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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Sleep and Doctors and Fair

It seems I have slept away two days. Finally, I awoke refreshed. When I sleep so much, I know I will wake up ill. My ears and sinuses still feel full, so I have a way to go before I am well. By religiously taking allergy meds, I hope to get better and not succumb to this.

I need a minor procedure by A. However, I was told by A to go to B to get referral or something. I went to B office for something else and messages back and forth between office staff and B and me went poorly. B sent a message for me to go to C. ??? I left without discussion. I called the office of A whose nurse told me to just come back there, to A, that I did not need to see B. ??? I took the appointment date and am still puzzled as to the discrepancy all the way around. I am leaving well alone and going to the appointment. No questions before or after. Sometimes, that is best.

Soon, I have an appointment with oncologist. I wonder how long I must see him every six months. Even though so far I am free from cancer, this appointment leaves me shaken every time. And, how can he tell about more cancer with only an internal exam?

I feel blah and am not very productive today.  The clouds have not contributed to any sense of well-being, but they are not my problem.

One pint of dehydrated food is ready for the Fair exhibit. Now, I must get the other ready. So, I have plans. Okay, here I go to dehydrate more food.

Your turn
Do you ever just feel blah or sleepy before an illness? Have doctors orders ever been confusing and contradictory when dealing with you? Is anyone entering anything in the County Fair in your area? Have you ever entered anything in the past? What are you going to enter or have entered?


  1. I have not even been to a fair in years, too much walking. Although my stepdaughter won first prize for five different canned vegetables. First prize was two dollars. I guess the glory is the reward.

  2. carol,
    * walk about a hundred feet in all, from car to exhibit hall, then I go home. When it is time to pick entries up, I walk another hundred feet in and another hundred feet out. I am pooped and really see nothing that is not one the path I take. Oh, yes, the glory is the award. I do get a ribbon along with the cash, and the winners name are in the newspaper. I doubt many people read those awards. So, glory most certainly is the reward.


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