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Friday, December 5, 2014

My First Meal


This is my first meal since October 25th at my class reunion. But, Applebee's left off part of my meal, a vegetable. They also left off part of exbf's meal. It's not that I have not eaten. I have. But, when I cook for exbf, sometimes I am just too exhausted to even eat. I will eat one thing and say I will eat later. Later, I eat another part of the meal.

But, early in the week, I asked him if we could go to Applebee's on Thursday. So, we did. I suppose the last time I ate in an Applebee's was on a bad date about 25 years ago. I don't remember the food, just the obnoxious person I was with.

I brought half of it home. I dumped one of the sour creams into the shell of the potato with about half an inch of the potato left in the skin. My chickens love baked potato with sour cream. They will just go bonkers over this.

Ruby Tuesday remains my favorite restaurant in this small town.  It is the salad bar that attracts me. I like to build my own salad. Applebee's was loud, not restful at all. Maybe if I drank, it would have suited me. The iced tea was so horrid that I asked for water and both our teas were taken from the bill.

I went to bed at 8 pm Thursday after two hour's sleep on Wednesday, and I am up at 1 am on Friday. . So, Friday will be a rough day unless I get right back into bed.

Not having any water is draining me!

Your turn
How does Applebee's and Ruby Tuesday rate in your experiences IF you eat there?


  1. It has been over 20 years since the one and only time I ate at Applebee's. My experience was similar to yours. I can't remember the food but the person ( a horrible woman neighbor) that I dined with is unforgettable. Her death made this a better world. No kidding...she was the biggest bitch I ever met!

    1. Janet,
      The guy could certainly be a contender for worst date ever. He was al all-around nasty person--user, manipulative, liar. Oh yes, I found out he was a recovering drug addict but not so recovered as one would hope.

  2. Applebee's is a sports bar so it is always loud no matter wihich one you eat at. Son worked at one in CT for about a year as a sous chef. Has never had anything good to say about the front (customers) or the back (kitchen). We've eaten at our local one twice and regretted it both times - that was 4 years ago when it opened.
    Our local Ruby Tuesday is withing the food court of our only enclosed mall. We don't go there either because all diners are 'on display' to the shoppers passing by and we've been told by several people that the shoppers frequently make comments and even stop to stare and/or questions of the diners. That would make a really bad dining experience.
    BTW if your dinner is served incorrectly do not send the whole plate back to the kitchen - you never know what might happen. Ask for what is missing in a separate dish or if meat/chicken/fish is cooked incorrectly take it home and do right yourself.

    1. Bellen,
      Like I said--bad date was my only experience. I don't know if I ever knew it was a sports bar or not. The ten tvs clued me in when we ate. I never send back my whole plate because restaurants have kept my plate during the whole meal just to give me to potato with no butter like I asked for.

      This is the last time for me. Oh, I called them this morning to note I never got my coleslaw. The manager said he would give me a $10 credit. I said--what about my friend who also did not receive all his food. The manager said, oh, that $10 will be for both of you. No, I am not going to give each of you a credit. So, I told exbf to call and we could just both use our credit next time. THAT is the only way I would eat there again.

      I would hate people stopping by to talk if I were eating. Thanks for the heads up.

  3. I have eaten at an Applebees teice. The first for lunch with DH, and was not impressed. The food I think it wad o.k., but the place was just awful...rude, loud customers, obnoxious waitress, and slow service. The second time was after a show a good friend choreographed. It wad late, and we had a minor with us, so this was the only place we could go. (We wanted to head to the martini bar.) . Crowd a bit better, as it was all post show families or teachers. The waiter wad a bit more on it, but the food...the pasta dush my friend had, well,it was almost as if the simply reheated a frozen enters. I had salad. Just o.k. Generally, I dislike chain places. Expensive, crowded and bland food. But, sometimes, I JUST CANNOT FACE COOKING! My kids dislike pizza. So, now, on the exhausted days, my kids get tuna casserole, eggs or soup. (I make my own and can it.) I get even more worn out thinking of blowing a week's food $$$on food when I think all they did wad heat up a frozen entree. Plus, it takes energy to take kids out. Cooking is easier. Dh and I say, though, that if was just us two, we would make lunch our big meal, and eat that out!
    Here's to water SOON!

    1. Meg, I agree with all the reasons you said. The thing that draws me ruby Tuesday is the salad bar.


  4. Echoing Meg B, Here's to water. Very, very soon.

  5. I haven't gone to an Applebee's in quite some time because the few times I went, the service and the food were poor. I haven't been to a Ruby Tuesday in a while, but I think they are a step above Applebee's.


  6. That's a shame; I hate to see an outing ruined by bleh food or service.

    1. Cherdo,
      Since it was the first outing in ages and one I really needed, being ruined did not relieve stress at all!

  7. I tend to avoid the big chain restaurants, it seems like very few of them have quality food and/or service anymore. I much prefer the smaller chains or mom-and-pop places - they have more of an incentive to provide decent food and service.


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