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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Do You Eat In Middle of the Night?

 The cleaner is here for two hours. She has made my bed and is now cleaning the bathroom. That is all I expect her to do today. Oh, and I want her to take the Christmas lights off the tomato cage. I don't know why Tommy does not want to do it, but he said he does not want to. Maybe next time, she can help put away the few things that are Christmas and stacked on a table in here. 

I added more things to my call and do list. I have paid two credit/debit cards this morning. 

This is a sore spot with me. Two weeks ago, I called because I 'lost' my debit card, right here in the house, I was sure. Well, the next day, of course, I found it right at my elbow. Since I knew, according to the banker, that my card had been cancelled. Now, a new one had to be ordered. Annoyed at myself, I did not call. I was to expect it in 3-5 business days. I know how that works. Yesterday, I called to see if all was going as planned since the new card was overdue. She told me the debit card was still active and there was no record of a new one being ordered or even mentioned. I was fit to be tied. I had been using Tommy's CC all this time. I am glad I decided to be an annoyance and call about the debit card. Grrr

I still have not heard from the tree guy or electrician or mower. We are expecting rain on Friday, so two of those guys better hurry. 

We went out and I left my phone at home. So, no more phone calls. I was fit to be tied! So, no doctors calls. Nothing. We went to new location of farmer's market and could not find farmers from whom we buy, mostly clothes and junk. Since I was so annoyed, we just came home. I decided I would have a doughnut and that put me out. That and the fact I lost sleep last night, forgot why. Oh, my eye hurt. It felt like I had an eyelash under the top lid. Then, I had to get up for cleaner. 

Tomorrow, I have an appointment to have teeth cleaned. Plus, I do need to make more phone call. The three men who should call will all probably want to come here to do their thing. Nope.

Today, cleaner did make my bed. She forgets what I want done to bed, so I stay to see it is done correctly. The bathroom was cleaned top to bottom. Tommy washed rugs and put them back. The Christmas lights are down and in box. Progress!

Tommy jumps when the monitor goes off. He ate at 4:30 this morning. I hate he has to wake up to eat. But, he goes right back to sleep. And, he still writes in his spiral notebook. Does anyone else have a monitor that goes off during the night? Do you get up and eat? I only mean after a monitor goes off!


  1. Some days are like that - things just don't go as planned.
    Glad Tommy is paying attention to the monitor.

    1. Cheryl,
      But, I don't have to be stressed by people who do not call. He does pay attention to it. Just now, his house phone rang. He grabbed the little remote that does not make a noise that Everything is a monitor now.

  2. DH's monitor has only gone off once after we have been asleep. (Due to low blood sugar, that is. It seems it *always* warns us it is nearing time to change the sensor at o' dark thirty.) DH doesn't seem to hear it at night, which aggravates me to no end. If he was alone , he would sleep with it in his pocket so the vibrating would wake him. In any case, when it went off due to low blood sugar, I woke him, and he asked for a glass of milk, which I refused to get for him. (I can't bear milk, and wasn't going to allow it in our bedroom.) I gave him a glass of orange juice, cheese, and (I think) a mini candy bar. He checks it right before bed, and will eat if he is near the warning point...usually something like a granola bar, a , piece of fruit, or crackers and peanut butter. He is up between 4:30 - 5 a.m. naturally, (always has been,) and almost always needs to eat or drink juice immediately. Tommy sounds like he's responding appropriately! Good for him.

    1. MEG,
      You cannot stand the thing that is best for him so you deny him? OMG

    2. Do you mean milk? Actually, when he was first diagnosed, the orders were to steer clear of milk. Low fat, skim, whole, cream, the sugar is the same. I have yet to grasp the American love affair with milk. That said, if he were to wake up and head to the kitchen, he could get himself anything he desired.

    3. I suppose you can follow any guidelines you want. I don't think it can be blamed on Americans. Do you realize there is a lot of protein that can help?

    4. I am well aware of the nutritional value of milk. I am quite certain the standard American love affair with milk, salt and sugar only contributes to Americans having the highest type II diabetes rate among the developed nations. He was diagnosed just two years after we met, but exhibited symptoms as long as I have known him. I blame his life long crappy Americanized diet. Interestingly, he has only ever been close to hypoglycemic crisis that one time. I would say it's under control. Milk be damned!

    5. Meg,
      Let me offer a collective pardon for the ignorance of Americans and their doctors.

    6. Honestly, I am surprised that milk is not held responsible for inflation, high housing prices, and bad weather! I mean, we KNOW cow farts are responsible for global warming, right?

      Milk is not for everyone, due to heritage, ethnicity and a host of other factors. But it is not Satan in a jug, either. If your great-grandparents drank it without ill effect, it probably won't kill you.

      With the absolute tidal wave of plant-based milks, I think we can safely let go of that tired chestnut about "American's obsession with milk."
      Let's get with the times, shall we?

      Wisconsin girl here, German and Norwegian ancestry. My people drank/ate ALL the dairy. For me, nothing soothes the before-bed hangries like a cup of 1% milk. Phftht!

    7. Sue,
      big THANK YOU!
      I just woke up worse than ever. I think your response cured me.

      We had milk before bedtime, too. But, as we all know, milk gives me problems. Of course, it is only protein that affects me. I just eliminate that one protein.


  3. I try my hardest not to eat in the night; it trains me to wake to go eat something.

    1. Urspo,
      I never get up to eat for low blood sugar, but I suppose Tommy should. I ate in the middle of the night about a month ago, the first time I ever remember doing so. Yes, I would be up like a baby for my night feeding.

  4. In the words of the wise man Rodney King, "Can't we all just get along?"


Okay, hoping the annoyances have gone away.