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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Protect Heels When Walking in Summer Grass


This product would have helped me when I was younger and wearing high heels.

Once, a few years ago I was invited to a wedding held in a church with the reception in the yard of my friend, the mother of the groom. I wore a polka dot dress to the wedding with very high white heels. I planned ahead. I wore a shorter pair of heels with less than skinny heels. The heels on these were sort of scuffed, but I wore them. My friend and many of the young women were impressed with my shoe change as they hobbled around in heels in grass. I doubt if I will ever need these on my shoes as I am over wearing high heels.  They look handy. What do you think of them? 

Zara Tindall’s shoe trick to protect her favourite heels | Woman & Home (

Onto Tuesday

By Tuesday evening, I was just too tired to compose a sentence or three. Then, once again, I could not sleep. I cancelled Wednesday plans in Cullman. That's okay. Well, we were looking forward to going to the lake. 

I did call both friends in Cullman who are older and cannot get out to remind them of the pickup lunch. Neither cooks. My one friend will drive short distances but not even into Cullman. Her son can pick up the lunch. The other whose son took her car away, can let him pick up lunch. My other plans can wait.

So, let's see if I can manage Wednesday with a bit of sleep. At 5 am I came in and wrote a note to Tommy telling him the time and the fact I had not slept, saying I did not want to go. I finished, looked at him only to find he was staring at me. I gave a little yelp. It scared me so that it is a wonder I ever slept. 

We need to make two returns. We need to get ads from three stores. As far as I can remember, the rest of my things to do are on the phone. My laptop exploded with ads and virus threats. I tried to view the ads online but could not see the ads for popups. I just hope it does not take five days to get this resolved. McAfee may have lost me as a customer. We need milk and bananas. 

It has been three days since Tommy exploded or argued about anything. I am trying to teach him that an argument is not the end of everything, to eventually let it go, quit explaining to me how I am wrong. Just get over it like I do. It helps immensely that his blood sugar is controlled with the monitor. Even when I concede I am wrong, he usually keeps up the harangue. 

Willie Mays was in Birmingham for a celebration at Rickwood Field here in Birmingham. But, he died of heart failure. I definitely know the name, but all the specials on TV have helped me know so much more of his history. 

Gotta go. Since it is noon, I need to eat my breakfast. 

Are the heel protectors clever? 


  1. Yeah, clever. Could have used those in my heel wearing days. At 93, Willie dying of heart failure is better than cancer, IMO. I actually watched him play when I lived in NY, as I am old as dirt. HeyHey!

    1. Tewshooz,
      Those days are behind me, too. Amazing you saw him play. HeyHey. I am working on old as dirt.

  2. Heel protectors ARE clever!

    What is NOT clever is wearing suede shoes in wet grass! Zara is a nincompoop for not wearing leather heels. Water ruins suede--those waterlines above her sole will never come out.

    But I guess that's just fine if you're rich---she probably has at least a half-dozen of that same pair in her closet. The wealthy can afford to be heedless.

    That said, I ADORE the color of those shoes. What a sumptuous pink! I'd kill for a pair--if they came in a kitten heel. My days of high heels are well over (and I have no regrets, either).

    1. Sue,
      The rich are different from you and me; they have money. Fitzgerald
      Those shoes are very pretty!

  3. I saw that in the news that Willie Mays had died. He was 93, he lived a lot longer than my Mom or Dad. His family was fortunate to have him for as long as they did.

    The shoe trick is a good one. Those items on the website would work too.

    1. He died a better death than my parents and lived much longer.
      I knew I would be staggering all over in heels on grass. I woud have used the heel protectors.

  4. The heel protectors are a great idea. I like Zara's pink shoes and hat. It's elegant.

    1. Kylie,
      Great idea too late for me. They are gorgeous shoes!

    2. Yes I only managed to wear heels for a short few years before I became to weak in the ankles and I never had anything so pretty 😍

    3. kylie,
      I understand. No, never that pretty!


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