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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Maggie May's First Egg

Maggie May's first egg

 Here it is. She should be proud of this, her first egg. She was born April 1st or thereabout if I remember correctly. So, at 8.5 months, she is ready. I suppose I could have gotten eggs sooner if I had fed her commercial feed. This is soon enough. I don't know when Buff Orphington's first lay. Do you?

Maggie May will probably lay all winter since she is young and eager to lay. My first girls layed eggs through four winters. Maybe this will encourage Patsy Cline to start again. Thelma will probably not lay until spring since she is almost six years old, if she ever lays regularly again.

This was her first egg, very small, but hopefully she will lay huge ones like Thelma did. She is much larger and broader than Thelma or any I have had before.

Maggie May egg on left; store large egg on right

Hopefully, I will not have to buy eggs again. I bought one dozen eggs this fall--the Large Grade A Eggs like the one on the right.

Maggie May has spent time on the next before in the last few weeks. However, there is never a  sign of an egg or eaten egg. Every time I find her in the nest, Patsy Cline is right in there with her! To Patsy Cline: Lay or get off the nest! Patsy Cline still spends an inordinate amount of time harassing Maggie May.

My computer cord is frayed and not working, so I may be off the computer for a while.

Your turn
Let's hear it for Maggie May! Yay! Do you rejoice at the first egg? Do your Buff Orphingtons lay later than other breeds?


  1. Hooray for Maggie May. Long may she continue - and perhaps shame Patsy Cline into following suit.

  2. A perfect creation; pure and healthy.

  3. What a thrill. Like your first tomato, something you can eat that was not purchased at the store. All of our egg sources are drying up due to the cold. I had to resort to store bought eggs last week. My husband wanted brown eggs, they were 2.99 a dozen and just as pale as white eggs (the yolk). I new sign popped up down the road and I asked the owner why he had eggs when others didn't. He said his chickens were black giants and he gave them a warm place. They were 2.00 and just lovely.

  4. cannot answer all. holding fayed cod in comp and tyoing on fingered. yay

    1. Mercy, you have such troubles! What caused the cord to fray? Answer only when your problem is fixed of course. My handy helper in a situation as this is always a craft knife and electrical tape; over the years with many ruined cords & hoses, of one sort or another, I now consider myself a Pupper Mom with journeyman status for cord/wire/hose-fixer.

      You did well enough using one finger. Yay

    2. What I said was cannot answer all. Holding fayed cord in computer and typing with one finger.

      I sounded dunk!

    3. Sissy, What are you trying to say?
      Cords fray!

    4. Not trying to say anything other than exactly what I did say, Linda. Not too hard to understand, I would think. Just discussing, trying to clarify/find out how your cord got 'frayed' as you say; I've never heard of or seen a rubber or plastic cord become 'frayed'. They can become damaged by other means i.e. twisting, stretching and such; or by an animal (such as cat rat snake possum pup, you name it) gnawing/chewing on it( as my dogs did as puppies). Years ago, electric cords were covered in a fabric like material - asbestos I believe it was: yes, those would fray but rubber does not.

  5. If anyone had a right to be dunk, it would be you!

  6. carol,
    I just cannot win! DRUNK. Something is wrong with my "r" key. It is sticking...probably chocolate under it. Oh me, still laughing with tears in my eyes.


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