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Monday, September 11, 2017

Birthday Rain

Last night, I slept little, so today, naturally, I was tired and sleepy.  Well, I napped but could not sustain a long sleep. That made me exhausted eventually.

The wind was minimal all day, just like I expected according to predictions. The rain started about 1 or 2 pm, and was not a rain, just a drizzle. I decided I would go out about 5 pm since I needed gas and milk. Of course, the wind and rain picked up. I was soaked by the time I got into the car, even with an umbrella. There were little bunches of leaves, the tips of branches, all over the yard.

When I got out of the car at WM, I could not get the new umbrella open even with both hands, so I was trying with both hands to get it to open. Well, the right hand, the weak and hurting and injured hand, was holding the handle. Even though I was having no luck opening the umbrella, the wind helped and opened the umbrella and snatched it from my hand and blew it away. It did not go too far, but I had to hurry and retrieve it and got hair and myself and clothes soaked.

I quickly pulled up the hood on my coat and wore it up the rest of the night. I was too soaked and windblown to put it down! When I left WM, I was riding the electric cart, so I did not try to handle the umbrella in the wind.

Then, I staggered into Publix and rode to get the milk, checking out the reduced section. I talked with a woman who gave me the Kid's Club cookie when I asked. I laughed and said it was going to be my birthday cookie, so she said since it was my birthday, she would give me two cookies. Okay!  I rode the electric cart through the wind and rain to the car, getting soaked again.

Then, when I stopped to get gas, I had much less money than I thought I had, thank goodness! The wind was blowing rain sideways under the canopy and made me wonder if I was getting rain in the gas tank.

I decided not to use the umbrella to come into the house. I had a bag with milk and another with lots of light stuff and my purse. So, once again I was soaked to the skin.  I am still wet and cold. It was so cold in the car, I used the heat for the first time this year.

So, that was the whole of my birthday except for cancelling a doctor appointment and rescheduling  it.

Two weeks ago, with an eye to my birthday, I ordered the $10 card for National Parks. It gives free entry to people in a car with me or three other entries free when the entry is per person. I used exbf's credit card, told him, and handed the money back to him the next time I saw him. He is certainly okay with this. When I use this card in the future and save money, I will remember I considered it a birthday present to me.

Today, I started dehydrating one of my entries for the County Fair. I will let you know after entries close. Tomorrow, I will start the next entry. They are due on Saturday, so I need to get a move on.

It is too cold for a tornado, thank goodness!!! The high today was 62 F, way too cold for this time of the year. My birthday is always hot.

Tomorrow, I will tell you about the conversation with exbf about my birthday gift from him....funny.

Is it cold, rainy where you are? Do you ever consider a special event/venue, an experience,  as good as a physical gift?


  1. We are leaning strongly towards events/experiences as gifts. No gift wrapping or dusting required.
    Rain? I wish. We get most of our rain in winter and it has been very, very dry.

    1. EC,
      I do like the experience, but if there is something small I really want, then both will do. So, I suppose I really want

      It is still raining and it is 1:30 am. It has a few hours to go here. I am still feel cold and wet from 6 hours ago! This cool weather is just so unseasonable for Sept. My body is not ready.

  2. Happy Birthday! I was in the U.S. for the last two weeks. Got back on Monday and it is too warm here in Istanbul. Doesn't feel like the Fall yet. They say, it will cool down next week.

    1. T'Pol,
      Thank you. I hope you enjoyed our weather. It is not supposed to be so cool here right now.


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