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Sunday, June 23, 2024

Hot Time Summer in the City


Yes, I bought one of these, a hat umbrella from Amazon. I sent it back. Obviously, my head is too big. I could get it on, but I feared my skull would burst like a watermelon with a rubber band around it. 

I also bought two toothbrushes. One tore up taking it out of the box it was packed in, so I sent it back. 

We went out today for a short trip to store. But, we ended up going across town to SAM's Club. We bought two 180 packs of 18 oz. disposable cups, double pack of Cheerios, generic Claritin, Vitamins for Men, gallon of milk for Tommy 16-pack of hamburger buns. THEN, we went to buy a piece of pizza and Coke. Yuck, they only had Pepsi, so we had a Diet Pepsi. There was no pizza today, so we had a wonderful hotdog. I only eat mustard on mine. Tommy ate catsup, mustard, and relish on his. 

Then, we drove straight home, passing Jared's where I wanted to go. So, that is another trip we will have to make. I did not even want to go to Publix where we started out to go. 

I froze the buns 2 in a quart bag. Well, Tommy put them in the freezer after I bagged them. Dinner for me was chicken breast with carrots, potatoes, and an apple. Tommy had meatballs, carrots, potatoes, and squash. Everything went into the microwave to prepare since it was all leftovers. Someday, I will have to cook!

Tommy washed and dried a load of clothes. I am picking up stuff from my tables, slowly cleaning bits from it along with continuing decluttering. 
Ugh! It was 99F today. I wish I could hang clothes to dry. 

If you go to SAM's Club, do you buy the hotdog and Pepsi or Pizza and Pepsi for $1.38 each--total for both with tax $3.02. Tommy says it is now less than when he worked there six years ago. 

If you shop there, what do you get regularly? 

Hot in your town? 


  1. We do go to Sam's but do not bother with the food. We are laser-focused on getting in/out because it's a zoo.

    I rarely eat hot dogs anymore, unless it's Hebrew National 97% Fat Free--although they are too high in sodium. A good deep-fried corn dog is my once-a-year fair treat. And boy howdy do I love beans 'n' weens, but again--sodium and carbs keep me away.

    Sigh. All the yummiest foods are so bad for one's health

    1. Sue,
      I am more worried about nitrites when eating hotdogs. But, sodium is also too high for me. I make the rest of the day low carb and low sodium. Tommy said these hotdogs were Nathan's.
      Sadly, chocolate is not a health food.

    2. You can make a case for the flavanols in dark chocolate being a good-for-you treat, but there absolutely no way to similarly justify hot dogs. :^(

    3. Sue,
      Of course. I eat chocolate for flavonoids. Knowing the risk, I do eat hotdogs occasionally because they are so good.

    4. Chocolate is its own food group! I had a hot dog tonight with chili for the first time in a year. Enough salt for a week. Tomorrow I will go salt free.

    5. Tewshooz,
      I feel the same way. I had a can of chili that I ate over a week's time with two hotdogs each time. I won't have any more for a long time. I do without salt when I have something like that.

  2. A big wind and I wonder if that umbrella hat would take a person down or what! Our favorite at Sam's is their frozen yogurt, so, so good! On the rare occasion that we get a hot dog I get sauerkraut for mine. And I love me some fountain Pepsi!

    1. Lana,
      The woman I saw wearing one finally took it off after the wind buffeted her about. It would help me a bit since holding an umbrella sometimes makes me unsteady. This would also make me unsteady. But, to take a picture or keep sun out of my eyes or shoulders, it would be great. It did look like trouble, but I was willing to chance it.

  3. Today's high was 102°; heat index 110° 🥵

    1. Tiffany,
      That is really hot. I hope you stayed in ac all day.


Okay, hoping the annoyances have gone away.