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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Court Today

I did not get my stickers for my tag on time, and the police caught me. I got a ticket and had a court date today. Fun, fun, fun.

If I had not waited until today to get the late tag, today would have been less stressful. I was trying to wait for the energy to go into the courthouse. I could put it off no longer. Well, I was hurting and tired, but I dragged myself in to find a long line. But, so many windows were open that I only waited about three minutes before a window for service was open and it was my turn.

The stress of wondering if I was going to find a handicap parking space at either courthouse was driving a major energy drain. But, at the county courthouse, things were easy. Then, I had to go to the city courthouse for the court date. From my house to county courthouse to the city court to home was only less than two miles. But, I had to cross school traffic TWO times and cross a highway twice, also. Living in the county seat is a boon some days. County agencies are all here and just a short distance from me.

The judge released me with no fine. Whew! I was in the company of DUIs and drug addicts out of rehab and unsupervised probation. I was the only person who did not have to arrange to pay something. I did not have to be under any future repercussions. Everyone else would have their present condition reinstated it they were caught with drugs or alcohol.

All is well, but my nerves are shot!

Now, I need to find someone to put my tag on the car. No, I cannot bend and cannot use right hand for the screwdriver. One year, I got the tag and had it in the car. A policeman stopped me for the out of date tag. I showed him the new tag. He told me he would put it on. I had a cast on my arm. Well, it was a brace but hard like a cast. I thought that was very nice of him. We have really nice police in this town.

Somehow, my phone was awol on Monday night after buying a card and having it put on the phone. Tuesday night, I was in WM and thought that maybe I had lost my phone there. When I asked, a white phone like mine was left on Monday. Oh, and someone had turned in another white phone  a few minutes ago (Tuesday night). However, I had not had my phone all day. But, I decided to look at it and convinced them to allow me to take it home to charge it and see if it was mine. IT WAS MINE! Where had it been for 24 hours and only turned in a day after I lost track of it? Beats me.

In November, I will have a flip phone for $30 to call and text. The android will be $35 for using apps to make money or credit at stores. No, I am not crazy for having two phones. I got my first cell phone to make money. That really worked out well. I only bought commercial machines when I figured each one could pay for itself and make money, too. That worked out really well. Right now, my flip phone is under contract and cost me a few cents shy of $60.

(An ATT agent put me under contract after offering me a free phone and my turning down a contract. She lied. I paid and continue to pay. No one at ATT will admit she lied. So, I am stuck until October. She offered to help me out and just send me a new phone. I declined it because I did not want a new contract since I had been out from under a contract for a year. She said she could give me a new phone and fix it so I was not under contract. She lied. ATT agents LIE! So, sue me for saying it. )

The Android earning money bit is going more slowly. For beginners, I am having a hard time using fingers and must use a stylus.  I did manage to earn an electronic gift card for $2 at Walmart. That bought two quarts of grape tomatoes using price matching, too.

Your turn
If you live in a county seat, do you find it is easier than driving to the county seat to do business? Have you been to court for a minor infraction? Or a major one if you want to admit it?  Do you have a fantastic/cheap plan for your cell phone? No one has responded to the query I made about Anyone know anything?


  1. Linda I am curious how your phone earns you money. We have a program where you can purchase your car stickers by mail some years I am on my game and do this. Either way, it is expensive and a pain in the butt. We have free art phones and pay 30 each a month. No data nothing fancy. We don't text just use it to keep trsckof each other.

    1. carol,
      I am going to use it for swagbucks when I am somewhere, stuck, and not at my computer. I will use it for shopkick, ibotta and other things.I can pay online, just did not. Yes, I should do better. I hate texting because I never hear the little noise. When I call and someone texts me, it annoys me.

    2. LInda, just remember that for the apps Swag will not let you run unless you have wifi (no 4g or 3g). I use my phone and let the apps run all day. I use my tablet (I dont have a laptop) for runnign the InstaGC videos all day (obviously when I am not using it and I try to keep computer time to less than four hours daily-sounds like a lot but I run to blogs (and their instagrams and facebooks and such) and do other stuff.

    3. Barbara,
      Bummer! So, if I am in a place with wifi, will swagbucks run on my phone? Okay, I don't understand instagc, but I will look into it. I may have questions for you. Thanks.

  2. All that would wear me out too. Glad you didn't have to pay a fine! Where we lived before we could renew our tabs online, so I always did that. Here, I think you can...we'll see here in a month or so to renew my car. This state offers permanent tabs for a one time fee for cars over 11 years, so we did that with DH's pickup and won't have to pay it again. We do live in the county seat and with the small population here it's never a busy place at all.

    1. ONE<
      This is for the little year and month stickers that go on the tags. I can do them through the mail and online, just did not. I think there are 60K people in the county, and 16K in this city. If it weren't for the druggies and DUIs, the court would have been empty.

  3. When I lived in Virginia (where they have annual car tax separate from the car registration), I missed my annual payment and they susended my license. Had to pay extra and go to court. What a pain in the you know what!!

    For me, all I hae to do is change the year on my plate with a sticker (I have handicapped plates aAND a hanging placard for when I ride in my son's car).

    1. Barbara,
      I'm glad we don't have that system! I would be in trouble. Yes, we just change the little year sticker. But, this is the year we get a new tag. I have had this one for several years and just changed the sticker.

  4. Glad you got that over with! What a lousy and stressful day! I like to pay cash for whatever I can, so I usually renew our tags in person. Just my preference.

    Keep earning! Every little bit helps. You also might want to check into M-Turks. I'm having some decent success with it.

    1. Dime,
      it was lousy and stressful for sure. Often I do pay cash for it. I have always done that--pay in person--but getting into the courthouse was just beyond my ability some days. I need to renew on time this January. Yes, I was that late.

      I have been reading what you have said about M Turks and plan to work with it to see how I can do. I am going to use the phone to rack up some points on swagbucks. I hate watching videos for SB on the computer, so I plan to use the android to do that at times when I must wait somewhere.


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