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Sunday, December 28, 2014

UPDATE: $10.00 Energizer Rebate and Energizer Moneymaker at Walmart

I paid 2x$5.97 at Walmart=$11.94-$10.00 rebate=$1.94 as my cost for both of these. So, that equals
$1.94/16 batteries=$0.12 for each battery. Did I do the math right?

The price of $5.97 is a rollback price. These are more expensive elsewhere.

For a $1.06 moneymaker, go HERE.
I made a mistake on the Lowe's rebate ($5, not $10), so this one has more documentation in the post to keep me straight. Or, I may have picked up the wrong rebate.

What is an eGiftCard? An employee said it is a plastic card for $10 at Walmart. It will be mailed like the one last year. Correction at bottom.

Redeem though 4-30-15
Limit 4 $10 rewards
dates of purchase--not sure.

For Christmas, my nineteen-year-old grandson received from me a package of 8 AAA and 8AA batteries along with a three-pack of t-shirts and a package of six pair no-show socks and a lip gloss. The rebate on the batteries paid for the t-shirts on sale.

MAKE SURE YOU BUY THE PACK WITH THE YELLOW PAPER WITH THE CODE ON THE BACK. Other stores have similar deals with a different colored paper inside.

Correction: A reader corrected me. You will get an email that you print and take to the store to use like money or the plastic card mailed last year.  I debated this with a store employee, saying the egiftcard bit sounded like an email for the reward. She assured me it was just a plastic card like last year. So, now we know.

One egg and a dream.

Your turn
Who is participating in this rebate?


  1. I will definitely look for this, thanks!

    1. Patti,
      You are welcome. There were few packs with the prerequisite coupon on the front.

  2. when I did these this year they came back via an email. you followed the link contained in the email, printed it out and took it to the store and handed it to the checker when you purchased your products. there was no card received in the mail, which I would have preferred since somewhere I have lost an email and will have to figure out who to contact regarding my missing e-gift card.

    1. seyrey,
      Thanks for that information. I will change the information. Just do a search of "energizer" and the email will appear or use a different search term. That is the only way I ever find emails. It seems the scrolling does not help me a bit!
      Contact the company so you don't have to make that call. It was a nightmare for me.

      Thanks for the information.

  3. I think I need to go battery shopping! I've been a little scared to go to Walmart. It is always so nuts there after Christmas. Thank you for the info!

    1. Sonya Ann,
      It has calmed right down in my Walmart. These deals are at Office Max, Office depot, drug stores, Lowe's, but none are as good a deal.


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