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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

A Very Few Wednesday Items

 I did get 8 hours sleep by 4 Of course, I had/have energy to do other things rather than be a slug for the rest of the day. I did wake after 4 hours last night and stayed up and went back for a long nap. 

We collected all three ads and bought bananas and milk for me. I didn't know he bought Fritos until we got into the house. CVS had not more Oral B Sensi Soft toothbrushes. Tommy filled car with gas. We still did not get the refund. 

We do lead a thrilling life. Right?

The dogs next door look so lonesome! I cannot imagine leaving animals for so long. They still bark day and night. Someone sprayed Roundup on our side of the yard, not on theirs. The mower uses a weed eater on the fence line every week, so not sure why she would do that. Now, it is ugly brown and weeds will grow where grass was killed. I won't say anything to them.

 We are going to a rodeo next week. It is not the kind with horses and cows. If anyone guesses what kind of rodeo, I will find a prize to send you. You have until 5 pm next Friday, June 21. You have to follow my blog to guess and win. So, guess only on this post. I cannot guarantee the prize since I am still thinking what it will be. 

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  1. Please help those poor dogs. Call the shelter or local
    Sheriff. They are suffering.

  2. Yes, please call animal control. Those dogs need a good home, not where they are now. That is just awful.

    1. Cheryl,
      It was even awful when the people were here.

  3. I'd be calling just for the sheer annoyance of the non-stop barking! Are they renters? Call the owner of the house and if they are being neglected report them to animal control, if you have one in your area. There has to be some sort of noise ordinance, if you live in a town, I would think

    1. There is a noise ordinance! But, I have to do a lot of work to get the police or anyone here. Very annoying.


Okay, hoping the annoyances have gone away.