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Saturday, September 2, 2017

Canning Jars + A Story

Here are a few sites with canning jars and supplies, customized labels and such.


I would like one of all of these.

This one is a goody.

A story:

Often I empty containers of products into a canning jar so the product will remain fresh. One day, I was looking for something and came across a blue, pint jar with something that looked like a powder. When I opened it up, it smelled immediately like chocolate. It tasted like Hershey's or Instant Breakfast.

Well, a glass full of milk later with the powder left me puzzled. It had a strange texture toward the end. Okay. I had another glass of the chocolate powder and milk later on in the day. Yuck...the texture was not right. It appears I was drinking a brownie or cake mix in my milk. I don't advise it.

I have a second set of coupons for canning jars that I will get today. WM does not have wide-mouth quart canning jars, so I will have to pay the price at Publix. This will make two dozen new jars and the swirly kind and sharing kind.

Some of the applications for canning jars don't suit me. Anything glass in my bathroom is a no no. So, I won't be making pumps for soap or using jars for storing cotton balls or Q-tips.

How do you use canning jars other than canning? Have you taken advantage of the coupons that come out each August for Ball canning jars?


  1. We have dozens of regular mouth jars, quite a few wide mouth and a couple dozen half gallon jars.

    We use them for storage of foods in the fridge and in the cupboard. I hate plastic.

    I used to can a lot in Texas and bought jars years ago at Big Lots for $5 a case. When we moved I donated some to a church sale and they snapped them up.

    I know some people who have put jam in used jars that have the white rubber seal in the cap and it works fine for them.

    You can use a Tilia vacuum food saver with the wide mouth attachment to remove air from certain dry foods for storage or vacuum seal to keep food temporarily fresher in the fridge.

    1. Janet,
      I have heard that putting salad greens in a jar and vacuum sealing makes the salad last twice as long. I wish I had a vacuum sealer so I could seal my dehydrated food better.

      I would hate to get rid of my jars! But, I can imagine how people would buy them in a heartbeat.

    2. I did hate to get rid of some of my jars, but we moved to a place half the size for retirement and just couldn't squeeze them all in.

      My vacuum sealer bit the dust a few years ago and I sure do miss it. I keep looking around for a deal.

    3. Janet,
      That was a double whammy for you. You can fix the vacuum sealer. Do you still have it. If you ever see a good deal, let me know and maybe I can get one, too.

    4. I am totally inept about repairing things that plug in an outlet. lol The old vacuum sealer is history. I probably wore it out.

      I'll tell you if I find a deal. They do carry them at Walmart, but never noticed them on sale. They are pretty popular.

      I live too far away to shop at stores most of the time and have to depend on the internet which doesn't always have the best deals.

  2. I love canning jars but I don't can! I use them for storage in the fridge. You can pour hot broth in them and put them in an ice bath so the fat rises. I use the wide mouth for drinking glasses with or without a handle I bought the white plastic caps for tops. Very rustic flower vases.

    1. carol,
      I use them to separate the fat, too. if you put the broth in a pan or bowl, the fat is just a skim. But, putting it in a jar leaves a good thick top that is easier to get off.

      I have used them to drink from, too. And, for vases. The ones I used to sprout sweet potato slips now have a gray stain that I will have to scrub out...sigh. I am not a fan of the white caps. The are not airtight or watertight, AND when I drop a jar with a white cap on it, the cap always breaks. I do use the ones I have but only for a day of storage, never more.

  3. I am envious of your canning. I tried it once and it was a bungle. I suppose it was because I didn't know what I was doing.

    1. Urspo,
      I can just imagine! You need a teacher or watch selected you tube videos. Some of those people don't know what they are doing.

      Look under the labels on the side bar to right. Find "Sasquatch." There are two posts. Look at the second one to see my friend learning. He is hairy, so I called him Sasquatch in the post. Please can with your shirt on and not off.

    2. thank you for the referral. I have never spotted a Sasquatch but am keen to see one, particularly if I am going to learn canning in the process. I always keep my shirt on when cooking - trousers too.

    3. Urspo,
      LOL...In my opinion, clothing, especially pants, is not optional when cooking.

  4. Where do you get the coupons? I have never seen them.
    I use canning jars for storage of all kinds of dry goods; macaroni, pretzels, little snack crackers, raisins, mini marshmallows, choc. bits, anything that comes in a plastic wrap.

    1. kt,
      I got them from the Sunday paper inserts, but I don't remember which insert. Yesterday, I used half of an onion soup mix, folded down the envelope, and crammed it into a half-pint jar. You are oh, so right about storage of dry good.


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