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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Dinner and a Dream

 Last night, I dreamed again. I was discussing what all I had to do today before exbf came. I planned to have dinner cooked by Monday night. But, I had done nothing. I tried to explain I did not have to get it done, I just wanted to get it out of the way. If I could remember who was hassling me to no end, I would have a thing or two to say to that person today.

Monday night, I became very sleepy even though I had slept enough for the last week. Okay, I gave in to lie down just a minute. I was too sleepy to even find the remote. I did not brush my teeth because it was not bedtime. Sleeping from 9 pm until 3:30 am was just enough sleep. And, I dreamed.

At 5:30 am I put blackeyed peas in the $3 crockpot. By then, I was sleepy, so I went back to bed. So, that was done/started  when he arrived at 9:30. During the day, I finished cooking the black eyed peas, baked sweet potatoes, cooked salmon croquettes, and opened a can of turnip greens. This is my absolutely favorite dinner during cool weather. Besides, the black eyed peas for New Years are done.

blackeyed peas in $3 crockpot

Usually, my blackeyed peas are almost mush. I think ever pea remained whole. Some people are grossed out by overcooked peas and want them perfectly whole. These were. This is the first time I have ever cooked blackeyed peas in anything other than a cast iron pot. I think they are not as good as the ones cooked in iron.

Salmon Croquettes

one tall can salmon, using bones and all juice/liquid.
2 eggs
chopped onion
1 cup (or what you wish) of oats

I have no amounts of anything, so use what suits you. Fry in very little oil, just covering the bottom of a cast iron skillet. Exbf loves the crust. In a bit, turn and cook the other side.

If you mix this ahead of dinner time, the liquid and eggs will soak into the oats. Otherwise, the mixture will be sort of runny and won't hold together to form and transfer to the pan.

He said there was no egg, but that was at noon. I forgot to ask when he locked them up. If there was an egg today, I will amend this post.

Right now, I am about to go to sleep. When I finish this, I will go to bed.

Your turn
Do you like salmon or any of the rest of this meal? Can you tell a difference if your blackeyed peas are cooked in a crock pot or cast iron?


  1. I liked the recipe for the salmon. Are the canned greens really salty? If not, what brand are they? I'll bet they don't sell them in California.

    1. Kristine,
      I never buy the seasoned southern kind. Yuck. Too salty! I think it was a store brand, and I have tossed the can into recyclables. There was no salt in these. Even salted greens in the can are okay. Just don't get the ones that say "Southern Seasoning." Too salty and yucky other fake seasonings. Food Club, I think, is what I bought. I just read the label. This had no salt, just greens and water.

      Maybe you can find them. If they don't have turnip greens, try canned kale or mustard greens, even mixed greens. There is not so much difference.

      Try the frozen section.

  2. This looks like a Southern dinner. My mother was from Georgia and it looks like many dinners I remember.(minus the turnip greens.) Salmon croquettes - yes. Black eyes peas - yes. Sweet potatoes - not so much. But where is your cornbread cooked in an iron skillet?

    1. I always cooked cornbread for exbf. Since he is diabetic and it settled into my thick skull, we both agreed I should not cook it for him so often. Yes, it is missing cornbread cooked in an iron skillet.

  3. Except for the BEPs I am hungry now.....never did like BEPs. lolz

    1. slugmama,
      One day, my older daughter, middle child, sat at the table and said, "I just can't stand looking at these eye beans. Do I have to eat eyes?"

      This meal makes me hungry just thinking about cooking it.

      What kind of beans do you like?

  4. Oh my gosh, my Mom used to make what we all called "salmon patties". For some reason I thought maybe she used mackerel in a can but I could be wrong because i don't normally like salmon, but I loved those patties. I think maybe she used cracker crumbs too? Wow, this just brought lots of memories.

    Isn't it wonderful how much food connects us all?

    1. 1st Man,
      When I don't have salmon, I have used a small can of tuna for just enough for me. It all pretty much tastes the same to me.

      I grew up using cracker crumbs, but decided to use oats for the better nutrition. Besides, I would have to go to a gas station and buy the tiny packages. If I have a box of crackers it's crackersandcheese, chackerandpb, crackersandsardines, crackerswithcoke time in this house. I overeat them and I don't need the sodium and carbs and fat. Actually, these are best with crackers.

      Yes, our memories are often so close.

      Your mother may have told you it was mackerel so you would eat it.

      I think 'patties' and 'croquettes' are the same

  5. I don't think I have ever tried black-eyed peas... Some day.

    1. EC,
      I predict you will like them. If not, just douse it with catsup.

  6. I love peas, mushy or not! Den got a recipe from one of the men at work. Its a Mexican custom to make beans the first day of the year and it sounds divine! You fry bacon and all kinds of meats and then soak it with beans. I'll have to talk him into making it.

    1. Sonya Ann,
      In the South it is a custom to eat blackeyed peas ffor you. or luck in the new year. However, people usually only put a ham bone in the pot. I hope he makes it

  7. Girl, you just gave me an excellent idea for dinner. I haven't made Salmon Croquettes for a looooong time. Love them.

    Happy new year!

    1. Cherdo,
      That is an excellent dinner idea! I just wish I had more for today.

      Happy New Year!


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