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Monday, May 20, 2024

Accomplishments Today

 After reminding Tommy to keep a food diary, he did not. The next day, I asked him. He said he forgot. Then, he was searching for small pieces of paper. I gave up trying to deal with that foolishness. That was Friday. Sunday night, I saw him writing in a large spiral notebook and asked him what he was writing. Answer--food diary. 

Monday, I started about 10:30 making calls. I gave  that up to read blogs and comments. We went out to do something, forgot what. I had him buy four pool noodles, one each of the four colors I saw--pink, green, blue, and orange. The orange is a foot shorter than the others. I think they are two different shipments. So, we will go to another DG to see if the longer ones come in orange. Probably not. Maybe I will just have three lollipops for Christmas display. There will probably be ones in yard sales or on side of road.  We had gone to Walgreen's to get his prescriptions promised today. No, they were not in yet!

The too small ring issue was solved, and the right size is on the way. 

Sent egift card to granddaughter from Amazon. 

Electrician coming to put up three light fixtures.

Called Walgreen's CS to get Tommy's rewards put on his account.

Called tree service and no call as promised to me.

Tommy got my Dawn from under sink.

Found out when lunch served at church.

My debit card was lost. I called over 12 days ago and should have received a new one in mail. Bank has no record of my having called. BAD WORD! Since nothing has been done by the bank to get cc up and running again, one cc account earned a late fee! I am very unhappy. 

Paid two cc cards, one with late fee, another without. 

I used my umbrella to stay sort of dry coming into the house about two weeks ago. It has been in here while I intend to take it out. I asked Tommy to try to remember. Today, I asked him to take it and put in my seat when he collected the mail. So, it is now in the car...clutter lessened. 

For a little over an hour, I lay down. Then, still not asleep, I heard a huge booming avalanche type crash and rumble. I thought he fell. No, it was an avalanche from the big freezer. I got out of bed too fast and almost fell in the bedroom and in hall. So, I bent to get the things and almost tumbled all the way down. He did find chicken breasts, thighs, and drumsticks. 

That is 13 items off the list. Some calls required calls to find where to call for correct number. 

I had breakfast, then lunch, too. It has been a productive day. I still have several more calls to make at 6 I will see what I can do.

Now, he is watering flowers. He also did a load of kitchen linens. I see him deadheading. Good. 

The customer service person in SA was most pleasant cs representative I have talked to since the one in Bombay.

Thinking about lights after I talked to the electrician, I asked Tommy why he got so furious when I brought light bulbs from my storage to put in fixtures here. He said it was like I was taking over his house. That hasn't happened yet. 

So, made 7 calls and about 6 other calls to find some of those numbers that worked. Five other things that needed to be done happened because I made them happen or encouraged Tommy. He washed the kitchen linens because he had few dish cloths and dish towels. He often does take the initiative. 

We both need to work on dinner so we can see Jeopardy.

We did not make it, so will fix dinner after Jeopardy. I will make cole slaw. He will have chicken legs, and I will have a cheeseburger with lettuce and tomato. We will both have slaw. 

The last slaw was the worst I ever made. I dumped too much apple cider vinegar in it. Yuck.

I think I can get in one more call.

This day has been beautiful. Tommy has been calm. A good day. 

I added another three calls.

How was your day today? 

Did any phone calls occur to straighten things our or to make plans? 


  1. I made 2 calls. One (to Social Security) accomplished nothing. The other call (for my side job) was productive with good info.

    1. One,
      I wonder when they will get things straightened out with SS. Hopefully, someone figures out you slow internet.

  2. Mine was a typical Monday, which isn't bad really. I go to the gym and did OK with my instructions. I had a lot of supper for tomorrow I fast for a colonoscopy

    1. Urspo,
      Glad you had a good Monday. Next week is my colonscopy. Good luck tomorrow.

  3. I am putting off calls I do not want to make. Instead I am attack pruning an overgrown forsythia hedge at the end of my driveway.

    Unfortunately, it seems my spring allergies are re-emerging because with every cut, I feel choky and start coughing. Pollen. Damn. So next time I attack I will wear a mask and see if it helps.

    I'm thinking about saving the cuts to weave a wattle fence or make a wreath base. I will probably let them lay in the driveway until DH gets annoyed and bundles them for trash. Hah! Since I cut them, I don't see why he shouldn't do the disposal.

    In other pleasant news, I am finished nuturing a clutch of red finches. The parents nested in an evergreen wreath next to our side (family) entrance. It was too pretty to take down in a timely fashion, and by the time I realized what they were up to, they had built a nest with three eggs. Those never hatched, so they built another nest just to the left of the original, and laid 5 eggs.

    Three hatched. I helped out the parents with dishes of shelled sunflower seeds. They ate like crazy! And the babies were so cute--you could see them as you stepped into the house. This Sunday my son watched one leave the nest, and by Monday the others joined. So that brown wreath is finally gone! Hallelujah and Merry Christmas to boot! LOL.

    1. If you take the cuts and poke them into the ground immediately, you can have more forsythia. Poke about 6 cuts into wet ground, easier that way. I started with one bush and propagated more that way.

      The wattle fence or wreath sounds great. Yes, he should haul the stuff away. I like to lop but not carry away.

      That is cute, using the wreath for a nest. Did you get a picture? I am quite sure they appreciated the help with food.

    2. I do have pix! Let me know where to send a couple.

      Or, do you want a pjusical address?

  4. Sound like a very accomplished day. Good. Glad Tommy got the "idea" to use a notebook for his food diary!!! LOL


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