    3. Sue,
      The gp doctor to whom he has gone for 30 years said he needed more insulin and upped his dose from once a day to twice. The endocrinologist said to whom he went this last week, listened to me and said he did not need it twice a day. I said very little to the GP. I managed to start talking and tell the endo the whole story, mostly, before she wanted to hear from Tommy. He says so little to any doctor!


Okay, hoping the annoyances have gone away.