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Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Sort of Busy Tuesday Grocery Shopping

Tommy casually mentioned that he watered the flowers while I took a nap. He said he decided to check his blood sugar first and he ate because he knew it would drop too low. He is using it correctly, not just waiting for the alarm to sound. I sort of talk to him about how to manage the monitor and diabetes in general. He would yell about me telling him to have a carb to raise his blood sugar and then when I told him to have protein and fiber, he would get upset again because he said I was contradicting what I said--eat carb to raise his blood sugar. I had explained before that carbs raised his blood sugar and protein would keep blood sugar from plunging. He gets the low blood sugar raised so he can remember to have the protein. whew!

We went to Cullman today. I finally managed to get another appointment to get my teeth cleaned. I called Monday morning, Monday afternoon, Tuesday morning, and finally on Tuesday afternoon found an appointment for the cleaning. The idea was to eat before the 1 pm appointment, and I was getting woozy. We sat in BK line, got Whopper Jr and had ten minutes to get to appointment. I was going to floss in waiting room and run a toothbrush around teeth. Maybe do it in bathroom. But, no sooner than I sat down, she called me back. I was embarrassed and apologized for gunky teeth.

She gave me two toothbrushes. I think I have had this toothbrush before and it is spiky like a needle and hurts my gums. I said so, and she assures me this one is soft, that everyone loves this model. No, it is spiky and hurts. So, Tommy has two new toothbrushes. I was complaining about my dull teeth, not really yellow but, not white. It is from inside of my teeth. She said that Sensodyne new formula would brighten. So, I have two tubes of that to try. My teeth are not sensitive, but I can try it.

I have had one tooth with plaque so bad I was annoyed by the roughness on my tongue. After she finished cleaning my teeth, I complained that I could still feel plaque and put my tongue on the place. Well, it appears I have a little sliver of tooth broken off an incisor. That is annoying. She said I did not have much plaque at all for it having been two years since last cleaning. 

If anyone thinks I should get a dentist here, I will not because I have gone to this dentist for over 30 years. I am terrified of going to the dentist. I know him. He has not made me hurt ever. The fear of a new dentist would throw me right back to being traumatized at the dentist office. This is a deep-seated, and 65-year-old fear. Even with familiarity with him, I am still really nervous. 

We left without going anywhere else that I really needed to go. We got my mail and headed home. I took a nap and we went to Publix. 

I used only bogo or some other deal and coupons from Publix. 

*2000 IU, D3 $8.59 3 bottles, used on $4 coupon on 3 bottles making it 3 x$4.59. 

Specia K $6.71, I thought this was bogo!

Tomato Basil Wheat Thins, Family Size, $5.39 Bogo 1 @$3.39

Ritz Crackers, Tommy requested, $5.99 bogo 1 x$3.00

2 Bird's Eye frozen broccoli, $3.49 bogo 2@$2.00 each

Pillsbury Fudge Brownie Mix $2.49 bogo 2@ $2.00

Peter Pan PB $4.11 bogo 2@ $2.05

Blueberry Muffin Mix $1.69 bogo 2@ $0.84

Italian Salad Mix $4.99 bogo 1@ $2.50

5 lbs potatoes $3.99

Cento Marin artichoke hearts $3.79

Saving Summary from receipt.                                                                                                                       Store Coupon $14.00                                                                                                                                     Special Price Savings $22.45

Savings at Publix $36.45

It seems like I bought more, but this was the whole receipt. I also had a $2 digital coupon that came off the receipt. I got it for buying $10 worth of groceries. Total receipt--$54.

The sweet mixes will last for months. I put fresh blueberries in these along with the little hard chips included in the mix. They are so much better with an overflow of fresh blueberries. 

I was looking for Wheat Thins Lightly Salted, but found the basil tomato version had less sodium, too. I will not just eat these for the fun of eating them. These will be reserved for time I just want a couple of crackers with cheese. 

I have enough Vitamin D3 to last me a year and still be in date. 

Even though the salad is bogo, I get one and before the ad goes off, I get another. That way, the salad is very fresh, as fresh as bagged salad can be. 

Dinner--two hotdogs and enormous helping of slaw. Tommy--two chicken legs, larger helping of slaw than I had. And, I had a lot.

 Tommy washed a load of clothes before we went to Publix, so I have to hang those. 

Tomorrow's post is just two questions on two different subjects. I am tired of typing today.

Anyone else terrified of going to dentist? What happened to cause you such fear? 

Do you use a toothpaste to whiten teeth?



  1. I have had plenty of bad experiences with the dentist. First off, my folks did not monitor our brushing, so I had cavities a'plenty as a child. My first dentist did not use any kind of anaesthetic. Maybe he had it, but my folks couldn't afford the extra charge for it. Sheer terror and such pain for a grade-schooler! But I was a stubborn little cuss even back then, and would not show any weakness. Never dropped a tear during those awful filling sessions.

    My first dentist died (he was freaking old) and we went to a new one. He pronounced all my fillings (every molar in my mouth) faulty, and told my parents they had to be re-done. They should have questioned this, but didn't. I did get anaesthesia this time, but every filled tooth was weakened by the unnecessary process. That bastard was later sued for malpractice and killed himself. Rot in hell, I say!

