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Sunday, September 10, 2017

Free Produce; Fall Food; Good Food

Saturday, someone offered me free bell peppers and various peppers. I accepted and took just a few. She pointed out that everyone had taken some, so I could have the rest. Well, give me a plastic bag. The rest of the basket was cleaned out by me! Some of the green, yellow, and orange bell peppers were so tiny. Remember, these were home grown.

I was surprised by pimiento peppers. The jars of pimiento go into my pimiento and cheese. Maybe I can use these for the same.

Foolishly, I passed on the hot peppers. It never occurred to me until too late that I could string these and dry them, later making hot pepper relish.

The crockpot has been going for days, one food coming out and another going in. The broth gets stronger by the day. I cooked 7 breasts with carrots and potatoes that were followed by 11 chicken legs. Now that I want to make chicken and dumplings, I removed and refrigerated all the broth that has had also had celery, bell pepper, and onion cooked in it.

For the chicken and dumplings I only want chicken, salt, pepper to season the broth. So, the last seven chicken legs will be cooked in the crockpot and prepared in chicken and dumplings. It does not have to be washed, just emptied and reused immediately. Some people use a can of biscuits to make the dumplings, so I may try this. Maybe not.

For exbf I have stripped the drumsticks of meat. The 11 drumsticks yielded two cups of meat. Finally, I had to mash the meat down to get it all into the cup. Freezing it in portions will make it easier for him to efficiently use.

It is going to be in low 50s this week. Maybe I will dig out a can of pumpkin and made pumpkin pie without a crust.


  1. Linda I am not a pepper fan unless on a sausage sandwich but chicken and dumplings sounds good right now. I like to freeze portions of meat too. Saves so much time. We are kind of tired of chicken but you cant bewt your marwthon cooking method. I'll bet your broth is wonderful.

    1. carol,
      I like pimientos in cheese, hot peppers in jelly only, and bell peppers to season only.

      I usually freeze two or three legs for him in one package. These were cooked way too long and fell apart, so I had to perform the odious job of picking the meat off the bone. Of course, I freeze the breast whole and for I never get tired of chicken, never. The house smells wonderful, too.

  2. Linda if you don't like the doughy feel of biscuits as dumplings, you can toss cut pieces of flour tortillas into the chicken broth and it makes lovely flatter dumplings. I used to do this all the time for Son3 because chicken and dumplings was his favorite meal. I always had cooked chicken and bags of chicken broth in the freezer and this made a super fast entree that he loved.

    1. Thanks, Anne,
      I was going to roll the biscuits out on a floured surface, hoping they would not be doughy. Right now, I don't have biscuits or tortillas, so I will get one. Thanks for the information.

  3. It all sounds so good! Especially after moving sand and clay for 2 hours! I am beat and STARVING! As I get older, I cannot handle the heat of peppers as well, but I do like to cut out all the white veins, then stuff them with cheese and chorizo, wrapped in bacon, then grilled. Bell peppers though - I could eat and eat and eat and eat!

  4. My mother loved Bell peppers and so does my older g-daughter. I like peppers for seasoning, but not for eating. However, anything hot I cannot handle, either. I will have to see if exbf would like peppers the way you describe.

    I know you must be tired and starving. I don't have to work hard to get in that condition.

  5. We are kind of tired of chicken but you cant bewt your marwthon cooking method. I'll bet your broth is wonderful.



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