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Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Fun Times Ahead

I awoke Tuesday morning with a massive knot in my neck, felt awful, and decided not to do something I love doing. Instead, we went grocery shopping. We did not need regular groceries, but we needed stuff for my low residue diet for colonoscopy. It was a fun trip. /s

/s is sign for sarcasm, a tone indicator.

I was confused. Is low residue low fiber. The pharmacist looked confused, too. She was a snippy, cold, humorless person. I now have apricot Jello, Wonder Bread. I forgot to get Gas X, asparagus tips. I had questions that no one knew answer. Can I have Special K since I can have Corn Flakes? Why can I have cream cheese and not milk at my last meal the morning before? There are more questions. 

There are problems. I hate citrus Jello, Kool Aid, and drinks. I am also allergic to citrus. I love the red and purple of the former products. But, cannot have them for this. It is just too 

I can only have clear liquids. Coke is a clear liquid! I was shocked. Now, I know it means no seeds or residue. I cannot find broth is low sodium. 

The prep kit cost $4. They have never cost me anything before. But, it's okay. 

This prep involves pills and an extraordinary amount of water. 

The doctor said casually, "since you have gallstones..." What?!?! Last gastro doctor never told me this. I love the present gastro. 

Good news is bananas, chicken, and milk products are on the menu for this procedure. I cannot have apple skins or pecans, but I can do without those for a few days. I do eat both every day. 

I can only have white rice, so I just won't have rice since I only eat brown rice. I can have saltines, but not oats, so I will put saltines in the salmon croquettes I want to make. Eggs are low residue--goody goody gumdrops. Carrots and potatoes are low residue. 

I had a CT for knot in abdomen and kidneys. Good news is that there was not one a$$ in the building. I was grateful. Everyone was very nice and helpful and funny.

I have a week to get the food all figured out. I have never had such specific directions. I just worry about low blood sugar the day before and day of the procedure. 

Fun times ahead!

Do you handle colonoscopies well? Maybe you have never had one?


  1. I did the prep work for a colonoscopy, but then they didn’t do the procedure. Ugh. I hope yours goes well and you get good results. The diet sounds complicated. I hope it’s not and you can figure it out easily.

    1. Belinda,
      It would annoy me for me to do all the prep and not have it done! It is and it is not complicated. I will get through it, I suppose.

  2. I have had a colonoscopy and did all the prep work. Things sure have changed since I had mine. Never was told to do any diet changes before hand. Good luck on the day of.

    1. LaurieS,
      I had one about ten years ago and was not told what to eat or not eat. I just had to do all liquid the night before. I can imagine that diet changes makes this easier.

  3. they should have gave you a sheet of food you could eat at the doctor's office.

    1. Chef,
      Thanks. They did sort of. I just cannot understand some of it, like why I cannot have milk for last meal, but I can have cream cheese. Weird.

  4. No red or purple dye due to it being in your colon. I worked for a GI doctor years ago before this was a thing and the doctor thought the patient was bleeding but found out it was red jello.

    1. Cheryl,
      I understood that, just only like red and purple. I can imagine how shocking the red Jello was for the doctor.


Okay, hoping the annoyances have gone away.