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Friday, September 8, 2017

Ambrosia Custard, Another UK Food & Dominique

I opened the Ambrosia brand custard and put it into a small bowl and tasted it. It is tolerable, but I would never buy it. It has the taste of Pet Milk, condensed milk. After I refrigerated it, I tasted it again. It still tastes like Pet milk.

The directions said to either heat it or cool it. I never did heat it. That seemed yucky, and I had nothing over which to pour it.

Finally, I decided to freeze it and stir it often to make a mushy ice cream. Good plan. Except for the fact I forgot it and let it freeze solid. It could not be cut with a spoon, so I took a fork and chunked off pieces and ate it. I could still taste the Pet milk until my tongue froze and I could taste nothing.

I pretty much despise the taste and smell of Pet milk, yet I cook with it and put it in homemade ice cream. However, in nothing I cook with it can I smell or taste the Pet milk.

After I cooked six or seven boneless, skinless chicken breasts with potatoes and carrots in the crockpot and served it, I realized I had not put in onion or celery for the taste of the two.  Onions and celery went into the pot and cooked for two days. Finally, tonight, I put eleven chicken legs into the broth and it's cooking. When these legs finish tomorrow, I have another five to cook in the crockpot.

Tomorrow, I will buy more carrots and potatoes to put in the broth. All the chicken legs, half the carrots and potatoes, and one chicken breast will be frozen for exbf to take home with him when he comes this next week.  I freeze two legs to one pint bag, pulling off most of the skin. Dominique gets the skin and loves it.

Last week, after exbf had chopped her carrot tops and ends, she gobbled those up first. I didn't wait around to see if she ate the carrot scrapings. I would bet money she did not. This week, I will have him cut up the carrot ends for her again. Silly chicken.


It's all gone, but does anyone have another idea for using the custard? Has anyone tasted the Ambrosia brand custard, anyone here or in UK? Do your chickens love carrots, too?


  1. Ambrosia Custard is quite bland so it goes well with a sharp tasting fruit like stewed apple or stewed rhubarb and a crisp ginger cookie. X

    1. Anne,
      Thanks. I did not know any better, so I just ate it. Next time, I will try it with something else.

  2. This week, I will have him cut up the carrot ends for her again. Silly chicken.



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