    All dentists after this were wonderful, and I got lots and lots of great anaesthesia--even nitrous oxide, which is AWE-SOME! But my molars were so weak that they started to disintegrate, one by one. I now have 8 crowns. I've also had 2 root canals. My periodontist is a miracle worker and the procedures were a breeze.

    But even after that, I don't mind going to the dentist at all. I don't get nitrous anymore (this culture has gone way overboard with concerns about addiction). I like my current dentist very much, and love the assistant I've been seeing for 20+ years.

    I am a quivering fraidy-cat about my feet, but not my teeth! LOL!

    1. Sue,
      What a horrendous tale! I am surprised you have any teeth left. I am very nervous about having my feet touched by a doctor. That is from watching a doctor eliminate an ingrown toenail from a big toe. A subsequent doctor called it 'barbaric.' However, my present podiatrist, only one I have ever used, is kind and gentle, thankfully.

  2. Man, oh man, you struck a nerve!!!I dislike going to the dentist heartily. It's not a fear, although the first time I had a tooth filled, no anesthesia was parents didn't ever use it, as they remembered the old hand drills, these new drills were fast, nothing like those, so, clearly, we kids didn't need any anesthesia either. I was 6 when I got my first filling and don't remember it hurting much, but I do remember the dentist being rather terse, so even if it did hurt, I wouldn't have dared speak out. Later, my sister told me what she thought of that dentist...nothing good, so, of course, I disliked him too. Turns out, my sister was SPOT ON. Fortunately, my parents and many of their friends stopped going there soon after when they discovered Bircher literature displayed in his waiting room. (His kids were nasty btw, and the source of the first ethnic slur I ever heard uttered, which was directed at an older sibling.) But, as he was the only dentist in town, and my mother didn't drive, we went without dental care until a new dentist, who also became a dear family friend, set up practice. THAT poor guy I actually bit when I was 15....I walked in for an appointment after school for a routine filling. He started drilling, probably thinking I was like my parents and needed no Novacaine. In fact, he had put in a small filling previously with no Novacaine, but this?? It hurt!!!! I about leaped off the chair! He stopped immediately and didn't even hesitate to get the Novacaine, but when I saw the needle coming in my mouth I clamped my teeth right on his hand...fortunately not hard. He swore, in two languages, in fact, and I instantly opened my mouth, mortified at my behavior. He walked out of the room, yelling (not in English) called my parents, told them what had happened and said he was going to have to use nitrous as well, because I was having such a bad time. I heard him laughing** at something my mother said, then he said goodbye, said something to his receptionist (again, not in English) which made her laugh and came into the room, still laughing. He apologized to me, telling me he neglected one of the first things he learned in dental school...monitor your patient. He told me it was HIS fault he got bitten, because he didn't see it coming. (Even if I was his first bite in 10 years of practice, and the only one as of the time of his retirement.) I saw him all through college, usually timing my appointments with my best friend's, and continued to see him well into the early years of my marriage, driving 3 hours to see him, until we moved out of state. Damn, I miss him.
    Now, maybe it's where I am, but I heartily dislike the dentists is a philanderer, another a rabid anti-masker who shamelessly upsells services, and a third a part of a huge chain of practices. DD found one nearby she likes and I may pay them a visit.
    And, isn't it funny the U.S. health insurance industry considers teeth and eyes extra?????
    **Apparently my mother said "Oh, Dear Lord, if I had known she was going to bite a dentist, I would have booked the appointment with that jackass on Church Street!"

    1. That is a lot of negative dentist experience. I am glad you survived those experiences. No Novocain? I suppose it is better to have the new drills than the old ones.
      I cannot believe you bit the dentist. Tommy just told me he slugged his dentist when he was over 40. I just cringe. But, I have never had any drilling without Novocain.
      Your mother's comment was funny.
      It is hard to believe a dentist or any doctor would so obviously announce he was a racist.
      The number one indicator a person is poor can be seen in lack of dental care and loss of teeth.
      Thankfully, I pay extra for good insurance so that I keep toothlessness at bay. Thanks for those stories.

  3. I do not love going to the dentist. At all. We didn't go to the dentist when I was a kid, I think it just wasn't something that was done unless there was a problem. I had a cavity in a tooth and I was very scared to let my parents know. I'm not even sure how I got the fear of the dentist having never been to one, but I was so scared they were going to pull that tooth! But it probably needed pulled. Anyway, I've never had an actual bad experience with a dentist, but I still don't like to go.

    I saw advertised some teeth whitening strips that touted they would not cause sensitivity. I tried them and love them. I have them on "Subscribe and Save" from Amazon to get a discount. I used them every day for a week or so, and now I just do a couple of times a week to keep up the effects. Lumineaux is the brand.

    1. Alice,
      You may have heard others say something about a dentist, so you were afraid. Pulling is what little kids know of the dentist.
      I will order some of the whitener. Thanks. I used a whitening toothpaste once and my gums and teeth hurt so that I quit.

  4. What terrifies me about going to the dentist is every time I go it is more bad news and very $$$ too.

    1. Urspo,
      I am less afraid of the cost than the pain and trauma.


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