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Thursday, October 11, 2018

Spit in This.

After finding that I did not have breast cancer, I was relieved but in shock. She said I did not have breast cancer, that there was nothing wrong. She told me how happy people in the office right then would be if they got the news of no cancer. Well, she misread my reaction. I was working with two or three hours sleep.

So, I told her I was sooo happy, just could not figure it all out and was very tired.

She told me I was eligible for gene testing. Okay, will do it. I am not sure why she used the word "eligible."  Do you? Insurance will get the charge, and if not paid, I signed a paper to get a grant or something.

It took me over an hour of spitting to fill this tiny space that was about 1/2 inch high and less that a half inch across. It was in a round tube. I spit for ten minutes before I could see any in the tube! It was like I dried up! Have you ever had to spit in a tube for a gene test.

If I ever have to do this again. I am going to practice. Is there a technique to producing saliva when you cannot suck a lemon?

I was not all out spitting like you would spit a watermelon seed in a contest. I sort of held the tube to my lips and pushed it out. The woman warned me not to make bubbles. I did a double take. How do I know if I make bubbles. She said, "Well, not too many bubbles."

My lips hurt from pressing them against the tube. And, they were dry!

So, here I am trying to find spit in my mouth, trying how to make more form, and now I cannot make bubbles. It was a long, hard hour. Tommy laughed.

Have you ever had gene testing? Did you have to produce saliva and spit in a tube?


  1. I did a DNA test to find out exactly my ethnic background. I had trouble coming up with enough spit. I finally did. My niece took the same test, and she could not come up with enough spit for the test people to use.She tried twice and failed. On tv they just swab inside your mouth. In real life that doesn't seem to work.

    1. Carole,
      It is really hard to get enough spit. AND, I was expecting them to swab my mouth. I was rather stunned when she gave me the tube. Thanks for the confirmation of the difficulty.

  2. I am wary of gene testing as they need skilled interpretation viz. having 'positive genes' doesn't mean you are going to get an illness.
    Also, I want to know if the lab is giving out your DNA data to others; will having a positive gene test be used against you for insurance/hiring etc.

    1. urspo,
      I think the thing I signed said they would give it to no one. I doubt I can find a job I can do. As for insurance, what would medicare and Medicaid do? I have no idea. I think it should be a concern for others.


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