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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Year's Eve, first part

Christmas gift

Yes, I dreamed. And, got an egg.

Last night, I was disappointed because my mattress had developed a huge lump. I think Janet's comment about a mountain in the middle of her mattress halfway caused this dream. However, when I got up this morning, I could not find my purse. It was the lump.

I was so exhausted last night that I sat on my bed and did some things before I went to sleep, things I usually do before I get into bed, like taking my melatonin. I suppose I just turned my cover back over my purse. Oh, I turned off the light before I got in bed. My hip hurt all night. I found my cell phone in the bed the next morning.

The dream: all night long I fretted about various things and made phone calls to straighten things out. What things? Well, it seems I had bought something and expected to get it and the bonus in the mail. Bonus was missing. Then, I had won something that never came. So, this went on forever. Most of the details are faint memories.

If you remember, I talked to ATT regularly last year. I had to call Energizer to get my $10 WM gift cards. Now, Charter wants to call me three times each week to "help" me. That in itself is quite annoying because they want me to bundle, get faster internet. Of course, all this "help" is going to cost me money.

While in Walmart about six tonight, I had a horrid experience. I was in an aisle and saw something up really high that I wanted. Well, it was just too high while sitting in the electric cart. So, I pulled close to the shelf, leaving room to get off on the side nearest the item I wanted. As I stood up, there was not room to step off onto the floor with both feet. I just left one foot on the cart and placed my other foot on the floor.

Suddenly, someone hit my electric cart very hard. I gasped and looked around, trying not to fall down. Then, I saw the woman coming from behind me. She pulled her cart she was pushing, back toward herself and ram my cart twice as hard as she could until she got past me and another woman heading in the other direction. The other woman was elderly and rather frail and trying to get out of the bully's way. She really looked rattled.

I yelled at the bully to quit being a bully. She hurried off. I am overweight, but this woman could have easily taken me by her weight alone. I followed her, not yelling, just staying close enough to talk to her. She tried to get away and was furious that others impeded her progress, almost at a run by now. I gave her a piece of my mind and threatened to "have her taken care of" if she ever hit me or another person. Actually, I was not following her; she just happened to be going the direction I was.

She said it was all my fault for not pulling to one side. Well, I was at one side. I cannot get off the other side of the cart. She kept yelling that it was all my fault she had to hit me. Three times? Maybe she has better insurance than I do. ??? As I followed her, I had a parting shot.

I hope you live
to be two-hundred-years old and watch everything
you love dry up and die...
Happy New Year
I never said I was nice enough not to annoy someone like her.
She was tall and limping, besides being enormous. You would think she would sort of understand a person being in a cart. But, she came to the store on a very busy day, and expected everyone to move for her.
She was the only person in the store to act so unfriendly toward others. I did not take it personally since she hit a really elderly woman. Okay, I did take it personally.
Even the guy in the garden department who was all twitchy from needing his "meds" was not so unfriendly and mean. The tipsy guy who was buying more beer was really nice, also.
One little girl about five was walking along and not paying attention, looking back at her family who were all trying to warn her to turn around because she was going to hit my cart. I stopped when I saw her, but she ran into a table and hurt her neck just before she hit my cart. When she turned around, she only saw me. So, she was complaining about me. It was funny as she complained to her family who all were saying, "You ran into a table. She didn't hurt you. NO, really YOU ran into a table. That lady did not hurt you!" She never believed them and glared at me every time she saw me around the store.
Then, on the way home three trucks at three separate red lights tried a jack rabbit start and scared the pee out of me. I looked in the rearview mirror and the light was not turning. So, they were probably drunk already.
I am home for the night and ready to Do you think my scuppernong wine from two years ago is still good?
It is going to be a good New Year's Eve.
Your turn
Have you found some people who are really rude this New Year's Eve? 


  1. We were at Publix, Walmart, the library, Big Lots and the metal recycling place yesterday between 9am-noon. At all places we commented on how nice and polite everyone was - from the customers, a man in Walmart whom I asked to reach something on the top shelf for me, to the staff, the produce guy at Publix who said I was a day early for the sale but be sure to come back, to the metal recycle clerk who usually doesn't say anything but asked about our vehicle and wished us a Happy New Year (hubby turned in a box of mixed metal for $5.25). Maybe it was because it was early in the day. Must say it was quite different than shopping around the last few days before Christmas. Hope you never run into such a rude person again, just think how unhappy she must be to behave so badly.

    1. Bellen,
      Fortunately, the staff everywhere was very polite. And, the customers who helped me get things into my car were super. Unhappy is the word for her. I just wonder what she did in traffic after she left.

  2. Dare I say it?
    Happy New Year, Linda.
    2014 seems to have gone out like a lion for you.
    Hoping 2015 comes in more like a lamb.

    1. Sue,
      Happy New Year to you, too. Thanks. Usually, I am at a party that time of the year.

  3. I didn't see anyone all New Year's Eve - so no-one was rude to me. And it was lovely.
    Happy New Year.

    1. EC,
      From my perspective now, seeing no one seems wise. Happy New Year.

  4. Have a wonderful 2015 Linda! I wish you love, joy, prosperity, and good health! I haven't been out of the house in two days and only saw my husband, so I haven't been around rude people. But two young people died in a shooting at a party a few miles from my house early this morning. Young people, booze, New Year Eve parties and guns don't go together. Makes me happy to be old.

    1. tana50,
      Thanks for the wishes and may you have the same. For 20 years, I attended a NYE party in Birmingham. I have never had such a rude time as this NYE. That friend died, so I am adrift.

      I have grandchildren that I worry about when I hear of foolishness like the 35 people killed in the crush of a crowd. When I was young, I never got in bad situations or drank. But, trouble finds people in crowds. I don't know how old you are, but when I was young, the chances for getting hurt just weren't there.


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