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Sunday, September 3, 2017

First Birthday Freebie

Since I am in the Birthday Club at Kentucky Fried Chicken, I got a card giving me a free two-piece meal at KFC. I don't take this lightly because I love KFC, breast only. Even though it is not my birthday yet, I think I will have it today. Because...why not?

J was impressed when I showed her the card. One day, I will take her to sign up.

I found some public plantings of scuppernongs, so I think I will help myself to some grapes. What has this got to do with anything? They are ripe around my birthday.

I think I will just have a birthday month. Why confine it to one day? Okay, I know I was only born once.

The KFC was delicious. Dominique enjoyed the rest of the breast I did not eat (skin) along with the rest of her food. I got a leg as part of the two-piece meal. I put that in freezer for exbf.

I need to research where my Monday birthday freebie will be. Any ideas?

Do you receive freebies from merchants on your birthday? Where are these?


  1. I get a birthday card from a local gift store for 20 dollars off any purchase ( I am a September baby also) I always use it to buy a Christmas gift. Other than that I get a ton of 30 to 50 percent off 1 item cards from various local merchants.

  2. When is your birthday? The $20 gift card is a goodie. On Monday, I will look up places that have freebies. The percent off offers come in here, too.

  3. Very cool. Im another September baby. I signed up on a separate email to a bunch of places and have already used my large root beer foat from A/W (hey, its 98 degrees. I'm deserving!!)

    If youre into it you can get a free Benihana meal (but of course everyone else has to pay). Last year I got a free Ihop breakfast and a free Dennys breakfast and a free aunt annies pretzel and free popcorn at the movies-and free undies from Vickies secret which went into daughters stocking.

    1. Barbara,
      Thanks. When is your birthday? Of all the places you mentioned, we have Denny's! Well, we do have AMC.

      I loved to go to A&W as a child when we lived in Jackson, MS. However, I hated root beer, still do. But, I always had Coke. I have a collection of about 50 A&W mugs of different sizes and designs.

      I am going to check out the undies.

  4. Happy birthday whenever it is!
    I don't get no birthday deals - at least at the places I want having them.

  5. Happy birthday month, Linda!
    Patti from CA

    1. Patti,
      Thanks. I am so pooped I am not sure I can stand any


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