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Sunday, February 25, 2024

Cleaning a Hoarder's House

Cleaning a hoarders house that is gross.

Cleaning a hoarder biohazard kitchen for FREE - YouTube

This guy cleans houses for free. He is very compassionate toward the people whose houses he cleans. He points out the reasons houses get into this condition. 

I suppose I have watched about ten hours of his videos. It is appalling how these houses look. Even at the worst, I have never seen a house like these. 

Once you watch one of these, you will hear more about him. In a few of these he is very disrespectful to his son, calling him awful names. But, apparently, he quit that nonsense. His son and daughter and another young man work with him. He will tell you he is autistic, has a cleaning company that he does charge for his services, is 6'5" so he can reach the high stuff. 

These videos are fascinating to me. 

Oh, we went to Publix. As I switched carts in the lobby, I felt a flea jump onto my wrist. Conflicted as to what to do after I caught it, I went back outside to trash and put it in there. I did not want to infect the store or the outside. It would have jumped on someone else. 

Have you ever seen a house in the condition of the kitchen or bathroom? He even had to wear a hazmat suit for the bathroom. 


  1. I like watching those kinds of videos about hoarding and how clean they look afterwards. Thankfully, Dad's hoard is not filthy or has gross garbage in it. It's just cluttered up and dusty. He was really good to take his food and kitchen garbage off.

    1. Belinda,
      It is amazing how sometimes the kitchen has trash everywhere. I wonder if they don't know how to drop things in a garbage can or take it out to trash can. But, I suppose that is part of the problem.
      My house had things piled where I recently brought things there to rescue them, but there was never food, roaches, mouse droppings, or maggots like one house had ALL over kitchen, live and dead, or a stench.

    2. Exactly Linda! There is a cluttered house and then there is filth, and there is a big difference.

  2. I often try to treat folks with hoarding it ain't easy to be sure.

  3. One of my sisters is a hoarder. Actually, both of my sisters are. But one is the dirty hoarder, and the other just has too much stuff, not dirty. Years ago, I guess late 1990's, I went to help her clean house. There was a path from the door to each place a person would need to go. I'm not sure how water drained out of the bathroom sink, as the filth lining it almost filled the pipe. I washed dishes for hours. Threw away bags and bags of trash.

    When her husband died, we counted it a small blessing that it was out on the farm instead of inside the house. The emergency crew would not have been able to get a gurney through.

    1. Alice,
      Wpw! Too bad both are hoarders. When I moved here, this place was bad. 40 fast food cups in living room and he would not allow me to pick them up and toss. Dishes had not been washed in three years. He would not allow me to wash. There was sooo much.
      I am glad the EMTs could get to him. So, are either of them better?

    2. Well, yes and no. The dirty hoarder has abandoned her home on the farm and rents an apartment in town. I haven't been to the apartment, but would not be surprised if it was full to the brim also.

      My other sister, her husband died almost two years ago and I think he was also a hoarder. She has been getting rid of things for the past two years. But she has books two layers deep on bookshelves and so many clothes purchased from yard sales that she has clothing racks in the garage - where her car has never been.

      I love watching the show Hoarders on TV, if for no other reason that to get into a cleaning mood. I start throwing things away like my life depends on it. :)

    3. Alice,
      I suppose the show Hoarders helps you to see what you do not want to be. Good for you.

  4. I have watched these sort of shows I like this Scandinavian woman.

    There are also people who clean up overgrown, neglected Yards.

    1. Janet,
      I think I saw her once. I will go look.

      That would be great for some people. In Cullman, the city would threaten and cut it and fine you before the grass got very high. But, they did not care if the yard was overgrown at edges of yard and around the house.

    2. @Janet,

      I love watching those yard cleanup videos!

    3. I will have to find those and watch.


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