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Saturday, June 15, 2024

Credit Score

As soon as his 90 days of minutes is gone, Tommy is getting a phone that does more than twitter so that he can hear it. In the meantime, I will get him a pouch to hang the phone around his neck! 

 I have had this blank page opened, waiting to write. I opened it Friday afternoon. Now that it is 24 hours later, maybe I can write. I guess this is writer's block. 

Nothing happened on Friday except I tried to sleep and feel like a person who can actually accomplish things. When I woke from a nap at 8 pm. I wanted a salad, tuna with MW on a bed of salad mix. Well, there was no MW, so we went to Publix to buy. 

I put a pair of pants on under my nightgown which was so soft I did not want to take it off.  Hopefully, neighbors did not see me. I had two coupons for MW, so Tommy took those. After a bit, I remembered I had no bananas, so called him. A woman answered the phone, but I did not recognize that. She said, "I just picked up this phone from a shelf and I answered it." My head reeled with questions. I told her it belongs to Tommy, and I would send him back into the store. At that very moment, Tommy was coming out of the store. 

I honked the horn at him and waved my phone with the lit side toward him. He kept coming. I was hurting for him because he started coming faster, and I could tell he was exhausted. He came all the way to the car and turned around and hurried even faster. The customer service guy handed it out the door. 

Why was the phone on a shelf in the store is what you want to know, right? Quoting him, he was trying to keep it where he could hear me call. ???? Well, that didn't work. As soon as his 90 days of minutes is gone, Tommy is getting a phone that does more than twitter so that he can hear it. In the meantime, I will get him a pouch to hang the phone around his neck! 

Friday, we did remove stuff from the freezer and gave it away along with about another 40 cans of food. The guy came and collected it for the woman and five girls. That was a real chore, plus we stayed outside in the heat talking to him. 

He often has his flip phone hooked into the neck of his knit shirt. This is so it will be close to his ear. The Miracle Whip was on the very bottom shelf, so he did not want the phone to fall out of his shirt neck. He put it on the shelf  to keep it secure. sigh sigh sigh

Then we came home for me to ruin my dinner. I put way too much lemon in the can of tuna! It was awful, but I ate it anyway. He had chicken thigh with bbq sauce, potato, carrots and something else. 

Another thing, I received notification of my credit score--805. I am stunned it is so high. Of course, I do pay off 2CCs on time, 2 store cards, and a debit card, all on time. I never have anything on all of them at one time. And, I always pay them before I have any kind of charge. The debit card is used all the time and CCs only occasionally. 

It is almost 5 pm, and cleaner was going to be here a little after 4 pm. There is a lot to do around here, but I will give out after about two hours this time of day. Okay, cleaner came at a little after 5 pm. She said she thought she would give me a little longer to sleep. In a nice way, I told her I had been up since she called at 3:45. That I wanted to be up when she came and dressed. If she had told Tommy she would be here when she actually came, he would have let me sleep. 

She changed my bed. I sat while she got the rest of the food out of the freezer. I suppose I gave her 30 pounds of food, all meat. There was lots of bread Tommy will go through. He said some of the bread we took out of the freezer last time just crumbled and fell apart when he tried to use it, just to crumbs. Plus, I found two old bags of mashed bananas ready for banana bread. Tommy hates banana bread; I don't need it even though I love it. So, the clearing of the freezer is done. 

Dinner--I ate meatballs we uncovered, last of slaw, and green beans. He had meatballs and sauce on a hotdog bun and a huge salad. 

I have almost turned my nights back to sleeping instead of staying awake all night and sleeping all day. YAY me!

My side slowly quit hurting. Today, leaning over the chair hard to pick up things while she was doing the same, it started hurting again. So, I won't be doing that again. 

It was funny when Tommy was watching a heavy rain. He said, "Good, I won't have to water tonight." We got 1.4 inches in short order, quite a gully washer. 

How is your weekend? Rain? Rodeo? 


  1. It's been raining here for days but today was sun shiney and lovely despite the winter temperatures.
    I understand Tommy putting his phone on the shelf, it made sense in its own way. It's not great that he almost lost it.
    I like people to arrive at or near the time specified, otherwise it messes up any planning I may have done

    1. kylie,
      Sun is always nice even if it is cold. Rainy for days is not nice.
      I am glad you understand it. I don't since he puts things down and leaves them, even in the house. I often wonder where I left my cell phone in the house.
      I know. I planned to sleep until she said she was coming. And, I missed out on part of my much needed nap.

  2. No rain here, just hot weather, but at least it isn't cold. I'm glad Tommy got his phone back.

    1. Belinda,
      Not cold is always a plus, for sure. He is so lucky an honest person found it.

  3. No rain - hot and humid. My late hubby always kept his phone in a pouch around his neck. He had troubles getting around and it kept his phone close by.

    1. Cheryl,
      I ws hoping for another gully washer today or even a gentle shower so Tommy would not have to water. No luck. I just told Tommy your husband used a pouch. In the past, he has yelled at me when I said anything. He did not this time. He realizes his excuse for putting the phone on the store shelf is not a good reason.

  4. I suggest Mr. Tommy get a phone enclosed in a bright red case; they are easier to spot from far off and less lost.

    1. Urspo,
      Good idea except this is a flip phone. I may get a red pouch for around his neck.

  5. I think a neck pouch for phone is a great idea. Overcast here with 70 degrees and breeze. Jetboat races on the river today.

    1. Tewshooz,
      He seems to want to use the pouch, thankfully. Wow, it is not to hot at your house. I have not seen a boat race in 40 years.


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