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Saturday, February 24, 2024

Leprechaun Balls

Since I did not feel like posting anything today, I thought this was cute.  

Today was a nothing day in an effort to regain some strength and ooomph. I probably slept enough. Then, I slept about three hours in my chair as did Tommy but not so long he said. We did not go car shopping. 

Dinner was ready in the refrigerator, but we added other things. I made tuna salad sandwich without eggs and had potatoes, carrots, and broccoli. He had some pork he said he found in the freezer, carrots, potatoes, and broccoli. 

I did manage to put color on my hair, so feel better about my looks. Tomorrow, I will cut Tommy's hair.  I keep putting it off but will get it done eventually. Okay, I will get it done tomorrow. 

The recipe for leprechaun balls emphasizes it is for adults. I am quite sure you can sub other ingredients to make it child friendly. 

My one St. Patrick Day decoration is a large Shamrock to go on front door. 

Will you make something green to eat? I doubt I will. Do green beans count? 

Do you decorate for St. Patrick's Day? 

Wear green or a pin? 


  1. We don't put any decorations up for St. Patrick's Day here. I will probably wear green though, so no one can pinch me. LOL

    1. Belinda,
      The shamrock is the only thing I have and won't get more. I have nothing green, so people who would pinch me had better know I will punch jk

  2. I don't make special desserts for St. Pat's. Not gonna lie, those "Leprechaun Balls" don't sound delicious at all.

    And even if you take out the alcohol, they sound too salacious to be a children's activity or dessert. "Here, kids--let's make some big ol' Leprechaun Balls to roll around in your mouths!" Uhh, no.

    I don't decorate, either. My kids are too old for that shit and I don't have grandkids.

    The only way I celebrate is to make corned beef and veggies, plus soda bread.

    However, I may just treat myself to a small McD's Shamrock Shake, now that they're available. I haven't had one of those in years.

    I have never heard of the 'get pinched for not wearing green' thing! Sounds annoying as hell. I'm with you, Linda--I'd plant a nice right uppercut on any moron who tried that.

    Erin go Bragh-less (snicker!)

    1. Sue,
      I might have green beans for my green food.

      Taking out the alcohol would make them better for me. Kids eat salacious sounding things all the time since their minds are not corrupted like yours and mine. gumballs?

      Since I am wobbly anyway, I can get away with a big hurt. Once, when I was on crutches, a woman shoved me, I 'accidentally' hit her square in the back when my crutch went wild. She never looked back.

  3. Gumballs are not salacious because they don't refer to a male's genitals. Leprechaun balls most certainly are, because they do.

    1. Meatballs, Swedish meatballs? Balls are what a person makes of them.

  4. When my children were young I always gave them green foods on St Patrick's day. Green milk was easy. Green oatmeal? Much harder to get the correct color. One year I used so much green food coloring that it stained my wooden spoon! I continued using that spoon, green dye and all. Fortunately the color did not leach out & color subsequent foods.

    1. Janet,
      That was cute. I never did that. Now, I wish I had. I am glad you had not have other green food the rest of the year.


Okay, hoping the annoyances have gone away.