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Saturday, June 22, 2024

Bad News and A Winner of Giveaway

 I called my friend who works where the rodeo will be held in order to find out where on the grounds to find door which causes me to walk the least. 

Be the way Chef Jules wins. I was going to a fork lift rodeo. Actually it has trucks and other big machinery for the rodeo. 

The parking lot is not available. The trucks will rodeo there! So, everyone has to park in a big field and walk a long way to the building where forklifts and pallet jacks have their part of the rodeo. I forgot the other pieces of equipment that will be participating. 

The news really disappointed me! She said they have other events and she will let me know.  

Today, we collected more food for the family. Today, the guy who takes it to her said she only eats chicken. Of course, we had four huge gallon bags of beef or tpv, not sure. The guy can eat it for all I care. She has pancreatitis and sticks with chicken. 

We did nothing else today. I am not sure why since I had things I wanted to do. 

For dinner I baked three small sweet potatoes that just happened to be my favorite, Beauregard. I had meatballs, sweet potato, and cheesy Brussels sprouts, and an apple. I scraped the cheese away. 

This past Tuesday, Piggly Wiggly had the Kraft Medium Cheese on sale, finally! But, I had four pounds still cheaper at home. I told Tommy to get White Cheddar, but there was no white cheddar in any brand n the shelf. Strange. Publix carries white cheddar.  ??? I wonder why The Pig does not. 

I tried to call about the dogs next door, but I was told to call back Monday when dog guy was back. And, the grass is high again, weeds even higher since they were never cut...think 4 feet high, and in front of the shrubs, hiding the piano that has been on the front porch since they moved into the house. 

Has anyone ever seen a rodeo with 18 wheelers, pallet jacks, and forklift events? Chef, mail me your address again to lgd113@yahoo. com . I know I had it but do not know where it is. 

What other kind of rodeo have you seen that is not horses and cows? 


  1. Yes I have seen a rodeo with big equipment. A friend was in a couple.
    Will email Address...

  2. Do you have Ingles? Their own brand of cheese which is better than Kraft is BOGO this week 2/$.2.58. They have medium cheddar.

    1. Lana,
      No, No Ingles. But, maybe there is a similar store here. Thanks.

  3. My husband & I are joining my Dad at the county fair next month to watch our first demolition derby!

    1. Tiffany,
      I have only seen a few minutes of a demolition derby once. Have fun.

  4. I went to a demolition derby once with different pieces of heavy equipment including a combine. It was just the combine without attachments.

    1. Amy,
      WOW! That must have been interesting. Even without the attachments that must have been something to see.


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